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13 December 2018
Issue Eight
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Education in Faith

Advent Season

During the second week of Advent, we focus on John the Baptist’s challenge: Prepare the way of the Lord! We light the second purple candle of the Advent Wreath.


The second candle represents John the Baptist, who proclaims Jesus as the Messiah. This candle is the candle of peace, a sign that God's promises will be fulfilled in the birth of Jesus Christ - Prince of Peace.

Peace is a gift that we must be prepared for. God gives us the gift of peace, when we turn to him in faith.


Lord God,

may the light of this wreath

be a sign of peace and tolerance to all people,

who prepare for your coming.

Let the truth of your Word

lead us all toward your kingdom,

for which we long.

We ask it in the name of the one born in Bethlehem,

Jesus our Lord.


God of expectation,

may we, your people,

who prepare a way for the Lord,

experience the joy of salvation

and celebrate the feast of Christ

with love and thanksgiving.




Social Justice 


We would like to thank you all for your very generous support of our Social Justice initiatives during the year whether it be through donations, prayer or action. We are proud that we have been able to raise awareness of Social Justice issues and the Catholic Social Teachings throughout 2018. Here is a summary of the organisations we have supported as a community:

  • Caritas Australia Project Compassion donation:  donation of $600 
  • St Vincent de Paul:  Winter Appeal –  Donations of socks, beanies, gloves, money
  • Rotary : donated all obsolete Library tables, chairs, computers and shelving as well as some classroom lockers, chairs, tables and computers which went to schools in Zimbabwe and Asia
  • Black and White Day: support of Mr Hyde’s treatment - the children raised $1025
  • Funtopia: in support of Mr Hyde’s treatment  - the school families raised $5200
  • Lost Dogs’ Home: donations of old towels

And from our Zooper Dooper sales we raised $691 which we have donated to the following organisations:

  • Way of the West Asylum Seekers Food Assistance:  $230 
  • Joseph's Corner  Yarraville (Sisters of St Joseph): $231 
  • Catholic Mission: $230 
  •  Wrapper free lunches and snacks - ongoing student initiative

We wish everyone a very safe and happy Christmas.


Molly, Ashley, Natalie, Rosabella, Leila and Leena

Social Justice Leaders 2018

Christmas Mass Timetable


From the Principal's Desk

End of Year Concert

On Tuesday 18th December, we celebrate the end of the 2018 school year with our traditional Christmas Concert/Picnic/Graduation ceremony. The celebration will take place in the courtyard area and all families are invited to attend.


The school grounds will be open from 5:00 pm for families to set up a picnic rug and deck chairs to enjoy dinner together. This year the PFA has organised the Baked Potato Express Van with potatoes being available to buy from 5:00 pm until 6:15pm.  A flyer with the menu and prices will be sent home tomorrow.


Also on sale will be cold drinks, lollies and potato chips.


If you are available to assist with the set up and serving of food items and raffle tickets please let us know via CareMonkey.


At 6:30pm children from Years Prep-6 will present our End of Year Christmas Concert. The children have been working hard practising their dance routine selected from their Footsteps Dance Program to showcase to you on the night. Keep an eye out for information which has been sent home by teachers as to what your child is to wear on the night. 


Afterwards our Year 6 children will be acknowledged as our graduating class of 2018 and we will draw the end of year Christmas Raffle.


The night is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the year and there might even be a special visit from a ‘man in red’. Hope to see you all there!

Christmas Raffle

Last week each family received a set of ten (10) raffle tickets to sell to family and friends @ $1.00 each for our end of year Christmas Raffle to be drawn on Tuesday 18th December at our school concert. Please return the sold tickets and money by Tuesday 18th December.

Prizes include:

  • Apple iPad
  • One Term’s School Fees
  • Book Packs
  • Professional Photo Voucher
  • Christmas Hampers

We would welcome any donations from families and businesses to include in our raffle. If you would like to donate a gift, please contact the school office.

Staff News

At the end of this year we bid farewell to Mr Bernard Hitch and Miss Melanie Larkin.


Melanie has been with us for the past three years teaching in our Year 5/6 community. She has a strong passion for her work and educating the children she teaches. Melanie has shared her musical talents and beautiful voice at our Sacrament celebrations and through Glee Club. Melanie has also been our Student Wellbeing Leader and e-Learning Leader and has been instrumental in introducing many new initiatives in both areas.


Bernard began teaching at Corpus Christi in June 1986. After a very long and dedicated career, he will literally be sailing off into the sunset as he begins his retirement. Bernard’s passion for teaching, his attention to meticulous planning and explicit teaching skills are some of his greatest strengths. Bernard has shared his gardening skills, his interest in technology, his handy man skills and even his talent for rubbish removal over the years! His sense of humour and stories of his own school days have certainly kept us well entertained!


We sincerely thank Bernard and Melanie for their wonderful contribution to our community, the care they have given to our children and their commitment to continual improvement in teaching. We will miss them both but we wish them all the very best for the future.


We  also say farewell to Mrs Victoria La Fauci as she commences parental leave and prepares for the birth of her first child. Our thoughts are with Victoria and her husband Sal and we can’t wait to meet Baby La Fauci!


And finally, Kristen Inchley, our After School Care coordinator, is also leaving Corpus Christi. We thank Kristen for the fun program of after school activities she has developed for the children, the delicious afternoon tea snacks she has prepared and the care she has provided to the children when they attend OshClub at the end of the day.

Staffing 2019

Next year we will welcome Miss Chantel Borg,

Mr Wil Marks,  Miss Chloe Pincho and Miss Georgia Widdop to our staff. All four teachers have been involved in the planning days for next year as part of our Induction Program and have either met their class or will meet the children next week on Step Up Day.


So with student numbers and staffing now confirmed, our structure for the commencement of the 2019 school year will be as follows:


Principal: Mr Anthony Hyde (on extended leave)

Acting Principal/Religious Education Leader:

Miss Jane Wilkinson

Acting Deputy Principal/Director of Learning & Teaching: Mrs Isabella Sabatino

School Secretaries: Miss Debbie Yarak  and 

Mrs Deanne Fitzgerald


Year Prep Community

  • Prep G: Miss Georgia Widdop
  • Prep N: Mrs Nives Childs

Year 1/2 Community

  • 1/2B:   Miss Chantel Borg
  • 1/2C:   Miss Chrissie Marakis
  • 1/2H:  Miss Haylea Anderson

Year 3/4 Community

  • 3/4L:  Miss Lauren Borg
  • 3/4S:  Miss Sarah Bruce
  • 3/4Z:  Mr Zachary Lane


Year 5/6 Community

  • 5/6C: Miss Chloe Pincho
  • 5/6S:  Miss Stefanie Poropat
  • 5/6W: Mr Wil Marks

Reading Recovery Specialist: Miss Jane Wilkinson

Number Intervention Specialist: Mrs Tina Cuni

Library: Mrs Danielle Camerota

Learning Support Officers: Mrs Anne Di Stefano and Miss Emilia Foti                  

Italian: Signora Catrina Anderson

Visual Arts: Mrs Nathalie Fraser       

Physical Education: Mr Sam Hunt

End of Year Reports & Student Portfolios

On Friday your children will bring home their End of Year Report and Student Portfolio. Please take the time to read the report while making reference to the Portfolio so as to gain a clear picture of your child’s achievements.


Over the past couple of weeks, we have had the opportunity to engage in conversation with teachers (as part of our Performance Development and School Improvement Processes) in regards to the achievements and performance of every child in their care.


It has been amazing to see the growth in each child as evident in the array of data collected, collated, analysed and discussed. The Student Report and the Student Portfolio will no doubt illustrate these achievements as well as brief you on future learning goals.


I’m sure you will take the time and opportunity to celebrate with your child his/her successes. I hope you enjoy exploring the Student Portfolios, which are now yours to keep, as a record of your child’s learning.


I would like to congratulate all our beautiful children on their achievements throughout the year. You should be proud of your efforts and be looking forward to your next stage in learning.

Sewing Help Needed

In preparation for our new Year Prep children in 2019 we require the services of a couple of ‘handy’ people to sew together a new batch of Library bags for our Preps.
If you can help out, please call in and see me at the office.

Thank You

As the year draws to a close, and with this being the final Newsletter for the year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been part of the life of Corpus Christi in 2018:

  • To Mr Anthony Hyde for his strong leadership of  our school community, his vision for constant improvements in not only our curriculum but also our facilities and his continued support and encouragement of all his staff even while on leave!
  • To Father John, for his leadership of the parish community of which the school forms an important part.
  • To all parents, for the efforts you continue to make in supporting our school through classroom assistance, attendance at school/parish functions, raffles, meetings, and fundraising activities. Thank you for all you do for your children as parents and as first educators of your children.
  • To the many parents (and grandparents) who assisted with events across the year.
  • To Jess Langhorne and Kylie Feely for co-ordinating Book Club throughout the year.
  • To Belinda Miller, who very generously stepped in to the role of President of our PFA and to the other parents who regularly attended the PFA meetings and supported Belinda in her work.
  • To all the children of Corpus Christi. Thank you for your friendliness, your hard work, and the cheerful way in which you have joined in school life.
  • To John Styzinski and Rodney Anderson for their tireless work in school maintenance.
  • Thank you to all our staff, whose efforts often go unrewarded.  I am grateful to all of them for their dedicated work and proud of their achievements as they continue to learn and grow in their profession.

And finally, thank you to everyone in our beautiful community for the support I have received from parents, children and the staff over the past 7 months.  Life took a very unexpected turn for Tony and the challenge of keeping our school community working together for the good of all the children has certainly been made a lot easier by the encouragement and generosity of so many people.  Please continue to keep Tony and his family in your prayers as he continues healing. The prayers and the support shown to them are very much appreciated. At Corpus Christi School we really do see what is true, beautiful and good in each other.


I would like to wish each and every one of you a very safe and happy holiday. May the Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love and your life with laughter and good health.


Have a wonderful holiday break

God bless


Jane Wilkinson

Acting Principal


Student Wellbeing News

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

“Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.” – Amy Collette


It has been my absolute pleasure being the Student Wellbeing Leader here at Corpus Christi for the past two years. Student Wellbeing is at the core of everything we do as teachers and educators. Some of the absolute highlights during my time in this role have been:

~ Visiting the local kindergartens

~ Taking our Year 5 students to Dickory Dock Kindergarten to meet and play with the children

~ Ride 2 School Day

~ Being part of the implementation team for Respectful Relationships, an incredibly important initiative introduced by the Victorian Government

~ Active April

~ National Day of Action Against Bullying

~ Walk to School Month

~ The introduction of brain breaks 

~ Smiling Minds and Mindfulness


The biggest thank you to the wonderful student community at Corpus Christi for looking after each other and making this role an absolute pleasure to carry out.


Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a safe and love-filled New Year. 


Miss Melanie Larkin

Student Wellbeing Leader


E-Learning News


We now live in an instant access society where streaming services such as Netflix are taking the consumption of popular TV shows, series, movies and documentaries easier and faster than ever before. For parents, managing screen time, binge watching and filtering age appropriate content, Netflix is yet another online service to battle. The good news is there are Parental Controls within Netflix settings that can dramatically reduce the risk of your children accessing Netflix content that's could be too crass for kids.

Like most online platforms or apps, spending a few moments within the app settings can protect your children from exposure to inappropriate content and allow you to take control. Within Netflix Parental Controls you will find two settings that the Cyber Safety Project recommend setting up for your family. Both the 'Restrict by Maturity Level' and 'Restrict Specific Titles' allows you to take control over what you children can search and consume and seconds to set up.

OPTION 1: Create  a 'Kids Profile' for your children to access
For younger children, setting up a 'Kids' profile on Netflix will provide the piece of mind that only content based on the regulated age restricted content will be made available and targeted at their maturity level. You can select this level of access and update it as your children come of age. 

How to set up a 'Kids Profile':
1. Click 'Add profile'

2. Name your profile and select 'Kid?' to add the filter of only TV shows & movies for kids 12 and under that will be made available for viewing within this profile.

3. Choose the level of restrictions you would like to apply for this profile

OPTION 2: Add Parental Controls & Filters on standard Netflix profiles.

Add a Parental Control Pin:
You can set restrictions for the titles that young people in your household can access by setting a Parental Control Pin. This can be used to restrict the playback of certain content based on Maturity Level or by Specific Titles. The pin you set will appear when content over the certain maturity level.

Place restrictions of specific titles:
If you do not want specific titles appearing within the service, you can have these hidden from the library by entering the name of the show or movie you do not wish your children to view.

1. Select the profile you wish to add parental controls to and navigate to SETTINGS:

2. Create a PIN. (do not share with your children).
3. Search for titles you wish to restrict


There are a number of titles within the Netflix streaming service that are not designed for little eyes and ears. A popular original Netflix series such as 13 Reasons Why, know for being graphic and mature in nature with it's extreme view on teen life and sensationalised depiction of suicide, has been deemed by 'The National Association of School Psychologists' as highly inappropriate for vulnerable youth. There are also a number original Netflix Cartoons too crass for kids that should be on your Restrict List. 

Blog - Cyber Safety Project


Miss Melanie Larkin

e-Learning Leader

Awards and Celebrations

Happy Birthday!

11th December

Ruben Da Silva

Anna Pham


15th December

Chelsea Tang


18th December

Elle Allardyce

Chiza Karla


19th December

Kimberly Tang


22nd December

Elwood Nappa


23rd December

Lojan Kumar


25th December

Nicholas Lim


27th December

Molly Lim

Mr Hyde!





30th December

Cyrus De Guzman

Austin Ma


Prep N: Max Green, Harrison Mengler

Prep V: Bereket Zeleke

Year 1/2C: Zoe Nguyen

Year 1/2H: Jennifer Vuong

Year 3/4L: Siena Azzopardi

Year 5/6S: Maia McLeod

Year 5/6M: Liv Dinnen

Diary Dates


14th- End of Year Mass 9:15am

Footsteps Dance Program 2:00pm - 3:30pm

17th- 9:00 am Advent Paraliturgy Year 1/2 H to host

Step Up Day 2019 -Transition session for P - Yr 5 11:30am - 1:00pm

18th- Footsteps Dance Program 2:00pm - 3:30pm

End of Year Concert and Picnic 6:30pm - 8:00pm 

19th- End of Year - children dismissed at 1:00pm

12:15 pm Advent Paraliturgy Year 1/2 C to host

Farewell to our Year 6 students at the conclusion of the paraliturgy


January 2019

31st - All children in Prep to Year 6 commence the 2019 school year

Sacraments 2019

Next year the Sacraments will be celebrated on the following dates:


Confirmation: Sunday 28th April 11:00 am (Year 6)

First Communion: Sunday 23rd June 11:00 am (Year 3)

First Reconciliation: Tuesday 29th October 7:00 pm (Year 2)

To View Our Full Yearly Calendar Click the Link Below

Please note that events are continually updated on this live calendar.



Parent Partnerships

How do you show up for your kids?

Every now and again a meme pops up on social media from a mum who delights in sharing the joys of her trip to the shops alone. No kids. Just her and her handbag. The caption always reads something along the lines of ‘You know you’re a mum when going to Target alone feels like a holiday’. I always chuckle when I see those, because I can relate. A lot of us can. And not just the mums.


Parenting is incredibly fulfilling and the most important ‘job’ any of us will ever do, but it can also be demanding, frustrating and exhausting.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve arrived home only to be bombarded with requests, questions, stories of what I missed – or all three – before I’ve even taken my key out of the door. I’m not joking. I tried to implement some sort of buffer for myself so I didn’t feel so stretched within the first minute of getting home but it never worked. They’d always be so happy to see me and it didn’t seem fair to not be immediately available, despite the fact that it was quite overwhelming. It’s not as though I was ever gone that long either. I wasn’t even working. I’d only ever been to the supermarket, or Target, lol.


I always found the contrast of time alone and all of the quiet that comes with that, and the – is chaos too harsh? – of walking in the door really difficult to manage, especially because the kids always had stuff absolutely everywhere by the time I got back. I knew they’d always had heaps of fun because the family room always resembled a toy shop. There was never any “Let’s put things away as we’re finished with them” on Dad’s watch!


Whether our kids are little and jump on us the minute they see us or they’re that bit older and don’t necessarily even come to the door when we get home, it’s worth taking time to think about how we want to show up when we see them. It never occurred to me all those years ago that I could better prepare myself for the homecoming. Not once. Sometimes we were just taking each day moment by moment. What I know now is that if we use the time between leaving one place and arriving at another, it can make an astounding difference to how we feel, and to what we bring to our family at the same time.


The Third Space

Dr Adam Fraser calls it the ‘Third Space’. It’s the space between two places or spaces such as between work and home, between being home alone and the kids arriving home after school, or even between going to the supermarket and home. Tuning into the Third Space is also a brilliant practice to incorporate into a work day, say between your desk and a meeting, or a meeting and an interview.


In the Third Space, we can do three things to ensure we show up the way we want to, every time: reflect, rest and reset.


Reflection is time spent looking back over the day and contemplating what you’ve achieved and what went well. It could be that you accomplished something you’re proud of, or ticked off a few things on your list. It could be something big or small you reflect upon. It really doesn’t matter, it’s just about reflecting on a handful of good things about your day.


Rest is downtime. You can spend it how you like! You might have a long commute and decide to rest by listening to music, watching a movie, reading the paper or a book. Your rest time might be brief on some days and longer on others. It doesn’t matter what you do or for how long, it’s just about doing something that recharges your batteries and helps you feel relaxed.


Reset is all about how you’re going to show up. How do you want to feel and act when you walk through the door to your home?

When Dr Fraser taught people to use the Third Space model as part of a research project, he measured a huge 41 per cent improvement in behaviours in the home, inevitably having a wonderful impact on relationships and the family as a whole.

In a recent presentation I heard Dr Fraser deliver, he told a story of a dad whose kids would make themselves scarce whenever they heard him come home. He was always like a tornado ripping through the house and they didn’t want anything to do with him. When he found out, he was understandably devastated. He made a change and put the Third Space model into practice and turned things around.


It’s so easy to let the events of the day affect our time with our family, but they don’t have to. Our relationships with our kids and our partners play an important role in our kids’ development, happiness and mental health. Let’s do what we can to show up for them as our best possible selves. They deserve it, and we do too.


Dr Jodi Richardson

Parenting Ideas

Community News

Emmanuel College - Past Student News

We are pleased to announce that one of our former students, Cooper Lofting, who graduated from Corpus Christi School at the end of 2013, has been appointed to the following leadership position at Emmanuel College for 2019: Student Board Member and McCoy Vice Captain. Congratulations Cooper! We are very  proud of your achievement.

Key enrolment dates for Year 5 students in 2019 starting Year 7 in 2021

Please note the key enrolment dates for students in Year 5 in 2019 who will be enrolling in Year 7 for 2021:

· Term 1 – 29 January 2019: Applications open for Year 5 students commencing Year 7 in 2021.

· Term 3 – 23 August 2019: Applications close.

· Term 4 – 18 October 2019: Offers posted to prospective Year 7, 2021 applicants.

· Term 4 – 1 November 2019: Final date for families to accept offer made by school.

OshClub News

OSHClub News
After School Care Program

Hi families,

Immediately after Cup Day, children started asking for Christmas themed colouring pages and craft activities, so that is what we’re doing for the rest of the year. We currently have a Christmas drawing competition on, which we’ll run for a couple of weeks before we vote for a winner. We’re decorating the room, starting with some paper chains and paper snowflakes (I know, I know - #SummerChristmas). We’d love to hear more ideas from children and families of Christmas-themed things we can make and do at After School Care.


We now have a fully choreographed dance for the end of year concert – we have finally decided on Young blood by 5 Seconds of Summer. We’ve got 4 weeks to learn it!

Please also remember to send along a plain white t-shirt or similar if your child wishes to make themselves something to wear using our fabric markers.

If you have time when you collect your children, why not hang out and play with them for a little while, or check out some of our displays or our reflection journal. We love having parents and siblings come to play. We’re also always excited to hear any feedback or ideas you have for the program, or ways we can make it better for your children.


Please enrol your children for After School Care.

You never know when you might need us!

We cannot accept a child into our care without an active enrolment, and this can take a couple of days to process. If your child has a medical condition which may require medication while at After School Care, such as asthma or an allergy, we MUST have that medication on hand at the program. We are allowed to share Epipens with the school due to the shortage, but any other medications must be provided to OSHClub to stay at the program.


For more information on the government funding changes and your new entitlements please see, which became effective from 2nd July 2018.

If you have any questions about the new system, you can go to the following webpage:

You can also contact our Customer Service and Billing team on 1300 395 735 or email [email protected]


REMINDERS: If you need to cancel ASC please do so on the internet 24 hours in advance, otherwise leave a message on 0401 501 661 on the day, or pop in to let staff know you are collecting your child so that we know where the children are. OSHClub is open 3:00-6:00pm. There is a $2/minute fee for each child that is picked up after 6pm.


Information for Families

OSHClub program phone: 0401 501 661

Coordinator: Kristen                     

Assistant: Emilia (Milly)

OSHClub Customer Service: 1300 395 735            [email protected]


All families must be enrolled to attend the program, remember enrolling is free!! Please create an account online at all bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account.


For on-the-day bookings please contact Kristen on 0401 501 661.

 Corpus Christi School Newsletter