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15 November 2018
Issue Thirty-five
Director of Wellbeing
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Student Awards                                                           
2019 Planners Have Arrived
Middle School Awards
Remembrance Day
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Director of Wellbeing


Dear Families, Students and Community Members,


It seems that it was only very recently that I was writing the newsletter article reflecting on the beginning of a new school year. But here we are again, that important time of the year when we are celebrating all the great things that have happened in the school year and about to launch into the Headstart program to commence the new academic year. One of the recent highlights for me has been attending the Year 12 Valedictory Evening and listening to the words of appreciation from students to their teachers. At Mordialloc College we pride ourselves on our focus of building positive teaching and learning relationships with students so it was extremely encouraging to hear that these positive relationships with teachers have been a real highlight for the students and enabled the best environment for learning to take place.

The recognition of the need for a positive learning environment, including building positive behaviour in the classroom, has led us to explore implementing a new program in 2019. This program, which has been implemented by many government schools,  is referred to as School Wide Positive Behaviour Supports (SWPBS). It is a framework that aims to prevent behaviours of concern and teach and reinforce students who behave appropriately. It has a focus of supporting staff to decide how to deal with behaviours of concern after careful consideration of the factors that might explain their cause. The SWPBS initiative will align very well with our focus on restorative practices and our desire to ensure all students feel safe, happy and connected to school.    

A number of activities occurred throughout the year that strengthen this focus on students feeling safe, happy and connected to school. RUOK Day and Mental Health Week were two whole school events we organised to focus on wellbeing across the College this year. RUOK focused on asking a friend the question RUOK?  and how to get support when needed.  The Wellbeing team organised an action packed week for Mental Health Week in October including dancing to the Zumba beat, receiving flowers from friends and designing art pieces for the art competition – the theme of the week being 'Show Your Colours'.

We were thankful again this year for the awesome job the Year 10 Peer Support Leaders did meeting with the Year 7s in their Home Group times. They contributed to helping the Year 7s feel a bit more relaxed about their big leap into secondary school. We are about to train a new group of Peer Support Leaders who will be meeting with some of the 2019 Year 7s. We have some additional transition days planned for these students who are the only ones coming from their Primary School or may be feeling a bit anxious about commencing Year 7. This will be a great opportunity to have fun and build some friendships across the College.

Lana Paten,  our school chaplain, facilitated the Breakfast Group again during 2018.  This is always a fantastic way to start the day for a group of students from across different year levels. Birthdays are celebrated, croissants, hot chocolate and conversations are shared and it is another activity that builds student connectedness and belonging at school.

Secondary School Nurse Ann Marsh has continued to develop the Respect Group at the College. This group of students has a focus on celebrating diversity in the College, especially gender and sexual diversity, ensuring that all students are respected and feel a sense of connectedness at school.

At this time of year as we reflect on all the great activities throughout the year to support student wellbeing I need to give thanks for the great partnership we have with Kingston Youth Services. They have been actively involved and facilitated many activities throughout the year for students. They are always a valuable presence at our sporting events. 

There are many times also throughout the year when students and families may require some additional support in challenging times. It has been a privilege for the wellbeing team to be involved at these times. We have also valued the support of external agencies working with us including Engage 1on1 Psychological Services, Headspace and KYS. Thanks also to our School Support Officers speech pathologist and psychologist: Sandra and Melissa.

 As we celebrate all the good things that have taken place in 2018 we also look forward to continuing to ensure Mordialloc College is a safe and respectful place for all students in 2019.

While still a number of weeks away I wish everyone a wonderful, enjoyable and relaxing time in the holidays – Take care of yourself.



Di Douglas

On behalf of the Wellbeing Team 

Di Douglas, Lana Paten, Ann Marsh



Important Dates


Friday 16

  • Year 8 Sports Gala Day
  • Year 11 Mystery Tour
  • Grade 5 Primary School Visits

Monday 19

  • Headstart 2019 Commences
  • World Challenge Build Up Day


Tuesday 20

  • World Challenge Expedition until 20 December

Wednesday 21

  • Whole School Assembly
  • Year 7 Project Expo 9:10 am - 9:40 am

Monday 26

  • Headstart Continues
  • Year 10 Information Night

Student Awards                                                           

Student Values Awards

Personal Best - Work to the best of your ability. Pursue excellence, try hard and constantly seek to improve.

Integrity  - Be true to yourself by doing what is right. Be honest and trustworthy.

Respect  - Treat everyone with equal consideration. Be accepting of others and their differences.

Responsibility - Be accountable for your actions. Contribute positively to the school and wider community.


Congratulations again to Sabrina Berg for receiving the Queen's Scout Award recently. The award ceremony was held on  27 October  at Government House and below is a photo of Sabrina receiving her award.                                                     


2019 Planners Have Arrived

Planners are at the Payments Window

The 2019 planners have arrived and can be collected from the Payments Window at the General Office. Price: $20.00 unless previously paid. Please send your child to the Payments Window to pick up their planner.


Middle School Awards

This week a Middle School Assembly was held and awards were given to students who have excelled in particular subjects. Below is a list of students who received 2 or more awards. To all the students who received an award - well done on a fantastic effort with your studies.

Student                                                                                                                     Award

Abigail Brown                                                                                                            Outdoor Education and PE/Health

Ben Skeggs                                                                                                                  Humanities and PE/Health

Brendan Lawson                                                                                                       Discovery and Design Technology

Bridget Arden                                                                                                             PE/Health and English

Brigitte Crick                                                                                                               Design Technology and Art & Design

Daniel Kaman                                                                                                       Communication and Design Technology

Ellie Ditchfield                                                                                                           PE/Health, Japanese and English

Genevieve Sinclair                                                                                                   Humanities and Mathematics

Jack Claypole                                                                                                            PE/Health and Design Technology

Jasmine Cane                                                                                                           Japanese and PE/Health

Jeremy Thai-Chan                                                                                                  Japanese and PE/Health

Lachlan Stacey                                                                                                         Food and Communication

Lauren Ditchfield                                                                                                     Outdoor Education and SEAL Science 

Liam Johnson                                                                                                           Politics & Law and PE/Health

Matilda Sweeney                                                                                                     English and Food Technology

Max Telfer                                                                                                                    Communication and Japanese

Micaela Visser                                                                                                            Japanese and Art & Design

Molly Donegan                                                                                                           PE/Health and Mathematics

Poppy Collison                                                                                                           Art & Design and PE/Health

Robert Huber                                                                                                              Food and PE/Health

Thorunn Millwood                                                                                                    Food and Art & Design

Victoria Vasilenko                                                                                                      Art and Mathematics



Daniel Williams

Director of Middle School


Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day Service

Last Sunday was Remembrance Day, 11/11/18, and two SRC students of Mordialloc College attended the Chelsea Longbeach RSL to lay a rose. Myself, Elizabeth Ng and Levi Burns were proud to be asked to represent the school. There were over 200 people from the community who came to honour the day.

Jacky Campbell


November 11th 2018 marks the 100th year of the Armistice which ended the First World War. It was truly an honour to attend the Remembrance Day service, laying a rose to commemorate and pay our greatest respects towards those who fought in the war. It is because of all the sacrifices made by the soldiers and other army personnel that the world and Australia is as we know it today.





Elizabeth Ng



Community News

Dobsons School Uniform Shop Trading Hours for Term 4 2018

Monday 8:30 am - 11:30 am

Wednesday 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Private appointments are available after shop hours. Please call 8587 0570 for an appointment.

Visit the new, improved website Click and Collect ordering now available.

Located on the corner of the main building, near the staff car park.



Please see the attachment for the most up to date price list including any specials that are available.


Kingston Youth Services




Aspendale Gardens Community Centre Christmas Collection


Secondhand Books For Sale

Sue runs a second hand English book business. She has advised the College that she has the following novels for sale, all in fantastic condition, for $10 each. If you are interested please contact Sue directly on 9583 4448. Please see below for details of books available.

Year 8


Lord of the Flies

Hunger Games

Year 9

Of Mice and Men

Romeo and Juliet (Oxford)

Year 10 (Enhanced)


Of Mice and Men

Romeo and Juliet

Year 11 (EAL)

Growing Up Asian In Australia

I Am Malala - Year 12

Old World/New World


* Please note the College newsletter is not available for parents to sell second hand books.


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