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11 May 2018
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On Wednesday 2nd May we welcomed approximately 300 visitors to school for Open Day. Our Open Day activities allowed prospective students, parents and other interested members of our community to take part in student led tours and to witness our school functioning on a reasonably typical school day. Thank you to everyone who took part and contributed towards the success of the day.


A frequent question I am asked in the community is, “What’s happening at the Etty St Campus?” CSC continues to use four of the buildings at the Etty St Campus. These buildings are the Library, Food Technology Room, Music Centre and Art Building. Our VCAL and Year 9 & 10 Flexible Learning Options Programs are based at Etty St, which means that this campus continues to be the “base” campus for approximately 30 CSC students. In addition to these students, we also continue to bus senior Food Technology and Ceramics classes to Etty Street a few times each week since the facilities to run these classes have not yet been built at Blakeley Road. In the meantime, discussions continue with regards to finding a tenant for the remaining buildings. Unfortunately, the disused buildings at Etty Street have become a target for vandals outside of school hours and there appears to be a mindset that damaging these buildings is causing no harm. Sadly, this is not true since we are hopeful of these buildings be used again soon, and the cost of repairs will be borne by CSC. In the meantime, I am working with the Police and Department of Education and Training to improve security at the Etty St Campus.


Following last month’s exciting news of $11.5 million funding to finish our school rebuild at Blakeley Road, I have started discussions with the Department of Education and Training about a timeline for our building project. The first step in this process will involve the appointment architects for the final stages of this re-build, and we expect to complete this appointment process by the end of this term, and then begin designing the buildings in the second half of this year. I look forward to working with our architects and consulting widely with staff, students and other members of the school community to design the best possible buildings for our students into the future.


Once again our students marched in the ANZAC Day Parade and  Des Cook & Nioka Mellick-Cooper carried on the privilege of guest speakers as the Captains of Castlemaine Secondary College, with  Vice Captains Murray Hammersley & Sidney Showell laying the school's wreath.


Paul Frye



In our last newsletter I mentioned the important of establishing a culture of high expectations and how this has a profound effect of productivity of an educational environment. At CSC all staff are working collaboratively with students, parents and the local community to refine existing procedures to gradually improve and consolidate our own unique culture of high expectations. The starting point for students is ensuring they are always attired in our College uniform, which demonstrates connectedness to CSC. The simple symbolic gesture of being in uniform sends a clear message to the local community of how proud students are to be part of our College. Through vast research and my own educational experiences in Australia and England, it has been clearly evident that correctly attired and connected students perform better academically. Please contact the College if your family requires assistance in providing uniform for your child / children.



The 2018 NAPLAN testing will occur at CSC from Tuesday 15th until Thursday 17th May. It is expected all Year 7 and 9 students, who attend school on these days will be required to complete these tests, with the exception of those students who applied for exemption. Information relating to the Exemption Process was distributed to families earlier this term and must be completed prior to the testing for a student to be exempt. Students are strongly encouraged to do their absolute best during this testing, because the information generated from these days is utilised to plan for future educational programs within CSC. Student timetables have already been distributed to the students. 


Justin Hird

Assistant Principal

What we need to know

Japanese Visit in August - We need hosts to sign up!

This year is the 20th time Castlemaine Secondary College we will be hosting students from Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.  This is a great achievement and one we couldn’t do without everyone’s support.

To enable this to again run smoothly, we are looking for CSC families to host these students whilst here. This is a truly rewarding and worthwhile experience. 


Application forms are available from the reception office and library.

We will be organising another trip to Japan in 2019, so this may be a wonderful opportunity to establish some rewarding friendships.

If you would like more information or have any queries please contact the reception office on            

5479 1111.  Thank you.

French Exchange Opportunity – Information Night

If you are studying Year 9 French or Year 10 French and continue with your French studies next year you are eligible to participate in the Castlemaine Secondary College French exchange.

We will host French students and teachers from Baudimont School in the town of Arras around April /May in 2019 and then a group from CSC will go to Paris to stay in a hostel for about 3 days and then to Arras to stay with host families weeks for 2 ½ weeks in September. There are lots of day trips and excursions sight-seeing in France during this time as well as being part of a French school.

This two way exchange has been going for 9 years and has been a big success. Come and hear about it at our information night at CSC.


What: French exchange information night

When: Wednesday May 23rd

Time: 6.30pm

Where: Well-being building large space


Jane Macdonald and Mark Johansson

Admin Update

Family Statements

Family statements will be sent out shortly giving families the opportunity to check that their finances for the College are in order. For those students participating in the music program, term 2 music tuition has now been added to your account.  Payment for music tuition must be paid on a term by term basis to enable your child/ren to participate in the program, ideally within the first 2 weeks of term.


Payment plans for all fees, camps and music tuition are encouraged for families with financial difficulties, bearing in mind that if you are using payment plans for music tuition and camps the full payment is required prior the camp departing and within the first 2 weeks of each term for music tuition.  Unfortunately, excursions cannot be added to payment plans and we can no longer accept excursion forms at the office without the payment attached – for those families who have a credit or CSEF funding available to use please make a small note on the excursion form advising of this.


CSEF Applications

Just a reminder for families to submit their Camps and Excursion Fund application forms to the college  if they haven’t already done so.


Update of family details

It is very important that families are keeping the school informed about any change of details for a student or their family. This information is vital for us to communicate with our families, so drop into the office or send us an email or update on XUNO.


Notes to explain coming and going from school

When a student comes in late, they need to sign in at the office and provide a note to explain why they are late so we can correctly enter the data for their attendance at school. Sometimes things happen and in the haste to get there in the morning  it may not be possible to do on the day but we still need the note to come in the next day to cover the absence reason. 

Students signing out without an adult also need a note to explain why they need to leave. It is our duty of care to make sure that we know that you as parents/carers approve or know why they are leaving.


Bus Passes

As part of the refinement process for students travelling on the "School Bus" we are required to issue a bus pass to explain why a student is not travelling to their regular destination on their assigned bus. The bus driver has a duty if care to transport your child to and from your residence to school. They should not be letting children off at non allocated stops with out a pass to explain that we know where they are going to be dropped off.

As from Monday the Office will only be issuing bus passes to students who have a note from parents/carers to explain why they need to make an altered stop.




So much happening?


Melbourne Book buying excursion

Nineteen students from year 7 to 9 this week travelled to Melbourne to purchase books for our Library collection. We visited Minotaur Books in Elizabeth St to select some new graphic novels, and after a short stop at the Emporium for lunch, travelled by tram to Carlton and Readings Bookshop. There we browsed the new Young Adult releases, and chose some great titles which will be available to all students very shortly. We wish to thank our local Federal Member of Parliament Lisa Chesters, whose generous support enabled us to expand and enrich our collection.



Scholarship Sucess for Uma


We were recently advised that Uma Dingeman of year 10 was awarded the John & Maud Askew Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded in recognition of continuous academic achievement. Well done Uma.



Everything is a Drama

Our year 9's are catching their Uber cab as part of their class work "Cinderfella"



VET Kitchen Operations provide Open Day Morning Tea - Yum


Photo: Photo L to R: Mount Alexander Shire Councillor Christine Henderson, School Captain Nioka Mellick-Cooper, Principal Paul Frye, School Council member Patrick Byrne, School Council President Beth Mellick, State Member for Bendigo Maree Edwards, School Council member Rose DeMaria, School Council member Paul O'Connor, School Captain Des Cook, and Mount Alexander Shire CEO Darren Fuzzard.

School Council & SRC

Photo: Photo L to R: Mount Alexander Shire Councillor Christine Henderson, School Captain Nioka Mellick-Cooper, Principal Paul Frye, School Council member Patrick Byrne, School Council President Beth Mellick, State Member for Bendigo Maree Edwards, School Council member Rose DeMaria, School Council member Paul O'Connor, School Captain Des Cook, and Mount Alexander Shire CEO Darren Fuzzard.

School Council delights in budget announcement

School Council members are not only very happy with the announcement in the state budget about $11.85m funding for completing the school, but we are terribly relieved. We finally have the money to complete the entire Master Plan that was developed quite a few years ago by Council and past Principal, Mary McPherson.


This Master Plan has always been supported by Member for Bendigo, Maree Edwards, who has not only advocated on our behalf for the funding from both the Education Minister and the Premier, but always seems to have our backs when it comes to strengthening and supporting public education in the local community.


I would also like to thank the Castlemaine branch of the Labor Party who wrote to the Education Minister late last year in support of finishing our capital works program and again, supporting local public education.


School Council is currently working on a number of areas:


-the Profile and Communications Portfolio approved a company to develop a new CSC website which will include a number of ‘add ons’ and social media facilities. This new website will be part of a package to improve communications at CSC, and will include a review of the Xuno and Moodle software currently being used.


-the Buildings and Grounds Portfolio is going to work with students to improve the ‘top courts’ area, as well as install a tank in the garden. We will advertise the date for this working bee and appreciate any parent helpers.


-the Support Groups Portfolio will be working with the Arts Department to set up an Arts Support Group to sit alongside Music, Drama, Sport, and Parent/Teacher Support Groups.


-As School Council President, I have been working with the SRC, teachers Stephen Samuel and Jane Sanderson, and parent Jennifer Pryce to drive the ResourceSmart Program in the school. There are four modules involved – waste, water, energy and biodiversity. We are just finishing up the waste module and will be able to promote a set of actions soon which will largely be about REDUCING WASTE ON THE SCHOOL GROUNDS!! To start with, we are asking students, parents, carers and staff to reduce the amount of waste they are bringing here every day and to be responsible with the way it is disposed of. Stay tuned for more on this in the next newsletter.


School Council recently approved a Hire of Facilities lease for a new arts initiative. This new project involves CSC music teacher Justin Marshall, parent Lucy Young, and past student Declan Kennedy and is about running a rehearsal, recording and performing space at the old Etty Street Music Centre.


The Etty Street Music Centre is one of four buildings that CSC currently retains at Etty Street. The rest of the buildings were ‘handed back’ to the Department of Education by School Council when we all moved to Blakely Road. When the project is up and running, we will advertise how to book the space.


Beth Mellick

CSC School Council President






Regional Partnerships Loddon Campaspe Assembly - CSC SRC

On Thursday the 3rd of May I was lucky enough to represent the school as a member of the SRC ( School Representative Council) at the third Regional Partnerships Loddon Campaspe Assembly” which gathers together six municipalities (Campaspe Shire, Central Goldfields Shire, City of Greater Bendigo, Loddon Shire, Macedon Ranges Shire, Mount Alexander Shire). The Loddon Campaspe Regional Partnership is one of nine Partnerships across the state, established by the Victorian Government in 2016, recognising that local communities are in the best position to understand the challenges and opportunities faced by their region. Over the past two years, the Partnership has heard from thousands of people living and working in Loddon Campaspe.


I had the privilege to attend last year’s assembly, so I was interested in the way the assembly would be run this year in Kyneton at the Mechanics Hall. There were six main priorities up for discussion as decided last year: health, a connected region, create the best possible start for every child, supporting youth - our critical asset, a growing economy, a great environment to live in. We were welcomed by Chairperson Nigel McGuckian and then introduced to the topics before watching a short video on health within the community. We then moved off to smaller work groups for discussions about our topics, mine was “youth, our critical asset”. We had three youth guest speakers, give their personal account on topics, which affect our youth today. Each talked about a key aspect facing youth daily – public transport, support options for youth and who are our mentors. All talks started with a personal account and then opened up for discussion on the topics. Our public transport conversation covered the need for more trains for students travelling to school and how connecting services need to communicate together to make delays have less impact on students and protect us from getting stuck at unmanned stations at night or generally stranded. The second was a very personal story of the struggle to get support for a brother suffering from substance abuse and how her family did not know who to turn to. We talked about making support more available, better promotion within schools, awareness, Dr’s in School Program (should be funded in ALL schools – we did not qualify for funding) as children relate to doctors as a safe person to talk to. I brought up how I feel we at CSC have a good awareness of supports services offered to students as we have access to social workers, a chaplain, school nurse and now our volunteer local doctors in school. We also have a huge wellbeing program, which promotes services, strategies and general good health for our students. From sharing our story we have been asked to have discussions with other  youth workers from different shires on how they could learn from our schools journey. The third speaker talked about mentoring and how we look at who inspires us. This comes in many different forms and how as young people we need to find connections with people from all walks of life.  In closing the evening we had The Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews speak and challenge the other leaders in the room to act on what we want delivered for our area.

The assembly is great platform for having our voices heard and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sidney Showell – Vice Captain Yr 12

The Arts

"The Real Inspector Hound"

Performers Precinct, MAY 30 , 7PM


2018 VCE Theatre Studies class presents The Real Inspector Hound, by Tom Stoppard.


When two theatre critics go to see the latest murder mystery, they end up getting a lot more then what they bargained for. 

A thrilling adventure then begins, full of plot twists, red-herrings, madmen,and swamp boots. Uncovering hidden secrets from these two theatre critics own lives with lots of laughs along the way.

Hearts will be broken, murders will be uncovered, and maybe we will finally find the real inspector hound.

Ticket are on sale now, $5 from general office.


Art Support Group

As CSC looks towards new horizons via buildings and programs, we seek the support of interested parents, guardians and community members to reinvigorate the Art Support Group.

The Art Support Group is fundamentally a parent collective with the purpose of assisting the Visual Arts program at CSC via fundraising and organisational duties.


Previous activities have been the highly successful CSC Art Auction, which raised over $10,000.00 for the purchase of new Printmaking equipment.


If you are interested in participating, please register your details with Clayton Tremlett by telephone: 54791111 or [email protected]

VCE Art Camp – TOP ARTS and Melbourne Galleries

On April the 19th and 20th, a group of C.S.C year 11 and 12 Art and Photography students set out on the cold morning of a Thursday to the wonderful city of Melbourne. We went with the intent to get inspired by other art and photography students from around the whole of Victoria. And inspired we became!

First arriving at the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) at Federation Square, we dumped our bags in a safe locker room at the site and then we split into class groups- which took a while and ended up being uneven anyway… But my group (the largest) went straight into the gallery to do a guided tour by our teacher, Mr Theobald. Mr Theobald took us to the top of the gallery and explained to his year 12 students about the way a gallery is set out. Some paintings are in a darker position on the wall as opposed to some with a light shining on them- to make the artworks look more angelic (in this case we saw an old style painting of a mother and her baby looking pure and angelic.) The light helped to create that particular mood. Mr Theobald also mentioned the cool temperature in the gallery to preserve the artworks. So we continued on, learning key facts about the gallery and its layout that is carefully planned.

Lunch break- Everyone disappeared as quickly as a bunch of hungry teenagers on an art camp. After lunch we all regrouped and continued our tour of the massive (and impressive) gallery. But this time freely and at our own pace. Soon after we got our pencils and went into the lecture room where we had a run-through of all the student art that made it into the Top Arts 2017. This was very inspiring because there is a student from Castlemaine Secondary that made it to the top 55 in the whole of Victoria. Her name is Isadora Anderson and her piece was a sketch of the textiles room in our school. Congratulations to her and it’s really great to hear that Castlemaine raises incredible artists!

But walking around the Top Arts section of the gallery, shows the diversity and huge range of all different artists and their works. Next we looked at the finalist’s folios which we had to protect very carefully with white gloves. Oh MY Golly Gosh, the incredible amount of hard work put into these folios are unbelievable- and what inspired me the most. Their planning is very intricate and detailed, explaining every decision they made to get to their final piece, which is A+ VCE students!

We also saw Street Art, visited commercial Galleries and saw an impressive Photography exhibition by Rosemary Laing whose work was for sale at $35,000 each and saw an impressive exhibition of the RMIT art collection, with works by several Castlemaine artists. We were all very grateful to have gotten the opportunity to go to the Top Arts 2017 art camp, thank you to all of the teachers. This opportunity gave me hope for my art, and photography classes and I am excited to do my very best in my folio work and final pieces.

written by Brittany Meadows

It's Recital Time For Music Students

Recital Nights have commenced.  All are welcome to attend our students' concerts which will be held in the new Performers Precinct Foyer. The Recital Nights showcase the hard work of the students and are a mix of solo/duo/trios and class ensemble pieces. Students prepare for their recital night pieces throughout the term by having a weekly instrumental lesson and weekly class ensembles directed by instrumental staff.

Year 10 Music-Monday 7th May

Unit 3 Music Performance-Wednesday 9th May

Year 9 Music-Thursday 17th May

Year 7 Music-Monday 21st May

Year 8 Music-Wednesday 23rd May


All concerts start promptly at 5:30pm in the Performers Precinct Foyer. Please park in the eastern car park (closest to the bush).


Sporty kids 

Sandhurst Cross Country

On Monday 30th April eighteen CSC Students went to the back blocks of Sebastian to run in the Sandhurst Cross Country.

It was a warm, dusty day but good running conditions with not too much wind. Students were all very eager ready to run their races.

We had five students come in the top 10 of their Age groups. This included Zac Frye,(7th), Levi Chaffey (9th), Abby Franklin (4th), Josiah Pattinson (10th) and TJ Russell (8th). These students will all go on to run in the Loddon Mallee Region in St Arnaud. We wish them all the best.



Year 9/10 Soccer report

On Tuesday 8th May the Year 9/10 Boys soccer team travelled to Epsom. The team included Eli Saunders, Brodie Byrne, Zac Frye, Shaye Archer, Ashton Keogh, Hakeem Dimozantos, Ronan Neilson, Rilke DePodolinsky, Levi Chaffey, Jeremy Raj, Teague Ashwell- Calloway, Riley McLachlan and Dotahn Henderson.


The first game we played Marist and we won 6-2. The second game we were up against a tough Girton side and lost 0-5. In the third game we played Weeroona but lost 2-5.

We all worked well as a team and had a great day out. Thanks to Philip Calitz, Ben Stubbings and Kane Turvey who came along as helpers. Also a big thank you to Mr Male who coached us on the day.




Year 9/10 Girls netball


A Team

The year 9/10 A team consisted of Chloe Langley, Rachael Stubbings, Jemma Finning, Bonnie McGubbin, Tarni Williams Charlotte McMurray, Elwyn Carlile and Shae Clifford. Unfortunately Kasey Button broke her finger on the weekend leading up to it so she was a late withdrawal from the team but came along to assist on the day.


We played six games for the day. The first three games we won against Eaglehawk hawk and Girton, but lost to Marist. This put us second is our pool but we played cross over finals. In these finals we played Catherine McAuley College but lost, lost to Marist again but finished off with a win for the day against BSE, winning three out of our six games.

Overall we finished third out of eight schools. We played well as a team, and had a lot of fun. Thanks to Bri Pedretti for helping coach us.

B Team

The Year 9/10 B Team

The 9/10 B team consisted of Jacqui Roberts, Georgia Roberts, Zoe Marsh, Lostris Cornish, Gemma Papadimos, Tangel McGill, Taylor White and Holly Giddings.


In our first game of the say we played BSE but lost. The second game we played Crusoe and lost but it was a very close game.

We then went on to play Eaglehawk and won very easily. In our final game we played Weeroona which was close at the start, but we ran away with it in the end and got the win.

Thankyou to Rachelle McLean for helping coach us on the day, and Jade Richardson for umpiring.


Photo: VET Kitchen Operations Open Morning

Students in class

Photo: VET Kitchen Operations Open Morning

Year 9 Outdoor Education Canoe Camp 2018 Semester One:-

Canoe camp was a fantastic experience for everyone. It was great fun camping under the tarp. We learnt to cook on fires, set up tents, create a group shelter and build/use a bush toilet. All of this learning and new challenges brought us together as a group. Carrying everything in our canoes was very tough to start with but we got used to it as the camp progressed. The second day we had to paddle hard into the wind but we all made it safe and sound. Thanks to Latrobe University for running the experience and for teaching us about minimal impact camping and the Murray River as a place.


Written by Yr. 9 OED students


Sneak peek into class time!


Coming Events

Dates to remember!


15-17th NAPLAN testing Yr 7 & 9

17th Sandhurst Snr Soccer

17th  Yr 9 Music Recital

21st  Yr 7 Music Recital

23rd Yr 8 Music Recital

23rd Mental Health First Aid Day

30th The Real Inspector Hound - Drama performance

31st Steiner Information Evening


10th Queens Birthday holiday



Calamity Jane Poster Comp.

It's once again that time of year when the school production needs your help. We are putting out a contest for the best poster. All you need to include on the poster is:

  • Title of "Calamity Jane"
  • Venue - Castlemaine Town Hall
  • Dates - 30th, 31st August and 1st September
  • Starting time - 7.30pm


More details to come of this exciting musical but everyone is busy with excitement already, as rehearsals have started. Reminder to all those in the production that your forms and money need to come into the office by the end of next week.

Ian Stapleton

Ian Stapleton is the founder of Mittagundi and Wollangara youth camps in the mountains of Victoria. These camps offer young people a place to get away from the complexities of fast paced modern life and take them to a place where they can live simply, work hard, enjoy good solid company and discover the mountains. 

Since 1988, Ian has written 8 books about the characters and pioneers of the mountains, many of whom were a large part of the inspiration behind his work with young people.

This year at Vocal Ranges Festival, join Ian Stapleton for a fascinating and entertaining story session based on the lives and times of these mountain characters.

Ian's talk is at 4pm on Sat. 19th May, in the Bluestone Theatre, 28 Hutton St ,Kyneton.


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