Curriculum 2020

17 October 2019
Year 9 2020
Overview: Year 9
How do I select  subjects?
Specialist Subjects
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Overview: Year 9


At Brunswick Secondary College Year 9 students complete a core (compulsory) curriculum of the following subjects:  English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science and Health/PE.

In addition, Brunswick Secondary College offers a program of specialist subjects to students as part of its commitment to engaging and extending students in their middle years of schooling. 


 Specialist subjects enable students to enrich their education by specialising in areas in which they have a particular interest or talent. This flexibility in the learning program promotes deeper engagement and supports higher achievement.  Specialist subjects also allow students in Year 9 the opportunity to mix with students from the other Year 9 class groups.  Student choices determine which electives will run.

  • All specialist specialist subjects are one semester in length with the exception of Bushwhacked  and Languages which both run for the entire year.  If students choose to study either of these subjects, they will need to select them for both Semester 1 & 2.



This handbook contains descriptions of the specialist being offered for Year 9 students.  Students should carefully read the descriptions and discuss these decisions with their parents. 

We wish all students every success in making their subject selection and transition to Year 9.


How do I select  subjects?

How to select your subject preferences:


  1. Carefully read the specialist subject descriptions on the following page 
  2. Make six specialist subject selections, plus three reserve choices.  
  3. Lodge your selections 


The web link and instructions for the online lodgement process have been sent to all students' school email address.

Once you have decided on the electives you would like to take in 2020, follow this process:

  •  Go to your school email  account and look for the email from ‘Web Preferences’.
  • Click on the link in this email. This will take you to your own personal page where you can select your subjects.
  • Select six subjects plus three reserve choices. If you are selecting a Language or Bushwhacked, you will need to select it for both Semester 1 and Semester 2 as these are year-long subjects.

Once selections have been lodged, please:

  • Print your receipt
  • Sign your receipt and ensure that a parent also signs it
  • Bring your receipt to the General Office.

Specialist Subjects

Art - Cost $70

Students will create a range of artworks with different materials and through this, develop a personal art style. They will use a variety of techniques and processes including drawing, painting and computer-generated art. They will develop skills in exploring/responding to the arts through analysing the elements and principles of design in artworks from different periods and discuss how art has the power to celebrate culture or express a point of view.

Bushwhacked  -  Full year - Cost $350


This subject must be selected for two semesters as it is a year-long program.


Bushwhacked students engage in a varied curriculum over this year long subject. Character Strengths, Collaboration, Decision Making and Human - Nature relationships form the backbone of the curriculum however students will pick up a range outdoor skills through practical experiences. Students also complete their Duke of Edinburgh Award which requires them to spend some time outside of school to complete the physical recreation, service, skill and adventurous journey sections. This subject has three major outdoor programs with details of these programs to be confirmed on a year to year basis. This choice requires special permission from parents to ensure costs and availability issues are met.

Coaching, Leadership & Sport - Cost $75


This specialist provides students with the opportunity to complete the General Principles of Community Coaching through the Australian Sports Commission. An interest in sport is beneficial; however the focus of this specialist is on coaching and leadership. Students will receive general leadership training which attends to public speaking, development of time management, organization and communication skills. Students should be aware that this is not a traditional PE or Sport class. While this course is practical in nature, there is a significant theoretical component.

Drama - Cost $30

Students explore a range of historical theatrical traditions, and learn to make theatre through studies of mask, puppetry and physical theatre. Students begin by exploring mask and puppetry in theatre, as well as creating their own masks and puppets for use in ensemble performance. Students will experiment with improvisational techniques and theatre sports to help them develop and rehearse their own scripted performances.


In Year 9 Dance, students study various dance styles and learn to develop and apply the processes of dance composition to their own choreography using a range of conventions.  These include safe dance practice, design elements, stage craft and ICT.   Students will choreograph and perform dances from a range of contexts, study style-specific techniques and expand their understanding of cultural influences on choreographers.

Food Studies - Cost $60

This subject is focused on the two main reasons for eating: wellbeing and enjoyment.  In Food Studies, students look into the needs of contemporary Australians and the decisions that surround what to eat from a vast array of ingredients and pre-prepared foods. Students investigate the impact of dietary balance and digestion as well as farming methods on food choices.  Students will build on their cooking skills and develop more independence in the kitchen.

Global Citizen

Students explore their role as a global citizen. They will investigate dynamic and current issues, such as conflict in the Middle East and the resettlement of asylum seekers around the world. They will develop their understanding of the role of global organisations and powerful nations. Students will evaluate the actions of global players and present alternative solutions and potential future responses to 21st century issues. Students who complete this subject will develop the knowledge and skills to participate in our ever changing and globalised society.

Information Systems - Cost $50

This is a Computing subject which introduces students to making and using digital systems, managing data flows from connected devices, and to both designing and creating digital solutions using coding and algorithmic thinking. Students are able to express their personal creativity and interests by creating games, websites or digital productions using a variety of platforms. Emphasis is placed on design thinking, coding techniques, algorithm design, testing and debugging. This course provides a good background for those who are contemplating the further study of Computing.

Language - Chinese or Italian


This subject must be selected for two semesters as it is a year-long program.


For this specialist subject, students should select the Language they have studied in Year 8.

Students will consolidate and extend their communication skills, intercultural knowledge and language awareness through activities focused on speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Cultural content is explored through individual/group research, class discussion and audio-visual content. Students participate in excursions and/or incursions in order to enhance their language learning and cultural awareness.

Assessment will include written and oral creative tasks, summaries, written and aural comprehension tasks, pair work activities, role-play, and research including using ICT.

Media - Cost $30

Year 9 Media explores how codes and conventions of genre, from romantic comedy to sci-fi, communicate meaning to audiences across media forms. Students learn to analyse character and story construction through studying generic conventions of film and TV. As well as studying film theory, students become media makers themselves and produce a genre film poster and a short film. Media allows students to develop and extend their analysis skills and their critical and creative thinking.

Music Performance

In a highly enjoyable and creative learning environment, students play a range of instruments and sing, developing skills in performing and understanding music through Musical Futures methods. Students also learn about music history, theory and aural training to complement their playing skills. This subject is suitable for students of all playing levels, for beginner to advanced, and will enhance any students’ general confidence, communication skills and appreciation of a range of musical styles.

PhysiGirls and PhysiBoys - Cost $40

This subject is largely a practical class. Separate boys and girls classes will be run. Students will participate in range of units to build fitness, increase self-esteem and develop leadership skills. The subject includes a unit based on the Sports Education in Physical Education Program (SEPEP),  where students learn how team based sport is conducted in the community. They will be responsible for teams, training, coaching, managing fixtures and umpiring. Theory based classes will be linked to practical activities by self-evaluation, the analysis of sporting data and a focus on improving overall health and wellbeing. In these units students will have the opportunity to choose the sporting code/activity and have direct input on how the unit will run.

Product Design & Technology – Textiles - Cost $70

Students develop and implement design ideas using a range of skills, techniques, equipment, and materials. They use a design brief to research, design, plan, to create individual samples and final pieces. Through this process, students explore new techniques and processes in fabric design, print and embroidery. Students are able to express their own creative ideas and are encouraged to be independent in their use of tools and equipment.

Product Design & Technology – Wood - Cost $70

Students will develop and implement design ideas using a range of techniques, equipment and timbers. Students will research, design and explore techniques to create practice joints, uniquely designed components, and final pieces. Students are encouraged to choose this subject if they are interested in 3D design and developing craft skills. Students will also learn isometric drawing techniques.

Visual Communication Design - Cost $70

In this subject, students make visual communications and graphic designs, both digitally and manually, that satisfy a stated purpose through the application of the design process. This process involves: research, generation of design solutions, evaluation and refinement, and completion of final presentations. Each student will develop a folio that demonstrates their creativity, skills, and ability to express their ideas in a visual medium. This subject also develops students’ skills in freehand drawing and rendering, and introduces instrumental drawing

Home Group 

Home Group

The purpose of Home Group is to promote and maintain a supportive environment and positive relationship with the teacher and the class. This is in order to develop a sense of belonging and connectedness within the school and an environment that enables the whole student to thrive. Home Groups meet each Thursday for 45 minutes.


Guiding Principles of Home Group

Home Group teachers promote and maintain a supportive environment and positive relationships by:

  • Home Group teachers caring, monitoring, noticing, supporting, and advocating for students
  • Students voicing opinions and ideas, having input into their learning, and being empowered to be active leaders in class, the school and the community
  • Supporting goal setting, progress reflection and goal review
  • Promoting personal growth and social development
  • Celebrating achievements




Co-curricular activities

The dynamic Co-curricular Program at BSC gives students the opportunity to enrich and enhance their academic learning through a wide variety of activities. Open to students across all year levels,  the CCP fosters learning and engagement - offering something for everybody.  


Refer to our current Co-Curricular Program handbook for details about this program. The handbook wil be updated at the beginning of the school year.

Instrumental Music @ BSC

The college hosts a thriving Instrumental Music program that allows students to learn an instrument, to develop their artistic talent and to demonstrate and celebrate this learning.  

Partnerships with Moreland City Council, Sydney Road Street Festival, Merri Health and the Royal Melbourne Hospital (to name but a few) provide many opportunities to perform outside of the school and  to be involved in the wider community.


Refer to our Instrumental Music handbook for details about this program.

Stationery & Textbooks




Uniform items

To view the BSC Uniform options, order uniform items online or check Uniform Shop trading hours,  please access the BSC Uniform Shop.

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