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27 June 2019
Issue Four
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As we move away from the mild autumn weather of Melbourne and prepare for the colder winter conditions ahead, it is important to remind our school community of the importance of regular school attendance. This can be a time of year when it is more difficult to consistently attend from day to day, but it is very important that students continue to do so. Our school has invested heavily on building the capacity of teachers to deliver an effective and relevant curriculum that will prepare all students for the demands of the modern world. However, far too many students are unable to access the curriculum due to their regular non-attendance. Even though teachers do their best to help students catch up on work missed as a result of their absence, it can never replace being present in the class and engaging with the learning that has been prepared for those lessons. Students can never adequately make up for the loss of learning opportunities as a result of missed lessons.


The research supports the fact that there are strong links between attendance and student outcomes. There is also evidence to suggest that poor attendance can lead to early school leaving, substance abuse, poverty, unemployment and negative health outcomes. While some school absences are unavoidable and understandable due to illness and health concerns, many are not. They are unexplained and unauthorised absences that place those students at risk with regards to their education and future prospects.


Because we are committed to getting the best possible outcomes for our students at Cranbourne Secondary College, we place great emphasis on students achieving high rates of attendance. We encourage students to attend regularly, but we need the support of parents. Parents have a crucial role in ensuring their child or children attend school regularly. The best chance to achieve good student outcomes occurs when there is a strong partnership between school and home, and I know we will be more effective in improving student attendance if we can work together to reduce absenteeism.


Students deserve the best opportunities to succeed at school, and I look forward to working with our school community to improve attendance and make 2019 a successful year for all the students at our College.



I hope you enjoy our newsletter.



John Jovic










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Friday 28th

Last Day Term 2, students finish at 2.30



Monday 15th

1st Day Term 3


Wednesday 17th 

Year 9-10 Course Counselling


Thursday 18th

Senior and Middle School Sports


Wednesday 24th

Year 11-12 Course Counselling


Friday 26th

Year 12 VCAL Careers Expo




























Important Information Highlights


We are doing our best to serve you - swearing, abusive language, threats or physical violence towards our staff will not be tolerated.

Thankyou for your co-operation




Mondays 8.15am - 4.15pm
Tuesday to Thursdays 8.00am - 4.15pm
Fridays 8.00am - 3.45pm



Students are able to make payments between the hours of

8.15am - 8.45am, and also during Recess and Lunchtimes






Monday to Friday 8.48am - 3.10pm



If you hold a valid means tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF. The allowance is paid to the school to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions or sporting activities for the benefit of your child.

 You should contact the office to obtain an application form, the program for 2019 closes on the 28th June, 2019. 

If you applied in 2018 you do not need to complete an application form unless there has been a change to your family circumstances





All students must report to the Office when late arriving at school 

Parents who need to pick up their child early during school hours for appointments, etc, must send a note in the morning to receive an early leavers pass from the sub school offices so the students teacher/s are aware that they are leaving. This enables your child to be at the office and ready to leave when you pick them up. Should you arrive at the school without prior notification, lengthy waits can occur while we locate and organise your child



Did you Know ?

Missing one day of school each week adds up to 2 months missed over a year or missing one day a fortnight is the same as missing 4 whole weeks of school  a year. From Prep to year 12 that adds up to 1.5 years of school !!

Each day absent at Secondary School has an impact on skill development and social connections

Patterns of late arrival at School or missing classes are early warning signs of disengagement from school


Remember you can talk with school staff such as: teacher, year level coordinator, wellbeing staff, careers staff, to find out what support we can provide your child to keep them attending School and to help keep them engaged




It is important that your Family contact details are kept up to date. If anything changes throughout the term,  please notify the College.

Second-hand Textbook and Uniform Trading


Second-hand textbooks and uniforms in relation to the college are traded via the Sustainable School Shop website:


This service provides access to second-hand textbooks, uniforms, calculators, musical equipment, etc year round.


For the best results:

  • Register on the Sustainable School Shop website
  • List your secondhand uniform items for sale
  • List wanted ads for those items you are looking to buy
  • The college’s book & uniform lists are loaded into the system to make listing ads easy
  • The system matches the ads of buyers with sellers and notifies the buyer via email
  • Buyers contact sellers and arrange where and when to trade.
  • The school is not involved in the transaction
  • Parents are well supported via Sustainable School Shop’s telephone (0438 743 444) and email help lines
  • The system is simple and easy to use - If you don’t have a computer, internet access or an email address, please call the Sustainable School Shop for assistance


If you have books, uniforms, calculators etc you no longer need and are in good condition or better, then list them for sale on the website as this will help another family within our school community.


Uniform Stocktake Report


I have attached a JPG file of a simple second-hand textbook artwork, it may assist families to find us if this artwork along with a few words about second-hand textbooks were placed on the textbook page of the school’s website (just like the uniform page information) and a link to our front page:


Cranbourne Secondary College would like to pay our respects to the Traditional Owners of the land. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.



Semester Two is fast approaching and the VCAL students are working hard to complete their CAT’s and become up-to-date with their school work. Numerous students have been attending their work placement, with some outstanding experiences being had.  


In PDS Term Two has seen the intermediates participate in the Wilsons prom camp where they set up Tents, cook on Trangia stoves and trekked up Mt Oberon. The camp is designed to get students out of their comfort zone. The next day we stopped off at Coal Creak Heritage village to investigate the coal mining history of Victoria.


Seniors have participated in the Berwick heritage walk, Melbourne City Quest and planned and organised the running of the Amazing race for the Intermediate VCAL students. During this activity they needed to solve clues and complete challenges to receive the next check point to try and win the race.

Up and coming activities for term three include the $20 dollar boss in WRS and PDS community projects.   




Brad Gauci

VCAL Leader







Term 2 was eventful for Humanities, with many excursions and incursions across multiple year levels.


Early in the term, students from the Year 10 Century of Change classes visited the Jewish Holocaust Centre. They had the opportunity to listen to the experiences of a Holocaust survivor and further their understanding of the horrors of the Holocaust as they explored the museum and its artefacts. The Hands on Humanities classes and the Earth and Me classes also had excursions, visiting Cranbourne Central to learn more about practical financial literacy and the Dandenong Catchment. 


Year 9 students began their study of World War I with memorial boxes put together by the Australian War Memorial. Students were able to engage with artefacts from the time period and add to their understanding of life during the Great War. They also visited the Shrine of Remembrance, exploring the grounds of the Shrine and participating in a guided tour. During the tour, they were led through the museum and developed an understanding of the personal experiences of the ANZAC soldiers and what they endured during battles such as Gallipoli.


To finish of the term, Year 7 students will be visiting the Chinese History Museum and exploring Chinatown to complete their study of Ancient China.



In Maths classes at Cranbourne Secondary College every attempt is made, where possible, to link mathematical concepts to real world applications. Students are encouraged to present work clearly and logically through skills based activities and practice exercises in class. They also complete a number of problem solving tasks in our dedicated Numeracy room and then reflect on the methods used in attaining the solution.

Term 2 has seen our Year 7 and 9 students conduct their next round of NAPLAN assessments. This was the first year our school has been asked to do the assessments online and the students are to be commended for their efforts and positive attitudes to NAPLAN throughout the extended testing period. As a college, we eagerly await the results and hope to once again observe considerable growth in our students’ data.

Our senior maths classes have now concluded Semester 1 work, with the recent completion of their exams. With the course counselling process almost upon us, students are being encouraged to start thinking about their pathways into future careers and are encouraged to select Maths classes at a relevant level to achieve their goals.   

Term 3 will provide some of our students a chance to test their skills against other students nationwide in the Australian Maths Competition. Volunteers will sit a paper on Thursday 1st August with certificates being presented later in the year based on performance. Good luck to all those participating!

Congratulations to all students for their efforts demonstrated so far and we look forward to seeing more excellent work as the year progresses.



Corey O’Shea
Maths Leader


Sports Report

Term two has been extremely busy one the sporting front.

We have seen the Senior, Intermediate and Junior teams go out and represent the college in a variety of sports including Badminton, Netball, Football and Soccer.

Our Senior and Intermediate students went out on the 27thth of May. Our senior boys and girls and intermediate girls all won their respective competition. Our Senior Boys Footy and Soccer went out on the same day, braving the rain they both played well but didn’t make it through to the next round. Senior and intermediate girls netball had a great competition with our Intermediate B team going through to the next round.

On the 6th of May we had our Alternate Sport Day with a Boys Netball and Girls Football teams heading out. The intermediate boy’s netball A team won the day with the B team coming second. Year 7 girls footy also went out that day. All the girls played some great games and came 3rd overall.

Our junior sport teams went out on the 12th of June. The year 7 and 8 soccer and year 8 footy went out with the weather against them as well. Playing through the torrential rain our teams tried their best. Year 8 soccer coming 2nd overall, Yea7 Soccer coming 4th and Year 8 footy coming 3rd. Year 7 and 8 Netball and Year 7 Badminton were lucky to be inside. All our teams had a great day of competition but unfortunate no teams through to the next round.

Big congratulation to all of our teams this term! They all put in a valiant effort!


The School Athletics Carnival held at Casey Fields on 3rd of April. The whole school came along and competed for their house and try to qualify for Division Athletics at the end of term 3.

We had a few record broken! Congratulations to the following:

Jordan Milne - U/14 Boys 1500m 4:36.94
Brendan Stevenson - U/12-13 Boys Triple Jump 9.78m and U/12-13 Boys Long Jump 4.61m
Eugene Siilata-Segi U/14 Boys Discuss 23.60m

It was a close competition all day between the houses. The final results saw

4th Donnelley 719 points
3rd Poole 889 points
2nd Brunt 893 points
1st Facey 964 points

Congratulations again to everybody on a wonderful day!


At the start of term 2 we had the College Cross Country Carnival.

Congratulation to everybody who came and participated in the Cross Country Carnival!

Results for the day were:
CSC Results
 Poole- 1564
2nd Brunt- 1553
3rd Facey- 1238
4th Donnelly- 816

Thank you all for making it a great day!!


Our students who got through to the Regional Swimming Carnival competed against other schools in the Southern Metropolitan Region.

Olivia De La Roche De Ronzet coming 7th in the 12-13 50m Freestyle

Nicholas Newbound coming 7th in the 12-13 50m Backstroke

Felix Le coming 7th  in the 16 50m Backstroke

Great effort from them all.


It was a big term of sport for all our students who got involved. Great effort from you all!



Lauryn Miller

Sport Coordinator

Performing Arts


This semester we have been working hard to prepare for the staging of our college production ‘Grease’. Rehearsing two times a week since February, we are well on the way to staging a very successful show.

Featuring all the classics such as ‘Greased Lightning’ and ‘You’re the one that I want’ – students are strapping on their dancing shoes in an effort to transport the audience back to 1959.

Imogen Schoemaker (12) and Zac Lumley (10) join forces to portray the characters of Sandy and Danny. With over 40 students on stage and a team of students forming the backstage crew – this year is set to be even bigger than previous years.

The BIG WEEKEND was a strenuous weekend of more than 15 hours of music workshops (led by Musical Director – Kat Mizzi), choreography (led by Director – Linda McGloin) and costumes (Susan Bergman). A big thank you to the parents who helped and to those who supported their own on stage for a sneak peak.

‘Grease’ will be on stage on Wednesday the 7th of August and Thursday the 8th of August. Tickets will be available soon online for $12.

We hope you are all able to make it to support the students and staff involved.




From the Production Team – Kat Mizzi, Susan Bergman and Linda McGloin






We in the Arts would like to take the opportunity to thank Yves Avila who sold his beautiful pastel portrait to the Media department. Pictured is Yves, with the drawing in the Media room in the new Visual Arts building.


The artwork is a pastel and cartridge paper and took Yves several weeks to complete.


In VCE Media, students study representation and in particular the representation of females in media products like film and television. This image, taken from the video game Alien: Isolation is a symbol of a strong female character, paying homage to the character Ripley, from the first Alien film, often known as the first female action heroine.


This year has been a busy one for Science. At the end of term one we moved out of the old Science building and into a brand new one. The new facilities accommodate 5 labs, a prep room, an amphitheatre and a Science staffroom. 

This term the year 7’s have been studying forces and gravity, the year 8’s have been studying Biological Sciences and year 9’s have been studying Electricity. Year 10 Applied Science studied Forensic Science this term. Here are some photos of the students enjoying the new facilities.



SRC News

This years Teach the Teacher Program focused on student advocacy. On Wednesday the 29th of May, the SRC team and teach the teacher volunteers held a presentation to college staff on what advocacy means to students. Students then found strategies in which they can work with teachers to help tackle some of these school-wide concerns. A total of twenty eight students and fifteen teachers attended the presentation evening. To conclude, teachers were given a school action plan and current policies to help diminish this problem.


On Thursday 23th May, twenty eight of the SRC and college students attended the World Vision Youth Conference at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center. This conference aims to empower youth to step up and challenge the status quo as well as encourage individuals to become tomorrow's leaders for justice and equality. It’s a platform for all state schools to unite and build awareness about global issues. Students took part in a variety of different activities including; Speaker sessions, collaborative exercises and interactive workshops to gain valuable knowledge and skills to become global leaders of change.


In week six of term two, The SRC and college class captains resurrected The Toastie Club initiative to assist in feeding students without adequate food. Each Lunchtime one hundred toasted sandwiches were provided to the students. The college was lucky enough to receive sponsorship from EatUp and have our launch into leadership students put them together each week. SRC are excited to continue with this program throughout the course of the year, recommencing at the start of term three. A special thank you to all of the teachers, students and sponsors who have contributed to the continuation of toastie club 2019.


Kyalla Sibley Year 11 VCE SRC LEADER





This term MultiPride students are supporting those involved in our Eid festival performance. Now in it’s 3rd year this is a opportunity where students can celebrate their culture and keep the strong connections to their faith while growing up in Australia.

MultiPride supports all cultures in the school and as we grow we want to continually embrace the diversity of backgrounds that comprise our school. We see unity in diversity every day at the school even though cultural norms can be different.

No matter what their cultural backgrounds our students work together, play together or share an interest together. They engage in sport, working on co-curricular activities together and even just share a joke together.

The students on the MultiPride committee can come from any cultural background. In meetings they always work to address issues that are happening in the school to achieve the best outcomes for students.

All Cranbourne Secondary College students know that if they see a student in a maroon jumper that they are a MultiPride student and they can approach them about any issue that they are having.

Students meet in the conference room every Monday lunchtime and all students are welcome to attend.


Annette Evans

MultiPride Coordinator






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