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14 May 2019
Issue Six
Diary Dates
From the Principal, Linda Jones
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Diary Dates


Wednesday 15th May

School Council meeting 7.30pm


Thursday 16th May

Grade 6 Excursion to Melbourne Museum

Second Hand Uniform Shop 3.15-3.45pm


Friday 17th May

Year 5/6 Sport  Round 2


Tuesday 21st May

Year 5 Excursion


Wednesday 22nd May

Second hand uniform shop 8.45-9.15am


Thursday 23rd May

Maths Open Day


Friday 24th May

Year 5/6 Sport  Round 3


Monday 27th May

PFA Meeting in staffroom at 7.30pm


Tuesday 28th May

District Cross Country


Wednesday 29th May

Curriculum Day- no school


Monday June 10

Queens Birthday holiday-no school


Thursday 27th June

Footsteps Concert at Monash University, Clayton

From the Principal,
Linda Jones


We are here to support the academic, social and emotional development of our students to enable them to be resilient to the 

challenges of a rapidly changing society.


A REAL TEAM EFFORT – Thanks so much ☺

We have a school that we all should be very proud of. I was proud to be part of our Prep Expo that was held last Saturday. This was an excellent opportunity to showcase what Carnegie Primary School has to offer prospective parents. A number of our Year 6 students did a great job taking tours and talking to future parents. Thank you to those staff who also sacrificed part of their Saturday to showcase our classrooms and learning spaces. The most important part of our school is it people – the students, staff and supportive families but it was also a privilege to showcase our facilities especially with all our capital works project has given us. 

A big thanks to those parents and students who supported the working bee we held on Saturday 4th May in preparation for our Expo. Those who attended topped up our sandpits, spread mulch, spruced up our veggie patch, planted trees and shrubs and constructed four large tables to complement our new oval area. It was a lovely mix of old and new faces as people chatted and worked alongside each other.



Enrolments are now being taken for 2020. Parents who are aware of friends, neighbours or relatives who have a child ready to start school in 2020, please let them know that enrolments are now being taken. As in previous years, Mrs Bentata-Grimm and I are also available to answer questions or show interested parents and students around our school.


Ms Parker is commencing leave shortly as she eagerly awaits the arrival of her baby in a few weeks. We warmly welcome back Nikki Sommerfeld (0.6) and Melinda Gledhill (0.6) to this shared role as the new Prep teachers.



Our grades 3 and 5 children are completing their national tests in reading, writing, maths and language over the next few weeks.  As indicated previously, a number of these assessments will take place on an online platform for the first time this year. We wish to congratulate students for taking this important work in their stride. They have worked very hard practising over recent weeks and we know will be doing their best each day. Whilst this is considered an important assessment tool, we must remember it is just one snapshot on a given day. Classroom teachers are undertaking a range of ongoing assessments to provide comprehensive evaluations of each student’s learning in order to inform their future teaching and to provide accurate reports to parents.



All our teachers have commenced working diligently of late, finalising the assessments of all students in order to produce both comprehensive and easy to understand individual student reports for parents.  The teachers work closely with their teams to ensure consistency in their evaluations. Reports will go home in the last week of term and interviews/three way conferences will occur early in term 3. Students who enrolled and commenced at Carnegie Primary School any time during term 2 will not receive a written report at the end of term 2. They will however participate in the interviews/three way conferences taking place in term 3.



The next Curriculum Day elected and approved by School Council is Wednesday, 29th May. Please pop it into your diaries as there will be no school for children on this day. Our Before and After Care program will be operating.



To give our students a sense of pride in their school and to enable them to be identified as students of Carnegie Primary School, the wearing of school uniform is compulsory. Our uniform colours are navy and gold and I thank families for respecting this policy. 



It is terrific to see so many children choosing to ride their bikes and scooters to school. I do ask that families write their names on bikes and scooters so they can be easily identified. There are a number that are similar brands and this makes them much easier to identify and stops any upsets.





 Linda Jones & Karen Bentata-Grimm

Parenting Ideas
by Michael Grose


Watching my own children become parents is an unexpected parenting joy.

Not in the light-hearted ‘your-turn-has-come’ way where older generations delight in watching their own children endure the same sleepless nights, naughty toddler behaviour and teenage rebelliousness that they experienced as parents.

The joy for me lies in watching my adult kids protect, teach, nurture and support their children, in the time-honored way that parents have done for generations. This work, also known as generative parenting, was outlined by American psychologists and researchers Dollahite, Hawkins and Brotherson in the 1990’s.

Also known as mother work (and father work), generative parenting refers to the instinctive activities of parents that enable the next generation to survive and thrive. These activities range from providing kids with food and shelter and other basic needs through to developing more complex skills in their kids such as working with others, adapting to change and developing the resourcefulness needed for full independence.

Like most parents my daughters want to be the best parents they can be so they both devour parenting books, attend courses when they can and join online chat groups for support and ideas.

But it’s their mother work, their instinctive work, that’s their most potent parenting force. Here’s why.

Mother work is protective 

When my eldest daughter visits our house she does a quick reconnaissance trip through each room, lifting errant blind cords and removing heavy objects, to make our house safe for her two boys to move around. The protective side is strong.

Mother work is educative

When my youngest daughter patiently explains to her exuberant young three year old that she needs to allow other children to share her toys, she is doing important teaching work. That requires super patience.

Mother work is nurturant 

The safety my daughters provide when they wrap their arms around their children when they’ve fallen and hurt themselves comes naturally to them.

Mother work is supportive

The emotional support these young women provide to their children when they’ve been upset by the thoughtless or rough behaviours of siblings and friends is often hard work. But they are up to the task.

My daughters’ mother work will continue well into their children’s teen years and beyond. The nature of the work will change with each developmental stage but the intent of the work –to nurture, protect, teach and support – will stay the same.

Men can do this work too, but they do it differently. When a mother instinctively protects she generally draws her child closer before searching out the source of fear. There’ll be lots of cuddles before she puts a nightlight on to ease a child’s fear of the dark.

When a father instinctively protects he’s more likely to eliminate the source of fear, and skill his child up to fend for themselves. He’ll prove there’s nothing to be scared of when the light goes out, and show his child how to turn on the light when needed. Both are valid approaches, and are indicative of the gender differences in child-rearing.


Hope the CPS mums had a Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday 


What's happening


Change and loss are issues that affect all of us at some stage in our lives. At Carnegie Primary School we recognise that when changes occur in families through death, separation, divorce or related circumstances, young people may benefit from learning how to manage these changes effectively. We are therefore offering a very successful education program called Seasons for Growth. This program is facilitated in small groups and is based on research that highlights the importance of social support and the need to practise new skills to cope effectively with change and loss. The program focuses on issues such as self-esteem, managing feelings, problem-solving, decision-making, effective communication and support networks.

Seasons for Growth runs for eight weeks and each weekly session is 40-45 minutes. The program concludes with a ‘Celebration’ session. Later in the year each group will have the opportunity to meet for two further sessions to build on their earlier learning.

We hope to run the Seasons for Growth program in term 3 and it will be facilitated by Jenni Spataro who has received special training in the use of this program. If you think your son or daughter would benefit from Seasons for Growth we would encourage you to talk to him/her first about this. If he/she is keen to participate could you please email Jenni at

 If there is sufficient interest in the program, an information session for parents and carers who would like their children to participate will be held later in term 2. I would strongly encourage you to attend this session to gain an insight into the value of the program.

Carnegie Primary School is pleased to be able to offer this important program and we are confident that it will be a valuable learning experience for those who request to be involved.  If you have any further questions regarding the program please do not hesitate to email Jenni at the address above.

Parent Forum on Resilience

Dr Justin Coulson is presenting a forum for parents and care givers on  resilience on June 13th at the Glen Eira City Council.  It is called '9 Ways to a Resilient Child' . Please see attached pdf for further information.



Congratulations to Trisha K from 4B who has been selected as one of forty finalists in the Bullying No Way Poster competition. This year there were over 38,000 entries from around Australia. Trisha did a fantastic job of incorporating the theme Lend a Hand into her design. The winner will be announced in Sydney next month. Good Luck, Trisha!



Prisha J  2B     Ada Twist, Scientist

Ananya   2B      Scarlet and Ivy, The Last Secret


Thank you for these great books and many happy birthday wishes from all at Carnegie Primary School.



Thursday 16th May   3.15-3.45pm

Wednesday 22nd May 8.45-9.15am

Students of the Week

May 6th, 2019

Brannan L  Prep        For always being a positive role model in the classroom and for consistently trying

                                         his personal best. Well done, Brannan!

Sattva S  Prep            For having a go in all areas of his learning and being such a good friend.

                                         Well done, Satta!

Peggy M  1                   For her excellent improvement in writing. You are an absolute star.

Freya L    1                   For showing great resilience. We love the way you bounce back.

Joshnav P  2               For your growing maturity in making excellent choices! You're a star! Keep it up!

Summer S  2               For always having a positive attitude towards all aspects of your learning and

                                         social life. You're a brilliant boss of 2B!

Lara D  3                      For showing great focus and effort in your narrative writing.

Harvey C  3                 For working so well to expand your narrative writing skills and using terrific

                                      'wow' words.

Leila I   4                      For being a consistent and motivated student. You always do your best!

Luca C   4                    For his awesome effort in using fantastic vocabulary in his recount and maintaining

                                        brilliant handwriting.

Anderson E   5          For your positive attitude towards your learning and for being kind and helping

                                        others with tasks.

Cade D    5                  For his amazing attitude  and engagement in all his learning. Keep it up Cade.

Arun S  6                     For his commitment and initiative in remembering Japanese words and researching

                                       new vocabulary outside Japanese.

Selena G   6               For demonstrating Habit #5 during Year 6 activities and events.

Literacy News

National Simultaneous Storytime

Hi, everyone,

Ms. Allan and I have some very exciting news. On the 22nd of May, our school is participating in the “National Simultaneous Storytime” event.

This means that on this day, at exactly the same time of the day, thousands of Australian students, just like us, will be stopping their normal school program to read or view the same picture story book. Each year a different story is chosen to be read.

This year we shall be reading “Alpacas with Maracas”. Last year more than a million kids participated.

It is very exciting to think that a million other people would be reading the same story with us at exactly the same time!

We will be buddying up classes to read together. The reading will start at 11:00am, so recess will begin at a later time on that day – 11.30 – 12.00 instead.

If you have a copy of “Alpacas with Maracas”, you are welcome to bring it to school on the 22nd of May. If you don’t have a copy, it’s okay. You don’t need to buy one. All classes will have access to an online version of the story.

Our teachers will have further details! Happy reading! Thank you!

Anushka Jha (CPS Literacy Captain)


Numeracy News

Numeracy News

Well done to all of the students who had a go at completing the maths questions in the last newsletter. There were many students who provided the correct answer and who had a go at using the suggested problem solving strategy friend.
This week's focus is


By making a list, Molly can see every potential combination to the problem and all possible solutions.

Problem Solving

Hi, I am Mack and I am your 2019 Numeracy captain. This week the questions are:

Junior Question (Prep-Year 2) 

Renee, Jessica, and Anjali are competing in the finals of the running race. How many different ways can they finish? 

Senior Question (Years 3-6)

Anton wants to buy a packet of lollies for 40 cents. He has 20 cent coins, 5 cent coins, and 10 cent coins. How many different ways can he pay for the packet of lollies?


Please place your entry into the calculator box at the office by the 22nd of May and include your name and grade.  

House Cross Country

House Cross Country

The House Cross Country was run on May 1st at Lord Reserve. The rain held off  long enough to run the run the event which was fantastic! Congratulations to all the winners and to Truganini House for being the best on the day. Good luck to all those competing in the District Cross Country on May 28th.


PFA News


This Saturday we are running a BBQ at school as the hall is being used as a Polling Centre for the Federal Election. It is a great opportunity to raise some money for the school so now we just need some volunteers.

You can put your name down for a 2 hour shift via this link...

And please encourage family and friends to vote at CPS and buy a 'democracy sausage' while they are there!

We will also have a coffee van and Carnegie Kinder will be running a cake stall-so all great reasons why you should vote at Carnegie PS!




Our next meeting is on Monday 27th May in the staffroom at 7.30pm


Orders are now open for new 2019/2020 Entertainment Book. You can buy the actual book or an online version. They cost $70 each and are chock full of discounts and special offers for food, travel entertainment, shopping and more! This is a school fundraiser and we receive $14 from every book sold so tell your family and friends!

For more information please contact Michelle McCurdy on

0430 288 250

To order go to:


Don't forget to mention Carnegie PS when you go to Bakers Delight Carnegie as they donate 5% of all sales directly to the school. But you must mention our school! 


Woolworths are running their Earn and Learn program again this year from May 1-June 25th. So when you're at Woolies, collect the stickers and you can put the completed sheets in the boxes at the office. There are some sticker sheets available at the office.


Leesa Needham

Ph: 0408 556 669

Aftercare News

Youth Leadership Victoria

Carnegie Primary School OSHC

Opening Hours:  Before School Care 7am-8.45am

           After School Care 3.30pm-6.30pm

Vacation Care 7am-6pm




email: /

A copy of the enrolment and booking form can be downloaded through our website on:

Prices for the Program:

Before School Care

Permanent Booking: $14

Casual Booking: $17

After School Care

Permanent Booking: $15

Casual Booking: $20





Activities for the Day Include:


Excursion to Croc’s Play Centre in Carnegie

Cost for the day is $50 with an extra cost of $10 for the excursion planned.


Total cost $60 for the day

For the day please provide morning tea/lunch & a refillable water bottle

The service will be running from 7am-6.30pm


Please advise the service if your child will be attending










Carnegie Primary Newsletter
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Parent Forum - Dr Justin Coulson 2019.pdf
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