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30 May 2019
2019 Issue 8
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Principal's Message

David Marquet, a US Navy submarine Captain, is known for taking the USS Santa Fe, a nuclear powered submarine, which had a crew ranked dead last in retention and operational standings, to not only first but also receiving the highest inspection rating score ever awarded. As impressive at this is, Marquet’s work with the crew created culture on the USS Santa Fe that allowed it to win awards and see a disproportionate number of officers and enlisted men promoted to positions of increased responsibility, including nine subsequent submarine captains well after his retirement.


Marquet says that he achieved this by putting the crew ‘in control’. In control, Marquet argues can be given to somebody when they have Competence and Clarity. What I found interesting is that Marquet not only links competence and clarity together, but also gives them interesting definitions. Competence he says is asking the question - "Can we?" and Clarity is asking the question - "Should we?" I find it fascinating that Marquet insisted that his crew understood that although they were technically capable of doing something, that they measured this against should they do something.


The ability to temper Can I?, with Should I?, is a foundational and essential skill in living in, contributing to and building a healthy community. Helping students learn to temper Can I? with Should I? is one of the things that we strive to at Bayside. So often when things get messy it is because we have failed to filter what we can do through what we should do. It sounds easy and straightforward but in reality is not. Becoming disciplined enough to take the time to decide if we should or should not do something even though we can takes time and practice for our young people. 


My hope is that as students graduate from the College they will be people who do not just have great technical abilities, and intellectual and physical capacity, but are also people who ask, Should I? Furthermore, it is my hope that the question of “Should I?” is asked from a deep understanding that what I should do is informed by God’s story. In other words, as Luke put it so long ago, it is "Not my will, but Yours be done." (Luke 22:42). In this way we can create a culture that will enable our young people to become known as leaders of not only high skill and dedication, but also integrity and compassion.


Andrew Manning


Bayside AGM

It was a pleasure to have our annual general meeting held at Settlers Run Golf and Country Club last Thursday 23 May. We shared a lovely meal together, had an opportunity to shape what Bayside will look like in the future, and heard from CEN CEO Michelle Dempsey.


The highlight of the evening was recognising the first three recipients of our new 'Lifetime Service Award'. Thank you to Christina Lomulder, Susan Hooper and Robert De Haan for your many years of faithful service to the College community.



Pray for Bayside

Please pray for our Secondary students as they prepare for upcoming exams.


Give thanks for the wonderful people, like those recognised at our recent AGM, for their years of faithful service to the College community.


Pray for our Thailand Mission Trip team, that God would prepare hearts for this experience.


Please pray for your children's teachers as they spend extra time writing reports.

From the Deputy's Desk

Purpose 3 Value - Peace

Jesus said, "My peace I leave with you; my peace I give you" (John 14:27). The Hebrew word 'Shalom' in the Bible is often translated 'peace', but this is a rather incomplete meaning. It is much more than that and includes 'peace, harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, welfare, and tranquility, and can be used idiomatically to mean both hello and goodbye' (Wikipedia definition). In fact, according to Baptist World sermon notes, 'Shalom' refers to complete restoration of the three, key human relationships of the creation narrative in Genesis – humanity’s relationship with God, with others, and with creation. It is only when these key relationships are completely restored that true Shalom can be seen and experienced. Through Christ's work on the cross, redemption is assured, and we can partner with him in the restoration of Shalom to our world. Then we can truly understand what Jesus meant when promising his peace. Shalom!


A Huge Thanks!

We are exceedingly grateful to the College community for supporting our Thailand Mission

Trip Trivia Night and Silent Auction. We thank the volunteers who helped set up and serve on the night, and we thank all those who bought tickets and bid on the silent auction items. This is a brilliant example of using our gifts to serve together. With tickets and auction sales together we raised an amazing $7195. If you have not paid for or collected your item/s, please pop into the office to take care of that.


Exam Week

Next week is exam week for Years 9-11 students. Exams are an opportunity for students to demonstrate their attention to learning across the semester. At Year 9, there are exams in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science, and a research project for Humanities under exam conditions. This gradually builds in Years 1,0 and then in Year 11, students have exams in all subjects. VCAL students will present their learning to their assessment panels.


Please ensure your children are taking the time to prepare and revise. Cramming at the last minute will not assist student stress levels. We recommend students are well-rested and arrive at school in plenty of time for home room, and to ensure all the necessary equipment is ready to take into the exams or assessment panels.


Report Writing Day

This is a reminder that next week, Friday 7 June is a Report Writing Day. Teachers will be busy writing reports, or involved in professional development to continually improve the way we approach teaching and learning. As it is adjoined to the Queen's Birthday holiday on Monday 10 June, we hope you will enjoy your mid-semester extra long weekend. Perhaps you will get to use some of the vouchers and experiences purchased in the silent auction!


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

In the Primary School, we are so blessed to have a team of Learning Support Assistants who encourage our students in so many ways. In

lower classes they may do extra work with a child on correct letter formations or in a small literacy or maths group. In more senior classes, they may help a student edit a piece of writing, lead a discussion with a small group about a book they have been reading, or doing some intensive mathematics. The class teachers and Mrs Sue Higgs work closely with the Learning Support Assistants in planning whom they work with and what they are to do. Invariably, the Learning Support Assistants find themselves stepping in to help other students as well. A quiet word of encouragement can go a long way in helping a student to focus on their work. We appreciate the contributions they make in so many different ways.


As the cooler weather is upon us, please take the opportunity to check that your child’s jumper/jacket is clearly labelled. A reminder to send a note or an email to the class teacher if your child is not wearing the correct uniform for any reason. It is also the time to make sure that children are reminded of ways to keep themselves well and also how to manage a runny nose and cough in a hygienic manner.


On Monday 17 June, all of the Primary students will be involved in an incursion titled ‘Being Brave’ by Brainstorm Productions. Being Brave is a live theatre production which will help students accept change, deal with their emotions and bounce back when things go wrong. The production is said to be inspirational and empowering, providing kids with strategies such as good communication and positive self-talk to help make them more resilient and able to navigate life’s storms. If you would like to know more about Brainstorm Productions, visit their website at


A reminder that Report Writing Day is on Friday 7 June and it is a student free day. Please pray for the teachers as they prepare student reports, and for those who are experiencing difficulties or illness. Praise God for His abundant grace.


God bless you,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

Cloud watching in Years 3/4

As part of the Years 3/4 Science unit, we have been observing different types of clouds. Clouds are such an amazing way to discover weather patterns and help us make predictions. It's also fun to make pictures from clouds!


Robotics Incursion

At Bayside we are moving forward into the future discovering better practice in so many fields. Students are constantly faced with change. One of these changes is the idea of robotics as a means of functioning. This has been recognised in educational ideology also, with the implementation of the STEM & STEAM initiatives (Science Technology Engineering (Arts) Mathematics).


For this purpose, the Primary students of Bayside were challenged by the generous nature of Belgrave Heights Christian School, who came out and introduced us to parts of their school’s robotics program. Belgrave Heights staff and community see this as an area of Christian mission and give their time and effort freely to expanding this new area of learning.


In the younger grades, students discovered input, output and actions, using Cublits and BeeBots, while Years 3/4 students programmed and played with Dash robots. In the higher grades, Robotman (Steve) and his accomplice introduced Lego robots and using Bluetooth controls. Students battled each other’s robot, sumo-style!


Students across all levels were totally engaged and expressed an eagerness to developing their robotics knowledge and skills, especially with the gift of the two Dash robots we received from our mentors.


Russell Svigos

Primary Teacher



Healesville Sanctuary

On Tuesday 28 May, Years 5/6 students went on a trip to Healesville Sanctuary. At the sanctuary 

we saw koalas, kangaroos, dingoes and some birds. We went out in groups to explore the sanctuary. The main highlight of the day was the trip to the kangaroo enclosure.


Overall I think everyone enjoyed the trip.

Surfing and Bayside

Archy Wallace in Year 5 is an enthusiastic student who loves being outdoors. 


Most afternoons (if the surf's up) you'll find him carving it up on the ocean beaches. He loves his surfing and he's quite good at it too! 

Archy is currently competing in the Woolworths Victoria Junior Surfing Title Series (under 14 boys). In addition to this, he recently picked up a mini sponsorship with Quiksilver for his hard work and excellent results. 


The Bayside community cheers, supports and celebrates Archy's achievements with him and his family. Keep up the hard work and enjoy catching those gnarly waves.


Congratulations Archy!

National Simultaneous Storytime

'National Simultaneous Storytime' was celebrated in the Library by Prep and Years 1/2 students on Wednesday 22 May.

NSS is an annual event organised by the Australian Library and Information Association to promote reading together.


This year the book chosen was 'Alpacas with Maracas' by Matt Cosgrove. Our students enjoyed the appearance of some 'special guest' alpaca puppets who helped tell the story. At the end of the session, the students had fun shaking their own maracas, made from plastic bottles, along with some Mexican music. The Library has never been so noisy!


Jennie Champion

Library Coordinator


Police visit our Preps

On Friday 24 May, the students in Prep T and

Prep/1A enjoyed a visit from Sergeant Tomlinson. As part of the incursion, the students learned about the role of a police officer and how the police help to keep us safe. A highlight was being able to sit inside the police car!


Thank you very much to Sergeant Tomlinson for coming to visit. 


Jennie Taylor

Prep Teacher

District Cross Country

Friday 24 May was the day that many students in our Primary School will remember for a very long time.


It was raining, muddy, and keeping warm was a real struggle. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm of those students representing Bayside at District Cross Country was evident by all and the results showed.

Well done to all students who competed and gave it their best effort. Bayside won our division overall, a prestigious award that reflects the hard work of those students who have been running and putting in the training.


Special mention to those students who qualified through to Divisional Cross Country which is to be held at Hastings Foreshore on 5 June.


Zacc Klan

Primary PE Teacher

Ashton Scholastic Book Club

Next orders for the Ashton Scholastic Book Club are due back at school by 11 June - straight after the long weekend.

Across the College

2020 Bayside Christian College Production

Now that the final curtain has closed on the 2019 production of Beauty & the Beast Jr, Bayside Christian College is proud to announce that the 2020 production will be . . .

Show dates will be Wednesday 20 - Friday 22 May 2020.


Auditions will commence Sept/Oct 2019. 

Year 10 Basketball Rally Day


On 16 May 16 we had our Year 10 girls

basketball rally day in Cardinia. We played four games, winning three to get to the grand final. We were down by four in the grand final with three minutes to go but managed to take the win by three points. We all had a good day and worked well as a team. 


Jess & Eloise - Year 10



The Year 10 boys had a beaut inter school

basketball competition today. It was great getting out there with the boys and we just had a ripper time. Sadly, the boys couldn’t get the ‘Dub’ (the win) but we worked hard as a team and enjoyed the day. We ended up taking out the bronze medal match. So I guess there’s always next year!


Will - Year 10 boys Captain

Pythagoras' Theorem

Students from Year 10 Maths have just completed a unit of Pythagoras’ Theorem and Trigonometry, which has them finding the side lengths and angles of right-angled triangles. This year students did work focusing on real-life examples rather than just triangles with numbers on them. To this end, they were

required to write their own examples with a worded question that described their scenario in enough detail that somebody else could draw the diagram and solve the problem (e.g. not relying on their diagram to explain the situation, but on their description). The questions from students were varied in their complexity, with some intriguing ideas about heights of basketball rings (13.7m) and the size of bathroom doors (over 24m)!


Some of the students’ questions were then used to compile the test (with a few necessary

modifications by their teacher). Although this test had no foundation level questions, with all the questions being higher order thinking questions, students still performed better than their averages for the previous assessments. It seems this may be accredited to the fact that they had a deeper understanding through having to write their own questions.


Paul Mathews

Maths Teacher



Chess Club - Monday morning Community Group

I need to get this off my chess-t: chess club is here and this is your chance to check-ers it out.

In a somewhat relaxing environment, people may come to battle it out metaphorically if they feel board on a Monday morning.


While the unskilled player has a chance to learn the game and advance their skills, like a pawn who reaches the other side of the board.

It’s a fun environment where all are welcome and all can participate, and like the players in the club, can improve as the year progresses.


Chris Ashcroft

Chess Club - Community Group Leader




Open Days

Secondary students are encouraged to think about getting along to some university and TAFE Open Days. These days provide a great opportunity for exploring options for future study and work. While many are held in August, some others are coming up sooner. Why not have a look through the list and get some dates into your calendar?


Work Experience

A reminder that Work Experience forms are due back this week, by Friday 31 May. Work Experience week runs in the last week of term, between 24 and 28 June. Students having trouble arranging a placement or getting their paperwork complete should contact Ms Dawson ASAP. 


On Tuesday 21 May, our Year 10 students, along with Years 11 & 12 VCAL, attended the FMPLLEN Jobs & Careers Expo at Chisholm TAFE's Frankston campus. Students were able to browse a range of expo stalls showcasing work and study options for their final years of school and beyond. Many left with bags full of course guides and brochures, along with a few other goodies!


University, TAFE, apprenticeship and industry providers were represented, and students were also able to gets some hands-on experience 'trying a trade'. Bayside Christian College ran its own stall showcasing the VET programs that will run at our Trades Skills Centre in 2020: our Cert II in Kitchen Operations and Cert II in Agriculture. 


A highlight was hearing from the trainers at VFA Learning just how much they love having Bayside Christian College students involved in their SBAT programs, such as Early Childhood Education and Fitness. This is a credit to not only our students, but to their parents and teachers as well!

History in Year 10

The young history scholars of Bayside Christian College have been studying appeasement. We (the teachers of 10A and 10B) hope that students will learn that appeasement has its value - dishes can be put away, and tedious arguments allayed on a daily basis to allow families to flourish. Conversely (like us - the humble teachers of 10A and 10B), appeasement has its limitations. In the years before WWII, many signs were available to people that the worst was yet to come. Pastor Martin Niemoller perhaps suggested the flaws of a policy of appeasement in relation to Nazi Germany:


First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out - because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me - and there was no one left to speak for me.


By studying History we are challenged not just to see the people of the past as alien or immoral, but to see them as people; as us at a different time. In our lives today we can strive to speak not for ourselves, but for others. We take strength in the understanding that Christ himself will speak for us before the Lord.


Sam Waldron

Secondary teacher


Years 11/12 Happenings

Dealing with Challenges

As we head towards exams for our VCE students, and assessment panels for our VCAL students, life can become a little tense as students work through varying levels of stress. At these times, it can be tempting for us as adults to want to step in and save them from stress or unhappiness.


Teaching our young people to work through the challenges in front of them is one of the most useful tools we can give them. As we build their confidence in their ability to overcome obstacles, we build their resilience, which will ensure their capacity to work through the tough times and crises that life will surely bring.


2 Corinthians 4:8-9 reminds us that “We have troubles all around us, but we are not defeated. We do not know what to do, but we do not give up the hope of living. We are persecuted, but God does not leave us. We are hurt sometimes, but we are not destroyed.”


Jesus reminds us that “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). We are not promised a life without challenges, but as we trust in our awesome God, and live in community with each other, we are able to work though these challenges effectively.


Can I encourage us all, when our children come to us with concerns, to help them to work through these. Ask them questions such as:

  • What have you already done to work through this?

  • What is it you are actually worried about?

  • What are some strategies you can put in place?

  • What are the positives in this situation?

  • What can you learn through this?

  • What will the benefits be of working through this?


Most importantly, remind them of God’s promises that He will always be with them and that He has good plans and purposes for them as they place their trust in Him. Please also encourage students to come and speak with their teachers who are more than happy to support them in developing effective strategies.


Exam timetables and GAT information have been emailed to families last week, and students have received this in their weekly bulletin. Please ensure that students sign in and out at the main office each day. A reminder that the GAT is on Wednesday 12 June, and that students will need to be in home group at North Campus.

Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11/12 Coordinator

A word from our Captains

Recently we have been blessed with an abundance of rain here at Bayside. The Years

11 & 12 students have been getting saturated as they attended subjects on the opposite campus. Luckily the teachers have blessed us with trendy blue raincoats to keep us dry when crossing the road, whilst ensuring we stay at the peak of fashion.


The Vetamorphus students at Bayside spent a week in the city growing closer with God and learning how to assist and participate in God's mission in the local and broader community.


It's coming up to peak assessment time, and although times might be getting stressful, we would love to encourage you to look to God and keep using your “God-given gifts and abilities” the best you can.


We had our school photo day last Tuesday (everyone looked amazing) and it was great to see all the students proudly wearing the Bayside uniform. The VCE students, studying 3-4 subjects, have just enjoyed their practice GAT in preparation for the GAT, which is a standardised test for the entire VCE cohort to regulate results. Being prepared for this test is incredibly important and we wish you all the best of luck.


We pray for any assessments coming up this week, that we would all not be stressed and be able to perform to the best of our abilities; we also pray that everyone has a great week.


Ellen Bond & Matthew Dumicich

College Captains

Parents of Anxious Children


The first line of this week's 'Parenting Ideas' newsletter really jumped out at me:
'If you're the parent of an anxious child you're most certainly not alone.'
In my (almost) 25 years of teaching, this is something I have seen rise drastically... and yes, it happens in all types of families! We love and nurture our kids but anxiety is still increasing.

This short article has six tips on helping your child manage anxiety:

  • explain anxiety
  • respond with empathy
  • show the amygdala (brain) they're safe
  • practise mindfulness
  • diffuse sticky thoughts
  • get the fundamentals right (food, sleep, exercise).


(You'll need to subscribe - it's easy and worthwhile!)
Remember if you are struggling with this issue, please reach out for help. 
Rachelle Cooper
Teacher & Mum
Philippians 4.13 'I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.'

English is puzzling

Our Year 11 students have been engrossed in solving puzzles to learn persuasive techniques in English.


Subject in Focus


Unit 1 Psychology students have had their first taste of first-hand research conducting assessments with some students from school. They have been investigating Piaget's theory, making comparisons in problem solving, abstract thinking and idealism between Year 7 students and Year 12. The students enjoyed being 'psychologists' for the sessions, and were surprised at how much preparation goes into conducting this kind of scientific research.

Top Arts

Years 11 & 12 Studio Art, Product Design Technology, Visual Communication Design and

Media students went to view exemplar folios at the TOP ARTS exhibition. Showcasing a range of works from 2018, students were able to become inspired and gain an understanding of the efforts required to produce a top folio. 


Joel Kong

Media & VCD Teacher

Thankful to Others

Matthew Dumicich led Senior Assembly with a

message on the importance of, and our reliance on other people in our lives. He reminded us that we need to be thankful to them. He read to a very attentive audience of staff and students his childhood favourite story book, "The Cat in the Hat" by Dr Seuss, as an illustration to his message.


Peter Bakker

Secondary Teacher

Life Skills Week

During Life Skills Week (11 -13 June), senior Secondary students will be participating in the following activities:

  • Fit to Drive (Year 11)

  • Emotional Intelligence (Year 11)

  • Look after your mates - VicRoads (Year 12)

  • Stress Management (Year 12)

  • How to Vote - Electoral Commission (Year 12)

  • GAT (Units 3/4 VCE)

  • Ace your Exams - Elevate Education (Year 11 & 12 VCE)

  • VTAC Applications (including SEAS & Scholarships)

Army Cadets Recruiting



School Photos

On Thursday 30 May, the photographers returned to Bayside to take photos of students who were absent on the actual Photo Day (Tuesday 21 May). All parents of absentee students were sent an email with the option of having these photos taken.


Now that Photo Day is complete you will still have 14 days to logon and choose your photos. Early next week, I will receive a list of the logon codes so if you have misplaced yours, I will be able to give this to you next week.


School photo orders will be delivered to the College early next term.


Hilary Mahoney

School Photo Coordinator

Click here for details

2020 & 2021 Enrolments

We are now accepting enrolment applications for all year levels for 2020 and 2021. Waiting lists already apply to some year levels for 2020.


Applications for Prep 2020 and Year 7 2021, including for siblings, should be lodged as soon as possible to ensure that a place is available. We have already commenced Year 7 2021 enrolment interviews, with places filling fast.


Current ELC4 students are guaranteed an ongoing enrolment at the College - you do not need to lodge a separate Prep application form but do need to confirm your ongoing enrolment.


The deadline for ELC 2020 applications is 30 June 2019, including for siblings. Late applications may be considered after all on-time applications, and subject to the availability of remaining places.


For all application forms and enquiries, please contact College Registrar, Mrs Julie Rebbeck, via email or call 5971 6709.

Music Showcase Evening

Put the date in your diary!


Each Semester College students who have instrumental lessons at Bayside get together to perform.


Primary Music Showcase

Wednesday 19 June 6:30 - 9:00pm

Secondary Music Showcase

Thursday 20 June 6:30 - 9:00pm 


Both will be amazing nights of talent at Bayside Christian College!






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