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03 May 2019
Term 2 Week 1/2 2019
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Dates to Remember
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Staff Spotlight


Dates to Remember


Friday, 3rd May

Administrative Professionals Day

School Fees Due

Primary Cross Country @ NWS

MFC Clinic Years 4-6 9-1pm NWS


Monday, 6th May

SEISS Years 11/12 Basketball


7th - 10th May

Year 9 Survivor Camp


Wednesday, 8th May

ASV Primary Cross Country


Friday, 10th May

Mother's Day Community Walk & Morning Tea (OCP)

Bus Fees Due

SSV District Cross Country (10-12 years or Years 3-6)

MFC Clinic Years 4-6 9-1pm NWS


13th - 17th May

Year 6 Canberra Trip


Monday, 13th May

Mother's Day Community Walk & Morning Tea (NWS)

ELC Prep Transition Evening


14th - 17th May



Thursday, 16th May

SEISS Year 10 Basketball


Friday, 17th May 

 MFC Clinic Years 4-6 9-1pm NWS


Thursday, 23rd May

SEISS Cross Country Carnival


27th - 30th May 

Year 12 Exams


Tuesday, 28th May

Year 6 Transition Information Evening (OCS)


Wednesday, 29th May

SEISS Year 9 Basketball


Friday, 31st May

Report Writing Day

Student Free Day


Thursday, 6th June

School Photos


Monday, 10th June

Queen's Birthday


11th - 14th June

Years 10/11 Exams


Wednesday, 12th June

Year 12 GAT


Friday, 14th June

Multicultural Day OC


17th - 28th June

Year 10 Work Experience


17th - 21st June

NWS Numeracy Week


18th 20th June

Casey Tech School Visit


Thursday, 20th June

SEISS Year 8 Basketball


Friday, 21st June 

Start Smart Numeracy Incursion (NWS)


24th - 28th June

OCP Numeracy Week


Tuesday, 25th June

SEISS Year 7 Basketball


Wednesday, 26th June

Start Smart Numeracy Incursion (OCP)


Friday, 28th June

Last Day Term 2

Finish 12:50pm

General Information

Canteen Menu Term 2


Woolworths Earn and Learn


Official Opening of the OC MPC

With the recent announcement by the Prime Minister of the forthcoming election, the Australian Government is in a ‘caretaker role’ and decisions are not taken, or advice given, that would bind an incoming government and limit its freedom of action.


Within this context we have been advised that the recognition ceremony for the MPC at Officer will be delayed until the result of the election is known.


Thank you.

Parent Feedback

Do you receive the Heritage College newsletter each week? We would like to hear from you.


We would like to know how you think we can improve. What do you read? What would you like to see more of? Who would you like to hear more from? What needs to go, what can we include? What format is the best for you? 


Let us know your thoughts by emailing feedback@heritagecollege.vic.edu.au.

PB4L Value Awards

Term 1 Week 10 Secondary

Year 11 - Ammon for Service


Week 2

Year 1/2NV - Yashen

Prep DH - Zachary

Year 1W - Jonathan OO for Resilience and Eddy for Excellence 

Year 2K - Evie

Year 3MC - Ebissa

Year 5W - Kaitlyn

Year 6E - Jason

PB4L Report
Week 1

My first year of teaching I was placed at a small NSW country school. I still remember how everyone in town knew straight away that I was the new teacher at the local SDA school. Church members would come up to my shopping trolley and see what I was putting in it and they would comment on how many hours they saw my car parked outside the school. All eyes were on me to see whether I would succeed? How was I showing Excellence? What were their expectations and was I living up to it?

It's probably still happening now at Heritage but being a larger community I don’t find out about it. Most of us teachers have experienced the younger students being shocked when they see you at the shopping centre as some believe we live at school!


The PB4L team, together with SRC have started to work on the staff matrix and we would like your opinion too. What is your expectation of staff when it comes to displaying excellence? If you would like to have a say please fill out this short anonymous survey.  




Mrs Isabelle Millien

Internal PB4L Coach

NAPLAN is coming!

Week 4 of this term sparks the beginning of NAPLAN throughout Australia for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.  NAPLAN (National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy) is a series of tests that focus on the types of skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life.  They cover skills in reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and numeracy.


These tests are administered annually by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) and will occur during school hours on Tuesday 14th May - Thursday 16th May.


NAPLAN has been known to strike fear and anxiety into the hearts of parents and students alike.  Please know that this test is just a snapshot of learning on a particular day at a particular time and does not assess or depict everything that makes your child great.  Mary Ginley (1998 Massachusetts Teacher of the Year), in her 1999 letter to her students for the upcoming MCAS (the American equivalent of NAPLAN), put it best when she wrote:


“Dear Students,

Next week you will sit the [NAPLAN] tests. Before you take these tests, there is something very important for you to know:

The test does not assess all of what makes you exceptional or unique.

The people who score these tests do not know that you can play the violin or paint a picture. They do not know that you take care of your little brother after school, that your friends can count on you or that your laughter can brighten the dreariest days.

They do not know that you write poetry, wonder about space and the solar system, and know that you are caring, thoughtful and try everyday to do your best.

They do not know that you built a shed with your mum and dad or grew vegetables in a garden last summer. They never saw the Integrated Studies project you did last year. They do not know you at all. But we who know you — your mums and dads, your grandparents and teachers, your neighbours and friends — love you and are proud of all you are.

The scores you get from this test will tell you how you did on that day, but they will not tell you everything. They can’t tell you that you have improved on something that you once found difficult or how amazingly special and unique you are.”


So come to school ready to do your best in the NAPLAN tests and with keenness to show the great learning you have achieved, but remember that there is no ‘one way’ to test all of the wonderful things that make you, YOU!


May God bless you all and provide peace and wisdom during your upcoming NAPLAN tests.



The Staff and Teachers at Heritage College


(Note: This has been adapted from Mary Ginley’s original letter in 1999 and St Paul’s Primary School in Gracemere.)


In August/September you will receive your child’s NAPLAN results. If you have any concerns, you should speak to your child’s teacher, as they know your child’s learning best.


For more information about NAPLAN, including fact sheets, FAQs and examples of tests, please visit the NAP website: http://www.nap.edu.au/.

Digital Technology Bytes
Week 1

iParent Chatterbox Series: Episode 1


Selfies and Someone-Elsies


“The first episode of the Chatterbox series explores some of the risky behaviours young people can engage in while online and offers tips on how to manage some of the most common parenting challenges in the online world.” (esafety.gov.au)


Mrs Naomi Moss

Curriculum Coordinator

Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic Book Club Issue 3, 2019 catalogues are here and have been distributed to students. 


All cash orders need to be in latest by May 14th, 2019.  Don't forget you can order and pay with your credit card online through the LOOP system. Just follow the instructions on the order form. To celebrate reading, Scholastic have special offers available to parents who order via LOOP.  Any queries can be directed to Penny Tan at p.tan@heritagecollege.com.au



From Narre Warren South

Mathematical Tea Party!

During the last week of last term, I had the best tea party every!  It's the only tea party I've been to and the only one I've been invited to.  Anyway, what I was saying...


It was time to go into class.


  • The first group went to cook the cupcakes
  • The rest of the class had a really fun Spelling Bee.
  • After recess, we came back inside and some people and I, who hadn't had a turn, got to put icing on the cupcakes with jelly beans on top.  The next group made table cloths and the 4th group made cordial.

Then we had our Mathematical Tea Party!  We invited Mr A, Mrs Capon, Mrs Moss and Ms Robertson.


By Loretta

Year 4

NWS Campus Construction Zone

Children have discovered a new play space on campus. It is amazing to see their creativity take over as planks, posts and rope are utilised in numerous ways. Feel free to drop by and see some of our children's amazing creations during the week, but remember, Friday is 'Demolition Day', where all materials are returned to the rack and a blank canvas is made ready for the new week.

Mr Nigel Eales

Space Organiser

Chapel NWS

Once again the band was in fine form, leading out in our worship time of praise. Do you recognise the new faces and instruments who have joined our team?


Thank you Pr Lagi for sharing about Daniel and how he wouldn’t be pressured in to rejecting God, but staying true to his beliefs.

Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

Short Story Competition

Independent Schools Victoria held a short story competition during Term 1 inviting all young writers to be as creative as they can and write an imaginative short story, up to 1500 words, on a theme of their choice. The competition is open to all Victorian students from all school sectors. I encouraged three of my students to enter as the entry date was during school holidays.  


Allegra entered 'The Midnight Cat' a story that all students started in class trying to apply the 7 Steps of writing,  and it has been selected to feature on the Short Story Dispenser at the Arts Learning Festival. Congratulations to Allegra as only 40 stories were selected, out of more than 350 entries, so it is quite an achievement.


The Short Story Dispenser will be available for use on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, at the Atrium at Federation Square. People can select a one, three or five-minute story by pushing a button, with the story chosen at random. You can find out more about the dispenser here.


Think of all the people who may read Allegra's story right around the world. If you get a chance to visit please do and let us know if you get to read The Midnight Cat.


Mrs Isabelle Millien

Year 3MC Teacher

From the Secondary Campus

Needed for the Secondary Art Room

The Secondary Art Room is in need of newspapers and plastic bottle caps (rinsed) from drink containers of any kind.  We would love to receive any bottle caps in ziplock bags making them easy to collect.


Thank you in advance for your donations.


Mrs Sharlene Stratford

Art Teacher

From the Library

Mrs Kylie-Ann Martin & Mrs Ruramayi Stewart

From the Officer Primary Campus

Welcome to Term 2 Information

We are very excited to be starting Term 2 at OCP with our new playground and MPC ready for use. Listed below are some key dates and information to help the transition to Term 2 be a smooth one for your family. Thank you for making a note of the dates and information that apply to your child/ren.


Uniform Term 2:

Please note the change in Sport Uniform days below:

  • Full Winter Uniform - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

  • Sport Uniform -  Tuesday and Friday

  • Prep students wear Sport Uniform every day

Traffic Light Lunch Boxes:

  • Recess: fruit, vegetables, salad, yogurt or cheese & crackers (or other ‘green’ foods)

  • Lunch: sandwich, wrap, roll (or other savoury)

  • Water Bottle: labelled with child’s name

Thank you for continuing to provide healthy snacks and lunches for your child. We see a huge difference in their concentration and ability to learn when they have “brain food”.


Events & Special Days in Term 2:

(Reminders will be sent home closer to the dates)

  • 3rd May Primary Cross Country Carnival at Heritage College NWS Campus

  • 7th May Year 6 Transition to Secondary School Information Evening

  • 10th May Mother’s Day Chapel, Morning Tea and Community Walk at OCP

  • 13th May Transition to Prep Information Evening for any 2020 Prospective Preps

  • 13-17th May Year 6 Canberra Trip

  • 6th June School Photos

  • 14th June OC Multicultural Dress Up, Picnic and Parade

  • 24-28th June OCP Numeracy Week

  • 26th June Commonwealth Bank “Start Smart” Incursion at OCP

  • 28th June Last Day of Term 2. Please note a 12:50pm finish time.

Student Free Days

  • 31st May Student Free Day - Report Writing for Teachers

  • 10th June Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

As usual, we will send home flyers and reminders as each event gets closer. Please contact us if you have any questions in relation to these events.

From the Library

Mrs Kylie-Ann Martin & Mrs Ruramayi Stewart

New Playground at OCP

If the excited squeals of laughter and beaming smiles are anything to go by, it would seem the new playground at the Officer Campus is a huge hit!


After watching eagerly throughout its construction, the children were today abuzz with excitement as they swung, jumped, balanced and slid their way across the bright purple and green addition to our campus landscape.


Bouncing on the spot, some children could barely contain themselves as they eagerly awaited their turn to climb the spiders web, wobble their way along the balance beams and skilfully swing like monkeys along the bars.


“It was super-dooper fun!” remarked prep student Bontu, while Galataya from grade two exclaimed that she would, “Play on it for a thousand, billion years!” Children from prep to grade two described the new addition as ‘fun’, ‘excellent’ and ‘thrilling’!   


The teacher’s at OCP feel that it is, “A very dynamic playground that gives children an opportunity to develop gross motor skills, social skills and young imaginations in a safe and fun way.”


We look forward to this playground bringing smiles and excitement to children and grown ups alike for many years to come.

Mrs Fiona Spence

Community Engagement Officer

From the ELC

Step Into Prep


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