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30 May 2019
Issue Seven
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Principal's Report

Dear Families,

Today I braved the cold during recess to walk outside and observe the students interacting with each other. Some like to talk, others joining in creative play and many to participate in sporting activities.

I immediately noticed the new basketball rings being used by a number of students that seemed to ease congestion.

However, what I noticed above all else was the way the students were using the equipment without any adult intervention. All three rings had students lining up patiently but excitedly. They were politely taking turns, encouraging each other and collecting misplaced balls.

The students knew how to work cooperatively to make it an enjoyable experience for all.

When I was at school the students sat in individual desks and were generally discouraged from talking or working together.

Today we recognise that students learn from each other as well as from the teacher (and self-discovery). Our furniture is desgined for students to work together and be comfortable. Furniture on its own does not lead to collaboration and requires strategies to be  taught. Being a Catholic school, the students are immersed in a culture where the sacred rights of each person is to be respected.

At Galilee, we are aiming to develop the strategies for lifelong learners. It is wonderful to see the strategies taught in classrooms being transferred to other settings.

School Closure Day

As stated previously, tomorrow is a school closure day for students. This will allow our whole staff along with Trinity, Richmond to participate in a full day of Professional Learning together. Our focus for the day will be the Berry Street Educational Model.

PE change

Year 6F need to wear their Sport Uniform next Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Year 2C need to wear their Sport Uniform next Tuesday.

Building News

Above is confirmation by the State Education Minister that $5 million has been allocated for Galilee's building project. 

Community Conversations Term 2

We would like to invite you to a Community Conversations to hear your thoughts on Galilee in a scope of areas.


In Term 4 2018, there were a number of suggestions made by parents on how to make our great school greater. Those who attended that meeting are strongly encouraged to come as well as any other parents in the school that is interested in these actions. It is an opportunity to share the ideas from 2018 and also the course of actions that we have already taken as a result of the meeting. 


This will be an informal conversation with the main purpose of sharing responses from the last meeting and seeing where we are heading with other actions that are being put in place for 2019.


Having our parent’s input is important so please join us on Monday 3rd June from 9-10am in the Hall for a morning tea and discussion.


Please RSVP your attendance on the Caremonkey request.

School Captains' Report

Being Late To School

Being late to school has a big impact on Galilee. At Galilee, over 40 people are usually late each day. This isn’t very good because when someone late comes into the class everyone can get distracted. One student said that people coming in late distracts her from her work ethic. This is sometimes disruptive in a classroom. Sometimes, a class might have to wait for a person who came late to finish their work. This is not helping the students learning time who come at the right time. Learning time for a specific area (e.g Writing, Maths or Spelling) is limited with all the things we do here, this in general, is not helping anyone. Sometimes people might have an appointment or they have a flat tire on their car. These reasons are okay because you were held back because of an important reason. 


Achievements And Stories Of The Students.                   

The Confident Girls Foundation

Bridget S in 6B is doing a fundraiser for the ‘Confident Girls Foundation’. The ‘Confident Girls Foundation’ raises money for girls that aren’t as lucky as us across Australia. Each week in Bridget’s netball game some of her family members are going to donate $1 for each goal she scores. In two games Bridget has raised $115! Bridget’s goal is to raise at least $150. If you would like to donate to the Confident Girls Foundation press the link below:, you can then scroll down to find Bridget Slattery. After, click on her and select the amount that you would like to donate. It does not have to just be for Bridget’s goals that she scores, anyone can just make a donation no matter what the size for this wonderful charity. Below you will see where the money that you donate goes:


$20- provides netball equipment and learning materials.

$50- supports the attendance of one girl at a mentoring and leadership program.

$100- helps a girl to participate in an empowerment program.

$200- provides a visiting mentor to discuss; perseverance, determination and achieving your dreams.

$250- provides a community clinic for 10 girls.

Thanks for helping Bridget to support vulnerable girls across Australia!


Tivona D in 6F participated on the 18th and 19th of May, at the Bendigo Piano Eisteddfod, unfortunately it was her birthday on the 19th but it was a good opportunity to perform in front of people. She competed in five competitions and came second in 'songs from musicals/movies,' she played Hedwig's Theme from the Harry Potter movies. Additionally, she came first in 'Quick Study Solo' where she had to play a piece that the adjudicator chose and had two weeks to 'study' it, the piece was called For Children Volume 2 Sz. 42 by Bela Bartok. Tivona has worked very hard for this achievement and has done an amazing job!

Straw-Free School Idea

By Violet Sive and Grace

Hi Parents,

We have had an idea about becoming a straw-free school. We have printed out sheets that your children’s class SRC have brought to your classroom to collect data about how many straws Galilee uses in a year. We are aiming to become a straw-free school if this idea works out we will try to move on to other bad plastic resources such as plastic wrap.


We hope it will all work out because we have done some research about how plastic hurts sea turtles and almost all types of sea turtles are endangerd. With your help we can help the planet and hopefully stop pollution.

Student Led Conferences

On Monday 24 and Wednesday 26 June, Student Led Conferences will be held. Both parent/s and student attend the conference on one afternoon. An email will be sent out with instructions on how to book your conference time and date soon. Please note students will finish school at 1.40pm on Monday 24th June. The conferences are for 15 minutes (5 minutes for Reports and 10 minutes for Student Led conversations).

MONDAY 24 Conferences held from 2pm-7pm, students finish school at 1.40pm

WEDNESDAY 26 Conferences held 2pm-5pm, students finish normal 3.25pm

Big Breakfast


Thankyou to Maria who invited myself and Miss Carnovale to the Big Breakfast held at the South Melbourne Market in front of her store, Pieno Grazia. We supported a worthy cause and established greater links with the market that may lead to learning visits by our students.

Battle of the Bands


Congratulations to the DOGS who participated recently in Battle of The Bands, finishing fourth. Also, to our mums who sang an Acknowledgement of Country. It was a wonderful community event with a large amount of Galilee parents in attendance.

Eucharist Reflection Day


Last Friday our Year 4 students participated in a wonderful Eucharist Reflection Day. Thank you to all of the staff and parents who assisted with Fr Dean.

Basketball Rings

Thank you to Miss Burke who has ordered new sports equipment for the students to utilise during recess and lunch times. Today we have seen new portable basketball rings on the main playground and in Learning Street together with soccer goals. The students are enjoying the equipment in a respectful and sharing manner. It has also eased congestion on the Basketball Court as students are spread over the school playing basketball.

2018 Annual Report

Principal’s Report

Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School is an outstanding school that provides a high quality of education for our students evidenced by a number of achievements in 2018. We have a group of highly dedicated and caring staff who are committed to the students and developing our Catholic ethos. We are truly fortunate to work with such a wonderful cohort of students who demonstrate a care of each other and willingness to learn. Their enthusiasm and respectful behaviour are a credit to themselves and their families. Our parents are involved in many ways and contribute daily to the school with their time and skills. Parental involvement is expected and appreciated at Galilee. There is a real and active partnership between our parents and the school and I would like to commend them on all for what they have done over this past year. We pride ourselves on our close connections within the school and our local area.

Our school motto, In Christ we Live, Love and Learn continues to capture our vision of preparing our students to be lifelong learners that are ready to embrace the future and be tomorrow’s leaders. We look forward to continuing to deliver a high quality Catholic education to our families. We have a strong ethos, great staff, supportive community and fantastic students.

In 2018, Galilee implemented the first year of our School Improvement Plan following an external Review in 2017. We have continued to work very hard to ensure ongoing improvement through various new initiatives. A very high priority has been the implementation of Learning Framework in Number and Daily 5 in English. While we provide a broad and diverse curriculum, we have a strong emphasis on: English, Mathematics, Religious Education, Student Wellbeing and The Arts.

New Major Events

Our students have a broad interest in Performing Arts and in 2018 we introduced a highly professional musical, led by Miss Carmen Carnovale. We chose The Lion King Junior and it show-cased the talents of our students, dedication of staff and involvement of parents.

We held a Sustainability Market that involved the whole school and the local community. Importantly it provided a purpose and action from the students’ learning. It was superbly led by the Community Partnership/STEM leaders: Miss Brighid Fahy and Miss Holly Evans.

Despite the opening of a new school nearby with another to follow in 2019, we had a large increase in applications hoping to attend Prep at Galilee in 2019. As a result, we made the decision to enrol three Prep classes providing a Catholic education for more students.

The Building Sub-Committee (SEB) has worked hard to prepare two Masterplans for a potential building project at Galilee. Thanks to their planning, we were able to secure a pledge of $5 million from both major parties leading into the State Election, the largest ever given to a Victorian Catholic Primary School. In 2019, we are hoping to receive the money and begin work that will provide state-of-the-art facilities for our school community.

Other notable initiatives were: Daily 5 and Learning Framework in Number which led to significant growth in our students’ learning. Both focused on explicit teaching and scaffolding of learning. We also held a Community Conversation with parents to gather their views on current practice and the future direction of our school. These ideas formed major parts of our 2019 Annual Action Plan.

Excerpt from External Reviewer’s Report

Late in 2017, an external reviewer visited Galilee as part of a four-year cycle and below is an excerpt from her Report:

In 2016, there was a change in the school's leadership with the appointment of a new principal.  This triggered a substantial shift in the school's operations, with immediate attention paid to improving the school's organisational health and community engagement.  The review finds that the school’s new directions place it in a strong position to deliver improved outcomes across all spheres.  There has been a redefining of vision which is creating a greater sense of cohesion, underpinned by high expectations, empowerment of leaders and a clear focus on school improvement.

A new model of shared leadership is enhancing conditions to enable data, research and evidence to ensure maximum progress and growth in each student’s learning.  Staff and parent  input into the review  emphasised the significance of the new leadership, which is transparent, consultative, courageous, compassionate and consistent.

It is clear that the school’s leadership now has the capacity to build an expert and coherent school-wide teaching team, characterised by continuous professional improvement, instructional leadership and shared responsibility for student learning and success.  


School Improvement Surveys are conducted across Australia and Galilee achieved results predominately in the top 25% which is a significant improvement on previous years. See the remainder of this report for further elaborations.

Congratulation to our School Captains, Agnes & Liam, who led with courage and a strong sense of our Catholic beliefs. Both were outstanding role models.

Thank you to the Staff Leadership Team who in collaboration with all staff, introduced a number of successful initiatives. The team has been driven by school improvement with a strong focus upon the students.

In 2018, the Galilee Parents Association (newly named in 2019) raised an unprecedented amount of $40000 and begun the practice of year levels taking responsibility for events to increase their involvement. I thank all members, particularly the following: Chair-Annalise Woolley, Secretary-Emma Keating, Treasurer-Maureen Wetzell, Vice-Chair & Family Liaison-Jess Conway. They gave generously of their time to facilitate a number of events such as the Trivia Night and Mother’s Day Luncheon.  The Dads of Galilee (DOGs) had another successful year highlighted by a sold-out camp to Queenscliff. Over the past three years, Paul Mapley has led the formation and organisation of the DOGs. Paul has made a generous and significant contribution to our school. In 2019, James McGann has taken over this role and I have full confidence in his ability.

The School Education Board (SEB) had a very successful year and I congratulate them for their many achievements. Donna McMaster completed her term as Chairperson and I would like to acknowledge her significant impact. Donna empowered others and during her term, we saw a dramatic increase in parental involvement across the school. She also personally contributed to: changes to school uniform, becoming a feeder school to STAR of the Sea and the Building Committee work that resulted in two Masterplans and a $5 million pledge from both major parties. I thank Donna and the SEB for their contribution. In 2019, Michelle McCormack will be the new Chairperson and I have full confidence in her ability to continue our successes.

Mrs Amy Burns took Maternity Leave for the birth of her son, Archie. I acknowledge the outstanding work she achieved, particularly in Leadership, Mathematics and Religious Education. Mr Martello took over this role (while continuing to teach Digital Technology and Italian) and adapted quickly to the demands of the role. He worked collaboratively to provide supportive and innovative leadership. Mrs Gerecke continued to lead with compassion, intelligence and generosity. I thank all of the Deputies for their support, hard work and expertise. In 2019, Mrs Gerecke will focus on Learning & Teaching and Mr Martello, on Student Wellbeing.

We are fortunate to have such wonderful Canonical Administrators (Parish Priests) in Fr Hugh Brown and Fr Dean Mathieson. They both give generously of their time.


For the full report, open the following link or go the school website:


Simon Millar (Principal)

Education in Faith

Sacrament of First Eucharist

Most of the Year 4 students attending Galilee are continuing to be involved in lessons and activities to prepare to receive their First Eucharist either at school, at home and at church. The students attending the preparation classes at OLMC will be receiving the sacrament this Saturday evening at 6:00pm. We wish them and their families God's very best! Please continue to keep these students in your prayers.

A prayer for our First Eucharist candidates

"May your First Communion celebrate your friendship with Jesus.

As you grow in this friendship may your words be gentle and your touch be kind.

May you hear whispers of Love in your heart each day.

May you have fun in discovering God hidden everywhere!

And, may you remember to thank God often for the gift of life." 

Eucharist Reflection Day

On Friday May 24th, the students at Galilee attended a Eucharist Reflection Day at school organised by their teachers and Father Dean in preparation for receiving this sacrament for the first time. They completed a series of rotations which included the signs and symbols used in the Mass, the parts of The Mass, the Liturgy of the Word, the Liturgy of the Eucharist, the responses and how the students receive Holy Communion-and that was only in Father Dean's section! Phew! 

With Mr. Coaley and Miss Hall, the students studied the parable of the Good Samaritan and how to live Eucharistically. With Miss Carnovale and our parent helper, Tajana De Stoop, the students baked scones in the staffroom making links between the Last Supper and sharing a meal. With Mrs. Rochecouste, the Year 4 students studied Luke 9 where Jesus fed the 5000. The students explored how Jesus fed them with a miracle and how he feeds us with His Word, His love and that Jesus is the Bread of Life. The students contributed to the creation of a poster in the school hall.

After lunch Father Dean led benediction and adoration and the students spent quality time in the church quietly praying and reflecting. Many students elected to go to Reconciliation during this time. Then we came back to school to eat our homemade scones, YUM!

Overall the Eucharist Reflection Day was enjoyed by all! I'd sincerely like to thank the Year 4 students for their participation and preparation. I'd also like to thank Mr. Coaley, Miss Hall and Miss Carnovale for all they did to make the day a resounding success. I'd especially like to thank Father Dean for being with us the entire day as was Tajana de Stoop. Their generosity of time, commitment and kindness in much appreciated by us all!


First Eucharist preparations

Please note the following details for Eucharist preparation at Sts PP:

Saturday June 1st-Eucharist Preparation Day-11:30-7pm

Sunday June 23rd-10:00am-Sacrament of First Eucharist-10:00am-Sacrament of First Eucharist


Please note the following details for Eucharist preparation at OLMC:

Saturday June 1st-6:00pm-Sacrament of First Eucharist

Feast Day of Sts Peter and Paul

30 June - Whole School family Mass to celebrate the Feast day of Sts. PP @ 10:00am

We would like to invite the whole Galilee school community to celebrate this Mass. We'd love to see you there.

Laudato Si

Further to the students' studies in Religious Education and STEM this term, many of the grades have been exploring what Pope Francis says about 'Caring for our Common Home' in his encyclical titled 'Laudato Si.' You might like to watch the short video with your family in the link below from CAFOD-Catholic Agency for Overseas Development: 'Laudato Si animation for children'

What are your thoughts? Do you know if any other major world religions have similar beliefs? You might like to compare the Catholic beliefs of 'Caring for our Common Home' with those of our Australian indigenous people.

Below is a link to a song composed by a Catholic singer/songwriter Andrew Chinn, thanking God for 'Our Common Home' and all God created.

Andrew Chinn-Thank you God!


Learning and Teaching

2019 Sustainabiloty Market

After a successful Market last year, we are again hosting our Sustainability Market on Thursday 20th June from 3:25-4:30pm. This is a wonderful opportunity to engage in your child's learning and see what sustainable products you can buy. The whole school focus for Term 2 has been sustainability. Products are being brainstormed and made in classes at the moment and there is a great buzz around the school about how we can become more sustainable. A CareMonkey will be sent out asking for parent helpers. Money raised from the Market will contribute to the ever growing garden's around Galilee. We can't wait to see lots of families there!


English Night

On Wednesday 19th June from 6-7pm we will be holding an English night in the school hall for parents and children. We will be looking at our reading and spelling programs at Galilee and giving some tips and strategies about how you can best support your child with their learning at home.

Please bring your child along and you can both take part in some reading and spelling activities on the night. If you are interested please confirm that you will be attending via CareMonkey.


Year 6 News

Debate Club

The Year Six students have been attending Debate Club with Mrs Ferguson and Miss Biggs over the last few weeks. We have been learning about the 3 M’s: Matter, Method and Manner. We will be competing in two competitions this year.  


Matter refers to your arguments. A good way to think about Matter is to consider how you write text responses. A text response, like a speech, has an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.


Method is the structure and timing of your speech. There are two elements to Method in debating, Internal Method and Team Method. Internal Method is the way your own speech is structured. Every speech should have a recognisable beginning (introduction), middle and end (conclusion). Team Method is the way your speech fits into the team’s ideas as a whole. Ideally, each team members speech should be consistent with each other, but with different and distinct arguments.


In debating the key is to persuade the adjudicators, audience and other team. Manner incorporates the way in which you deliver your speech. Manner includes everything that goes towards the presentation of your speech such as, use of voice, body language, use of notes, eye contact, humour, volume and pace.


On the 21st of June we will be competing in a debate championship that will be hosted by Galilee. The Hall, the Library, Parent Room and the Year Six classrooms will be used to hold what we hope will be some fantastic debates, so if you can and would like to, please come along and show your support! In Term Three, we will be sending another Year Six team to represent Galilee in a second Debate Championship that will be held in Elsternwick.


The debate team will meet every Wednesday at lunchtime to practice the skills we need to become great debaters - confidence, proof and passion!

By Amelia and Ioanna 


Interschool Sports 2019

Most Fridays of Term 2, the Year 5’s and 6’s get to play football and netball  against other schools in the Dendy District. We have won the games we have played so far but our opponents have been fierce. Mrs Ferguson is the Year 6 footy coach and Miss Biggs is the Year 6 netball coach.


The quarters are about 7 minutes long for both football and netball. For football the positions we play are: forward, back and midfield, ruck rover, rover and ruck. There is also a bench where we switch people off so they can rest. In netball there are 7 positions, GS, GA, C, WA, WD, GD and GK.


Thank you to Mrs Ferguson, Miss Biggs, Mr Tobin and Miss Bland for managing football and netball this year for the Grade 5’s and 6’s.

By Angus and Alex. S



In Year 6 for Reading we have been learning to leave evidence of our thinking when we are reading a text to help our comprehension. A few ways we can leave evidence of our thinking is by asking questions while we read or writing notes if we can relate to a sentence or paragraph in the text.


We have also been learning about information reports. A few things we have learnt is how to structure the report, you can only write facts not opinions and about how to use  subheadings. As a year level, we have been making an information report about all cats. We made a fact tree before writing the report, where we have been refining our researching skills to find accurate information.

By Emily S.



In Year 6, we have been looking at probability in maths. We have a new rotation, when we are split into 3 groups. We usually start our rotation with a game of Greedy Pig. This is a game where one person rolls a dice and you record the number in your book. You can choose to sit down or keep standing up. Before the game begins, we choose a target number and if that number is rolled while you are standing, you are out! We continue the game until we have a winner (or until it has just taken to long and we are bored or the teachers hand is tired from rolling the dice about 50 times).


We have learnt that there are different types of events in probability, either independent or dependent. If it is an event independent, the probability of something happening always stays the same. If it a dependent event, the probability of an event occurring changes after every event. For example, an independent event is when you roll a 6-sided dice. The probability of a number being rolled is ⅙. This does not change no matter how many rolls occur.  An example of a dependent event is when you have 2 blue marbles, 3 green marbles, and 5 yellow marbles in a bag. When you randomly select a coloured marble, the chances of getting a blue are 2/10, the chances of getting a green are 3/10 and the chances of getting a yellow are 5/10. If a blue is picked, all of the other colours chances of getting picked has changed. The yellow is now 5/9, the green is now 3/9 and the blue is now 1/9. The probability of these events occurring has now changed, therefore, it is a dependent event.

By Jaxson S.

First Aid in Schools

First Aid for all students.

On Friday 7th June, every student at Galilee from Year Prep to Six will be involved in a first aid training course through St John’s Ambulance. 


The sessions will be run by St John’s volunteers and is funded through St John First Aid Training, First Aid Kits and Defibrillators. The proceeds from their paid services and products is funnelled into delivering community programs to build resilience and capacity.



Emphasis is on how to recognise an emergency situation and how to call “000” through a relatable storyline.


Year 1/2:

Emphasis is on how to recognise an emergency situation and how to call for assistance

DRS of the DRSABCD Action Plan


Year 3/4: 

Emphasis is on how to recognise someone is unconscious and how to maintain a clear airway

DRSAB of the DRSABCD Action Plan

Practical: Recovery Position


Year 5/6:

Emphasis is on how to recognise someone is unconscious and not breathing

DRSABC of the DRSABCD Action Plan

Practical: Recovery Position and CPR


I trust this will be a beneficial program for all students.


Miss Carmen Carnovale

Community Partnerships and Marketing Leader

Galilee Music Soiree

Our Galilee Music Soiree for Semester One 2019 is on Wednesday 12th June from 5.00pm - 8.00pm in the school hall. 


Students from our violin, voice, drums, guitar and piano/keyboard lessons will be performing pieces that they have learnt over the semester. 


We have Mamma Van food truck with food available for purchase on the night from 4.30pm - 7.30pm. 

We hope you can join us for an evening of musical delights from our buddying musicians. 


Miss Carmen Carnovale 

Galilee Extra Curricular Music Program Coordinator

Dendy Cross Country Reports

On the 17th of March 2019, Galilee went to Clayton to compete with other schools in a 2km race.

The track was bumpy with lots of hills it was a tough race because there were lots of other really fast runners.

After the race I was really puffed I improved my run by 15 places which i was proud of overall i came 16th.

By Finn 



We arrived at Bald Hill Park ready for Dendy Cross Country. Everyone was nervous but ready for their races. I waited patiently before my race. As I heard my age group being called out on the microphone, I was ready to go. The 11s girls all lined up at the starting line and were pumped to get started. At the Galilee cross country I started off with a sprint and ran out of energy, but this time I paced myself and kept a good speed. There were approximately 100 kids in my race so I thought I would do pretty well.


“BANG!” The race had started. Everyone started off all in a muddle, but then we all spread out. During the race, when I was running, I was so out of breath that it felt like my whole body was going to collapse into a mountain of slime. Half way through the race I gave up and was exhausted. Then I pushed myself through it and kept on going. I might have stopped a few times and didn’t make it to beachside but I’m still very proud of the position that I came in. I still came in the top 50 which is the main thing. The thing I’m most looking forward to is training to do better next time.

Thank you for listening.

By Chelsea 



On Friday the 17th of May, some of the Year 3 to 6s went to Bald Hill Park for the Dendy Cross Country. We had to be at school by 8:10am and then at 8:30am we got on the bus to leave. It took about 40 -50 minutes. When we got to Bald Hill Park we set up, then before we knew it the 9/10 girls were off. There were 6 races, the 9/10 girls and then the boys, followed by the 11 girls and boys. Finally the 12/13 girls and boys. Everyone was nervous but very excited. The top eight people from each race get to go to Beachside Cross Country and the top twenty got certificates. In each race there was around 170 people, including Galilee.


When I started my race I was so nervous. I could feel my heart quickening in my chest and it only increased when the whistle got blown. That’s when all of the 12/13 girls ran off. The crowd was cheering for everyone and that gave people a boost of energy, the schools we were against were very hard competitors, not just in my race but every race. All the schools had incredibly good runners, that had great stamina. In my race, three girls from Galilee got certificates, Bridget got 10th, Siena got 12th and Summer got 17th which is great.


Everyone did fantastically and four of our runners got medals, Oliver O’Carroll who came second in the 9/10 boys, Oliver Glavanic who came third in the 9/10 boys, Dylan Leonard came first in the 12/13 boys and then behind him was Jordan Zou with second place for the 12/13 boys. Angus McCormack finished 7th in the 11 boys so he is also going to  Beachside. Laura Siez got a certificate as she came 12thIt was a really fun day and everyone enjoyed it. Overall Galilee came in fourth place against 9 other schools.


Thank you to Miss Biggs, Mr Ambrosic, Mr Coaley, Miss Bland, Miss Hall and Miss Mason for taking us to the event. Also a big thanks to Mr Tobin for helping organise the day and all of the parents who came and cheered us on. We all really appreciate it and it was a great day!

By Bridget S, Ali, Ioanna 



Dylan: As I walked up to the starting line my heart was beating faster and faster but it made me feel better when I saw all my friends lining up next to me. All of a sudden I heard “can the top ten from every school please come up to the second starting line”. So every student in the race that went to Galilee went up to the starting line because we only had 8 competing. Next I heard ‘take your marks, then he blew the whistle” and we were off. I fast jogged up the hill and kept the same pace for 2km. Everything was going perfect until “ow”. I just got a stitch with only seven hundred metres left. I had a bit of a lead but not enough to slow jog the rest so I motivated myself to keep on going and sure enough I did.


Jordan: I was walking up to the starting line to join the other Galilee students. My heart was beating faster and faster and then the marshall blew the whistle! I got a good start but then I slipped but I made a quick recovery and stayed third for most of the race but the guy in front of me took a wrong turn and I sped up to get ahead of the pack. I only saw Dylan in front of me, then I looked back and saw people gaining on me and I sped up until I felt like I couldn’t run any further. I saw the finish line. I looked back and saw the whole pack behind me and I got scared I was going to placed third so I sprinted to the finish and beat the guy behind me by an arms length. I was proud of myself for this achievement!

     Wellbeing &

National Consistent Collection of Data

Schools must now complete the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD) every year. It counts the number of students who receive additional adjustments or “help” at school because of a disability. The NCCD helps governments plan for the needs of students with disability.


In the NCCD the word ‘disability’ comes from the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA). There are four types of disability that the school can choose from: sensory, cognitive, social-emotional and physical.

Many students that need help at school can be counted in the NCCD. For example, students with learning problems, e.g. specific learning disability or reading difficulty (sometimes called dyslexia), health problems (e.g. epilepsy or diabetes), physical disability (e.g. cerebral palsy), vision/hearing loss and social-emotional problems (e.g. selective mutism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, anxiety).

For more information, please read the attached document.

Why is it important for your child to arrive at school on time?

There are many benefits your child will gain from arriving on time to school and class.

Did you know?

  • The likelihood of success in learning is strongly linked to strong participation in school programs which is linked to arriving on time.
  • It is very important for children to develop habits of arriving on time at an early age, beginning from the time they start school.

Some gains for your child.

Arriving on time for school and class:

  • Makes sure that your child doesn’t miss out on the important learning activities that happen early in the day when they are most alert.
  • Early morning learning activity is often reading or writing your child can lose so many opportunities to learn these critical life skills.
  • Helps your child to learn about routines and commitment.
  • Gives your child time to greet their friends before class and this can reduce the possibility of disruptions in the classroom.
  • Class disruption can make your child feel uncomfortable and can upset other children. Arriving on time every day makes children feel good about themselves.

Are these some reasons why your child does not get to school on time?

  • Your child won’t go to bed at night or get out of bed in the morning. 
  • Your child can’t find their clothes, books, homework, school bag….
  • The school lunches are not ready. 
  • Homework’s not done.
  • Your child is slow to eat breakfast. 
  • Your child is watching TV late at night or when they should be getting ready for school. 
  • It’s your child’s or someone else’s birthday.
  • There is a test or presentation at school today.
  • Your child is screaming or not letting go of you.

Things to try.

Here are some suggestions based on setting regular routines:

  • Have a set time to go to bed.
  • Have a set time to be out of bed.
  • Have uniform and school bag ready the night before.
  • Make lunches the night before.
  • Have set time for starting and ending breakfast.
  • Set a time each day for homework. Try straight after school with the TV off so your child can relax for the rest of the night and have a reward when finished.
  • Turn the TV on for set times and only if appropriate.
  • Be firm that children must go to school.
  • Give your child lots of positive encouragement and acknowledge they are organised and get to school on time.
  • Be firm; a birthday does not equal a holiday.
  • On arrival look for some of your child’s friends and encourage your child to go and play with their friends.
  • Once settled leave quickly.



School News & Information

Lost Rings

We currently have 2 lost rings in the office. If you've recently lost a ring and think one or both could be yours, please see Tegan or Wendy at reception.

Community Partnerships

Parish Bookshop Support

In 2019, we are looking to strengthen Galilee’s relationship with our parishes and our community. 


The program that we, at Galilee, have decided to assist in for 2019 is the Friar’s Bookshop that is held at St Peter and Paul’s. All books are donated to the bookshop and 100% of all profits support the outreach work of the Capuchin Friars and the work done around the parish.


This year we will be coordinating volunteers for the bookshop with the assistance of our year level representatives.


Each month, two nominated year levels will be asked to provide volunteers for a few hours to assist with the Friar’s Bookshop on a Sunday. *Please note that children are welcomed and encouraged to assist, however, they must be supervised by an adult at all times.


You will get an email from your year level representative with further information for your year level.


We hope that through volunteering with the bookshop, we strengthen our relationship our parishes and our local community. By doing this we are providing a living example to our children that in order to assist our community we must engage with those around us. 


We can always do more than just give money and food, we can be a living and breathing example of what Jesus taught us – to love one another and live out our school motto to live, love and learn.


We thank you in advance for giving up your time to volunteer and hope you find it a rewarding and purposeful time.


If you have any questions or any other suggestions of how we can be involved in our Parishes please email Carmen Carnovale at [email protected] 


Many thanks.


Galilee and Albert Park Golf Course Community Partnership

Galilee are very excited to be forming a community partnership with Albert Park Golf Course.


Through this partnership we hope that Galilee and APGC can collaborate on in-house golf clinics with trained staff for all year levels as well as providing a fantastic facility for Galilee students to have excursions and potentially Community Sport in the future.


Albert Park Golf Course will be building a mini gold course dedicated to children. Their aims are to:

  • Bring golf to children and give them an opportunity to learn golf
  • Offer children one more option as a hobby
  • Make a contribution to childrens’ fitness and wellbeing.


They are having a naming competition for each one of the 18 holes for the new mini gold course. Albert Park Golf Course hope with this competition it will:

  • Allow children to use their imagination freely
  • Give children a chance to express their thoughts and feelings through the brief story with their submission
  • Help children develop an awareness of community involvement.


I have attached the competition flyer. We encourage all students to submit a name. 


We are looking forward to how this new community partnership will strengthen the community’s awareness about Galilee, but also, our awareness about the facilities and community centres in our area.


If you have any suggestions or contacts that you feel may be a good-fit community partner for Galilee, please contact Carmen Carnovale at [email protected]


Happy golf-hole naming and good luck!


Miss Carmen Carnovale

Community Partnerships and Marketing Leader


Galilee Parents Association (GPA) News

Annual Fundraiser - Galilee Trivia Night - Saturday 27th July - SAVE THE DATE!



A huge thank you to the businesses who have so generously signed up to sponsor our Annual Fundraiser.   We look forward to promoting your business!  It is not too late to be a sponsor, please see the attached letter or contact Rebecca Giorgilli on 0439 331 164 or at [email protected] or Annalise Woolley on 0411 166 473 or at [email protected] for further details.  Sponsorships will be accepted until Monday 3 June which is the cut off so we can have all sponsors on the advertising boards.



Live Auction:  WE are still in need of Major auction items.  In the past we have had a dinner party donated by a chef, holidays, a surfboard, a signed print by an artist, a designer jacket and more.  If you have an idea let us know!


Silent Auction: We have started collecting donations for the silent auction.  You may personally be able to make a donation of a voucher or item for the live or silent auctions.  Or do you frequent a business that you could ask for a donation?  If you know of a business that may be able to donate please email or print out and take the donation letter to them.



Thank you to our Year 2 reps, Jess Brown and Malaya Toll, and Year 4 class reps, Deb Butcher and Helen Di Natale, who led the team of parents who generously volunteered their time to prepare for and run the junior and senior discos.  Over 200 children attended the evening and a fun time was had by all.


A huge thank you to the staff who also gave up their time to attend and help out our parent volunteers.


A shout out to the DJ for coming along on the evening.  If anyone is ever in need of a DJ for a birthday party please contact DJ Hutto at [email protected].


Stay in Touch 

Follow the Committee Events on Facebook at

Email ideas and questions to the committee at [email protected]

Parents Battle of the Bands

A packed Prince Bandroom last Thursday witnessed the Parents Battle of the Bands.  This was Galilee’s first time participating and what an experience it was.  The night started with Galilee mum’s Meegan Jia-good & Kate McMahon doing an acapella Welcome to Country song.  What followed was huge, the choruses, the singalongs, the ‘80s and ‘90s heyday revival, the over driven guitars and pounding of the drums created a crowd atmosphere of encouragement for all schools and camaraderie between bands backstage.  The night was also a rare chance to socialise with other local schools.  Congratulations to St Kilda Park Primary School for winning… but parents getting the opportunity to be rock stars for a night and raise money for their children’s school… win/win.  Already looking forward to next year’s event.


School Education Board

From the Chair of the Education Board


Dear Families,

Your School Education Board is here to support the staff and students of Galilee by providing advice on education matters relating to the school.  This includes the development of the school and the education and welfare of students.


The Board comprises of up to nine Parent/Guardian members, the School Principal, Deputy Principals and Parish Priests, by invitation.    Whilst your Board meets 10 times per year, in which the primary focus is on education and welfare advisory issues, the members are also fully committed to a number of projects including the Building Development Plan, Uniform Reviews, Policy Development, Communications Strategies, Strategic Marketing and local Grants submissions.  The Board members have also supported staff in a number of other welfare deliverables such as the newly purchased community-registered defibrillator. 


Membership of the School Education Board is both a unique privilege and a valuable opportunity – one in which we represent the Parent community direct to the School’s Executive Leadership Team.  It is wonderful that I can report on a collegiate and trusted team between the Executive members and the Parent members. 


In addition to Board roles, there are a number of opportunities for Parents/Carers to support many of the Board’s endeavours.  I am pleased to advise that we already have excellent support from the wider parent community for the Building Committee and Uniform Review team.  We are, however, now inviting expressions of interest for any Parents or Carers who may wish to be involved in our Marketing and Grant submission teams.


Our Parent Board members have children across the entire school community, from Prep to Year 6.  Feel free to come and have a chat and find out more!


Warm regards,

Michelle McCormack


GRCPS Education Board


  • Athena Romic (Peter, Nikolas and Paul, Year 1) - Secretary
  • Cameron Sinclair (Cody 6F) – Deputy Chair
  • Irene Wilson (Grace, Year 2)
  • Jennifer Robinson (Sammy & Sophie, Year 1)
  • Bernard Mandile (Silvana, Year 4)
  • Deb Butcher (Eliza Doyle 4)
  • David Gloag (Annabelle, Year 3 and Max, Year Prep)
  • Darren Catherall (Aiden, Year 4)
  • Michelle McCormack (Angus, Year 6 and Liam, Year 3)
  • Simon Millar
  • Danielle Gerecke
  • Carlo Martello


GOSH - TheirCare

This week we have "Born to be a star" theme: during GOSH children have numerous opportunities to show their talents in different ways! Millie, Isabella, Zoe, Jessica, Imogen and others took part in a competition organised by TheirCare Head office (making the head office's wall design), on Tuesday we've created masks and children were testing the new basketball ring, on Wednesday we've made our own puzzles. 


Dear parents, don't forget that GOSH will operate on Friday, 31.05, between 7am- 6 pm, please provide your children morning snack and lunch.

Book now for tomorrow at


Key Dates & Info

Break Times

First Break - 11.00-11.40am

Second Break 1.50-2.30pm

It is preferred students leaving early are collected at the beginning or end of these breaks to minimise disruptions to classes.

Term Start/End Dates

Term 2  Tuesday April 23 - Friday June 28, 1.40pm

Term 3  Monday July  15 - Friday September 20, 1.40pm

Term 4  Monday October 7 - Tuesday December 17, 1.40pm

Term 2 





Sat 1 - OLMC Sacrament of Eucharist 6pm

Mon 3 - Community Conversation 9am

Tue 4 - SEB Meeting

Mon 10 - Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Tue 11 - Book Club Issue 4 due today

Wed 12 - Soirée-drums, vocals, keyboard, violin, guitar 5-8pm

Thur 20 - Sustainability Market 3.25-4.30pm

Sun 23 - Sacrament of Eucharist - SPP 10am

Mon 24 - Student Led Conferences 2-7pm

Wed 26 - Student Led Conferences 2-5pm

Fri 28 - End of Term 2, 1.40pm

School Closure Days

May 31

November 4

November 29

Sacrament Dates

June 1 - OLMC Sacrament of Eucharist, 6pm

June 23 - Sacrament of Eucharist - SPP 10am

November 23 - Confirmation OLMC, 6pm

November 24 - Confirmation SPP, 10am

Assembly Presentation

Wednesdays 2.40pm

June 5 - 2C

June 12 - Year 1

June 19 - Physical Education

June 26 - Performing Arts

2019 Camp Calendar

November 7-8, Year 3 Zoo Camp

November 14-15, Year 3 Zoo Camp

Lunch Orders

Available to order Mondays and Fridays only


Medical Consent Form

Please use this form if your child needs to take any temporary medication at school (antibiotics/eye drops/ventolin/creams or lotions etc.).


School Uniform

Please read the policy below if you are unsure of the correct wearing of the Uniform. Students who are in incorrect shoes, with a note, must only be for a maximum of one week. Correct shoes are to be worn till the end of the school year (it is not acceptable to be in incorrect shoes to save purchasing of new shoes towards the end of the school year).

The wind breaker should ONLY be worn with the Sport Uniform OR over the jumper if extra warmth is required.

Boys should be wearing the striped navy blue sock (they are for Winter).

Galilee Uniform Policy:


PSW Uniform: 1/128 Bertie Street, Port Melbourne 9768 0385

Second Hand Uniform @ Galilee

Open: Friday morning 8.50-9.10am

Located in Prep Building

Donations of clean/well cared for uniform happily accepted.

Galilee Out of School Hours (GOSH)

To register and book for your child to attend before or after school care, please do so via this link:

Local Connections

1st book and collector's case free from Bridport St Newsagency when you buy the Sunday Herald Sun on 9th June, 2019. Books 2-15 available for $2.80 each when you buy the Herald Sun or Sunday Herald Sun from 10th June, 2019



Galilee Newsletter
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Offical Donation Letter 2019 .pdf
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