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26 May 2017
Issue Eight
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Principal News

Hail Mary

Full of Grace

The Lord is with Thee

Blessed art Thou among women

And Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus


Dear Parents, Students and Friends,

Marian Feast day was held on Wednesday 24 May, coinciding with the celebration of the feast of Mary Help of Christians. It is important for us to align our feast day with one of the many feast days of Mary is May 24 as both of our founders, the Sisters of Mercy and the Marist Brothers, have a particular affinity with Mary. This resonates in our own College Vision statement where we strive to embrace ‘Mary’s way of courageous acceptance’ to ‘fulfil Christ’s promise of ‘The Way, The Truth and The Life’.

At our Marian Feast Day Mass we had many special guests who came to share the occasion.  We were able to welcome back a number of past teachers for our celebration. We treasure the connection we still have with past educators who have helped to shape the wonderful school community that is thriving today. We were also blessed to share our Mass with representatives from the Sisters of Mercy, Sr Theresa Foley and Sr Trish Johnson. The continued involvement of our founding orders is so valuable to staff and students, providing opportunities for authentic connection with our heritage and mission.

Our Mass, the greatest prayer of the Catholic Church, was celebrated by Fr Christian and beautifully organised by Liturgy Coordinator, Mrs Aventi. Our Mass was also enhanced by the choir and musicians, who were once again guided by Mr Segrave.

Following our Mass, we started a new tradition at Marian Catholic College where our staff were acknowledged for their years of service. Staff , received a certificate, for the milestones of 5, 10, 15 and 20 years of service. This was a very special moment for the Marian family and each group of recipients were celebrated with heartfelt applause. These dedicated teachers are the foundation and strength of the Marian community and we are proud of their contribution to making this school such a wonderful and dynamic learning environment.

Our College community continued to celebrate the Marian Feast day throughout the afternoon in festival style with a range of fun activities and delicious food, including hamburgers made by Helen Panarello and prepared by our Year 12 leaders.

This week, our College community also held a Stage 6 Science professional development opportunity for teachers across the region from Catholic, Independent and Government schools. The workshops were facilitated by Patricia Stockbridge, a leading expert in the area of Science Education. Patricia has worked with NESA (New South Wales Education Standards Authority) consulting on the new syllabuses and currently works as a teacher at PLC Croydon and a Science Education lecturer at Sydney University.

 We were fortunate to receive a visit by Adrian Piccoli on Monday who took the time to speak with our teachers about the new syllabuses that are to be released for Year 11 students in 2018. Parents of Year 10 students should take the time to read the ‘Parent Guide for the New Syllabuses’ by clicking on the link below. More information relating to the changes will be given early next term before Year 10 students commence their subject selection process.

Our College community finished our full week with a Zumba party to raise money for Chris Brugger, a member of our local community who has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This was a great opportunity for us to release some endorphins, whilst also raising some much needed funds.  MCC raised over $300 today.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Peace and Best Wishes


Christie Scoble

Acting Principal






Calendar and Canteen





Director of Pastoral Care

It has been an eventful fortnight here at the College (as always) with plenty of things happening. In our busy schedules it is easy to oversee some of the small miracles that occur daily in our Marian Community. With this in mind, and in relation to our Academic Pastoral Care and its element of ‘Positive Mind Growth’, it felt appropriate to introduce a dedicated section of the newsletter to positive and active stories of personal witness. To shine a light on some of the small miracles and remind us all of what makes our Marian Community so great. For now, I would like to introduce this as: The Marian Way.


I would like to introduce this segment with the story of two Year 11 students – Gemma Clancy and Laura Royal who ‘tackled’ the trash of Scenic Hill. Their story featured prominently through the Area News this week who anointed them as the “Queens of the hill’ for their charitable efforts. A section of the article reads:

The pair took matters into their own hands, literally. 

They spent their Thursday afternoon picking up rubbish, filling an incredible 13 garbage bags, 

“We just hope that the community can see the difference when you wish to (not) toss your rubbish in a bin, as it doesn't only affect us but the whole environment and community,” Gemma said.

Gemma, the community has noticed and here at Marian Catholic College we are extremely proud of two of our students showing such discipleship and leading a path for others to follow. It is a shining example of our motto ‘The way, The truth and The life’ where these students have shown us ‘The way’.

To read the whole article please follow the link below.

Congratulations Gemma and Laura for your outstanding efforts. You have been a fine example of the Marian way.

If you are aware of students or staff that you believe deserve a mention in this segment please let us at the College know. You can send your example to [email protected].



Also another positive feature of this week was our presentation of the Australian Catholic Youth Festival that is being held in Sydney in December. Mr Moore and myself, presented to Year 10 and 11 an opportunity to attend and represent the College with us. We were looking for expressions of interest and the response has been outstanding. It has proven that the faith of our students is active and alive. More information will be provided to those who submitted their interest in the days to come.


In other news, I have spent some time recently in the mornings and afternoons monitoring the College student/parent carpark. It was an absolute joy to be up there in the mornings and being able to greet and welcome the students to the start of their schooling day. However, I did witness some areas of concern in the way it is being used currently. In particular, in the afternoons with drivers entering the carpark through the exit lanes and going against the flow of traffic. It is clear that the carpark is extremely busy at 3:25 and we will be discussing signage and better direction in future leadership meetings. In the meantime, can we please request to either pick up your son/daughter at a later time and allow traffic to subside or simply take care and exercise patience to ensure the safety of all. There will be more to come on this matter and if you do have any suggestions and/or further concerns please feel free to contact me on the email above.

In the next newsletter I will be aiming to update you all on the progress of our Academic Pastoral Care program and also more news on the wellbeing front. Until then best wishes from the Pastoral Team.

Kind Regards


Heath Neville

Director of Pastoral (Acting)

Pastoral Care

"Raising the Roof" with Ar'e



Junior HSIE has been very busy this term, with guest speakers, collaboration in the Marramarra and the creation of authentic ancient world models. 

Mr Jatan's and Mr Munro's Yr 8 Geography classes were been lucky enough to host a guest speaker, Sr Theresa, who spoke about her time living in an AIDS affected village in Africa. Her presentation included many photographs of the community, including the children she worked with and has assisted in completing their schooling and enter university. Her first hand account moved many of our students, and brought to life the realities of living in an underprivileged community. 


Year 9 has spent many lessons this term working in the Marramarra on their Australian's at War assessment task. This was a task that encouraged students to be self directed in their learning, whilst also allowing students the opportunity for peer to peer learning and fast feedback from several teachers throughout the duration of the task.

Year 10 has also spent time in the Marramarra working on their Pop Culture group assessment. The standard of work completed by all students has been amazing. Innovation, critical thinking, problem solving and collaborative learning have been demonstrated by all students, who have worked tirelessly to present their tasks to an exceptional standard. Our students have truly enjoyed this task, as it has allowed them to follow their passion and be creative.

Finally, Year 7 have been busy researching, creating and presenting an artifact from Ancient Egypt or China. These models are currently on display in the Library and are a testament to the learning that is occurring within our Junior classes.

Parish Chaplain


Oh Holy Spirit, You are the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity. You are the Spirit of truth, love and holiness, proceeding from the Father and the Son, and equal to Them in all things. I adore You and love You with all my heart. Teach me to know and to seek God, by whom and for whom I was created. Fill my heart with a holy fear and a great love for Him. Give me compunction and patience, and do not let me fall into sin. 
Increase faith, hope and charity in me and bring forth in me all the virtues proper to my state of life. 
Make me a faithful follower of Jesus, an obedient child of the Church and a help to my neighbour. Give me the grace to keep the commandments and to receive the sacraments worthily. Raise me to holiness in the state of life to which You have called me, and at the end lead me through a happy death to everlasting life. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

God Bless

Fr Christian


On Friday 19th May, Mrs Savage's Yr 12 PDHPE welcomed a special guest into their classroom to discuss ways of Improving Performance through training programs.

Joany Badenhorst is an Australian Paralympian who was selected to compete in Para-Snowboard Cross at the 2014 Winter Paralympics in Sochi. Joany is also an ex student of MCC. It was a wonderful opportunity for Joany to share her knowledge and expertise training and competition schedules. 




On Tuesday 16 May, 6 teams ranging from Yr 7-10 attended the NSW Netball Schools Cup held in Griffith at Jubilee Oval. Teams in attendance were Griffith High, Wade High, Hillston and West Wyalong. All teams played outstanding and displayed wonderful teamwork and sportsmanship whilst having a great time.

Two teams from MCC have progressed to the Riverina Finals to be held in Wagga Wagga in August, these 2 teams are 7/8 Girls Gold (winning 7 out of 7 games) and 7/8 Boys.

The following results were:

7/8 Girls Gold- 1st
7/8 Girls Maroon- 3rd
7/8 Boys -2nd
9/10 Girls Maroon- 4th
9/10 Girls Gold- 6th
9/10 Boys- 3rd

A Big Thankyou to Jacinta Simpson, Miss Croft and Lisa Quinn for helping to umpire all day, Kellie Kelly for scoring and the wonderful support from many parents on the day.

Renae Savage, Tonetta Iannelli, Brittany Croft and Gabrielle Mc Mahon




Year 10 students enjoyed the Skittles activity as part of their lesson on Probability and Venn Diagram. They recorded the probability of each colour as a fraction, decimal and percentage and finally complete a Venn Diagram and a two way table from their results.


This activity is a very stimulating and engaging tool to improve certain mathematical skills, spatial vision and of course, mathematical thinking.



Maths Coordinator


Year 8 News

NSW Rural Fire Service Secondary Schools Cadet Program

Year 8 Students participating in The NSW Rural Fire Service Secondary Schools Cadet Program.


College News 

Justice Matters Camp

What is the price of human dignity?


On Wednesday of Week 4 myself along with twelve Year 10 students embarked on a journey to discover the price of human dignity in 2017. Our journey would take us to Warrambui in Murrumbateman NSW.


Under the nurturing leadership of Luke Tobin from Catholic Mission and Jane Plum from the CSO, students from across the diocese and a small number from Hennessy Catholic College Young developed their understanding of human dignity across several hard hitting topics that challenged and engaged them. The core concept of the camp was for the students to return to their communities and encourage their schools to take up the challenge of championing one of the causes covered in the camp. Some of the topics covered included inter-faith dialogue, human trafficking and the current struggle for refugees in our Nation’s detention Centers. The camp was also a time for students to form bonds with students from other schools in the diocese (and out of it). A particular social highlight was the trivia competition on the second night of the camp where students broken into teams had to navigate a particularly tough set of questions developed by Sydney Morning Herald quiz master Karen from the CSO (for example: what is the capital of Burkina Faso?)  


I believe the biggest learning that students came away with from the camp is a sense of hope. They learnt that they as the future have the power to make change in our world. The team of Year 10 students that went on the camp have come back invigorated with a newfound purpose to help those less fortunate in our local,national and global communities.  Here at MCC we are fostering the next generation of leaders that have the courage to stand up and question actions that might remove the dignity of people both locally and internationally. In the words of our Holy Father Pope Francis “Human dignity  is the same for all human beings: when I trample on the dignity of another, I am trampling on my own”.

p.s : The capital of Burkina Faso is Ouagadougouy


Mr Lyon


Mass at the Chapel

MCC is hosting the 9am Mass this Sunday at the chapel, it would be great to you all there.

God Bless and have a great weekend


School Photos

School Photos will be held on Tuesday 30 May.  Please be aware that envelopes have gone out with students this week, instructions on how to order online are available on the envelope.  Students are required to return the envelope regardless whether or not they are ordering photos.

Marian Feast Day

Marian Feast Day Mass


Marian Feast Day Festivities


Child Studies

Year 9 Child Studies

Today, the Yr 9 Child Studies girls were fortunate to be able to visit the Maternity Ward at Griffith Base Hospital as part of their unit ‘Conception to Birth’.

What an experience they had, they were able to speak to a mum-to-be whilst she was having contractions and could see the movement on the baby in her tummy.

They were taken the Pregnancy Care Clinic and then a labour room to learn about the process of what happens when a mum is in labour and what happens once a baby has been born.

They were also able to speak to a new mother and her newborn baby of which she shared her experiences of becoming mum.

A Big Thankyou to Angela Cregan for always being so helpful and accepting of having the girls visit each year as part of this course. We really appreciate the support


Renae Savage

Pdhpe Co-Ordinator


Public Speaking

On Wednesday 24th May, Marian Catholic College held their first annual Public Speaking Showcase. After a number of lunchtimes and after school hours dedicated to deconstructing their given topics and developing a 6 minute (junior) or 8 minute (senior) speech, ten students presented on the night. The following students are to be commended for their studious approach to their learning: Jayden Skirving, Nayani Navaneethan, Elouise Campbell, Karanbir Sidhu, Ioane Saula, Zachary Scoble, Muntaqim Chowdhury, Aiden Scoble, Piriyarathan Karunapalan, and Talissa Cerato. The audience provided valuable feedback for them on their content and performance, and they are now focusing on refining their impromptu skills.

The students will be competing at Rostrum Voice of the Youth 2017 this Monday, 29th at Southside Leagues Club with a 7pm start. Everyone is welcome to come along and support these young, passionate people. 


Chess News

Chess - press release: Round 2

After an undefeated first round against Lake Cargelligo Central School, the same four chess players made their way, last Wednesday, to Leeton to play St Francis for round 2 of the knockout  Country Secondary Schools Chess Teams Competition. Several of our team had played their opponents before and not always with a favourable result! The first 20 minutes saw a room thick with tension - Matthew Salvestro in position 3 playing the patience game while Muntaqim Chowdhury in position 1 choosing a blitzkrieg strategy that required nerves of steel. The first completed game was a loss which meant a second loss by Muntaqim would have seen an end to our tournament. Composure held out and the result ended as a 3-1 victory. Congratulations to Muntaqim and Matthew and also to Piri Karunapalan and Zach Scoble.




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