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12 May 2017
2017 Issue 6
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Principal's Address

A challenge that we face as a Christian school is developing and maintaining a shared understanding of what it is to be a Christian school. Often, and by this I mean weekly, I encounter people who speak of Christian schooling as though there is one universal approach across Christian schools. My experience of the Christian church is that there are shared beliefs, but different practices. One church may express a part of the Christian faith slightly different to another. One church may focus more on the Holy Spirit, for example, than another. Yet despite diversity of Christian expression, there is one Church. Likewise, Christian schools vary from each other in their practice. Our type of Christian school, that is a Christian Education National school, has foundation beliefs that include God’s sovereignty or Christ’s Lordship over all of life, and a strong emphasis on parental partnership (hence parental governance through the Association). A few comments in the Community Health Audit last year suggested that we, as a College, too readily connected learning with God. While the connection of our Christian faith with a particular part of the curriculum may at times be a little less developed than it should, our belief in Christ’s lordship over all of life means that the curriculum (a part of life) should be connected to God.


At the end of last term, I sat in on a Secondary School Staff Meeting where Ms Cloherty was illustrating how she was connecting her Year 10 Mathematics Probability unit with the Biblical Story. As I sat there I was thinking, “this is exactly what we need to see!” Learning is more than imparting abstract facts that are part of a rational scientific humanistic world that looks to exclude God. To our College, God is not a God of Sundays. Rather, through all we do we are to encourage our students to understand what it is to live a life before God… a life where everything matters and can be understood as acts of worship to our Creator. When a teacher speaks and teaches about our Christian faith outside of our Biblical Studies program, some students and some parents do not understand why. What I was pleased with the Year 10 Probability Project was that in one home when a student spoke to his/her parent about the assignment, they looked at it together and that parent reinforced the importance of connecting faith in learning… it was their reason for a Bayside Christian College education!


Developing practice consistent with our beliefs is not easy. In an Australian academic paper entitled Models of Christian Education it states:


A staff development program therefore needs to consider the ongoing support of staff as they grapple with what it means to be a Christian educator… Many are dualistic. They form a false distinction between what is sacred, that is ‘church’, reading the Bible, praying and other forms of church and para-church Christian ministry, and the rest of functioning in God’s world, which they see as a secular domain. Staff need assistance to integrate their thinking such that they live all of life in the presence of God and in active service of Him. (Collier, 2013)


To support our teaching staff in their Christian teaching, we are training them through one day workshops, conferences and curriculum meetings, as well as offering them an opportunity to study a Master of Education with our national training arm, the National Institute for Christian Education.


A sign of authenticity in Christian schooling for Bayside Christian College is when our practice matches our beliefs. Purpose 2 states: "nurturing in students the development of a Biblical understanding of the world and of life". We achieve this through a curriculum which bears the marks of a Creator God who loved us so much He sent His own son to be sacrificed for us all.


A curriculum which points to Christ requires work and understanding. We’d appreciate your prayers and support.




Christopher Prior


Pray for Bayside

Please pray for our Open Day on Saturday, that visiting families would be warmly welcomed.


Pray for Mrs Plummer as she leaves to take up a new role at another Christian school.


Pray for all of our students as they seek to do their best at the Whole School Cross Country on Monday 15 May.


Continue to pray for our building works as we progress towards completion of the Trades Skills Centre.


Pray for our College families, for health and strength as we enter to cooler months of the year.

From the Deputy's Desk

Farewell Joy Plummer

This week is the last week Mrs Plummer will be with us at Bayside. It was lovely to be a part of the Primary assembly on Monday and to be able to present her with a beautiful gift from all the students. Thank you to Mrs Caroline De Haan in the Art Department who organised the fingerprint tree with the prints of all the Primary students.


School Photos

Photos for the ELC 3 year old group are on Friday 19 May, and for the ELC 4 year old group, photos are scheduled for Tuesday 23 May. If your child is in the 4 year old group that does not attend on Tuesdays you are encouraged to bring them along for a short time to have their photo taken on this day.



NAPLAN has taken place this week. Children have been reassured that these tests are a snapshot of a moment in time - what they can do today. They have been encouraged to do their best and trust that God is with them in all things.

There is a range of information about what NAPLAN is used for at the governmental level. Please find a link to this information here.


Uniform Reminder

The Bible is clear when it tells us we are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-7). In different ways, each of us bears attributes of His image and likeness. That is part of what we recognise at BCC - promoting students' individual strengths and gifts. We also promote striving for excellence in our lives. Part of the excellence we promote includes simple things like following the rules, and wearing the uniform correctly. Unfortunately, ignoring the simple things can sometimes be a sign of a bigger issue such as laziness, or even rebellion. Attending to following the rules is one way to show a heart that is willing to accept authority and do what is required. To this end, we continually remind students to wear the correct uniform. For girls, this also means adherence to the make-up guidelines. Please continue to assist us in ensuring all students show respect for the rules, by wearing the required uniform.

Instill a Love of Math

By Laura Lewis Brown.    

This is a link to  an article on encouraging love of math in children. Read more here. The article discusses tips for what you can do at home to help flex math muscles in children through games and daily family activities.


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

Primary News

Healesville Sanctuary with the Years 5/6

On Wednesday 3 May, the Years 5/6 students went on an excursion to Healesville Sanctuary. Currently we are studying animal ethics in our Integrated Studies theme “Animalia”. The students, teachers and parents took the bus all the way to Healesville and entered the enormous and well laid out zoo. There are over 100 endangered species of animals in the sanctuary. All the classes saw a platypus show that reminded us to use  bubble machines instead of balloons when having outdoor functions so that Australian sea life are not in danger of eating plastic. We wandered around the zoo and saw all the different types of birds and other animals. Everyone saw a bird show with massive birds and even a talking parrot. Overall, I’m sure that all the teachers and students had an incredible time discovering all of the astonishing animals that Healesville had to offer.


Finn Calic (Year 6)


Goodbye Mrs Plummer

This week the Primary school farewelled Mrs Plummer during assembly. She was presented with a special gift to say thank you for her kindness and hard work during her time with us. We wish Mrs Plummer God's blessings in her new job.



Arts Learning Festival

Bayside Christian College received a special invitation from Independent Schools Victoria to attend the ISV Arts Learning Festival and take part in a forum hosted by the Pistoletto Foundation on Sustainability and the Arts. Mr Elkington presented ideas to a select group of ISV schools on the first day with guests including Shadow Minister for Education Nick Wakeling, Italian Consul-General Marco Cerbo, Paola Zanini and representatives from Harvard University and Monash University.


On the second day of the forum, 12 Primary students were privileged take part in the creation of an artwork at Birrarung Marr entitled 'Pistoletto's Third Paradise' a symbol being created in sites across the world to promote sustainability as well as the work of Harvard's Project Zero. Being the first of its kind in Australia, the students' work has been specially documented and will be shared in Italy, the home of artist Michelangelo Pistoletto.


Footy Stars of the Future

In a joint initiative to promote Australian Rules Football in Primary schools, Sebastian Ross, #6 from St Kilda Football Club, came to Bayside on Tuesday 9 May to run a short skills clinic for our Years 3/4 students. Students appeared to have loads of fun and particularly enjoyed getting up close and having their photo taken with an AFL player. Best of luck this season Seb! 


Zacc Klan

Primary PE Teacher


Computing in Years 5/6

In Information Technology, students in Years 5/6 have been learning about Digital Systems. This last fortnight students have looked into ACTDIK014, which focuses on computer components and how they connect and communicate together.  


During class students had the opportunity to deconstruct laptops and computer towers. Students were required to identify important components and how they are connected together. This was a fantastic opportunity for students to start understanding the complexity of a machine we take for granted on a daily basis.


Kerri Bernon

IT Teacher


Secondary News

From the Head of Secondary

One needs to step back sometimes from the hustle and bustle of College Life and reflect on the beauty of creation and on the attention to detail that God invests in shaping and forming us as human beings. Each of us is so unique in our interests, talents, gifts and abilities.


This makes me think of the College purpose that we have been focussing on over this semester -Purpose 4 - “Helping students to discover and develop their own God-given abilities and to recognise and respect those of others.”


I think in view of this, now is an appropriate time to display some of the beauty and diversity that He has invested in our students. They are mirroring different aspects of who He is as we are indeed created in His image.



Aelish Kelly (Year 11) Competed in the 2017 World Irish Dancing Championships in Dublin. This is Aelish's second year at the Worlds. It is an amazing achievement to be competing on a world level.



We have many very talented actors in our College. Students Courtney Bennett (Year 11), Claire Lomulder (Year 10), Brianna Lomulder (Year 4), and Joel Mathews (Year 7), along with teacher Angie Mathews, recently performed in 'Seussical' at the Frankston Arts Centre, with staff Karen Hooper and Tim Mann working hard behind the scenes. The show was a resounding success and all are to be congratulated for using their God-given gifts to bring others such enjoyment.



Two Bayside students, Bryn Inglis (Year 12), and Chris Ashcroft (Year 10), competed in the  Class Clown competition.


Class Clown is the  Melbourne International Comedy Festival's development program for young people around the country. With Chris getting through to the State finals and Bryn coming runner-up in the Nationals, it is fantastic to see these boys using their gift of humour to make people laugh.



Late last term our Years 11/12 students put their creative gifts into action with the Market Stalls. Students made and sold many varied products, performed musical items and ran activities. It was fantastic to be a part of this community event. Thank you to all the students who participated.



It is always a blessing to see our students achieving success doing something that they love. Congratulations to Katelyn Thompson (Year 12) on further success with her equestrian. (Read more about Katelyn on page 5). 


These are mere snippets of the wonder that we as teachers are exposed to on a daily basis as we see students coming into their own, and as they become more confident in operating in and displaying their gifts. We encourage our students to use these gifts and talents to glorify God and to bless those around us.


Shirley Patterson

Head of Secondary

Medieval day


On Tuesday, as part of History studies, all Year 8 students participated in the rite of passage that is our annual Medieval Day. Students enjoyed a range of practical workshops presented by Medieval Education on the topics of Crime and Punishment, Archery, Weaponry, Education and Games and Tournaments. Students engaged very well with all the activities and particularly enjoyed the opportunity to participate in simulated duelling with the blunted weapons.It was also a chance to reflect soberly about some of the historical practices and conquests performed in the name of Christianity during this period. A big congratulations to Jacob H and Mikayla Z who were awarded the best dressed male and female respectively.


Jay Johnstone

Year 8 Humanities Teacher


Moonlit Sanctuary 

On April 27, the Year 7 students visited Moonlit Sanctuary in Pearcedale, accompanied by Mrs Mathew, Mrs Hadlow, Mrs Chester and Dr Bergen. The Sanctuary provided the opportunity for students to meet endangered species, feed kangaroos and wallabies, pat koalas and enjoy encounters with colourful birds, reptiles, dingoes and many other animals. All students were treated to two educational presentations: Struts, Slithers and Scales (Reptiles), and Mammal Mingle.


Moonlit Sanctuary is a living classroom, and students delighted in feeding the free-ranging kangaroos and wallabies, some of which were larger than the children themselves! One group had the chance to pat Blaze and Scorch, the resident dingoes, as they went on their daily walk with their keeper. 


The feisty Tassie devils were a highlight, with the students learning the latest in the fight to save this threatened species. The wombats put on a great show, as did the newly arrived pair of wedge-tailed eagles. We all had a wonderful time exploring and unlocking the mystery of God’s creation - Australian species in their in natural bush setting. 


Dr Bergen and Mrs Hadlow


Year 9 Cathedral Ranges - OES Camp

We arrived at camp, Little River, (at the Cathedral Ranges) on Wednesday 26 April. We unloaded the camper trailer, which was carrying all of our stuff. We then set up our tents and the shelter/chairs, in which some of us would cook our meals for the next two nights. Once we were all set up, we went on a walk along the Friends of Nature Track, which was among the rainforest. After dinner, we all sat around the campfire telling jokes and sharing food. Next, most of us played a selection of games: sardines, spotlight and 40/40. We all started to warm up and get familiar with our surroundings. Then we all started to settle down and go to bed. On the second day we climbed the whole mountain range. Literally! We started the journey with layers of four, or sometimes even five, jumpers, jackets and long sleeve tops. But as we went along, we slowly lost our layers going from five to one. Unfortunately, as we took our jumpers and jackets off, we were forced to start carrying them on our backs. The start of the hike was incredibly hard physically. But as we got to the actual ridge, where the path turned into rocks, it started getting less hard and the adrenaline kicked in. We were forced to crawl, roll and slide both up and down the cliff. But it was all worth it when we finally reached the top, looking at the amazing view from the top of the ridge.


On the way back we stopped off at Maccas. We got back to the school and once again unloaded. We then had to set up the tents for them to dry. Overall this camp was an amazing opportunity, and we thank all our students and teachers for taking us on this wonderful camp and supporting us all the way!

Maddi, Kayley and Taylor

Year 9 students

Years 11/12 Happenings...

As a College, we value working together with parents and students to help students truly discover their gifts, their strengths, and to understand their areas of weakness. Knowing who we are in Christ allows us to move forward confidently, acknowledging both strengths and weaknesses and celebrating and supporting those of others.


I was reminded of this yet again as I painfully climbed the 1000 Steps in the beautiful Dandenongs with our Years 10, 11 and 12 VCAL students. What was a challenge to some, was a great pleasure to others, who completed the challenge not just once, but two or three times! It was fantastic to see students encouraging each other in their achievements. I have observed similar interactions over the last week among our VCE students, who have been supporting each other in their study habits as the pressure increases. Giving God our very best in all areas allows us to honour God with our gifts, and to serve others as part of community.


Information about the Year 11 exams as well as the upcoming Life Skills Week has been emailed out. Please let the office know if you have not received this, so as to ensure we have your correct contact details. Alternatively, please check your 'spam' settings, as sometimes group mail does end up there! A reminder also about the GAT on Wednesday 14 June. The practice GAT will be on the Monday  29 May. 



Lara Curtis-Morris

Year 11-12 Co-ordinator

A word from our Captains

Last week the Year 10 leadership team ran assembly and organised the Footy Colours Day, accompanied by a sausage sizzle to raise money for the Thailand Mission Trip. The day was a great success and a fantastic example of Bayside’s students coming together in organisation and leadership. In the next few months each year level will be organising and running their own assemblies and activities through the week.


It’s been great to see all the Year 11 and 12 students working to keep the V Block study area tidy this week and beyond. The Boys’ group (Tuesday lunchtime) and Leadership Devotions group (Monday lunchtime) are each going well, both in terms of growth and personal impact.

In other news, the Top Arts/Top Designs excursion two weeks ago provided some fantastic insight on how to produce a stellar folio, and from what I’ve heard, the Careers Expo last week was helpful and motivating for the Year 11 students.


As the term continues on, the number of SACs and assessments for everyone is only increasing, so please keep the VCAL and VCE students in mind while the year and its work continues.


Thank you and God bless.


John McPherson

College Captain

1000 Steps

On Thursday 4 May, all VCAL students went to 1000 Steps. We all made goals and mine was to get to the top and not give up. I found it a challenge but I ended up thinking that

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". We all worked as a team to get to the top, some people went up and down multiple times but if we passed someone then we would encourage them. Overall it was an amazing day. After 1000 Steps we got to go to Puffing Billy.


Shanae McGillivray


On Thursday 4 May, VCAL went to the 1000 Steps. For everyone, it was a challenge no matter if you walked up it once or up twice it was still a challenge. As a team, we worked together and encouraged each other. Everyone enjoyed the walk and it made us bond with people we had never spoken to.


Matthew Wells


On 4 May, Year 10,11 and 12 VCAL students went to 1000 Steps and Puffing Billy. The 1000 Steps was quite a challenge as most people's getaway sticks felt like they were going to fall off. Dr Prior, the man, the myth, the legend, devoured those steps - up, down, up and down multiple times without even breaking a sweat. Some people went up and down two times, which was pretty awesome. After we all completed the walk we went to the cafe at the bottom of the hill. Shortly after our tuck shop stop we jumped on the bus and headed off to Puffing Billy. One of the volunteer workers talked to us about the history of the train and told us how the majority of the workers are volunteers. It was good to then relax and enjoy the good company and great views.


Bahlin Wishart

This week's subject in focus

In Product Design and Technology the Year 12 students are currently working on their year-long folios. The students are serving others by getting a client and discussing with them what product they need. The students then create a folio where they research and design the product that their client wants. When designed, the students will build the product for their clients. This year we have an outdoor chair, an electric guitar, an outdoor fence feature, a light box and a bird house all being made.


Daniel Briglia

Product Design and Technology Teacher


Year 11/12D

This year in homeroom the students of 11/12D have made the most of our homeroom time and have had the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of exciting activities. Students have enjoyed the regular devotions led by their peers, and homeroom has provided a comfortable space for them to explore and discuss the Bible and its application in their lives.


Students have also been working on a number of Community Projects including: contributing to the production of 200 'Whisper Phones' for the Primary literacy program, planning a barbecue for their peers, and finalising details for the inaugural 'BCC Battle of the Bands'!

Jonathan Lake and Sam Waldron

Year 11/12D Homeroom Teachers

Top Arts and Top Designs

On Thursday 27 April, the VCE Art, Media, Design Technology and Visual Communication students travelled into the city to see the Top Arts and Top Design exhibition.


This exhibition showcases some of the top student work in the state for 2016. It was a fantastic opportunity for students to get inspiration for their own folios, and we look forward to seeing what they produce over the course of the year when they showcase their work in the Arts and Technology Expo.

Chay Williamson

Secondary Art Teacher


Futsal Rally Day


On Monday 1 May, a selected team of Year 11 and 12 girls went to play Futsal at Mt Evelyn. The girls all played to the best of their ability and ended up getting into the semi final and coming 3rd overall. We all had a fun time despite some injuries. 


Annabelle Hames  (Year 11)


On Monday 1 May, the Year 11 and 12 students went to the Futsal Rally Day. We got there at about 10:30. We played 5 games before finals because we missed the first game. The boys Year 11 team and the girls team both made the finals but didn't win the final. It was a great day of sport and everyone enjoyed it and put in their best effort


Thomas McLean

Community Action

Every fortnight I am lucky enough to go up to the ELC and hang out with the mini Baysiders. Their huge eyes and wide smiles greet me as they tell me how they are building a giant sandcastle or setting up a princess tea party, while the loud (and rather chaotic) sounds of children at play surround us. The amazing women provide amazing care as they read and teach these beautiful children with such admirable grace and patience (truly a gift!!). Getting this short glimpse into the life of these Baysiders and seeing the foundations of their schooling here at Bayside fills me with amazing pride for our school, its students and teachers alike.


Elise Burke


My industry elective is gardening and maintenance with Mr Mason. I like this elective because it's beneficial to the school and I really enjoy building and gardening. Over the past term in industry elective we have worked on irrigation in the front gardens in front of A Block, house colour paintings for Mr Klan, putting up posts and wrapping chicken wire around the Primary School veggie gardens, and we also worked on the garden and hang out area out front of V Block. It's a pretty good experience, I love being outside and working with other people, and this industry elective really allows us to do this.


Katie Catterall

Partnering with Years 5 /6

As part of our VCAL PDS unit, we are planning and delivering a fortnightly program for the Years 5/6 students. We ran our first session with great success!


As an introduction to the program, all seven leaders broke up into their coloured groups. The plan was to get to know the students and the team as a whole. The students got creative and put together a flag as well as a chant for their team. The chant will be used throughout this program to encourage the students in every activity. Once all teams had enough time to create their flag and chant they had the opportunity to share what they had come up with with the whole class. At the end of our first session we were able to give some feedback to the students on what we liked and what we thought could have been improved when it came to listening and respect. Overall all teams gave everything a go and we’re excited for the coming weeks.


Holly Price

Year 12 Equestrian Star - Katelyn Thompson

As Bayside didn't have a full team, I made a team with three other girls. We won the teams event at the Tintern Grammar Horse Trails out of over 50 teams competing. I also competed at my last State Interschools championships in the holidays, in which I managed to qualify for the Australian Nationals in three events.


Katelyn Thompson (Year 12)


Year 11s look to the future

The Careers Expo was definitely an informative experience, coming from a different country and not having extensive knowledge of Australian universities, it was good for me to learn about them as well as having the opportunity to see the specific areas in which they specialise, which I may not have been exposed to elsewhere . The seminars that I attended gave detailed descriptions on their various courses which thoroughly explained what they were about and how they would help the individual on their chosen career path. By going to the Careers Expo, I have realised how many opportunities there are available to me (there are some careers I didn’t even know existed) which is quite exciting.


Rebeccah de Chalain (Year 11)


The Careers Expo was a beneficial experience for us. It supplied seminars that helped prepare/revise Unit 3&4 subjects and investigate potential career paths for the future. There were also many universities present that gave information on courses we can undertake.


Jarryd Wyatt (Year 11)

Getting Down to Business

On Wednesday 3 May, Units 1/2 Business Management students visited the Main Street Mornington market to explore the many varieties of market stalls and analyse elements of location among the Main Street shopping strip. They worked through a series of activities, including conducting a survey of shoppers and mapping out the types of shops located on Main Street. Students also gathered ideas for their upcoming market stalls at lunchtime on Monday 22 May. The excursion finished with a yummy lunch at one of the cafes and a walk to Mornington Park.


Sonja Campbell

Business Management Teacher




Save the Date: Music Showcase Evening

This is an advance reminder that the Semester 1 Music Showcase Evening will be on Wednesday 28 June - the last Wednesday of Term 2. We will be appreciating and celebrating all the musical talent we have at Bayside Christian College. More details to come soon.

Are you willing to come and share about what you do?

As part of our Senior Secondary "Life Skills Week", we are putting together a guest panel to enable students to learn more about various careers. The session will run after lunch on Thursday 22 June. We are hoping to include a number of parents and cover a diverse range of occupations. If you would be willing to come and share with our senior students about the work that you do and/or your career journey, please contact Mrs Claire Dawson by 31 May on 5971 6708 or [email protected].

Camps,Sports & Excursion Fund - Reminder

If you hold a valid-means tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, please see attached information to see if you are eligible to claim the Victorian State Government's Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund.


Million Paws Walk


Frankston Basketball Regional Academy


Entertainment Books

Unwanted Entertainment Books are now due to be returned to the College office. Families wishing to purchase their Entertainment Book are to complete and return the enclosed yellow form, or purchase online ASAP.

Bayside Open Day - 13 May


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