26 May 2017
Issue Fifteen
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From the Principal

A Love Of Learning

Assessment and examination time can be stressful for students, teachers and families. At this time of the year it can be a challenge to find the real joy and love of learning something new particularly as we grapple with deadlines and assessment. However, we can always strive to find God through a love in what we are doing:


'Nothing is more practical than finding God, that is than falling in love in a quite absolute, final way. What you are in love with, what seizes your imagination, will affect everything. It will decide what will get you out of bed in the morning, what you do with your evenings, how you spend your weekends, what you read, whom you know, what breaks your heart, and what amazes you with joy and gratitude. Fall in Love, stay in love, and it will decide everything. (Attributed to Fr Pedro Arrupe SJ (1907-1991).


Best wishes to all our students with current assessments. May you find a joy, passion and love in your learning.

Learning From Each Other

As a Catholic College our first reference point is the Gospel example of Jesus and secondly the lived example of our Founders. The last twelve months has been a rapid learning curve for me. I have learned of the qualities of freedom, justice and sincerity as the core of Mary Ward's spirit as the founder of the Loretos. I have learned of the beautiful prayer of the Examen. The Jesuit prayer of 'looking back' is not just reflective of the past day but also looking forward to tomorrow. In the Examen we ask God to show us how tomorrow might go.


Shortly we will be asking our students, staff and parents to both reflect on what we are doing well as a College but also to gaze into the future. In the coming weeks a survey instrument will be forwarded to all families and I encourage everyone to provide your input to help inform future decision making.


Together, let us seek justice.


Yours sincerely


Robert Henderson


Around The Primary

Dear Parents

From start to finish the Year 6 students had a fantastic time in Canberra! Being in a new place with different people might have been daunting at first, however feelings of happiness, joy and excitement quickly replaced any fears. It was impressive to witness the students move out of their comfort zones and and really 'giving things a go'.  For some students this translated into facing their fear of being away from home; for others it was rising to the challenge of looking after your personal belongings and making your bed each day, and for others it was having a go at challenging new activities. 


Listening to the children encourage and support each other was another highlight - from small things like, 'thanks a lot for helping me braid my hair', to big thanks, such as, 'thanks for saying what you did when I jumped off the freefall at Questacon, it really helped me a lot'.


Another important aspect to our camp was stretching children in terms of their willingness and openness to get to know and appreciate one another more. Whether at meal times, cleaning up times, sports activities, on the plane or sitting up the bus - many children took up the challenge to try and sit and mingle with a new person to find out more about them.


This camp was also a special opportunity to explore leadership skills and to tease out what it really means to work as a team. The students displayed excellent manners throughout the camp - there were plenty of 'please' and 'thank you' responses throughout the week.


At the same time, in perfect crisp autumn weather our students also enjoyed the civic and cultural features of Canberra. Well prepared for the cooler weather, the students looking very smart in their matching blue and gold jackets. The students made an impressive site at Parliament House (old and new), the War Memorial, Government House, the Australian Institute of Sport, The National Capital Exhibition, the High Court and the Electoral Education Centre. There was much to be learned from the informative guides at each destination.


We were very proud of our Year 6 students - they certainly are a group of creative, cooperative, reflective, passionate individuals , with a healthy sense of humour and a well developed sense of who they are. Opportunities such as this one really help to 'value  add' to every child's Primary years experience.


Our Canberra Camp was a huge success. The Year 6 students exceeded our expectations and were wonderful ambassadors for their families and the College. The parents were kept connected by a daily blog of our adventures which helped them also enjoy this very special experience. On behalf of Mrs Fontaine, Mrs Goss, Mr Fromm, Miss Joyce, Mrs Murphy and myself thank you for entrusting your children into our care. We are indeed blessed to have such hard working staff and thank them for taking such wonderful care of the fifty-nine children and for being so generous with their time. A big thank to those parents who have already sent lovely messages of thanks to the dedicated staff.


Kind regards

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary

Canberra Camp Reflections from the Year 6 students

The 2017 Canberra trip was a superb adventure together with our Year 6 classmates. One of the best places was Questacon. In Questacon there were lots of 'hands on' activities such as an air hockey display, an interactive diagram of the human body, a rocket powered by splitting water into its elements of hydrogen and oxygen and finally, the awesome free fall slide. Another amazing activity from Canberra was visiting the Australian National War Memorial. There were many detailed diaramas about trenches and a super cool discovery centre where there was a helicopter, a submarine and a trench exhibit. But the most important thing for me was to place a poppy on my great grandfather's name in the Hall of Memory.

Quinn Binet (6B)


Canberra was arguably one of the best experiences I’ve had and ever will have! The greatly enjoyable activities such as visiting Questacon and participating in the more solemn ceremonies at the War Memorial in particular was a wonderful combination. The War Memorial was very moving, finding out about all those Australian soldiers who fought and died for us and for our freedom in foreign countries such as Gallipoli and Afghanistan. Some are still serving today! For this we thank those men and women who risked their lives for us. I also really enjoyed staying in the dorms with my friends and the food at the AIS was incredible. I learnt much more about everything from how meteors came to be to how the government works, all in one week! The Canberra school camp was one of the finest trips I have ever been on.

Ben Mignacca (6B)


Canberra was a once-in-a-lifetime experience with many enjoyable activities for us to take part in. The War Memorial was a beautiful building that was full of mysteries, like the grave of the unknown soldier. I loved the Dinosaur Museum because I love dinosaurs and our guide was very intelligent and funny. We all learnt many interesting things there. My number one favourite was…. Questacon! It had lots of cool things like the vertical slide, the earthquake room and the caged lightning. In caged lightning, it takes 3000 volts of electricity to only go 3 metres! I also loved going back to the dormitories at night and snuggling down into our bunks after a delicious dinner. On the last day, as a treat, we tried our luck at AMF Bowling. I don’t think I did very well but it was really fun.

Tiffany Cesare (6B)


Canberra was awesome! I was most fascinated by the dinosaur museum because I learned so many new facts about dinosaurs, and had lots of fun! I really liked the cool touchable displays. I also loved learning about the people who fought for our country at  the Australian War Memorial. They also had these awesome short movies which must have taken forever to make. But, most of all, my definite favourite was Questacon because there were so many exotic displays and things to do. The Canberra trip was an awesome experience and we were very privileged to go there and stay at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Nathan Flack (6G)


Last week, the Year 6 students visited Canberra for a school trip. I felt very privileged to have the opportunity to stay at the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) with all my classmates and teachers and to have a delicious buffet at the dining room for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each day, we attended something new and exciting places, such as, the Australian War Memorial, where we got to experience what it was like to live in the disgusting trenches of the war; Questacon, where I attempted the 6 metre free-fall slide; the Dinosaur Museum, where I learned so many interesting things such as the size of dinosaur bones; and bowling with my friends where we had a laugh at how many times I had missed the pins. I'd like to thank all the staff from John XXIII who attended and organised the camp, along with my mum who made this trip happen for me.

Charley Laver (6G)


In Canberra I had an amazing time. I learnt lots of new things. I especially enjoyed the Dinosaur Museum and Parliament House. Did you know that all birds are dinosaurs? Or that in the Senate there is an Usher of the Black Rod who carries a black rod? I had an amazing time and I saw great buildings, amazing people and beautiful sunsets! The tour guides there taught us so many things. I also enjoyed Questacon because there were things like a 6 metre freefall slide and the caged lightning. Michael, our bus driver, was very kind and patient driving a bus full of crazy kids all over Canberra. Overall I had a fabulous time.

Marie-Claire Hickling (6G)


Year 5 Chemical Science

This term, the Year Fives commenced their Chemical Science unit and have been investigating states of matter. They have analysed the properties of solids, liquids and gases and even conducted an experiment to demonstrate the way they change when their temperatures are altered. This week, we took a trip to B block in the high school and completed a lesson in a laboratory. Our aim was to figure out whether or not gases have weight by testing balloons filled with air, carbon dioxide (which we made ourselves by combining vinegar with bi-carb soda) and helium. Our results demonstrated that gases DO have weight, and we discovered that helium is the lightest. Here are some photos of our hands on science experiments!


Congratulations to all the Year 5 and 6 students who sat the Computational and Algorithmic Thinking Test. Special mention to the following students who achieved a Distinction.


Sophia Defrancesco
Amerie Chai
Ava Kwei
Thomas King

Year 5 Assembly

This morning the Primary School attended the 5B assembly. Miss Dernie and the fantastic fives put a lot of effort into sharing their amazing knowledge about the history of Australia and how our Nation came to be a democratic country. They engaged their audience with their outstanding performance. It was a very fitting assembly, as today marks National Sorry Day.


Congratulations to this week’s Merit Award Recipients.



Tilly Finucane
Alila Iredale
Noah Donald
Archer Anning



Jay Griffiths
Isaiah D’Souza
Sienna D’Alessandro
Jamelia Greenwood
Alexis Tonkin



Olivia Pronk
Emilia Rear



Thomas Archibald
Sophia Sy Suan



Anashe Marerwa
Loughlan Patterson



Lola Denton
Myles Cabassi
Maximus Tonich



Alice Travlos
Matthew Mignacca


Matthew Gillman
Olivia Polini
Lana O’Gorman


Genevieve Price
Torren Jakovich
Olivia Lim



Wim Parker
Finn Levy
Conny Janssen
Hannah Dale


Massimo Torre
Peter Stout
Noah Dale


Ben Mignacca
May Verleg



Samuel Owen
Elizabeth Newton
Marie-Claire Hickling
Tom King


30 May          Bindi Bindi Dreaming Incursion Yrs 3 & 4

2 June          4B Mass


Year 8 Retreat Day

The Year 8 students were involved in a Retreat Day where they were given the opportunity to focus on the theme of 'Social Justice'.

One session was facilitated by a team of 10 young people from the NET Ministries who worked with students to explore various issues and historical leaders who have modelled for us a strong sense of social justice. Students were reminded of their own human dignity, the dignity of others and were challenged with the question of, “What action do I need to take in my own life and circle of influence?”


The second session involved listening to Scott Darlow who is an Australian singer/songwriter. Combining acoustic rock and heartfelt lyrics with the didgeridoo skills of his heritage, Scott spoke to students about his Indigenous culture and challenged them to help facilitate reconciliation and understanding. Scott spoke a lot about empathy as the foundation for any real change and challenged the students to take on attribute of his key word FLUTE- Forgiveness, Love, Understanding, Tolerance and Empathy.  The day finished with a Mass celebrated by Father Rodrigo.

The Year 8s were impeccably behaved and were able to share a special day with their peers and Homeroom teachers.


Rita de Faria

Assistant Deputy



Fujimi High School Exchange: An opportunity to host

At the beginning of Term Three we have 29 female students, about 15 years old, coming to John XXIII College for two weeks. We are looking for families who are able to host. The exchange students will arrive on Sunday 30 July and leave on Saturday 12 August. Your son or daughter does not have to be a student of Japanese as the exchange students are here to experience home life in Australia and practice their English speaking skills.

If you are able to host, please read the attached letter for more details, complete the attached from and past images on photo page, before returning it via email to me:

The Japanese exchange students are always appreciate any family who is able to share their home and the simple everyday Aussie lifestyle.

Many thanks for your consideration.


Shane Glass and Glen James

Head of Languages (Languages) and Fujimi Coordinator


Music - Week 15

Autumn Soiree

Congratulations to the over 200 John XXIII College musicians who performed at the Autumn Soiree on Sunday night. It was an appropriate setting, with the beautiful and energetic music accompanied by howling wind and rain!


The Concert Band, Wind Band, Wanju Voices, Treble Choir, Senior Guitar Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra and Chamber Choirs each did themselves credit, with enthusiastic and engaging performances in a variety of genres and styles.


The concert was attended by over 400 appreciative audience members.   We look forward to the Spring Soiree in September!

Music Eisteddfod

Entries for the John XXIII College Music Eisteddfod are now open! This year’s eisteddfod is scheduled for Sunday, 18 June and Monday, 19 June, when guest adjudicators are invited to provide positive feedback for performers. Last year saw a record number of participants and we invite all musicians to submit entries in the vocal, percussion, strings, wind and brass, piano and guitar sections to perform and earn points for their House! Each section is divided into Junior and Senior, and parents and friends are encouraged to fill up the audience in support – music will be echoing from every corner of the College! Winners for each section are invited to perform at the Eisteddfod Winners Concert on Sunday, 25 June, where they will also receive their trophy.


Entry forms for the Music Eisteddfod are available through the Music Office,  from music staff, or attached to the end of this article.  Submissions close on Friday, 26 May.  Junior entries incur a $3.00 entry fee, and senior entries $5.00. Piano accompaniment can be provided – free of charge – for all entries.  Any queries, please contact the Music Department:


St George's Cathedral Lunchtime Concert

All families are invited to attend the annual lunchtime concert at St George’s Cathedral, located in the heart of Perth city. This concert features small ensembles – vocal and instrumental – in the beautiful surrounds and acoustics of the cathedral, and is scheduled for 1:00pm on Wednesday, 21 June. Entry is free to all members of the public.

Applications For Instrumental Lessons

There are still a limited number of placements available for instrumental and vocal lessons in Semester 2.  Forms are available online and from the Music Office.


James Kros

Director of Music

Pathways and Transition




Seeking Justice

Bindaring Red Cross Clothing Sale

Thank you to the Forster family who once again allowed people from our community to drop off clothes for men, women and children, including shoes, bags, belts, scarves and costume Jewellery.


It was a very successful fundraiser supporting the Australian Red Cross local services.


The VP of Bindaring Unit, Red Cross, Caroline Arundell sent a message to the Alumni office thanking the community for support and announcing they raised $224,000.00.


CINI (Children In Need India) Australian branch

Dr Jennie Connaughton (Class 1970) recently forwarded this email following the afternoon tea where more than 30 of our students assisted in some way and many Alumni attended:


“An enormous thanks and congratulations to you all.  We raised $20,082 on Saturday after expenses and there may be another $100 to come. On top of this is $3000 per annum promised in recurring donations.  This is a spectacular effort. Last year it was $17,000, before that $15,000.  I know that everyone put in a massive effort, bringing your great ideas, creativity and good will, as well as cooking, cleaning, hunting and gathering for auction, getting guests to come, donations to be made, doing purchasing, printing, designing, collating and generally being consumed by CINI but most importantly making it an afternoon where people had a good time, were happy, relaxed and had the opportunity to sit with friends and family and celebrate Mother’s Day and CINI's work.  It is only through this enormous generosity of spirit that it can be such a success.  This will fund 2/3 of the IICCHAA program for the year as well as having many more people now know about the work that CINI is doing. 

Blessing and gratitude to all you wonderful people I am honoured to be a part of this good work with you “


Songs for Jess

If you love Opera or musical in general, then this event is for you.  John XXIII College Alumni, WAAPA Graduates and Professional Australian Opera Singers will be accompanied by Concert Pianist David Wickham 3:00pm Sunday 11 June 2017.  Tickets are still available, please click here  This is a fundraising concert for Jessica Bosch married to Saul Bosch (Class 2002).  Both are battling serious illness and need our help.


Breast Cancer Network Australia

Nicola Peachey nee Quinlan (Class 1991, current parent) was invited to address the College teachers and staff this week to share her journey about Breast Cancer. College Staff fund-raised for Breast Cancer Network Australia    It was a brave decision to speak out in front of a large crowd of people, with some of Nicola's past teachers and her children's current teachers in the audience.  However after the shock of hearing Nicola's story, she was met with applause, raising awareness of this ugly disease and encouraging donations to go to this worthy cause.  The sum raised was in excess of $500.00 with staff purchasing pink iced finger buns

For all Alumni enquiries, to RSVP for any of the events or leave an expression of interest, please contact:

Anna Gingell

Alumni Development
Phone: (08) 9383 0520 | Email: 

Or refer to the College Website.



Inigo Parent Talks
(Centre for Spirituality and Relationships)

Ignation Induction Program

The Ignatian Induction Program for Parents aims to provide the basic ethos of John XXIII College which derives from the Spirituality of one of our College founders, St Ignatius Loyola.

There are six Modules of one and a half hour duration at 9:00am in the Gonzaga Barry Lecture Theatre or 7:00pm in the MacKillop Room.

The remaining modules in Semester One are:
Module 6 - 1 June - Highlights of Ignatian Spirituality for the home and College and insights into founders, John XXIII and Mary Ward.

Refer to the attached for further information.


If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Murray Graham by email or Ph: 9383 0444.


Year 12 Meningococcal Vaccine

Year 12 Meningococcal Vaccine will take place on Thursday 29 June.  Information and consent forms will be sent home with your child from today.  Please read the Meningococcal disease information, complete and sign the consent form.


Students are vaccinated by a nursing team with expertise in Immunisation.


Please return consent forms by Wednesday 14 June. 


Please note: Only Parents can sign consent form.

Mouthguard Information

Every year thousands of people are treated for dental injuries that could have been avoided by wearing a protective, custom-fitted mouthguard. Wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard helps to absorb and spread the impact of a blow to the face, which may otherwise result in an injury to the mouth or jaw.

Dental injuries can result in time off school or work to recover, can be painful and disfiguring, may involve lengthy and complex dental treatment. The cost of an injury to the teeth or jaw far exceeds the cost of a mouthguard.

Mouth guards should be worn during any sport where there is the chance of a knock to the face.

Custom fitted mouthguards are superior to over the counter mouthguards and are made from a dental impression and a plaster model of the teeth. They provide the best protection fit and comfort for all levels of sport.


Thank you
Jenny Hill
College Nurse



If a student has placed a lunch order, but is not at school that day or has gone home early,  the order can be cancelled before 9:30am.  Failing which a sibling may collect the lunch order.  


We will not give lunch orders to friends unless a parent has contacted the canteen, to let us know who will be collecting it.


Dianne Combrink


Parent Association

Upcoming Inspire Events


  • 1 August, 2017 Healthy Body Image. For parents and children in Years 7 – 12. (Speaker: Professor Sue Byrne)
  • 12 September, 2017 Loneliness, Bullying and Pressure to Succeed Issues (Speaker: Karen Martin)

Men Of John XXIII

We Want Dads!

Are you interested in becoming more involved as a father? The Men of John XXIII College (MOJTC) are here to support you with get socials and events, advocating the benefits of becoming a better dad.


We are looking for dads who would like to:


1.      Join the MOJTC committee.  Just come along and help to guide our future direction.

2.      Become a Year group representative.  Join with other dads in your child’s year and run an event, which gives you all more time with your kids.

3.      Have an idea for an event?  Go for it!  The committee has funds to assist and the MOJTC will work with the College to help make it happen.


If you are keen to help, simply email:


Need an idea for an event?  Look here for some great ideas:


If nothing else, check out The Fathering Project website:


Be involved.


Community Notices

Holy Rosary Youth Group

Holy Rosary is starting a youth group and kids of all parishes are invited.


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