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10 February 2020
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From the Principals' Desk

Dear Parents,


Welcome to the new school year and Nossal’s second decade! (our 11th year). I would particularly like to welcome new students, parents and staff to our school community and hope to get to know you well over the next few years.


This is the text of some of my address to the students on our first day assembly....

"We start 2020 under a cloud (both literally and figuratively) and the recent bushfire events have highlighted the current environmental crisis globally, and that has been quite shocking for a whole raft of reasons. It is distressing to see graphic images of the devastation to communities, wildlife and the environment, (particularly so close to home) but when you start to look beyond the immediate impact and damage to explore the root causes and implications of these events it is hard not to despair – especially when you examine the scale of the problem, and the breadth and complexity of the measures required to mitigate this. It has been very easy to be complacent in a country like Australia where we enjoy a very safe, comfortable and comparatively idyllic existence, and I know that as much as I have enjoyed my travels to various other parts of the world, I always return with a greater appreciation of what we generally take for granted here. I’m not sure that we can do that any more, (not just us – but the rest of the world too) and I know that many of you, like me, may be feeling quite overwhelmed by the scale and gravity of the unfolding events and frustrated and angered by the political posturing and bickering that undoubtedly impedes efforts to address the myriad causes and issues that are now so hard to ignore.

I worry that your generation feel the burden of responsibility to fix a problem that is not of your making and is becoming increasingly dire as our global leaders prevaricate and argue about what should be done.

I am however endeavouring to be somewhat optimistic about the current situation, and hope that because it has so dramatically highlighted the need for strong action, there is now a greater chance of positive and united responses and a much larger groundswell of interest and desire to see changes made.


As a school of highly talented individuals and future leaders I believe that we can do much (even in comparatively small ways initially) to contribute to the groundswell and to engage with others locally and globally to proactively make improvements and changes. Mr Clark and the school Captains will talk to you today about the impact of such events and some of the things that we have already started. Our NEST team have been working on some of this for several years now, and there will be many other activities, events and initiatives the students here will be aware of, involved in, or keen to initiate. If I was asked to seek a group of young people with the passion, intelligence, creativity and vision to work on this – I would be hard pressed to find a better group than those who wear the Butterfly badge – past present and future.


So, I think it is time that we step up – take the lead on addressing the things that are in our control (big and little), and encouraging and pressuring others to address the things that we can’t. I think we are now seeing a grassroots groundswell triggered by the terrible events, and hope that we as a community can take a really active and leading role in channeling our concern and distress into positive action. I am open to your suggestions and encourage you help us make a difference.


As always, I exhort you to take every opportunity you are offered at Nossal – to be actively involved, and to use us for your benefit – the school exists solely for this purpose – to support, educate and nurture you. I hope you all have wonderful year and look forward to what we can achieve at the beginning of our second decade."



Novel Coronavirus

The advice from DET and the Health officer is unchanged from my most recent emails – 14 days isolation for anyone who has been in mainland China on or after Feb 1, 2020 – see details and additional information via the following hyperlinks.

We will continue to monitor the situation and act according to the advice of the medical authorities. We have a number of families who were in China recently but no reports of any illness or infection.


To minimise the spread of any infection - practising good hand and sneeze/cough hygiene is the best defence. The most important actions are:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow, or a tissue

If you have any concerns after reading the above information, please contact me directly.

Mobile Phone Bans

2020 heralds a state-wide mobile phone ban in all Government schools and as per the guidelines Nossal has implemented a new mobile phone policy that spells out the actions, processes and implications of the ban. Please see attached Policy Documents and FAQs for parents and students which should answer most of your questions.


Obviously this is a significant change to the way Nossal had been operating previously and I don’t want it to become a point of conflict, nor something that we need to spend unproductive time enforcing, so I encourage students and parents to ensure that they are familiar with and supporting the implementation of the new policy at Nossal.


A number of phones have been confiscated this week and sadly one has been confiscated twice which will result in a meeting with parents and some punitive consequences for the student involved. Hopefully this will be one of the few times we have to follow up in this manner.


School Council

School Council is the peak decision-making body at the school and is made up of parents, students, DET staff and community members, most of whom are elected by their peers. We will be calling for nominations for 4 parent and 2 student representatives shortly. (See more detailed information elsewhere in the newsletter). Nominations open on Feb 17 and will close on Feb 28 and I encourage you to consider nominating yourself or another parent or student who you think would make a useful contribution and be representative of the larger parent or student body.

Details attached.


New Staff

This year we welcomed the following new members of staff....

  • Ms Fiona De Zylva – Leading Teacher – Director of House and Wellbeing – teaching English
  • Ms Anna Wen – Humanities
  • Ms Sara Villiers – Health & PE
  • Ms Mary Fankhauser – Science
  • Ms Clare Budd – Music
  • Ms Sharon Gazzolla – Office Administration (to start late February)

VCE Results 2019

Nossal students again achieved outstanding VCE results and they have all been offered University places – most into their first or second preferences with many achieving entry to highly competitive programs or gaining scholarships due to their excellent outcomes in Year 12.

  • 52% achieved an ATAR over 90
  • Median ATAR was 90.3
  • 9 students achieved over 99

The mean study score was 35 and 22% of study scores were over 40

9 students achieved perfect study scores of 50 (5 of them in Year 11!)

The Dux (Ruby Bai) achieved a perfect ATAR 99.95 (as high as you can get and one of only 37 students in the state – and only 7 girls).


I congratulate the Class of 2019 for their impressive achievements and we have invited a number of them to speak at our High Achievers Assembly on February 17 where they will share their experiences and offer advice to their successors.


We have had visits from a number of last year’s graduates who are now quite bored after a long break between the end of school and the upcoming start of the university year (which for some may be delayed even further as Monash is starting later this year).

Camps and Excursions Funding

Some families may be eligible for additional funding support to assist with the costs of camps and excursions – please refer to the attached information sheet for details and application links.


Ted X Casey

The City of Casey and Federation University are again hosting a Ted X conference in Casey and have invited students in Years 10, 11 & 12 to consider presenting. If you are not aware of the TED program – Google “TED Talks” and you will be exposed to the most entertaining, thought provoking and challenging presentations by a diverse range of experts, amateurs and famous individuals. The inaugural Casey event was held last year and was highly successful and no less than 5 Nossal students and one ex-student achieved the honour of performing at Bunjil Place. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students, and I have posted the information on TEAMS. It would be great to see some Nossal groups presenting again this year. There is a very structured selection process and once selected the students are supported by the university to refine and develop their presentations. Approximately 13 presentations made up the youth event last year and they were exceptional examples of student voice from all the youth presenters. This runs alongside the adult Ted X program and is an illuminating and entertaining experience – I commend it to you and encourage you to encourage your children to participate and to attend the youth event at Federation University in March and the main event (featuring two of the selected youth presentations) at Bunjil Place in May.


Please see the attached information sheet for more detail.


Nossal Parents and Friends Association (PFA)

The PFA held its first meeting for the year on Wednesday evening with over 30 parents in attendance and a pleasing number of parents new to the school. The PFA is a delightfully happy and friendly group who provide wonderful support to the school with fundraising, assisting at events, advice and support to the school administration, and most importantly support, friendship and collegiality for all parents across our school community. I am most grateful to them for the work that they do and greatly enjoy attending their meetings and events. They meet on the first Wednesday of the month at the school at 7.00 pm (with lots of good humour and food!) One strong indicator of the positive experience the PFA provides is the number of parents who are still involved – even after their children have left the school – and one of the parents is from our very first year – her son graduated Nossal in 2013 and Trudi is still doing magnificent work for the PFA and has been a core member of the group since its inception.


Please consider participating.

Term One Reports

We are trialling a different reporting timeline this year. As Term 1 is generally quite short and full of additional activities and events (which are all important and contribute very positively to the broader and long term educational program), it is somewhat difficult for teachers to make accurate judgements about student progress and performance – particularly in some of the elective subjects where the teachers will have only had limited classroom contact with the students. We will be issuing the Term 1 reports early in Term 2 this year – followed by parent teacher interviews on April 23. This will enable a more comprehensive overview and give the students and teachers a little longer to get to know each other and complete more in-depth assessments

Events and activities...

Foundation Assembly – it was great to see so many parents at the annual Foundation Assembly where the new staff, students and Year 9 and 12 cohorts are presented with their Nossal badge and greeted by Sir Gus.

iWeek – the Year 9 students have now completed their induction week and will be moving into their normal timetable routine with a much better understanding of the Nossal culture, ethos and pedagogy, and newly established friendships.


Casey Tech – Year 10 Griffin and Pegasus students spent three days last week at the Casey Tech in an intensive and challenging STEM based program that was purpose designed to challenge and extend their thinking. Phoenix and Garuda students will undertake the program during Term 2.


House Swimming Sports – the first House event of the year takes place on February 13 where the whole school takes part in the House Swimming competition. There are events and activities for all students – in the water and otherwise and it is a fantastic event with many stellar performances leading to bragging rights for the first House to achieve points towards the Page Cup. Please make sure you have signed off the Compass permissions for the event.


New Parent Meet and Greet – I warmly invite all new parents to the 'Meet and Greet' on Thursday 20 February at 6.30pm. This is an important activity where you will have the opportunity to meet the school leaders, your child’s House Leader and Tutorial teacher, and other parents in your child’s House. We will also give you the opportunity to gain valuable insight into our assessment system and growth mindset approach which is an essential part of our school culture and pedagogy.


Camps and Pathways Week – Please make sure you complete all the required permissions for the various activities and events that will occur during the week of March 17.


Roger Page


Important Dates

Important Dates 2020



NHS Swimming Carnival - Doveton Pool 

Thursday 13 February


Whole School Photo Day

Thursday 20 February


Yr 9 New Parents 'Meet & Greet' Night - 6.30pm

Thursday 20 February


School Photos - Leadership & Groups

Wednesday 26 February



Year 11 PE Surf Camp

Wednesday 4 - Friday 6 March


Labour Day Public Holiday

Monday 9 March


Year 12 Asynchoronous Digital Delivery Day

Tuesday 17 March


Year 9 Roses Gap Camp

Tuesday 17 - Friday 20 March


Year 10 & 11  Pathways Week

Tuesday 17 March - Friday 20 March


Year 12 Lord Somers Camp

Wednesday 18 - Friday 20 March


House Cross Country Carnival

Tuesday 24 March


Year 9  Sci Excursion to Healesville Sanctuary

Thursday 26 March



Year 9 Excursion - Shrine of Remembrance

Friday 17 April


Term 1 Reports Released

Friday 17 April


Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thursday 23 - Friday 24 April


Anzac Day

Saturday 25 April

And beyond...

Curriculum Day - Pupil Free Day

Friday 5 June


Careers & Pathways Expo

Thursday 23 July


Year 9 City Week

Monday 10 - Friday 14 August


House Performing Arts Festival (HPAF)

Tuesday 25 August


Year 12 Valedictory Dinner

Thursday 19 November


Speech Night (Compulsory for all students)

Monday 23 November


2020 Victorian Term Dates

Term 1    29 January – 27 March
Term 2    (Tue) 14 April - 26 June
Term 3    13 July - 18 September
Term 4     5 October - 18 December

General News

School Council Elections


Information from Metrotrains

Works are ramping up on the Pakenham line as construction begins to remove the Cardinia Road level crossing.


The road bridge over Cardinia Road will create opportunities for local connections, landscape design and will minimise disruption to road and train users during construction.


Removing the level crossing will improve traffic flow, provide the opportunity for more train services in the future and improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and driver.


To facilitate works, buses replace trains as follows:

*Dates and times are approximate only and are subject to change.


Passengers are advised to allow an extra 45 minutes to their journey.

Buses also replace trains at various times in February and March on the Frankston and Gippsland Line.


For other languages visit or call 9321 5450.

Plan your journey, visit or call 1800 800 007.

We thank you for your patience as we work towards delivering an upgraded transport network for Melbourne’s growing population.


Student Leadership Training

Last Friday, 12 of our student leaders travelled to Melbourne High School to participate in the Select Entry Network (SEN) Student Leadership Training Day. The Nossal Representatives included the School Captains, SRC leaders and a leader from each of the four Houses. This group will now play a key role in our own Student Leadership Training Day, with other Nossal leaders to be held on Wednesday 19 February.


It was a wonderful and engaging program with representatives from Melbourne High School and MacRobertson Girls High School also in attendance. At the end of the day, all students enthusiastically endorsed the program and are now looking forward to returning to their respective schools with a new sense of purpose and confidence.


From the Nossal students who attended the SEN Day:

  • "I loved that everyone got together really easily and that we got to meet new people." - Tracy
  • "I learnt how leadership means that sometimes you have to stick your neck out to achieve your goals." - Kaaviyan
  • "I liked the vibrant energy and environment at the conference" - Habib
  •   "I loved interacting with leaders from other schools" - Aaron
  • "I learnt that leadership is any act that makes the world you touch a better place." - Lily
  • "I loved the way the day was conducted using various activities, interactions and challenges with different people each time." - Shalaaka
  • "I loved the amazing connections we were able to establish with the other two schools." - Dimuthu
  • "I learnt that leadership does not mean you are a perfect leader, but you are a leader that represents your student body and makes the world a better place." - Shivaani
  • "I loved the way that all the leaders from the SEN schools interacted together so well and were able to communicate so effortlessly with each other." - Zhengqin
  • "I learnt a lot about myself and built a strong foundation for what I want to achieve in the future."  - Nam
  • "I learnt that empathy is a critical aspect of leadership." - Mridul
  • "I liked the partner system and all the group activities which allowed us to bond and make the day memorable" - Alex

Mr Bird and I would like to thank the students who attended the training day for their willingness to participate and their assistance in hosting this event for the SEN. 



Keith Butler

Assistant Principal

School Photos 2020 - Nossal High School 

Annual school photos will be taken at Nossal High School on Thursday 20 February, 2020


There is no need to return any forms or money to school before then. 

Unique codes will be issued to all students closer to photo day allowing you to register online to view your child’s images. 


When images are in the webshop, all parents who have registered will be notified by SMS and email that images are ready to view and order. 

If you do not have internet access, please contact the school for an order form but please note that these orders can only be accepted up until photo day. 

Please refer to details from the following links.


Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides payments for eligible students to attend activities like:

  • school camps or trips
  • swimming and school-organised sport programs
  • outdoor education programs
  • excursions and incursions.

From 2020, the Victorian Government is investing an additional $160.9 million for the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund over the next four years. This funding will help ensure more than 220,000 government and non-government students from lower-income families are able to participate in camps, sports and excursions each year.

Further information can be obtained from the DET Website CSEF page at


Keep up to date with Nossal

Are you following our social media channels?


While we post notifications on Compass, send home emails and/or text messages when important events and information need to be shared with our families and community, and keep you informed about what has happened with our fortnightly newsletter, Nossal also has a number of social media pages which we use for reminders and also to share exciting news.


If you don't already follow us though one of these, please consider joining or liking our pages and get all the reminders and news we share on social media!


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Did you know?

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Careers News

Compass Career News

Here's a summary of the Career News for the beginning of 2020 with the full Careers Newsletters below.


Items in the 31 January 2020 Career News –

  • What your Careers Advisor can assist you with?
  • Applying for a Tax File Number (TFN)
  • ANU Tuckwell Scholarship
  • University Clinical Aptitude Test for Medicine Entry
  • Flight Centre Travel Academy
  • RMIT University – Pathways Tool
  • Snapshot of The Australian National University (ANU) in 2020
  • Agriculture Degrees in Victoria in 2020  

Items in the 7 February 2020 Career News –

  • News from La Trobe University
    • New Bachelor of Bachelor of Humanities, Innovation and Technology
    • Allied Health and Dentistry Course Changes
    • New Diploma of Tertiary Studies
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at RMIT
  • The Hansen Scholarship Program at the University of Melbourne
  • Snapshot of Bond University in 2020
  • Animation & Gaming Courses in Victoria in 2020


US College Masterclass | Insights from an Admissions Officer

This Crimson Education event will be presented by former Stanford Admissions Officer, James Warren Dean, and is recommended for students in Years 9-12 interested in US Colleges. It will take place at MLC Music Academy in Kew on Monday 17 February from 6pm to 8pm. Students will learn how to prepare in advance and how to give themselves the best chance of gaining admission. To find out more & to register for this event click here.

UCAT Concession Scheme applications now open

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is an entrance assessment used by many undergraduate medicine courses and some dentistry degrees (see list of Universities requiring the UCAT here). Students who hold (or who are listed as a dependant on) a current Health Care Card (HCC) or Pensioner Concession Card (PCC), both of which are issued by Centrelink, are eligible for a reduced UCAT test fee. You will need to submit your concession application before you make your test booking (step 2 of the Registration and Booking process) to be eligible for this reduced fee. Please note the below important dates for sitting the UCAT.

  • Concession scheme open: 3 February 2020
  • Deadline for concession applications: 4 May 2020 at 5pm AEST
  • Test bookings open: 2 March 2020
  • Test bookings close: 11 May 2020
  • Testing takes place: 1 July to 31 July 2020

Australian Defence Force Careers Expo 2020

The Melbourne ADF Career Expo is Victoria’s opportunity to get hands on with some of Defence’s best equipment and learn about all the careers available in the Navy, Army and Air Force. This FREE event runs from February 21 - 23 2020 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. 


Activities and Attractions include:

  • Career Briefings and Presentations
  • Opportunity to speak 1 on 1 with Military members
  • Navy, Army, Air Force equipment, vehicles and capability demonstrations
  • And much more!

For further info & to register for this event go to:

Parents and Friends Association

Entertainment Memberships now available!

The 2020-21 Entertainment is filled with more than $20,000 worth of vouchers. From free bubble tea or McDonald’s meals to 10% off Emirates Australia and free AFL tickets. Filled with valuable 2-for-1 offers, special rates and up to 50% off on activities, dining, shopping, travel and leisure you will easily save enough to justify the $70 membership in the first couple of weeks and you will be helping to raise funds to support our school.


Pre-order the NEW 2020-21 Entertainment Membership now and receive bonus offers you can use right away!



Order your book or digital membership now at  



Which vouchers will you use first?


Be a "Nossal Celebrity"

In 2020, the PFA are again offering every member of the Nossal High School community, the chance to have their own "celebrity paver" in the school's Walk of Fame, located at the front of the school.

The pavers feature the person's name and the year of their association with the school and are part of the growing and on-going history of of Nossal.  It is a joy to watch returning students and families go to the Walk of Fame area and not only search out their own name, but also those of others they shared their time at Nossal with.


The pavers cost $50.00 each and can be ordered at the school's office.  All money raised from this PFA project goes to facilities at our school.


Order your celebrity paver now, and be remembered as a Nossalonian in the school's Walk of Fame.

PFA Meeting Dates for 2020

The PFA will meet at Nossal on the following dates commencing at 7:00pm in The Jean Russell Centre.

  • Wednesday 5 February
  • Wednesday 4 March (Annual General Meeting)
  • Wednesday 6 May
  • Wednesday 3 June
  • Wednesday 5 August
  • Wednesday 2 September
  • Wednesday 7 October
  • Wednesday 4 November
  • Wednesday 2 December

NHS & Community Events and News

Great Art Show

Don't miss out on this annual event at Nossal High School.


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Please remember to provide all relevant details when leaving your message and a medical certificate on the student's return.

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