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02 August 2018
Issue Nine
Tips for feeding challenges
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Hi Everyone,

This term is going to be a term of surveys. The Department Parent Opinion Survey will be sent out to selected families. This year the survey is electronic so if you are part of the survey you will receive a separate letter or email from me with our school PIN. The survey needs to be completed by August 26th.

We will also send out our own Dandy Valley parent survey next week. This will include a new page regarding our performance over the last four years and the achievement of our strategic plan goals. In keeping with past practise we will enter everyone who responds into a draw for a $100 movie voucher.


Parents and carers can expect the students Individual Goals home on Monday afternoon. These goals reflect the three strategic plan goals of communication, independence and social competency. This is a step away from the past practise of setting goals related to the curriculum. We are still teaching the academic curriculum and school reports will come home in December related to academic achievement. These reports will also include a progress report on the individual goals. 2019 teachers will carry on working on the goals set this year and report on achievement mid next year.

As you know this is the first year we have separated out the individual goals from the academic report. It is a different process and we are confident it will enable at least some of our students to take ownership of their goal and their progress towards achieving it.


I have been visiting classrooms during the last few weeks and have noticed that students and staff are already talking about and planning for our school concert. Here is a very early heads up to put FRIDAY OCTOBER 26TH on your calendar because that is the date of this years’ concert.




Term Dates

Term 3: 16th July 2018 - 21st September 2018

Term 4: 8th October 2018 - 21st December 2018

Curriculum Days


Monday 5th November

4th Day To Be Confirmed

Mission Statement

Dandenong Valley SDS endeavours to equip students with the capacities to manage themselves and their relations with others, understand their world and act effectively in that world.

Our Vision

"To provide the best educational outcomes for children and young people with disabilities."

School Values

Integrity, Respect and Responsibility

School Rules

At Dandenong Valley SDS we are:

  • Respectful
  • Responsible
  • Safe
  • Learners


Special Days

23rd  July - 25th July - Book Fair

13th- 17th August - Science Week

21st August - Music Festival

Public Holidays

28th September -AFL Grand Final (term break)

6th November - Melbourne Cup Day


17th August 2018 - HPV (2nd dose)

Student Banking

EVERY Wednesday

Please ensure that the deposit slips are filled out completely and correctly, making sure the cash amount matches that of the deposit slip.

Banking cannot be processed if incomplete or amounts do not match.



Privacy Policy

The Department has developed a new Schools' Privacy Policy and related documents for all Victorian government schools. The new Schools’ Privacy Policy replaces any existing privacy policies used by schools.

This policy can be viewed on the DET website at http://www.education.vic.gov.au/Pages/schoolsprivacypolicy.aspx

Alternatively, there is a link on the Dandenong Valley SDS website in the documents section.

Child Safe Policy

Dandenong Valley SDS is a Child Safe School.

Please read our Child Safe Policy on our schools website

under the document heading.



Deon (Junior School)

Deon received his Principal's Award for being a Learner by using proloQuo2go.


Neevie (Junior School)

Neevie received her award for being a Learner by using PECS.


Edona (Middle School)

Edona received her Principal's Award for being Responsible and returning to class promptly after breaks.


Rebekah (Middle School)

Rebekah received her Principal's Award for being Responsible when walking to and from the pool independently.


Antonio (Senior School)

Antonio received his Principal's Award for being a Learner and communicating with Intensive Interaction. 


William (Senior School)

William received his Principal's Award for being a Learner and showing an interest in the current theme.


Nooroa (Transition)

Nooroa received his Principal's Award for being Responsible across the work area.


Rayhan (PMP)

Rayhan received his Principal's Award for being a Learner in PMP and in bike riding.


Oliver (Art)

Oliver received his Principal's Award for being a Learner and participating in Art.




SWPBS stands for School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support. It is a framework for developing and explicitly teaching appropriate and positive behaviours.

Teaching, modelling and reinforcing positive social behaviour is an important part of a student’s educational experience. Teaching behavioural expectations and acknowledging students for meeting them is a much more positive approach than waiting for misbehaviour to occur before responding.






  • Students who demonstrate behaviour that is respectful, responsible, safe or as a learner can earn treasure tickets for a draw at Assembly. Each treasure ticket earns 5 House points
  • Names of “Playground Treasures” are published in the newsletter.


Dr Seuss with Room 13

In Room 13 this term we decided on a Dr Seuss theme for our book of the week activities. The children have loved the rhyming in the stories and the beautiful artwork they have created. Each week we do a  different Dr Seuss book, this week we are reading: One  fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. The book of the week activities have really engaged the children in a love of reading and they really enjoy grabbing a book and reading together after lunch each day.



Tips for feeding challenges

FOOD IS FUN - Tips for feeding challenges

Family Meals

  • Try to have  meals at scheduled times.
  • Give a verbal warning  before meal times i.e. (5 minutes until dinner).
  • Introduce a transitioning activity i.e. (time to go wash your hands).
  • 90, 90, 90 degrees at hips, knees and ankles.
  • Serve up the family meal to everyone at the table, everyone has some of the preferred foods and having an extra “not tonight plate”.
  • Make sure there is one of the child's preferred food.
  • Turn off the TV, try to be good eating role models. Praise for any given attempts i.e. smelling the food, licking tasting & looking.
  • Clean up! Everyone independently has to clear their bowl or plate into the bin at the end.
  • Do not force the child to try food items, let them explore and put them on the “not tonight plate


Participant & Support Coordinator Frequently Asked Questions

What is in-kind?

Before the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was established, states and territories either delivered services directly or paid for providers to deliver services to people with disabilities. In some situations, states and territories continue to pay for or provide these services directly and NDIS participants will continue using these services. These pre-paid supports and services are called in-kind.

This means that nothing will change in the way the service is delivered or how you access the service.

How long will in-kind arrangements be in place?

It is expected that in-kind arrangements will be in place between July 2016 - July 2019 Is Student Transport in-kind?Yes. States and territories will continue to fund and provide student transport directly so if you are approved to access student transport then you use this service. You do not need to pay cash for this service.

What will be in my plan?

Student transport will be in your plan as an in-kind item. The dollar ($) amount in your plan is the same for everyone in your state or territory. As a result, the dollar amount recorded in your plan does not reflect the actual value of the service that you are receiving. This does not affect your existing supports and services. This amount will not change if your services increase or decrease.

Can I spend the amount in my plan?

No. Student transport is an in-kind service. This means that there is no cash actually available for you to spend on this service.

Can I use a different transport provider?

No. The state or territory program that you access for student transport will continue to deliver this service.

Can I self-manage in-kind supports?

No. All in-kind supports are ‘agency managed’.

You can manage the rest of your NDIS plan.

I’ve noticed a new Service Booking with an in-kind provider and support item details. Why has this Service Booking suddenly appeared?

As part of the ongoing development of the participant portal myplace, participant data is being updated to include in-kind Service Bookings.

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has set up a Service Booking to reflect the in-kind services for transport.

This does not affect your existing supports and services.

I have received a letter about in-kind Service Bookings. Why can’t I see these Service Bookings?

The Service Bookings are created as the information is made available to the NDIA.  This may result in a delay between when a Service Booking is created and when it appears in the participant portal.

This process does not affect your existing supports and services.

I haven't received all of these services but all claims have been made. Why?

The NDIA has claimed all of these services until the end of the financial year. This is in place to help the NDIA manage in-kind commitments.

This does not affect your existing supports and services.

As a new participant, can I access in-kind student transport?

If you are already accessing or are approved for a Government-provided student transport service then your access to that service will be in-kind. If you are not eligible for that service then you will need to talk with your Local Area Coordinator, Support Coordinator or the NDIA about options to get to and from school.

Who do I speak to for more information?

Please speak with your Local Area Coordinator, Support Coordinator or the NDIA if you require more information.  If you do not have contact details for your Local Area Coordinator or NDIA Office, you can call 1800 800 110 for more information.


Students with Disabilities Transport Program (SDTP)

The Department of Education and Training’s Students with Disabilities Transport Program (SDTP)

provides daily transport assistance to 9,000 students attending specialist schools in Victoria.

The Department considers the safety of students to be of paramount importance, and in 2017 the

Student Transport Unit (STU) undertook a comprehensive review of the SDTP to improve and

strengthen the standard of service delivery and safety for students.

Ensuring that the SDTP policy is applied fairly and consistently and that all records are maintained and up to date is key to the provision of a safe, efficient service.

All requests for transport or changes to existing transport arrangements must be authorised by the school (and in certain cases STU) and approved by the relevant bus operators. This process can take some time so we would ask that families provide as much notice as possible when submitting requests. If you are moving and will require transport from a new address a new application for transport is required and we will need  a minimum of two weeks notice. Requests regarding bus stops may be processed  within a shorter time frame but notice is still required.  

Please be aware that even with sufficient notice, not all requests can be accommodated as many of our buses are already operating at full capacity. Requests for temporary changes cannot usually be accommodated.

Please note: Families transitioning to NDIS may have noticed a dollar amount for transport appearing on their plan. Information about this is included elsewhere in this newsletter.





Griffin survivor cases for iPad mini, mini 2 and mini 3.

These tough protective cases normally retail for between $80 and $90 and we are offering them to families for $40. Please contact the office if you are interested.

Please note, these do not fit the latest ipad mini 4


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