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01 June 2018
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Principal's Post 

From the Principal

This week is National Reconciliation Week and In keeping with this year’s theme – Don’t Keep History a Mystery, it has been a great opportunity to engage with the theme of historical acceptance and better understand how truth-telling can play a critical role on our path to becoming a reconciled nation.

Today, I had the pleasure of joining a broad range of representatives from our wider community at the local Mullum- Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place to Acknowledge our first Australians, participate in a Smoking Ceremony and enjoy performances by - Kutcha Edwards, Yeng-Gali Mullum Mullum and Ringwood Secondary College students. 

Kutcha Edwards has been working with the Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place community, students from Ringwood Secondary College, and Daen Sansbury-Smith to write new songs about reconciliation that were performed today. I was very proud of the work undertaken by our students and the learning that they have experienced by being part of this process


Australian student teams recently competed in the International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IM2C) and demonstrated that Maths can help with real-life, everyday decision making. Coordinated in Australia by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), IM2C is a mathematical modelling competition that invites teams of up to four students from secondary schools to visualise, understand and apply mathematics in order to develop an original mathematical model that solves a common problem.


Australian teams entered for IM2C 2018 used their research, mathematical and creative abilities to develop a mathematical model to address a problem that students might face in their daily lives: deciding which hospital would be the best choice for non-emergency treatment. 


A student team from Ringwood was selected as one of the 12 National finalists from 163 competing teams. Congratulations to Emma van Dijk, Andras Krajko and Dean Stevens with team advisor Donna Mackinnon (Years 11 and 12) on such an outstanding achievement.

Last week was an ideal day for our College Athletics sports and the turnout and participation across the day by all students was terrific. Congratulations to Jackman House on their overall success on the day and we look forward to lots of further House activities throughout the year.

The PCTA provided a lovely morning tea for staff earlier this week, in which we also inducted Jennifer Ward into our Heritage Hall of Fame in recognition of her services as an educational leader, community contributor and volunteer over the past 44 years.

It was also fitting to recognise the 20 year service to Ringwood Secondary College of Alison Bailey and Virginia Martin and 40 year service of Rod Allison. Thank-you all for your contribution.


Michael Phillips


Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

PCTA Staff Thank You Morning Tea


On Wednesday 30th May there was a celebratory morning tea organised by the Parent Citizens Teacher Association (PCTA) to thank all staff at Ringwood Secondary College for the work they do.

Here is part of the speech from the President of the PCTA, Tracey Howell:


‘We want to acknowledge your efforts in creating a learning environment that is filled with enthusiasm, commitment, perseverance and personal bests. We know these efforts continue to have a long term impact not only on the lives of the students you support and teach, but on our community as a whole. We take this opportunity to thank you for the care and respect you continually show our children’.


With the inductees, old friends, Heritage and Alumni members, PCTA members past and present, current teaching and support staff, the morning tea was a lovely occasion to reflect on the significant impact we have on the lives of the generations of students we educate and to celebrate staff who have had longevity and impact in their roles.


Our thanks go to the members of the PCTA for this event.


Opportunities for all on Athletics Day

The Athletics day, apart from providing glorious weather, keen endeavour and sportsmanship, skill and precision, endurance and much cheering for ones House, also provided students with a reason to dress up and to perform a rap song of their own. While all Year 7 students who participated in the rap competition displayed courage and creativity, Travis Hillier stood out for his innovation and daring. Travis rapped in French, a language he has begun learning this year! His tune was catchy and lively. He delivered his message about wearing ties eloquently.


Conversation in Compass

I have enjoyed using the Compass component called Conversation with students and have them reflect on their learning as part of the formative assessment before their major learning task. Here are some responses to the question, ‘What did you learn from the writing activity?’ that student responded to after correction of their work and a consultation had taken place.


I learnt how to tell the reasons why my friend likes/dislikes the subjects and when to use masculine or feminine nouns. 

I've learnt that you shouldn't put 'c'est' in when you're saying the teacher is good and how to spell teacher properly.

I learnt that 'she likes' is elle aime, with an 'e' ending for aime. I missed that for all my sentences. 


Positive Education Conference

I was fortunate to attend this conference along with 3 other staff members from the college. The consciousness around what Positive Education can look like in schools is being realised as they address and apply the basic principles of positive education to their local contexts. Highlighted were the models of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and Martin Seligman’s Character Strengths which we have adapted into our BOUNCE program.

The presenters were varied- Nic Newling, Mental Health Advocate, Dana Kerford, founder of URSTRONG, Sabina Read, The Family Peace Foundation, Professor Toni Noble, Educational Psychologist, Justin Robinson, Director of the Institute of Positive Education – but their message of hope and support for the wellbeing of students was clear.  The Workshop Rhythm2Recovery run by Simon Faulkner concentrated on music for social and emotional wellbeing.


What this workshop highlighted, as everyone participated in a group music making session, was the importance of accessible musical instruments such as drums and percussion to improve connection, expression and self- esteem. 


Many ideas were generated and will be discussed with the purpose of enhancing our wellbeing programs.



Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal


From Mr Barut

As the term draws to an end, the ‘busy-ness’ of college life accelerates for all our students. Notwithstanding the onset of exams, SACs, Assessment Tasks, Learning Outcomes, Homework Tasks, etc etc, our students are working hard to achieve their personal best.


Reports for parents will be published on Compass in the last week of term and what a great opportunity for all our young learners to reflect on their own learning habits and practice.


Questions to ask and reflect upon:

  • Am I ‘present’ in the classroom?
  • Am I easily distracted?
  • Have I listened to teacher instruction?
  • Am I familiar with the assessment criteria?
  • Do I heed and act upon feedback?
  • Have I checked my Learning Tasks on Compass?


These parameters all involve the students being invested in their learning journey – there is no point in our students coming to school watching our teachers work hard without them reciprocating! It is a shared partnership. We are working towards each other’s success.



Year 7 have almost completed their first semester of secondary schooling! Well done to all of them. They have some celebrations at the end of term that will involve a trivia afternoon. As I write, they are busily getting their tables together for this great afternoon.


To all our Year 7 parents, keep your eye on Compass, as the Junior School team have planned a coffee morning for parents to come in a see the school at work. The date is set for June the 15th from 10.30 until 11.30. We would love to see you there.


The Year 8 cohort have become the ‘veterans’ of the Junior School as now they see themselves as established – great to see.


Our Middle School is heading into a busy time also, as Year 10 have exams, Central and work experience and the Year 9 cohort is busily preparing for all their Assessment Tasks.


The Senior School is very, very busy as SACs, exams, revision and homework are very much a part of reality. Year 11s have exams, Year 12s have the GAT and somewhere in there the Queen has a birthday! Please ask your son/daughter about how they travelling and get involved in their school life as best as you can.



As stipulated previously, the College always welcomes your feedback and they are happy to assist you with any concerns that may be impacting on your son’s/daughter’s learning and well being. House co-ordinators are available for these discussions, as are the teaching staff.


Please remember, that all interactions must be respectful, measured and solution focussed, in line with the College value of Respectful Relationships.


James Barut

Assistant Principal.

From Mrs Allison

Community support is the backbone of our educational future. Ringwood Secondary College is very fortunate to have wonderful support from our parent community. The Music Association supports our music program by actively raising funds (outlined below), throughout the year to purchase musical instruments for student use.


The annual Chocolate Drive has been recently launched. Chocolates will be distributed soon to families participating in the music program. The 2018 edition of The Entertainment™ Book (EB) (cost-$70) is another fundraiser to support Ringwood Secondary College. The EB is a local restaurant and activity guide which provides hundreds of up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers from the finest restaurants, cafes, attractions, activities, retailers and hotel accommodation. The membership entitles buyers to exclusive offers that are virtually restriction-free, and is valid through to 1 June 2019!
If you prefer to use a digital membership… The Entertainment™ Digital Membership puts all of the value of the Entertainment™ Book into the customer's smartphone. To order your copy of The Entertainment™ Digital Membership or The Entertainment™ Book refer to the attached file.


Mindfulness: Staff professional learning

Ringwood Secondary College was very fortunate in having Dr Craig Hassed, Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer at Monash University’s Department of General Practice, deliver a workshop on mindfulness to our staff this week. Craig outlined the practice of mindfulness meditation, it uses of dealing with distractions, multitasking, communication, stress and performance and how it can enhance creativity, problem solving and decision making.


Wellbeing Focus

This week’s wellbeing focus is: Compassion

(Living by Giving)


This term’s character strength focus is: Gratitude

(being aware and thankful of the good things that happen and taking time to express thanks)

“Research from Stanford University on compassion, which included the input from Dr James Doti and the Dalai Lama, has revealed that the more people give of themselves to help others benefit and shine as people, the less they focus on the negatives in their lives and the more they focus on the positives; the more they give the more they live”.

Sir Winston Churchill alluded to this is by saying, “we make a living by what we get, but live by what we give.” Living by giving to build your and other peoples’ wellbeing fitness is a proactive way to boost our self-esteem. Research also indicated that people who adopted compassion by wanting to do selfless acts of kindness (altruism), showed less anxiety and more positive attitudes to life. With a growth mindset, people will have better health and more meaningful and harmonious relationships.

By focusing on building students’ self-esteem, they can feel good about themselves which has a flow on effect so they are happy in themselves and motivated to learn. Students who possess a healthy sense of self-esteem usually do positive and good things to help others.

The act of compassion is a very powerful mechanism for personal growth and community wellbeing. Be mindfully on the lookout for opportunities to do acts of kindness for others, when others do them and when you receive them yourself.


Maria Allison

Assistant Principal

From the Office

RSC Work Futures Expo 2019 

The Heritage and Alumni Group is supporting the Principal in putting together an expo to introduce students and their parents to what is trending as a new approach to finding jobs in the workplace of the future.  We are working from a research document produced by the Foundation for Young Australians (fya) who have shown jobs are now grouped in 7 clusters of job types.  Each cluster has job skills that are specific to the type of work in that cluster, also outlining job skills that cover many clusters, known as ‘transportable skills’ which are necessary in all job clusters.


To share this understanding we will be holding an evening on Wednesday 19th June 2019 where displays will provide details and there will be guest speakers to talk about the changes they see in their workplaces.  We are seeking past students of RSC who are now well-placed in their careers and who will be willing to share their experiences in this new workplace environment.  


There will be Keynote Speakers at the beginning of the evening introducing the future trends in workplaces.  We have just commenced putting this event together and more details will be shown in similar articles in this newsletter during this year. 

For further details contact the school or the convenor, Barry Ring, at [email protected]


Barry Ring

Heritage and Alumni Group

The Addams Family @ Ringwood SC in 2018

Rehearsals are well under way for this years production of 'The Addams Family' - check out the rehearsals with our amazing cast:


The Addams Family features an original story, and it’s every father’s nightmare.

Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darkness, has grown up and fallen in love with a sweet, smart young man from a respectable family – a man her parents have never met. And if that weren’t upsetting enough, Wednesday confides in her father and begs him not to tell her mother.

Now, Gomez Addams must do something he’s never done before – keep a secret from his beloved wife, Morticia.

Everything will change for the whole family on the fateful night they host a dinner for Wednesday’s ‘normal’ boyfriend and his parents.


Don't miss out on your tickets for the 2018 Production of The Addams family.


Karl McNamara

Director of Performing Arts

Melbourne University Girl Power

RSC would like to congratulate Lucy Philp on being selected as one of the 30 students into the Melbourne University Girl Power in STEM program. The program hopes to contribute towards gender parity in STEM disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The response to the program was overwhelming with over 350 applications received state wide. Over the next four years Lucy will be involved camps as well as work experience placements and mentoring opportunities from the University of Melbourne’s Engineering and IT Faculties. We wish Lucy the best of luck and all of our support in working with Melbourne Univeristy.


Anna Benson

Student Wellbeing



Recent activity around the school includes:

  • New LED high-bay lights in the gymnasium
  • Service of all Gymnasium Weights equipment
  • Completion of new LED lights in Wellbeing
  • New fridges in Food Technology and RT
  • New hot water unit in Canteen
  • Oval tiers-Close to 3 tiers now done!

Chris Salisbury


Attendance line operates 24/7 not just in school hours so please leave a message

9845 7519



  • A child’s education depends on regular school attendance
  • Students develop good habits by coming to school that are important later in life
  • Missing school will impact not only academically but can affect the relationships with their peers and the general school community
  • Students who regularly miss school may have lower levels of achievement in literacy and numeracy


Please contact the school as soon as possible and let your child’s year level

Coordinator or other relevant staff members know.  The school can only help if we know about any problems or issues affecting regular attendance.



  • Always call the attendance line or update Compass on the day of an absence
  • Only allow a student to stay home for legitimate reasons this is particularly important for VCE students who must maintain an 90% or above class attendance for all subjects
  • Notify the school at least 2 weeks before taking any holidays outside of term breaks so that any important work that may be missed can be given to the student beforehand.


Please update May absences on Compass as soon as possible.


Kay Priestley

Attendance Officer

From the Chaplain

“Good enough parenting”.

This challenging phrase came out of a recent conference I attended. Last week Gail and I had the pleasure of connecting with chaplains from all around the state on our annual Chaplaincy conference. 


The theme for the conference was ‘resilience’. We were privileged, hearing from some amazing speakers about how to assist all people with their own resilience.  This is where the challenging phrase came in. The phrase was used to illustrate the importance for parents not to over parent but to offer ‘good enough parenting’.

The premise was that young people need to be allowed to play an active role in their upbringing as they attempt to develop the skills they will need when they mature into adults.  If we step in too early when our children struggle or we constantly bail them out at the first sign of stress they are not developing the the skills they need to become active citizens in their own lives. 


So with caution and a balancing finesse, see how you go stepping back slightly and watching your kids fail safely. Then with your guidance, rather than control, seek to help them develop their own solutions to their problems. Big challenge!


I’d love to hear how it goes for you.


Adam Bryant


Sub Schools

Junior School

We are at the half way point of Term 2 and there is a lot to look forward to over the next few weeks. Here is a snapshot of what’s coming up and what we have been up to in the Junior School.


Looking Ahead:

Year 8 “Cyberia” Cyber Bullying Presentation- Tuesday 5th of June

Year 7 Parents Coffee Morning- Friday 15th of June

Year 7 House Trivia Afternoon- Friday 29th of June


Assessment and Reports:

A reminder to students and parents that teachers are in the process of finalising assessments for the end of semester reports. Checking compass learning tasks for any overdue work is essential and submitting any outstanding assessment tasks should be done in a timely manner. To assist students, the Junior School will be offering catch up sessions for students on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 8am. Teachers may request students to attend via a compass post so please keep an eye out for these. Please contact your child’s classroom teacher if you wish for your child to attend a catch up session to complete any outstanding subject specific tasks. It will be supervised by Junior School Co-ordinators.



Transition News:

We will once again be welcoming parents/guardians of Year 7 students into the Junior School building for a morning coffee and a walk around into the open classrooms to see your students in action. This is the second opportunity parents will have with the event back by popular demand. If you missed out during first term, please get in quick, as there are limited places.

There will be details on booking a place coming out very soon via Compass News. Stay tuned.


As a celebration for the last day of semester 1, year 7 students will take part in a House based Trivia afternoon. This will take place at Manningham Council Function Centre and students will be travelling by Coach to the venue. Lunch will be provided. Please keep an eye out on Compass for the event notice including all of the details of the afternoon and please ensure your child’s dietary requirements are emailed to Voula Margellis [email protected]

for catering purposes. Students should sign up to a table in house groups and are encouraged to bring house coloured table decorations on the day for bonus trivia points. We are looking forward to a fun way to celebrate the end of term as well as build connections within the year 7 cohort and within the Houses.

The year 7s today were lucky to meet one of the Melbourne Football Club’s women’s players Ash Guest. Ash spoke to the starstruck year 7s about mindfulness and the strategies she uses to get herself focused and ready to play sport at the elite level, citing the Smiling Mind app as her favourite mindfulness tool. She also spoke about resilience and how she dealt with setbacks throughout her life and her career as a footballer. Lastly, she mentioned how she prioritises her life, training commitments, work commitments (like coming out to Ringwood SC) and used a time management strategy called the ‘grid of 9’ where she prioritised 9 aspects of work/life/leisure into a timetable in order to manage her time effectively. The students were very engaged and some lucky students who answered some questions were able to have a photo with her.


Athletics Carnival:

It was great to see so many Junior students participating at the Athletics Carnival on Friday 25th of May. The PE Learning Area based an assessment task around participation on the day and it saw our Junior students showcase their talents as well as new skills they had learnt in both field and track events, some of which they had never tried before. It was a great example of getting in and having a go, with all students contributing points to their house just for participating. It was pleasing to see so many junior school students having a go and having a great time while they were there.

Winter Uniform:

A reminder that with the cold weather approaching, winter uniform should be worn which includes

  • white socks or black tights
  • the College skirt or tailored pants
  • the white college blouse or shirt (shirt to be worn with the tie)
  • Outerwear: Students can wear the grey College Jumper and/or the black College jacket.
  • Black leather polishable footwear (without visible logos)
  • A reminder that rugby jumpers are ONLY to be worn during PE as an optional item.
  • Accessories: plain scarves, gloves or beanies (no logos in maroon, grey, black or white)
  • Hoodies, non uniform jumpers/jackets are not to be worn and may be confiscated

Anna Urbano

Junior Sub School Leader

Middle School

National Reconciliation Week

This week (27th May – 3rd June) is National Reconciliation Week. (NRW) These two dates commemorate two very significant events in Australia's history:

  • The 1967 Referendum, which gave the Commonwealth the power to make laws for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and recognise them in the national census, and
  • The Mabo Decision, which legally recognized that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have a special relationship to the land, paved the way for Native Title, and overturned Terra Nullius.

NRW is a time where Australians come together to join the reconciliation effort. It's a time where we learn about our shared stories and cultures and move forward towards a brighter and more equal future for all Australians. This year’s theme is: ‘Don’t make History a mystery’ – with a focus on highlighting some of the lesser known aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures, and achievements.


The Year 9s will be looking at this theme during InterGREAT this week and discussing how it can strengthen communities. 

To find out more about National Reconciliation Week follow this link:

While you’re at it, why not check out some Indigenous films over the coming weeks. Here’s a great list, many of which are freely available through Kanopy or SBS on Demand:


Virginia Watson

InterGREAT coordinator

Senior School

End of Unit 1 & Unit 3

The end of Unit 1 and Unit 3 is fast approaching. Please be aware of the following:

  • Friday 1st June – Last day of Unit 1 classes, final day to submit work for an S/N, attendance will be taken from this day (must be 90% + in the VCE column to receive an S)
  • Friday 8th June - Last day of Unit 3 classes, final day to submit work for an S/N, attendance will be taken from this day (must be 90% + in the VCE column to receive an S)


It is the responsibility of students to ensure they have submitted all required work, and to speak to their House Coordinator if there are any concerns.


Year 11 Exams

These will run from Monday 4th June – Friday 8th June. There are no scheduled classes for this week, students are only required when they have an exam.

The study centre and library are open and available for use during the day, and students are encouraged to communicate with teachers in preparation for their exam.

Year 11 students who are completing a Year 12 subject will still need to attend their Year 12 classes, around their exams. They should be speaking with their Year 12 teacher this week re: arrangements.


Year 11 Subject Changes

Subject change forms are due by Friday 1st June at 2pm. No forms will be accepted after this date. Students will receive an email by mid exam week informing them that:

  1. Their subject change was successful – their new timetable will be on Compass for Tuesday 12th June start
  2. Their subject change was unsuccessful – they must come to Senior School to speak to us re: options. All subject changes must be completed by lunchtime Friday 8th June, so students must ensure they check their emails.


Year 12 GAT

All students studying a Year 12 subject in 2018 (including scored VET subjects) must sit the GAT. These students attended a briefing last Thursday in Year 12 Common.

The GAT is on Wednesday 13th June 10am – 1:15pm. Seating lists will be in the study centre the Friday before.

Note – there are NO VCE classes for Year 11 or Year 12 on this day.


The end of Unit is a busy time for staff and students. Students are reminded to please keep checking Compass to ensure all work is submitted, and to keep in touch with their teachers in preparation for SACs and exams. Please come and speak to Senior School if there are any concerns, or you are feeling overwhelmed.


Good Luck for the upcoming few weeks!


Head Prefects Visit to Parliament House

On Tuesday 22nd May Ciara and Ben attended a School Captains Function at Parliament House hosted by the Hon. Bruce Atkinson MLP and the Hon. Mary Wooldridge MP. It was a fantastic opportunity to mingle with School Captains from schools in the Eastern Metropolitan Region, before hearing from a number of State MPs regarding leadership, the challenges of conflict resolution, community engagement and work-life balance. This was followed by a tour of State Parliament, where we were fortunate to see both the Lower and Upper House in session. It was certainly interesting to see how Parliament functions, and that they were still sitting at 8pm. We’d like to thank all the Members of Parliament who gave up their time to speak with all the School Captains.


Exam Supervisors Needed for the GAT

RSC is still in need of a few exam supervisors for the GAT this year. You would need to actively supervise students, assist with set out and collection of exam papers, complete VCAA paperwork as required, and assist the Chief Supervisor where needed.

You would need:

  • To be available Wednesday 13th June from 9:30am – 1:45pm (approximately). The exam is from 10am – 1:15pm.
  • You need a current employee working with children’s check
  • You cannot be related to any student completing a Year 12 subject in 2018, or related to a teacher who is teaching a Year 12 subject in 2018.
  • This is a paid role

If you are able to help, please contact either Cathy Menz ([email protected]) or Emma Lim ([email protected]) or phone Senior School on 9870 2002 ASAP.



Around the School

METEC Year 10

On Friday the 18th May, Year 10 students in Mabo and Freeman went to METEC. Throughout the day we learnt many things about cars, how they work and how to drive them. We were separated into 2 different groups, 5 cars with 3 students in each and 1 instructor. Each student had a turn of driving the car for a period of time, we drove through cones and reversed through bollards. Overall it was a valuable day that we will remember for a long time.

Julia Germano, Year 10

As part of the Year 10 Health course, some Year 10 students travelled to the METEC driving training centre, where we had the opportunity to learn about the key components of road safety. The day included a range of theory and practical driving lessons, covering everything from safe driving procedure to tyre and vehicle checks. This included driving around a course, with an instructor, gaining first-hand knowledge and experience of driving. At first most were a little nervous, especially if it was their first time behind a wheel. However, at the end of the day we had all gained some new knowledge and experience with driving, especially learning the importance of road safety and awareness.

Kate Hine, Year 10

Any students who are looking for a fantastic driving instructor are encouraged to call Daryl Smith - 0400 166 856/9727 1726 or email him on: [email protected]

If you mention that you attended the METEC excursion you get a 10% discount on your driving lessons.

Alyce Bailey

Middle School Coordinator | Ringwood SC 

Careers News

Catch up on all the news from our Careers Department

Helen Doherty



 ‘Celebrating the Arts’ was this year’s them for Education Week 2018.

Running from Monday 21st to Friday 25th of May, Ringwood Secondary College (RSC) provided students, teachers and the community with the opportunity to get involved in a range of music, dance, drama, media and visual arts activities.

The Performing Arts and Visual Arts staff joined forces to showcase what is being done to drive student achievement in the Arts curriculum at RSC. A range of activities were planned throughout Education Week such as; open classrooms, photo booth, jazz combo rehearsal, art club, printmaking workshop, Addams Family open rehearsal, music concert, local artist working on designs for murals, Kutcha Edwards song writing workshop and a karaoke / sing-a-long.

Education Week was a great opportunity to showcase the outstanding work we all do, and highlight our student achievements. We would like to thank all of the Arts Prefects for assisting with the lunchtime activities. They displayed motivation, creativity, confidence and leadership skills.

I would also like to thank the Head of Performing Arts, Mr Boyd-Gerny and the Visual Arts Coordinator Miss Whitfield, and all of the dedicated Arts staff for their contributions and tireless work in making Education Week a huge success.


Mrs Mihailidis

Head of Visual Arts

Victorian State Library Forum

On Monday the 7th of May, Year 11 student leaders Michael Syme and I (Phoebe Roach), attended a forum at the Victorian State Library, which gave us the opportunity as youth to express our opinions on our local area, as well as provide feedback as to what the government can do to further strengthen our communities for young people. These areas of improvement included mental health care, recreational spaces and safer public transport.

Throughout the day, we got to collaborate with nearby schools and ask questions to a panel of professionals who are willing to make changes. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to seeing these changes start to be implemented throughout the Eastern area. 


Phoebe Roach


Sports News


The Junior Boy’s Netball Teams ventured out this week to Pinks Reserve, to compete against Mooroolbark, Norwood and Melba. Two teams represented RSC, consisting mainly of year 7’s, with all team members eager and keen to play. Lucy Philp of year 9 assisted on the day, willingly taking on a coach’s role. Both teams were able to produce solid wins throughout the day and the ‘A’ Team were successful in making the final. The boys displayed excellent attacking and defensive skills throughout the match and with a teeth grinding finish, only lost by one goal. An amazing effort by all, however, our defensive duo Luke Anderson and Ryan Egan were consistently dominant in every match. Congratulations boys on a great effort.

Participants included:

Will Stanfield, Nick Seregin, Jesse Macleod, Luke Anderson, Lachie Clarke, Ryan Egan, Riley Weatherhill, Jamie Droscher, Jack Campbell, Tyler Kennedy, Jackson Pollock, Oscar Sterritt, Hudson Bowman, Oskar Moore, Noah Philp, Noah Jorna, Brady Scotti and Finn Kelly.


Mrs. Edwards

(Phys Ed Coordinator/PE/Health Teacher)



Congratulations and thank you to all students who registered and participated in ‘ACTIVE APRIL’!!!! Ringwood Secondary, compared to other schools of similar size, had one of the largest number of registrations. As a result, our school has won a $750 Sportsmart Voucher, which the Phys Ed department will use toward some updated equipment. This is a very successful outcome for our first year involved in the program and we are really looking forward to encouraging more participants in 2019.


Mrs. Aveling and Mrs. Edwards

(Phys Ed Coordinators)





Community News

Sports Camps Australia


Looking for something to do on the school holidays?


Rogers and Hammerstein’s Broadway Show: Cinderella.

Come and join the Diamond Valley Singers production of the 8-performance season of this well-known Rogers and Hammerstein’s Broadway Show: Cinderella.

“With the step mother looking for a prince to marry one of her step sisters, the scene is set. The show has great warmth and more than a touch of hilarity, as the hearts of children and adults alike soar when the slipper fits Cinderella.”

Cinderella is a song spectacular featuring a fabulous, cast and dazzling sets.  This is a show not to be missed!” shares Tam Smith , Director.

 “Acting locally and thinking Globally” Diamond Valley Singers will donate proceeds from the performances to International Needs Australia, Open House in Ivanhoe and the Elizabeth Nursery School in Malawi.


Performance Details:

All Performances are at the Fully Refurbished Warrandyte High School Theatre, Alexander Road, Warrandyte.


Friday July 6, 8pm
Saturday July 7, 2pm & 8pm
Sunday July 8, 2pm
Wednesday July 11, 2pm
Friday July 13, 8pm
Saturday July 14, 2pm & 8pm

Web Site:

School Holiday event on the 30th of June in Melbourne.

We are hosting a PC tournament and fun day out at Cydus Internet Cafe with prizes in our large Fortnite competition (a very popular game among secondary students) with smaller competitions in friendly multiplayer games – GangBeasts, ScreenCheat and DiveKick.   

All games are suitable for 12 years and over:


Fortnite -

Gang Beasts -

ScreenCheat -

DiveKick -


Upcoming Wellbeing Events

Maroondah Voice invites you to join us at Heathmont College on Wednesday June 13 at
6.30pm for 7pm to explore youth mental health and community wellbeing.


RSC News
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