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14 June 2018
Issue Nine
Principal's Message
Diary Dates 2018
Stars of the Week
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Year 3 & 4
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Principal's Message

ThinkUKnow for Parents, Carers and Teachers

Yarra Road Primary School is hosting a ThinkUKnow presentation in the Bower Building on Wednesday 20 June, 2018 at 6:00 pm and all parents, carers and teachers are encouraged to attend.


ThinkUKnow is a free, evidence-based cyber safety program that provides presentations to Australian parents, carers, teachers and students. It provides information on the technologies young people use, the challenges they may face, and importantly, how they can be overcome. 
What young people SEE online
What young people SAY online
What young people DO online


To let us know you are coming please click on the event below.


School Jumpers

With the colder weather upon us a timely reminder to check that your child’s jumpers are clearly named. Please also check that your child is wearing his/her own top as several clearly named tops have gone missing.

The lost property box, outside the canteen near the gym door, is overflowing with clothing. If named, items are easily returned to the owner. Please ensure that you change name labels on second hand uniform items so they can be returned to their rightful owner.

Semester 1 Student Reports and Parent Teacher Interviews / Three Way Conferences

Semester 1 Student Reports will be made available to parents, via Compass, next Friday 22 June. A printed copy of your child’s report will not be sent home. You will be able to read, and if desired, print your own copy of the report directly from your child’s Compass dashboard.

An important part of the reporting process is attending a Parent / Teacher Interview (Prep to Year 2) or Three Way Conference (Year 3 – 6).  These meetings, which will be held in the last week of term, allow for further discussion about student achievement, progress, next steps for student learning and to raise any concerns.

Parents will be able to book meeting times via Compass. Details of how to do so will be communicated in a Compass notification tomorrow. Check your news feed.

For children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 parents will be able to book Three Way Conferences in 5 minute blocks to enable you to meet with your child’s home group, literacy and numeracy teachers, as needed.

Parents of children in Prep to Year 2 will be able to book a ten minute Parent / Teacher meeting with their child’s home group teacher to discuss all aspects of their child’s learning.

Interview / conference times will be available over several days, and may be offered before and/or after school and in the evening. Please check dates and times carefully and be mindful to allow time to move between teachers, if you will be seeing more than one teacher on the same day.

Prep 2019 Enrolments

A reminder to current families, with children starting in Prep in 2019, to please ensure they have completed an enrolment form for their child and handed it in to the office before the end of Term, Friday 29 June.

Our Prep 2019 Transition Program, for enrolled students, commences in the second week of Term 3, on Friday 27 July.


Pop up Working Bee Thursday 21st June at 2:30pm 

We will have our next POP UP WORKING BEE at Back Gate, next Thursday 21 June, at 2:30 pm, weather permitting! Our tasks will include pruning along the footpath, sweeping/raking paths and removing built up gravel. All welcome, if only for a short time!

A huge thank you to the parents who helped out at our Pop Up Working Bee at the Front Entrance on June 1. An hour of work made for a much neater and safer play ground. Thank you to the White, Klewer, Strahan, Ordon, Allen and Shaw families for their fabulous contribution.


Attendance - Every day counts

Attendance Late/Not Present letters have been sent home today for any children that have unexplained absences. It is very important that we have all of these returned and explained. Please see below a fact sheet for Parents and Carers from the department including new attendance requirments and our schools Attendance Policy. 


Diary Dates 2018

Term Dates 2018

Term 1:
Tuesday 30th January - Thursday 29th March 

School Holidays: Friday 30th March - Sunday 15th April


Term 2:
Monday 16th April - Friday 29th June

School Holidays: Saturday 30th June - Sunday 15th July


Term 3:
Monday 16th July - Friday 21st September

School Holidays: Saturday 22nd September - Sunday 7th October


Term 4:
Monday 8th October - Friday 21st December 

2018/2019 Summer School Holidays: Saturday 22nd December 2018 - Tuesday 29th January 2019


Curriculum Days/Student Free Days:

Friday 7 September


Friday 15

Inter School Sport Term 2 Round 8


Friday 22


Inter School Sport Term 2 Round 9


Friday 29
Last day of Term 2

2:30pm finish


Monday 16

First day back Term 3

Monday 16 - Wednesday 18

Year 5 Phillip Island Camp


Tuesday 31
Year 3/4 Taskworks Excursion


Friday 3

Hoop Time Year 1 & 2

4th Installment for Parent Payment Charges due


Monday 6 - Wednesday 8 

School Dentist


Friday 10

First Aid in Schools Student Program


Saturday 18

YRPS Trivia Night


Friday 31

Father's Day Breakfast Year 1 & 2


Tuesday 4

A-K School Production


Thursday 6

L-Z School Production 


Friday 7 

Curriculum Day 


Friday 21

Last day of Term 3 

2:30pm finish


Monday 8
First day back Term 4

Wednesday 10 - Friday 12

Year 3/4 Sovereign Hill Camp


Monday 26 - Friday 30

Whole School Swimming 


Friday 21
Last day of School 2018

Stars of the Week


Ryan S


For showing excellence and learning his M100W words


Lilly P


For always trying her best to present her work beautifully.


Charlie E


For showing a keen interest in our Integrated Studies.


Logan M

Choose your attitude

For putting your best effort into your Literacy work. Well done!


Amelia K

Choose your attitude

For making their partners day, by being an excellent cooperative learning partner.


Mia B


For always focusing on learning and doing her best work. Well done Mia!


Demi A

Choose your attitude

For showing dedication during Literacy.


Sky Y


for having fun and participating fairly during math's games.


Lisa M


For always trying her best.


Hugh T


For his positive attitude towards learning.


Mason N


For trying his best to improve his handwriting. What a great improvement!


Harrison K


For putting your best effort in Maths and Literacy classes.


Zac P

Choose your attitude

For displaying a great attitude towards Reading activities and for nominating a favourite book on the reading Challenge site.


Mitch M

Choose your attitude

For displaying a positive attitude towards reading and for completing the Reading Challenge.


Cooper A

Choose your attitude

For attacking every class task with enthusiasm.


Ruby Doon


For taking on her role with enthusiasm and a willingness to volunteer.

Stars of the Week will be presented next Monday morning 18th June at Assembly.



Around the Levels

This term our Prep students have been learning about ‘Our Changing World’ as part of our Integrated Studies Unit.

We have planted bean seeds in our classroom and recorded and monitored their growth by drawing pictures of our observations.

We have studied the 4 Seasons and changes in our weather. We can identify the differences in our environment at different times of the year.

This week our focus has been on how animals can camouflage with their surroundings. We read the story ‘The Mixed Up Chameleon’ by Eric Carle. The children had to design a chameleon that would ‘blend in’ and camouflage with their classroom.

The children enjoyed sharing their ideas and designs and working cooperatively.



Year 1 & 2

Around the Levels

In Years 1 and 2 we have been wrapping up our Science Unit which has had us exploring physical change in our world such as seasonal changes and how living things change and what they need to survive. We have explored the sources of sound and light and we had fun making our very own soundscape.


We are also working very hard to improve our reading using a new program introduced to the school this term called, ‘Repetitive Reading.’ We are enjoying exploring a text numerous times throughout the week to deepen our decoding and analytical ability as well as broaden our comprehension skills.






Grade 1/2 C and 2D have finished the unit of ‘Time’ in mathematics. The students have been learning about Estimating Time, Telling and Writing Time to the Hour, Half Hour and Quarter Hour, Understanding Months and Seasons and Using a Calendar.


“I liked learning the Month song.”

“I learnt that there was a quarter to and quarter past.”

“I didn’t know it took two hours to go on a picnic.”

“I learnt that the 6 is the half past.”

“I learnt that there is 24 hours in one day.”


Year 3 & 4

Around the Levels

Year 3 and 4 students are learning about classifying animals based on their observational features.



Year 5 & 6

Around the Levels

Yarra road has been collecting phones to donate to Zoos Victoria, to help save gorillas from extinction. We are trying to get to 2000 phones, and so far we have 1819, so we only need 181 phones more to reach our goal. But if we can make more than that, Yarra road will have helped save the gorillas. So if you have any phones at home please bring them. We accept any type of phones, phone charges, or phone batteries. Also, if you have any questions, just ask.

So help these poor creatures by just donating a mobile phone.


District Cross Country

Last week we had district cross country, and everyone did really well.

There was about 60 people who went and everyone did awesome!

And even more of a congratulations to everyone who got through to division! You all did really well!

Our school came 5th out of 10 schools!


This term has gone so fast, we only have two weeks left of school! Also, reports will be coming out soon so just wait and you can see what you got!!! Lastly, we would just like to hope that everyone will have a good and safe holiday.


Amy L and Kaitlyn H

Publicity Captains

Sustainability News

Coles and Woolworths ban single use plastic bags


On the 1st July Coles and Woolworths will ban single use plastic bags from stores nationwide. So get ready for the big change.  You can help by bringing your reusable shopping bags to carry your shopping in.


Also next Wednesday we will be doing a Nude Food survey  in every class to try to reduce plastic in our lunch boxes. Our previous amount of plastic wrappers on one day was 552.  That is almost double the amount of students that we have in the school! Here are a few ways you can help reduce your plastic waste in your lunchboxes:

  • Use reusable containers
  • Buy larger packets of food eg. chips, then put a small amount in a reusable containers
  • Reuse zip lock bags
  • Use a refillable drink bottle

By Ashleigh, Aksa, Kalan and Adyn


Uniform Shop Hours 

Tuesdays 8:30am-9:15am

Thursdays 3:15pm-3:45pm



Our School Canteen is open on Friday's Only 

 Canteen Roster Term 2


Friday June 15th

9am-10am Kristy Dicarla 

12-2pm  Jacque Grey & Karen Lucas


Friday June 22nd

9am-10am Jen Stone

12-2pm Trudi Smith & Rebecca Smith


Friday June 29th

9am-10am Bianca Smith

12-2pm  Sam Soutar & Cathy Crowe

Registering with Camp Australia 

Registering With Camp Australia

The new school year is well underway and we are having plenty of adventures in OSHC.  Have you registered with Camp Australia yet? Even if you do not plan on using the OSHC program at our school there are many benefits for your family.


What Are The Benefits Of Registering?

Some of the benefits to registering with Camp Australia are:

  • A stress-free back up plan for “just in case”
  • Flexible access to our programs
  • Will ensure we have all the information for your kids to ensure they have the best time possible


How Do I Register?

Registration is simple and hassle free! To register visit www.campaustralia.com.au.


How Do I Find Out More About The OSHC Service At My School?

To find out more about our program as well as view and fees, please visit www.campaustralia.com.au and search for your school on the homepage.

Otherwise, feel free to come visit the program and see what it is all about.


We look forward to seeing you and your family in soon.

The Camp Australia Team.


YRPS Sponsors 

These companies support us so please help by supporting them




PA/School Community News

Market Night - 23rd March 2019

If you would like to be apart of the organising committee please get in contact with Luella via email [email protected] 


Cadbury Chocolates & Lollies

The race is on, with 1D, 5E and 5H neck and neck for the prize of a box of chocolates for their class.  With some other grades so close! Who will be the class to have all their chocolates back first? 

If you would like to sell another box of chocolates please let us know as we have plenty more boxes up at the Office. 

YRPS Trivia Night


Sun Smart 


Student Wellbeing





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