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17 August 2018
Issue Two
Australian Maths Competition
Mind, Body, Pedal
  Marrung Students  
Cranbourne Secondary College
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Cranbourne, Victoria, 3977


From the Principal

As we experience another Melbourne winter, I am pleased to report that motivation and energy levels remain high for members of our school community. There is so much extra-curricular activity currently taking place as many of our students are become involved in events like the Presentation Ball, The Senior School Formal, the School Production of Alice in Wonderland, and the many sports days across all year levels.

While term 3 can feel like a long term with no holiday breaks, it is clearly a time of opportunity for students who can engage in these exciting events that can only make their school experience more memorable. Having spoken to many students and parents I have come to understand how important these extra-curricular events are in the lives of our students and their families. Families have gone to great expense and effort to ensure these occasions will be rewarding and memorable for their children, and it is pleasing to see so many students engaged and enjoying their schooling experience.

So to all students, join in the fun and get involved in these great experiences that will only enhance your time at school, and help to “dust off” the winter blues!










I hope you enjoy our newsletter.





John Jovic











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Term two was a busy term for the Year 7’s with students participating in the Summit Camp, NAPLAN and school sports activities, AFL, Badminton, Cross Country, Netball and Soccer.


On the sporting field the Year 7 Boys Soccer team won the Division title in a penalty shoot-out. The team progressed through to the Regional Finals. In the final the boys conceded three early goals, but showed great determination to get back into the match. The final score was 2 goals to 3. Well done to the Soccer team and thanks to Mr Cosmas for coaching the team.

Other sporting results saw Jordan Milne progress through to the Cross Country Regional Finals, another outstanding achievement.

Within the classroom students continue to work to the best of their abilities and this saw them complete a number of Common Assessment Tasks throughout the term.

Housekeeping matters.

It is important that your Family contact details are kept up to date. If anything changes throughout the term, can you please notify the College.

Reminder that all students need a working lock on their lockers, so their school equipment can be kept safe at school at all times.


The Year 7 team looks forward to seeing the Year 7 Cohort continue to achieve excellent results academically and on the sports fields during Term Three.



As a Year Level we have multiple events coming up throughout Term 3. All Year 8 students will be involved in an incursion ran by SECASA. The program, Respect Protect Connect will be running on the 29th and 31st of August.

Students also have interschool sport coming up on the 22nd of August with selected students playing Hockey, Basketball and Handball.

Following on from our Bowling Rewards excursion earlier in the year, we will be running a Pizza Reward lunch for the class of 8G. As a class, 8G had the highest attendance throughout Semester 1. As a team we have been pleased with the students’ commitment to school but there is always room for improvement in Semester 2.

 As a year 8 team we will again be running rewards throughout Semester 2 to give more students an opportunity to be recognized for continually doing the right thing at our College.



The students in 9A had the opportunity to meet Nobel Peace Prize recipient Dr Tillman Ruff today at Parliament House.


Parliament House have also offered for one or two Year 11 or 12 students to attend a presentation on Friday by Dr Ruff.



In term 3, the year nines are currently participating in the program called ‘City Journey’ where students and teachers travel to the city at different times throughout the term. During the time, students undertake surveys of the public, attend, help and participate in organisations such as The Big Issue, do fun activities around the city, visiting museums and spending a whole week in the city working on group projects which they will present later on in the year.

The Big Issue is one of the many places we have ventured to. The Big Issue is an organisation that helps marginalised and homeless people. Our excursion to The Big Issue in week 2 taught us about homeless and marginalised people, the main cause of homelessness, stereotyping as well as what The Big Issue does and why. We also had the opportunity to hear from a speaker who works at The Big Issue and has dealt with homelessness in their past.

By Chezlea Mould and Tia Garlick 9G


A reminder that the City Journey weeks are coming up. Students will need to arrive at the Cranbourne Train Station at 7.30am and will be dismissed from there at 3.54pm. Students need to have a Myki which is topped up and be in full school uniform.

9 A, B, C, D               13th – 17th August
9 H, I , J, K                 20th – 24th August
9 E, F, G                     27th – 31st August



Several students from Cranbourne Secondary College were selected to go to Melbourne University to learn more about robotics and the science behind it. The program that we were involved in was called Robogals.  The purpose of Robogals is to inspire young students, mainly females to consider studying engineering and other related fields. We learned about the process of how robots move from place to place. We did this by completing fun interactive challenges which consisted of coding that involved critical thinking and precision. Not only was the excursion educational, but we also got the opportunity to meet other students from other schools and cooperate with them in groups to complete the challenges. Overall the day was a huge success and a rewarding experience.


  • Nimasha Susiripala 9I



Shape your Destiny

Year 10 Students participate in the “Shape your Destiny” Career planning workshop at the end of term 2








Course Counselling

Year 10 students spent the first couple of weeks of Term 3 researching and preparing for their course selection interviews. The course selection day was well attended, with some very productive conversations between students, their families and course counsellors. Most of the students had spent time thinking about their preferred learning style and finding out about pre-requisite subjects for future pathways, and hopefully they have made the right choices that will lead them to a successful future. At this stage we do not know when students will be finally advised of their subject blocks for next year, but we will let you know as soon as we find out!


Keep working hard!

We remind all students that they still need to satisfactorily complete Year 10 and that means that they need to keep working hard in class, continue homework, and continue to behave in an appropriate manner both with in the classroom and in the schoolyard. We are currently completing interim reports for a number of students and will be contacting families to follow up instances of lack of effort and participation.


Work Experience

Students and families are reminded that work experience takes place in the final week of term, 17-21 September.  Students are aware of what is required to obtain a work experience placement. A note to families about this is available on Compass. All work experience forms MUST be returned by 31 August so that we can process them and prepare the paperwork, including the work place assignment, for those who are attending. Students who are unable to find a work experience placement will be expected to attend classes as normal for the week.

We encourage students to take part in this opportunity. We know it can be very hard to find a placement, but please persevere. Any students or families who would like to discuss work experience should contact the Careers office or Mrs Brennan (Year 10 Coordinator and Careers teacher).






Congratulations to those students who do come to school in uniform and who do obtain a uniform pass on the rare occasion they might come out of uniform. Unfortunately this is something where Year 10 students all too often fall short. Please refer to the uniform code, published on the school website, to confirm what is required. If your child has a uniform problem that will take some time to remedy, please contact the Year 10 Coordinators, so that we are aware of the situation – for example needing new school shoes.


Computers – BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

This year, Year 10 students have been asked to supply their own computers/device. Many have chosen to use their old netbooks from previous years. This is an acceptable choice, provided the computer actually works! If you do not have a charger, need a new battery, have problems with the screen or some other issue, then you need to organise for that to be repaired as the school does not have a contract to repair Year 10 devices. We recognise that some subjects require computer use more than others, but it is essential that ALL students have a fully functioning computer so they can access Compass, submit work etc. Please check with your child to see that their computer is actually functioning and if necessary arrange for repairs/replacement.


VCE NEWS: August 2018

Semester Two: Units 2 and 4 commence

The second-last week of last term saw the beginning of Semester 2, and with it the formal commencement of Units 2 and 4. Obviously, no further changes are possible to a student’s VCE program at this stage in the year. It is essential that parents recognise that there is less teaching time in Semester 2, especially in the case of Year 12. Indeed, the 10 weeks of term 3 will be the final period of active teaching by class teachers, as term 4 signifies exam revision and preparation. Students simply cannot afford to be absent for any length of time as this will inevitably, and unavoidably, adversely impact on their results. Please consider this when making any plans for family vacations. 

All Units 3/ 4 internal SAC scores are moderated against a student’s performance in the final VCAA external exam. Therefore, we place enormous importance on exam skilling and preparation. Students must undertake the trial exams which will be set by their subject teachers, and some of these will be scheduled to occur in the second week of the term 2 holidays. They are expected to attend all such sessions so as to maximise their performance.        

Year 12 VCE English Lecture: Tuesday 14 August: 2.30-3.55pm: Theatre     

So as to support each Year 12 English student’s exam performance, there will be a compulsory exam lecture on the afternoon of Tuesday 14 August (2.30-3.55pm) in the Theatre. All Year 12 English students must attend and take notes as active learners. A comprehensive handout will also be distributed and explored during the session. Please note that this was previously listed on the official VCE calendar as occurring on 21 August, but has been moved a week earlier.     

Senior Formal: 30 July

This highly-successful event was attended by most VCE students. It was a delight to see the care most students had taken with their attire, with elegance being displayed abundantly! Students clearly enjoyed the opportunity to dance and mingle socially with their peers and teachers alike. 

Presentation Ball: 3 August

Another major event on the senior school calendar is the Presentation Ball, which provides an opportunity for students to be expertly taught to learn to formally dance and to memorise and perform a segued sequence of three dances in a formal setting at the Grand on Princes in Mulgrave.  

Special Programs: ABCN

The ABCN (Australian Business and Community Network) is a consortium of major business organisations which actively supports students from schools such as ours which are under-represented in tertiary education. It seeks to provide students, including ours, with specialised activities which develop their skills and knowledge, typically supported by volunteer business mentors.

Previously, Shadab Safa (Year 12, 2017) was a scholarship winner from our school and in 2018 and 2019, Trent Ruston is our second scholarship winner. This provides each student with ongoing financial support, training and mentoring to facilitate their longterm goals and aspirations.

In addition, five of our current Year 11 and 12 students have been successful in their applications to be part of another exciting program entitled ‘Entrepreneurs Unearthed’. We have also nominated 10 Year 11 girls to be part of a 3 session female mentoring initiative in August and September.       

We are very appreciative of the wonderful support many of our aspirational VCE students have been able to access from organisations such as ABCN. We are continually seeking other opportunities to extend our students and realise their potential.          

Ross Huggard, VCE Leader


Fareshare Kitchen

We have started Term 3 full of running in VCAL with the Senior students volunteering at the FareShare kitchens in the city. The company rescues food from places like supermarkets and local farmers and then turns this into meals for people that are less fortunate. Over the two days the students made a total of 3,608 quiches and prepared and packaged 1’000’s more meals it was an amazing effort and all students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and working well as collective team.




Boys getting ready to compete in a lunchtime Dodgeball competition facilitated by Year 11 VCAL student, Leigh Gibson, as part of his VCAL PDS school project.


Intermediate Market Day

Throughout this term all Intermediate VCAL students have been preparing to participate in a ‘$20 Boss’ Competition - set up by the Foundation for Young Australians – where students are involved in the set up and running of a small business. During Work-related skills classes students have been working hard creatively designing a service or a good they could sell and are now at the marketing stage of their small business.

On Parent/teacher evening- Thursday 6th September from 12 to 6, the VCAL students will show case their small businesses together in the theatre foyer.

Please come along (with lots of small change) and be supportive of these students and their hard work. There will be approximately 20 stall holders (70 students) selling goods such as cookies, candles and crafts.

The whole process of starting up and running their own business involves not only creative thinking but improving skills such as communication, teamwork, digital and financial literacy. We would really love it if all parents and students were able to spend some time at each stall talking to students about their ideas and processes when you come to pick up your child’s interim report.


Kim Vines

WRS Teacher

VCAL Coordinator



VCAL PDS Program

This year Cranbourne Secondary College has created a Year 11 VCAL Human Powered Vehicle racing (HPV) team. The team consists of approximately 34 students and 2 teachers. We will be competing in a Class vs Class Challenge on September 20th, in the 2018 Victorian HPV series on October 13th and in the Maryborough RACV energy Breakthrough Race held on Nov 21 - 25. Over the last couple of months during our PDS classes we have been training for these events and will be bringing a well-equipped group to participate. We have been training on bikes loaned from the Casey shire and on the HPV’s which we sourced from a Primary school. Our training has been conducted at school on the oval and in the big gym. We have also been training at the Casey fields race track preparing ourselves for the upcoming competitions.

This will be our first year of entering the RACV Energy Breakthrough challenge and have entered the Try-Athlon race. This consists of participating in an Obstacle course challenge, a Time Trial and an 8-hour afternoon/night race. Students will also participate in a 20-minute presentation about aerodynamics, sustainability, the impact of carbon emissions on the environment, health and fitness, technology, manufacturing and training. We are grateful for this opportunity and are keen to prove ourselves.



VI1 and VI2



English as Another Language (EAL) Program

EAL does it again !  In 2017, the average Study Score in the subject EAL at Cranbourne Secondary College was 33, which is greater than the State Average achieved by all other EAL students (27).  Furthermore, in the years 2012 and 2015, both “Dux of School” were EAL students majoring in the Sciences and Legal/Business Studies, respectively, so demonstrating that EAL students at Cranbourne Secondary College can out-compete Australian-born students in a variety of subjects.  Thus even though EAL students constitute less than 10% of the College population, their contribution to maintaining the academic standards of Cranbourne Secondary College is repeatedly proven beyond question by independent external assessors. Secondary Colleges are academic institutions, and so there can be no greater honour than to be in a group that gains the highest Study Scores or gain the status of “Dux of School”.  Academic achievement is what makes a College great, and gives to it the reputation in the general community needed for the College to become chosen as the institution of choice by the parents of prospective students.

It needs to be remembered however, that good students need and deserve good teachers.  The EAL Program at Cranbourne Secondary College provides such teachers.  Danielle Radivo has the two equally important roles of being an EAL classroom teacher, and the co-ordinator of the EAL Program at Cranbourne Secondary College.  Her ability to nurture high academic performance in EAL students and to maintain the efficient operation of the EAL Program are testimony to the importance of her abilities as a teacher and an administrator to Cranbourne Secondary College.  The other teaching staff, Sonja Burnham, Paros Kyriacou and Jocelyn O’Shea, are also skilled in their abilities to teach EAL students, and all have specialist training specific to the task.   Furthermore, the EAL education support staff; Masroor Ahmed, Maida Kanwal and Stephen Phillips work together with regular College teaching staff to provide additional guidance for students in specific subjects such as the sciences, which are popular with EAL students.  In addition to staff assistance, a library of the latest literary resources is also kept by the EAL Program which is accessible to EAL students upon request.  Thus the EAL Program at Cranbourne Secondary College provides a comprehensive learning environment that is the envy of other Colleges and a proven promoter of outstanding scholastic achievement by its students.



Stephen C. Phillips



Art and Studio Art Excursion

On Friday the 3rd of August our Year 12 Art and Studio Art students were given the opportunity to spend the day at Deakin University for and immersive ‘Art Experience’ day. We were given a tour of a gallery and given insight to all the behind the scenes and what it takes to put an exhibition together. We were taken on a sculpture walk to view all the amazing work that Deakin has within the grounds and campus and finally the students participated in a Photography and Drawing workshop where they were taught how to create a stop motion film of their drawing. It was a fantastic opportunity for our students to have a glimpse at university life and experience what Deakin has to offer. Both myself and Ashley Maclennan enjoyed the day and the students found it an informative and fun experience.





Kim Keher


Alice @ Wonderland

We have been treated to some wonderful performances this week. Our school production of [email protected] Wonderland is a superb slide through a rabbit hole to unearth some amazing talent. Daniel Nobelius leads a tight band that punctuates these colorful scenes from the Lewis Carol story. Director Josephine Thomson and crew have worked tirelessly to put on this amazing production. Do not miss it. As for that rabbit...a menace!


Battle of the Bands

It had all started when we had talked to each other on our Facebook group chat which was made a while back due to the other opportunities we have had and still get. Our lead singer Joseph Stewart asked us if we would like to participate in the event and all band members Daniel (Lead Guitar), Jonah (Drums), Pj (Rhythm guitar) Sarah (Lead singer) and myself without hesitation answered with yes. We chose the songs Master Blaster by Stevie Wonder and Treasure by Bruno Mars hoping that we would get the crowds voices amplified and projected like never. The action that we took to create this was that we thought that we should create our own versions of our songs. With the versions we had created the crowd had shown the actions we had wanted. Before winning the show I was awarded “Best Player in the southeast” which has been a big achievement so far, the techniques I had used in the first was finger plucking with a reggae feel to it. I was highly influenced by this technique through a man called Nathan Watts. The second technique I used in the second was song was the slap technique. The man that gave me this influence was Victor Wooten who is my favourite bass player of all time due to his technically innovative playing and the other talent he brings to the table. All in all this experience at Battle Of The Bands was a really good time and the band I are just stoked to be going to nationals.





In Term 2, we had 14 teams who went out and proudly represented the College, with 4 teams winning the division competition: Year 11-12 boys badminton, Year 11-12 girls badminton, Year 9-10 boys badminton and Year 7 boys soccer team. 

The badminton teams then played in a preliminary final vs. Beachside division, and despite their best efforts, couldn’t overcome the might of Mac. Robertson and Melbourne High (both badminton academy schools!!).

The Year 7 boys soccer team played their preliminary final vs. Glen Eira.  Despite their best efforts, lost 3-2 in the match.


Wednesday 8th of August, 4 rugby 7’s teams (2 boys teams, 2 girls teams) competed at an invitational U/16 event, run by Rugby Victoria and The Melbourne Rebels.  All teams competed exceptionally well, with the boys losing in the semi-final to Fountain Gate (a rugby academy school) and the girls losing to Hampton Park, also in the semi-final.   Overall, the boys finished 3rd and 7th respectively, the girls finished 3rd and 5th.



In the last week of term two, spread over two days Melbourne University came to the school to engage the students with some cool Science demonstrations including a rubens tube to show sound waves, a bike wheel that visual showed students forces and some Chemistry.

Once the students had watched the Science show, the students were then split into two groups. The first group learnt a little bit about Chemistry then applied that knowledge to make ice cream. The second group were introduced to Engineering. The class was split into groups of four and were given a task of building a tall and strong building with only a limited amount of supplies and a time limit. All the students that participated in this program loved the hands on activities that were provided and the Science show the Melbourne University provided.




Whats happening in the Technology Area ?

VCAL 12 Food completed their first CAT - Design a welcome lunch.

Here are some pictures of their guests enjoying a 2 course meal in the Hospitality kitchen


Some of the delicious food being produce by the 1st and 2nd year Hospitality students.

Don’t forget to like our Food Instagram page to see what our students are whipping up in the kitchen. 















Year 7 Wood students working on their wood projects they have designed and produced.














Year 12 Tertiary Course Selection Process Begins…

This term Year 12 students begin the important process of preparing their Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre (VTAC) selections for next year.  An information session was held after school on Monday, 6th August.  ALL Year 12 students are required to sign-up for a one-on-one appointment with Mrs Sharon Bourne to review their course selections over the next few weeks.


A community VTAC Parent Information Night will be held at Cranbourne East Secondary College on Tuesday 21 August, commencing at 6.30pm.  This event will be of particular relevance to students currently completing VCE who are considering their post‐Year 12 study options and their parents, as well as anyone in the community considering further study as a mature age applicant. Students in Years 9‐11 and their parents may also find the session helpful when choosing subjects for VCE.  It will be delivered by a representative from VTAC.

Application Dates for Victoria

Tertiary Admission Centre : VTAC


Application Opening: 6th August 2018

Application Closing (Timely): 27th September 2018


Year 10, 11 and 12 Course Selection for 2019

Course counselling for 2019 has now concluded.  Thank you to all of our families who attended their course counselling appointment.  It was great to work in partnership with so many parents at each event.  Thanks must also be extended to all of the teachers involved in course counselling too.  The conversations were rich and informed. 


Year 10 Belong in Creative Marketing @ RMIT

A dedicated and talented group of Year 10 students recently attended a 3 day program at RMIT.

They participated in the I Belong in Creative Marketing workshop which focuses on creative thinking, and identifying the ways in which advertising and marketing influence different audiences.  RMIT partnered with one of Melbourne’s biggest cultural icons to introduce our students to the exciting world of creative marketing.  Students were called upon to fall down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, a world premiere exhibition at ACMI celebrating the timeless stories of Lewis Carroll and Alice’s adventures on screen. The Wonderland exhibition explores how filmmaking, special effects and technology have reimagined one of the world’s most beloved characters.

Students were introduced to the key principles of marketing, and discovered how the ACMI marketing team were promoting the Wonderland exhibition to different audiences. Guided by RMIT teaching staff,

our students explored how creative disciplines such as graphic design and media can be used to market products and exhibitions.

Our students worked in small groups to produce a product and creative concept to promote Wonderland. On the final day of the program, our students presented their respective pitches and work to their clients at ACMI. They received glowing feedback from ACMI and RMIT staff.  Our students enthusiastically participated in every aspect of the program and demonstrated an amazing range of design skills and critical thinking skills.

The students need to be congratulated on their work and commitment to this program.  The students who designed and presented a well-crafted and insightful pitch to the ACMI marketing executives were: Jackson Bishop, Emily Bridgeman, Aaliyah Carrel, Cristian Castillo, Ayden Dahmes, Meredith Leviston, Jarrod Newton, Kaitlyn Pellow, Bishop Pouao, Taylah Rasmussen, Ethan Rose, Athena Toeng, Damon Westin and Caitlin Zealley.


Our students at ACMI at Federation Square presenting their marketing concepts to ACMI and RMIT staff






Australian Maths Competition

On Thursday 9th August, Cranbourne Secondary College had 21 participants across years 7-10 enter the Australian Maths Competition. The Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) was introduced in Australia in 1978 as the first Australia-wide mathematics competition for students. It has since spread internationally, with students in more than 30 countries attempting the same problems.

The AMC is for students of all standards. Students were asked to solve 30 problems in 75 minutes across a range of Maths topics. The problems were designed to test mathematical thinking and questions were designed so that they could be answered just as quickly without a calculator as with one. The problems got more difficult through the competition, so that at the end they were challenging to even the most gifted students. Students of all standards could make progress through the problems, and were also challenged along the way.


This event gave our students an excellent opportunity to challenge themselves and compete against students across Australia, with certificates being provided to all students who participated. It was great to see so many students take on the challenge and test their skills in Mathematics and we hope to get an even bigger turnout in 2019


Corey O'Shea

Maths Leader



The Teach the Teacher Program is designed to develop students’ personal leadership, communication and problem solving skills. Students have the opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer teaching and learning and build on their strengths to develop:

  • an understanding of student voice and representation
  • an greater understanding of teaching and learning
  • their potential to be leaders through a student-led professional learning session
  • their own unique approach to leadership
  • an increased understanding of their personal strengths and skills
  • effective communication skills
  • a willingness to create a more inclusive school culture

Students had meetings throughout the year where they worked on data collected from last year and information gathered from teachers at the Teach the Teacher staff professional development undertaken last year and made decisions on what their focus would be moving forward.

Students found that the issue of approachability was an important one to raise with students and staff. In an effort to find out more around this issue, students conducted staff and student surveys to look into student-teacher rapport. All teachers who completed the survey said they felt they were approachable but our students thought differently and gave ideas on how they feel their teachers could become more approachable. The Teach the Teacher group then did their own research and found that students value authentic teachers. Research told them that authentic teachers were seen as approachable, passionate, attentive, capable, and knowledgeable, while inauthentic teachers were viewed as unapproachable, lacking passion, inattentive, incapable.

Students then presented their data and research to the staff this year at a Professional Development afternoon and discussed ways teachers can become more approachable to reduce the gap between students and teachers. Students not only organised this afternoon, they worked collaboratively to bring their work together and all took an equal part in presenting and facilitating table group discussions with teachers. The event was highly successful with both teachers and students feeling more connected and students particularly feeling better developed in their public speaking skills and confidence.

Through the Teach the Teacher program we have recognised the importance of listening to the students and their thoughts on how to continue to develop positive relationships within the school community. Students not only feel that their voices are being heard but that action is being taken. The Teach the Teacher program will continue next year and we hope to involve more students in the conversation.

Mind, Body, Pedal

Mind.Body.Pedal rolls into Melbourne's south east | Bicycle Network Mind.Body.Pedal rolls into Melbourne's south east

Mind.Body.Pedal rolls into Melbourne's south east | Bicycle Network

Bicycle Network’s award-winning Mind.Body.Pedal initiative is continuing on its crusade to get more young women happy, healthy and active.

This month, Mind.Body.Pedal spread their message of health, happiness, positivity and confidence to more than 150 students from Hampton Park Secondary College and Cranbourne Secondary College in Melbourne’s south east.

An initiative of Bicycle Network’s Ride2School program, Mind.Body.Pedal aims to address the barriers that hold teenage girls back from getting enough physical activity.

With support from The Kindness Effect and the Body Shop, Mind.Body.Pedal sets out to support and celebrate the differences that make high-school aged girls unique, while addressing issues of self-esteem confidence that hold many back from riding a bike.

The goal is to create a country of active, positive and confident women on bikes.

Hosted at secondary schools, the one-day event includes a bike ride, basic bike maintenance course, and two self-care and self-confidence workshops.

Since it's inception, Mind.Body.Pedal has reached more than 20 schools, with seven already visited this year. 

After participating in the event, schools report a 20% increase in the number of students walking and riding to school on average.

There are two more events scheduled for this year at Glen Eira College (13 September) to coincide with RUOK Day and Westall Secondary College (11 Nov) as part of Mental Health Week.

Individual schools or council areas interested in the program are encouraged to get in touch.

Contact us


Mind.Body.Pedal rolls into Melbourne's south east | Bicycle Network Ride2School funding at risk

Thanks to funding from the Victorian Government, Bicycle Network's Ride2School program is able to run programs like Mind.Body.Pedal along with a range of other initiatives and events to get more young people active. 

However, 2018/19 marks the final financial year of the Ride2School program’s current funding cycle. 

Ride2School has had bipartisan support in Victoria for more than 10 years because it works.

Schools that are active within the program report double the national average for active travel rates.

With an election looming,  we’ll be asking for support from all sides of politics. 

You can help now by reaching out to your local member or candidate and ask them to support the Ride2School program.


Cranbourne Secondary School Parents and Caregivers Association (CSCPCA)

The CSCPCA was launched earlier this year to broaden and enhance the connections between parents and the school community. The CSCPCA is run by parents and all parents and caregivers are welcome and encouraged to be involved. Contributing to the Association and its activities is personally rewarding and highly valued by the whole community. Your support and friendship will enable the CSCPCA to flourish for the benefit of the school and your children.

Since its launch the CSCPCA have raised and discussed various issues including the use of compass and other communication channels, the sports uniform, mentoring and buddying of students, and have begun establishing fundraising opportunities for the school.

The founding committee comprises of:

President – Liz Bettink

Secretary – Paula Sharp

Vice Secretary – Lorna Arancibia

Treasurer – Leonie Woodworth

Vice Treasurer – Kristy Ogden

Remaining scheduled meetings for Term 3

Thursday Sept 13 at 9 am  

For further information or to make suggestions, raise issues or place fundraising requests, please email the Association at [email protected]





Healthy Mothers Healthy Families

Are you a mother of a child/young person with a disability?

Do you have time for your own Health and Wellbeing?


Attend a free full day workshop

Healthy Mothers Healthy Families (HMHF)

HMHF is a program for women seeking to achieve better health, wellbeing and empowerment for themselves as they manage family duties. The program is presented by an occupational therapist - Doctor Helen Bourke-Taylor, and a women's health general practitioner - Dr Fiona Jane. The program is based on research that identifies issues that challenge women with additional family responsibilities and offers strategies to women to manage stress and stay strong. The workshop will be available for up to 50 mothers, HMHF includes access to a website and workbook and is an interactive and inspiring event.


Venue :                   Cerebral Palsy Education Centre -

                                   Beacon Street Glen Waverley


Dates of Workshops:

                                   Saturday 15th September 9.00-4.30pm


                                   Saturday 8th December 9.00-4.30pm


Registration is essential

Inquiries please email   [email protected]


                                                03 9904 4470



  Marrung Students

“This year the Marrung students of CSC have participated in a number of different activities aimed at student engagement. Students have attended Peppermint Ridge cooking school, the south east careers expo, the Dreamtime Match at the G, a Tackling Indigenous smoking incursion and are yet to attend the Bangarra Dance company performance and Charcoal Lane Restaurant in the latter part of the year. Most recently, some of the students participated in a raising of the Aboriginal flag at the front of our school grounds as we received a brand new flag from the city of Casey. Flying the Aboriginal flag promotes a sense of community and creates a welcoming environment here at Cranbourne Secondary College, where we are proud to have the largest number of Marrung students in the region.



Tegan Lipson

Marrung Coordinator”


As always it’s been an exciting time for MultiPride.

On the last Tuesday of Term 2 the Muslim community put together a wonderful evening of food and performances to celebrate the end of Ramadan. This is our third Eid-Al-Fitr festival and students gave up time during Ramadan to rehearse and work hard on their dances. This year we were also fortunate to have a community group come and cook for us. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association gave up their time and cooked a delicious Biryani and Kheer for participants and the audience. We were also fortunate to begin the performances with a talk by their respected iman, Iman Ahmed Nadeem, who spoke about Ramadan and how it is a time for reflection, self-evaluation and improvement of oneself. The students then performed their dances which then concluded the evening of celebration.

Term 3 Week 3 was our second Asian Festival. At lunchtime on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday students could get their hands tattooed with henna, do a KPop dance class or watch KPop music videos in the theatre.

The students are also working on a welcome banner for the foyer and are researching other ways to make our school more inclusive and welcoming to all cultures.


Annette Evans

MultiPride Coordinator


For your Diary


Monday 20th

Official Opening of Visual Arts Centre

Year 9 City Journey

Years 7-12 Progress Reports open


Wednesday 22nd

Year 8 Sports


Thursday 23rd

Free Dress


Friday 24th

Years 7 & 8 Melbourne Writers Festival



Monday 27th

Year 9 City Journey

Year 7 Sport

VCAL 11 Cranbourne Car Yard Excursion


Tuesday 28th

CSC Dance Showcase Rehearsal


Thursday 30th

VCAL 12 Literacy Dandenong Market Excursion

VCAL 11 Numeracy Cranbourne Car Yard Excursion


Friday 31st

7-12 Progress Reports due



Monday 3rd

VCAL 11 & 12 PDS Community Project

Ski Camp

ODE Ice Hockey

Year 10 Safe at Work Incursion


Tuesday 4th

7-12 Progress Reports published

Yr 12 VCE English Lecture


Wednesday 5th

Yr 7 Immunisations


Thursday 6th

Parent / Teacher Interviews


Friday 5th 

Years 7-12 Progress Reports Due




Regrettably there is a growing trend for students to leave their lockers open without locks on them.

This not only leaves the contents exposed for thieves but also results in more damage to them. Please encourage your children to ensure they have a suitable lock attached to assist us to both minimise theft from, and damage to their lockers



Each Year the School conducts an opinion survey amongst a sample of the school community. This year a sample of approximately 30% of parents have been randomly selected and invited to participate. Results will be used to inform and direct our future school planning and improvement. 

I ask you to please take the time to complete the survey as your opinions are important to us and will contribute to the future management and organisation of our school.

The survey will be conducted online and should take 10-15 minutes to complete

The survey will be open from Monday 23rd July to Sunday 26th August.

If you have been selected to participate you will receive an invitation to participate in the coming days.




Student Exchange Australia New Zealand is a not-for-profit organisation registered with all state and territory Departments of Education around Australia and with the Ministry of Education in NZ. We are the first and only secondary exchange organisation in Australia and New Zealand to be certified to ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and we ensure the highest standards of care and support to our participants. 

We would like to invite your students and families to a FREE Information Evening in Melbourne on Thursday, 23rd August at 7.00pm. The session is being held at the Ibis Melbourne Hotel and Apartments, 15-21 Therry Street, Melbourne. 

Students can find out more about our exchange programs to over 25 countries, listen to former exchange students share their experience and learn about our scholarships and discounts on offer in 2018. 

"You come back a different person, with so much more confidence & you feel that you can conquer the world"  Jessica, Semester Program to Italy

We would appreciate if you could please mention our upcoming information session in your newsletter or place a notice on the study room noticeboard. You can copy the below text.


Hear from returned students, find out more about
discounts and scholarships available and ask questions.

Thursday, 23rd August - 7.00pm
Ibis Melbourne Hotel and Apartments
15-21 Therry Street, 

or call 1300 135 331 for more information



Throughout this term all Intermediate VCAL students have been preparing to participate in a ‘$20 Boss’ Competition - set up by the Foundation for Young Australians – where students are involved in the set up and running of a small business. During Work-related skills classes students have been working hard creatively designing a service or a good they could sell and are now at the marketing stage of their small business.

On Parent/teacher evening- Thursday 6th September from 12 to 6, the VCAL students will show case their small businesses together in the theatre foyer.

Please come along (with lots of small change) and be supportive of these students and their hard work. There will be approximately 20 stall holders (70 students) selling goods such as cookies, candles and crafts.

The whole process of starting up and running their own business involves not only creative thinking but improving skills such as communication, teamwork, digital and financial literacy. We would really love it if all parents and students were able to spend some time at each stall talking to students about their ideas and processes when you come to pick up your child’s interim report.


Kim Vines

WRS Teacher

VCAL Coordinator




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