22 September 2018
Issue Fourteen
McKinnon Secondary College
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Thursday 20 September

Asia Week

6:30pm Year 12 Music Night (Theatre)


Friday 21 September

End of Term 3

Early Finish 2:30pm


Saturday 22 September

Maroondah Volleyball Tournament


Sunday 23 September

Maroondah Volleyball Tournament


Tuesday 2 October

Year 12 Practice Exams


Wednesday 3 October

Year 12 Practice Exams


Thursday 4 October

Year 12 Practice Exams


Friday 5 October

Units 3 & 4 Physics Lecture


Monday 8 October

Start of Term 4


Thursday 11 October


Southern Metro Athletics


Friday 12 October

Year 11 Geography Fieldwork


Saturday 13 October

Year 11 Geography Fieldwork


Monday 15 October

Medieval Day

7:00pm Symphonic Wind Final Fling (Theatre)


Tuesday 16 October

7:00pm Education Sub-Committee


Wednesday 17 October

Year 12 Dress-Up Day

6:00pm VCE Media Night


Thursday 18 October

Year 12 – last day of classes


Friday 19 October

8:30am Year 12 Assembly (Periods 1 & 2)


Tuesday 23 October

6:30pm Finance Sub-Committee

7:00pm School Council


Wednesday 24 October

Valedictory Dinner


Thursday 25 October

7:00pm Year 12 Theatre Studies


Friday 26 October

Percussion Night


Saturday 27 October

6:30pm Thistlelonians Grand Reunion


Monday 29 October

Year 10 Outdoor Ed Surf Camp

Year 8 Camp (8A, B, C, D, I, J & K) Departs


Tuesday 30 October

Year 10 Outdoor Ed Surf Camp

Year 8 Camp (8A, B, C, D, I, J & K)


Wednesday 31 October

Year 10 Outdoor Ed Surf Camp

Year 8 Camp (8A, B, C, D, I, J & K) Returns

Year 8 Camp (8E, F, G, H, L, M & N) Departs

Year 12 English/EAL Examinations


Thursday 1 November

Year 8 Camp (8E, F, G, H, L, M & N)

7:00pm Year 11 Music Night (Theatre)


Friday 2 November

Year 8 Camp (8E, F, G, H, L, M & N) Returns


Saturday 3 November

6:00pm Year 11 Theatre Studies Performance


Tuesday 6 November

Melbourne Cup Day

Public Holiday - no school


Thursday 8 November

Arts Show Opening Night


Monday 12 November

6:30pm Junior Debating


Tuesday 13 November

Year 11 Study Day

Year 7 Alternative Sports Gala


Wednesday 14 November

Year 11 Exams


Thursday 15 November

Year 11 Exams


Friday 16 November

Year 11 Exams

Year 8 Alternative Sport Gala


Monday 19 November

Year 11 Exams

6:30pm Junior Debating


Tuesday 20 November

Year 11 Exams

Year 10 Study Day

7:30pm Buildings & Grounds Sub-Committee


Wednesday 21 November

Year 10 Exams

7:00pm New Caledonia 2019 Information Night





Parent-Teacher-Student interviews were held last week and the school was a hive of activity all day!  (I know traffic was chaotic and I apologise to our neighbours). However, what a wonderful demonstration of the strong partnership that exists with families and the school (and some wonderful food on offer from the music tour kids!). Together we can achieve wonderful things for our students.


I thank the many parents who took the time to say thank you to the staff for their dedication and professionalism.


We all want the best learning outcomes for our students and having these powerful enlightening conversations helps to clarify the state of play but also to celebrate the success thus far and identify areas in need of improvement.


It was terrific to see so many Year 12 students take their parents through the new Centre also. Feedback was very positive! 


If you missed your appointment or the teacher was ill then please email or contact the school and we will arrange for some feedback from the relevant teachers as soon as possible.


A day of extensive consultation took place on Tuesday 11 September. Parent, student and teacher forums were well attended and conversations held about the development of our “wish list” at the second campus.


The VSBA (Victorian State Building Authority) oversee the process and worked with the Architects K2LD to consult and gather the view of the various groups. This is the beginning of the consultation process and I thank the many who attended to join the conversation.


Below are the VSBA details for any further comments/ideas or concerns to be raised:


[email protected]

1800 896 950


We wish our Year 12 students all the best with the upcoming practice exams.


Revision is crucial and I know students will be revising extensively over the next few weeks.


I wish all of them the very best over the coming weeks in preparation for the final exams in November.


NAPLAN results provide reliable and valid information for our school regarding measuring our impact on student achievement. The results from the tests completed last May have now been released to schools and parents have been sent home a hard copy of their child's results. Once again we are very proud of the outcomes of our students. Our Year 7s and 9s achieved well above the national standards scores across all tests, and the mean results continue to be significantly higher than the state of Victoria.  


What we were particularly pleased with this year was the learning growth of our Year 9 students in all tests when compared to their Year 7 results.  Learning growth is understood as the amount of learning progress that students can make in a given period. This was particularly apparent in the Writing component of NAPLAN, where our Year 9 students' learning growth has been estimated at a double rate of students in other Victorian schools, which is an outstanding result. The work on developmental assessment, research, data visualization, and analytics we have undertaken with our teachers over the last two years to improve writing outcomes for students, involving consultants from The University of Melbourne, is obviously having a positive impact.


Thank you to Ms Tracy Videon, Ms Clare Bugeja with assistance from Ms Megan Papworth, for the organisation of the Senior Spring Soiree that was held on Sunday 16 September in the Lecture Theatre. The standard of playing showcased both large ensembles (Orchestra and Chamber Strings) and smaller chamber ensembles and soloists. It was a relaxing afternoon of entertainment where the joy of music was enjoyed by all who attended.


In the final week of Term 3 we are celebrating Asia week with fabulous food, music and dance which brought about great enjoyment and a celebration of cultural diversity and understanding.


I would like to thank all staff who have helped us to enjoy this event and I would like to particularly acknowledge Mrs Nayyar for her dedication and commitment to putting together a very enjoyable and successful week of celebration.


This is a week that helps us become even better global citizens giving us an appreciation and understanding of all things ‘Asian’.


Diversity and respect of other cultures, beliefs and customs is imperative for all of us to become the best citizens possible.


On Monday 17 September 25 Year 9 French students, along with Ms Dickson, Ms Antal and Mr King left for New Caledonia.


Travel is such an important part of the rich extra-curricular opportunities for students.  I wish them well and know that through this immersion their language skills will be much improved.


I know all parents are being receiving daily updates.


It gives me great pleasure to congratulate Kate Collier (Year 12), Chloe James (Year 11), Orr Zaacks (Year 11), Michael Birkett (Year 11) and Hadyn Collier (Year 7) who participated at the Victorian State Schools Spectacular at Hisense Arena on Saturday 15 September 2018. This show will be broadcast on Channel 7 in October.


Kate, Chloe, Orr, Michael and Hadyn are very commendable ambassadors for our school and we wish them all the very best in her future endeavours.


It is with great pleasure that I write that our new Under 19 Boys team secured their first premiership flag on Saturday 8 September! In only two years we have gone up 3 grades in the VAFA Competition and now we have also won a premiership.


It was wonderful to see the McKinnon community out in force at the Grand Final. Hundreds of parents, staff and students were in full voice, cheering our boys to get over the line in a tense tussle against Penley and Essendon Grammar.

In 2016 we forged a partnership with Glen Eira FC and since then the relationship has gone from strength to strength. This all started with a conversation from Jesse and Jack and Lachlan Noble.  At the time I really did not know what we were getting ourselves into. Many of our past students played in their Senior team who also won the Grand Final to be VAFA Section 3 Champions.  Also in the crowd was Max Kennedy, who played for the Ormond Amateur FC Seniors who were also successful in winning their Grand Final. Max kicked 5 goals for the day and received the best player award for the game – an impressive achievement indeed.  Something most only dream about! 


At this stage we are on track to start our first Old McKinnon girls team and I invite all interested girls to attend the Glen Eira home ground this Thursday 20 September @ Packer Park from 6:00pm to 7:00pm. There will be a BBQ provided and announcements about new teams for 2019 will be made.


Congratulations to all the McKinnon and Glen Eira players and leadership. Here's to more success in 2019!


Congratulations to the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Stage Bands who performed at the Big Band Bash last Friday night.


It was a great night with excellent entertainment, parent support and incredible talent on show.


Putting this show together takes a lot of time and effort and I thank the Music Faculty and Ms Robyn Pryor for their tremendous efforts.


Keenan D’Souza (Year 9) has earned the Australian Scout Medallion as a member of the 1st McKinnon Scout Troop.  To attain the top award in each of the five Sections in Scouting reflects initiative in tackling this challenge, sustained effort over many months and years, plus self-discipline, teamwork and leadership.


This is a great achievement and Keenan is a wonderful ambassador for our community.


Until Melbourne Cup Day (Tuesday 6 November) students may wear either winter or summer uniform. From Wednesday 7 November all students must be in full summer uniform. We remind all students that you are ambassadors for the McKinnon community at all times, and should therefore wear the McKinnon uniform correctly. For both summer and winter uniforms, the blazer is the required outer garment; in warm weather students may choose not to wear the blazer to/from school, however the College jumper must not be worn as the outer garment.


Term 3 has been very hectic indeed. Tremendous learning has been undertaken and I thank our dedicated, passionate teachers who work tirelessly to ensure students are given every opportunity to strive academically and socially.


We have a strong sense of belonging and community at McKinnon due to the wonderful opportunities provided for the students in our care.


May I wish the community much enjoyment with family and friends over the coming break.




All Year 12 students will be undertaking practice exams during the second week of the holidays (Tuesday 2 - Thursday 4 October).  These are a vital part of the preparation for the end of year exams. The timetable has been shared with students, and they must attend in full school uniform. The Library and locker bay will be available for Year 12s during these days. 


All Year 12 students will be undertaking practice exams during the second week of the holidays (Tuesday 2 - Thursday 4 October).  These are a vital part of the preparation for the end of year exams. The timetable has been shared with students, and they must attend in full school uniform. The Library and locker bay will be available for Year 12s during these days. 


Until Melbourne Cup Day (Tuesday 6 November) students may wear either winter or summer uniform. From Wednesday 7 November all students must be in full summer uniform. We remind all students that you are ambassadors for the McKinnon community at all times, and should therefore wear the McKinnon uniform correctly. For both summer and winter uniforms, the blazer is the required outer garment; in warm weather students may choose not to wear the blazer to/from school, however the College jumper must not be worn as the outer garment.


McKinnon is very proud of its Chromebook program. With all students using a standard platform, we provide confidence for students and teachers, and ensure that technology enhances our ability to deliver an effective curriculum. Our Chromebook program is divided into two stages, with students purchasing a new device in Year 7 (Phase I), and then again in the lead up to Year 10 (Phase II). This ensures students have access to a reliable and up to date computer that facilitates online collaboration and other digital learning opportunities in all classrooms.  


For our current Year 9 students (entering Year 10 in 2019), their Chromebook is approaching the end of its 3-year warranty.  An email has been sent to these families outlining how to order the new device online. The new model has many improved features, including touch screen with grey-lead stylus, Android app support, and is quicker to charge with USB Type C. Thank you to all parents and students for supporting our Chromebook program. It is an essential part of our curriculum and helps maximise both learning opportunities and outcomes.


In recent years the College has been using an online service (Sustainable School Shop) to allow parents to buy and sell secondhand textbooks and uniform items, replacing the secondhand bookstall run in previous years. This provides greater flexibility for families; further information will be provided to parents later in Term 4.


Thank you to all parents and students for their attendance at last week’s Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences. It was great to see so many families receiving valuable feedback about their child’s learning. We hope everyone has a restful term break. We look forward to a productive and successful Term 4.



Every fortnight faces new and old come together, along with the wonderful Mrs Gibbs and Mrs Robertson, to talk about our love of reading. With lollies and Tim Tams to fuel us, we discuss, disagree about, and debate various topics such as which are the best villains, best book-to-movie adaptations, best romances, and even books that we love to hate. Mrs Gibbs and Mrs Robertson never fail to provide us with enthralling recommendations for novels that many of us now hold dearly as we, in return, give each other recommendations for our ever growing ‘to read’ lists.


In Book Club we have been lucky enough to be given wonderful opportunities. A highlight was being allowed to choose new books for the library and getting a free lunch while doing so.


Clubs such as Book Club provide students of all year levels a chance to come together and bond over shared interests, leading to friendships that otherwise would not have occurred, as well as providing a nice place to eat lunch and talk about your latest read. Despite differences in opinions causing some fascinating arguments, many of us have made memories of Book Club that will stay with us long after we leave the school.


Aleksandra Simic

Year 7 Student



On Tuesday 4 September, the entire Year 12 Legal cohort had the pleasure of being spoken to by a highly regarded Magistrate, Julian Ayres. He gave us a rewarding insight into the methods of the criminal justice system and his daily routine of delivering sanctions and civil remedies to a number of accused and plaintiffs.


Even more interesting, we learnt that his career involved many locations, including courthouses in Frankston, Springvale and Moorabbin! Magistrate Ayres further explained what factors he must take into consideration when sentencing someone such as mitigating and aggravating factors.

In addition, Magistrate Ayres explained to us the complexity of the cases he deals with, such as petty theft and culpable driving, although all criminal cases start in the Magistrate Court at a committal proceeding. He also took questions at the end, which was really great as most of the questions being asked were ones on everyone’s minds.


Further, students that were interested in law and legal studies in 2019 were given a great opportunity to learn about how Magistrate Ayres accomplished his degree; giving an insight into how we can follow his path of a double degree in law/arts.


Ultimately, students delved into the world of Magistrates, and the importance of them in the legal justice system; to achieve the principles of fairness, equality and access.


Sophie Muller and Angelina Pappas

Year 12 Legal Studies students


Listening to the Magistrate guest speaker, gave us an opportunity to connect what we had learnt about the law to how it is applied in a real Magistrates’ Court.


Being able to hear things ‘first hand’ brought to light the great need for Magistrates in Victoria and the lives that are impacted from the gradual changes in our legal system and society.


Finally, we were able to have an insight into the personal aspects and struggles that come with that career, something that cannot be found in a textbook.


Cyrene Sparks

Year 12 Legal Studies student


I thought the session spent with Claire Jones was very enlightening. As a result of her speech, Maxy and I are now even more seriously considering indulging in a career within the justice system and the law. Her insightful words and interesting anecdote about abalone gave us an idea of real life experiences in the fields of legal aid, property law and commercial law.


Daisy Assauw and Maxy Manev

Year 11 Legal Studies students


We found Claire Jones very inspiring and informative as she gave interesting information as well as a real life case that made the experience enjoyable. She was very experienced in her field of expertise and seemed passionate about her job. She also informed us that you don’t need to get the 99.95 ATAR to get into law and that there are many different pathways that you can take if it is something that you really want to pursue.


Georgia Tsoukalas and Kirsty Vanderzyden

Year 11 Legal Studies students


I learnt that there is more to law than just criminal and civil law. Claire explained to us the skills necessary to be a lawyer and how law firms don't look for the smartest people, they look for people who are able to make conversation and have great social skills. They also need to be able to analyse situations quickly and try to be neutral at all times. She explained how to cope with defending ‘bad’ people. She said that instead of thinking of all the bad things they have done, try to make their situation better and to help them stop these bad actions.


Overall, I enjoyed the talk and learnt a lot from Claire.


Nick Holten

Year 11 Legal Studies student







A group of nineteen eager students started the annual NCSS challenge run by Grok Learning. Over the course of five weeks, the students solved an assortment of Python programming challenges in order to complete their chosen level. Students competed at Beginners and Intermediate levels and some achieved excellent results.


The following students deserve special mention:



Year 8: Danny Birkett - Perfection

Year 8: Jenny Huang - Perfection

Year 8: Rose McCallum - High Distinction









Year 9:    Michael Yang - Perfection

Year 10:  Mia Trauffler - Perfection

Year 11:  Robert Davidovic - Perfection

Year 11:  Wencong Zhang - High Distinction


Congratulations to all the students who took part and look out for the new challenges in 2019.


Shirley Munro

ICT Teacher



On Thursday 6 September, Year 11 German students had an early start at the airport. Students and teachers met at 7am to be checked in and the plane soon took off for a 50 minute flight to Adelaide.


The aim of this tour is to introduce students to the early German settlement in South Australia and the contributions Germans have made in Australia. They also learnt about the reason for their arrival – German Lutherans were religiously persecuted in the 19th century and had to flee from Prussia and Silesia.

We were picked up by a charter bus and our driver Alan took us first to Hahndorf where students had to explore the town with a treasure hunt. A tour through the Hahndorf Academy gave students more insight into this first German settlement in SA. After an enjoyable, traditional lunch in the German Arms Hotel, a visit to “The Cedars” introduced students to the famous German-born artist Hans Heysen, who is well-known for his paintings of gumtrees.


Later in the afternoon we made our way to Tanunda, where students were accommodated in groups in cabins. Dinner and free time to enjoy the footy game allowed everyone to relax after a full day´s program.


The second day started in Chateau Yaldara, a winery founded by a German, Hermann Thumm. Students learned about the process of winemaking and the changes introduced by the Germans in Australian wine production. A visit to the Lobethal Archives had interesting antique artefacts to offer and the Herbig Tree and Friedensberg School in Springton gave students an insight in living conditions and schooling in the early days of settlement. The visit to the oldest ‘9 pin bowling’ track in the southern Hemisphere challenged students in one of the oldest social sports.


Our last stop in Adelaide was the Maritime Museum on Saturday morning, where students could experience the journey to Australia in ship cabins dating from the 19th to the 20th century. The tour guide talked about the hardship immigrants experienced on this long and dangerous journey, of which many did not survive.


After a short break for lunch in the Adelaide Rundle Mall, we had to return to Melbourne. I would like to congratulate all students on their exemplary behaviour throughout this tour and thank Mr Nutting for enriching our tour with his profound knowledge about Germans in Australia.


After a long day in transport and transit, the group already checked into the hotel. The flight was fairly smooth and the group arrived in Noumea at 5:45pm. The coming days will be filled with classes at the language school and excursions to the local sights.

We wish all Year 9 French students and the accompanying teachers Ms Antal, Ms Dickson and Mr King an enjoyable experience in New Caledonia.


Andrea Fowler

Head of Languages


On Friday 24 August, the Year 9 Spanish class got to watch and learn a few flamenco dance moves. They were introduced to the dance instructor, Maria from Cordoba, Spain. Maria let a couple of students try on a traditional dress that flamenco dancers wear in Spain. She then did a small performance, an Alegria, which was amazing.

Afterwards the class had an opportunity to get up and dance. At first, the students’ timing and rhythm were really insecure, but once they got into it they got a lot better. Overall, it was a really fun experience and it was great to learn a little bit more about the Spanish culture through a different form.


Maria-Carmen Jimenez Victoria

Spanish Teacher


As written about in earlier newsletters, we have seen incredible success in this year's "Berthe Mouchette" French Poetry competition co-ordinated by the Alliance Francaise de Melbourne. After receiving 'Perfect' scores, 16 of our Year 9 students and 15 Year 10 students were invited to take part in the next round of presentations on the Sunday 29 July in St Kilda.


From that round of 'finalists', Naomi Kricheli who recited "On Ira" by Zaz, was acknowledged with a "Mentions spéciales du jury" known as an Honourable Mention. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement, Naomi.  She will presented with her certificate at the awards ceremony on Wednesday 14 November at the St Kilda Town Hall.


Félicitations Naomi!


Ms Ludmila Antal

French Teacher



Did you know that two pieces of A4 paper laid side-by-side are the exact same size as a sheet of A3? And two A3 sheets make A2? Not only that, all of these pieces of paper have the same ratio. That is, their length divided by their width will always equal the same value. This works for all sizes of A-series paper, up to A0, which is the largest with an area of one square metre.


The Year 10 Maths Advanced students were given the following challenge. Calculate the exact dimensions of A4 paper, using only the information above. That means you can't use a ruler, or a calculator.


If you think you can do this, find Mr V and show him your answer and working out. Correct responses will receive a high five.


Mr Van Langenberg

Maths Teacher













The Girls in Physics Breakfast was an exciting breakfast held on Tuesday 21 August, where girls from Years 10 to 12 had the opportunity to share a fantastic breakfast with female physicists leading in their fields. While enjoying fruit, yoghurt, croissants, buns and Danish pastries, students could converse with these physicists about their jobs and their research. The Guest speaker, Dr Ceri Brenner, who is a physicist at UK Research and Innovation, gave an inspiring speech about the unlimited potential that physics research has. She talked about her work with one of the most powerful lasers in the world, and how it could be the solution to many of our problems, such as avoiding an energy source deficit. One of the potential solutions was the crazy concept of creating our own mini star on Earth with lasers, and harnessing its power.


After the breakfast, students participated in an activity to help them decide what career options would be suitable for their personalities. Then, they were taken on an comprehensive tour of the Australian Synchrotron, Australia's one and only particle accelerator! The tour guide explained clearly how it works, and how it has helped us progress in fields not only in physics, but medicine and historical studies as well.


Overall, the excursion was a very interesting an eye-opening event.


Incy Lin

Year 12 Student



On Wednesday, the Senior Boys Soccer team competed at the State Finals at the State Football Centre in Thornbury. 


They played three games, drawing the first with Liston Diaz scoring in a 1 all draw. In the second game, the team came from behind to beat Ballarat 2-1 with Almog Vernik scoring the equaliser and Liston Diaz scoring the late winner.  


This set up a potential chance to reach a State Final. The team had to beat Balwyn to go through but in a see sawing encounter lost 1 nil. This meant the boys missed the chance to qualify for a State Final. 


I would like to congratulate the team on their efforts. To finish in 4th position in the State is an incredible achievement and I would like to thank all the team for their efforts. Special thanks to Stefan Simic and Billy Zontanos who co-captained the team.


Let’s go even better next year. I am up for the challenge and I know you are too!


Mr Jhoomun



On Wednesday 5 September the Senior Boys Soccer team played their State Finals at the State Football Centre in Thornbury. Rising early for a 7:30am departure, the squad was on time and focused to do well. The team had been training since April and it was to be the last day that this great team would play together. It was down to the last eight teams in the State. They had to negotiate three Round Robin games and hoped to qualify first in their group to make the State Final.

Our first game was against Lavalla Catholic College. Grabbing a late goal just before half time courtesy of Liston Diaz, the boys went in at the break one up. However, it was not to be with a spirited comeback from the opposition resulting in a late equaliser. A draw in the first game was disappointing but it gave the team something to improve upon.

The second game was against Ballarat High. A structural change was made to exploit some more of our strengths and initially it seemed successful. Sean Bass was terrorizing his opponent on his wing, getting in frequent crosses which were unfortunately not taken advantage of. Football is all about taking chances and the ball went up the other end where against the run of the play, Ballarat scored to take a one nil lead at the break.


More changes were made with the side reverting to a back three and an extra attacker thrown on as McKinnon had to win the game to stay alive. With halves only consisting of 15 minutes, it required a herculean effort to overturn a goal deficit. Enter Almog Vernik, who receiving a short corner dribbled his opponent to equalise. Liston Diaz then hit a post with a left foot shot to leave any fingernails I had shredded. Eventually the attacking pressure showed and Liston Diaz slotted home a late winner to make it 2-1 and give the team a fighting chance.


The equation was simple. Beat Balwyn High and we make a State Final. After an even first half, it was nil all. I had to open the game up as we needed to score to go through whereas Balwyn only needed a draw. They did better than that by scoring a goal that killed the game midway through the second half. We still tried to create but it was not to be as we finished 1 nil down.


We finished second in our group with 4 points and fell just short of making a State Final.


The boys were disappointed and so was I at getting so close to fall but how could I fault the effort! How could I fault the commitment! How could I fault the team spirit, banter and camaraderie shown! It was an absolute pleasure to coach such a team who gave their all, listened to my instructions and played football with a passion and spirit rarely seen.


Thank you.


Congratulations to: Liam Atchison, Billy Zontanos, Sean Bass, Lucas Catherall, Liston Diaz, Chris Hoang, Luka Inglis, Tom Johnston, Michael Koletsas, Matthew Main, Liam O’Brien, Eric Pagoulatos, Jonathan Papageorgiou, Johnson Duong, Stefan Simic, Peter Tomaras, Almog Vernik and Jonathan Vernik.


Jonathan Jhoomun



On Monday 3 September we saw sixteen Senior Girls world football players attempt to defend the title they won last year at the State Final. The first game saw an easy victory over the orange clad Nagle SC 5-1 with a brace from Haylee Cohen.

A one-nil loss to the eventual state champions, Ballarat followed which knocked the team out of contention. They will be back with a number of stars still in Year 11. Mr Machin and Mr Jhoomun would like to thank this brilliant bunch of girls for giving them the opportunity to spend a day in the glorious sunshine with them and their infectious spirit.


Mr Machin & Mr Jhoomun




It has been an incredibly busy lead up to the end of term. We wish all the Music Performance and Investigation students well in their preparation for their performance exams that start the first week back in Term 4.


Congratulations to the Year 9 Music class who performed at Claremont Terrace on Friday 14 September. It is great community involvement and a fantastic way to start your performance experience as a soloist and as part of a small group.


An amazing night was held at a fundraiser for the 2019 US Music tour on Friday 14 September. Performances by the Junior Stage Band, Intermediate Stage Band and Senior Stage Band were also joined by Senior Singers and two student groups – Yael Zamir, Jonathan Fletcher, Joshua Sacks and Andy Zhang; Chloe James, Isabella Eikelis and Elizabeth Lanaras.


Sunday 16 September was fantastic weather wise and also fantastic music wise.  Congratulations to the Orchestra, Chamber Strings and the Senior Brass group who performed at the Senior Spring Soiree in the Lecture Theatre. In particular thank you to Ms Tracy Videon and Ms Clare Bugeja for their organisation of this event. The Year 12 soloists who performed with the Chamber Strings – Zoe Bartholomeusz, James Hardy and Will Hardy demonstrated their great dedication to music. It was a fitting final performance for the Orchestra for 2018 and a sad, but fond farewell to Zoe Bartholomeusz, Kate Collier, Lucia El-Osta, James Hardy, William Hardy, Wilson Hu, Jean-Luc Karavendzas, Sotiri Poulios and Clarissa Seow all from Year 12. 


Congratulations to Michael Birkett, Kate Collier, Hadyn Collier, Chloe James and Orr Zaacks who took part in the State Schools Spectacular both in performing roles on stage, on in the tech crew, on Saturday 15 September at Hisense Arena. The Spectacular had a cast of 3000 Victorian government school students, who worked towards the common performance goal in a collaborative, competition-free environment. The standard of performance was extremely high and reflected the many hours of rehearsal leading up to this. Well done!


Congratulations to Dustin Yu, Jenny Huang, Tamanna Sharma and Tim Cheng who performed in the Asia Week concert during period 4 on Tuesday 18 September.


Congratulations to these students who performed music in languages other than English at lunch on Tuesday 18 September: Grace James (German), Tia Finn (Russian), Naomi Kricheli (Hebrew), Maskit Matityahu (Hebrew), Kate Collier, Rony Olesh and Elizabeth Tsagliotis (Yorta Yorta) and Tamanna Sharma (Hindi).


Join the VCE Music Performance class of 2018 in a night of celebration on Thursday 20 September at 7pm in the Theatre. This night will be a fantastic night of solos, duos, small groups and the final whole class performance to help celebrate their passion for music and their development as musicians. We wish the students well with their upcoming exams, auditions and future music careers and thank them for all they have contributed to the music program throughout their time at McKinnon.


We look forward hearing about the Clarinet Choir, under the watchful direction of Ms Su Rogerson, performing at the VCE Leadership Awards on Friday 21 September at Parliament House in the city.


A reminder to all instrumental students that with the holidays starting Friday afternoon, the Music Centre will be closing at 4pm.  All students need to pick up their instruments before this time so that they can practice over the break, especially those that have exams coming up.


  • Symphonic Wind Final Fling – Monday 15 October
  • Ovenden Big Day Out – Thursday 25 October
  • Percussion Night – Friday 26 October
  • AMEB Vocal Exams – Friday 12 October
  • AMEB Flute Exams – Saturday 27 October
  • AMEB Clarinet/Saxophone Exams – Saturday 27 October
  • Year 11 Night – Thursday 1 November
  • AMEB Brass Exams – Wednesday 7 November
  • VSMF Young Bands (Year 7 and 8 Bands involved) – Date TBC 12-15 November
  • Ensemble Concert – Thursday 6 December

Megan Papworth
Head of Music



The library is trialling the wheeler’s audio book service until Saturday 29 September.  Go to the McKinnon home page and select the library link. (you will need to be logged in).  From the library page select the Wheeler’s link on bottom RHS.

Audio books are probably best downloaded to a mobile device such as a phone.  The download and setting up process involves installing a free app and will take 5–10 minutes.


Download the app suitable for your device


The books with the loudspeaker icon are audio books (the other books are e-books, also available for loan)


Select a title to get to the details screen. This screen will tell you if the audiobook is available or not, what the story is about, etc.





Daily editions of “The Age”, “The Financial Review”, “Choice” magazine, World book Encyclopaedia, Britannica Encyclopaedia, Enhance TV and SLAV online Referencing Generator.


Once you have finished with your book please return it to the library so others can enjoy it too. If you have lost or misplaced a book come and speak to a library staff member.


Russell Absalom

Library Resource Manager



This year marked the first year of McKinnon participating in the High School eSports League. Both of our A & B teams progressed into the Finals, Team A was unable to take the win over Roxburgh College leaving the team to finish 3rd out of 11 teams in the State’s Premier Division.



Team B took out 2nd place in Victoria’s lower division, defeated by Loyola College.


Both teams showed excellent sportsmanship throughout the entire series. Well done to both teams.


Sam Neal

Specialist Technician



Office hours are:                        8:15am - 4:30pm

Telephone:                                                8520 9000


Parents should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.


Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email them directly.



Student absences should be reported to the school before 9:00am. Please email the Attendance Officers Alison Pollock/Joanne Robinson ([email protected]) or telephone 8520 9050 on the day of the absence by 9:00am. 


A note on the day of return to the General Office is required for absences where no parent contact has been possible.



In order to minimise disruption to class and maximise learning opportunities for our students, we would like to remind you of the school policy regarding late arrival to school. Students are expected to be at school at 8:30am. A locker bell rings at 8:35am and class begins punctually at 8:50am. If your child is late for any reason, please notify the school by phone 8520 9050, email [email protected] or by writing a note in the student's diary explaining the reason. 


If no explanation has been received students are given a pass to class and an after school detention for the following day.


Please ensure that if your child is leaving early or arriving late for any reason that a note needs to be written in the diary so that the teachers are aware too.


If your student needs to leave school early for any reason, please write a note in their diary explaining the reason. Teachers will not allow any student to leave their class unless there is authorisation.


We appreciate your support in this. If you have any questions please call Alison/Joanne on 8520 9050.


Families are now able to order and purchase uniforms online. Ordered items can be collected from the Uniform Shop. Please allow three working days for pick-up. Please click on the attached link to order uniforms:

Phone/Fax No:  9578 2151


For years 9 - 12 only there are a limited number of old style track pants and old style kea jackets being sold at reduced prices.

Track pants $21.00

Jackets          $42.00

Only available for purchase from the shop.




Tuesday 25/9            11:00am – 3:00pm

Thursday 27/9           11:00am – 3:00pm

Tuesday 2/10            11:00am – 3:00pm

Thursday 4/10           11:00am – 3:00pm

Saturday 6/10             9:30am – 12:00noon



Tuesdays                                      8:15am - 12 noon

Fridays                                        12:30pm - 4:00pm

1st Saturday every month    9:30am - 12 noon


Please ensure all school clothes, books and personal property are clearly labelled with the student’s name. Many items are not returned to their rightful owners because they are not labelled correctly or clearly.


USBs should include a folder with the student’s name and form to assist in returning it to the correct person. If you have lost anything see Mrs Plate in the Sick Bay during recess, lunch or end of day.



Local Community News


Glen Eira City Council’s Health Promotion and Youth Services are co-hosting a community event on World Mental Health Day. In Glen Eira, a significant number of young people surveyed are experiencing anxiety, increased parental pressure and loss of sleep through worry. Anxiety can affect sleep quality, relationships, education and overall quality of life.


On World Mental Health Day, Wednesday 10 October, we welcome all parents/guardians and young people (12+ years) to come and hear Geoffrey Ahern present on what you need to know about anxiety, including how you can best support a young person or young friend experiencing anxiety. Please click on the following for further information




A concert "The Silent Anzac" will be performed by the Footscray-Yarraville City Band at the Whitehorse Centre, 397 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading on Sunday 30 September at 2:00pm


Danielle Matthews, an ex-McKinnon student is part of the production. You can book online or email [email protected].


The band will perform one more concert at the Williamstown Town Hall on Saturday 27 October at 7:30pm.


Please click on the attached links for further information.




Glen Eira is providing drainage Improvement Program to upgrade drainage in Windsor Avenue, Abergeldie Avenue, Osborne Avenue and McKinnon Reserve, Bentleigh. Works are scheduled to commence the week beginning Monday 1 October 2018. Works will be in progress from 16-18 weeks (weather permitted). Please refer to the attached link for further information.



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