31 August 2018
Issue Fourteen - 31 August 2018
The Principal's Report
Diary Dates
Important Information
Fair Update - cake stall  
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Book Week 2018 - Thankyou
Mr Batt's Sports Report
Performing Arts & Music at BPPS
Fantastic French Facts
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The Principal's Report

Book Week

I love books, I have a huge bookshelf across one wall of my study and it is filled with books. I have more books at school, including one shelf of picture books to share with students. I am always looking for a new book to read and share. The photo at the head of my article this week is Shaun Tan's new book Cicada. I have read it to one of our Year 6 classes and it sparked interesting conversations and thought.  A great picture book can be used for all sorts of discussions with students. If I am looking for a birthday present for a child, I head to Readings and sit, read and find the perfect book. 


Thanks to Mare for a fabulous Book Week celebration - we enjoyed the display around the Children's Book Council award winners and I know that students have eagerly been borrowing the books this week. 


Our Readings Book Fair was held last week and we would like to thank all of those who bought books for our school library, we look forward to reading the 30 new books. 


Our Book Character Parade was filled with smiles and creativity. Thank you for taking the time to send your child along in celebration of books. There are some wonderful photographs on the Book Week page of this newsletter. 

Final Assembly for the term

Our final assembly on Friday September 21st will be a farewell to Jane Woodman. We hope that many of you are able to join us to celebrate Jane's time at Boroondara Park PS. 

Someone else's shoes

Have you ever wondered what it must be like in the shoes of another person?

Recently I found myself on the other side of Melbourne, looking around at the houses and people walking along the street and wondered what their life might be like. It made me consider how often we place ourselves in the shoes of other people, trying to identify what their life might be like. 


A school community can be a small microcosm of the wider community. Our role is to support our students to be their best academic self and also to support them to be active members of their school and wider community. To assist them with this we ask ourselves - How we can assist them to connect with others? 


The Department's Respectful Relationships documents provide us with the following definition of Emotional Literacy - 


Emotional literacy can be defined as the ability to understand ourselves and other people. It includes the ability to understand, express and manage our own emotions, build empathy, and to respond appropriately to the emotions of others. Building a large vocabulary for emotions helps to increase emotional literacy and build self-awareness and empathy for others. Empathy can support us all to understand life from the point of view of the other. 


Alongside parents and carers we work to build empathy in our students. This includes helping them to understand there is a need to be an open-minded, and that we need to make an effort to learn how differently others experience the world. One of the best ways to encourage empathy is to make children conscious of what they have in common with others, they will find it easier to be empathetic to someone who is familiar. Another way to assist our students is to get out and meet people from different backgrounds and to learn about what life is like in far away places. Not all of us can afford to travel to those far away places, there are many books, films and experiences we can have in our own city to learn about other places. 

Having conversations is useful but students are heavily influenced by what we do. As the adults of our community we can assist all of our students to build their empathy through how we act. 


A short article with suggestions for ways to promote empathy in your children - 

Three Strategies to promote empathy in children


A blog from Readings which sets out some picture books for children you might like to explore - 

Children's books that teach empathy


A link to a short film on the Empathy Museum (Waling a Mile in someone's shoes) for your interest - 

Step inside the Empathy Museum

Urgent assistance - Parent Opinion Survey

We urgently need your assistance! If you were sent an invitation to complete the Parent Opinion Survey then please make sure that you complete it by this Sunday September 2nd at 11.59pm. We only have 41 completed surveys and would hope to get closer to 90 surveys completed. We appreciate you taking time to provide us with feedback.  


This week the NAPLAN results for the State were released. We have received access to our school results and will spend time reviewing them in the coming weeks. We expect individual reports to arrive shortly, they will be sent home to families and a Sentral message will be sent so that you know to look out for them. 

Parents of Year 3 and 5 students will receive information about how to read the report, remembering that this is a snapshot of your child's achievement on one day, please take time to read the report and then speak to your child's teacher if you have any questions. Your child's individual report forms only one part of the data that is provided to the school. We will work through the data, linking it with the data that classroom teachers have collected around a child's achievement and identify what we can do to support individual students and further develop our learning programs. 

In a coming newsletter I will share informaton about our school results. 

Are you leaving Boroondara Park PS in 2019?

As we move into the planning for the 2019 school year it is important that we confirm the enrolments of our school.


If you know that your child will be leaving Boroondara Park PS in 2019 we would appreciate you taking the time to fill in this form - Leaving Boroondara Park PS 

Diary Dates

Term 3

Wed 29 - Fri 31 August - Grade 4 Oasis Camp at Mt Evelyn

Thursday 6 September - District Athletics Carnival

Thursday 6 September - Student Led Expo 

Friday 7 September - Second Hand Uniform Stall

Tue 11 - Fri 14 September - Grade 5 Camp Coonawarra Farm Resort

Wednesday 12 September - Year 6 Graffiti/Life skills program

Thu 13 - Sat 15 September - Victorian State School Spectacular

Thursday 13 September - State Hockey 7s Competition

Thursday 13 September - Grade 6 Visit to BHS

Friday 14 September - District Basketball Competition

Friday 14 September - Grade 6 Transition Incursion: Hit the ground running

Thursday 20 September - Grade 2 Sleepover: TBC

Friday 21 September - End of Term 3: finish at 2:30pm


Term 4

Monday 8 October - First day Term 4

Wednesday 10 October - Division Athletics Carnival

Thursday 11 October - Multicultural Ensembles Concert

Friday 12 October - Story Time  2:50 - 3:20pm

Friday 12 October - Regional Racquetball Competition

Friday 12 October - Ian Huntington Cup Cricket Competition: Grade 5/6

Wednesday 17 October - Division Basketball Competition

Thursday 18 October - Eastern Region Athletics Carnival 

Friday 19 October - Grade 4 District Cricket Competition  

Friday 26 October - State Racquetball Competition

Wed 31 Oct - Fri 2 Nov - Grade 3 Camp

Saturday 10 November - School Fair 

Tuesday 20 November - 2019 Foundation Information Night

Friday 23 November - District Battle-ball Competition

Mon 26 - Fri 30 November - Foundation Swimming Program

Wednesday 28 November - 2019 Foundation Transition session 1

Mon 3 - Fri 7 December - Grade 1 - 6 Swimming Program

Wednesday 5 December - 2019 Foundation Transition Session 2

Tuesday 11 December - Whole School Transition Day

Thursday 13 December - Annual BPPS Christmas Carols Evening

Wednesday 19 December - Grade 6 Graduation Picnic

Thursday 20 December - Grade 6 Graduation Night 

Friday 21 December - End of Term 4: finish at 1:30pm

Important Information

Head Lice Alert

It has been brought to our attention that head lice is going around in Grade 2.

Please check your child's hair regularly to prevent the spend.



Legacy Week - September 2-8

Next week we will be selling Legacy merchandise from the office. Legacy Week is a annual national appeal to raise awareness and funds for the family of our veterans.  Funds raised help Legacy to assist over 60,000 beneficiaries throughout Australia.

Merchandise available:-

Badges - $2 and $5

Wristbands -$3

Keyrings -$5

Pens -$5


Fair Update - cake stall  

Cake stall - call for donations

Can you help with any equipment for the cake stall? 

Please drop any of the items listed below to the office by Friday 21st September. 

Queries: [email protected] 


Join the BPPS Fair Facebook page @bppsfair for regular updates and announcements and to share the event with friends and family.


What's on at the Fair?

  • Carnival rides including UFO Thrill Ride, Giant Slide, Inflatable Centre, Dodgem Cars and much more.
  • Live entertainment including some very special BPPS guest performers!
  • Face painting, hair colour spray and braiding
  • FREE activities and roving performers
  • FREE games run by the team at Latitude and Falcons Football Club
  • Delicious food and snacks including BBQ Brothers souvlaki and falafel, Romeos Woodfired Pizza, Bulla ice cream, BPPS sausage sizzle
  • Popcorn, snow cones and fairy floss
  • Beer and wine garden
  • Cake stall
  • Student and community art gallery
  • silent auction .... stay tuned !!


From our Sponsors

A big thank you to the BPPS families and businesses sponsoring the Fair. 

Please support the local businesses supporting the BPPS Fair. 

  • Fletchers Real Estate
  • Ace Learning
  • Brainworks Balwyn
  • Bulla Ice Cream
  • Dick Reynolds Building Pty Ltd
  • Falcons Football Club
  • Foodworks Balwyn North
  • I Got Wood Pty Ltd
  • Imagination Lab 
  • Latitude
  • Macil
  • New Pathways Life Coaching
  • Stavrakis family
  • Tao's Restaurant
  • Vienna Patisserie Bakery
  • WDC Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

From The Classroom

Integrated Curriculum

Our Team 1-2 students are in the throws of constructing Puppet Theatres. This connects to their essential questions - 'How can we make puppets and instruments?' and 'How can we use sounds and shadows to tell a story?'

Here are some examples of the Puppet Theatres being constructed in 1-2L.




In Team Foundation, the students are investigating in to the concept of division. The key first step in this sequence, is to develop the initial concept as sharing through action stories. Here, the students are completing a task called Chicken Scramble. Each student was allocated 15 pieces of food (unifix blocks) and then had to share the food between the chickens in the barn yard. 



The use of learning goals is a key strategy we use to improve student learning outcomes. Learning goals provide challenge for all students. By setting challenging goals, we are developing and maintaining a culture of high expectations. Our teachers explain the connection between learning goals and learning activities. In doing so, our students can use learning goals to monitor and progress their own learning.

Below you can see examples of learning goals in action in a Team 3-4 classroom. Students have set themselves a learning goal for reading. They are using the goal to monitor their learning and identify where they need to go next. 


Book Week 2018 - Thankyou

What a fun week celebrating books, authors and illustrators.

Bookweek 2018 was so much fun with participation in various activities to Find, Make or Share a Treasure.

At the Readings Bookfair up to thirty beautiful new books were purchased and donated by our community to the school library collection.  Currently the books are being processed and will include a nameplate acknowledging the donation. Once  ready the child who donated a book will be the first to borrow it. Thank you for contributing to the selection on this day.




The Book Parade was another wonderful opportunity to share the love of your favourite character from a book. It's always an absolute joy to see young people translate their love of reading via a costume. The costumes were fantastic!





Zine Making Workshop adds more treasure to our zine collection.


On Friday some students came along to the Zine making workshop and created some great mini-zines to put in the Zine treasure chest to share with the rest of the school community. Come and check out our wonderful zine collection next time you are in the library.


Happy reading from your school Librarian Mare Maticevski



Mr Batt's Sports Report

Junior and Senior Hoop Time Competitions

Over the past two weeks, all of our Year 3 - 6 students have competed in a Hoop Time Basketball Competition. Both the Junior (Friday 17th August) and Senior (Thursday 23rd August) days were held at the Dandenong Basketball Stadium. Hoop Time provides the opportunity for our students to develop many skills, including teamwork, social, communication and of course basketball skills. With so many teams entered (46 teams across the two days), our students relished playing against other schools, as well as the rivalry when playing against other BPPS teams.


There are many people that need to be thanked - Mr Longmuir for all of his coordination for the Junior Hoop Time, the teachers who attended either day, the Year 6 students who assisted at the Junior Hoop Time and of course all of the wonderful parents who gave up their time (some on both days) to help with coaching and scoring. Hoop Time requires so much co-ordination and I greatly appreciated all of the assistance.


Eastern Region Mixed Netball Competition

On Wednesday 22nd August, our Year 5/6 Mixed Netball Team competed at the Eastern Region Competition at Waverley Netball Centre. Our team had progressed through the District and Division stages to reach this level of competition. On the day, our team played three pool matches, winning the first two but losing the third. Such a fantastic achievement to reach that far! Well done to the team, as well as their coach, Miss Grundy.


Bike Ed Program - Bikes Needed

We are looking for any bikes appropriate for a Year 4 student as spares for our Bike Ed Program that will be run during Term 4 with our Year 4 cohort. If you have a bike still in decent condition that your child has outgrown or that you have upgraded from and are willing to donate it to the school, please send me an email at [email protected]




Artists of the Weeks.

Bravo to the two Foundation children, Millie H of FLA and Milla C of FCB with their wonderful sculptures, Me And My Shadow. These sculptures were built from pipe cleaners and aluminum foil. Once glued onto the cardboard platform, the children drew in their shadows using black textas.  We had a practice making shadows and tracing around them with chalk in the playground first. It was a pretty tricky task for young children, but our artists did an amazing job.  To paraphrase an advert for al foil that is currently showing on TV, "They chose wisely!"


Grade 1 and 2 children have been drawing and painting in a style reminiscent of Picasso's to create their Groovy Guitar and Violin (or cello) pictures. Kalinda S and Isabella N, both of 2SQ, did particularly pleasing work. They chose distinctive elements of these instruments to include in their fragmented drawings. They used bright inks to paint their works. Well done girls!

Artist of the Week (August 20-24th)

Inspired by artist Keith Haring, both Tara M and Milla H from 4LK have created fantastic pictures depicting active characters bouncing, dancing and moving on their artworks. They have used bright, bold and vibrant primary and secondary colours that really make their art work ‘POP’. Well done Tara and Milla. 


Performing Arts & Music at BPPS

Monash Youth Musical Festival

On Monday 19 August the Girls Vocal Group participated in the Monash Youth Musical Festival held at Robert Blackwood Hall. The group performed exceptionally well, presenting the adjudicator with two pieces: The Moon by Andy Beck, and Beautiful Creatures (from Rio 2) by the Barbatuques.  There was an impressive caliber of performance by all schools, but we were incredibly proud that our girls were awarded third place.  Congratulations to all members of the Girls Vocal Group on a well deserved award!


This fortnight in the Performing Arts Classroom

Foundation - The Tortoise and the Hare - Faster and Slower

Grade 1/2 - How do we use Dynamics and Tempo in our jingle?

Grade 3/4 - Presenting our Prolific Puppet Performance

Grade 5/6 - Presenting our Arrival Monologues to an audience


Senior School Production 2019

Well we are already gearing up for an exciting production year next year!  If you are a parent who is interested in set building, painting, sewing, sourcing props or generally creating and enjoy collaborating with a team, please complete the google form using the link (if the link does not work when you click on it, please copy and paste it into your web browser).  We would love to have you on our 2019 production team!

Important Dates

Multicultural Concert - Thursday 11 October 2018

Annual Carols Evening - Thursday 13 December 2018

Llaaneath Poor and Aleksis Payne 

(Performing Arts Teachers)

Fantastic French Facts

French and Book Week

Did you know that one of the things teachers like the most is to see their students enjoy learning?


 Angelina (4CF) and Ellia (4TL) enjoyed and combined Book Week and a French speaking task together! Quelle bonne idée!

This is what they said to each other:

"Tu me prêtes une baguette magique?

Voilà une baguette magique!

Merci beaucoup!

De rien"

Can you guess what they said to each other in their Harry Potter inspired costumes ?

Bravo Angelina and Ellia ! Magnifique !

À la prochaine !

Madame Higgins





2 new hot dishes will appear in term 3.  Yummy Butter Chicken Curry and Rice, and Tasty Mac and Cheese.  Both dishes come from the Good Food Hero Company that specialises in healthy canteen food.  These will be available everyday and cost $4.50 per serve.  


For the next fortnight the canteen has only 1 volunteer sessions filled.  Remember anytime you can spare would be greatly appreciated and create more home made options for your children to try.

31/8 Diane Gabriel FCB  9 - 11



Wednesday 19th September (last week of term) is BPPS Canteen Footy Colours Meal Deal Day.  Wear your favourite AFL/NRL/Soccer colours and participate in a special lunch on the day.  As there are camps towards the end of term, forms will be out soon.  There will be no regular lunch orders on this day and this deal is not available to order on line.  Any dietary concerns please come and see Di at the Canteen.

OSHClub News

What we have done this week

This week the children have been making beautiful Story Cards for their Dads, Grandpas, Uncles and carers for Fathers Day. We combined the idea of comic books and gift cards and also made cookies and cookie-jars!


Next two weeks are: 2nd Spring!


Note to parents: We are very excited to announce my staff and I are running an

OSHclub school Holiday Program at Boroondara Park these September Holidays!!!

I’ve already started planning themes and booking Excursions. If you have any requests for activities please let me know asap. Brochures and bookings should be available soon.



The New CCS fee system bring OSHcare into line with Childcare regulations in the fee department too. So please remember the cancellation time period is now the same as childcare centers. If you do not cancel within 48hrs you will still be charged an attendance fee. The new government childcare regulations no longer allow for a credit with a medical certificate either. If you forget to cancel you child, there will also be a non-cancellation fee.

Please remember to book ahead with 24hrs notice, in-line with the new government regulations for the CCS. Message the program mobile for any last minute bookings.

Next two weeks 


Community Notices


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