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10 August 2018
Issue Eleven
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From the Leadership Team

Think Big

Jon Charlton, Principal 


In our desire to develop thinking students we often talk about the need to teach them 21st century thinking skills such as critical, creative and problem-solving. 


We also talk about global competencies which are described by the Academy of International Studies as being able to:

  • communicate and collaborate effectively;
  • develop multiple perspectives;
  • understand the interdependence of systems;
  • think critically and creatively;
  • speak proficiently in English and one other language;
  • understand complexity;
  • manage our own learning;
  • achieve expertise in at least one culture and issue;
  • make healthy decisions for ourselves and our environment. 

In simple terms, we need to able to equip our students to ‘think big’.


As our students learn and grow and ultimately graduate from Kilvington, they will be confronted with issues such as how to live sustainably with the world’s resources; the growing inequality in the world today; our very own indigenous problem; the influence of super powers; and the spread of political and religious fundamentalism, just to mention a few. 


It is important that we discuss these real world issues with our children and provide them with the tools to think through possible solutions.

Global Connections Program

A platform to assist our students achieve this is our Global Connections Program. This program is responsible for our various cultural days at Kilvington as well as our international study, cultural and sporting tours.

Recently, we welcomed a group of French students from our sister school, Saint-Joseph La Salle in Toulouse.


Then this week we celebrated the arrival of 16 students and staff from our Japanese sister school, Hiroshima Jogakuin Junior High School, at a special morning tea attended by Federal Liberal Member for Goldstein, Tim Wilson, and Shota Tohara, Vice-Consul for Cultural and Educational Affairs and Consulate-General of Japan in Melbourne.

Next week we will welcome students and staff from Shanghai West Yan’an, China, at a morning tea attended by the Mayor of Glen Eira, Tony Athanasopoulos.


Later this year and in 2019, students will have an opportunity to travel to France, Japan and China to connect with the students they hosted on these recent visits and to gain further insight into these cultures while fine-tuning their language skills. All of this contributes to building respect, tolerance and understanding of our international brothers and sisters.


Year 10 Character Day 

As part of the Kilvington Character Initiative, we recently held a Year 10 Character Day where students participated in activities such as:

  • Cooking a number of meals and snacks for members for our Kilvington community who maybe struggling.
  • 18 Kilvington students and two staff volunteered their time to FareShare and made 1520 vegetable quiches for people dealing from food insecurity in our broader community.
  • Students in collaboration with Our Kitchen Table packaged gifts, clothing and toys for women and children in safe housing.
  • Out on the courts, students ran a number of exercises with the delightful children from Katandra School.

I was very proud of just how enthusiastically our students gave of their time and energy to a range of programs and causes. Most importantly, this program contributes to our students gaining an understanding of the world beyond themselves, thus helping them to ‘think big’.

100 Days of Prep 

Congratulations to our fabulous Prep students who dressed up as 100-year-olds to celebrate 100 days of School life. There were some fantastic costumes worn with great authenticity and enthusiasm. Thank you to our parents for supporting this fun initiative with your ingenuity and creativity.


Staff News 

Mr Nicolas Troitzky Pelletier has been appointed to the position of French Teacher.  Nicolas joins us from Camberwell High School and holds a Masters Degree in Education from René Descartes University in Paris, and has studied a Post Graduate Course in Education at the University of Greenwich in London. We look forward to welcoming Nicolas to Kilvington on 27 August.


We also acknowledge and welcome the appointment of Mrs Virginia Thomas who will be joining us in the position of Accounts Payable Officer.  Virginia comes from St Paul’s Catholic School in Mt Lawely, Perth where she held the position of Bursar for the past seven years. Virginia will commence on 22 August and we look forward to her expertise and professionalism.


It is with sadness that we farewell our School Nurse, Therese Mickelburough. Therese has been with Kilvington since May 2017.  Her kindness and professionalism will be missed. We wish her all the best in her new role at Firbank.


I also inform you of the resignation of Librarian/Teacher Mrs Jane Viner. Jane has made an outstanding contribution to students, staff and parents over the past four and half years. Her professionalism, leadership, creativity and passion for the Library will be missed. 


With delight I write that Year 1 teacher, Esther Linivker, and her husband Edward are expecting their second child. Esther is due in January and will complete the year with her class. We wish them all the best.













Thoughts from the ELC

Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood

Next week, the Junior School and the ELC will host guest speaker and child psychologist Ariadne Lack, who will present a workshop on ‘Strength Based Parenting’; a practical way to help unlock each child’s potential and focus on their strengths in building their resilience, optimism and sense of achievement. 

In the early years, a young child’s confidence and wellbeing are built from their emotional skills, which in turn contributes to their social development. These are so-called ‘soft skills’ that have proven to have a significant impact on a child’s development and overall performance in and out of school. In a quality early childhood program, such learning is recognised as an essential component of the curriculum. 

What are social and emotional skills?

Social and emotional skills are linked but not the same. We all have emotions and we all need to learn to manage them; they enable us to make the most of our own lives and develop respectful and fulfilling relationships.

Emotional skills are about learning to regulate and express feelings appropriately. Social skills are about relating to others. They involve being able to be a friend, to negotiate our needs and difficulties, to be assertive without being aggressive and to relate effectively with peers and adults.

Why should social and emotional learning be the basis for our early childhood curriculum?

Research overwhelmingly suggests that social and emotional learning is important. The Early Years Learning Framework, our national early years curriculum, reflects this view with its first principle based on the significance of relationships to learning.

Without social and emotional skills, children cannot learn as effectively and are unable to  make the most of their education.

How do we teach social and emotional skills?

The Early Years Learning Framework highlights the importance of teaching social and emotional skills. While children learn these skills from interactions and through modelling, they are also taught in a planned way within our program.

In addition, capturing ‘teachable moments’ as they arise is most beneficial -  listening and talking with the children about how they are feeling and ways to express their emotions and needs.

Here are some strategies we consider in the ELC to assist with the children’s social and emotional development –

  • When issues arise, embracing the moment and talking through with the children their feelings and resolutions.
  • Role modelling and acting are great opportunities for illustrating ways of resolving conflict and possible outcomes.
  • Picture books and music with themes of friendship and emotions are wonderful teaching resources for discussing our feelings and interaction with others.
  • Remembering that behaviour is a means of communication.
  • Arguably, the most important strategy - ensuring we establish meaningful relationships with each child so they feel safe and valued.

We look forward to joining many of our ELC and Junior School families at the ‘Strength Based’ parenting workshop next Tuesday night, from 6-7.30pm (enter from the stairs next to Dalton Hall).


School Highlights

Year 10 Leaders With Integrity Excursion

Christina Douglas, Religious Education Teacher


On Tuesday the Year 10 elective, Leaders With Integrity travelled to Collingwood. While Cremorne is known for being our 'Silicone Valley' when it comes to IT start ups, Collingwood is a social enterprise hub. This excursion was designed to give the students an experience of some of Melbourne’s most exciting social enterprises, including Homie, Charcoal Lane, Friends of the Earth and Social Studio. 


Being able to visit the headquarters of Thankyou was intriguing, and all the students wanted to work in that dynamic workplace! It was a highlight to meet an ex-Kilvington student working as a graphic designer at Thankyou HQ – Louise Brough from the class of 2004.

We concluded our day with lunch at Streat Cafe  and a behind-the-scenes tour, learning how they sustainably  support their main cause of training homeless youth in hospitality skills.

The Year 10 students are now inspired and are considering how they can align their own enterprise projects to partner with these social enterprises. There will be an ethical market and showcase of their work for family and friends and anyone interested in the local community in Dalton Hall on Monday evening 22 October. 

Year 10s Workshop with Author​

As a prelude to the Kilvington Writer's Festival, and to support our Writing Flagship, on 3 August we welcomed author Lili Wilkinson who spent the day working with our Year 10 students. 


Year 5 Sovereign Hill Excursion

By Jacinta Land & Lavanya Subbarayalu, Year 5 


Waking up on a Thursday morning had never been more exciting - it was the day of the Year 5 excursion to Sovereign Hill!

One of the activities on offer was panning for gold. We barely found any gold which was disappointing, however we still really enjoyed the activity.

We then headed off to another exciting activity; attending an ‘olden day school' where half an hour of dressing up and acting awaited us. Everyone in Year 5 was given an outfit to get into character. We had to enact the Eureka Stockade. Getting into character helped us learn more about this event in History.

The scariest place in Sovereign Hill was the mine. We descended underground, down many stairs in groups of fifteen. A voice-over shared information and instructed us when it was safe to move on to the next section.

Halfway through, we found a steady drip of cold water in our pathway - a leak in the mine! People stopped in their tracks, terrified - was the mine going to crumble? Everyone heaved sigh of relief when it stopped, it was all part of the experience! We were all thankful to get to the bright daylight once more.

But the best thing we did – or so we think – was the candy store. Boiled sweets in every shape and size and colour lined the shelves, filling the room with enticing aromas. Our spending money was gone in a flash, and we loaded back onto the bus stumbling under the weight of so many sweets and souvenirs.


We were exhausted when we got back on the bus, however our mood was high and we all sang joyously on the way home. Sovereign Hill was an excursion we will always remember!

Independent Schools Victoria (ISV)​ Student Exhibition

Kilvington Grammar had 9 artworks selected for this year’s Independent Schools Victoria Annual Exhibition.

The exhibition is a celebration of creativity through a broad range of art forms, styles, media and technique from Prep to Year 12 students. I would like to congratulate the following students on their amazing artwork and achievements in Visual Arts.

  • Year 2 - Ethan Cheng
  • Year 3 - Annabelle Liu, Charlotte Ignasiak
  • Year 5 - Aiva Anagnostiadis, Marlo McCulloch
  • Year 9 - Andrew Moore, Amelia Takle, Elizabeth Middleton
  • Year 11 - Elissa Mori

The exhibition will be open for viewing till the end of August, Monday to Friday during normal business hours. 

  • Level 2, No. 1 Spring Street, Melbourne.
  • Entry to the building is from either Flinders Lane or corner of Spring and Flinders Streets. 
  • Please advise security on arrival and they will ensure access.

School Highlights (cont'd)

Year 9 Incursion Photography Workshop

On Tuesday 24 September, the Year 9 Digital Photography Class participated in a workshop with Jay Collier from Canon. Students were introduced to DSLR cameras and how to set up their camera to allow for long exposure photoshoots.


The students had the opportunity to create some ‘Light Painting’ photographs. They all took turns sitting still for twenty to thirty seconds in the dark while their partner created movement with glowing light sticks in the background which produced amazing patterns.

As the students' creativity progressed, we tried to draw and write with the glowing lights in the photoshoot. The Year 9s loved the experience and were able to create some great shots.

Studio Arts – Excursion to NGV 

Angelina Vadolas Year 11, Senior School Art Captain


The VCE Studio Art students recently attended the MoMa (Museum of Modern Art, of New York) exhibition at the NGV. 

The exhibition showcased the expression of modern and contemporary art over time, displaying the work of many well-known artists such as Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh and Salvador Dali. From paintings to sculptures, many of the artworks explored the controversial themes of society.


The MoMa exhibition exposed different materials and techniques that are of great interest to me when creating my own art. 


After our visit to the NGV, we explored other private galleries in the city to broaden our understanding of a possible path into the arts.

Bastille Day 

Esther Lucas, Year 6, Junior School Languages Leader


On the first week back to Term 3, we celebrated Bastille day. There were lots of fun activities going on at recess and lunch including French flag face painting; a monument building competition; a photo booth with accessories; and indulging in pre-ordered crêpes.

The celebration of Bastille day is a significant annual event on the Languages Faculty calendar. A special thanks to Mademoiselle Hancock and Madame Dickens for all their effort and hard work. It was a very successful day and we all had lots of fun.


Year 8 Cultural Day 

Samuel Kokoulis , Year 8


Year 8 Languages students worked extremely hard in preparing menus and tables for their chosen cuisine for the Year 8 Cultural Day. We had 18 groups participating in this activity. 

The judges of the competition were Year 12 students currently studying Japanese and French, as well as students from our sister school in Toulouse and the Japanese and French teachers.


The event was complimented by many students who said that they loved the day and would do it again in a heartbeat!

Director of ABC News Take on Fake News

Elisabeth Yeo, Year 11, English Captain

Year 11 students recently had the privilege of  listening to Gaven Morris, the director of ABC News, deliver a speech about modern day journalism.


With the development of technology in recent years, fake news and untrustworthy reports are commonplace in our society. The emergence of social media as a platform to broadcast information has created opportunities for organisations with malicious or profit-driven intent to bombard the public with false, misleading or useless news.

Not only does this have implications for the way that Australians consume reports on current affairs, but also the dynamic of the ever-changing media industry. Whether a traditional media outlet is privately owned or tax-payer funded, as the ABC is, the Australian public must be able to trust that the reports presented are factual, impartial and informative.


Gaven Morris gave an insightful and engaging glimpse into the relationships between journalism mediums, news outlets, social media, and most importantly, consumers. As young students growing up in the digital age, it was an incredible opportunity to become aware of the complex nature of modern media, and how to be discerning in the face of fake news.  

Music Notes

Term 3 Friday Afternoon Soirees 

Nicole Bull, Academic Dean of Performing Arts


The Friday afternoon Soirees are up and running for Term 3. We started with a small Soiree on August 3, with Yash Kapoor (Year 4) and Mark Wotherspoon (Year 11) performing their pieces for their upcoming Piano for Leisure AMEB exams.

This week there will be a variety of performances on piano, strings and flute. All students are welcome to perform, and parents, friends and teachers are most welcome to attend.

Prep to Year 10 Speech and Drama Concert

The Prep to Year 10 Speech and Drama Concert on Tuesday 24 July in Dalton Hall was a great success. Over fifty-seven students performed a variety of pieces including poetry, monologues and plays.


All the students were confident and performed well. The audience (made up mainly of parents, siblings and staff) was very receptive; there was constant laughter showing their enjoyment and appreciation for the performances. Ms Nelson (Speech and Drama Teacher) was very pleased with all the students.

Annual Music Concert

The Annual Music Concert is fast approaching and will feature all our large ensembles and choirs. The highlight will be our performance of the Composer in Residence piece In Eodum Spiritu composed by Queensland composer Stephen Chin. 


This performance features 101 instrumentalists on stage and promises to be a wonderful experience for all of the students involved. Uniform for the evening is full winter uniform. Male students are kindly reminded that they must be in long pants for the evening.


Thank you also to all students who attended the Sunday Annual Concert rehearsal on 5 August. It was great to see how far each of the various works have progressed since the start of term and the amazing teamwork and camaraderie shown by the students. The Music Department appreciates the time and effort shown by those who attended.

Star of the Week 

A big thank you Claire Yu for stepping up and filling in for a student that couldn't perform in a Speech and Drama play at the Concert on Tuesday, 24 July. Your support was most appreciated.

Three Day Spring Jazz Vocal Intensive 

This intensive will be led by London-based Anita Wardell and Award winner Michelle Nicolle for intermediate to experienced singers who wish to advance their knowledge, skill base and confidence working specifically on leading a band, improvisation on chord changes, time and groove feels. The intensive will be held on September 7 to 9 and will be capped at 14 participants.


For more information or bookings, please contact [email protected].  

Diary Dates (Term 3) 

  • Friday, 17 August – Annual Concert, Robert Blackwood Hall, 7.30 - 9.30pm.
  • Wednesday, 22 August – Vocal Soiree, PVC7, 4.00-5.00pm (Prep to Year 6) and 5.00 - 6.00pm (Years 7 to 12).
  • Tuesday, 11 September – Prep to Year 12 String Concert, Dalton Hall, 6.00 -7.00pm.
  • Thursday, 20 September – Years 5 & 6 Production, Dalton Hall, Matinee 2.00pm/7.30 - 9.00pm.
  • Every Friday except for August, 17, 24 and September 7 - Friday Afternoon Soirees, PVC7.
  • Every Wednesday - Junior String Ensembles, PVC7, 1.30pm – 2.10pm. 
  • Every Monday - Marimba Mania, PVC4, 1.30pm – 2.10pm.





Sport News 

Meeting Australian NBA Star 

Ben Bishop, Head of Sport


Our Southern boys basketball team caught up with Australian basketball NBA star of the Utah Jazz, Joe Ingles, at GESAC on 9 August. Pretty amazing! (photgraph from Kylie Burns).


Junior School House Athletics Carnival

On 3 August, the annual Junior School House Athletics Carnival was held at the brand new track at Duncan MacKinnon.


This event focuses on participation and fun with all Prep to Year 6 students competing in at least seven events across the day. These included some traditional track and field events, as well as some not-so-traditional but classic events such as 'tug-o-war', 'obstacle course' and 'egg and spoon.'


Well done to Fysh House who received the most points over the day to claim the Aggregate Trophy.

Special thanks to all the staff who did an amazing job facilitating events and escorting the students around the track. Their  enthusiasm and positivity was definitely a highlight.


The Impact of Exercise on the Brain

Exercise is essential to maintain physical health, reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes.


But did you know that it has a positive impact on the brain? We’re not talking about the ‘runner’s high’ or the calm you attain from yoga, both of which have positive benefits on our mental health.


Instead, there is significant research to support the theory that physical exercise actually promotes brain development, particularly in children.


Read more on this important topic on our blog.

Community Updates 

De Castella Fun Run

With the Senior School EISM Cross Country occurring in Term 3, as well as the strong interest from both Junior and Senior School students participating in the Kelpies Running Club, we are encouraging students, staff and parents to run for the School in the annual De Castella Fun Run.


Free entry:

Please visit the event website to enter and use the team name of Kilvington Grammar School when registering. The School will pay the entry fee for the 5km event. Use the free entry promotion code of GRAMKILVINGTON.


The details are as follows:

Day: Sunday 26 August, 2018.

Location: Burke Hall, Nolan Avenue, Kew, 3101 (M2D G10).

Time: 7.30– 9.30am.

Transport: Students to be transported to and from the venue by parents/ guardians.

Meeting Point: Kilvington Tent in Schools’ Area.

Staff: Mr Ben Bishop and Mr Bustin.

Dress: Full Sports Uniform (Kilvington Singlet will be provided).

What to bring: Drink bottle and snack.

Event Website:


Thank you for your support with our running program for this year.

ELC to Year 10 Art Show

Join us for the annual ELC to Year 10 Art Show in Dalton Hall on 22 August.


Father's Day Breakfast

All Kilvington Dads or special friends are invited to a special Father’s Day breakfast!

There will be a delicious range of breakfast offerings, along with fun activities to participate in together and a performance from one of our musical groups.


This is a great opportunity to spend some time with the special young people in your life. We hope to see you there!


Date: Friday 31 August

Time: 7.30am - 8.30am

Where: Dalton Hall, Kilvington Grammar

Cost: Adults $20, Years 7 to 12 $15, ELC to Years 6  $10

RSVP: Please book and pay online via ‘What’s On’ on the School website and follow the links.   

SchoolTV on Body Image

This month SchoolTV covers the topic of Body Image and how parents play a critical role in helping children develop a positive body image.


Watch here.









Student Achievements

2018 LAVic State Cross Country Championships


Congratulations to Onkaar Lamba, Year 6, who had a wonderful run at the LAVic 2018 State Cross Country Championship in the Under-10s on 28 July.


It was a tough track to run and involved multiple obstacles and running through the varied landscape next to Lake Dewar.



Onkaar finished 20th amongst Under-10 runners from across the state.

Well done Onkaar!

Melbourne International Youth Music Competition

Congratulations to Edgar Chen, Year 6, who won Second Prize in the Final Round of the Melbourne International Youth Music Competition held at Deakin Edge Concert Hall on Saturday July 28.

You can view Edgar’s performance here. Well done Edgar!


PFA Update


Kirsten Brooks, PFA President


It was lovely to catch up with our CSRs recently, welcome new CSRs who are job sharing, and hear about what is being planned for Term 3 and 4. It was also a good time to hear how they are enjoying their role and if we can further support what they do. I thank them for their time and their contributions to our community. I look forward to photos of the upcoming events.


I have also enjoyed catching up with our volunteers who hold significant roles in the PFA and hearing how they are going and where adjustments can be made to suit them best. I appreciate their time and energy and thank them for what they do to contribute to our School community.


Father's Day Gift Stall

Sign up to help the students choose the best gift for their Dad on 29 August. Junior School students will visit the stall with their class and Senior School students are welcome during recess and the start of lunch break.


Father's Day Breakfast

If you would like to help set up and serve the Dads and students on 31 August, please sign up here


Current Signups to Volunteer

Sign-ups are open for the following Term 3 Events: Father’s Day Gift Stall, Father’s Day Breakfast, 5/6 Production Hospitality,  Secondhand Uniform Shop (SHUS) and Open Morning.

PFA Term 3 Calendar

  • Father’s Day Gift Stall – 29 August.
  • Father’s Day Breakfast – 31 August.
  • Secondhand Uniform Shop (SHUS) –1 September, 9.00 -11.00am, Dalton Hall.
  • PFA General Meeting - 4 September, all parents welcome, 7.30 - 8.30pm, Staff Lounge.
  • Open Morning – 6 September.
  • Years 5/6 Production Hospitality – 20 September.





After School Care 

Kimberley and Emily, Service Coordinators


The past two weeks have been full of excitement at After School Care. We have some new students attending this term and it has been amazing to see all the students be so supportive and accommodating to our new attendees! The kids here really are remarkable in showing compassion which is special to see.


A highlight in terms of activities were the chocolate brownies!

While we mostly kept it healthy, it was also fun to give the kids a special treat. We made them in a cup and the recipe was so simple. We had a few parents asking for it so here it is…

  • 2 tablespoons of water
  • 40g butter, softened
  • ¼ vanilla essence
  • 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
  • 1/3 cup plain flour
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar (we adjusted this to about 1 ½ tablespoons)
  • Mix ingredients together in a cup and microwave for about 1 minute. That’s all!

Some of the chocolate brownie cups didn’t quite turn out as well as others, but not to worry, everyone had heaps of fun making them! Other fun activities that we had a ball doing was a dance party, and of course, slime! The dance party was a hit and we had plenty of kids pulling out their best moves with the glow sticks.

Our Extend Superstars are…

  • Toby Reid-Mackay for being a superstar at tidying up!
  • Addison Sey for her positive attitude and always willing to help out her peers.

Spring School Holiday Program Now Open

Extend's Spring School Holiday Program is open and bookings are available.


Our Extend Squad offers children the opportunity to get involved with an array of fantabulous experiences from excursions and incursions to science, crafts, parties, sports, cooking, and seasonal fun  - we ensure they discover, learn and play!


This season we are introducing some exciting new activities at our holiday programs including, goodie bags to take home, additional cooking and science activities and walking excursions!


Find more information below:


What’s on next week?

  • Monday 13 August: Fresh fruit waffles
  • Tuesday 14 August: Grass people
  • Wednesday 15 August: Dodgeball
  • Thursday 16 August: Karaoke
  • Friday 17 August: Night at the Museum




Year 8 Character Day

8.30am – 3.35pm


Rescheduled Round 5 DAV Debate 

4.30pm – 5.30pm

McKinnon Secondary College


Junior School and Senior School Athletics Training

4.00pm – 5.00pm

Duncan MacKinnon Athletics Track


Astronomy Masterclass (Date Weather permitting - TBC)

7.00pm – 8.00pm

PVC Green


13 - 16
Science Week



Year 7 Character Day

8.30am – 3.35pm


Years 5 to 10 Robocup Victorian State Competition (Select Students Only)

9.00am – 5.00pm

The University of Melbourne, Parkville


Years 9 to 11 - Japanese Film at the Melbourne International Film Festival 

12.30pm – 3.35pm

ACMI, Federation Square, Flinders St

ELC and Junior School - Parent Information Night - Strength based Parenting 

6.00pm – 7.30pm



Astronomy Masterclass (Date Weather permitting - TBC)

7.00pm – 8.00pm

PVC Green



Year 9 Excursion Visit to Police Museum

12.20pm – 4.00pm

World Trade Centre, Mezzanine Level, 637 Flinders Street


Astronomy Masterclass (Date Weather permitting - TBC)

7.00pm – 8.00pm

PVC Green



Go Girl! Go for IT! 

 8.30am – 3.30pm

Deakin University, Burwood



Annual Concert

7.30pm – 9.30pm

Robert Blackwood Hall



Junior School Athletics Training 

4.00pm – 5.00pm

Duncan MacKinnon Athletics Track


Book Week 



Year 9 Forensics CSI Workshop 

11.30am – 3.35pm

Victoria Police Museum



STEAM Workshop Hosting 

 8.00am – 4.00pm


Unit 4 Psych Sleep Clinic Excursion 

8.00am – 12.00pm

Epworth Freemasons


Vocal Soiree

5.00pm – 6.00pm



Junior School and Senior School Athletics training 4.00pm – 5.00pm

Duncan MacKinnon Athletics Track


DAV Debating Playoff 2 

6:00pm – 9:00pm



Art Show Opening

6.00pm – 7.30pm

Dalton Hall




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