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20 October 2017
Issue Fifteen
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Key Dates 

24 OCT              Year 12 Graduation 

24 OCT              Last Day for Year 12s

25 OCT             Geelong Cup (Student Free Day)

27 OCT              Multicultural Day 

30 - 3 DEC        Year 12 VCAL Interviews 

1 - 24 NOV        VCAA Exams 

10 NOV              Last Day for Year 11 Classes

13 NOV              Year 11 Study Day 

14-17 NOV        Year 11 Exams

20 NOV               Whole School Assembly (Period 3)

1 DEC                  Assessment & reporting Day          (student free)    

Mr Nicholas Adamou



Welcome back to Term 4

Welcome back to our final term for the year. I hope everyone had a relaxing school break. Term 4 is always a very busy one for all schools and our school is no exception.  As our Year 12 students are getting ready for their final VCE exams, the teachers are working around the clock to ensure any last minute work is handed in, corrected and any advice is provided to our students, ensuring their success.


Our school calendar this term is very busy with major school events coming up:


  • Year 12 Graduation Evening, 24 October,
  • Multicultural Day Celebration, 27 October
  • Assessment and Reporting (Student Free Day) 1 December
  • VCE Examination period, 11 October to 22 November
  • English & EAL exam, 1 November
  • Years 7, 8 9, 10 and 11 Semester 2, examination period, 14 November to 30 November (Examination timetables will be distributed to all Year Levels in the coming weeks)
  • 2018, Year 7 Parent and Students Information evening, 6.00pm, 11 December
  • Two-day Grade 6 to Year 7 Orientation Program, 12 and 13 December
  • College Awards presentation evening, Tuesday 19 December
  • Years 7 to 9 Student Activities, 13 to 15 December


Please ensure that you mark these dates in your calendars/diaries. More details will be disseminated to students and parents soon.

2017 Multicultural Day Celebrations

On Friday 27 October, North Geelong Secondary College will continue its strong tradition with the celebration of a Multicultural Day. It is a day where the school community comes together in harmony celebrating our diverse backgrounds. NGSC multicultural day celebration is fully supported by The City of Greater Geelong and Diversitat.


The official school assembly will begin at 10.30am. A very entertaining program with music, dance and more will be on the menu and the day will be filled with all sorts of activities such as; food stalls, rides, games, face painting, jewellery making and many more.

There is an extensive list of VIP guests invited.


It is open to the wider school community. A number of our feeder primary school students and community members will be attending.   I hope to see as many parents, guardians and friends as possible on the day to celebrate together.

North Geelong SC Scholarship Program

North Geelong SC is proud to continue with its Scholarship Program. There are two entry levels to the scholarship program:


The Year 7 entry promotes outstanding commitment of Primary School students who have displayed a strong involvement in their College Community. The College looks for outstanding young people who are exceptional in different areas and possess personal qualities and values that will contribute to the life of North Geelong Secondary College.


The Year 9 entry promotes outstanding commitment of Year 8 students within the college wider community who have displayed a strong involvement in their junior secondary years. The College looks for outstanding young people who are exceptional in different areas and possess personal qualities and values that will contribute to the life of the NGSC community.


The NGSC Scholarship Program also recognises the considerable achievements of children in our community and provides them with the opportunity to experience exciting curriculum opportunities through a broad range of engaging programs delivered by our dedicated teachers. The scholarships are assigned to the successful applicants over a two year period, in Years 7 and 8, and Years 9 and 10.

2018 Year 9 scholarship Recipients

This year, the College allocated 4 scholarships to the value of $4500.00 and the students were selected based on their written application, multiple references and their ability to articulate their vision on how they could lead the student body and contribute to the life of the school.


The Year 9 and 10 scholarship selection process has now been completed and the selection panel has recommended the following students to the Principal as the winners. I am looking forward to working closely with these students, aiming at an improved school community.


Congratulations to the following students:

Hailey Dalton

Stefan Javni​

Keily McKee

Tom Gardner 


Mrs Julie Andrews, Mr Paul Dawson & Mr Bradley Headlam 

Assistant Principals 

Year 12 Farewell

Farewell and good luck to our Year 12 students who finish their last classes on Tuesday 24 October. We are really proud of the manner in which you are completing your final year of school with revision classes and attending the Connect lectures, or finalising your VCAL portfolios. We expect that your last day will be a great celebration as you reflect on the conclusion of high school life and the prospect of what lies ahead.  At NGSC we will celebrate with you at a special morning tea followed by the Year 12 Farewell Assembly. Later that day will be the Graduation Dinner and Awards that evening. Your next focus is on completing your VCE exams or VCAL exit interviews. Make sure that you see teachers for help, if required, and don’t leave your preparations to the last minute.


Year 11 Exams begin on 14 November. This will be followed with the Orientation Program for 2018 Year 12 students in both the VCE and VCAL programs. Students need to make themselves fully aware of the attendance rules and materials/booklist requirements to complete these sessions appropriately. Booklists for 2018 VCE have been collected. If you are yet to submit your booklist please go to Campion Book Suppliers in Little Myers Street, Geelong, to organise your Year 12 books.


Year 10 exams are during 22 -25 November with a study day on 21 November. The Year 7-9 exams are during the week, 27-30 November. We have previously written about good study techniques and revision practices in this newsletter. The Internet also has sites that provide helpful advice and support for what can often be a stressful time. Healthy eating and sleeping together with a good balance of study and relaxation activities also needs to be considered.


All students can be using the next few weeks to be speaking with their teachers about exams in their subjects, other assessment tasks, and planning for a successful finish to the academic year.

Progress Reports

The next Progress Reports will be available from 6 November via the Parent Portal. Please take the opportunity to contact teachers to discuss any concerns you may have with the learning behaviours, academic progress and/or effort of your child.

2018 Booklists for current Years 7-9

Booklists for current years 7, 8 and 9 students will be available in November. Any families that require financial assistance to purchase books need to make an appointment with the Wellbeing Team. All students must be fully prepared for their studies with the recommended texts and stationary, and electronic devices.

Subject Selections 2018

Almost all students have made their selections for 2018. If your child is yet to do this, please make arrangements with the relevant Year Level Coordinator or Sub-School Leader so that these decisions can be made now. Leaving this task to the last minute can result in reduced options and these may not suit the strengths or pathways for your child.

2018 Planning

If you know that your child will not be returning to NGSC in 2018 and you have not yet informed the school, can you ensure that you contact Melinda in the main office so that the appropriate transfer process can be arranged. 

Current Events

A number of programs, projects and events are concluding over the next few weeks. These add significantly to the personal growth of students and their sense of belonging to the school and the group involved. We are always impressed with the responsible attitude and good manners of our students when they represent the school in the wider community; they embrace the school READ values (Respect, Excellence, Achievement, Diversity) in obvious ways.


We hope to showcase some of these activities in the next newsletter.


Mr Ryan Mills

Year 7 Assistant Coordinator 

Term four for the Year 7s will see lots of excursions and activities organised for the students to round off an eventful first year of high school. The excursion to the Melbourne Zoo on December 8 is a great day and enjoyed by everyone who attends each year. There are limited places and with such a large group of Year 7s this year, attendance will be decided on behaviour throughout the term and how quickly students return their permission forms.


The last week of term North Geelong will be holding activities week for the students. There are many activities students will get to choose from which are held both as excursions and also internal activities at school. Students will have an opportunity to sign up for the activities they wish to participate in, with limited numbers the places for activities will be awarded on a ‘first in-best dressed’ arrangement. Information about particular activities will be provided at a later date.


Last week saw the Year 7 and Year 11 students participate in an ‘Amazing Race’ around the school. It was designed to create positive relationships between students in the junior and senior schools and further establish our strong community feel as a college. Forty teams made from a mix of students competed against each other in a range of small tasks and riddles, which was followed by a barbeque supplied for all participants. It was great to see the teamwork between the junior and senior students and see new friendships forming.


Mr Simon Scoullar

Middle Sub School Manager 


Term four is well under way. Year nine and ten students have their subjects for next year and we continue to strive for a successful end to the academic year. Students need to finish the year on a positive and imbed habits that will support them heading into the senior years. 


One thing I am noticing, and to be blunt is quite concerning is some students excuses for missing school. Can Parents please support us as a College in having as many students in the classroom as possible. If a student is not here they are not learning.


Continuing on with the theme of resilience is particularly poignant. Resilient learners look for reasons to come to school rather than avoid it. Below are some easy tips for both parents and teachers to remember;

  • Conferring? When teachers confer with students, they model and provide guidance. They also give the child an opportunity to practice in small increments, similar to a child who is taking first steps.
  • Modelling? Modelling of desired behaviors and teacher modeling during focus lessons. This modeling provides children with a picture in their minds of the desired outcome and an understanding of what it will look like, sound like, and feel like when they are independent.
  • Sharing? Student sharing at the end of the day provides encouragement to students to revisit their work, try something that worked for a peer, and celebrate small steps of success.


Ms Sarah Bridges

Senior Sub School Manager 


  • VCE Unit 3 and 4 students are currently completing revision lectures and classes and working towards exams. We encourage students to keep studying hard and accessing teachers. We wish students all the best for their upcoming exams.


  • VCAL Yr. 12 Students are preparing for exit interviews and have the focus questions. This is a really fantastic opportunity to see how are students have grown and are ready to take the next step into work and further training.


  • Graduation: we are looking forward to a fantastic night in which we acknowledge the efforts of our year 12 students.


  • Yr. 11 students are working well towards completing course outcomes and assessment task. If there are concerns staff will be contacting parents.


  • Information about year 12 orientation will be provided shortly but please note that this is compulsory for all students.


Barwon River Bike Ride 

As a reward for their efforts in assisting local primary schools with their Bike Education courses, Ms Elkin’s VCAL class took part in their own bike ride along the Barwon River.

Rather than checking young people’s helmets and seat heights, they checked their own and then headed off from Balyang Sanctuary towards Fyansford Common, crossed over the small bridge and headed back to Queens Park bridge for a rest stop. Here the group met up with Ms Elkin who was making sure Fatima developed her bike riding skills. The whole group then headed back to Balyang Sanctuary and on to the mountain bike riding area known as The Hill. Fatima needs to be congratulated for her perseverance and the great improvement she showed on the way back.

Most students (plus Mr Wright and Ms Elkin) took on the large loop of the track, covering sharp curves, numerous mounds and uphill and downhill sections. Some managed to cover the loop twice – though Ms Elkin did not master the sharp turn on the first bend and ended up on her bottom!

The group then made their way back to Balyang Sanctuary to pack up the bikes and head back to school.


Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child has launched! Students from Ms Elkin’s VCAL class have packed boxes to send overseas to children who may not receive a gift at Christmas. The project is run by the Good Samaritan organisation. The students investigated the story of the Good Samaritan and adapted it to a modern-day setting. They wrote letters to various businesses seeking donations; planned the contents of the box; checked bus timetables and then went into town to buy their gifts. Students had to put in something:

  • To wear
  • To play with
  • Educational
  • For personal hygiene
  • To love and
  • Special

Students were grateful to receive some donations from Community Care Chemist, Discount Stationers, Smile Studios and K-Mart Belmont. Other gifts were purchased by the students, demonstrating their willingness to spread the spirit of Christmas to those less fortunate.



Community Culture and Connection Project

The project is heading towards its conclusion and this week both the CALD and Aboriginal groups met to finalise their ideas in order to send a brief to the City of Greater Geelong. The Council will call for expressions of interest from artists and they will submit some ideas to the students for their approval.


The students have been great in contributing their stories and ideas to the project and will be so proud of the final product. It is hoped that it brings people to the 3214 area and allows visitors to learn about the ‘history of place’ of both the indigenous and migrant peoples of Geelong.



Welcome back, hope you all had a good break and are ready for an action packed and  eventful Term Four! 


The Multicultural Committee Meeting was very productive with many updates, such as Kaled Ajaj, Multicultural Liaison Officer from Centrelink advising on the latest changes that may effect young people receiving a Centrelink allowance. Please be mindful that as you are coming to the end of the school year you must advise Centrelink of your intention for next year in particular our senior students. Please see this newsletter for more information. The Multicultural Committee always values  the updates provided by Kaled.  It is very informative and valuable   to our students, staff and community and we are very appreciative of the information being provided.  


Also within this newsletter Danielle Parker Team Leader North/CALD, Manager of The fOrT Youth Development Unit has forwarded us a Drop In  timetable of the programs offered at The fOrT.  There are a variety of fun  activities for our youth so please have a read and drop in and take part.  



The Multicultural Committee has culminated many ideas and suggestions for the opening ceremony of the upcoming Multicultural Festival (27th October). It will include the vibrant and exciting  performers, guest speakers and acts to fit in with this year’s theme: "The Music of The World”.  Now all we are asking is to spread the word in the community FAR AND WIDE.  Also don’t forget to come on the day to see it all happen and as every year, you will not be disappointed.  This year‘s festival will be even better and more spectacular.  


Also please don’t forget to visit and support our Home Made Cake Stall.  Looking forward to seeing many of you at the festival. 


The next Multicultural Committee Meeting will be the final meeting for this year and will be celebrating our achievements on Monday November 6th at lunch time (12:45pm) in the Discussion Room (you are welcome to bring a plate to share). 

Vera Dudas

Multicultural Community Liaison Officer 

HAPE News 

Mr Josh Vassallo 

HAPE Manager 


The Health and Physical education department would like to congratulate all students involved in school sport over the 2017 period, and we look forward to the success of our students, within and outside the college in a sporting format for the summer sporting period.


We are very excited to announce the implementation of North Geelong Secondary’s AFL Next program. A select entry class, developed where students will specifically develop their Australian rules football skills, leadership and interpersonal skills. This class has been offered to 2018 year nine students, and any prospective parents/guardians, students or community members wishing to enrol their student/s in the program, please don’t hesitate to ring the college on 52405800 and speak to Mr. Vassallo, or Mr. Munro in regard to program information, or Mr.Headlam for enrolment enquiries.


Students will work closely with community organisations, utilizing the exceptional facilities of AFL South Barwon, Deakin University and the Geelong Cats Football Club.


The North Geelong Secondary College community looks forward to developing the AFL NEXT program into the future, and are enthralled at the opportunity our students will have as part of this exceptional program.

Centrelink update for senior students

A change in circumstances 

If there's been a change in student circumstances, the student must let Centrelink know within 14 days. If the student doesn’t tell us, it may affect student payment and may need to pay back money we've paid them. Avoid a debt and tell us.

Any changes to student study can affect their payment.


Here are 4 situations student need to tell Department of Health and Human Services about and how to tell us:


1. You've dropped a subject or 2

If you’ve dropped a subject you may need to let us know.


To get Youth Allowance as a student or Austudy, you generally need to be studying full time.

If you’ve changed your enrolment and are no longer considered full time, you need to update your study details. Do this by using your Centrelink online account through myGov to edit your study load.


2. You've stopped studying completely

Stopping study affects your eligibility, so tell us as soon as you've stopped to avoid getting a debt.

You must be studying, or doing an Australian Apprenticeship or traineeship to qualify for:

If you're not studying, update your study details using your Centrelink online account through myGov. All you have to do is add the date you stopped studying to the 'end date' field.


3. You've changed courses

If you've changed courses you need to let us know. Even if your level of study, educational institution, course end date and student ID are the same, this is considered a new course for your Youth Allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY payment.

There are 3 steps you need to take when you change courses:

  1. Update your study details in your Centrelink online account through myGov. You do this by ending your course that's currently recorded. To do this, add the date you stopped your previous course to the 'end date' field.
  2. Add a new course by adding new study details.
  3. Click submit.

Austudy and Youth Allowance aren't paid forever. Change to your course can affect how long you can get a student payment from us. This is known as allowable time for Austudy and Youth Allowance.


4. You've changed where you study

If where you're studying is different to what we've got on your customer record, make sure you update your details.

Even if your course has the same name and the only change is your educational institution, you still need to let us know.


Follow these 3 steps:

  1. Update your study details in your Centrelink online account through myGov by ending your course that's currently on record. To do this, add the date you stopped your previous course to the end date field.
  2. Add a new course by adding new study details.
  3. Click submit.

Student Wellbeing

Welcome back to Term 4, below you will find some useful information about supports and parenting programs available.

Do You Need a Bike?

The Lions Club of Corio Norlane are offering free bicycles to students, if you would like a bike and don’t have one please see Student Wellbeing to add your name to the list.

Do You Need a Computer?

The Lions Club of Corio Norlane has introduced a Computer Program that will provide a computer to those families that are most in need. If your family needs a computer please see Student Wellbeing to link in with this program.

Doctors in Schools Program

NGSC now has a G.P. clinic every Wednesday. Dr Bianca Forrester is our G.P.  Students can book appointments with the Doctor through Student Wellbeing or attend the drop in sessions at recess and lunch time on Wednesdays. The G.P. Clinic is in A Block.

2018 Financial Assistance

Students whose parents have a Health Care Card may be eligible for financial assistance to help with the cost of text books, calculators and uniform items. Payment plans can also be arranged. Please see Student Wellbeing for more information and take note of news messages on Compass for interview dates.

‘Just Think’ alcohol education program, Parent Information Session

The Geelong Football Club is working with Barwon Child, Youth and Family, Deakin University and Leisure Networks to provide effective, evidence based health and wellbeing education to young people and their families in the Barwon region. Evidence indicates that if professionals connect with parents about alcohol and drugs there is an increase in the effectiveness of education in this area.

A parent information night is being offered, this workshop will explore alcohol and drugs, current evidence and health recommendations, adolescent development, support to have conversations about alcohol and drugs and where to seek help.


If you would like to attend the session, please email: or feel free to contact Keith Gregory on 0419546265 or 5225 2480 to book in and/or discuss any aspect of the program.


Session date & time: Wednesday 15th November 6.00 to 9.00pm (snacks provided) 

Location:  Deakin Community Cats Centre- Simonds Stadium Geelong.


Please indicate any dietary requirements,

Keith Gregory, Community Development Coordinator, Geelong Football Club

Parenting Your Teenager

This program is aimed at parents of 13 to 18 year olds and runs for 2 hours for 6 consecutive weeks.


WhenEvery Tuesday of every week from 24 October 2017 to 28 November 2017

Next on: 24 October 2017, 7.00PM - 9.00PM

Where: Ariston

245 - 249 Pakington Street, Newtown

Costs: Other/More Information (Gold Coin Donation)

Facilities: Parking available, toilets available 


Further information

Contact: Geelong Regional Parenting Service 

Phone: 03 5272 4741


Western Metro Region Athletic Championships

This event took place on the last Thursday of Term 3. The NGSC Athletics team were an enthusiastic group who supported each other throughout the day. Many students gained PBs in their events. A big thankyou to Narelle Sager who accompanied the team and offered great encouragement all day. Congratulations to all the medal winners below. Particular mention to Patrick Sager who medalled in all his five events. Also Monty Trevarthen and Jack Warelow who have qualified for the State Titles on 23rd October.


Monty Trevarthen      Gold 16 Boys Javelin

Patrick Sager               Silver 12-13 Boys Triple Jump,4x100m Relay Bronze High Jump,100m, 200m

Jack Warelow              Silver 12-15 Boys 1500m Walk, 4x100m Relay

Thomas Cookson       Silver 15 Boys Long Jump

Sam Warelow              Silver 12-13 Boys 4x100m Relay

Kyle Wakely              Silver 12-13 Boys 4x100m Relay

Tara Robinson           Bronze 12-15 Girls 1500m Walk

Nikola Maricic            Bronze 17 Boys Shot Put

Abby Gardner             Bronze 17 Girls 1500m

2018 Victorian State Schools Spectacular

Almost 3000 young performers from 200 schools showcased how “Anything is Possible” at this year’s State Schools Spectacular. Cast and crew are still on a high after another incredible year of the annual Victorian State Schools Spectacular; one of Australia’s largest recurring performances. In particular we are very proud of two of our students who participated in this year’s show, Owen McBurney (vocalist) and Brooklyn Conroy (backstage). Congratulations as it takes persistence and commitment to be involved in such a large scale and professional performance.

The show, which took place at Hisense Arena on Saturday 16 September to an audience of over 10,000 people, featured a 64-piece orchestra, 1300-voice choir, 1200 mass dancers, 30 lead vocalists, 16 principal dancers, 20 ensemble dancers, 8 backing vocalists, magicians, roller skaters and puppeteers.


The Spectacular program provides an invaluable performing arts opportunity for Victoria’s government school students, developing their creative skills, discipline and confidence over months of rehearsals.


The Spectacular links to the Education State targets of more students reaching the highest level of achievement in the arts, ensuring kids are happy, healthy and resilient, and building pride in our schools.


Watch Victorian State School Spectacular promotional videos, see: The Victorian State Schools Spectacular 2017 and Audition for the 2018 Victorian State Schools Spectacular 

Students interested in audio, lighting, film, photography or stage management can register to participate in workshops and rehearsals ahead of involvement in the production at Hisense Arena.

Expressions of interest close on Friday 10 November 2017.


For more information or to register, see: Victorian State School Spectacular registration 



Multicultural Day Cake Stall



Yes friends, the famous NGSC Multicultural Day Cake Stall is happening again! But it can only be as fabulous as we remember if our wonderful families bake lots of cakes/slices/muffins/sweets and send/bring them along for the Multicultural Committee to sell on Friday on 27th October at the annual Multicultural Festival.

We would appreciate cakes to be at the school by 10am. It is OK to send them with the students. If you think you can help, could you please let us know.


Due to health regulations, we request you attach a list of ingredients (not the recipe!) with the goods. Thank you.


The following forms are available from members of the Multicultural Committee

Mrs Dudas and Ms Nguyen in the year 9 staffroom or at the front office.





Multicultural Festival

Join us on Friday October 27th for our annual fundraiser Multicultural Festival. At 9.30am there will be a Multicultural staff vs students football match followed by the opening ceremony at 10.30am. During the opening ceremony, there will be several performances including a cultural national dress parade led by the bagpipes and special guest speakers. The festival kicks off at 12noon with market stalls, amusement rides, skate park, petting zoo, haunted house, food trucks, giant games and competitions. Suitable for all ages, come along and join in the celebrations.


This year’s theme is Music of the World with live entertainment throughout the day on the main stage in front of the college. There is opportunity for students, staff and the wider community to perform on stage, whether it be musical, comedy, poetry, dancing, singing, acting or a combination we welcome you to join in the festival. If you are interested in performing please contact Mr Jonathan Morrison via email


As the festival is our major fundraiser for the college, we are asking for donations of goods, services and vouchers for our raffle. All donations are welcomed and a display of the business and/or person will occur on the day and college website. Please contact our Events Coordinator – Emily Dowling via email for more information or if you wish to donate. All money raised goes towards the various programs North Geelong Secondary College offers to meet the needs of all students, such as Breakfast Club.  


The event is one not to be missed! We look forward to seeing you all there.


NGSC Newsletter