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09 June 2016
Issue NINE
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College Principal's Report

Mrs Sue Coffey
Acting College Principal


Winter Concert 


The Winter Concert has certainly been the highlight of this week. Mr Byrne and Ms Thompson together with the instrumental instructors,  inspired the music students to step outside of their comfort zone and show off their talents to families and friends. The vast array of talent was amazing and every student that participated should be very proud of their achievements. Mr Larsen and Ms Martin equally inspired four of our young actors to perform a one act play to the captive audience and again, the talent was exceptional. Performance is the reward for all the hard work our students do practicing instruments, singing songs and rehearsing lines. The Music Captains, Ashleigh Duncan and Jay Doorty instilled confidence in the performers by compering the evening  in a confident and relaxed manner as well as helping set up equipment between acts. Photos of the performing students are on the Student Achievement page of this newsletter.





Whole College Assembly


A whole school assembly will be held on Tuesday 19 of July during Period 3  at the Senior Campus, all Junior Campus Students  will be bussed to the senior campus during recess. This will be an opportunity for us to recognise and showcase the musical, acting, academic  and sporting talent we have in our school and hopefully this might encourage other students to take risks, to participate in the broad range of programs we have on offer and to inspire some to show off their hidden talents. More details will be provided to students first week next term.


Wakakirri 2016




This year’s Wakakirri performance takes place early in term 3. Titled ‘Di-Ver-Si-Ty’, our production addresses the issues of bullying, harassment , self image and acceptance. Loosley based on the famous ‘Ugly duckling tale’, our adaptation aims to recognise that a person’s diversity should be celebrated.


The cast of 60 + performers and backstage crew are currently rehearsing every Thursday from 3:30-5:00 to perfect their performance. They look forward to presenting this to you on our Preview Performance night on Monday, July 25 at 7:00PM , the Junior Campus- Old Stadium. Entry is by gold coin.


Tickets are also available for our performance at the Wakakirri, Victorian Heat 1 at the Frankston Entertainment Centre on Monday 1 August . Tickets for this are priced at $35.00 each and can be purchased at the junior campus office. Tickets must be paid for by Friday, June, 17.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports were completed last week; please log on to Compass to view your child's results.


Attached is a copy of the Rubric, which explains the levels of performance.


Junior Campus News

Mr Michael Shone
Campus Principal


As we near the end of an 11-week term, teachers report that students who have worked productively on their learning throughout the year are arriving to school tired and less motivated than they were earlier in the year. This is a normal and predictable response – each year the last two weeks of term 2 are a challenge for all students as the weather gets colder, the days shorter and a number of assessments are due. At this time it is perhaps more important than ever for students to get an appropriate amount of rest and sleep and to ensure they are participating in exercise, recreation and activities other than school that they find enjoyable and rewarding. It is not possible to maintain peak performance without adequate rest and I encourage all students to take this coming Queens Birthday weekend and the mid-year holidays to rest, re-charge and get set for a challenging and exciting term 3 back at school.


Progress Reports and Semester Reports


On Friday 3rd June Progress Reports on all Junior Campus students were made available to all parents and students. These reports reflect a students’ attitude and approach to learning over the preceding four weeks and report on four key learning behaviours that we believe are integral to student learning and student success. Progress Reports are available through Compass and parents/guardians can compare their child’s overall performance average score out of 100 against previous 4-week periods. The assessment rubric was emailed to all parents/guardians two weeks ago and I encourage all parents/guardians to reads over this document and discuss their child’s report and areas for improvement. End of Semester reports provide important feedback to parents and students on overall performance across the last 6 months. These reports include a detailed comment by each teacher, grades for major assessment tasks and an indication as to where the students is performing against the expected standard at that year level. These reports will be made available to all parents and students via Compass on the last day of term 2.


End of term arrangements


Term 2 ends on Friday 24th June at 2:30pm. On this day students will be dismissed from the Junior Campus at 2:30pm and normal busses will depart from the Junior Campus from 2:40pm onwards. On this day periods 1-3 will run as normal and lunchtime will be extended to 2:30pm with all students supervised in the school yard. Students wishing to walk home or be picked up during lunchtime are required to being a signed note from their parent/guardian giving them permission to do so. This note must be provided to the Form Teacher during Form Assembly on or before Thursday 23rd June.


Interschool Cross Country Team

Congratulations to the 12 Year 7, 8, 9 , 10 and 11 students who were successful in progressing to the next stage of the interschool cross country competition. These students have been selected to represent Traralgon College in the second round of the Interschool Cross Country, to be held on Thursday, June 16, 2016 at Lardner Park, Warragul. Parents, guardians and in interested in going along to support our team are encouraged to do so.



SRC Leukaemia Foundation Fundraiser – ‘Shave for a cure’


The Junior Campus student leaders have organised a series of events over the next 10 weeks to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation. On Thursday 23rd June the SRC have planned a casual clothes fundraising day with a sport theme and students are encouraged to wear their sport team shirts and jumpers on this day. Students can also wear other sports clothes like track suits/pants. Students in casual clothes are expected to make a $2 donation and the money raised will go towards the Leukaemia Foundation ‘Shave for a Cure’ event which will be held at the end of Term 3. In Week 8 of Term 3, our Campus Assembly will be converted into a Leukaemia Foundation ‘Shave for a Cure’ event with a number of students nominating themselves to shave their hair or colour their hair for this cause. These students will spend the next 10 weeks raising money and sponsorship for their participation in this event and all students shaving or colouring their hair must get parent permission to do this. Two of our Year 9 student leaders are leading this event by committing to shave their hair for charity – Tiarna Meers and Connor Mackintosh

Other students interested in participating should contact their SRC representatives or Ms. Antonuccio for more information.


Senior Campus News

Mrs Susan Coffey
Campus Principal

Senior Campus Exams


This week has been a week of exams for students in Year 10, 11 and 12 . The behaviour in the exam hall during most sessions has been exceptional, with the majority of students sitting quietly and working through the papers as best as they can. This is an opportunity for students to reflect on how they have been learning in class, to reflect on how well they understand what they have supposedly learnt and a time for reviewing their learning behaviours. All teachers are available to assist students to manage study timetables and many will have organisation and study tips. TLC teachers have resources available to help students and the Study Skills Website is an excellent resource. Details are below.  


Visit   and discover what you can do to improve the way you organise yourself, manage your time and study for tests and exams. By working through the units on this site you will learn about skills and techniques to help you complete your work for school more effectively and improve your academic results, helping you move towards your personal best at school and beyond.

Log in using the following details:   username:  traralgon      password:    26achieve





Work Experience


Reminder to all year 10 students and parents that Work Experience begins next week, some students are out for the first week and other the second, classes will be running for students who are not on work experience and they are expected to attend school. There is a new timetable out for semester 2 so please check Compass and know which classes you are in and where you should be.




A large number of students are out of uniform at the senior campus. Many students are wearing blue skinny leg track pants that are not part of our uniform. The uniform is available at Beleza, and whilst they have been low in some stock they have reassured us that they will have adequate stock of all items by the beginning of July. Students who choose to wear the wrong clothes to school just because they can will be asked to return home and change their clothes. We have a uniform policy that is set by the school council and it is an expectation that all students will wear it. If your child is out of uniform for any reason you should contact student services and/or provide a note to explain why and if support is required please speak with Jo Hayes.


School Attendance


Attendance is always a concern. A large number of students miss school every day. Students who are ill and have a medical certificate are excused, students who have hair dressing appointments or shopping trips to Melbourne or just didn’t get out of bed because they stayed up all night on the computer are not excused. Students need to be in class to enable them to keep up with the learning that occurs in the classroom every day. The conversations that students have with teachers and the direct instruction they receive on how to use a formula  or how to complete a task is crucial. The more classes students miss the harder this becomes. Students miss out on small pieces of information every time they are away, this causes stress because they get behind and don’t know  or understand what the class is doing or in some cases what the teacher is talking about. 100% attendance is the first step to being successful at school, a sense of  connectedness and belonging will  then be possible and through this we hope to engage students in learning that equips them for their future.


Natural Wonders of the Outback Camp - Year 10 & 11

The Central Australia Camp in from 7-16 September is full steam ahead. Thank you to the parents who have paid their deposits ont time ensuring that the trip can proceed.


Please log into Compass using your parent login to view the consent and payment details and dates. Contact the Senior Campus office with any queries.


End of Term Arrangements

Senior Campus students will be dismissed from lunch time on Friday 24 June. Buses will depart from approximately 2.15pm on this day.

College Event Round Up

The Battle of Youth Homelessness


Written By Jack Strong, Year 11 VCAL


A group of Traralgon College students travelled to Melbourne recently to attend a tour of the Salvation Army. Their main goal was to obtain knowledge to raise awareness for future generations about youth homelessness.


On arrival at the Salvation Army, students met Jane Campbell and Lauren Eudey and began a test around basic knowledge of youth homelessness and how the public can raise awareness of the issue. The amount of those homeless in Australia is 105,000, which is roughly just larger than the size of the MCG’s capacity. Of those who are homeless, 40% are female and 60% are male. Those in this group under the age of 25 years old rate at approximately 40%.


Not only did students get much needed knowledge and learn methods of how to raise community awareness of the issue, they found out about the many crucial services the Salvation Army offers. While a majority of people only know the ‘Salvos’ as an opportunity shop that sells second hand goods, the organisation actually offers the community many other services such as free showering facilities, community housing, spiritual guidance, counselling and food rationing. All these services provide vital resources and assistance to the people who may struggle or just need a night to stay.

The rates of many homeless people throughout the city of Melbourne are quite deceiving. Just over 60% of people are homeless and many cannot tell as they look just the same as anyone else. The word ‘homeless’ is very misleading as people immediately assume those without a home are drug affected or alcoholic. But the fact is only 6% of the 105,000 are homeless because of drug and alcohol. The biggest cause is domestic violence contributing to over 60% of homeless people.


By the end of the tour, students were equipped with all the information they needed to work on creating an awareness campaign. All are looking forward to promoting the cause and contributing in any way possible.


BRAVO Program

BRAVO is a program that has been run by a team of volunteers from an organisation called ESA (Equipping, Serving, Assisting) in conjunction with our College chaplain, Liz Sulley, for the past 3 years. So far almost 50 students have benefitted from this program since it began in 2013.


BRAVO is a program for selected year 8 male students to participate in on a weekly basis.


BRAVO assists students to:

  • Develop positive self-esteem
  • Relate to and respect people
  • Learn to stop, think and then act
  • Become resilient
  • Approach people and situations with an awareness of people’s needs
  • Trust one another & communicate and co-operate in a group setting.

The format of the program is that students will learn through participating in a range of physical activities and games, contribute to discussions, work together on projects and do some social tasks (as homework) between sessions. Each week we give them small snacks for morning tea (such as nachos, fruit, etc..). Most students enjoy the program immensely and build a strong connection between each other and the volunteers.


Year 10 Outdoor Adventure Challenge

On the 25 May 10 very tired Year 10 students have completed an exhaustive 3 day challenge at Lake Tyers! As part of the Year 10 elective class ‘Outdoor Adventure Challenge’, these students spent semester 1 preparing themselves for this big event. They studied navigation, risk management, sustainable travel practices and the practical skills they would need like canoeing, cooking and packing light to help them complete the event from Lake Tyers – Bairnsdale.


Over 3 days, students were self-sufficient, carrying all their clothing and equipment as they competed in races and challenges. This started by being dropped off by the bus at the entrance to the Lake Tyers State Park and hiking 10km in pairs to the campsite for the night, navigating using a map provided.

On day 2, they competed in an off track navigation challenge through steep, bushy terrain then paddled 10km to Nowa Nowa, the destination for day 2. 6km of this section was completed as a race. Day 2 also saw the conclusion of the riddles and scavenger hunt challenges students had been attempting over the past two days.

The third day was a 60km bike ride back to Bairnsdale to catch our bus back to Traralgon, with many sleepy heads and tired legs for the ride home.


Big Congratulations to the following students who took our the honours and prizes for the event:

  • Nick Peel and Nathan Berry – Overall 1st place.
  • Anthony Forth and Jake Ryan – Overall 2nd place.
  • Hayden Koolen and Jake Venturoni – Overall 3rd place.
  • Olivia Howlett and Sophie Whiffen – Navigation Champions, ‘Thinking’ Champions

Also a big thank you to Ms Coffey and Mr Reid and Tim Hooper  who came on the trip and made for a fun, safe and happy time for everyone.


The Outdoor Adventure Challenge class will run again in 2017, and can be selected as a year 10 elective by any current year 9 student during course selections in term 3.

SHINE Program

The Shine program is targeted at selected year 10 female students and runs every week for a term. Shine is about equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to discover who they are and the person they want to become. It encourages participants to find strength and courage within themselves to make healthy choices and live to their full potential.


So far this term students have had the opportunity to learn about personal value, uniqueness, individuality, the power of choice, impact of decisions, resilience and potential. The girls have enjoyed making new friends, expanding their knowledge about themselves, eating good food and receiving gifts that remind them of the topic that we have looked at each week.

Port of Melbourne Excursion

On Monday the 30th of May, the year 12 Business Management students went to visit the Education Centre at the Port of Melbourne for a session on Operations Management. The students were given a presentation on how the port operates. The students gained an understanding on the different aspects of the port and the different departments involved in the operations to ensure the millions of containers that come to Melbourne each year get to where they need to go.


The students were given the opportunity to go up in the control tower and see how the ships are monitored when they enter Port Phillip Bay, travel up the channels and into the port proper.  We could see the ships being guided by tugs and pushed into position for berthing.  We also saw the hugh cranes loading and unloading containers.  Overall it was an interesting experience to see something that we have never seen before.

Student Achievements

Positive Behaviour Support
Senior Campus


Cycle 2 Progress Report Achievements

Outstanding Progress Scores


To acknowledge and reward their outstanding Progress Report scores, the following students received a certificate of acknowledgment which is a valuable addition to their portfolio and a prize (choice of Village Cinemas movie ticket / JB HI FI gift voucher / Gloria Jean’s Coffee voucher)


VCAL: Alana Gatt

VCE: Cara Jewell, Charles Martin, Jeanette KcKee, Sarah Musgrove, Sophie-Mae Barber

Yr 10: Kristyl Robertson, Lacey Male

Supporting the PBS Expected Student Behaviours

Senior Campus students who actively support the PBS expected student behaviours are given verbal acknowledgement and their card is punched. Students who hand up their completed punch cards are eligible for monthly prizes.


Congratulations to the following students who had their cards drawn for a canteen voucher:


VCAL:    Talisha Johnston, Claire Slade, Kody Clarkson

VCE:       Zoe James, Tim Lambert, Sarah Tyquin, Blake Ludbey, Tyler Bye

Yr 10:     Nathan Drouyn, Jacob Hall, Zac Tripp, Lachlan Jewell, Lucy Bradford

PBS Punch Card Boxes

Supported by technology teacher Scott Callander, VCAL Business students Jarrod GERKE, Alex JENKINS, Nick MACKRELL designed and manufactured three punch card boxes as pictured below (Year 10, VCE, VCAL). The boxes were beautiful quality pieces made from Australian hardwood with dovetail joints, engraved with the Traralgon College Logo and year level using the programmable (CNC) router, fitted with hinges and locks and then stained. 

Pictured with one of the finished pieces are Nick Mackrell and Jarrod Gerke.

Winter Concert
Mr Nathan Byrne, Music Teacher

On Tuesday 7th June, the Traralgon College Music Department held their annual Winter Concert in the Senior Campus Hall Foyer. Students from Year 7 through to Year 12 performed across a wide variety of styles, including everything from rock music to more traditional music, as well as a drama performance. It was wonderful to see such passion and enthusiasm on display at such an important event. For the junior campus students, it was an opportunity to see what students on “the other side” get to do, and to encourage their own growth. For the senior campus students, it was an opportunity to mentor younger students and to experience what the wider school community has to offer.


I am incredibly proud of every student who performed – everyone worked hard to prepare what was a thoroughly enjoyable performance. A big thanks to Tina Thompson (Junior Campus), Ebony Ankers (Voice/Piano Tutor), Kathryn Sims (Woodwind Tutor), Peter Larsen and Sarah Martin for their active involvement in the concert, especially in preparing and assisting their own students on stage. Also, a huge thank-you to the staff who assisted in the preparation of this wonderful night.


See you all next semester for our Summer Concert! Watch this space!


Community News

Latrobe Valley
'All Ability' Basketball

All-ability’ sports are about fun and participation for EVERYONE! The local All-ability groups are parent-run and driven, so cater directly to the needs of kids with special needs in the local area. During the sessions a variety of games and activities are played to learn and develop new skills, activities are modified so that everyone can ‘have a go!’ Participants can also benefit socially by making new friends and feeling part of a team.


See the flyer below for full details:


Morwell Swimming Club

Sunday 26 June 2016 Morwell Swimming Club is holding a 'Get Ready for Rio' training day with two of Australia's Paralympians.


See the flyer below for full details:


National Disability Insurance Scheme Workshop

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) information sessions are coming to Traralgon from Term 3. The sessions will be run by Amaze (formerly, Autism Victoria), so will have an autism focus (but also general knowledge of NDIS), and are being hosted by local Autism support group, Suppaut. They will be held at the Latrobe Special Developmental school in Traralgon.


See the flyer below for full details:


Youth Withdrawal Services

If you’re a young person who feels like drugs and alcohol have damaged your physical and mental health and your relationships, you might feel confused and all alone.
But you’re not. 


Headspace is a service for young people aged between 12 and 24 years living in Latrobe City or Baw Baw Shire, who want to break the cycle of their drug and alcohol use.


See the flyer below for full details:


College Calendar

June 2016

10 - Deadline for all VCE Unit 1 & 3 work       submissions

10 - Student Free Day - Students not required at school both Campuses

13 - Queens Birthday Public Holiday - College closed

17 - Year 9 Outdoor Education Rock Climbing excursion

21 - Victorian Parliament excursion - Year 12 Legal Studies 

23 - Victorian Parliament excursion - Year 11 Legal Studies

23 & 24 - Melbourne Universities Tour - Year 11

24 -  Last day Term 2

July 2016

11 - First day Term 3

19 - Whole College Assembly Period 3 Senior Campus

19 - Victorian police Museum Excursion - Year 9 Forensic Science

25 - Wakakirri Preview Performance

28 - Australian Mathematics Competition

August 2016

1 - Wakakirri Melbourne Performance

31 - Debutante Ball

September 2016

1 - Debutante Ball

7-16 Natural Wonders of the Ouback Camp

12 - Wakakirri Grand Final

16 - Last day Term 3

October 2016

3 - First day Term 4

21 -  Last day for Year 12

26 -  Year 12 exams commence

November 2016

1 - Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

18 - Year 12 exams conclude

December 2016

20 -  Last day Term 4

College Connection
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