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07 September 2016
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Principal's Report

End of Term 3

This will be the last newsletter of Term 3 and I would like to thank and congratulate everyone in the Marlborough community for their fantastic contributions to the school this term.


I have seen outstanding academic growth by so many students and have really enjoyed them coming to share work with me, making its' way to a very full wall in my office.  Now that I have been here for 2 terms, it is a real pleasure to see improvements in writing, social skills, numeracy and many other areas by so many students.


With a focus on sustainability this term it has been exciting to see students so engaged in making a difference both locally and to their wider environment. We have seen students campaigning to protect wildlife, selling recycled toilet paper to each other, scouring the school as energy monitors and generally spreading the message of reducing waste and caring for the environment.  Seeing the enthusiasm, passion and drive of these students fills me with great enthusiasm for the future of our world.


To all the parents, carers, grandparents, relatives and community members who have contributed in any way at all to helping our students achieve great things in a happy and harmonious school community this term, thank you.

Changes to PE Teacher Position

Mary Pharoah will be leaving the school at the end of this term. We would like to thank her for the contribution she has made to the school during her time here. Mary has many exciting plans coming up and we wish her all the best in all her future endeavours.


From next term, Bonnie Chisholm will be the new PE Teacher. We are very excited to have Bonnie on board and I am sure she will be a great addition to our staff.

School Camp

Next week all of our students will be involved in Camping activities. Yr 3-6 students will be heading off to Forest Lodge, Yr 2 students having a sleepover, Yr 1 students having an evening at school and Foundation students having their special breakfast at school.


As well as being a lot of fun, camp is a very important part of our curriculum and has so many benefits for our students. These benefits include:

  • Development of social skills
  • Development of independence skills
  • Development of problem-solving skills
  • Building resilience
  • Developing teamwork skills

We are sure that all of our students who go on camp will gain so much from the experience and be able to apply many of the skills and capacities that they build on camp to their schooling and home life when they return.

Draft Child Safety Policy

As I mentioned in the previous newsletter, we are currently following an Action Plan to ensure that our policies and procedures in regards to Child Safety are sufficient, up to date and meet the standards set by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA).


Below is a draft Child Safety Policy that we are distributing for feedback from staff and the school community before going to School Council for ratification.

If you have any feedback or questions about this policy please email them to [email protected]

Pupils of the Week

The following students were scheduled to have their certificates awarded on Monday 29th August, however as there was no assembly on that day, the certificates will be presented to students on the first assembly of Term 4 on Monday 3rd October.

Tyler V


For being an outstanding weather reporter. You use fantastic voice projection, face the class and deliver a clear report every day. Well done!

Isaac M


For sharing his wonderful mathematical thinking with the class. He is able to verbalise the different strategies he uses to solve problems. Amazing effort, Isaac!

Abigail S


For always doing her Personal Best to include interesting and exciting words in her stories. They are so much fun to red! Keep up the great work!

Jonathan D


For his fantastic construction of the Eiffel Tower during Discovery Learning. He showed his Personal Best by not giving up.

Laila L


For a fantastic week at school. Great to see you doing your Personal Best.

Alice C


For speaking up in class and sharing her thoughts and knowledge. Alice is much more confident in class and completed her reading goal last week of sharing a non-fiction text with the class.

Ryley L


For putting in his Personal Best effort. Ryley’s handwriting has improved and he is trying his best to sound out words when speaking. You’re a superstar, Ryley!

Katie L


For always trying her Personal Best. Katie works hard and gets all her work finished in class. Well done, Katie!

Jaxon A


For his fantastic effort in writing a well-constructed persuasive text. Keep it up, Jaxon!

Zac V


For the way he is developing resilience. Zac is working really hard to make changes and we are super proud of his efforts. Keep up the great work, Zac!

Dates to remember


Thursday 8th

  • Biodiversity Expo - Gr 2/3 (5.00pm to 5.45pm)
  • Night of the Notables - Gr 4/5/6 (5.45pm to 6.30pm)

Monday 12th 

  • Grade 5/6 Forest Lodge Camp (until 14th)

Wednesday 14th

  • Grade 3/4 Forest Lodge Camp (until 16th)

Thursday 15th

  • Grade 1 BBQ
  • Grade 2 Sleepover

Friday 16th

  • Prep - 2 Breakfast/Camp Day
  • Last day of Term 3 (early dismissal at 2.30pm)


Monday 3rd

  • First day of Term 4 (remember your school hat!

Friday 7th

  • Working Bee 3.30pm to 6.00pm



School News

School Hats

Just a reminder that students will need to wear school hats from the beginning of Term 4.

Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge

The Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge is closing on the 9th of September so please make sure that you have logged on all the books you have read during the challenge.


Children from Prep to Year 2 are encouraged to read or ‘experience’ 30 books with their parents and teachers. Children from Year 3 to Year 10 are challenged to read 15 books.


All children who meet the Challenge will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the Victorian Premier early in Term 4. 


Working Bee

Friday 7th October

3:30pm - 6:00pm

Sausage sizzle will be provided

Dress Up Day


Music Soiree


School Council

The Marlborough PS School Council is continuing to implement key actions linked to the four key council focus areas of education excellence, environmental sustainability, financial sustainability and student health and wellbeing identified by the council in early 2016.


It has been a busy time for council during Term 3 and some highlights arising from the July and August council meetings are summarized below.


Buildings and Grounds

The School Council wants to ensure that we have plans and actions in place to maintain and upgrade Marlborough’s buildings and outdoor environments where resources allow.


Building and energy audits

A number of actions are either planned or underway to ensure that we can achieve these objectives, including a proposed:

  • building audit to look at the condition of our school buildings and to prioritise works, including those needing urgent attention. And, linked to this an;
  • energy and water audit of the school to identify where we can make changes to reduce the school’s environmental footprint and reduce running costs. These changes may include upgrading old infrastructure (such as the heating system), replacing energy inefficient appliances and implementing some behaviour changes that help reduce energy and water use.

Following completion of these audits, council will then be in a position to consider any recommended changes arising from these reports on the basis of cost-benefit. There will likely also be opportunities for students to be involved in implementing some of the recommended changes required and monitoring and reporting outcomes.


Tree protection and maintenance

Council has also approved the scope and budget of works required to manage Marlborough’s trees. These works will ensure that the trees in the school grounds are safe and healthy and also mean that we are implementing cost-effective actions that will help protect the important natural environment and the older indigenous eucalypts in particular as important landscape features in the school grounds. There will be further information provided on the nature of these works but urgent and higher priority works will occur over the September and summer holidays. Thanks to Dave Callow for taking the lead on these actions.



Many of the MPS community may have noticed the orchard that has been established at the school in the last couple of months. All in all there were 26 trees of different varieties and sizes planted in July by students with the help of Brooke Eastwood and other staff. It is hoped that within 2-3 years, many of these trees will start bearing fruit. Thanks to Mel Beanland for her efforts in securing the grant that enabled the purchase of the tree stock.



The use of the school’s Out of School Hours Care program continues to increase with most sessions being near or at capacity. Hopefully parents / guardians have also appreciated the benefit of being able to pay fees online.


Following feedback from current and prospective parents, beginning in 2017 school council has approved extending the hours for mornings to start at 7am (previously 7.30 am). Following a 2015 council decision to increase OSHC fees to reflect increasing costs and to ensure that the program remains financially sustainable, council has decided that fees for 2017 will remain unchanged.


Council has also approved extending Tess Morris’s position to full time from 2017. This will enable her to focus on planning and administration, particularly with the increased hours proposed for next year.  Our thanks to Tess and staff for all their great work they do with the OSHC program. Thanks also to Rebecca Trevillian and the OSHC sub-committee for all their hard work.



Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the canteen survey.  We had a great response to the survey with nearly 70 surveys completed. In general, there was strong support for the current canteen menu options but also support for pursuing some healthier options. All the great feedback and ideas provided will be taken into consideration by school council as part of further canteen planning and implementation. 


Council has also approved researching guidelines provided by the Healthy Eating Advisory Service to help inform our future canteen menu options. This will be part of a number of initiatives that council is seeking to implement under its strategic focus area of student health and wellbeing. More information on these initiatives will be communicated in the future. Thanks to Joy Veith and the canteen sub-committee for implementing the survey and analyzing the results.



Over the last two terms the Marketing Sub-committee has been working hard on the branding of Marlborough PS and also updating, redesigning and increasing the usability and usefulness of various school brochures and the school’s web-site. The School Council supports the work of sub-committees as we try to live up to our school motto “Strive for Excellence.” The re-branding and new web-site represent the professionalism we strive for at Marlborough whilst still capturing the warmth and connected feel that is a crucial part of our school.


Cherie Mountney, Felicity Tucker and Natalie Lanyon-Town have and continue to put in a huge amount of work into the marketing of the school and we greatly appreciate the contribution they have made. New publicity photos that were taken by Jay also made a huge difference to the look of our brochures, website and the newsletter

The new website will continue to have content updated on it, but for both new and existing families we are sure you will find it far easier to navigate (on any device) and also far more aesthetically pleasing. Please take the opportunity to visit it and have a look.



School council is always looking for feedback on how we can better serve the needs of the Marlborough PS community with a focus on strategy, policy and communication.


Please contact me at [email protected] or 0407 325 102 if you would like any further information on the matters above or would like to discuss any other relevant matters.




James Todd


MPS School Council

MPS 40th Anniversary

40th Anniversary Historical Committee

Helpers Needed!!

Can you help?

We are looking for volunteers to help with our celebrations on the day. There will be a roster up at the school office if you could please spare an hour to help us and sign up! We are looking for people to assist with

  • setting up and packing up
  • cooking sausages
  • serving soft drinks and sausages
  • serving of Devonshire Tea

Scones anyone?

Are there any Masterchefs out there who would be willing to bake up a batch of plain scones for our Devonshire Tea on the day? If you are able to help bake scones, please email Joell (Lady M Vintage High Tea) at [email protected] with your contact details.


Your help is very much appreciated.



Memories of Marlborough

My name is Kate Flower (nee Macauley). My son Zach started in prep this year, however, this is not my first experience with Marlborough.


I had an early introduction to the school in 1983 at four or five years old when I would often accompany my Nana to pick my cousin up from Annie Potter's prep class.


In 1990, my mum, was offered a position at Marlborough, teaching grade 3. I was in grade 6 and while I decided to complete primary school at the school I started at, my younger siblings, Scott and Lauren, followed Mum to MPS. Immediately the Marlborough Community embraced our family. My brother and sister completed primary school at MPS, my brother becoming Kenny House captain in grade 6. All three of us attended Heathmont College. Many of the Marlborough families and staff members' families became some of our closest friends.


While at university, I worked part time as Marlborough's OSHC assistant and progressed to coordinator of the program. Both my brother and sister also worked with the OSHC program at different times, my brother also coordinating.


On completion of my university degree, when a position became available at Marlborough, I felt like it was meant to be. I had always loved the open plan of the school, not to mention the amazing staff, families and community. I started teaching at Marlborough in 2002 in grade 3/4. I taught in both the Middle Unit (for 2 years) and then in the Junior Unit (for 6 years).


During my early years at Marlborough my brother, Scott, also worked as an integration aide at the school.


My mum left Marlborough at the end of 2003 to take on the assistant principal role at Kent Park Primary School. By then she'd taught at Marlborough for 14 years. The community was amazing on Mum's departure. Past and present families created a spectacular patchwork quilt which featured photos and special memories of Mum’s time at the school. Mum really was blown away, it was incredibly special.


During my eight teaching years at Marlborough I celebrated many significant personal milestones including my engagement, wedding and first pregnancy. In fact, my beautiful students and fabulous colleagues marked my engagement with a “mock wedding” complete with ceremony, reception and suggested designs for my wedding dress!


I worked with some brilliant leaders and inspiring teachers at Marlborough, but what I enjoyed most was the teamwork.


Now, in 2016, our family have begun a new chapter at Marlborough as my husband and I watch our own children become a part of this very special place.


Happy 40th Anniversary Marlborough!!! 

Parent's Association

Father's Day Stall

We hope that all the “father-figures” in our immediate and extended school community had a fun-filled day on Sunday 4th September. Gauging from the success of the Father’s Day Stall many men would have been spoilt with a gift or few!

This year’s profits are going towards the purchase of magnetic overlays and inserts, as well as board games for the various units. The magnetic overlay is a durable clear PVC sheet that is framed with strong magnetic strips to hold inserts in place on a whiteboard. Inserts are a useful teaching resource for both literacy (eg. dotted thirds for writing) and numeracy (eg. grids for maths, counting, multiplication, etc).

It would not be possible to co-ordinate and run the event without the additional donations, support and time from both parents and staff.  A huge thank you for donations from Alison, Barbara, Gloria, Haley, Joy, Prue, Rebecca B and Rebecca T. And a very special thank you for all your help in the lead up to and on the day… Bron, Georgie, Gloria, Joy, Naomi, Prue and Simone.


Carolyn Ray

Event Coordinator

Sunscreen Fundraiser

The Parents Association will be holding a sunscreen fundraiser at the start of Term 4. You will be able to purchase high quality, Australian-made sunscreen in a variety of sizes all at a great prices AND at the same time raise money for our school!  Order forms will be sent home in Term 4.


Tea Towel/Apron Fundraiser

We have just received a new delivery of tea towels and aprons!  If you would like to order a few for yourself or as presents for others (Father's Day is just around the corner!) please return the order form (see below) through the school tubs or just pop into the office and pay directly.


Shopping Tour

If you are coming along to the Shopping Tour, please return your booking form (see below) to the office - we need to start getting an idea of numbers! 

If you are coming along to the Shopping Tour, please return your booking form to the office - we need to start getting an idea of numbers!



Out of School Hours Care





Class Blogs

Community News










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