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07 November 2018
Issue Seven
Year 12 2018
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Dear Parents and members of the MESC Community

I would like to commence by offering my congratulations to the graduating Year 12 Class of 2018. This group of young people celebrated the end of thirteen years of school based education last week, formally at their final whole school assembly and Valedictory Dinner, and informally at their Celebration Day. We have sent them into their exam period very well prepared and generally confident that they will be able to do their very best, which is of course the measure of success. The other vital measure of success is related to who they are as people and what they will take with them in terms of personal qualities, into the future ahead of them. These qualities are I believe, the product of a team effort, established and nurtured in the home environment and strengthened and acknowledged in the school setting. This is such an important element of a successful education which is sometimes overlooked by schools.

We are proud of this group and feel that they are symbolic of much that has changed at Mount Eliza Secondary College by way of their attitude to their learning, their willingness to access the extensive additional support provided by our staff, and their leadership and pride in the school.

In recent weeks we have also celebrated the strong artistic and creative tradition of the college, showcasing the works of our senior students across a diverse range of styles and mediums at our recent Art Show. The creative subjects remain an area of excellence for this college and we recognise the work of our students by having it on display in all major areas of our facilities.

It is so rewarding to consider these successes for the college and our students, but I would also like to celebrate the routine successes such as the extremely positive feedback we receive about our students every time they attend an excursion or event, their behaviour on camps and the very high levels of engagement we have with our local community.

In late November all students will commence their 2019 programs. This is important learning time for the students. Teachers are not simply 'filling in time' over this three week period but starting units of work and conducting assessments. Teachers are also reinforcing our strong belief that successful learning requires students who are active learners and who do not simply rely on teachers to provide them with positive achievement. As with everything in life, genuine success comes with effort and whilst this is challenging for some, it is a key element of our approach here at the college. We ask for your support in ensuring regular attendance for your children, as the work undertaken sets them up for the coming year.

And finally and importantly, we have recently received very positive feedback from the International Baccalaureate organisation regarding our progress toward becoming an accredited IB Middle Years Program provider. This is a great achievement for our school, as we will be the only provider of this internationally recognised and rigorous approach to secondary education. The program will commence for all classes in years 7-9 in Jumpstart, at which time the college will restructure into two ‘sub-schools’, the Middle Years Program, and the Senior Pathways Program for students in years 10-12. This represents continued innovation for Mount Eliza secondary College as we work systematically to ensure the provision of contemporary, research based approaches to education.


Angela Pollard




On behalf of School Council I would like to ask that you give consideration to a proposal to introduce a ‘no mobile phones’ approach in classrooms. This recommendation has come through from our recent school review, where a large group of parents who were invited to give feedback on all aspects of college operation, expressed a view that this be considered. Under this model, students would be required to leave phones in their lockers. We are very concerned that many students find it extremely difficult to ignore the alerts on their phones, and this is impacting on their ability to concentrate on their learning. As teachers, we are also very concerned that our students do not get a break from technology, and are always on edge waiting for the next message or alert. IPads are of course a part of class work, however they are not used all of the time, but rather as needed.

In coming weeks we are speaking with students to hear their views, and further opportunities for parent feedback will be advertised via Compass.



Thank you parents, for your support of our recent focus on the wearing of blazers to and from school. It has been extremely successful and many students are in fact, choosing to wear the blazer throughout the day. Whilst the vast majority of our parents are highly supportive of our uniform policy, some reports seem to suggest that there is misunderstanding regarding the wearing of blazers despite what we believe to be quite clear guidelines on our website. Meeting the needs of all students and their families is always a challenge with uniform, but we do know that a lack of clarity or inconsistent implementation is not helpful to anyone. The current situation is that the blazer is compulsory all year round when travelling to or from school, but that students can remove it on days of high temperature. In talking to the students, it seems that ‘high temperature’ is too vague to allow for confident interpretation, so this concern, and the views expressed by parents and students will be taken to the next meeting of School Council. This is the representative group responsible for the development of policy at the college.

It is our intention to respond to the feedback in a reasonable manner that also allows us to continue maintaining the high standards which are important to us as a proud government school.



Students and families have received notification of successful enrolment in subjects for 2019. Course Confirmation/Payments are accessible on Compass.

Families have the ability to make payment in several ways;


1. Compass as one off payment (1 of the 4 instalments dates have now passed)

2. BPay (details shown on family statement or call the general office for B-Pay Biller Code & Reference Code)

3. Direct debit from your nominated account or credit card (arrange at the general office), option of instalments to suit you.

4. Credit Card over the phone

5. In person at the general office with cash, cheque and/or EFTPOS

6. Centrepay instalments (arrange at the general office)

Payment Plans are also an option



All funds collected as Essential Student Learning Items provide the only budget to our teachers (i.e. classroom materials for our students). We rely on the college community to partner with us in supporting the learning of our children so that the high standards expected of Mount Eliza Secondary College can be maintained. Students chose subjects and families approve the choice of electives, therefore subjects have been planned and costed according to the commitments made by families. If we want to continue to give our children excellent education with relevant resources, parent contributions are imperative. Non Payment of levies may result in the removal from high cost electives into no or low cost electives.
As always, we welcome the opportunity to support all families, if you are experiencing difficulty in making payment, please contact Deb Farag or Brenda Barker



Booklists for 2019 were handed out recently. Be aware that if your student has enrolled in a subject for the year ahead, you will need to check if a text is required for that subject from the Booklist of that year level. Come into the office to pick one up, go to the College website or Campion website. You can opt to have your books delivered direct to home. 

** Books are required to picked up on collection day (21/11/18 3.30 - 5.30pm), if not collected they are returned to the Campion Store in Dandenong South.



  • Simply click on "ORDER NOW"
  • Enter the code as provided on the front cover on your Resource List  "6T37"
  • Enter all relevant student details and select the items you wish to order
  • Click "Submit Your Order"


  • Enter all relevant student details on the front cover
  • Tick the items you wish to order
  • Ensure your Resource List is handed into the school before the due date as specified on the front cover (Wednesday 07/11/2018)







The first day was mostly spent on the plane. After one 6 hour flight and another hour and a half flight we made it to Yogyakarta!  We were met by our tour guide Tini who was extremely funny and we enjoyed our time with her. We arrived at our hotel, Ibis Styles, really late and had an Indonesian buffet before settling down and enjoying our top floor views.

The first thing we did the next day was  to take a  trip to the  Prambanan temple. There were several temples for several different gods and or beings. I heard that some of the statues were stolen and I was mildly confused because they were made of stone. But it was still fun to look at the statues.  After our tour of the temples we took a little train ride around the area before walking through a market area to get to our bus. Later that day we went to watch a puppet show. I liked the music but the show was slow paced, however we did get to see how the puppets were made so that was pretty cool.

The next morning we woke up so early so that we could be at the Borobudor temple at three to watch the sunrise. We waited there for 3 or so hours but because it was extremely foggy we didn’t see anything. When we left the temple the sun was already halfway in the sky. ! Talk about bad timing. We went back to the café and had breakfast before heading back on the bus. We then had free time to explore the market just down the street and visit a mall.  It was really fun and everything was crazy cheap.

The next day was  we went to the volcano riding in a Jeep all the way up to the top of the mountain stopping three times to see some amazing sights. We went to a bunker where two helpers had been killed, one by the lava and the other by being boiled alive. After that we got to a spot that had a killer views of the volcano. We then headed to an old house that had been destroyed by a volcanic eruption. A lot of the stuff there was melted and covered in ash,  it was pretty cool.  We went for a ride through a dried up river and it was kind of  like 4 wheel driving it  was fun.

The next temple that we visited was full of artefacts that had mainly belonged to the emperor. We went to a silver factory after that and saw some really nice expensive artwork. Across the street was a chocolate shop which we tore through. A boy got Tini a box of chocolates to thank her for being our guide which was a really nice gesture.

The next day was supposed to be a free day  but our teachers decided to take us to a water temple which wasn’t made of water but had several swimming pools in it. We went into an underground cave network and water theme park called Jogjakarta Bay which was really cool.

On our last day in Yogyakarta we had the opportunity to learn how to create a Batik design using wax and dye and then toured the Batik museum. We went to lunch at a chicken place that had amazing tasting chicken, it was better than KFC! On our ride to the airport we stopped at a shopping mall that had an arcade on the top floor with a roller coaster! It took me a while to find the place as the escalator was hidden in a shop.  We said goodbye to Tini at the airport and enjoyed a hour and a half flight to Denpasar where we were transported to Ananda Cottages by our new tour guide  Pak.

The next day we had some fun with music followed by dance lessons. The dance lessons were hard but all the girls enjoys watching the five boys dancing, it was hilarious. After a bit of free time we later enjoyed a Kecak performance that involved a bunch of guys saying kecak to  music. We watched several performances including a man, pretending he was a horse, running through fire!  It was absolutely amazing.

I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike! We had a bike tour! It was mostly down hill, but some went uphill, which was surprising for our tour guide. “First group to do it” he said. Before this though we drove up a high hill, stopping off along the way. We started at a restaurant which was pretty high in the mountain that had amazing views.  We then went to a coffee/ chocolate shop and everyone tried and bought the coffee and chocolate, it was so good! We started the bike tour after this and it was great. Some people almost ran into other people and or motor bikes and cars. We were able to see what village life is like for ourselves.  

We went to a school the next day and I was actually scared at how good their English was. You could pass them off as Australian they were that good. It was really fun to walk around their school and talk to them. We also enjoyed an assembly with a performance that looked better than the professional ones. We later got our hands dirty, literally dirty when we worked in the rice fields planting and ploughing and getting extremely muddy.   

Our next destination was  Sanur which is  located  near the beach where we visited a girl's  orphanage talking with them as well as showing them dances. The rest of the day we spent as free time it was  one of the boys birthdays so we had a cake by the pool.  Pak dropped us off at the airport later and guess what? We had another passport problem. One of  the girls visas expired and we waited for over an hour at the bag check- in waiting for her to get a new visa. Thankfully she got it with an hour to spare. We raced through the rest of the checks and relaxed at the terminal.

After a long and exhausting trip home we arrived back in Australia. It was a fun and meaningful experience that I really enjoyed and learnt a lot from.

Ruby Davies - Year 8 

Year 12 2018

Our Valedictory Dinner was a wonderful opportunity for students to 'frock up' and celebrate with their parents and teachers their successes over the past 13 years of schooling.
We congratulate all of them and wish them every success in their upcoming exams and future endeavours.
Farewell Class of 2018.




2018 Valedictory Dinner Awardees

The following awards were presented to Year 12 students on the evening:

















 VCE Art Exhibition 2018

It was a great run out for our annual "VCE Art Exhibition" with work from Studio Arts, Visual Communication and Design, Design Technology and Media on display. 

Hazelle Edwards (Year 12) was the 2018 recipient of the 'Ron Barron Acquisitive Prize' for her art work depicted above.

Congratulations to all students and as always it is certainly an evening that everyone looks forward to.

A more detailed report on the evening and award winners will be in our next newsletter.





Get down, get down

Gunshots whistling over my head

I fall and scramble to find the photo I dropped

The photo of the ones I love

Eager to see what I cannot touch

My family I miss

I may blur from existence

But the memories of me

Will live forever



Grab your things.

Hold them tight.

Make sure you live for another night.

The flames up high.

Come crashing down.

Making loud clapping sounds.

Run all day.

Hide all night.

Hold you things with all your might.

Mummy left to put up posters.

Daddy left to save the soldiers.

Sister left to find some food.

Brother left to get rescued.

I’m all alone.

No one to keep me warm.

I guess this is my new norm.

Hold your things tight.

Don’t let them out of sight.

Stay inside the dark.

Or else they’ll find us.



A big congratulations to the year 7&8 students who have participated in the Maths Enrichment program over terms 2&3. Every fortnight these students came out of classes to work collaboratively on a variety of Maths problems, using their creativity and problem solving skills. It was great to see the students work well together and extending their understanding of different areas of Maths.

Participating students:

Natasha Bates, Jacob Bigg, Thomas Blennerhassett, Abbey Bradley, Avalon Bragg, Dakota Briglia, Jasper Chorley, Noah Cohen, Evie Davies, Ruby Davies, Nicholas Davis, Chiara De Marcellis-Gayle, Sophie Felmingham, Chloe Graeme, Jackson Hicks, Tom Keresevic, Tara Krotwaar, Brynn Lariba Lay, Elise Laurent, Jessica Leatch, Rosie McLuskie, Katie Meyers, Xander Minzenmay, Ella Pascoe, James Richards, Hayley Richards, Ben Robertson, Sarah Standfield, Jayden Storay, Emily Tei, Aaron Tran, Lachie Whitehead.

The Australian Maths Olympiad Exam ran in late September with 3 very capable and enthusiastic year 7 students signing up to give the exam a go. It was inspiring to see these students prepare and attempt what is a very challenging Maths exam, coving material that they may not have come across before. Well done to Natasha Bates, Elise Laurent and Sean Meghji.

Mrs. Scott & Mrs. Hardy


Both year 9 and 10 students who are in the Global Communities studies Poverty and Homelessness last term. At the end of last term we visited Fusion Mornington for an eye opening experience on what half of our youth may be experiencing. The day began with a tour of the home. It was filled with games, lounges, animals, chickens and many other things. The house consists of ten bedrooms, five for each gender. After the tour of the house the class broke up into three groups. One group did gardening and prepared the vegetable patches so that Fusion had fresh vegetables to use that was grown in their back yard. The next group cooked and made delicious food and sweets for the residence as a thank you to the residence for letting us in. The last group sorted out the cloths and other generous donations that were kindly donated by the students and teachers of Mount Eliza Secondary College. On behalf of the students in my class, I know each of us walked away from Fusion very grateful and blessed for what we have.

 Emily Vincent, Year 10


Our student leaders, together with the support of Ms Hammet, facilitated two fantastic Aspiring Leadership Days for Grade 5 students from our local primaries. Over 90 students attended across both days, participating in challenges designed to empower remarkable young people and develop the changemakers of the future. The program teaches students skills to challenge themselves, exercise critical thinking, articulate their opinions and enhance their confidence. Our student leaders demonstrated excellence through mentoring the Grade 5 students and coaching them throughout the day.

Special thanks to Ms Barrett for all of her assistance in the lead up to the event and to Mr Prior for helping out on the day. We truly enjoy opportunities to connect with our local primaries and to see the leadership potential from both primary and secondary students.


Upcoming Transition Events:

Wednesday 14th November

Diagnostic Testing Day for Mount Eliza Primary School

Friday 16th November

Diagnostic Testing Day for Kunyung Primary School

Thursday 22nd November

Diagnostic Testing Day for Mount Eliza North Primary

Tuesday 27th November

 Year 7 2019 Information Evening

Tuesday 11th December

 Year 7 2019 Orientation Day







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Hazelle Edwards and Ron Barron
Ron Barron and Hazelle Edwards