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10 September 2019
Issue Twelve
From the Principal's Desk.....
Head of Senior School Report
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From the Principal's Desk.....

Good afternoon Parents, guardians and students,


Our school continues to grow and flourish. Each day sees staff and students working together, hand in hand with parents, to pursue shared goals and aspirations. One of the great things about being involved in a P – 12 school is the vibrant community feel it brings. This was on display in abundance at our recent Father’s Day breakfast where students, Dads, uncles, grandfathers (as well as mums aunties and other important family members) gathered to recognise the importance of fathers in the lives of students. Thanks to our Head of Senior School, Ash Kennedy, and the Year 11 and Year 12 students for putting their combined efforts into making this event a success. In particular, thanks to school captains Mohammed Al Mousawy and Chloe Turra, for their commitment and enthusiasm in the lead up to this day, as well as for their efforts on the day.


As part of our commemorations of NAIDOC Day we recently invited teachers Jacinta Robbins and Sharonlee Post to utilise an afternoon to facilitate traditional indigenous activities for students from Foundation Year to Year Four. This day was a great success for all students in the Junior School. It was followed by a session for the middle and senior school students in the form of an ASHEFEST (ASHE Festival). ASHEFEST is a celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and community run each year by the students of the Academy of Sport, Health and Education as part of their VCAL studies, where, this year, our Year Five to Ten students participated in an Indigenous cultural day last Tuesday August 27. Thanks to Sharonlee and Jacinta for their dedication and commitment to ensuring that Cobram AGS’s NAIDOC Day commemorations were a success.


I welcome Mrs Jordan Flanagan on to our team. Jordan has recently arrived at the school, taking on the role of Admissions Officer and Head of Marketing. She brings a wealth of experience to this role, and has settled in quickly – noting and reporting on the many events that happen at the school every day. Many who read this newsletter will have noticed new posts on our web site, and on social media – not to mention a number of compilations of recent events on our web site. Welcome Jordan. I trust your stay with us will be a long and happy one.


To all parents and friends of the school, please remember that my door is always open. Whether it be to discuss your child’s progress or float an idea for the improvement of the school, I have time to talk, and to listen.


Kind regards,


Steve Gale



Head of Senior School Report

Head of Senior School 

It's spring and that means footy finals time but more importantly for the Cobram AGS Senior School it's the business end of the academic season, especially for our Year 12 students.


With most of our outcomes drawing to a close, exam preparation is well and truly taking precedence and our students are ramping up their study in readiness for a big finish. Taking some time out of a study schedule for recreation is important and this was evident on the 22nd of August when the Senior School came together for a very successful formal held at 'The Shack' at Thompson's beach. The Year 12's did an excellent job of putting together a fantastic evening that really highlighted the strong sense of community that we are so proud of. The formal raised money for drought relief and brought together current and past students to celebrate being part of Cobram AGS.  During the evening which was full of dancing along with an alarming amount of photo's, student River Loizou gave the DJ a break and performed some of his self styled raps and Angelina Voeurn was lucky enough to win the big hamper in the raffle. 


In other Senior School news a small group of students attended the fantastic 'Big day In' at Wangaratta on the 4th of September. The event was held to showcase the different career paths possible for those interested in technology. Speakers included people who get paid to 'hack' for a living, representatives from technology firms and even the military. It was a great opportunity to discover what an amazing variety of occupations await those with an interest in STEM subjects. 


On the subject of subjects! We are currently finalising what our VCE program will consist of in 2020 after gathering and analysing all of the preference forms. It is an exciting time and we very much look forward to making some formal announcements in the very near future! 



Mr. Ash Kennedy 

Head of Senior School

Recent Events


ASHEfest is delivered by the Academy of Health Sports and Education (ASHE) for all primary and secondary students in the Goulburn Murray. ASHEfest is a two day event filled with cultural activities, workshops, traditional Indigenous games and information for parents, families and community. It is the key event of the year for ASHE. This year the students and staff of ASHE decided to take ASHEfest on tour, visiting towns in the Goulburn Valley region, giving these towns a chance to experience what ASHEfest is all about.


CAGS students from years 5-10 were lucky enough to attend the day. Students were able to participate in traditonal Indigenous games taught to them by the ASHE students. The traditional games were a way to teach young Indigenous children how to hunt and keep their traditions going. All students were engaged and had a lot of fun while learning Indigenous traditions. 



Father's Day Breakfast

It was wonderful to see so many father's, grandfathers and families attend our Father's Day Breakfast. 


A big thank you to Amy and Vanessa for co-ordinating the event, and to our Senior School students for cooking the delicious bacon & egg rolls.  


We hope everyone had a wonderful day on Father's Day, with those you were able to share it with.  


Please click on the link below to view some of the photos from our morning. 



Careers in our Community

Our  Year 8, 9 & 10 students were privy to a wonderful opportunity attending the Goulburn Murray LLEN "Speed Careering" event hosted by the Moira Shire Council & CSC.


Thank you to the local business people for giving up their time to provide an amazing opportunity for all students. To have access to this direct knowledge, advice and passion was truly invaluable, not to mention being able to gain a sound understanding of business and industry in our local community:

Cobram District Health
Sporties Barooga
Moira Shire Council
CPE Construction
Cobram Electrical & Data
MS Constructions
Ag Skills Victoria
Defence Force Recruiting Albury
Ambulance Victoria
Victoria Police



Senior School Formal 2019

Well done to the Senior School students for not only planning and co-ordinating their own Senior School Formal last Thursday, but congratulations for making it such a great night!


The students wanted to also pass on a big thank you to the local businesses who supported their raffle which will be drawn on their last day of the year next term. Thanks to Mr Kennedy for his unwavering support, The Shack for providing the venue and everyone who helped out along the way, making it a huge success!


Here's a sneak peek at the night below 🎥


Rev's Review

Rev's Review

The two Great Commandments Jesus taught us was; Love the Lord your God and Love your Neighbour.  The Parable of the ‘Good Samaritan’, is a story that Jesus used to explain how to love your neighbour.  Neighbour in the Biblical sense means people. 


Today, we call someone who helps another that they are a Good Samaritan.  This is because they are helping someone even at their own expense.  This may be helping someone pay their utility bill, driving a cancer patient to chemotherapy or even calling a friend or sending them a card to encourage them during their trial.  Actually being a Good Samaritan is helping someone that might hate you and praying for someone that dislikes you to the max. The truth is that we can all be good Samaritans or we can be someone that doesn’t care for anyone but themselves.  Which are you?

Who Were the Samaritans? 
A Bit of Ancient history

Samaritans were despised by the Jews because they were known as half-breeds, half Jewish and half Gentile.  When the Northern Kingdoms were taken captive by the Assyrians, they intermarried with them to settle in the place that is called Samaria, just north of Judea.  As usually happens in such cases, they adopt the worship of their false, pagan gods, falling into idolatry.  When the Jews returned to Jerusalem and tried to rebuild the temple, the Samaritans would pour pigs blood in the temple area which was to make the temple unclean and the building project of the temple had to be stopped so that the temple area could be cleaned up again.  This was detestable to the Jews and polluted what they considered to be a holy place; therefore the Samaritans were hated even more than the Roman conquerors.  They would not even walk in Samaria but would go far out of their way, even if it was a longer trip, to avoid entering Samaria because they believed the Samaritans were unclean people. This is precisely why Jesus mentioned the Samaritan in this parable because he would be the least likely to ever help a fellow Jew because the Samaritans also had a hate that was equal to that held by the Jews against the Jewish people because of the way that they were treated by them.



The Anglican Op Shop

The Anglican Parish of Cobram’s Op Shop is located at 35 Main Street Strathmerton.

We are open Thurs, Frid, Sat, Mon 10am-4pm, Sun, 11am-4pm

Please come along and visit our store. 

We are also on Facebook.

Did Jesus name this Parable; The Parable of the Good Samaritan?

In the first place, the name of the Parable of the Good Samaritan is never mentioned by Jesus.  Bible scholars and translators have attached this name because they see man as being a “Good Samaritan” who goes above and beyond where most people would go. A Good Samaritan as opposed to most Samaritans in their minds…pagan, idolators.


How can we be ‘Good Samaritans’ at school, home and the wider community

To offer a helping hand if needed.  If we become aware of injustice, be available if someone wants to talk to you, be available. If you would like to make an appointment to see me, please contact the school during business hours or on

0439 066 553 after that time. 




Sports Report 

GMDSSV Athletics

On Thursday, 5th September, 26 Year 7-11 students represented Cobram Anglican Grammar School at the 2019 Goulburn Murray Division Secondary Schools’ Athletics carnival, which was held at the McEwen Reserve Athletics Complex in Shepparton. The squad gave their all and did a fantastic job in coming 6th overall (Girls 5th; Boys 7th). The following students ended up placing in respective events and, if finishing 1st or 2nd (indicated by underline) have qualified for the Hume Region event (10 students qualified!!!), which is scheduled to be held in Albury on

Tuesday, 15th October:


Madison McDiarmid (Year 7): 1st 12-13 Girls 100m (NEW GMDSSV RECORD, SURPASSING ONE THAT HAS STOOD SINCE 1983); 3rd 12-13G 200m; 3rd 12-13G Long Jump


Belle Dunn (Year 8): 3rd 14G 100m; 2nd 14G High Jump


Emma Nolan (Year 10): 2nd 15G 800m


Madison McDiarmid, Ava Vodusek, Belle Dunn, Erin Scanlon: 2nd 14G 4 x 100m Relay


Layla Towler (Year 7): 2nd 12-13G High Jump


Regan Fox (Year 9): 3rd 15G High Jump


Christyanne Smith (Year 11): 1st 17G High Jump; 2nd 17G Long Jump


Erin Scanlon (Year 8): 3rd 14G Long Jump; 2nd 14G Triple Jump


Isaac Crawford (Year 8): 3rd 14 Boys 100m; 1st 14B 400m; 2nd 14B 800m; 2nd 14B 1500m; 2nd 14B Long Jump


Jacob Champagne (Year 9): 3rd 15B 100m


Oscar Mackay (Year 11): 3rd 17B High Jump; 2nd 17B Long Jump; 2nd 17B Triple Jump


Bailey Mason (Year 10): 1st 16B Long Jump; 1st 16B Triple Jump


Connor Taylor (Year 9): 3rd 14B Shot Put


The following students finished in the top 10 place-getters in Age Division Champion results:


Madison McDiarmid: Equal Runner up in 12-13 Girls


Layla Towler: Equal 10th in 12-13 Girls


Belle Dunn: 6th in 14 Girls


Isaac Crawford: Runner up in 14 Boys


Bailey Mason: Equal 6th in 16 Boys


Christyanne Smith: Equal 4th in 17 Girls


Oscar Mackay: Equal 5th in 17 Boys


Thanks to Miss Wannis for assisting with the supervision/management of the team and to all those parents who came along to support their child/squad. Greatly appreciate the support and assistance!


Well done once again to the team members on their fantastic efforts!


Go Team CAGS!!!

What We Do!

YEAR 1/2 Inquiry "Italy"

This term in our Inquiry unit the 1/2 classes have been looking at different cultures from around the world to gain a better understanding of multiculturalism within Australia. Students have been exploring the food, games, music and traditions of Indigenous Australia, Italy, China and Nigeria.


Last week our topic was "Italy" and our 1/2 classes were treated to an authentic experience. A huge thank you to Miss Leonard and the school chickens (under the care of Mr Gale) for providing the ingredients and equipment to make pasta!


All reports were that it was delicious.


We also enjoyed learning about Bocce! A traditional Italian game that can be played by all ages and abilities. Everyone loved being able to get outside and enjoy some Bocce in the sunshine together!


A big thanks to Miss Rooney & Mr O for lending their Bocce equipment for us to use.



YEAR 3/4 Guide Dog Visit 

This term the Year 3/4 students have been studying the Humanities topic ‘Being in Someone Else's Shoes’.


Students have learned to use an understanding of social justice to advocate for people in their community who live with a disability, and imagined how they would feel and act if they were them. Students have learned to appreciate the flexible thinking and courage shown by those with a disability and used them as inspiration to achieve their own goals. They have studied rules and laws as a mechanism for fairness in our community.


Mr and Mrs Parry, and their Guide dog Toby very kindly came to visit the Year 3/4 students to share what it is like to live with blindness. Mr Parry lost his vision at the age of 21 and has learned to manage life without vision. Students asked questions which were answered honestly as Toby sat quietly taking everything in. We all learned something new during this incursion. 



YEAR 8 - Farm to Yarn Class Welcome Cobram Spinners & Weavers 

Cobram Anglican Grammar School welcomed Mrs Irene Mayall from Cobram and District Spinners and Weavers who spoke to the year 8 Farm to Yarn class about spinning wool, and gave each student a lesson on using the spinning wheel.


Cobram AGS Teacher Mrs Carolyn White says “Farm to Yarn is exposing students to the origins, uses and properties of natural textiles - silk, cotton, wool.”


The students in the class have grown silkworms and are waiting for them to spin their cocoons. Where they have classed different types of wool, and investigated the properties of natural and synthetic fabrics. Students have also learnt about some of the issues surrounding the production of these fibers, including muelsing and clothing waste


Cobram & District Spinners & Weavers Inc have very kindly donated 3 spinning wheels and a loom to our school.



Cobram AGS Noticeboard 

Barooga Little Athletics 


School Banking

The Commonwealth Bank School Banking program includes an exciting and exclusive Rewards program that encourages students to get into the habit of saving regularly.


Every time you child makes a deposit at school they receive a silver Dollarrmites token. Once students have individually collected 10 tokens they can redeem them for an exclusive School Banking reward item in recognition of their continued savings behaviour.


School Banking is every  Tuesday


2019 School Production 


CAGS School Fete 2019


CAGS Second Hand Uniforms WANTED!

If any families are able to donate their second hand uniforms to the school, please pass onto the admin staff at the office. 


There are some families who can and need to utilise second hand uniforms and we are always very grateful for any donations that we are able to pass on. School dresses in particular are very much needed coming into our warmer months. 


Thank you in advance. 



This is just a friendly reminder about the expectations regarding the CAGS UNIFORM, please find attached the detailed information for all students.


As of Monday 9th September the SUMMER UNIFORM can be worn – but must be FULL summer uniform or FULL winter uniform.

Not a bit of each.


If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact Heads of School.


(Details of the full uniform items are attached below) 


Grandparents Day & Art Expo



Please return all overdue Library books, failure to do so could incur a fine!


Good Luck Mackenzie! 

We would like to wish Year 6 student Mackenzie O’Dwyer all the best when she heads to Canberra to compete in the School Sport Netball Championship next week! 


Mackenzie has created her own "scrunchie fundraiser" to help her to get to the School Sports Australia’s National netball carnival. Her home-made scrunchies are $4 each or 3 for $10 - see Mackenzie in the schoolyard if you would like to purchase one before this Thursday! 


Sporties Term 3
School Holiday Program


Skillzone Term 3
School Holiday Program


Karate comes to Cobram


CAGS Calendar

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Monday 9th September 

  • Junior School Assembly 9.00am
  • NO GROK 
  • Production Rehearsals - Lunchtime 

Tuesday 10th September  

  • ICAS -  Writing
  • Full cast rehearsal - 3.05pm-5.00pm

Wednesday 11th September 

  • Moira Shire Youth Council – KENA
  • Class Mass – Year 1/2 
  • Ukulele Club – Lunchtime - PAC 
  • Homework Club 3.15pm 

Thursday 12th September 

  • ICAS - Spelling
  • Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad 
  • R U OK? Day - splash of orange

Friday 13th September 

  • Prep Hike
  • State Badminton – Year 8 girls
  • Dance Club - Lunchtime 
  • HPV Training


Monday 16th September 

  • Year 3/4 camp - Alexandra (depart) 
  • Production Rehearsals
  • SCHOOL FETE MEETING - 7pm @ the PAC 

Tuesday 17th September

  • Year 3/4 camp - Alexandra
  • Production Rehearsals 
  • Possum Magic - Prep (Shepparton) 

Wednesday 18th September 

  • Year 3/4 camp - Alexandra (return) 
  • Class Mass - Prep 
  • Whole School & Parish Eucharist 
  • Homework Club 3.15pm

Thursday 19th September 


Friday 20th September 

  • LAST DAY TERM 3 - Footy Colours Day (SRC )
  • Production Rehearsals 



Please note our next Whole School Assembly will be  Day 1 Term 4! 


To print your copy of this edition of The Crier click on the attached file 


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The Crier - Vol 20 Issue 12 - 2019.pdf
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