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19 December 2019
Issue Fourteen
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From the Principal

As 2019 at Ringwood Secondary College draws to a close, we recognise a variety of successes across many fields of endeavour.


We indeed applaud the many outstanding achievements, diverse talents and areas of engagement of all our students, staff and community. There is always much to celebrate in our College which Performs.

It is useful for each of us to think about how we can craft new experiences and learning opportunities to develop our talent. There is no doubt we can all develop our talent with practice and perseverance. The grit that we demonstrate will go a long way to creating successful future outcomes


2019 Results

Once again, we can be delighted with the successes of our students and these were heartily celebrated on Tuesday evening. The efforts and achievements of so many are reflected in these results and are reported in this edition of our newsletter. Judging by the significant and varied achievements of our students across curricular and co-curricular fields, we continue to build on our College virtues of wisdom, courage, respect and creativity.


I would particularly like to congratulate our VCE Dux Moksh Dave (98.75) on his outstanding year.

We indeed celebrate his stunning list of achievements of which he, his family and our community can be very proud.


The Class of 2019 has tackled the considerable challenge of the VCE and VCAL with similar energy, passion and commitment as every other year 12 class during my twenty two years as principal.


As I indicated last night, our students have been rewarded for their hard work in a variety of ways. Whilst some students may be disappointed, many are delighted, with their achievements. We also know that with continuing support that the pathways for next year beyond school provide many options. Many students attained ATAR scores in the 90s (including 12 over 95 and 26 over 90) and nearly 30 % above 80. There are equally stories of those who overcame significant challenges including health issues and personal hardship to achieve at high levels and indeed even some students who became the first member of their family to ever complete secondary school.

Our median all study score of over 30 was an improvement on the previous year and indicates that many students have performed well across the full range of studies that we are able to offer at Ringwood. As was also highlighted in the media, Ringwood Secondary College was the top performing school in the state for Food Studies in 2019.


Current Student Numbers

We have 1635 students enrolled for 2020 including 290 students who will be commencing with us in Year 7. These students enjoyed a highly successful orientation day and we look forward to welcoming our newest group of students at the beginning of next year.



At this time of year, we traditionally say farewell to a range of staff who are either moving on to opportunities in other schools, moving to new careers or interstate, concluding replacement contracts, or retiring.  


Those leaving us are Kevin Lewis, Heather Davies, Rosemarie Devereux and Mink Schapper,who are all retiring after many years of personal and professional contribution to Public secondary education in Victoria. Thank-you all for making a difference to the future life chances of our youth and I wish you the very best in wherever your next journey takes you.


Others taking on new challenges are:

Haris Boyd-Gerny to Vic College for the Arts Secondary School

Nathan Hughes promoted to Learning Specialist at Mulluana SC

Benn Jamieson  to Queensland

Louise Tate to  Northcote HS

Shaun Butson to Victoria Police

Jessica Robinson  to Family Leave

Our French Language Assistant Romain Lecrue.  


We thank each person for their contribution to Ringwood and wish them well in their future endeavours.  We will introduce our new staff at the commencement of term 1 2020.



Start-up arrangements for 2020

Year 12 commences with a symposium day at Box Hill Institute’s Lilydale Campus on Thursday January 30. Year 7 also commence on the same day. Students in Years 8 to 11 commence on Friday January 31, 2020. The College office will be open for business on Tuesday January 28, 2020. All staff will be participating in Planning and PD on Tuesday January 28 and Wednesday January 29th


In 2020, the construction of the new senior school centre will be completed and there are already landmark signs of the developments that have already been made with the steel structure taking shape. It is another significant undertaking for our College community.


I would like to extend best wishes for Christmas and New Year and a happy summer holiday season to all members of our College community and I look forward to an even better year in 2020.


Michael Phillips


From the School Council President

A word from school council…….


As another busy year comes to a close, it is a perfect opportunity to reflect on all of the people and programs that enrich our RSC community and make it the place that it is. I am fond of that lovely saying ‘It takes a village’, when describing optimum conditions for raising children, and so too, ‘it takes a village’ to ‘raise up’ a school. At RSC we have a village of capable, creative students, dedicated and skilled teachers, staff and parents, our college Principal, our award winning RTO, interested community and heritage team members and our governing bodies (the DET and school council) – who together create and maintain a living, breathing community of learners, contributors, thinkers and achievers and who then pass on that legacy to those who follow.


This year has seen the commencement of Stage 2 of our college masterplan, with our $6.5 million senior school building now under construction, ahead of schedule and due for completion at the end of term 3, 2020. Hopefully, our current year 11s will enjoy some time in this new facility before the end of their time at RSC and of course, future senior students will be the lucky recipients of this state of the art build, worthy of 21st century models of creative teaching, learning and connecting.


In terms of buildings and facilities, school council continue to play a significant role, (with Principal Michael Phillips’ leadership), in lobbying, partnering and working alongside state and federal parliamentary members in pursuit of the best outcomes for RSC. A college of this size, with diverse curricula and high expectations for its students (performing arts, music, STEM, visual arts, and sporting programs, to name a few) will always require upgrades, maintenance, new facilities and resources and we keep engaged with this aspect of our responsibility and service to RSC. On the ground, our facilities team and volunteer parents, under the competent eye of Chris Salisbury work tirelessly in this space, keeping painting, plastering, electrics, insulation, gardens and fencing (and much more besides), in good shape. Another big project we look forward to seeing completed is the $10,000 oval upgrade which will take place over the coming summer break.


As Presentation Evening beckons, in a few days time, I am also reflecting on how successful schools build cultures of effort, participation and excellence and it is always so uplifting to witness celebrations of these values. To the year 12 class of 2019, my warmest congratulations on the completion of your various studies and programs. Our 2019 VCE results were outstanding and school council congratulate the efforts and talents of year 12 cohort, the prefects and student representatives for the guidance they offer their peers, and the parents, teachers and staff who supported them all. From awards earned in the arenas of music and performing arts, to sport, sciences and community, our 2019 students, across all year levels have once again made us proud and at times, I have been in awe at the inventiveness, persistence, creativity and competence of these young citizens. We wish them all a restful break ahead, and to the class of 2019, lots of ‘sleep ins’ before new challenges, jobs, studies or travel opportunities begin!


To all in our school community who support our college – and there are too many to mention – our thanks and gratitude go out to you all. It is always a team effort at RSC and we on school council couldn’t do our important work without the collaboration, skill and generosity of so many.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas and new year.


Sharon Rogers

School Council President

Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

It has been a terrific end to the year, culminating in the college’s Presentation night to celebrate student achievements.

Every student should reflect on their efforts and take pride in the positive behaviours they have displayed to support their learning.

As we farewell another decade, we can be proud of the work we have done as a community to fulfil the aspirations of our students.

The new decade brings further excitement, challenge and opportunity.  Bring on 2020!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal


From Mrs Allison

Another year is nearly completed and Christmas is upon us soon, so it is a perfect time for reflection on the past but most importantly planning time for the future.


This week’s professional learning for our staff was focussed on relatedness, the building of positive relationships. We were very fortunate to have Brendan Bailey (Berry St Education) deliver an energising professional learning session on this important topic.


Next year, our College aims to continue to involve parents in practical positive psychology together with our educators and external organisations, so we can learn, live and embed the evidence-based strategies for flourishing together.  The Maroondah Positive Education Network is developing further and gaining momentum to improve communication and influence as many people as possible with positive educational strategies.


I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all our hardworking staff for their wonderful work this year. They have been inspirational, energetic and have provided our college with a wealth of knowledge and forward momentum. I hope they enjoy a well-deserved rest.


Please enjoy a safe and happy holiday full of love, joy and hope. Appreciate this very special time with your family, friends and pets! Reflect on this quote from Brene Brown that encapsulates the essence of human connection and relationships.



Trust is earned in the smallest of moments.

It is earned not through heroic deeds, or even highly visible actions, but through paying attention, listening, and gestures of genuine care and connection.



Maria Allison

Assistant Principal





Wonderful Evening

Please see the full awards for the evening,

Sports Awards

Years 7- 11

Year 7:  

Tylah Chrystal, Hannah Day, Jacob Henry, Jackson Mooney, Audrey Mueller, Kiahna Pomponio

Year 8:   

Luke Barr, Noah Battle, Summer Doyle, Abbey Whitaker

Year 9:  

Luke Anderson, Mia Busch, Luke Jenkins, Sienna Koh, Jemima Wilson

Year 10:

James Allsop, Nicholas Day, Olivia Henry, Niamh Sanders, Keeley Sherar

Year 11:

Caitlin Dellow, Rhian Lumsden, Jack Stelfox, Matilda Wilson


State Medal winners: 

Luke Anderson, Mia Busch, Hayley Butler, Cade Cavanagh, Tarni Cavanagh, Jack Convery, Evan Cribb, Ruby D'Arcy, Mali Davies, Caitlin Dellow, Alexandra Gibson, Ella Grace, Amber Hart, Olivia Henry, Ella Hose, Darci Innes, Courtney Innes, Finlay Kelly, Sienna Koh, Maeve Leonard, Rhian Lumsden, Soraya Maclean, Delany Madigan, Jack Martin, Madison McGee, Tegan McInerney, Lilita Mebalds, Shayla Moss, Harry Norman, Chloe Olsen, Tyrese Pomponio, Alicia Recinos, Jordyn Rennie, Jordan Ross, Niamh Sanders, Keeley Sherar, Charli Smoother, Lachlan Stewart, Charlotte Tolliday, Emma Watson, Jemima Wilson


SSV Academic and Sporting Medal: 

Olivia Henry


Sporting Blues Award: 

Charlie Collins


Hazel Hirons Memorial Prize

Jasmine Cain-Edwards, Year 12

Creative Arts Awards Years 7-11

Years 7- 11

Year 7:    

Amelia Harper, Desy Kutasara, Caspar Lee-Ercole, Jazzlyn Lennox, Sahara Sinclair, Taylor Wake

Year 8:    

Niharika Harne, Archie Jacka, Noah Philp, Keara Rheeder, Bradley Watson, Thomas Wheeler

Year 9:    

Brooke Humphreys, Charlotte Jackson, Shion Kim, Aidan Maher, Heath Murphy, Gimhan Senevirathne, Hannah Walne

Year 10:  

Sophie Duffus, Ella Grace, Benjamin Noble-Saroto, Lucy Philp, Daniel Watson, Boning Zhang

Year 11:  

Cooper Bonetti, Catherine Buckingham, Sahana Dana, Nicholas Freeman, Peri Hine,     Felicity Watts, Larissa Wrigley


The Melbourne Recital Centre Accelerando Program

Charlie Lodge Year 10

The Graeme Hildebrand Scholarship

Klay Po, India Phillips & Jada Gunstone


Science Award of Excellence

Year 7 :            Mia Grasso

Year 8 :            Kiana Bongers

Year 9 :            Isabel Kenworthy

Year 10:           Daniel Watson & Brynn Jacka


Trajan Scientific & Medical Awards for Science & Technology

Daniel Watson & Brynn Jacka


 Australian Mathematics Competition 2019

Year 7 :            Rahil Shah

Year 8 :            Kelvin Chen

Year 9 :            Shion Kim

Year 10:           Brynn Jacka

Year 11 :          Grace Veenman

Year 12:           Mark Reynolds


Caltex Allrounder Award

Damon Delaney Year 12


The Deakin Shield Award

Angus Delaney Year 12


PCTA Award

Charlie Wakeham Year 12


The Joan Mentz Award

Amelia Phillips Year 12


ADF Long Tan Leadership Award

Mitchell Hart Year 12


Fiddes Family Award

Victoria Coghlan Year 12

Music Gala Awards

Music Award of Honour - Michael Noble-Saroto

Performing Arts Award – Sean McBride


Youth Lyrebird Awards

Tayla Burr


House Co-ordinator Awards Year 7-11

 Year 7:   

Jay Kennon, Sang Pi Zahlang, Taylor Wake, Kiahna Pomponio

            Year 8:   

Belicia Braione, Olivia Heinen, Abbey Rennick, Sebastian Hansen

Year 9:   

Emily Waite, Ella Ogden, Brooke Humphries, Elizabeth Man Tuang 

 Year 10: 

Ruby D’Arcy, Corey Cvetovac, Tia Soldatos, Tahlia Wilson

Year 11: 

Jasmine Lacy, Mackenzie Burton, Rhian Lumsden, Mia Millar


Presentation of House Champions Cup 2019


The R.S.L. Scholarships

Olivia Murray Year 7 & Lucy Philp Year 10


Australian Defence Force Award

Emilie Young Year 10


Heritage & Alumni Scholarships

Joshua Clements Year 10 

Kirrilee Knipping Year 10


Neff Family Scholarship

Year 10:

Za Bet Thang Thlaceu

Hser Eh Blew Say Pe 

Year 11:

Parsa Sadeghidahej & Moe Shay Shwe 

Year 12:

Tha Cung Lian Zaathang


Mazda Student Leadership Award

Kate Hine Year 11



Liam Parkins Year 12


The Hocking Family Award

Eh Doh Doh Htoo Year 11


Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program

Fanwen Zheng & Daniel Watson Year 10


The Deakin Shield Award

Madison Groves-Berry Year 11

Holly Manuel Year 10

Dux of Year Level

Year 7:        Amelia Harper

Year 8:        Noah Philp

Year 9:        Shion Kim

Year 10:      Daniel Watson

Year 11:      Elise Bergmann

Year 12:       Moksh Dave


Year 11 — VCE Units 3 & 4 Subject Awards


Elise Bergmann - Visual Communication & Design

Sara Tabikh - Further Mathematics

Jasmine Lacy  - Legal Studies

Grace Veenman - Biology


Ringwood Training Excellence Award

Vet – IT           

Oscar Stammers and  Anthony Xu

Vet – Automotive   

Jack Sherwood , Curtis Thomson and  Adara Cervi

Vet – Engineering      

Jake Smith and  Daniel McArthur


VCE Baccalaureate
Alice D'Arcy, Yanzhen Gu, Jiahuan He, Ashlee Huynh, Lana Lee, Lorenzo Louw, Jia Ying Luo, Amelia Phillips, Shining Po, Anthony Xu, Tha Cung Lian Zaathang

High Achievers VCE 2019

Hoo Fai Cai, Alice D'Arcy, Moksh Dave, Damon Delaney, Bonnie Di Marzio, Nicole Dykes, Nanda Gopakumar, Yanzhen Gu, Imogen Hansen, Jiahuan He, Alexander Jackson, Kayla Jenkins, Dylan Kane, Lana Lee, Lorenzo Louw, Jia Ying Luo, Campbell McNamara, Amelia Phillips, Samuel Philp, Pierre-Louis Plumejeau-Wilby, Ankit Rawat, Mark Reynolds, Ianthe Volbrecht, Charlie Wakeham, Lachlan Watson, Anthony Xu


Academic Awards 7-11

Year 7: 

Adelaide Ahearn, Chevina Bali, Ella Bellesini, Lani Blueming, Ellie Boucher, Isabella Burdan, Olivia Butler, Hannah Day, Declan Dowding, Jaynee Ghediya, Mia Grasso, Amelia Harper, Jacob Henry, Kye Jablonskas, Joy Jayanthan, Sarah Johnson, Minwoo Kang, Maya Kelly, Jay Kennon, Lucy Kenworthy, Angela Ai Suen Lee, Jazzlyn Lennox, Jai Littlepage, Oskar Mitchell, Jackson Mooney, Audrey Mueller, Daniel Paton, Bree Phillips, Rianha Quan, Isobel Ritter, Sahara Sinclair, Rosemary Sykes, Alvin Taylor, Afia Thang, Karli Thornton, Tasha Tomlinson, Nicolas Veenman, Anthony Whitehead, Alexandra Wragg, Jurin Yoon

Year 8: 

Olivia Baud, Chloe Biggs, Dhiya Billimoria, Kiana Bongers, Jessica Boucher, Nathan Brown, Anastasia Clarke, Lily Crowley, Ruby-Rose Davies, Lara Farley, Summer Featherston, Lauren Fletcher, Hao Geng, Jade Goudie, Seth Gunstone, Declan Guscott, Niharika Harne, Daniel Jackson, Natasha James, Tyler Kennedy, Remy Maclean, Jesse Macleod, Jazmine McNeill, Talia Olsen, Antony Pankhurst, Chanul Pathirana, Noah Philp, Keara Rheeder, Charlotte Serre, Alyssa Solidaga, Lemise Thornton, Ellie Tilden, Amber Truong, Alicia Tully, Mia Weatherburn, Thomas Wheeler, Amelia Wildie, Zarin Zoha

Year 9: 

Margaret Anderson, Kaitlyn Antrobus, Kaila Bergmann, Lachlan Bosomworth, Hayley Butler, Natalie Chan, Laksh Dave, Caitlin Dowding, Johanna Feeney, Georgia Frogley, Alexandra Gibson, Liljana Harper, Jessica Hindmarsh, Brooke Humphreys, Charlotte Jackson, Rebecca Jackson, Mylee James, Ebony Kelly, Isabel Kenworthy, Shion Kim, Kumsol Lee, Abby Lymn, Aidan Maher, Lachlan Moroney, Hanna Morrin, Ella Ogden, Shehani Paliyaralalage Don, Brigid Parkinson, Benjamin Paton, Abigail Roberts, Lacey Shattock, Rose Sherwood, Sienna Sleigh, Elley Steenhuizen, Abbianca Tang, Erin Timmer, Cherry Tsui, Annabelle Veenman, Nghi Dong Vo

Year 10: 

Stevie-Rose Bell, Clinton Bouphasavanh, Mia Bovill, Taylor Boyles, Hayley Brown, Holli Budd, Htoo Pway Doe Soe Bwint, Joshua Clements, Flynn Commins, Scarlett Cuthbert, Ruby D'Arcy, Meg Ditchfield, Sophie Duffus, Caitlin Graham, Audrey Goodman, Ruby Harrison, Olivia Henry, Brynn Jacka, Isuri Jayasinghe, Tamara Johnson, K'Baw Lwe, Holly Manuel, Soraya Maclean, Tara McPherson, Emily Nancarrow, Lachlan O'Donnell, Tia Olsen, Kate O'Meara, Brooklyn Owen, Lucy Philp, Klay Po, Charlotte Pratley, Megan Rennick, Samuel Rhodes, Nicholas Roe, Mitchell Sykes, Julia Rooney-Watson, Gabrielle Thatcher, Za Bet Thang Thlaceu, Daniel Watson, Mikayla Whitten, Emilie Young

Year 11: 

Tahlia Antrobus, Elise Bergmann, Cooper Bonetti, Alana Couper, Jack Downard, Chloe Emmerich, Eve Fletcher, Tahlia Fraser, Nicholas Freeman, Peri Hine, Kate Hine, Xinghang Jia, Jasmine Lacy, Shumeng Li, Disa Li, Rhian Lumsden, Becky Luong, Lily Moroney, Abigail Ngo, Alana Purcell, Madeline Schubert, Alannah Simpson, Sara Tabikh, Emily Vains, Grace Veenman, Shan Wang, Mengjia Yu, Yao Zhang


From the Office


It’s been a very busy few weeks to finish off the year!

As you can see from the photos, the Senior School is moving rapidly with recent works including concreting of the lower slab floor and commencement of steel works.

We have also continued with the remodelling of Wellbeing and recent works have included painting, carpeting and completion of air conditioning.

Room 207 is also getting a major facelift, including the installation of 40 stations to house digitech students. Enjoy the photos of each renovation.

In the near future we are top dressing a good section of the oval to hopefully have it in fantastic condition for the start of the 2020 school year.  Over the holidays there will be regular maintenance including painting, construction of a wheelchair ramp and extensive testing of essential services.

A big thanks again to both the Facilities Committee and Facilities staff for all their efforts throughout the year.


Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager

Careers News

Please read all the news from our Careers Department

Helen Doherty and Alyce Bailey


Helen Doherty wins David Osborne Award

Our very own Careers Practitioner, Helen Doherty, was awarded the David Osborne Regional Careers Practitioner Award at the Careers Education Association of Victoria awards dinner in December this year. This annual award acknowledges the outstanding contribution of Life Member, David Osborne (1945 – 2014) and this year highlighted Helen’s wonderful contributions towards the field of Career Education not only at Ringwood Secondary College but also within the Maroondah Careers Group.

We are all very proud of Helen and were pleased that her hard work was publicly acknowledged.

From School Council

Standing in the midst of greatness!


It is quite a humbling place to be a part of the RSC school council. In the last month we have been able to celebrate a number of achievements with some members of our group. 

James Barut, our assistant principal, commenced a short term appointment as acting principal at Emerald Secondary College for Term 1.

Helen Parker was awarded the Maroondah Business Excellence award for 2019 with all her work at the Babes Project.

As well, Sharon Rodgers was awarded the Guardian Early Learning Leadership award at the Victorian Leaderships awards 2019.  


On top of all these achievements we’ve been able to see and hear about fantastic progress with things happening within the school. We heard the building project is moving forward to plan and is actually a little bit ahead of schedule, anticipating a completion date of Term 3, 2020. We also got to hear about all the exciting camps for 2020 including Year 9 camp, Central Australia trip, Bike tour and Duke of Ed just to name a few. 


It has been an eventful year for council and we are all looking forward to 2020 in anticipation of what is to come for our wonderful, ardent college.


Adam Bryant

School Council

International Department

Home Stay Dinner 2019

Every year Ringwood Secondary College hosts a Homestay End of Year Celebration Dinner. For this year’s dinner, we made a massive move from Ringwood to a burger and steak restaurant at The Glen Shopping Centre.


There were 54 participants including our international students and homestay providers. We all had an amazing night with the wonderful venue and delicious selected of food. We appreciate all the effort and responsibilities that all the homestay providers have put on to take care of our international students. 


Shirley Luong

Assistant International Student Coordinator  

Ringwood Training Courses

2020 welding course - please see attached flyer with dates


Laura Lloyd

Ringwood Training

Special Thanks

On behalf of the college community we wish to acknowledge the generous support of Philip Webb Real Estate in Doncaster East  for supplying Christmas hampers to families in need.

This kind gesture is appreciated.

Phoenix Yoga Studios

This year Phoenix is wanting to give back to the community so we are gifting 7 days of free yoga this Christmas. The offer is valid until end of February 2020.


Director - Phoenix Yoga Studios


 (03) 8838 2586 

1 Ringwood Street, Ringwood VIC 3134

From the Chaplain

Does this remind you of anything...... 

I had a plan this year to really take in Christmas and focus on the meaning of Christmas for myself and our family and then ... I got a little busy with work, events and family functions. 

All of these are really important and enjoyable but I have been left feeling under pressure and getting distracted with what I was intending to do. 


So this got me thinking how do I get balance back in what is affectionately called the ‘silly season’? Some bad habits have crept into my home life like checking emails outside of work hours and making calls late at night. This meant it was pushing work out way beyond the 9-5 and got me thinking work stuff when I should have really been present mentally with my family.


So my challenge for you is this, as you celebrate  the Joy, Hope and Peace of Christmas time with family may you look to turn off your mobile phones and shut down your emails for the full time of your break and treasure the people you enjoy celebrating Christmas and New Years with.  


Adam Bryant

Chaplain (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs) 


Parentzone Courses

Anglicare Parentzone are offering a program in February for parents who are concerned about their adolescent’s use of alcohol and/or other drugs.


It’s being run at the Central Ringwood Community Centre, is funded by DHHS and free to attend.

Please see attached PDF for details

Around the School

Map it Challenge State Finalists!!

Five Ringwood Students made it through to be state finalists out of over 400 students who competed in the inaugural Map it Challenge.


Their mission was to investigate a need in their local neighbourhood, and map it using the professional mapping application ESRI, used by councils, governments and geographers worldwide. Joey Choong and Zimo Wang won the school award for their map that showed where a new homeless shelter could be placed in Ringwood, using a modified empty commercial space that hasn’t been used in years.


Oliver Phillips won the Social Justice Award for modifying his bus route to pull off the main road one street earlier to be inclusive of the Croydon Special Development School, who are currently not linked to any public transport.


Abbey Rennick and Jasmine Chacko came up with a simple idea to install footpaths in Wonga Park and Park Orchards, that while look semi-rural, are actually well populated suburbs that lack safe walking tracks alongside what are becoming busier roads.


The students were given their awards by the Maroondah Council Mayor Mike Symon, who was very impressed by their presentations to parents, council members and DEWLP government officials.


The future looks bright with these students leading the charge!


Benn Jamieson

Year 7 Impact of Gambling Unit

Over the past two weeks all year 7 students have taken part in a cross curricular Commerce unit on the Impact of Gambling, and worked in teams to create an alternative pitch to a new public holiday to replace Melbourne Cup Day. 


Throughout the unit students have explored how the gambling business in Australia operates, strategies used to keep people gambling and the impact of the location of pokie machines on communities in these areas. Students have also learned about the preferential voting system which operates in Australian politics in order to select our governments and then used this system to vote for the winning film.


In preparation for their film, students were also shown some filming techniques by the wonderfully creative Miss Collins and Ms Asbury. The winning film from each class was showcased in the finale, held on Monday 9th December.

It was amazing to see students collaborating together as well as their creativity in imagining an alternative day of celebration. Congratulations to the winning team from 7B: Joel Dean, Ropro Htoo, David Zaathang and Connor Bell whose proposal for a new public holiday was ‘Earth Day’.


Mrs Deb Wilkins

Head of Commerce, Civics and Citizenship

Duke of Edinburgh
Mount Bogong Hike 2019

 Armed with teeming packs, walking poles and winning attitudes, our DOE students met at 6.30am at the College Library for one last ‘count off’ before beginning what would be an unforgettable three days. The Mt Bogong hike is notoriously one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences that Ringwood Secondary College offers its students through the Duke program, and the 2019 trip was certainly one for the history books.

The students were accompanied by their two amazing Duke Leaders, Kristi Usher and Claudia Aveling, and further supported by the following staff: Rach Edwards, Krissi Friedli, Dale Ingleton, Marissa Lee, Chris Taylor and Pete Vlahos. However, the Mt Bogong trek is all about the students being in control and managing themselves. They used laminated maps of the area as guides (although man-made paths were a great help); they set up and packed away their own camps; and they cooked their own meals (of varying quality…). Some were shocked to learn that they had to wake themselves up – especially at 4.30am on the second morning – but with determination and iPhone alarms, they managed.


For staff, the best and most important part of this camp is getting to spend time with students in a vastly different arena to the classroom. To pass the time and take our minds off the walk, we chat about trivial things and serious issues and have a great time doing so. We see students recognise potential problems and work together to avoid or overcome them; we see students push themselves to their limits, sometimes reaching breaking point – and we support them in recovering from this and moving forward once again. As educators, it is very fulfilling to be able to help develop our young people in this way.


Whilst the hike itself is an immense mental and physical test due to unusual conditions, steep and rocky tracks, and the added discomfort of carrying a pack, an unforeseen turn of events on the Thursday presented a different sort of challenge. Once we reached camp and found a drop of reception, we received a call from Parks Victoria alerting us to the threat of bushfires in the area. Miss Usher responded instantly to this news, briefing staff on the Emergency Plan, communicating with local authorities and the College community back home, and ensuring students were in the safest position possible (even down to the materials they were wearing!). A few tense hours passed and the students, excited and nervous, listened carefully to all instructions and demonstrated the exact qualities that the DOE program is all about – we could not have been prouder of their maturity during this time.

Despite their sore limbs and tired eyes, our students seemed to be bursting with energy as they reached the summit of Mt Bogong early the next morning. Standing on the highest point of Victoria, they felt like they were sitting on top of the world. After what must have been 100 selfies and group photos, the crew started their descent with eyes on the prize: lunch and a cushioned bus seat!


At the final stop on the way home – a “cheeky Maccas run”, as it were – students thanked staff for their involvement and support, employing Zack “Fazz” Farrington as their united voice. The program leaders commended students on the perseverance, courage and resilience they demonstrated throughout the camp – and this sentiment resounded significantly throughout the College community upon our happy return.


Well done once again to the DOE students for this accomplishment, and to Usher and Avo for their ongoing commitment to delivering a high-quality program at Ringwood.


Marissa Lee

Junior School

Orientation Day

On Tuesday 10th of December we welcomed our newest members of the College, the year 7 2020 cohort at Orientation Day. The students had a great day, they met their classmates and some of their teachers and support people within the school. They participated in getting to know you activities to begin to build connections within their class, they shared a pizza lunch together and were able to get a sneak peek at parts of the Junior Production performance and the musical instruments on offer in our music program. It was a fun and exciting day and I would like to thank all of the staff who assisted in the planning, preparation and running of the day and also all of the students for their excitement and enthusiasm. We look forward to welcoming them for their first official day of secondary school on Thursday 30th of January 2020.

Junior School Team News

I would like to thank the Junior School team for all of their work during their time in the Junior Sub School. They have worked hard with our Junior students and families, assisting with the smooth transition of new students into the college and maintaining high standards when managing students across the sub school. They have worked professionally and collaboratively and always worked to ensure students are settled, safe and productive. I would like to particularly thank Marissa Lee and Kim Watson and wish them all the best as they move into middle school.


It is my pleasure to introduce our new Junior School Team for 2020:

Josh Mitchell- Junior School Leader

Krissi Friedli- Frazer House Co-ordinator

Jessica Friend- Freeman House Co-ordinator

Beatrice Dauguet- Jackman House Co-ordinator

Gemma Bishop- Mabo House Co-ordinator


I would like to wish the new team all the best for their work in Junior School in 2020 and beyond. I will be finishing up my time a part of the Junior School team and moving back into full time teaching. I would like to thank all of the staff and team members for their assistance during my time in the Junior School, and of course the students who have made my time so rewarding and fun! I wish all of the students all the best and hope to see them in PE/Health/Psychology classes as they move through their time at RSC!

Getting Ready for 2020

As the year wraps up, it’s important to remember to use the summer break as a time to get ready and prepared for the new year. Booklists are available at the General Office and the student dress code and uniform shop details available on the College website. The first day for year 7 students is Thursday 30th of January at 8.40 for an 8.50 start and on Friday 31st of January from 9.40 for a 9.50am start at the Hall. The first day for year 8 students is Friday 31st at 8.40 for an 8.50am start.


Students don’t need to bring all of their books on the first day, they will get their lockers on their first day and be able to gradually bring their belongings in over the first couple of days. Students will find out meet their class on the first day of school and there will be time scheduled for students to get to know other students in their classes as there are always class changes from year to year. Class placements are always an enormous task taking into consideration a number of factors so we appreciate the support of students and families with any changes made. Once school commences in 2020, no further changes to classes will occur.


We wish all of our Junior School students and families a happy and safe holiday break and all the best for the new year.


Anna Urbano

Junior School Leader.

Middle School

Year 10 Formal

The Year 10 Formal is a wonderful opportunity for Year 10’s to celebrate the end of their Middle School years and another chance to bond before they enter Senior School.

Held on Monday 9th December, at the end of a 39 degree Melbourne Day, the students persevered with their suits and make up appointments regardless.

Thankfully, after a time having photographs in the beautiful surrounding gardens, they entered air conditioned comfort and found their table numbers waiting for the big reveal of the ball room.


Linley Estate have served us well over the years with a fairy-light-lit dance floor and tables dressed in twisted willow and more lights. The students looked gorgeous and immediately began enjoying the DJ and hit the dance floor. Some highlights were the awards portion, chosen and voted on by the students, bringing much cheer and laughter especially when Ms Yun accepted Mr Jamieson’s ‘Funniest Teacher’ award to the sound of students chanting her name. Many chose dancing the night away over eating, but those who indulged enjoyed a three course meal ending in sticky date and chocolate mousse.

The students behaved spectacularly and should be commended on how they conducted themselves on such an evening; it was as much a breath of fresh air as the cool change that came through upon their departure.


Mrs Jacqui Godfrey

MABO Moiddle School Coordinator

ACE Program: Year 9 Reflection

The Year 9 ACE class of 2019 have now completed 3 years in the program, and will move into an exciting year ahead in 2020, as they enter Year 10. They will all be studying a VCE subject next year, and many will be studying 2 VCE subjects.

The students recently completed a feedback survey and provided some very insightful reflection about their 3 years in the program…

Some snippets from their amazing feedback:

  • Loved being in the ACE Program… most students gave it a 5-star rating.
  • The willingness to learn, the relationships we've created with lifelong friends.
  • The connection we've had with the types of teachers who relate with the kids and make learning fun!
  • Being able to extend myself, having people to push my learning and like-minded people to work with.
  • Being given opportunities to challenge myself, cool discussions in the class where everyone can contribute, being pushed academically.
  • The teacher and student enthusiasm, the strong relationships with the teachers.
  • Teachers have been thorough, knowledgeable and passionate. Teachers extend the study course to challenge our learning.
  • Having class discussion and teacher instruction, and then being allowed to get on with the work at our own pace.
  • The students want to learn, the teachers facilitate this learning, and the students create an effective learning environment.
  • Strategies that involve communicating with others. Receiving and sending feedback as well as knowledge with other students, always builds my own knowledge and understanding on the subject.
  • This class has been wonderful and I have really loved the challenges faced and the higher level of learning that I have gained. The friendships made have been so worthwhile and I'm going to miss it so very much. I'm forever grateful for all the work that you have put into these past three years for us Ms Niven. Thank you.

The students in this class have been amazing to work with! It has been a privilege to watch them grow and develop as individuals over the last 3 years, and to see their excitement as they move into Year 10 and begin their senior years of schooling.


Annette Niven

ACE Program Coordinator



Music and Performing Arts 

What a Year!

2019 has been a fantastically busy year in performing arts at Ringwood Secondary College and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Starting with our amazing World Tour, we sent 30 students and 5 staff members who performed 19 times in 7 countries. Our performing arts students were wonderful ambassadors for the school and their country. The students were able to build their inter-cultural capabilities, resilience, and performance skills whilst being accepted into the school communities and families in which they performed.

Back at home 16 orchestra and vocal groups rehearsed to produce the quality music that is so beloved by the college community and culminated in our fabulous Music Gala .

In September 130 students toured the Daylesford area and inspired regional Victorian students with our annual Band Tour.

As usual, the PAC also held classes, dance club, instrumental music lessons and of course Tuesday night rehearsals for production!


Speaking of production, this year we delved into the silly world of Monty Python’s with SPAMALOT. This show put our students through their paces and forced everyone involved to look on the bright side of life!

We had 11 nominations at the Youth Lyrebird Awards and Tayla Burr took home the award for Outstanding Dancer - Congratulations!


Niamh Mebalds also performed at the Awards ceremony.


19 has been a fantastically busy year in Performing Arts at Ringwood


Aladdin Jr

The Ringwood Secondary College Junior Production of Aladdin Jr has been a massive team effort! We are particularly grateful for the assistance of the year 10 - 12 students who have given up their own time to assist and mentor their younger peers. Whether it be in auditions, tech, make-up, choreography or vocal assistance, the additional expertise has been highly valued. This year the team of student helpers has been amazing with almost all of the choreography being created and taught by students.

Once again Extra pArts have been amazing at this busy time of year. Led by the amazing Karen Carden and Denise Rash, the team have banded together and created and coordinated so many costumes in record time. We are so grateful for the support of so many parents and guardians.


Please see the photos on the following page after another great show takes its place in Ringwood's history - a special thank you to Gary Smith from TR8 Photography and Fiona Cooke for all the wonderful shots that were taken

2020 Announcement

We are pleased to announce that in 2020 the RSC Production will present the totally awesome, the radical, THE WEDDING SINGER!

We are sure you will be as excited as we are to enjoy this upcoming 80's show! Please enjoy our announcement video taken on Monday


Director of Performing Arts

Karl McNamara

Aladdin Jr 

And That's a Wrap!

Enjoy the following photos:

On on the Stage:


Director of Performing Arts

Karl McNamara

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