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07 February 2020
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From Mr Phillips

Welcome back to 2020! 


Classes commenced last week and it has been a busy and productive start of the year for all year levels.


Our College assembly this week highlighted our student leaders and the directions, major events and opportunities at the College for this year. A special welcome is extended to our 290 Year 7 students and their families.

We are also delighted to host 31 students and staff from Usti nad Orlici in the Czech Republic for the next two weeks, with the support of many of our families who are hosting them during this time.


At our Assembly I also took the time to acknowledge the significant event of this summer holiday break. Just like it was over ten years ago, our land particularly here in Victoria and in many other parts of our country has been subject to the ravages of bushfire and some of the worst national disasters in our Nation’s history - in terms of devastation to human life , property and our flora and fauna. 

Remarkably though we have witnessed great resilience especially in the way in which communities are rallying together to overcome these significant challenges of loss and in many cases, everything.


As a school community, we would all do well to remember that in our daily trials and tribulations around fairly minor issues that bringing people together in times of need to solve significant issues is of far greater importance. I would encourage everyone to take care of yourself and look out for others in need throughout this school year. Each student in this school community has the potential and opportunity to make a difference.



Our College Production for 2020, “The Wedding Singer” has been announced and auditions will commence next week. Today we have enjoyed the House swimming carnival at Ringwood’s Aqua-nation too.


Staffing in 2020

As is always the case at the beginning of a new school year there are a number of new and returning teachers and some other changes. We particularly welcome:

  • Mr Eric Yeap – Science
  • Ms Zoe Gilbee – English and Humanities
  • Mr Nathan O’Malley – History and Geography
  • Ms Emily Bruce – Humanities
  • Mr Luke Day-Smith - Head of Wellbeing and Pathways and English
  • Mr Adam Parker – PE, Health and IT
  • Ms Samantha Woollard - Maths and PE
  • Mr Thomas Palmer - Visual Arts and Technology
  • Ms Amy Matejka-Keech - Visual Arts
  • Ms Vana Arulmuruganar - Commerce and Business Management
  • Mr Declan Trounson - Music, Humanities and English
  • Ms Kendall Seath– English and Humanities
  • Ms Jacinta Hodges- PE and Health
  • Ms Melissa Navaratnarajah - French
  • Ms Shannon Irwin– Indonesian and English
  • Ms Grandis Ogustina – Indonesian Language Assistant
  • Ms Rebecca Skilton – Social Worker


Mr James Barut is currently Acting Principal at Emerald Secondary College and his role as Asssitant Principal at Ringwood is being fulfilled by Mr Matt Tucker. The current Heads of Subschool in 2020 are Junior (Years 7 & 8) Mr Joshua Mitchell, Middle (Years 9 & 10) Mrs Kim Watson, Senior (Years 11 & 12) Mrs Sarah Catton.


Building Works

The progress on the construction of our senior school building is very pleasing. The final concrete pour for the upper levels is taking place this week and the main roof will be installed shortly. We are still anticipating completion late in Term 3 and there have been no delays to date. Our overall room situation until then will be very tight and all students and staff are required to exercise a little more care as they move around the College.


Student travel to and from Ringwood Secondary College

I request that all students continue to ensure respectful and appropriate behaviour especially when travelling on public transport.


There are always concerns about student safety and I ask all students to cross busy roads at appropriate locations. There are two supervised crossings on Bedford Road as well as a signalised intersection at Great Ryrie Street that should be utilised. In addition, travelling in small groups is often a good idea and areas like Ringwood Lake are best avoided when travelling alone. In addition, students riding to and from school must wear their safety helmets.


Parents who drive students should be aware of the speed and parking restrictions near the school, as these are actively enforced by Maroondah Council. Often it is easier to drop students nearby and allow them to walk a few hundred metres – its good exercise too! The car park at the front of the library should not be used as a drop off point at any time immediately before or after school.


Student safety matter

Students must not bring drinks in glass bottles to the College. If there is an accident they potentially can cause serious injury and broken glass makes areas in the yard unsafe. There are lots of suitable alternatives that can be utilised. Your cooperation is appreciated.


College Council Elections 2020

Nominations are now open for three parent vacancies on our college council. If you are an enthusiastic parent interested in getting more involved, we are looking for people who are committed to improving the educational outcomes for all our students. Effective school councils have a broad range of experience, skills and expertise. Face-to-face and online training is also available to help councillors develop the skills and knowledge for the job.


If you would like to find out more information, please give me a call at the College. Nominations will close on Thursday February 20, 2020 and forms are available from school reception or via email from Karen Carden.


Micheal Phillips


Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

Welcome to a new decade - 2020!


Students and teachers have returned with a positive attitude, ready to take on the challenges of the year ahead. This term is short but it is packed with learning activities and opportunities to sign up for co-curricular events. We encourage all students to make the most of their time to be active, interested and passionate about school.


Today, the House Swimming Carnival kicks off the House Competitions with students participating in events and cheering their peers who are in the pool. Sentiment for one’s House begins to build, led by our prefects who do a magnificent job in rousing student passion. The friendly competitive spirit is well and truly alive today. Congratulations to all participants and to the winning House.


Year 12 students participated in a study day at Box Hill Tafe in Lilydale last week and I addressed the students about how we can help stimulate their interest in a heavily driven content based curriculum. Their responses will be shared with staff and students alike.


Our Year 7 students transition to high school has begun smoothly and it is wonderful to see the newest members of our student population finding their place at recess and lunchtime to relax and talk or play with their peers. The mobile phone ban has had a noticeable effect in the yard – more face to face communication, more movement and less rubbish on the ground. Students from different year levels have told us that they can concentrate better in class without disruptions. This is welcome news.


With Parent Teacher Student Interviews occurring next month, Thursday 26th of March, students have been informed about displaying behaviours that will support their efforts to be effective learners through the Positive Learning Behaviours model. We encourage students to take responsibility for their learning and parents will hear of their child’s progress and ask questions about their progress at the interviews.


Rehearsals for the Year 11 Ball have begun. Students are eagerly learning their dance moves and welcoming the changes we have made to modernise the event. The Year 11 Ball will be held at the Grand Wantirna on Saturday 29th February.


Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal

From Mr Tucker

Welcome to all of our students and families to the beginning of the 2020 school year.  A special mention to those students beginning Year 7, and also to all the new students and families joining the College this year.


At the beginning of every school year, students share a range of emotions, but one thing all students seem to thoroughly enjoy is the opportunity to reconnect with their friends (and sometimes teachers).  If last Thursday and Friday were anything to go by, this definitely brought lots of joy and excitement to so many of our students!


It has been an extremely busy, but an exciting start to the year as students begin to settle into their classes and teachers start to connect with their students. It is very important that continue to build momentum from this excellent start, which can start to transfer across into student learning and their classwork.


All of our Sub School Teams have a number of different faces this year, but all have been working collectively to ensure a smooth transition from 2019 and into 2020 for the students.  The Sub School Leaders, House Coordinators and I are focused on providing the best possible support for all of our students and we ask for your ongoing support in building this partnership.  The Sub School team members will be introduced further in this edition of the newsletter.


Congratulations to the Junior School team for the successful beginning to the year for our new Year 7 students.  The students began last week and received lots of important information, in addition to navigating their way around the school and participating in the many activities organised for them across the first few days. It is great to see so many students beginning to build friendships with many of their peers.


I would like to also thank the Senior School team for organising a successful start to the Year 12 year for students with their ‘Masterclass’ day at Box Hill TAFE in Lilydale.  It was a great way to start the year with a day that included Positive Education and study skill sessions, along with a fantastic guest speaker (Mike Rolls) who shared his story, and the importance of resilience.


I will take this opportunity to inform people that College photos are fast approaching.  They are scheduled for Thursday 20th of February.  On this day, all students will need to be wearing the correct summer uniform. All students will be required to have their photo taken, and it is worth noting that if a student has PE on this day, they will require to change into the usual summer uniform for their College photo.


Looking forward to an exciting 2020!


Matt Tucker

Acting Assistant Principal

From Mrs Allison

Welcome back to school for 2020. It looks to be another year full of great opportunities, experiences, achievements and challenges supported with positive teaching and learning.


It is a privilege to be working alongside innovative and energetic Leading Teachers, Luke Day-Smith (Positive Education and Pathways Leader), Roi Boutsikakis (Director of Sport), Karly Horton (Director of Houses and Community Engagement) and Karl McNamara (Director of Performing Arts) plus Learning Specialist Kati Recinos (Teacher Practice-Positive Education). Their expertise and energy will no doubt provide improved access to many co-curricular programs for our students that will further strengthen our College community.


Ringwood Secondary College (RSC) has always provided an enriched learning environment with involvement in leadership, performing arts, sport and debating. Students and their families are encouraged to become actively involved, encouraged to meet new people and fully embrace what the RSC community has to offer. Through out the year, the House system will be further embedded across student management and positive education themes will expand through the explicit ‘Bounce’ lessons. Improved relationships and interactions are desired for all RSC staff and students, developed through the use of positive language to foster rapport, kindness and compassion.


Congratulations are extended to the many successful students who applied for leadership positions. These positions are very diverse and include a large number of portfolios across all year levels. Within the next few weeks both the Prefects Induction and Leadership training will showcase student strengths and team diversity.


I look forward to what will be a very busy and exciting year.


Mrs Maria Allison

Assistant Principal

From the Office

Roadside safety

It is very important for everyone to understand that crossing roads, especially busy roads like Great Ryrie St and Bedford Road, require careful monitoring of traffic flow.

Students, please use designated crossings or select safe places to cross roads.


Parents, could you please reinforce correct roadside procedures, including both drop off or pick up arrangements, to help ensure the ongoing safety for all.


Please do not stop at the top of Rosewarne Lane to let your student out as this does cause traffic congestion. Instead drive down the lane and drive back up to drop your student off at the gate.

Reminder - Naming Items

Please make sure that you clearly name all clothing, books and items you use at school. 

If an item of clothing comes into Lost Property it is much easier to locate the student it belongs to if it has a name on it, the item will then be returned to the student.


CSEF Applications

The CSEF (Camps Sports and Excursions Fund) applications are now being processed for 2020. If you have already applied at the College last year, it will automatically be done for you. You do no need to do anything, no further action is required.


If you are now an eligible Centrelink Health Care Card holder and/or new to the College and have not completed the application, please do so and return to the College before 28th Feb 2020.



Around the School

Maroondah Council Information Sessions

Dear Parents and Carers,

Maroondah Council provides free and low cost information sessions facilitated by experts for parents and carers as they support their families.  In 2020, the Council will be offering sessions on the following issues:

  • Online safety (free)- 29 April
  • Anxiety and Resilience ($10 per person)- 12 May
  • Understanding autism in young children (free)- 23 June
  • Peaceful Parenting, peaceful kids (free)- 21 July
  • Body Safety (free)- 3 Sep

These sessions are usually held at Karralyka Centre in Ringwood and bookings are essential. More information can be found at the following website:




Luke Day-Smith

Head of Wellbeing and Pathways


Facilities Report

The start of 2020 has proven to be very exciting on the facilities front with a range of activity occurring over the Christmas break. These include:



  • Refurbishment of Room 207 and construction of Room 207A-We have utilised the storage area at the back of 207 to construct a work area for Digitech. The new areas have 40 work stations that can carry 2 classes of Digitech.
  • Ramp 419-An accessible ramp was constructed to ensure all students have access to our key music room.
  • Wellbeing Building- Our building and improvement project on the Wellbeing building is close to completion. Over the break doors were hung, window furnishings improved and lots of painting took place.
  • Room 212 Pod-Was remodelled for a range of support classes.
  • Senior School-Capital works- The building is now well and truly out of the ground with most of the steel work completed. In the near future, the roof will be installed and the first floor slab poured. Seeing the bridge connecting the RT and Senior School buildings is very exciting.
  • Oval works-This summer the budget for the oval was doubled and well over 60 cubic metres of sand was used to top dress the surface.
  • Hall/Gym recoating-On the last days of 2019 the hall and gym were both resealed. Our goal is to keep these areas looking first class.
  • Signage-enjoy the new poems on the canteen walls and the updated honour board.
  • OH &S-All fire hoses, hydrants, exit and emergency lights were checked. Tagging is now commencing in several areas of the school. In addition, gas heaters were serviced to check for safety.
  • Painting-Several areas were touched up to maintain a high standard including the Junior School, VCE Study Centre and RT buildings.
  • Food Technology stoves-All were serviced over the holidays

Finally, an invitation to any parent who would like to join the Facilities team. It’s a great group of keen parents who provide support to the College staff in improv Our first meeting is Thursday 12 March, 7.30pm in the Conference room (main admin building). All welcome!


Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager


Junior School

Great Start to the Year

There was an exciting buzz around the college last week with our newest members of the RSC community starting their first day of their Secondary education. We welcomed 290 brand new year 7s from a large range of primary schools, with just as many Year 8s returning the following day. The year 7s had the school to themselves for the first day and were able to explore, meet their peers and teachers, and learn the day-to-day processes of the College. Students were able to share a little about themselves through artistic means by designing their own Converse shoe, writing a letter to their future self, and also taking part in various “getting to know you activities”. We would like to thank our Year 8 Student Leaders who came in a day early to help welcome and support the Year 7s and also assist teachers with the Start-up program.

On Friday Year 7 students experienced a bit of the hustle and bustle of the College as all other year levels commenced school for the year. The Year 7s began the day with a music survey to determine suggested musical instruments that students may be suited to before spending the day in their allocated Houses. Students took part in an iPad information session, had a blast with House trivia where they were able to meet new friends and demonstrate their wordly knowledge, and also took part in House activities where they were able to compete against other Houses in a bit of a friendly competition in some classics such as tunnel ball, egg and spoon races, and tug of war.

Year 8 students were welcomed back on Friday and got straight back in to the swing of things after an assembly and their locker allocations. The year 8s noticed some staffing changes in the Junior Sub-school for 2020, with Miss Urbano moving on from the role of Junior School Leader, and Ms Watson and Miss Lee moving to the Middle-School. We would like to thanks Miss Urbano, Miss Lee, and Ms Watson for their dedication to the Junior School after years of service and we wish them all the best moving forward.





















Junior School Coordinators

The following staff will be overseeing the Junior School Houses for 2020:



Krissi Friedli:



Jess Friend:



Beatrice Dauguet:



Gemma Bishop:


As all Coordinators also have teaching roles, we ask that anyone wanting to meet with the relevant House Coordinator to please telephone or email in advance so that an appropriate time can be scheduled so that we can provide the full attention that you require and deserve.


There will be an opportunity to speak with classroom teachers during Parent/Teacher interviews taking place on March 26th. Bookings will be made through Compass later in the term. You are welcome to contact a student’s teacher at any time however if you have subject specific concerns or queries.


A reminder that for Term 1 students are expected to wear the summer uniform as outlined in the College dress code (available on the Ringwood SC website). A further reminder that socks are to be plain with no logos and shoes should be polishable black leather.


As of 2020, all Year 7 – 9 students are permitted to wear their PE uniform all day when they have a timetabled Physical Education class.


Students are also reminded of the importance of being sunsmart while in the yard and are strongly encouraged to bring their own sunscreen, however small supplies are available from the First Aid office during recess and lunchtime, as well as the PE storeroom during Physical Education classes.


Josh Mitchell

Junior Sub School Leader

Middle School

2020 Start

A new year is upon us, and with it comes a myriad of new opportunities and experiences at Ringwood Secondary College. Even the Middle School Office boasts a new team, and you will have been introduced to your student’s House Coordinator via Compass email in the last week. As a collective, we thank you for your organisation and support in the return-to-school period.


Fortunately for our Year 9s and 10s, the first day back was a Friday, so their extremely busy day was quickly rewarded with a rainy weekend. It was very reassuring to see students smiling and laughing amidst the tumult that is locker allocation, new electives, old friends and more, as it reminds us that they do find joy and feel at home in the RSC community.


The Middle School Team are hoping to focus on and improve this very sentiment of community. We understand how important these years are in forming students views of themselves, their abilities and their possibilities; we also understand that the learning environment and broader community play immense roles in developing these views. Throughout 2020, therefore, we have the goal of enhancing student voice and agency to find more ways of engaging our youth in their education and increasing their sense of belonging – and thus their pride – in the college community.


We would like to remind families about the updated Mobile Phone Policy, which states that phones are to remain switched off and in student lockers for the duration of the school day, including breaks. Students have been briefed on the consequences that will follow breaches of this policy. So far, as expected, the Middle School cohort seem to have responded positively to this initiative, and we are all enjoying the screen-free scenes at school.


As you will have noted on Compass, the green school dress will be completely phased out beyond this term (Year 12s exempt). This means when the summer uniform returns in Term 4, students must be in the new Ringwood dress. This change has already been embraced by the majority of the cohort, and again, we appreciate your early organisation and support. Furthermore, please be reminded the Uniform Policy states that the only facial piercings accepted are clear retainers in existing nose piercings – no other facial piercings are permitted.


Looking ahead, our Year 9s will be heading off to their Phillip Island Challenge Camp in Week 8 of this term, and further information will be shared with students and families over the coming weeks.


Marissa Lee

Middle School House Coordinator

Senior School

Welcome to 2019

Welcome to the first term for what is a very significant final one or two years for our Year 11 and 12’s at Ringwood Secondary College. We hope you have all enjoyed your holiday break and are looking forward to the journey ahead.


The Year 12 students started their first day of school attending a Masterclass at Box Hill TAFE Lilydale Campus. The students were treated to an engaging presentation from author and motivational speaker, Mike Rolls, followed by a highly useful ‘Study Sensei’ session with Elevate. Following a BBQ lunch, the Year 12s designed their own study plan, engaged in a Q&A session with our past Year 12 students and got competitive with some fun House Activities. It was a great way to set the tone for 2020 with some inspiring activities and helpful hints.

In addition, our office has been a busy place as we are welcoming our new Year 11s to the Senior School. I am sure the next two years will be a productive and fulfilling experience for you all.


There have been some changes to the Senior School Team since the beginning of the year and so we would like to introduce our House

Coordinator team:

Acting Head of Senior School: Sarah Catton

Frazer: Kayla Inger (nee. Whitfield)

Freeman: Emma Tawa

Jackman: Lucy Moore

Mabo: Jacqui Godfrey



We are all looking forward to a positive and productive year ahead!


Sarah Catton

Acting Head of Senior School


Performing Arts

The Wedding Singer Auditions

Audition sign-ups are now open!

Go to the RSC PRODUCTION WEBSITE for more info.


Auditions for cast members are open to any student of Ringwood Secondary College in 2020.
The cast size is capped according to the dimensions of the stage, costuming and administration requirements. Therefore, the audition process is competitive. Auditions are conducted individually and in front of a panel of production team members as appointed by the director. Casting decisions are entirely at the discretion of the production team and are made in accordance with the specific requirements of the show.

Aladdin JR. 2019 DVD

The DVD's are available at the General office for collection.

All cast in the show receives one copy so if you haven't collected yours please see Karen Carden.


We do have some extra's available for $20 if you would like one.


Karl McNamara

Director of Performing Arts



Music News

Please read the upcoming Music News from the Department


Janine Pero

Director of Music


Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Ringwood Secondary College in 2020.


Staff Changes

We welcome Luke Day-Smith to the position of Positive Education and Pathways Leader and Alyce Bailey has been appointed to the new position of  Years 7–9 Careers Coordinator.

We wish both Luke and Alyce all the best in their new roles.


Congratulations to the Year 12 Class of 2019.

We are extremely proud of all our students as they embark on their life beyond Ringwood Secondary College. We have students who have chosen to go on to apprenticeships, traineeships, university, TAFE, to work and/or to travel.



VCE Results

Our Year 12 cohort of 2019 performed extremely well :

  • Our DUX for 2019 was  Moksh Dave with  the ATAR of 98.75,
  • Five students attained an ATAR above 98, including Moksh  Dave, Jianying Luo, Alexander Jackson, Lachlan Watson and Lorenzo Louw.
  • Jasmine Lacy, our Year 11 student, achieved a score of 50 in Legal Studies.
  • 26 students received the ATAR of 90 and above, this includes: Moksh Dave, Jianying Luo, Alexander Jackson, Lachlan Watson, Lorenzo Louw, Campbell McNamara, Yanzhen Gu, Alice D’Arcy, Jiahuan He, Samuel Philp, Nicole Dykes, Mark Reynolds, Kayla Jenkins, Amelia Phillips, Dylan Kane, Ankit Rawat, Matthew Cai, Imogen Hansen, Bonnie Di Marzio, Haiyong Xu, Damon Delaney, Pierre-Louis Plumejeau-Wilby, Ianthe Volbrecht,  Nanda Gopakumar, Charlie Wakeham, Lana Lee
  • 48.6 % of our students received an ATAR of 70 and above
  • 90.27% of our Year 12 students were offered positions at University or TAFE Colleges in the first round.


What an exciting time it’s been over the past couple of weeks with the release of tertiary placements. Students selected a range of courses including Sports Management, Law, Education, Nursing, Engineering, Hospitality, Physiotherapy and Science. Most popular course areas include Society and Culture, Health Science and Management & Commerce.


The College wishes all of our past students the very best in their chosen pathways and we welcome any students who would like advice to visit us throughout the year.

We hope that 2020 is a successful year for all of our students and we look forward to working with many of them in planning their future pathways.


To the Year 12 Class of 2020

The careers team would firstly like to wish students success in the final year at the college, and look forward to supporting you with your career decisions. Parents with students in year 12 should note that a careers bulletin will be emailed to students every fortnight. This bulletin contains crucial information about Universities, TAFE’s, work options and career advice. Parents have also been emailed a link to a careers information site.


Career Education Interviews

Currently the careers team is beginning the process of booking in Year 12s for Career Education Interviews. All students from years 10 – 12 will be participating in the interviews. Career interviews with students in years 10, 11 and 12 will begin in term one. The focus of the interviews will be to discuss student intended pathways and explore courses and careers. It is suggested that students who are unsure of their pathways undertake an interest test prior to these interviews. Information on undertaking interest tests can be found in the careers room.


Work Experience

Students attending the Central Australia Trip will have the opportunity to undertake work experience  between 15  June  and 18 June. Students not attending the Central Australia Camp will have the opportunity to undertake two weeks of work experience, from 15 June to 26 June.


We love the enthusiasm of the year 10 students who have spent their time in the Career Office organising their placement.

As work experience placements are quite competitive, it is advisable that students organise their work as soon as possible to ensure a valuable experience. Students can visit the Careers Office to get assistance. Tuesday lunchtimes have been allocated to work experience students.


The Careers Team

Community Notices

Sustainable Living Festival

As part of the Sustainable Living Festival, Bedford Park Community Garden is hosting a Sustainability Fair on Sunday 9th February from 10am-2pm.

There'll be something for everyone with Market Stalls, Plants for Sale, Live Music, Kids Activities, Food Vans, Special Guest Speakers and more.

Guest Presenters
10.30- 11.00 Wayapa Wuurrk movement session
11.15 - 11:45 Tiny Homes Australia
12:30 - 1:00 Green Home Builds
1:15 - 1:45 Croydon Conservation Society

Come along for a beautiful day in the garden and meet some of the local businesses and community groups doing great things to leave lighter footprints on our planet.

Bring along your keep cup and reusable shopping bags and help try to make this event waste free. All food scraps can be composted on site and with the help of Wash Against Waste we hope to avoid the need for single use take away containers.


Bedford Park Community Garden

Rosewarne Lane (off Bedford Rd) Ringwood

Virginia Watson

InterGREAT coordinator

Urban Life at The Backyard in Ringwood

Please see this great opportunity for young musicians/spoken word artists to perform!

Please pass on to anyone you know who might be interested

What: Open Sessions at Urban Life at The Backyard in Ringwood
When: Sunday 2-5pm, on 8, 15, 22 and 29 March 2020
Contact: Interested young people should contact


Get groovy 😉

Amy Corcoran
Community and Online Engagement Officer - Youth and Children's Services | MYSPN Coordinator


Kilsyth East Netball Club

Are you or your child keen to join a netball club that is focused on FUN and TEAMWORK with low player fees!? Then Kilsyth East Netball Club is for you!


Eastern Raptors Rugby League Club

Come and Try Out!

Tuesday Feb 18th - 5pm


RSC News
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Kilsyth East Netball Club Flyer 2020.pdf
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