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27 February 2020
2020 Issue 2
From the Deputy's Desk  
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From the Deputy's Desk

In the life of the College, there are many opportunities to partner together in the Christian education of your children. This week, we celebrated Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day in the Primary School, and it was a delight to see over 200 visitors sharing memories and moments with their grandchildren. We also had our Thailand Mission Trip Information Night, where a team of intrepid explorers with a heart to serve found out about how they will serve and teach English to Thai students. And tonight (Thursday) is a welcome dinner for parents new to the College in 2020. 


Romans 12 exhorts us to work as a body, each member with our gifts and particular way of contributing to the whole. Sometimes it is like this as we partner in education. When everyone has respectful relationships, seasoned with kindness.


However, sometimes partnership is not always 'pretty'. It is raw and honest, as we face challenges together. Sometimes it is walking with the family who is struggling with illness, sometimes it is partnering to create an individualised learning support program for particularly gifted students in a particular subject, and sometimes it is even creating support programs when kids face challenges with anxiety or learning to relate to others. Whatever it is, Bayside is committed to working with our parents and families to develop responsive disciples of Christ. 


Parent Conferences

Our Primary Parent/Teacher Conferences and Secondary Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences will take place on Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 March. This is a wonderful opportunity to catch up and share our partnership to discuss the progress and plans for best supporting your children's education, both from school and from home. Information will be sent out next week regarding how to use our online booking system, PTO, to book a time to meet with your children's teachers. If you do not have an email address on our records, please contact reception to arrange for your login details to be sent to you.


Please remember that Wednesday 11 March appointments start after school at 3:45pm, and Thursday 14 March classes finish at 1:00pm for appointments to start at 1:45pm. Buses will depart the College by 1:25pm for an early bus run this day. Camp Australia will provide care for those already registered with the program.


STE(A)M Teacher Professional Development

This year we are very excited to have opened a new Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STE-A-M) space. We are calling it "The Maker Space". Lessons are already underway where students are challenged to use the design process and problem solving to address issues and challenges, from straw and sticks in Prep, to robotics and coding in Secondary. Last week our Preps were trying to design suitable houses for little pigs, so that the Big Bad Wolf would not blow them down! Secondary students are building Lego robots and programming them for specific functions. What an exciting time for students to be a part of learning in the 21st century!


To further support digital learning and STEAM, on Tuesday, our teachers were involved in professional development to increase our understanding of how we can use critical and creative thinking to develop the STEAM capabilities of our students across the curriculum. Sam and Meg from the CSIRO shared some excellent resources and thinking challenges, showing teachers how many of the careers of the future are not even created yet, but what we do today will train our students in digital technologies and problem solving for tomorrow.

Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

Pray for Bayside

Please pray for our upcoming 40 Year Association Commemoration & Alumni Launch on Friday 13 March, that we can honour the time and effort invested into our wonderful College over many years by so many people.


Pray in thanks for the many new families that attended our Principal's Tours last week and who have a keen interest in joining us at Bayside in the future.


Pray for our teachers and their partnership with families, particularly in the lead up to Parent-Teacher Conferences in a couple of weeks.


Please pray that our Twilight Carnival in March would be a fabulous time of community-building, fun and fundraising for Bayside.

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

Class Carers

Each class in the Primary School has been blessed with the appointment of a Class Carer(s) for 2020. The Class Carer partners with the teacher to pray for the class, to organise some social events and also coordinate support to families when needed. 


During the year, the Class Carers will also work closely with the Bayside Family Network. This year there is a new space for parents to meet. It is the new Bayside Family Network Community Room in M2 (the former Years 11/12 building). The parent library has been relocated down there as well.


The Class Carers for 2020 are:



Prep M

Rachel Jones

Prep T

Theresa Slater


Emily Bickerton/Stacey Owens


Carolyn Hughes


Karina Hooper


Daniel and Anne-Maree Knoop


Ginny Buchanan


Viv Holbrook


Coral Vass


Georgi Barnet


Fiona Ogley


Karissa Gaskell


Recently, some of the Class Carers were able to support each other at their first meeting for the year.


Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day

There was great excitement as students were visited by their grandparents or special friends on Tuesday. The Primary Student Leaders hosted the Grandparents' and Special Friends’ Morning Tea, setting up tables and serving scones. Over 220 visitors came and it was great to see some students greeting their grandparents with obvious affection. Many of the visitors commented on what a lovely time they had going into the classrooms and that they would return next year.


Grandparents’ Day is a very special day for our family. Today my grandma had her last Grandparents’ Day in 14 years. I am her youngest grandchild.

Joseph - Primary Vice Captain


It was so nice to see the smile of the grandparents. It was a pleasure to greet and welcome them. I can say it was a beautiful morning.

Tsungi - Primary Captain


On Tuesday 25 February it was Grandparents’ Day. It was amazing! We had over 200 visitors come. Thank you all for inviting someone.

Love from the 2020 Captains!



Primary House Athletics Day

Currently, students are practising for the Primary House Athletics Day to be held on Friday 6 March on the oval. Parents/carers are very welcome to attend and cheer on their children and the houses. Students are encouraged to dress in their house colours, while also being sun smart.

We appreciate all those who can come and support these Primary events.

God bless


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary


STEAM Lab (Maker Space) News

There were lots of smiling faces in the Maker Space as the Primary students got creative with all the wonderful tools.


3/4C Explores Dash in Maker Space

On Tuesday 25 February, Year 3/4C were the first Primary class to use our new Dash robots.


During the session students were allowed time to explore Wonder Workshop's app, 'Wonder', during some free time, and then coded their Dashes to dance the 'Chicken Dance'.


Students faced many challenges during class but all had lots of fun.

Kerri Bernon

ICT Teacher

Prep Buddies

In buddies this week Prep M & Year 5/6W made hats together. They showed off their creations in class. It was wonderful seeing them work cooperatively together to design something special.

Donna Martin

Prep Teacher

Secondary News

Information Technology

Students in Year 8 Information Technology have been exploring the creation of modern day devices such as 3D printers, drones and VR. As part of this, students have looked at the design process and the process creators would have followed to invent the device.


In the coming weeks students will create a prototype device using littleBits to solve a world problem they have chosen.


Kerri Bernon

ICT Teacher

"Muscle Mondays and Weights Wednesdays"

The school weights shed is now open for Year 9 students at lunch time on Mondays and Wednesdays. The first session was this week and there was a big turn out. Please join in for an easy way to squeeze some fitness into your day.


Joshua Goschnick

Secondary Teacher

Archaelogy Day

Archaeology Day was an opportunity for our Year 7 students to actively participate in the skills of the historical investigator. We were blessed to host Mr Gary Stone. Our budding archaeologists learned about different discoveries from stories in the Bible. They practised archaeological methods, how to gather and interpret different sources, and learnt why archaeology is such an important part of historical exploration and re-construction. It was a great day and thanks to the many people involved in running the day. 


Jay Johnstone

Secondary Teacher

Konichiwa from the Lancaster Family

Hello from Mr Lancaster and family, including Bayside students Jordi, Leilani and Marley. We are currently in Japan exploring the north island of Hokkaido. It is winter over here and this is also our first overseas adventure, and it has been great experiencing the beautiful Japanese culture and amazing snow.

Andy Lancaster

Secondary Teacher

Maths Pathways

In Mathematics, our Year 7 students have participated in the introductory lessons to become familiar with the Maths Pathway program. They have been busy completing their diagnostic tests, sat their first test, completed the test cycle reflection process, and had a feedback interview with their teacher. Students in Year 8 went straight into their first learning cycle and are moving through individualised pathways with familiarity. 


On Tuesday, our Maths Pathway teachers, along with the other BCC teaching staff, attended a PD run by the CSIRO. This PD looked at ways in which we could challenge and promote computational thinking skills in students. It was fabulous to bring some of the resources shared by the CSIRO into both our Years 7 & 8 Pathway classes in the form of a 'Rich Learning Task'. Rich Learning Tasks are a highlight of our Maths learning cycle for both teachers and students. They are a way in which students can engage with processes and techniques, and develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Our Maths Pathway team - Paul Mathews, Paris Farr, Dave Mallen and myself - are all looking forward to being a part of the learning in Pathways this year. 


Jo Piening

Junior Secondary Coordinator (7-9) 



Secondary Swimming Carnival

On Thursday 13 February, our Secondary students participated in the Secondary Swimming Carnival at Mornington Secondary College swimming centre.


Fun was had by all and the Believers took the title of 'Swimming Carnival Champions', again. Well done, Believers!



Senior Secondary News

From the Head of Senior Secondary

Student Leadership Camp

On Monday 17 February, our Senior Secondary leaders set off to Iluka Retreat, Shoreham with Mrs Patterson, Pastor Kathy Scott and Mrs Hadlow for their Student Leadership Camp. The College Captains and Vice Captain - Karina Billyj, Tegan Gleed and Cade Harris - had worked diligently to prepare devotions and organise many activities to help our young leaders form a close-knit team as they considered and prepared for their important role of student leadership in 2020. 


One focus for the camp was preparing for the College Community Groups launch. All of our Secondary School students from Years 7-12 put considerable effort into sharing their ideas for Community Groups which could both build community between the year levels and serve and bless our College stakeholders. The student leaders will work closely with teachers to organise and run the groups. 


During the camp, the student leaders were reminded that they were all chosen by their peers and teachers to lead, and that they will now be fulfilling a calling from God in this regard. As leaders they now have the opportunity and responsibility to serve God and serve others in their roles.


More news follows from each of the student leaders as they inform you about the groups that they will be running this year and the highlights of their camp.


Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences 

We look forward to meeting with you during our Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences which will be held during Week 7 on Wednesday March 11 from 3.45-8.00pm and Thursday March 12 from 1.45-8.00pm.


Sharyn Hadlow

Head of Senior Secondary

Student Leadership Camp

Leadership Camp Student Reflections


Teagan: Cade, Karina and myself were so blessed to have the opportunity to organise and run the leadership camp for our wonderful Years 10, 11 & 12 leaders. We played team building games, star gazed, led servant leadership devotions, visited the strawberry farm and brainstormed on ways we can serve the College and make the 2020 student leadership team the best one yet!


Aaron: The 2020 Senior Leadership Camp was a wonderful experience: devotions from our School Captains and Vice Captain; there were plenty of fun games and laughs to be had by all. It was a rewarding camp, and has helped set the foundation for the leadership team heading into 2020. A personal highlight for me was being able to walk to a hill and marvel at the stars. It was a clear night, and the campsite has about half the light pollution we have in our suburbs. You’re able to see so much more of creation, and it’s simply breathtaking. 


Chloe: A definite highlight of the leadership camp was the fellowship enjoyed during dinner time, where all of the leaders sat in a giant circle with their food and spoke between year levels to expand their comfort zones and to grow new friendships. It was so beneficial to have the chance to get closer to the other 2020 leaders, so that we might better serve one another, and the school as a whole.


Will: The leadership camp was a lit as time, hanging with all of the 2020 leaders and getting to know all of them was pretty sick. I would have to say my favourite part of camp was when we all went up to the hill and relaxed, talked and just enjoyed each other's company that was pretty awesome. Overall it was just a good time.


Alexa: Leadership camp, was a great opportunity to meet the others we will lead alongside this year. The camp provided a relaxed environment, where we were able to be inclusive and feel included. The devotions delivered gave a good insight on how we should lead, while the activities such as trivia gave us an idea of how we should work together. It was a great time to socialise and grow as a team.


Chloe: Karina, Teagan and Cade led excellent devotions with a supreme focus on how to better ourselves in order to better the community through service. The devotion booklets we were given were concise but helpful, with key verses and space available for note-taking. They were well thought out, and the time our Captains took in ensuring we were receiving spiritual food has been greatly appreciated as we grow as leaders.


Rory: The camp was a fantastic experience for all of us leaders as it gave us quality time to bond together and to gain leadership experience. 


Kate: Leadership camp was a great experience, learning and growing around many positive influences and leaders I look up to. It has encouraged me through my leadership skills and role in the school, and I can’t wait to try and be a leader next year as well. 


Year 10 Science

Year 10 students have begun learning about motion and other forces in Science. In class, they made a treasure map for others to decipher, using directions and distance. Students also investigated forces by using spring balances and determining if the forces used were equal or not. They have also been learning how to measure forces, and how to draw force diagrams.

Tanya Rogers

Science Teacher

Year 10 Industry Electives

Year 10 students experienced their first Industry Electives session this week. Justin Mason worked with the outdoor maintenance / mountain bike track students. More news to follow in the coming weeks...

Ken Berry

Secondary Teacher

Across Senior Secondary

"Food for Life"

Year 12 VCAL students created vegetarian frittatas and salad under the expert guidance of Mr Ciancio as a part of their VCAL studies. These vital life skills are such an important part of the VCAL program, and help to prepare our students for life after schooling. Mr Ciancio is a genius in the kitchen and brings great enthusiasm and talent into the VCAL classroom.

Mr Berry


Year 12 VCAL at Barista Training

On Thursday 20 February, the Year 12 VCAL students trekked into Bourke Street in the city to attend the Coffee Academy. Here they learnt about the different types of coffee beans, how and where they are grown, and how they are processed and then roasted before they come to be in the hopper next to the coffee machine.

The students practised the basics in the art of making a good coffee shot, and how to stretch the milk before allowing the steam to texture it.

They also practised food safety and hygiene, as found in workplaces - a very important part of OHS!


If you would like to experience their developing coffee skills, please join us in the Cafe on North Campus next Thursday 5 March from recess (11.10am) through to lunch (1.45pm). Maddi, Lucy and Terreisa are the 2020 cafe caretakers with "Espresso & Co". Some food is available as well :-)


Olivia Williams

Applied Learning Coordinator


Literature Students visit Chemistry class

Year 12 Chemistry students had a surprise, yet not unwelcome visit this week. As they were conducting an experiment to determine the molar volume of carbon dioxide gas, Mr Waldron and the Year 11 Literature class came to visit. The Chemistry students were using graduated gas syringes to collect the gas produced by the reaction of calcium carbonate (marble chips) and hydrochloric acid.

Mr Waldron and class asked the purpose of the experiment and an interesting discussion novel to the Chemistry lab ensued.


Sharyn Hadlow

VCE Chemistry Teacher



Coming Up! "Critic For A Day"

Next week, on Monday 2 March, the Year 11 and 12 VCAL students will be off to the City again for a Literacy and Business excursion "Critic for a Day" with Ms Curtis-Morris, Mr Waldron and Mr Berry.


Olivia Williams

Applied Learning Coordinator

Arts Building Opening

Years 9/10, 11 and 12 Visual Communication Design and Media students have had the privilege to move into the new Arts Building on the North Campus.


Larger open spaces flooded with natural light are one of many key features of this building.


We would like to thank the property, construction and ICT team for working so hard to make this space what it is.


Joel Kong

Secondary Teacher



Year 12 PE

Last week the Year 12 PE class had the opportunity to attend Monash University to participate in a biomechanics and energy systems education session. One of the areas we looked at was the biomechanics of the baseball pitch. Erin Clarke was one of our volunteers who participated in this activity. First, without any instruction she was filmed while pitching the ball. Then we looked at a professional baseball player pitching the ball. We then analysed the professional's technique by using the biomechanical principles that we have been studying. After studying her technique as a group we came up with a few areas for Erin to practise. She then got up and had another go at pitching the baseball with the new information which she had learned. By doing this Erin was able to successfully improve her technique and therefore her skill in pitching a baseball. 


Michael Pleiter

Secondary Teacher



Music Showcase Evenings

Parent Survey - Proposed Changes to 'Music Showcase Evenings' 


Bayside Christian College is considering combining one of the Semester 1 'Music Showcase Evenings' with the 'Open Day' school event (on Saturday 2 May 2 from 10:30am), and one of the Semester 2 'Music Showcase Evenings' with the 'Arts Expo' afternoon in Term 4 (date TBC, from 3:30pm). This would mean for each semester there would still be one evening concert available for both Primary and Secondary students, and one daytime concert available for both Primary and Secondary students.

If you are interested in sharing your perspective on these proposed changes, please fill out the Google Form on the following link.


Dave Mallen

Music Teacher

Association 40 Year Commemoration & Alumni Launch

The College is excited to host a special 40 Year Association Commemoration & Alumni Launch on Friday 13 March.


This will be a fabulous social event to catch up and share stories about how the College has changed, but in other important ways stayed the same, since the very first meeting of the Association in March 1980.


If you are planning on attending, we ask that you purchase your tickets online by next Friday 6 March so that we may finalise numbers with the venue. 


Tickets are just $30, which represents great value for a three course meal. Drinks are to be purchased on the night. Recent graduates are entitled to a half price ticket - email for the ticketing promotional code.


We trust you will be able to join us at this special celebration.




CSEF Financial Assistance - do you qualify?

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides payments for eligible students to attend activities like:

  • school camps or trips
  • swimming and school-organised sport programs
  • outdoor education programs
  • excursions and incursions.

Applications for 2020 are now open and will close on 26 June (end of Term 2). See the CSEF website to check your eligibility.

Conveyance Allowance

If you are new to the College, your circumstances have changed or your child has just started Prep or Year 7, you could be eligible for a Conveyance Allowance.


For further details go to the conveyance website or call into the College Office for more information.

Frankston Archery Club


Frankston Archery Club in Baxter Reserve will run free 1 hour 'Come and Try' sessions on the following three evenings at 5.30pm or 6.30pm:

  • Friday 28 February
  • Friday 6 March
  • Friday 13 March.

Girls in particular are encouraged to come along. To register for one of these sessions please call 0413 295 494 to let us know what date and time you would like to attend.

Spaces are limited for each session.

Bayside Family Network Parent and Carers Morning Tea and Workshop. 


Join us next Wednesday 4 March at 9am - 10:30am for our first morning tea and parenting workshop. We will be having guest speaker Fiona Ryan sharing on the 'Four Rules of Parenting'. This will be a great morning of community building and useful teaching. We are meeting in our new Parent Community Room in M2 (at the lower end of the staff carpark). 

Link to the Facebook event:



You are warmly invited to join us at Restore Family Church (meeting at Bayside Christian College, 120-128 Robinsons Road, Langwarrin South this Sunday 1 March at 9:30am to hear Lawrence Hirsch share on 'The Gospel in the Feast of Purim'. Following the service there will be a delicious morning tea served.


U15/17 Netball players Wanted

Our Baysiders Netball Club is now well and truly into our first season of netball. We currently have three teams entered into the Casey competition on Saturday mornings. It is wonderful to see all the players in their "Baysiders" netball colours.


If you are in Years 8-11 and are interested in joining our Baysiders Netball Club either send us an email: or come into the College Office and pick up a registration form. Training is on Thursdays after school in the K (formerly U) Block gym.

Twilight Carnival 20 March

Remember to get your rides wristbands by Friday 13 March to get them at the cheaper early bird rate, and to be in the draw to win great prizes:


Each class (or group of classes) has been allocated a stall to run at Carnival, and they will need your help! Please speak with your child’s class teacher about what stall they’ll be running and how you can help out. 


Our storage container is strategically in place - alongside M block (near staff car park) - for you to drop off pre-loved goods for our Trash & Treasure and second hand book stalls.

Uniform Shop Hours

A reminder that the Dobsons uniform shop is open the following regular times during term:

  • Monday 8:30–11:30am
  • Thursday 1:30–4:30pm.

Families wishing to purchase, sell or swap items of second hand uniform are welcome to use the official College Second Hand Uniform Facebook Group: 

Discounted Spray Jackets

The College has a very limited stock of spray jackets - acquired from our previous uniform supplier - available from the College office only. Jackets in size 2 - suitable for most ELC children - are $25, while jackets in sizes L-3XL are $30. Spray jackets can be worn until the end of 2021, including in the ELC.

Open Day 2020 - 2 May - Save the Date!


B2Me Business Directory

Connect with others in our College community by signing up to our online business directory at!


Bayside Christian College News
Erin’s technique before ball release and then after ball release. The study of biomechanics was able to help improve her technique!