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16 March 2018
Issue Two
Principal Team Update
What's been brewing?
Changes coming...
Music Benefit Gig..
Youth of the Year
Thumbs Up!
Experiencing new things
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Principal Team Update

Later in this newsletter you will find a report about our success in the Lions Youth of the Year Competition. Several or our senior students performed excellently in this competition which focusses on public speaking, leadership and citizenship. As our students participated in the various club divisions of this competition I received strong community feedback about the quality of the young people who attend our school. Congratulations to all students involved, and thank you to Mr Stephen Samuel for supporting the participation of so many senior CSC students in this year’s Lions Youth of the Year!


This week our Transition Co-ordinator, Mr Cole Waters, started visiting our local primary schools to promote our College Open Day on May 2. We will be publishing further details about this event during the coming weeks and I warmly invite all interested members of our community to attend. Open Day is always a terrific opportunity to see our school “in action” and hear from our students about their experiences at CSC.


An initiative we are introducing this year is more regular reporting to parents. By the final week of this term parents and carers will be able to access via Xuno the first round of student reports which will be updated every six weeks. We will advise via email and text message when the first round of these reports becomes available at the end of this term, as well as information about how to access the reports on Xuno. We hope that this more regular reporting will help to keep parents and carers better informed about their children’s academic progress, as well as levels of effort and behaviour. I welcome any feedback or questions after the first round of this new reporting. More information on "Changes coming.." page.

As always, much has been occurring at CSC since our last newsletter. In the past few weeks alone we have had our Steiner Trip to Adelaide, the VicSRC conference, student participation in a “closing the gap” community luncheon, activities acknowledging the National Day of Action Against Bullying, interschool sport, auditions for our School Musical (Calamity Jane) and much more. CSC continues to be a vibrant school with a broad range of opportunities for our students.

Paul Frye 



Student Attendance

Maintaining a high attendance rate at school correlates very closely to individuals achieving their potential, therefore at CSC we have high expectations of students being at school every day. In the situation your child is absent from school, it is important to report this absence on  5479 1150.


The following information also relates to attendance;

  • Families should provide the College with a note to explain absenteeism, particularly for extended periods away, in which case a medical certificate should also be supplied.
  • Families are reminded that students arriving late or leaving early should use Sign In /Out Book located in the reception office, which ensures all students can be accounted for at all times.
  • Senior students who have study periods should be using the library, senior study area or learning spaces with their Precinct and be marked present by the supervising staff.
  • Families planning extended holidays during the school term should communicate this information to the college office and mentor in advance, allowing teachers to provide appropriate work or modifications to student assessment.


In addition, during Term 2 our College will be introducing refined processes for managing truancy, which will be clearly communicated to families before its introduction.


Visitors to the College

All visitors to the College are reminded they need to sign in and obtain a visitors pass at the office located in the centre of the school.

Mobile phone policy update

Whilst the introduction of the new process for managing student use of mobile phones during class time has produced extremely positive effects on student learning, we have identified some areas that require clarification and improving. Therefore, before the end of term 1, the College will communicate to families the new components of the mobile phone policy.


Assistant Principal

Justin Hird


What's been brewing?

In the classroom

Here are some of the cool crystals in junior science last week




Let's take a look around the school...



Harcourt Applefest 2018 Art

CSC students dominate this years student section of the Annual Applefest Art Show:


Senior Student

Winner                               Steph Baker        Year 10

Highly Commended    Karli Showell       Year 10


Junior Student

Highly Commended    Micah Meadows   Year 7


Excursion à la française!

Senior French students enjoyed the delights of snail eating on their full day excursion to Melbourne. Oui, eating was the highlight with choices such as Poulet provençale, Biftek aux oignons, crème brulée et tart au citron! Et oui, les escargots! Most students tried them and most teachers did too. Très bon!

But apart from eating students also viewed a charming new film from the Alliance Française film festival called Le Violon and visited the Immigration museum. A long day, which meant the museum was a short visit but well worth a look if you ever have the chance. Students in Year 11 are focusing on self and family as well as identity and the museum has a big section on this. They worked hard (in French, of course) to identify and experience the various exhibits. Une bonne journée was had by all.



Highest in the League

Heath Lawrence won the highest goal kicker in the under 18 Bendigo Amateur Soccer League (BASL) competition last year, a prestigious and hotly contested award. His team 99% of whom attend CSC belatedly presented him with a "GOLDEN BOOT" trophy that had made with the help of the technology department at school CONGRATULATIONS Heath.



Changes coming...

Transition to Progressive Reporting

This year, the College will be implementing progressive reporting for Years 7 to 10, and next year it will be extended to include VCE. The purpose of this change is to provide more frequent reporting about what students are actually learning, as well as some measures about their approach to learning (effort, behaviour and organisation). The progressive reports will replace the Interim and End-of-Semester reports used in the past.


What will progressive reporting look like?

For reporting and planning purposes, each subject will be composed of three Learning Focus areas per semester, though some subjects may have fewer, or more, depending upon the number of contact hours per week and the amount of curriculum that must be covered. These Learning Focus areas will be described by a name, an overarching question and typically three ‘curriculum statements’ that will be reported against. These statements describe the key knowledge and skills associated with the Learning Focus and are based upon the Victorian Curriculum. The type of measure that will be used for these statements will indicate where a student is at with their learning relative to their age expected level. For example, ‘At Expected Level’ or ‘Above Expected Level’ and so on.


For each Learning Focus there will also be three measures relating to approach to learning; effort, behaviour and organisation. The measure that will be used for these is ‘Needs Attention’, ‘Good’, ‘Excellent’ and so on.


A sample of what the progressive reports will look like is shown below. Note that in this example there are three Learning Focus areas with each containing three curriculum statements. As the semester progresses and Learning Focus areas are completed, teachers will update the corresponding sections of the report. By the end of the semester all fields will have been completed.


It is anticipated that the reports will be updated monthly, starting from the end of March, and will be accessible to parents via Xuno.

The main differences between progressive reporting and the reporting system used previously is:

  • A much greater emphasis on what students are actually learning in their classes and how well they have learnt it.
  • More regular feedback so that more timely adjustments or interventions are possible

A more detailed explanation of the new reporting system will be available on the College’s website in the coming days.



Music Benefit Gig..

Top Class Music Excursion

Music Coordinator, Kirsten Boerema took 30 students from Year 9-12 on an amazing excursion to Melbourne. The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority presented an inspiring selection of Victoria’s outstanding emerging young musicians which featured incredible young students who received very high grades for their VCE performance examinations in 2017. Compered by Assessors and the VCAA’s Curriculum Manager for the Performing Arts, the concerts presented a range of instruments, interpretations and styles by soloists and groups. The students came home totally inspired from the wide variety of performances they had seen throughout the day and evening. 


And the musical is "Calamity Jane"

The annual School Production has been announced, and auditions are underway.

This year we have decided to go in a different direction, with an interpretation of a 1950s Hollywood musical, ’Calamity Jane’. Social mores have, thankfully, changed, and there is plenty of scope to heighten, exaggerate and satirise as well as enjoy the wonderful characters and songs. 

I think, as I said to Kirsten in November ‘this show will be a hoot !!”

Singing auditions for Calamity Jane are in full swing with Music Director Kirsten Boerema being wooed by possible lead role singers. Students have prepared either the Windy City for the gals or Higher than a Hawk for the blokes.

Kirsten is looking for singers who can not only sing in tune with a great tone but also have that pizzazz/wow factor in anticipation of bringing the house down yet again at our annual school musical shows at the Town Hall in August/September. From the famous 1950’s Doris Day movie musical to the HBO series Deadwood, the courageous individuality of Calamity Jane has delighted audiences for decades. With a fierce disregard for gender expectations and cultural limitations that was centuries ahead of her time, there’s no better time to re-visit and re-examine this remarkable woman.

Auditions are being finalised, with cast to be announced in the last week of term.

Darren Lowe - Director

Music Support Group Benefit Gig at the Bridge Hotel


Press release: Press release: Press release: Press release: Press release:

First ever benefit gig for Castlemaine Secondary College

Music Program

 The Bridge Hotel Castlemaine

March 17 1:00pm


The Bridge Hotel Castlemaine will host Newstead’s own hillbilly rock powerhouse The Styvos showcasing tracks from their new album as they underscore a diverse, actioned packed music line-up dedicated to raising money for the Castlemaine Secondary College Music Program. Other local stars include hardworking folk innovator Meg Nightjar whose new album Sub Atomic Interchange contains the same honesty and delivery that are a trademark of Meg’s live performances.  Another local, inventive guitarist Kestral will be playing his captivating brand of hypnotic, rhythmic picking alongside his intricate vocal harmonising.  The line-up also boasts the yodeling sweetheart sisters of Castlemaine Petal & Pet alongside the CSC student presence incorporating pop stars Stop that Mammoth, and master musician Lloyd Meadows. All money raised will go to the CSC music program run by award winning music teacher and musician Kirsten Boerema.  The SCS music program has offered quality coaching, encouragement, mentoring and training across a range of music styles yielding a bumper crop of local musicians and a strong culture of music appreciation and articulation over a number of years. The monster raffle will be drawn on the day and prizes include muso-focussed goodies worth a stack. Entrance is $10 per adult…kids under 18 free (yet must attend with an adult).


When: Saturday March 17th : 1-pm to 5pm

Where: The Bridge Hotel Castlemaine- 21 Walker St, Castlemaine

Admission: $10 per adult, kids free

Kirsten Boerema

Castlemaine Youth Theatre

Castlemaine Youth Theatre's new play 'The Scones Are To Die For' is on next week at the Phee Broadway Theatre in Castlemaine, featuring 16 young people aged 10-13 years. Some of whom are your amazing talented students! 


It is a hilarious new show about a Granny who is a secret agent, which has been created by the students with support from award winning writer Cate Kennedy and Director Kirstie Babbage. 



Youth of the Year




This year, students at Castlemaine Secondary College have made a spectacular entry to the Lions’ Club “Youth of the Year” event, a nationwide public speaking competition, engaging some of the most engaged and passionate young men and women from around Australia.


The school has had an unprecedented number of students participating in the competition- tripling the number of last year’s fare, and this increase has certainly paid off, with Sidney Showell, Nioka Mellick-Cooper, and Murray Hammersley winning all three preliminary competitions in the area. The students have treasured the opportunity to have a platform talking to influential community members, as well as develop personally. “It’s amazing to get such great experience in public speaking, and a great chance to get to express your views on important social issues”, said Sidney Showell when asked about her thoughts on the program. However, on Sunday the 4th, the C.S.C competitors found themselves up against spectacular competition.

Liam Radford of Girton Grammar won the Public Speaking prize. After an extended discussion between the adjudicators, a decision was reached and The Midland Express would like to congratulate Thalia Thirunavukarasu of Catherine McAuley College, moving on to the next round on Saturday the 24th of March.

Article from Nick Barker Year 12 sent into The Midland Express



Bullying NO Way!

CSC took some time on Wednesday to talk about the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. We believe that everyone has the right to come to school every day without being bullied or harassed. We believe that CSC needs to be a safe place where all students and staff can comfortably and confidently be themselves.


Students discussed making a commitment to ‘make a stand’ against bullying, were given wrist bands and commenced work on reviewing the Bullying policy at CSC.

Over the next few weeks in Extended Mentor we are going to continue to place bullying under the lens and examine how things are going here and identify any areas that need to be worked on. This will include further review of the policy, and the opportunity for students to undertake our annual confidential bullying survey.


Parents/ guardians also have an extremely vital role in the prevention of bullying. For more information about this topic and some great resources for parents please go to the following websites:  and -eSafety Commissioner. An excellent place for information about online safety and also reporting of

serious online bullying.



Relationship expert coming

We are so excited to have Justin Coulson coming to Bendigo later this month! Justin's seminars empower parents and professionals to boost wellbeing and improve relationships for parents, teachers, students and staff. All those who listen to one of Justin’s talks leave with information, tools and strategies to help transform their personal or professional relationships, for the better. We cant wait to hear him - how about you?

Grab yourself a ticket to his upcoming Seminars in Bendigo from



Thumbs Up!

Sandhurst Swimming Carnival

On Friday 2nd of March, twenty one eager Castlemaine Secondary swimmers went along to compete in the Sandhurst division swimming. This was against nine other Bendigo schools.


Our swimmers had a fantastic day out with many personal bests achieved at the high standard competition.

Overall our Junior Girls won the B division for their efforts which was a great achievement.


Also a big congratulation to Roselin Parson who won the 17 Girls 50m backstroke and breaststroke. Roselin will now go through to the Loddon Mallee Finals to be held in Swan Hill on 22nd March. We wish her the best of luck.


A Big thank-you to Mr Chapman, Mr White and Mrs Showell who went along to support the students on the day.


Experiencing new things

Photo: Memorial sculptur of Archangel Michael

Adelaide Festival Camp highlights

Far Side of the Moon

Far Side of the Moon theatre production was complex, yet simple.  The stagecraft and lighting showcased our small human characteristics, the personalities, story within story it depicted so well both the unshown ‘dark’ side and the hope, small disasters, differences in life.  It was engaging and left me thinking afterwards.  The fascination humans have with space, just general curiousity about the world, thoughts, emotion, separation, everything is possibly our most shared common quality.

The position I was sitting in was a great viewing point.  Having friends near and around me influenced my perception of the performance.  People around us make a difference, the Far Side of the Moon, also showed that.  The two brothers so separated by their differences, like floating around with no gravity.  The thought process and journey it took was perfect.  Humour connected it, memories and the small child-like puppet which seemed to take on so many different roles according to different people, all made it so easily understandable. 

21: Memories of Growing Up

The exhibition 21 Memories I found really interesting.  It was cleaver to create it as a soundtrack and to watch the people listening to their own stories.  I kept going back watching another story, listening.  So much information, so many stories, lives and even ways of expressing their experiences.

Lost and Found Orchestra

The most outstanding event for me on this camp would definitely be the Lost and Found Orchestra.

I didn’t think the concept was particularly original although the instruments were very unique and the performers were very professional.  The choreography and lighting complimented the rhythm and melody of the music perfectly. 

The name Lost and Found Orchestra is very fitting as the array of instruments was immense.  A lot of the materials were ones that you wouldn’t normally consider even if you were creating a “junk” orchestra.  All elements of a “classic” orchestra were present.  Fat bass, ambient melodic and rhythmic parts were all present in the score. 

I found it very inspiring.  The showmanship that the performers presented and the lost and found concept made me think of what my future might hold in terms of music. 


Community Notices

The Castlemaine Repair Cafe 

A bicycle puncture repair workshop at the next Cafe on 25th March. If you or your children want to learn this basic skill in bike maintenance please come along. It's at 10 am at the Ray Bradfield Rooms.

The Cafes and it's workshops are free but small donations are appreciated. Tea, coffee and light snacks provided. Please book for the workshop through Chris on 54705508 or Facebook: castlemaine repair cafe.


School Crossing Supervisor of the Year

Every two years, School Crossings Victoria, holds an awards night to honour the dedication and hard work put into the Community by School Crossing Supervisors from all over the state. It is that time again where we ask all schools to promote the award and ask the school community to nominate the supervisor they feel is worthy of being recognised, and may even be judged Victoria’s School Crossing Supervisor of the Year. What an honour that title will be for one of our dedicated supervisors.


The 2015/2016 award night was held in Preston in 2016 with the winner being Robyn Sabljak from Murrindindi Shire Council. The night itself, was wonderful, 250 attended with over 700 nominations received, and there was a lot of pride in the room.


We have attached the nomination form - Nominations close on May 25, 2018.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dreena Lawrence-Gray (Chairperson) on 0490 017 340.



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