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29 March 2018
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Principal's Page

WHSC Open Night, Thursday 3rd May (6:00pm)

Our College Open Night is coming up on the 3rd of May (6:00pm).  This is an important event allowing us to showcase our school. Tours will be provided with various displays on offer.  Staff and students will be in attendance to answer any queries about our great school. We look forward to another strong attendance from the Community on the 3rd  May.

WHSC Athletics Carnival, Monday 19th March

Our Athletics Carnival was held last week (19/3) under ideal weather conditions.  Participation and competition on the day was strong with many outstanding performances from our students. 

All of our Houses in Jells, Napier, Derrimut and Scott were well represented. Congratulations to Derrimut for winning the 2018 Athletics Carnival.


Thank you to Kerrie Lay and Sally Pryde for their outstanding efforts in organising and implementing another successful Athletics Carnival for the College.  I would also like to thank all staff and student leaders for their efforts on the day, and thank parents/guardians for coming along and supporting our students.



Parent Teacher Student Conferences, Wednesday 28th March

Our Parent Teacher Student Conferences were held yesterday (28/3) allowing families to speak with teaching staff on the progress of their child's learning.


The attendance from families was strong with teaching staff kept busy throughout.  We encourage families to maintain contact with teaching staff throughout the year should they have any queries concerning their child's progress.

Cycle One Reports, 2018

Written information was made available at the recent Parent Teacher Student Conferences (28/3) with respect to Cycle One Reports.


These Cycle One Reports will become available during the Term One break with families being able to access them via Compass using appropriate login details.  Please read on for further details concerning our new Cyclical Assessment and Reporting Model.

WHSC Parents and Friends Association

I am interested in the idea of a 'WHSC Parents and Friends Association' for our College.  The idea of a 'WHSC Parents and Friends Association' would further build on the strong connection we have with families and our community.


Any 'WHSC Parents and Friends Association' that may be established could assist with key programs, events and activities at the College.  As a parent/guardian, if you are interested in this idea of a 'WHSC Parents and Friends Association', please contact me at the College.

Year 7 Afternoon Tea, Thursday 15th March

Another successful Year 7 Afternoon Tea was held recently (15/3) with many of our Year 7 students and their families in attendance.


The Year 7 Afternoon Tea allows students, families and staff to 'catch up' and discuss the start of the year.  Students were able to discuss their classes and participation in key events (eg Year 7 Camp), showcase their work relating to their transition holiday task, and help their parents meet their peers and Year 7 teachers.


We thank Elisa Pauer for her organisation of this important event, and we thank staff, students and families for their attendance.

End of Term One, 2018

Please be reminded that Term One concludes today, Thursday 29th March, with a 2:30pm dismissal time. Buses as provided by Public Transport Victoria will continue to operate using normal timetable arrangements.  Monday 16th  April is when we return for the first day of Term Two.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our students, staff and families for what has been another wonderful term at WHSC. We continue to achieve excellent results for our students and provide them with exceptional opportunities in the four key areas important to our Community:


Academic excellence across all learning areas


Performing Arts

Student Leadership 


I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable break Term One break with family and friends.

Value of the Week - Respect

For a number of years now, we have had an outstanding partnership with the all ability employer Nadrasca which has allowed our students to get involved in some volunteering.


Last week, we had a group of students work with Nadrasca employees as part of a gardening project at their place of work in Vermont.  This is an important partnership for both Nadrasca and WHSC, and our students are to be commended for their respectful and co-operative approach.









Aaron Smith


Assistant Principals Report

Reflection on Term One

It always astounds me how quickly each term seems to pass, and term one has certainly been no exception. As a college community there is so much that has been achieved during term one that we can be proud of:

Year 7 Camp

Year 12 Study Day

College Swimming Carnival

College Athletics Carnival

A variety of curriculum based excursions across both Middle and Senior School

Student community volunteering opportunities

Clean up Australia Day

Division Swimming and Diving

A variety of team sport events

Student debating

Performing Arts auditions for the school production

Welcome to Wheelers afternoon tea

While it is important to celebrate, it is equally important to critically reflect upon our learning and how we as learners have approached this term. Reflective learning can be thought of as a way of allowing students to step back from their learning experience to assist them to develop critical thinking skills and improve on their future performance by analysing their experience. The importance of reflection is that it helps us to build self-awareness in terms of emotions and motivations. By taking the time to reflect upon past performance, we can ask ourselves questions, whereby we can gain a better understanding of our emotions, strengths, weaknesses and motivations- with the ultimate objective of putting these understandings to good use in our future pursuits and studies.

On behalf of Andrew and myself, we would like to wish everybody a happy and safe Easter. Please use this term break to consolidate the work completed during term one and take the opportunity to recharge the batteries so we are ready to hit the ground running at the start of term 2.

College Uniform

At the start of term one, we published the newly ratified College Uniform Policy. This document was sent out via Compass and is also available on the college website.

We are extremely proud of our college and the correct wearing of our uniform communicates a sense of pride, creates a shared identity, and gives students a sense of belonging to a particular school, that being, WHSC.

We would like all members of the college community to revisit the uniform policy over the term break so that all students can be wearing correct uniform in the prescribed manner from day one of term 2.

Items that generally require attention among some students include:

  •  the wearing of plain white socks instead of logo socks, 
  • removal of hoodies,
  • removal of excessive jewellery,
  • removal of bright coloured nail polish
  • ensuring that black leather lace up school shoes are worn rather than the sports styled school shoes.

Please refer to the full policy on our website to clarify any questions. (Found under the School Tab, College Uniform)

Students in breach of the college uniform policy will be managed in line with the specified staged response as per the policy.

Staged Response:

First and Second time without a note.

Lunchtime detention on the day and recorded on school file.

Third Time

Lunchtime detention on the day and parents notified.

Subsequent occasions

Parents/carer contacted, further disciplinary interventions- refer to Engagement and inclusion Policy.

Reporting Cycle 1

The first Cyclical Reports will be published on Monday 2nd April. They will be available through your child’s Reports tab on Compass. Simply press the Cycle 1 option.

An explanation for both the Year 7 – 10 Reports and the VCE Reports are attached above.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the College Office on 9561 5811 or myself (Andrew Dixon) via email on [email protected]

Tutoring Program 2018

The Tutoring program run in conjunction with Monash University will commence early next term.

We are currently receiving Expressions of Interest from prospective tutors and will be able to list those available in the first newsletter in Term 2.

If your child wishes to access one of the available tutors, could they please contact me (Andrew Dixon) via email at [email protected]


NGV Design Week Excursion

On the 20th March, several Year 9 students (Amelia, Oscar, Sarah, Sara, Edy and Lachlan) were given the opportunity to go to the National Gallery of Victoria for the day.


The trip consisted of learning about electronic waste and how we can recycle it, taking a part old laptops and brainstorming ideas of products the parts could be made into, talks about the new Tech Schools and finally a tour of some of the Triennial Gallery.


The day was a part of Tech Fest and focused heavily on STEM and Victoria’s Tech Schools.

We worked in groups to deconstruct laptops and find different components within them. We discussed what we observed and came up with different idea for products that could be made out of recycled materials from the laptops. Some of our ideas were jewellery and cuff links made from the keys. Then we pitched our ideas to one of the other schools there.


We toured some of the gallery and were taught about different artists and artwork that were created from recycled technology. The artwork made from recycled materials were a table and office set. Each piece had incorporated different parts of the waste they were made of into the design.

During the tour of the Triennial Gallery we viewed various artworks. Some were visual, others were auditory and one was olfactory. There were many different pieces that related to various cultures and ideas.


We are very thankful that I had the opportunity to attend the day. It taught us a lot about electronic waste and what we can do to combat it. Everyone really enjoyed learning about the issue and seeing different pieces of art within the Triennial.


Sarah Thompson - Year 9 

Mrs Judy Anderson & Mr Andrew Dixon   

Assistant Principals

Dates to Remember


  • EMR Intermediate Boys Volleyball
  • End of Term 1


  • Good Friday Public Holiday


  • Term 2 Starts


  • World Challenge Mini-Expedition


  • World Challenge Mini-Expedition
  • Jells Park Primary School Leadership Day
  • EMR/Sate Diving


Anzac Day Ceremony


Anzac Day Public Holiday


Verbal Combat - Year 7


Wired - Year 10

International Students

International Student Welcome Ceremony

On Tuesday 20th March WHSC was invited by the Governor of Victoria to participate in the 2018 International Students Welcome Ceremony at the Government House.  Four students, Amber Li, Haitian Song, Zoe Huang and Gary Min were accompanied by Principal, Aaron Smith and International Student Coordinator, Jane Xing, attended the ceremony.  Victoria Governor, Hon Linda Dessau, opened the ceremony with a  welcome speech, warmly welcoming the newly arrived international students into Victoria schools.  Parliamentary Secretary, Ms Judith Graley, also addressed the students.  A former year 12 Academic Excellence Commendation Award Recipient, Mr Sovann Eu, also gave an inspiring talk describing his journey as an international student first arriving in Australia.


After the formal ceremony, students were introduced to Hon Linda Graley and had the opportunity to take a look around the Government House’s gallery and dining room.  Students presented themselves very well, each answered the Governor’s questions clearly.  A delicious morning tea was also provided for the students at the end of the ceremony.

Jane Xing

International Education Coordinator


Year 8 Softball

On Friday the 23rd March, the Junior girls team played three epic games of Softball. Our team consisted of 9 players (Morgan, Charlie, Cassidy, Olivia .E, Catherine, Rebecca, Molly, Rhiannon and Reenie), 1 sub (Renae), 2 excellent, supportive coaches named Gabby and Ruby and the fantastic Mrs. Popelier who scored for all of our 3 games. For our first game, we won 6 to 3 against Wellington. Then we smashed the Year 7’s from Brentwood with a score of 15 to 3. Finally, we played against the Year 8’s from Brentwood but unfortunately lost with a total of 5 to 12. Overall, we were really happy with our effort, participation and enthusiasm throughout our Softball games.

By Renae Volk (Student)

Performing Arts

Congratulations to the Cast of the Wizard of Oz!

What an enormous turn out to our auditions this past Term! With so much talent on display, it was a spectacularly difficult job for the production team involved in auditions. However, in the last week of term the list was out and the cast finalised! We are very excited about the wonderful opportunities the Production provides for all students. We are very excited for the next few months ahead! 

Those who have been cast are reminded that rehearsals will begin first week back of Term 2, and access to a rehearsal schedule will be granted to all cast members over the holidays - so keep an eye out for those emails! 

Ensemble Music Program - Lunch time Music groups!

Term 2 the Wheelers Hill Performing Arts team are launching the 2018 Ensemble program! Any students interested in playing instruments are invited to register for any of the four ensemble groups we have on offer at the college. 

Each group will meet at lunch times, and a qualified Ensemble leader will direct the ensemble to play as a cohesive group. Any student is welcome to register and join the group! Students, please fill in the form below to register your place today! 

All ensemble lessons will start Week 2 of Term 2 (week starting 23rd April).




Genelle Lentini

Performing Arts Leader



Year 10 'High Tea'


The Year 10 Hospitality students have been working hard all term, preparing a ‘High Tea’ for the staff of WHSC. We were to work in pairs to create a menu that we would serve, including both a sweet and savoury dish for each pair. This task gave us an opportunity to see what life is like in the hospitality industry and how all the finer details need to be thought of and planned out- what the table would look like, how we would present our dishes, was there going to be a colour scheme, etc. Speaking on behalf of the whole class I can say, we all thoroughly enjoyed this task and how it was something new and exciting. We hope all the teachers enjoyed their scrumptious high tea.

 Mikayla Harvey (Student) 


Sharon Sharp

Technology  Domain Leader


Humanities Beyond the Classroom

This term has been very busy for the Humanities Domain.

· The Year 7’s have been on a Geography excursion, assessing the local area on liveability,

· The Year 9’s have undertaken a field trip to a number of locations along Port Phillip Bay, evaluating coastal management strategies.

· The Year 10’s undertook an excursion to Domino’s Pizza to support their understanding of Operations Management.

· And the Year 12 Business Management class have visited the Yakult Factory and Ikea.

These excursions have been excellent opportunities for students to apply the knowledge and skills that they have learnt in class, and are directly related to a number of Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) that the students will be undertaking.


Term Two will see many of our students participating in the Australian Geography Competition (Wednesday 30th May) and the Australian History Competition. (Wednesday 23rd May). Good luck to all students involved.


Year 7 Geography Excursion Report

On Thursday the 22nd  March, 7A went to the Wheelers Hill Shopping Centre. The objective was to carry out a Geography Survey about our neighbourhood liveability. We walked about 15 minutes before arriving. In our hands, there was a pencil and a sheet that Mrs Popelier gave us. Once we arrived, our task was to rate the different aspects that were on the sheet. The aspects we rated were the environmental, social, cultural, economic and infrastructure factors. For me, it was really nice when we went to the duck pond because I found it really relaxing. The coolest part was after we looked at the parks and ponds; we went to Woollies. To sum it all up, I think it was a really great experience and a nice way to learn about the neighbourhood we live in.

Amineh Araujo Rodriguez 7A (Student)


Year 9 Field Trip Report

On March 15, the Year 9 students went on an excursion to several beaches in Port Phillip Bay. We went to Sandringham, Brighton, St Kilda and Half Moon Bay as part of our Geography CAT on the coast. We looked at the different natural features, manmade features and management strategies at these beaches.

For the CAT we will be comparing Sandringham Harbour and Half Moon Bay and writing a fieldwork report on it. We had been learning about aspects of the coast throughout the term and this trip helped to further our knowledge. It was great to be able to see everything we had learnt about for ourselves.

The Year 9 students had a great time on the excursion and gathered a lot of information that will help with our CAT.

Sarah Thompson 9C (Student)

Elisa Pauer

Humanities Domain Leader


French Film Festival 2018

Last Tuesday, the Year 8 students had the great opportunity to see "Belle et Sébastian 3", film which was screened at the beautiful venue Palace Brighton Bay as part of the French Film Festival 2018. Here is what some of them had to say about the day:



 "I loved the movie 'Belle et Sebastian 3', it is now probably one of my favourite movies. I like the cinema we went to as well because it was different to most cinemas I have been to. I enjoyed the whole day and would love to go to the French Film Festival again!" Logan McKenzie


"I really enjoyed going to the cinema to watch 'Belle et Sebastian 3'! Such a great movie and I had loads of fun. I already want to go back next year! Georgia Lawrence


"I loved my experience in a differently styled cinema than the ones I usually go to and I also really enjoyed watching 'Belle et Sebastian 3' . It was an amazing movie, a great ending to the triology and I would love to see it again." Taylah Moon




Ms Veronique Yan-Lung



Year 10 Work Experience 2018


The Work Experience Program is a major part of the Year 10 curriculum at Wheelers Hill Secondary College.  Year 10 Work Experience in 2018 is offered in three rotations and students select one rotation to complete their work experience.


Rotation 1 - MONDAY 26th MARCH – THURSDAY 29TH MARCH 2018.

Rotation 2 – MONDAY 13th AUGUST – FRIDAY 17th AUGUST 2018



At the beginning of this term I spoke to all year 10 students about the importance of undertaking a placement and ensuring that it’s meaningful, that is, in an interest area they wish to ‘try out’.   

The benefits of undertaking work experience are many including, developing employability skills, exploring possible career options, increasing self-awareness which helps answer questions such as What am I good at?, What work values are important to me?, Where do my interests lie?  Apart from also building self-confidence and making industry contacts a meaningful placement can also assist with choosing VCE subjects.

All year 10 students have been made aware that in order to participate in Work Experience they must complete their Occupational Health & Safety training which was introduced to them during their Futures Class this term.  This training together with a completed Work Experience Agreement form needs to be finalised and handed to me by no later than six weeks prior to the placement start date.  Copies of the Work Experience Agreement forms can be accessed via the school’s careers website (www.whsc.careers.com) by clicking on the Workplace Learning tab then the Required Documents tab. 


There are several places students can look to find work….asking family and friends, teachers, looking at businesses in their local area and even searching for companies via www.yellowpages.com.au

Students are encouraged to start early with sourcing a placement to ensure that they secure one that they will benefit from the most.  Assistance for sourcing work placements is available for those students who can demonstrate that they have put in a reasonable effort into finding work.  If assistance is required though, it is strongly recommended that students consult with me ahead of the due dates stated above.


I wish you all a very Happy Easter and look forward to working with you in Term 2.


Voula Jakubicki

Careers Coordinator


Physical Activity and Exercise - SchoolTV

This month on SchoolTV - Physical Activity & Exercise

In the last decade, children's participation in physical activity and exercise has been in decline. In this digital age, children are using computers and mobile devices, not only for learning, but for relaxation and recreation purposes. This sedentary behaviour is having a detrimental effect on today's youth. The key is finding the balance.

Research shows, that regular physical activity and exercise leads to changes in the brain. It improves cognitive function, elevates mood, enhances learning and improves academic outcomes. Playing sport helps kids develop fundamental movement skills impacting positively on their confidence, self-esteem and ability to develop social skills. Parents play an important role in helping children establish positive habits that will benefit them in the long-term.

In this edition of SchoolTV, parents will discover practical advice relating to the benefits of regular physical activity and exercise, as well as tips on how to get their kids motivated and moving more. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month's edition and we always welcome your feedback.

If you have any concerns about your child, please contact the school counsellor for further information.

Here is the link to this month's edition http://whsc.vic.schooltv.me/newsletter/physical-activity-and-exercise


Peter Allen & Louise Ford

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