Photo: Year 8 Classroom Music

Lilydale High School News

23 March 2018
Issue 4
Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program 2019
Lilydale High School
9735 5644
25 Melba Ave
Lilydale, VIC, 3140



Term 1    30 January to 29 March 

Term 2     16 April to 29 June
Term 3     16 July to 21 September
Term 4      8 October to 21 December




Tuesday 27 

Year 7 Camp 1 (7A, B, C, D, E, F) - 27 to 29

Year 9 & 10 student lead Assembly


Wednesday 28 

DOE Community Service Periods  5 & 6


Thursday 29

End of Term 1 - 2.30 pm Finish


Friday 30 

Good Friday



Monday 16



Tuesday 17

Year 12  - Year Level Photo


Wednesday 18

Top Arts - NGV Excursion


Thursday 19

MAT Program

Year 12 Study Skills

Youth Week Luncheon Celebration


Friday 20

STUDENT FREE DAY  - Staff Professional Development Day 

ANZAC Day Service Excursion


Wednesday 25

ANZAC DAY - Public Holiday


Thursday 26

Year 11 Study Skills


Friday 27

Science Seminar


Monday 30 April

Year 10 Central Australia Camp 1 - Buses 1 & 2

Yarra Ranges Tech School Excursion


The following calendars are also available on our school website homepage from the News and Events tab;

  • Whole School Calendar
  • Junior School Calendar
  • Middle School Calendar
  • Senior School Calendar
  • Sports Calendar 

Please note:  School events by nature are subject to change. The school reserves the right to add, change or cancel events as required.




Three Way Conferences

Thank you to those parents, guardians and students who attended the recent  Three  Way Conferencing held on March 15.


The opportunity to meet parents and exchange information is important to us to ensure we can establish a partnership that enables students to succeed at school.


The next Three Way Conferences will be held in Term 3, however, the teaching staff are always available to be contacted either by email, phone call or through the Year Level Coordinators.

Learning Conversations

Over the past few weeks Ms Timmers, Mr Taylor, Ms McMillan and I have been meeting with pairs of Year 9 students to get some insight into how they are enjoying their subjects and if they need support or extension with their learning.


The conversations have included; how they believe they are progressing in all of their subjects with particular focus on English and Maths, and how they are enjoying school.  




The students have been very insightful and forthcoming in providing feedback.  It has been a great opportunity to get to know the students and their interests and aspirations. 

School Review

Every 4 years all government schools undertake a review that enables us to examine;

  • What we set out to achieve 4 years ago.
  • What we have achieved.
  • What we didn’t achieved and what the barriers were.
  • What will be important for our next Strategic Plan.

The review will take place in Term 2.  In preparation, we are currently undertaking a pre review self evaluation, that enables us to take the review forward.  This pre review, requires consultation with the community, which we are currently organising; the student consultation took place this week.

Mobile Phone Policy

Over the years we have maintained the 'Mobile Phone Policy' that bans the use of phones whilst at school. Our focus is on learning and social interactions without the use of phones.


In the case of emergencies, staff must be able to discharge their duty of care according to department guidelines i.e;


'Whilst students are at school they are in the care of school staff, when there is an issue or emergency at school it is incumbent upon staff to be able to deal with it'.


This is sometimes difficult when students directly contact parents rather than speaking with Co-ordinators who are always happy to call parents for the student concerned.


Please don’t encourage your child to contact you during school hours – any student who is in need of assistance for any reason, must report to the Sub School Offices. In the case of medical issues, students must report to Sick Bay.


Thank you for your assistance with this in advance.


Year 7 Community Time

I had the absolute pleasure of attending an assembly this afternoon with our Year 7 students during which the Home Group Representatives relayed the achievements of their classmates, both in and outside of school.


I was amazed at the achievements of our students! Congratulations to the  representatives for their efforts in collating the information and to the students for their achievements.


I also congratulated the year level on the way in which they have settled into high school and are going about their schoolwork and getting involved in the wider school initiatives – a great start!

Wendy Powson



100 Years of Lilydale High School

2019 will see us celebrate 100 years of Lilydale High School. Plans have begun to make the centenary celebrations our biggest yet!


As part of our celebrations, we would like to gather information on LHS alumni. If you, or a family member attended Lilydale High School we would love to hear from you.


Attached is a short survey/prompt to complete that will allow you to share your school memories.  


Any copies of photographs would also be gratefully received.


You can submit photographs and surveys to:

[email protected]

 or hard copies to the General Office.



Melissa McMillan

Assistant Principal



Thursday 29 March

2.30 pm FINISH


School Contract Buses
** Thursday 29 March **

Just a reminder to all School Contract Bus  travellers, buses will run 30 minutes earlier on the last day of Term 1.  


All other bus services will run to their normal timetables.


School Tours

Scheduled school tours are conducted during normal school hours starting at 9.00 am to 10.20 am from the School Administration Office


Bookings are essential by calling 9735 5644.


Term 1 Tours 

  • Tuesday 27 March

Term 2 Tours

  • Tuesday 17 April
  • Monday 23 April
  • Friday 27 April
  • Wednesday 2 May
  • Thursday 3 May
  • Friday 4 May
  • Wednesday 9 May
  • Monday 14 May
  • Wednesday 16 May
  • Tuesday 22 May



Staff Professional Development Day

Students are NOT required at school on this day.


Lilydale High School Information Evening

Parents and Guardians are cordially invited to our Information Evening on;

  • Tuesday 8 May
  • 7.00 pm
  • School Hall 

There will be presentations from the Principal, and Heads of Junior School and information presented about the school.


Tours of the school, presentations and displays of all the Key Learning Areas will also be held.


Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program 2019

SEAL Program

Lilydale High School has offered a Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program since 1994. Lilydale is a foundation member of the Academy of Accredited SEAL Schools. 


Entry to the program is through a selection process involving:

  • General ability test
  • Writing tasks
  • Reading comprehension tests
  • Mathematics tests
  • Information from parents
  • Information from the primary school teacher
  • Results of Year 5 NAPLAN testing
  • Latest school report
  • Interview


Testing for the 2019 Program, will take place on Friday 18 May, from 9.15 am until approximately 12.30 pm at Lilydale High School. 


To guarantee your child’s place in the test, all application forms, payment and supporting material must be received at the School Office by 3.30 pm Tuesday May 15, 2018.

The cost for the test is $30.


For details of the application forms, please see the ‘Application Forms & Supporting Material' page on the school website.  Late applications must be approved by Lilydale High School.


To Register for the Testing Day, please go to the school website homepage.


Further Information

For further information about the Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program, please contact Ben Taylor, SEALP Coordinator on 9735 5644.


Ben Taylor

SEALP Coordinator


We Will Rock You
23 - 25 August

We Will Rock You REHEARSALS continue to rock on. This week, we’ve been learning the vocal parts for ‘Radio Ga Ga’, with choreography soon to follow.  Radio Ga Ga is our opening number and sung by our chorus of ‘Ga Ga Kids’. 

Our story is set in the not too distant future, when a giant corporation known as ‘Globalsoft’ rules the world, lead by the fearsome ‘Killer Queen’ and her henchman ‘Khashoggi’. Together they create a world of global consumerism, where these Ga Ga Kids wear the same clothes and listen to and purchase the digitalised music. 
As the song states 'Everything we want to get, we download from the internet'.  If only there was someone who could ‘break free’ from these forced fashions. A dreamer, someone who could lead a rebellion and bring rock and roll back to the world!  But that’s a story for another newsletter update.


Amy Cumming and Jonathan Bleakley


Getting ready for the 'Big Book Swap'

With the holidays fast approaching there is no better time to have a clean out and collect all those unwanted books you have around the house.


When you have collected these, don’t forget to ask your family, friends and neighbours for their unwanted books.  Please deliver them to the school.  There will be a box in the Main Office for this purpose.


On our Big Swap day, August 23 in the Library, all the pre-loved books will be available for a dollar coin donation, which will be forwarded to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.


You can also make a donation through our page on the Big Book Swap website; use the link in this newsletter to go directly there.


Donations have begun!  Thank you to everyone who will help to make this the biggest book swap Lilydale High School has ever seen.

Laure Pradier and Dawn O’Kennedy


Significant Persons Project

In Year 8, during Term 1, students take part in the Significant Persons Project. A cross-curricular initiative between English and the Arts, where students are asked to identify a person who plays a special part in their lives and use them as a stimuli for a piece of writing, a performance or a piece of art.


As of this week, students have interviewed their significant person and should be in the process of planning, drafting and seeking feedback.


Students will be asked to invite their significant person to an afternoon tea in May, as a celebration and an opportunity for them to share their work.

Cross Age Tutoring

Cross Age Tutoring continues this year for both English and Maths.


Year 10 and 11 students are available on a Monday from 3. 00 pm to 3.45 pm in the VCE Study Hall to help with homework, assessments and reading.


Please feel free to contact either myself (Jess Timmers) or Liz Rundell (Head of Mathematics) or your students English or Maths teacher if you have any questions.


VCE SACs Complete

Congratulations to our VCE English, Literature and English Language students on completing your first SAC of the year.


Make sure you take on board the feedback you receive and find time to ask your teacher to clarify anything of which you feel unsure.


Keep up the hard work!


Jessica Timmers

Head of English


Wednesday 14 March

Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 (3/14) around the world.  Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in Mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159.

Pi has been calculated to over one trillion digits beyond its decimal point. As an irrational and transcendental number, it will continue infinitely without repetition or pattern.


While only a handful of digits are needed for typical calculations, Pi’s infinite nature makes it a fun challenge to memorize and to computationally calculate more and more digits.


LHS celebrated Pi Day by challenging students to recite Pi to as many decimal places as possible. The student who won the challenge, Jordy Armstrong, recited Pi to an amazing 250 decimal places!!


Below are the results from the students that participated:

  • Jordy Armstrong – 250
  • Liam Winstone – 52
  • Kaleb Thompson – 30
  • Ethan Webber – 24
  • Angus Balsdon – 17
  • Ella Walker – 16
  • Sarah Davies – 10

All students that participated in last year’s competition improved on their result. Well done to all the students that gave it a go!


Elizabeth Rundell

Head of Maths


VCE Drama

Year 11 and 12 Drama students have been super busy over the last few weeks.  We have visited the city twice, to see the VCAA performances of ‘This Is Eden’ at the Fortyfivedownstairs Theatre and the MTC production of ‘Good Muslim Boy’.  Both productions were outstanding and gave the students a real insight into how actors and designers can take their audiences on journeys far beyond the performance space.


We were also lucky enough to attend Top Class Drama this Monday as part of the VCE Season of Excellence. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to see examples of outstanding work from the top scoring students in 2017.


Ensemble work begins next week so it’s heads down in the Drama Dept.


Pencil in Thursday May 31st, to see the culmination of a lot of hard work at this years VCE Drama Ensemble Performance Evening.


Jacki Goode


Unit 1 & 3 Theatre Studies students are putting on a show! As part of their assessment, the VCE Theatre Studies students will be adapting their given playscript to the stage as a class to be performed in front of LHS staff, students, family of students, and the general public!

Each student is required to study two areas of stagecraft, these areas being any two of the following: acting, directing, stage management, production management, sound, lighting, set design, props, costume design, hair & makeup, and theatre technology.
The show is called 'Masquerade', book and lyrics by Kate Mulvany and based on the book by Kit Williams. The play includes music by Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen and Pip Branson, by arrangement with David Spicer Productions.
Masquerade is a magical tale of The Moon falling in love with The Sun. To show her love, she creates an amulet and entrusts it to her servant Jack Hare, along with a riddle to deliver to The Sun.
Our story sees Jack take up this celestial quest, meeting many strange and wonderful characters along the way.  A world away, a tired but loving mother named Tessa reads the story of Masquerade to her ten year old son Joe, a determined young boy battling cancer in a children’s oncology ward. At times sad and emotional, but more often ridiculous and fun-loving. 
This truly is a performance for 9 to 90 year olds!

Bookings can be made online from the school website homepage or from trybooking below;

10% of all profits will go to the Make a Wish Foundation! Grab your tickets before they sell out!


Meet the wonderful cast and crew of Masquerade, 2018!

Jonathan Bleakley

Year 8 Classroom Music

Students are learning about the aural and visual characteristics of 80’s pop and rock music.


This week students in Ms Cumming’s class were engaged in activities surrounding 80’s Glam artists including KISS, David Bowie, Motley Crüe and Van Halen.


Year 7 Classroom Music

Students are learning about the instruments of the 'Orchestra'. Each week students learn about the characteristics surrounding each family section of the orchestra.


This week, Year 7’s in Ms Cumming’s Music class were able to have a practical go at playing brass instruments.  Students learnt how to buzz their lips and create sounds on the Trumpet, French Horn and Trombone. Brass elephant roars and sounds all round! 

Amy Cumming


VCE Legal Studies Incursion - Arthur Bolkas

Tuesday 20 March

  • Imprisonment is society's most severe sanction. However, apart from media (mis) representations, how many of us really know, or care, about prisoners?
  • Who are they and why do they end up in prison?
  • What happens to them there and, importantly, after they're released back into the community?

Drawing on over thirty years of professional, academic and lived experience, guest speaker, Arthur Bolkasi addressed the above points and related issues with VCE Legal Studies students.

Eleni Stavrou

*** REMINDER *** 
​Legacy ANZAC Day Excursion

This year’s Legacy ANZAC Day Ceremony falls on Friday 20 April, which is a STUDENT FREE DAY - Staff Professional Development Day.


Any students that would like to attend the service, at the Shrine of Remembrance, can speak to Ms Mays in Staffroom 2 (behind the Library) or via email at [email protected]


We will attend the ceremony and then return to Lilydale High School.

Kristy Mays

VCE Humanities Teacher


EIS Netball Program 

All students in the EIS Netball program have been working exceptionally hard each session. The girls have 5 sessions a week which include; ball work, footwork, match play and a fitness session.


Our court sessions consists of a warm up, cone work (footwork drills) partner ball skills, dynamic drills and match play simulation.


Our fitness sessions include; use of resistance bands to help develop our core stabilising muscles and Tabata training.


Yesterday at lunchtime, the girls played a practise match against the STAFF and WON by 1 point - 23 to 22!  Well done girls, it was a great game!


Here are some pictures of the girls in their uniforms. Looking great girls.


Melissa Crotty

Coles Sports for Schools Program

Just under 2 weeks left to collect vouchers for the Coles Sport Coles Sports for Schools Program.

These coupons can be dropped into the collection box at the Main Office.

Alister Stuart
Head of Physical & Sport Education​​

LHS School Cross Country

This year, Lilydale High School will be running the annual Cross Country event on Monday 30 April, during Periods 5 & 6.


This is a compulsory EVENT for all Year 7 students. Students from Year 8 through to 12 can participate, by giving consent before the due date on COMPASS.


More information will become available as we get closer to the date.  However, if you have questions please contact Paul Hager.


Paul Hager


Year 12 Biology

The Year 12 Biology students have been working hard on SAC 1. They have completed two experiments, one on enzymes and one on photosynthesis and have continued to develop their key Science skills.


We are grateful that we have had the opportunity to buy some new Science equipment this year. The Year 12’s had the opportunity to use our new water baths for their enzymes experiment. Keep working hard!



Year 9 Science

Dissecting brains was an engaging practical, for the Year 9 Science classes.  It gave the students a good understanding of brain structure and the nervous system.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and asked lots of good questions about the brains.


Well done Year 9's, keep up the hard work!

Kristy Bjarnelind

Head of Science

VCE Biology

Congratulations to the VCE students studying Biology this Term. 


Unit 1 & 2 students have completed their first SAC and as you can see from the photos, they were investigating the process of photosynthesis. We looked at the need for 'Carbon Dioxide' and tested how the different wavelengths of light affect the rate of photosynthesis.


They will be completing the SAC about photosynthesis and cellular respiration in IPT time on the last Thursday, before Term 1 break. 

Julie Colyer

Biology Units 3/4

Unit 3 & 4 students have just completed the first of two SAC's this week.


In the photos below, you can see the students revising the key concepts using playdoh, a great medium to show their understanding of enzymes.


They will be completing part two, practical component of the SAC (Photosynthesis) this week,  and the final write up will be just before the end of Term 1.


Good luck to everyone and well done for working so hard this term.

Julie Colyer


Photo: Frank the Wizard

What's happening @Steamworks!

Year 7 Prototype Projects

The boys programmed this Sphero to talk to patients as it moved around the

 hospital floor plan.

Meet George,

an automated marker pen delivery robot. 

Well done to Sydney and her team!


Lego, Littlebits and a 3D printed robot!

Year 7 boys designed this remote and water delivery prototype.  

Awesome work guys!

'Frank the Wizard'

Next Gen Design students Ben, Tyler and Nathan with their Pop Vinyl Toy.  

Fantastic work boys!

Tony Vallance

Steamworks Coordinator

Wednesday is Steam Queens Day!

Calling all girls! Come and be involved in Virtual Reality, Robotics or 3D printing.


It's time to start working on some big picture projects.  Come and help us make the world a better place, or just a more interesting one!

Wednesday LUNCHTIMES!!

Kath Corben


Technology Fees 

Many Technology elective subjects and all Home Economics classes carry a fee to help cover the increasing cost of materials.


Notices will be issued to students via Compass and I ask that parents/guardians please assist the school by paying the contribution as soon as practicably possible.


If you are experiencing any difficulties with this request, please don’t hesitate to contact the school.

Year 9
Home Eco Food Prep

Sponge cake making for the 'Art of Baking' assignment.


Caitlin Marshall

Head of Technology


LHS Reptile House

Lilydale High School’s Reptile House recently attended one Australia’s biggest wildlife events; the VHS Reptile and Amphibian Expo held at the Melbourne Show Grounds.

Leading up to the expo, we were visited by Steve Wilson, an award winning author and wildlife photographer as well as the YouTube channel, Critta Cam who filmed a short segment on the Reptile House featuring a couple of our senior keepers, Jake Peterson and Cameron Bamford.

On the day, we had 22 students attending the event and assisting in the set-up, running and pack of our display.


Students spent the day talking with the public about the school’s Reptile House, the Zoo Keeper program and the animals they take care for.


Most of the students, also participated in a public presentation in front of a large audience, where they presented a range of animals and gave people the opportunity to get up close and interact with a number of our animals.


It was a massive day, but the students were praised for knowledge and efforts and we were awarded ‘Best Display’ for the expo. 


Critta Cam visits LHS on Friday 2 March!

Just seen the most impressive collection of #reptiles THANK YOU Lilydale High School #reptileoneau #snakeracksaustralia #iherpaustralia #crittacam

 HUGE Monitor Collection


Marcus Whitby

Reptile House Coordinator


Student Services

Rob Webb and Jane Robbins are the Student Wellbeing Coordinators for 2017.


If your son or daughter is struggling with any issues either at home or at school, they are welcome to make an appointment to speak to Rob or Jane.  They can do so either in person or through their Coordinators.


Parents and guardians are also welcome to contact us directly with any concerns they may have.

Breakfast Club

Junior School Deck

Friday mornings

7:30 am – 8:30 am

All students WELCOME

Start the day with a yummy breakfast, some fun and games or just a chat.  

Cyber Safety Tips!

Tip 1

Create a Family Online Safety Contract

One way to encourage a discussion on Cyber Safety with young people is by creating a family contract together.    
This way everyone knows what is expected of them when they are using the internet; including mobile phones, tablets and other devices. 

For more information see;


Keep an eye on Compass for more Cyber Safety Tips.


Thank you to everyone who attended the production of “Cyberia” – Cyber Safety on Tuesday night.  We hope you found it useful in opening up honest conversations with our youth about Cyber Safety and awareness.



We would love to hear your feedback.  Please email it through to:

[email protected]


Student Services


Ropes Course

Wednesday 21 March

Trees Adventure

Glen Harrow Park



This one day event was organised to help establish teamwork within the 2018 Supper Club members and leaders.


The aim of the event was to put the students in an environment they were not used to, where they had to work as a team and encourage each other to achieve a positive result. 

Trees Adventure, featured exciting and challenging obstacle courses high up in the tree canopy, that had all the students swinging, leaping, climbing and flying through the forest.


The sessions ran for 2 hours (including training). After this, the students were be able to choose where to start, either on low easy courses or test their nerves on something higher!


Eleni Stavrou


Careers Appointments

The Careers Coordinators are available to assist students to make informed decisions about career choices and choices for study. Throughout the year students are seen individually or in groups regarding career information, subject choices and study skills. 


Students from Years 9 to 12 will be required to attend a compulsory interview throughout the year to discuss their future pathway, however, our doors are always open for students across the school who wish to speak to us. 


This term all Year 12 students will have their initial careers appointment for the year. At the Year 12 Retreat camp, students were told of the importance of these careers appointments and were given some initial tips to prepare them for their future pathways.


In Term 2, all Year 11 students will have an individual careers appointment focusing on their pathways after secondary school and their subject selection for 2019. If parents would like to attend their child’s session please contact Student Services office to discuss this on 9735 5644.


All Year 10 students will attend a Year 10 Career Pathway day on July 26 at the Lilydale Lutheran Church.  Students will have an careers interview to discuss schooling options, subject selection and post-secondary school pathways. Letters with appointment times will be sent home about this day at the end of Term 2.


Students in Year 9 will participate in a Career Action Day in Term 2.  Students will participate in a Resume writing workshop, Career planning workshop, Myers-Briggs Careers Assessment and Mock job interview. Students will also develop a Career Action Plan.


If you would like some advice on career pathways or training options, please book an appointment with the Careers Office on 9735 5644.


Year 9 Career Action Day

All Year 9 students will participate in a Careers Action Day in Term 2, designed to assist them entering part time work and preparing them for their future aspirations. 


Students will;

  • Develop a Career Action Plan
  • Create an individualised Resume
  • Engage in job matching to individual style and skills
  • Discover where to search and research jobs
  • Learn how to choose the right referees
  • Learn how to highlight "you" in a cover letter
  • Understand the importance of body language (and practise introducing themselves)
  • Explore the 'do's and don'ts' of an interview
  • Create a list of interview tips
  • Perform a careers interests profiler test
  • Attend a mock job interview

The Career Action day will be held on;


Monday 30 April – 9A, 9B, 9C, 9D, 9E, 9F, 9G

Thursday 3 May – 9H, 9I, 9J, 9K, 9L, 9M, 9N


As students will be participating in a 'mock interview', they are required to come dressed appropriately for a job interview e.g. Black polished shoes, black slacks, white shirt and dress coat.


More information and payment details can be found on Compass.

Work Experience - Year 10

Students in Year 10 have the opportunity this year to undertake Work Experience to develop their awareness of appropriate attitudes and behaviour in real work environments, to explore employment and career options, to develop contacts with potential employers and to observe the use made of skills taught in school subjects. 


Work Experience at Lilydale High School can occur at any time within the school year for up to 5 school days or 10 days, utilising part or all of the school holidays.


Students interested in completing Work Experience should speak to a Careers Practitioner who will inform them of necessary processes and forms required to complete Work Experience.


Please note, students are unable to complete Work Experience if the necessary forms and documentation is not completed.

School Leaving Age

From January 1 2010, the Government brought in new requirements for the school leaving age. Before a student is allowed to leave school they must satisfactorily complete Year 10 and until the age of 17, they must be in some form of full time training or employment.

Training options can include:

  • VCE
  • VCAL
  • Full Time TAFE
  • Apprenticeship

Any students wishing to leave school before these requirements are met must put in a request for exemption to the Regional Director in consultation with Lilydale High School.


All students leaving school before the end of Year 12 are required to fill in an exit form and complete a Careers or MIPs appointment.


Leaving school or not attending school can result in non-payment of Centrelink benefits.

Tax File Numbers

Students who have begun part-time or casual employment or wish to apply for CSP (Commonwealth Supported Place) at a University at the end of the year will need to apply for a tax file number.


Students must apply for a TFN online and have their identity verified through an interview at a participating Australia Post Office.


To apply and also to find out about participating Post Offices, visit the Australian Taxation Office;


University Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT)

The UMAT is developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) on behalf of the UMAT Consortium universities.


The test is used specifically to assist with the selection of students into the medicine, dentistry and health science degree programs at undergraduate level at the universities listed on this website.


Year 12 Students wishing to study Bachelor of Health Sciences in Oral Health Science or Dentistry at LaTrobe University or Bachelor of Medicine at Monash University, or medicine courses at interstate institutions will need to register and complete the test. 


Registrations close 5 pm,  Friday 1 June, 2018. 

Test date is Wednesday 25 July, 2018.



 Caulfield Racecourse, Caulfield


Thursday 3 May & Friday 4 May

 9 am-3 pm

Saturday 5 May & Sunday 6 May

10 am-4 pm



  • Admission is $10 per person (cash only)
  • $25.00 for families
    (3 or more including at least one parent)
  • School group discounts available
  • Children 14 and under free
  • Tickets valid for all 4 days and include all seminars
  • Tickets available for purchase from the ticket booth at the venue
  • Cash only, no credit card payments, ATM facilities available


LaTrobe University - Experience Clever Days

Friday 6 April, 2018

 9 am – 4:30 pm

Melbourne Campus


Experience Clever at La Trobe is designed especially for Year 10, 11 and 12 students to get a taste of what it is like to be a university student for a day and get the inside scoop on what really happens after high school.


Students may participate in interactive workshops of their choice, as well as lectures and seminars, and find out about student life.


University students and staff will be there to help participants out and answer any questions that might arise.


Experience Clever is a free event - with lunch and entertainment provided!


A day at Melbourne  University of Melbourne

Friday 6 April 

9 am – 3:30 pm

Parkville Campus, the University of Melbourne


The University of Melbourne is this event for Year 10 - 12 students, local and international, allowing students the opportunity to come and explore the Parkville campus and find out more about the range of study options available at the university. 


Students will be able to find out more about;

  • How the Melbourne Model works?
  • Undergraduate degrees and the pathways to postgraduate study at Melbourne
  • Entry requirements and admissions information
  • Accommodation options
  • Access Melbourne
  • Scholarships
  • Opportunities to enhance your study such as concurrent degrees, study abroad and exchange, clubs and societies and more

Registration: Registration is essential – registrations open soon at



Tim Kogelman and Craig Harris

Careers Coordinators


Photo: Phillip Island


Tuesday 27 March

Year 7 Camp 1 (7A, B, C, D, E, F) (27 to 29)


Thursday 29 March

End of Term 1 - 2.30 pm Finish


Monday 16 April

Start of Term 2

Year 7 Camp 2 (7G, H, I, J, K) (16 to 18)


Friday 20 April

Student Free Day - Staff Professional Development Day


Monday 23 April

Numeracy/Literacy Parent Info Evening


Wednesday 25 April

ANZAC DAY - Public Holiday


Please also refer to the Junior School Calendar on the school website for the full list of important dates/events.


Year 7 Camp - Packing List

Below is the PACKING LIST for students going on camp.


Celebrating Success!

If there is anything that happens in your child's life outside of school, please let us know, as we would like to celebrate their achievements with you.

For example, sporting achievements, musical successes… anything!

Arriving to school ON TIME

Students should be arriving at school no later than 8.30 am. This gives them time to put bags in lockers and organise their books for Periods 1 and 2 and get ready for Home Group Assembly. 

Home Group Assembly STARTS at 8.40 am.


It is imperative that students attend Home Group Assembly every morning to receive important information. 


Students who arrive late for school must provide a note from a parent/guardian and sign in at the Junior School Office.

Absences on COMPASS

All absences from school must be parent/guardian approved. You can do this through a signed note or you can approve your child’s absences on Compass.   


Please click on the Compass Parent Guide below for instructions for approving absences on Compass.


If you have forgotten your Compass username and password, please contact Kerri Skewes and Kerrie O'Rourke  in the Junior School Office.

Junior School Coordinators



Tuesday 27 March

Year 9/10 Student Led Assembly


Thursday 29 March

End of Term 1 - 2.30 pm Finish


Monday 16 April



Thursday 19 April

Year 10 Camp Meeting - students attending


Friday 20 April

STUDENT FREE DAY - Staff Professional Development Day


Wednesday 25 April

ANZAC DAY - Public Holiday


Monday 30 April

Year 10 Camp 1 (30 April to 8 May)

Year 9 Careers Day - 9A, 9B, 9C, 9D, 9E, 9F, 9G


Tuesday 1 May

Year 10 Camp 2 (1 May to 9 May)


Wednesday 2 May

Year 10 Camp 3 (3 May to 10 May)


Friday 11 May

Year 10 History - Immigration Museum


Please also refer to the Middle School Calendar on the school website for the full list of important dates/events.


Year 9 Captains' Report

On Thursday 15 March, students and their parents had the opportunity to conference with their teachers on ways to improve and organise their workload for this term and receive some feedback on how they have been going.   This should have helped everyone get on track for the Term 1 work requirements and CATs. We hope you are all on track for a S in all your subjects.

Next Tuesday 27 March,  there will be a student led assembly. This assembly will give the leaders of the school an opportunity to show their public speaking skills together with some talented students from the Lilydale High School community to talk about some exciting things that have been happening throughout the term.

Next week is our last week of Term 1. It has gone so quickly!  Be sure to make the most of the last couple of days of this term.


We hope everyone has completed their work and has no outstanding work, so you can enjoy your holidays.



Camp 1  Monday 30 April to Tuesday 8 May

Camp 2  Tuesday 1 May  to Wednesday 9 May

Camp 3  Wednesday 2 May to Thursday 10 May



The following forms MUST BE returned the Middle School Office BY MONDAY;

  • Confidential Medical Form
  • 2 Camp Photo Forms
  • Dietary Requirements Form​



Payment WAS Due - Wednesday 21 March




Payment Due - Friday 23 March




Payment DUE Friday 23 March



Arriving to school ON TIME..... 8.30 am

Students should be arriving at school no later than 8.30 am. This gives them time to put bags in lockers and organise their books for Periods 1 and 2 and get ready for Home Group Assembly. 


Home Group Assembly STARTS at 8.40 am.


It is imperative that students attend Home Group Assembly to receive important information. 

Students who arrive late for school must provide a note from a parent/guardian and sign in at the Junior School Office.



Students Absences

All student absences must be parent/guardian approved.  You can do this through a signed note brought to school, approving on Compass, or by calling the School Absence Line before 9.30 am.


Please click on the Compass Parent Guide below for instructions for approving absences on Compass.


If you have forgotten your Compass username and password, please contact Lauren Kelso in the Middle School Office.


Parent Contact

Please don’t hesitate to call us or your child’s teacher, with any questions or queries in relation to Middle School.


Middle School Coordinators



Thursday 29 March

End of Term 1 - 2.30 pm Finish


Monday 16 April



Wednesday 18 April

Top Arts - NGV Excursion


Thursday 19 April

Year 12 Study Skills,  Periods 1 - 4


Friday 20 April

Student Free Day - Staff Professional Development Day 


Wednesday 25 April



Thursday 26 April

Year 11 Study Skills, Periods 1 - 4


Please also refer to the Senior School Calendar on the school website for the full list of important dates/events.


Year 12 Study Skills

Year 12 students will be participating in a Study Skills day on Thursday 19 April from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm. This is a compulsory incursion for all students.


The cost of the day is $30.  The cost covers two sessions, booklets and lunch afterwards.


The sessions cover strategies on note taking, time management, recall strategies, exam techniques, organisation and many other areas.


Consent and payment is due by Monday 16 April. This can be paid online or to the Main Office.


Year 11 Study Skills

Students in Year 11 will be completing a Study Skills session on Thursday 26 April.   This is a compulsory incursion for all Year 11 students, including VCAL students.


Students will be provided with lunch and are required at normal school times in full school uniform.   The program runs from Periods 1-4 and then classes return as per normal for Periods 5 and 6.


Consent and payment of $30 are due by Monday 23 April and can be paid online or to the Main Office.

Easter Activities

We have an Easter colouring competition happening currently for all of our VCE students. You can collect a copy from the VCE Office and enjoy some mindful colouring with the chance of winning a yummy prize.


Thanks to Siobhan Taylor, one of our Arts Captains, for the beautiful artwork. These are due in to the VCE office on Monday 26 April.


There will also be an Easter Egg Hunt occurring for all VCE students during recess on the final day of Term 1,  Thursday 29  March.


Year 11 Peer Support

Our Year 11 Peer Support leaders have been doing a fantastic job working with the Year 7 students during Year 7 Community Time.


This fortnight the leaders were involved in running sessions on gender stereotypes. The students developed ways in which to be more aware of one-another in the school community.


Mindful Mornings
VCE Points!

Mindful mornings are still happening every morning at Steamworks from 8.10 am - 8.20 am.

Come down to Steamworks and enjoy a relaxing start to your morning. 

VCE students will receive one point for every session they attend, so make sure that you put your name down when you drop in.

Year 11 Captains' Report

Starting VCE has been a new experience for everyone. We have all had to adapt to the new amount of study we must undertake that comes along with being in VCE. Many people found that the journey, though difficult, was manageable and have found that they have been able to broaden their horizons, in terms of how to apply themselves to their schoolwork. 

In the past couple of weeks, a select group of Year 11's participated in a weekly activity called “Peer Support” where groups of Year 11's were tasked with helping to guide the Year 7's  through their journey between primary and high school.  It was a challenging experience as working with young kids and trying to teach them about serious matters is never easy. However, all of the Year 11 students who participated in the activity all learned some new skills about how to interact with young people and form a connection with people.


All of the Year 11 students hope that they made a positive impact on the new students and we hope that the transition to high school was made even more enjoyable.


Benson Rowntree and Chloe Saunders


A reminder that if your child misses a School Assessed Coursework (SAC) they must get a medical certificate to enable them to sit the SAC in the next available IPT time slot.


Students will not be granted SAC redemption unless they have a medical certificate or it is a school-approved absence. If there are extenuating circumstances please let us know and we will make a decision based on the VCAA guidelines.


Once a student has been approved for SAC redemption, they will be required to sit the SAC the next available time slot.

Absences on COMPASS

Any absences from school must be parent/guardian approved.  You can do this through a signed note or you can approve your child’s absences via the Parent Approval Button on Compass. 


You can also use Compass to view your student’s past absences. 

VCE Coordinators

Lilydale High School News
COMPASS Approving Absences Guide.pdf
COMPASS Approving Absences Guide.pdf