07 June 2018
Issue Nine
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Upcoming Dates

Pupil Free Day - 7th June

Queens Birthday Public Holiday - 11th June

GAT- 13th June

MiVCE Fluro Run- 15th June

Year 12 Formal- 22nd June

Last Day of Term- 29th of June

Principal's Report

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending the wedding of an old and dear friend.  She and I got to know each other while we were both students at Warrnambool Secondary College and have remained friends in the decades that have since passed.  In my twenties I seemed to be at weddings every month or so, and so treated them as commonplace, looking forward to the dancing, food and general party vibe.  Now I seem to be at many more funerals than weddings, and so when I’m part of the celebration of two people publicly committing to each other I cherish the occasion a bit more and find I focus on the ceremony rather than the reception.


At this wedding, an exert from “The Subjection of Women” by John Stuart Mill was read.  This essay was written in 1869 and as the words were read I found myself captivated by simple truths that seemed to have been largely forgotten in the century that followed its publication.  One sentence regarding the values within marriage particularly appealed to me:

“… between who there exists that best kind of equality, similarity of powers and capacities with reciprocal superiority in them – so that each can enjoy the luxury of looking up to the other, and can have alternately the pleasure of leading and of being led in the path of development.”

John Stuart Mill goes on to acknowledge that for many, such a sentiment “would appear the dream of an enthusiast”, and even 149 year later, with all our progressive thoughts on gender equity, this line of thinking seems far-fetched.  But it got me to thinking about our school’s values and purpose, and I wondered what our school community would look like if we took these virtues seriously.


Our school values are that “We achieve success through persistence, resilience and mutual respect”.  When speaking about these aspects of our school culture, it’s easy for students and staff to identify what persistence and resilience looks like.  I see it every day in the way that students and staff learn alongside one another.  And I see mutual respect each day too, but it’s a little harder to pin down and specifically label.  I think perhaps mutual respect, in its purest, ideal form is demonstrated when “each can enjoy the luxury of looking up to the other”.  When there is no judgement, no hidden agendas, no grandstanding.  Just the luxury of celebrating someone else’s ability to thrive and knowing that someone is celebrating your achievements at the same time.  It puts everyone on the same pedestal and simultaneously lifts everyone up.  I wonder how incredible we could be if this was the default setting of the whole Warrnambool College community.


This Friday, our staff will be undertaking professional development in ‘Positive Psychology”.  Collectively we will reflect on our own perspectives on positivity and how this way of thinking might transform the way we teach and learn at Warrnambool College.  I am confident that these reflections will help us to live out our purpose – ‘Every Warrnambool student thrives’.  I hope as we create an environment of optimism and hope, we also become enthusiastic dreamers who model and encourage mutual respect where “each can enjoy the luxury of looking up to the other”.


Kind Regards,


Dave Clift


Assistant Principal Report

Philanthropic endeavours are in full swing. This week we have celebrated the Logan’s House BBQ that was rained out on their out-of-uniform day. Next Friday on the 15th the MiVCE group have coordinated a colour run and Rainbow day to raise funds for the bushfire appeal. This will be closely followed by the Merri House celebration day on Friday the 22nd of June. It is wonderful to see the spirit with which our student body elects to support those in our community and beyond. Next Friday in particular appears to be a phenomenal initiative and we certainly hope that the efforts of the MiVCE group are well supported.


The final day of term will take place on Friday the 29th of June. Normal classes will run for the morning session and House activities will commence from 11.30am. Students have been advised via compass if their House is planning activities off campus. This looks set to be a wonderful occasion and reconnection between staff and students after a long and busy term.


We look forward to the Arts Unfurled event that will be taking place on Thursday the 14th of June. At the present time there are numerous art initiatives that are taking place around the campus and I wish to congratulate and commend the art staff on their dedication and assistance. Students have been offered opportunities to join a drawing academy and are in the process of completing preparations for an academy uniform. There is a ‘pop up’ gallery operating. The forensic art class have been completing amazing work (for more graphic pictures check out Facebook). In addition to all of this there is also a photography competition running based on the theme of ‘light’. Last year the work that was received was outstanding and is still gracing the walls of our conference room. We are all looking forward to the potential that will be unearthed again this year from our creative minds.

Have a great long weekend. We hope all families that are traveling stay safe and enjoy some extra time together for bonding and re-connection.

House Report


Another busy few weeks have passed for the Mighty Merri students . There has been a noticeable effort directed towards their studies, with the Student Attitudes to School surveys allowing them to consider their efforts in  the classroom, and what changes they would like to make to optimise the learning environment for all. Certain superstars who deserve a mention for exceptional numbers of merits are:


Merit Celebrations – Merit Leaderboard

  • Ronald Sly- 37 Merits
  • Taya Duthie – 34 Merits
  • Isabella Waterfall – 34 Merits
  • Aya Maulyda – 33 Merits
  • Jonah Maher – 33 Merits 


Amazing outcome for Cross Country coming a close second, once again, it’s in our numbers that Merri are great. Individually we have some star athletes but together we are a true force.

Congratulations to the following Merri student place getters:

14 year girls

– Ella Johnstone (3rd place)

16 year girls

– Stella Bridgewater (1st place)

– Ebony Lilley (2nd place)

16 year boys

– Liam Meekes (3rd place)

17 – 20 year girls

– Naticia Varley (1st place)

– Sienna Crabbmor (3rd place)

17 – 20 year boys

– Matt Rea (2nd place)

The annual Merri Bake Sale and Curry Day is happening on the Friday 22nd June. A comfortable theme of Winter Woolies will be on display for all, so be sure to rug up on this great day, where our collective efforts raise plenty of funds. On offer amongst other delicacies are:

Baked goods – ranging from 50c – $2

Hot chocolates - $2

Curries - $3

See you at the Bake sale

Year 10 Camp

Year 10 students have recently enjoyed their highly anticipated Melbourne Camps.  Activities this year have included an inspiring visit to ArtVo, an engaging mock culpable driving trial at the original Melbourne Magistrates Court – Old Melbourne Gaol precinct, anti-gravitational feats at Bounce!, wet bottoms at the Steven Bradbury Ice Rink, compassion and gratefulness at the Big Issue Classroom, a brush with fame as live audience members on Channel 10s The Project (Miss Hammond you star!) and a sobering visit to the incredible Jewish Holocaust Museum.  Thank you to all students for displaying persistence, resilience and mutual respect during the camps – you are all fantastic ambassadors for Warrnambool College.  Thank you also to all of the teachers who attended, and of course a huge thank you to Sharyn Warren (camps coordinator) for her brilliant organisation and support.

Public Speaking

It’s been a very busy few weeks in the public speaking office with students honing their skills  in preparation for numerous public speaking events. Overall, we had 22 students participate in the Warrnambool Speech and Drama Eisteddfod last week and all of these students excelled. A number of students entered numerous sections bringing the medal and ribbon tally to an all-time high!  Year 12 student, Tiffany Tracey’s accomplishments were outstanding and we eagerly await confirmation that she has been awarded the aggregate trophy for the sixth year in a row!  On Wednesday, Year 12 students Caleb Stewart and Susan Malikoff participated in the VCAA Plain English Competition which was held at Brauer College.  Participants must deliver a 6- minute speech and an impromptu speech. The Melbourne adjudicators were most impressed with the calibre of our regional students. Susan Malikoff placed first and will compete in the semi- final in Melbourne at the end of June.

Five eager year 7 speakers are preparing for the Legacy Junior Public Speaking Award which will be held at Legacy House on June 21st. Finally, debating teams have all been notified about dates, venue and team topics. The debates will be held between July 31st and August 3rd.  The public speaking office is a great space for debating teams to prepare for this event. I encourage all teams to have their debates nearly complete before the end of term. We have 17 teams entered this year.



Premier League Game 3 Match Report

Game 3 Match Report Warrnambool College v SEDA

Game 3 of the Premier league football was the Bullants last chance to  keep their finals aspirations alive! With a moderate breeze sweeping across the Birregurra Recreation Reserve the boys faced a tough opposition against SEDA Sporting College. With a well-structured side the Bullants were confident they had what it took to overrun there highly regarded opposition and use our Bullant sting.


In the first quarter the boys started okay with six scoring shots for a total of two goals and four behinds. Jake Hussey and Josh Folkes were electric in the forward fifty with Hussey taking several big marks and crunching packs, followed by Folkes ground work as a crumber. The Bullants however didn’t make the most of their opportunities and SEDA made us pay, kicking 3 goals straight to lead narrowly at quarter time. An injury blow for the Bullants with Henry Owen going down with a broken collarbone left a big gap in not only his collarbone but the teams backline.



The second quarter was better with a more accurate result in front of goal with four goals and one behind for the Bullants, to Seda’s three goals and five behinds. We were lucky SEDA were inaccurate. Still fumbling, the Bullants had a lot left in the tank.

A motivational spray, and strategic on-field positional changes from newly appointed A-team Adam Dowie and Liam Stow, proved benenficial as the rock Jalen Porter went to the backline and superstar young gun Mitch Burgess replaced him in the midfield. The Bullants were on fire keeping Seda to a measly three behinds in the premiership quarter. Once again gun forward Jake Hussey and his accomplice Josh Folkes added the three majors to the scoreboard, whilst EJ Harvey, Mitch Bidmade, Alex Lavithis Davies and Mitch Burgess showed off their damaging skills out of the midfield to provide our forwards with some clean enteries.


Only one quarter remained, the Bullants had to dig deep to run over the top of their opposition. Things were getting heated but the boys rallied themselves together and played a terrific brand of football. Luke Byrne the swingman was placed in the goal square with strict instructions to play off the line. Cooper Graham provided run and was rewarded with a sweet left foot goal. Lachlan Mcleod was given a role and excelled beyond expectation, Jed Henderson and Jaxon Dalton proved a handy partnership in the ruck, Luke Byrne virtually one the game for the Bullants by kicking three goals in the final term after a slow start. Isaac Thomas the playmaker off halfback created a lot of scoring options with his footy smarts. Harry White was as solid as a rock down back. The game was completed with the Bullants running over the top of Seda by thirty nine points.


Scores for the day were


Q1 WC: 2 4 16 – Seda 3 0 18

Q2 WC: 4 1 25 – Seda 3 5 23

Q3 WC: 3 1 19 – Seda 0 3 3

Q4 WC: 6 1 37 – Seda 2 2 14


WC: 15 Goals 7 Behinds: 97


SEDA: 8 Goals 10 Behinds: 58


WC Goal Kickers

Josh Folkes 4, Luke Byrne 3, Jake Hussey 3, Alex Lavithis Davies 2, Cooper Graham 1, Mitch Bidmade 1, Jed Henderson


WC Best

Mitch Burgess, Mitch Bidmade, Lachlan Mcleod, Jalen Porter, Isaac Thomas, Jake Hussey, Josh Folkes, Harry White


The Bullants finished second in their section and now play the winner of the other section which is Catherine McAuley College from Bendigo at Bendigo in a semi-final in week 10. If we win this game, we progress to the Grand Final.  


Go Bullants.


Please click on the link below to access the Bullants singing their new song! The words are also below!


Son’s of the Nest, 
Green, White and Blue
We’ll come out biting
Bullants through and through
(what do we sing)
Bullants march and Bullants sting
We give our very best
But you can’t beat the spirit of the Bullant Boys
The team of the mighty West.




Strictly Ballroom the Musical


Cast, band and crew have put in countless hours over the past 8 weeks and the show is coming together song by sparkly sequin filled song. 

Vocal Director Louise Keast, who recently placed 6th at the Patricia Fagan Operatic Aria Solo Championship at the Cowra Eisteddfod, is working magic with the cast generously sharing all of her experience, professionalism and talent. Whilst Director Kerry Ziegeler, Choreographer Mug Lumsden and Musical Director Kristyn Cram work tirelessly during lunch breaks and at all rehearsals bringing the script and score to life – and all of its daggy, yet endearing, Aussie idiocies. A big thank you goes to Ann Body for twinkling the ivories at every rehearsal and helping bring the notes from the pages.

There will be four shows across August 2nd and 3rd with a matinee and evening performance each day. Over 300 primary school students will attend on Thursday and some lucky Warrnambool College students will be there on Friday.

So come dance the night away with us in August and you will no doubt feel that ‘Love is in the Air’ and want to come back ‘Time after Time’.


School News

Year 7 Music

Year 7 music students have been busy rehearsing in their class rock band.  This activity gives every member of the class a chance to experience what it is like to work in a rock band situation.  They have been learning “Shape of You” by Ed Sheran.  The Music Department is getting ready to send their Senior and Junior Concert bands to the Eisteddfod.  While we have several groups performing at the eisteddfod, we also have many solo artists who are competing so we wish them all the best of luck.


CSEF Applications

Reminder that the final date for CSEF applications is the 29th of June.

Any applications submitted after this date will not be accepted.

Tall Poppies


Cross Country

Last Friday we were spoilt with a fantastic afternoon of beautiful weather for the Greater Western Region Cross Country at Deakin University.

Our team competed with great sportsmanship and enthusiasm and we had some great results.

These included our 15 year girls and 17-20 year boys taking out 1st place in the teams event with the 12/13 year boys being placed 3rd. On the individual front we had Lily Johnson in 1st place, and 2nd places to Stella Bridgewater, Naticia Varley and Lorcan Hancock.

We now have 16 students who have qualified through to the State Finals in Melbourne on the 19th July. 



Art Excursion

The year 7C & H Art & Design students enjoyed their recent Art field trip to Tower Hill - a dormant volcano & nature reserve between situated Warrnambool & Port Fairy. It was a fast visit - the students ate a picnic pursued by hungry emus, observation sketched flora & fauna, stitched together panoramic photos from the Von Guerard lookout - all to be used as reference for watercolour landscape paintings & mixed media nature illustrations back in the classroom. 

Thanks to the students for their wonderful behavior- sorry we couldn't stay even longer- next time! 

Christine Norton , Daniel Hayes & Andrew Conquest.


Today we welcomed 2014 alumni Gaby Carty in to the year 11 and 12 Chemistry classes to hear about      her university experiences. Gaby, who is studying  chemistry, genetics and climate science at Latrobe, has kept in touch with her old chemistry teacher (and Warrnambool High alum) Wendy Toogood   since leaving school.  Connect with other alumni by inboxing us or emailing [email protected], and we’ll be in touch.


Community Notices

Bus Notice

Please be advised that country buses are for registered travellers only and are not to be used for sports training/work/social purposes. Parent/carers are to make their own arrangements in this regard.


​Thanh Loc Project

Celebrate your “Schoolies Week” doing something meaningful!

Join other year 12 students on a trip of a life time.  Travel to one of the poorest areas of Vietnam and assist with manual unskilled labour improving a school.

These trips can be life changing and the friendships made with other team members  and locals are rarely forgotten.

Where our teams work are not accessible by tourists or the general public.

Although the work and atmosphere can be physical and emotionally challenging at times, we all find a task that is suitable for our ability

Date of trip: 24th November – 2nd  December.

If you are interested please refer to our facebook site Thanh Loc Project or contact Rod Stone on [email protected], Whats App +61938370432 or phone Sue 0402243030.  The Tanh Loc Project  is a non religious, non political not for profit project helping the very poor in Vietnam.