03 August 2018
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The Principal's Voice
by Mrs Karen Spiller, OAM

Principal's Voice


Feeling Pride

Grit and inner motivation are building blocks to success, yet we sometimes struggle with how to instil these qualities in children. The arrogance of feeling superior to others was once considered to be one of the seven deadly sins. But researchers have focused on a healthier, more productive type of pride. Authentic pride — the deep personal satisfaction of hitting a valued goal — can encourage the kind of self-discipline and hard work it takes to stay motivated, overcome challenges and achieve.


A study last year by German researchers found students who reported feeling positive emotions such as pride and enjoyment in their work had significantly better achievement over time than students who had the same level of ability but fewer positive emotions.


On the other hand, feeling a lack of pride in our work can motivate us to worker harder too. One study found that students who did poorly told researchers that they planned to study more in the future and then went on to perform better on the next exam.


Pride acts as a barometer of achievement. Pride makes you value long-term goals more than present ones and builds self-control and grit from the bottom up.


Parents play a critical role in building their child’s sense of pride. Our brains don’t come hard-wired to know what to take pride in, such as grades or sports, so children initially look to parents and then to teachers and peers to find out what is valued by those around them and therefore what goals are worthwhile to pursue.


When young people are engaged in areas where they feel confident and proud, it creates a ripple effect, giving them the motivation and encouragement to take on new challenges in other areas of their lives.


To teach children how to use pride as a motivational tool, point it out, Did you notice how you felt when you aced your test, built that model plane or sang that song? If they’re feeling a lack of pride over a test score or performance, talk through the actions they can take to avoid feeling that way in the future. To stay intrinsically motivated, children must feel as if they’re improving toward a goal, so point out the pride they should feel in the small successes along the way.


When we withhold genuine praise or downplay pride, we deprive children of a powerful source of motivation that can help them persevere in the face of challenges today — and throughout their lives.

At the College

All students and staff should be feeling very proud at the moment for the outstanding performances our students gave to the greater Brisbane community last week. We were all treated to the most sensationally entertaining, professional production I have ever seen, and I thank all involved in the production of We Will Rock You. Thank you in particular to Mr Gallo, Ms Waddell, Mr Andrews and the other Mr Andrews, all teachers of music, dance and drama in the College and all other staff, parents and alumni who assisted with the musical.


Thank you to our students for their months of hard work through rehearsals and all their preparations.


All who saw the performances were gobsmacked by the talent, calibre, energy and enthusiasm of the students. Thank you again to all.

Congratulations to:

This week we would like to congratulate:

  • Year Eleven student Lyla Sampson who placed first in the Prelim class (Eva 95cm) on her horse Fig at the Tambourine Equestrian International 3 day event, and tenth on her horse Mick in the pre-novice (2nd junior) event.  Well done Lyla!
  • Year Eleven student Minuka Mendis for her successful application in the National Youth Science Forum. On Sunday before her matinee performance in the school musical, Minuka travelled to Toowoomba for the final interviews.
  • Big Band students who were awarded the Most Outstanding Jazz Ensemble - Division 1 for the sixth consecutive year at the Brisbane City Bands Festival last week.
  • Primary Viva Choir for their third place at the Redlands Eisteddfod on Wednesday evening.

JPConnect and Techsphere

#toptip JPConnect

Question: Can I check my account balance and pay fees online using JPConnect?

Response: Absolutely, all finance interactions with the College are visible on JPConnect. This area lists all of the invoices, transactions and receipts for families. It is also possible to finalise payments using an online transaction portal.

How to:

  • Login to JPConnect using current credentials. http://www.jpconnect.net/
  • Access the “Engage” tab from the top menu. When using a mobile device it will be necessary to select the “hamburger”  to display the side menu.
  • Select “Family Management” and “01 Finance.”
  • The “Finance” details are displayed for the family. The summary page lists the receipts and statement history for the debtor and a transaction history. Documents are available for access and download as a PDF. The receipts and transactions can be filtered by time.

An online option is available for making a payment online.

  • Further documentation to support the use of the College’s Finance tab can be found under the brown “Book and Pay” tile in Accounts & Retail tray.

A teal tile is supplied as a direct link to the area of . Additional explanation and appropriate forms are provided for:

  • Schedule of Fees
  • Instalment Dates
  • Payment Facilities
  • Credit Card Authority and
  • Direct Debit Authority

Queries or Questions:

eMail: [email protected]

phone: 3826 3496

drop in: Techsphere Service Centre, Markwell Carpark (7.30 – 4.30 Monday to Friday in term time)


JPC Announcements

Minecraft Afternoon

Who: Years Four to Six

Date: 24 August 2018

Time: 3.45pm

Where: Burke Building (Year Four Building)

Price: $10


Bring your school laptop with the Minecraft Education Edition installed and an afternoon snack.

RSVP to Mrs Angell via email to [email protected]

JPC Friends of Netball Colour Explosion Run4Fun​

JPC Friends of Netball Colour Explosion Run4Fun – It’s a family fun event, where all ages and abilities are welcomed to join the fun of participating in a Sunday morning 1 km, 2 km, or 3 km run, walk, jog or skip (distances pending oval size and age category).


As participants walk, run, dance and jiggle their way around the course, they’ll pass through a variety of different colour zones. At each of these zones participants will get showered in the designated colour of that zone.


Date: Sunday, 2 September 2018

Time: from 8.00 am

Venue: John Paul College, Cec Munns Sports Centre, John Paul Drive, Daisy Hill QLD 4127

Cost: $25 per participant


Tickets go on sale on Monday, 23 July at 9.00am.  To purchase your tickets please click here.

Senior School

From the Head of Senior School

Welcome to Week Three


Parent Teacher Student Interview Evenings

We have completed one of the two Parent Teacher Student Interview Evenings with many parents availing themselves of the opportunity to speak to the teachers and get a clear picture of where their child is placed academically. We look forward to seeing more parents on Tuesday for the final evening.

Subject Selection Evening for students going into Years Eight, Nine and Ten in 2019

The Subject Selection Evening is on Wednesday 29 August commencing at 6.00pm in the Gorman Lecture Theatre. All parents are encouraged to come along and enjoy the presentation, meet the Heads of Learning and walk through the showcase of subjects on offer. A letter will be going out with all the details.

LIVET 2018

The Live-In-Vocational-Education-Training (LIVET) programme is designed to provide secondary school students with practical experience while working in a ‘real life’ hospitality environment. The programme prepares students for the demands and expectations of the working world, as well as providing an opportunity to extend the theoretical learnings of the classroom into practical applications in the workplace.

Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast assists with this experience and in Week Two, the Year Eleven Hospitality students working on their Hospitality Certificate II worked in a variety of hospitality related job roles by completing work rotations in six operational work areas of the hotel.


The first year that I completed the LIVET program was in 2017, as a Year Eleven student. At the time, I was completing my Certificate II in Hospitality, which required me to complete 12 shifts of work experience. Royal Pines offers a program called LIVET, which allows students to complete real-world work experience in their hotel. Prior to the experience, we were able to choose where we would like to complete our shifts in the resort. I was able to work in a variety of places, which included kitchens, golf operations, the café and housekeeping. These areas allowed me to see how different sections of the hotel work, as I was able to work in ‘back of house’ and ‘front of house’.


This year, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel back down again to Royal Pines Resort and complete another round of work experience shifts. I am currently completing the Certificate III in Hospitality, which requires me to complete 36 hours of work experience shifts. By coming down to Royal Pines Resort with the LIVET program, I was able to complete all of my required shifts. With the help of my teacher, I was able to create an alternative program that allowed me to complete more intensive shifts and involved me shadowing different managers within the hotel. This opportunity allowed me to put my theoretical learning from both my Diploma of Business and Certificate III in Hospitality into practice.  


Year Twelve student, Jeorgia-Sam Naidu

We Will Rock You

I had the opportunity to attend the We Will Rock You production twice during the weekend. What superb performances on both occasions. Everyone I spoke to agreed. The soloists were sensational, the music was of the highest quality, the acting and dancing was unbelievable. The overall impact was the best I have seen in a school production. I hope you took advantage of attending as well.

Congratulations to all the students (and staff) who worked so hard to achieve such a wonderful spectacle. We Will Rock You was a production to remember and be very proud of! It was pure entertainment of the highest quality.

From the Head of Careers and Pathways…

H. Jackson Brown Jr once said…

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”


With this quotation in mind, I would add my voice to those of my teaching colleagues regarding the importance of this term to our Year Twelve students. Everybody knows that it is a big term and from a careers/future perspective, it can be a stressful time for some.


Currently many Year Twelve’s are coming to chat with me about their future, their present and how it affects their future and what needs to happen for the rest of the year to make sure that goals are achieved and aspirations realised. I have had some great conversations and I love to see the drive and passion that our young people have for their life after JPC. The most frequent topics being discussed currently include: OP’s and how they affect my future, career paths, tertiary education and QTAC applications.


The purpose of this message to the JPC community from me then is to say, “I’m here to help.”

Remember students…

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.”


Steve Cuthbert

([email protected])

07 38263593

EKKA Break

We now enter a very important part of the year where we have another week before the EKKA break and then a short time before exams start for Year Eleven and Twelve students. It is therefore appropriate that all students in the Senior School are focused on their studies and supporting each other to ensure they are learning to their potential and are thoroughly prepared for upcoming assessments.

Dates to Note:

Tuesday 7 August - Parent Teacher Student Interviews (Second evening)

Tuesday 7 August - JPC Parents & Friends meeting

Friday 10 August - 40 Hour Famine sleepover

Mon 13 – Wed 15 August - EKKA break

Wednesday 29 August - Years Eight, Nine & Ten Subject Selection Evening


Mr Allan Dennis

Head of Senior School

Middle School

From the Head of Middle School

Our Middle School students have been very busy with their academic studies over the first couple of weeks of this term. Many students have also been balancing other commitments such as the musical, performing arts rehearsals and/or school sport training and competition. Managing a busy schedule and successfully navigating the pressures of study, co-curricular, social time and family commitments is a life skill. In our pastoral care programme this term, our Heads of Year have introduced a programme that supports our students develop better self-regulation skills, improve their capability to cope with life pressures, and enhance their academic resilience. In this programme our pastoral care teachers have begun a process of one on one data conversations with each student to review their Semester One academic performance in each subject, and compare to the cohort performance. Students then use this feedback to set new academic goals and develop a study plan incorporating a range of strategies to improve their study, revision and performance.


Across the College we aim to further develop a system of academic mentoring and support students in becoming highly resilient, independent learners. A team of teachers across Primary and Secondary Schools have formed an Academic Mentoring Committee to lead a research project with Year Ten focused on academic mentoring to begin in Term Four. This project is supported by the Science of Learning Research Centre (SLRC) from the University of Queensland (UQ). Researchers from the SLRC are supporting the College to conduct our own research in the areas of self-regulation and resilience. Throughout 2019 this mentoring system will grow to include other year levels.

Student Leaders

Our Student Ambassadors and Student Council leaders have been busy supporting the College with block interviews by touring families around the College as well as planning for some upcoming Middle School events. Three upcoming events include the Movie Night, Dance and RUOK Day Fun Run. Working in small groups, our Student Council members in Years Seven, Eight and Nine are responsible for managing each event including contacting key staff (Catering, Techsphere, Property Services, Administration) to ensure all bookings, function request orders, sound equipment, risk assessments, communication and promotions are ready and appropriate to ensure a smooth running of each event. This responsibility develops a strong understanding of event management requirements as well as skills in collaboration, communication and problem-solving. Keep a look out for a detailed promotion of each event soon. Key dates for these events include:

Middle School Movie Night:    Friday 17th August, 5.30 – 8.00 pm (Bradley Building)

Middle School Dance:            Friday 7th September, 6.30 – 9.00 pm (Coleman Centre)

RUOK Day Fun Run:              Thursday 13th September, 11.00 am – 12.00 pm (Stephen Bowers Oval)


Congratulations to all cast and crew involved in the 2018 production ‘We Will Rock You’. The performances were first-class as the students created an amazing spectacle. Well done to Mr Gallo and his incredible team of staff for enabling such a wonderful performance.

TAS Sport

Our first round of matches for this trimester of TAS sport was against St Columban’s College last weekend at home. Our girls are competing in touch and volleyball and the boys in basketball and football. With a mixture of results, I congratulate all players on their conduct, effort and school spirit. Below are some photos from around the grounds:

Mr Mark Zietsch

Head of Middle School


Primary School

From the Head of Primary

Dear Parents,

Thank you for supporting ‘We Will Rock You’ through attendance, hair and make-up, volunteering for costumes, travel for rehearsals and performances. Our students are to be congratulated for the outstanding performance of what will truly be remembered as one of the most memorable musical performances of our College.


We also congratulate students in Year Six who were received Academic Honours and Pro Diligentia Awards at today’s assembly. I always like to remind the Year Six students that a Pro Diligentia Award is for a competition that is between them and themselves. Nobody beat them or stopped them from getting this award. There were no quotas. This means, if they received one, they demonstrated their diligence and best effort. Whether you are in Kindy, Prep or Year Six, we love to see the students learning, growing and developing to make the world a better and more peaceful place. The world needs our students to be creative, to be inspiring, to be awesome, to be diligent.


I am pleased to share that Kindness On Purpose has been selected for inclusion on the beyondblue National Education Initiative. 


The beyondblue National Education Initiative will provide online and on-the-ground information, support and advice on how to promote and maintain good mental health practices among staff and students.


Kindness On Purpose (KOP) is an evidenced-based clinical programme using acts of kindness on purpose as an ACCESS point to empathy.  Focusing on:

  • a whole school approach
  • class based lessons
  • High School workshops
  • circle conversations with individual students
  • parent workshops and engagement strategies

Increased empathy + increased emotional literacy = lower rates of bullying, better educational outcomes and lower rates of depression and anxiety.  

If you know of examples of behaviours that are ‘bullying concerns’ that you or your family are experiencing in our JPC Community please let me know. We can identify trends and follow up on unhelpful and unwanted behaviours that we know about.


Over the coming weeks, in addition to our continued strong focus on academic rigour, we will celebrate Foundation Day, Book Character Parade as part of Book Week celebrations, Prep to Year Two Sports Day, student-led conferences (not including Year Six) and the Primary School Disco, to name just a few.


We will also be holding a parent forum session to further unpack our Academic Programme, on the morning of Open Day, 9 August and will invite interested parents to view the learning in ‘action’ in the classrooms afterwards.


I encourage parents who are able to assist our Friends of Primary group with the upcoming disco to contact one of the Friends of Primary team. Parent volunteers ensure the event’s smooth running and success for our children.


Mr Andy Gordon

Head of Primary School

From the Friends of Primary

The Primary School Disco is just around the corner, on Friday 10 August, 2018. We would love your help in making sure the event runs smoothly so the children will have a wonderful time. If you could spare some time to assist in setting up, working in the canteen or the glow stall, or packing up the event, we would greatly appreciate it. Please go to our sign-up schedule and select a time that suits you by clicking this link: https://signupschedule.com/jpcfop


We look forward to seeing you all at the disco, to have a night of fun and ensure this is another successful event for our children.


Library Learning

Book Week is Coming

The Noelene Munns Learning Centre is gearing up for a special effort to help all students discover the treasure of books during Book Week this year. The theme for 2018 is Find Your Treasure so as you step through the doors be prepared to enter a sunken world of treasure amidst the coral, fish and turtles. You will even find an underwater diver on his own search for the treasure of books. One word of warning – watch out for the sharks!


Our traditional Book Character Parade will step out on Friday 24 August. We look forward to seeing all the children dressed as characters from the books that they treasure.

Learning in the Library

Primary students are enjoying the pick of Australian children’s literature as they read the books shortlisted by the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) during their library lessons. The students are working their way through the shortlisted books in the categories of Book of the Year: Early Childhood and Picture Book of the Year. While the CBCA will be announcing the Book of the Year in each category during Book Week, our Primary classes are holding their own vote for their favourites. It will be interesting to compare the final outcomes!


Year Eleven English students were among the first to enjoy the revamped reading area in the Middle Library in the NMLC. Previously home to the guided reading and home reading for the Primary School, the reading room now houses a huge array of Middle and Senior School fiction novels in a comfy, light and airy environment. The Year Eleven students were on the hunt for exemplars of writing styles that grabbed a reader’s interest. The relaxed atmosphere was a hit, with students working diligently and finding plenty of material for their studies.


The revamped reading room will be officially launched during Book Week. We look forward to seeing a steady stream of Middle and Senior School students browsing the shelves, enjoying the atmosphere and rediscovering a love for reading.

Premier's Reading Challenge 

The Premier’s Reading Challenge continues. A number of students have already returned their forms and we encourage all other participating students to continue to strive towards their reading goal. The final date for the return of forms to the NMLC is 24 August.


We would like to recognise the achievement of one standout participant. Sierra Coventry of 3AF recently returned her form for the reading challenge listing a massive 280 books read since she started the challenge. Congratulations on such an amazing achievement. We certainly hope Sierra enjoyed each and every one of those books.

Book Fair Begins Next Week 

Our Term 3 Book Fair arrives for an extended visit on Tuesday 7 August. Take this opportunity to search for your own book treasures while enjoying the Book Week celebrations and decorations. Book Fair will depart Monday 20 August.

Book of the Week

When it’s Real by Erin Watt

“A pop star. A regular girl. The world's watching.”


To the world, Oakley Ford is a teen pop star, a child of movie-star parents, a heart throb and a good-time party boy. Behind the scenes, he’s still a heart throb and a party boy, but his home life is falling apart, his music is dull and lifeless and going exactly nowhere (if not backwards) and the tabloids are tearing him apart over his outrageous behaviour.


His management team decides on an image overhaul centred around a stable relationship with a girl-next-door type to show he is over his bad boy days and serious about his music. Enter Vaughn. Part-time waitress, smart, devoted to her family, definite girl-next-door type…and strapped for cash. So when she’s offered the chance to make loads of money pretending to be Oakley’s girlfriend she steps up, no matter how distasteful the job.


After all, how hard could it be? Sure he’s a jerk, self-centred and has an ego the size of a mountain, and the controlling publicists are total pains. But it’s not going to be forever, right? It’s not like they’ll fall for each other in real life…right?


Yes, it’s a stereotypical plot, but When It’s Real pulls off the feel-good, happily-ever-after story without being super flakey and leaves a warm fuzzy feeling in it's wake. This novel hits the perfect note!


Find this book in the senior fiction section of the NMLC. Recommended age: Year 9 and over.

Chaplain and Community

'Iron + Clay' visit

This week the Year Twelve’s were blessed by a visit from touring band ‘Iron + Clay.’ On their website it says:



We are a team of creatives that stand as role models directing youth towards understanding their full potential through music, entertainment and education.



We believe that every individual has the power and ability to make good choices in life.



Our goal is to educate a younger generation towards understanding their value and the power of their life choices. Facilitating them with professional help while establishing positive role models in their day to day life through multiple platforms like social media and the platform we stand on when we come into your school.  


Chaz, Sarah, Cormarie and RJ (ranging from 17 to 23) sing, play keyboards and guitar, as well as making awesome sounds through some DJ kind of machine – I don’t know what it’s called because I’m too old, but it sounded great!


Chaz also shared a story about bullying and the kind of choices we make. He talked of a bloke who bullied him at school a few years earlier. One day when the band was performing at a detention centre, he could see this unknown guy waving at him from a distance when he walked past. When he came up close, Chaz recognised who it was and realised he had a choice. He could choose not to forgive, and stay bitter about the past, or forgive and encourage this guy who had clearly gone on to make some bad choices after they knew each other in school.


Chaz challenged the Year Twelve's to make good choices and not bad ones.


As it says in Galatians 6:7,

“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”


Christ is concerned about our choices because the outcome of those choices, the rewards or the consequences, can have a big impact on our life – as well as the life to come.

Co-curricular Performing Arts

From the Director of Performing Arts

After a year and a half of preparation, the College and wider community witnessed the culmination of our outstanding disciplines of drama, dance and music in our College Musical We Will Rock You.  Our students and staff have thoroughly enjoyed presenting our several performances to well over 2000 guests.  On behalf of the We Will Rock You team, I would like to sincerely thank students, staff and our volunteers for your passion and dedication in what will be a lasting and memorable experience for our students.  Finally, thank you to our parents and friends of the College for your continued support of the performing arts and John Paul College.

Last week more than 2500 instrumentalists competed in the Brisbane City Bands Festival held in the Queen Street Mall, Brisbane City from Monday 23 July to Sunday 29 July.  Congratulations to our Big Band students who were awarded with Most Outstanding Jazz Ensemble – Division 1 for the Sixth consecutive year

On Wednesday, 1 August, the John Paul College Theatresports team, ‘The Miss Fits’, competed in the quarter finals at Clairvaux MacKillop College.  All teams impressed and entertained both the judges and the audience, and competition was very tight.  Through their wit, humour, spontaneity and skill, ‘The Miss Fits’, consisting of Abi Balaji, Abby Leadbeater, Sarah Herbst and Neelam Singh, improvised scenes that were fast-paced, unpredictable, and hilarious, successfully making it through to the semi finals.  The date of this competition is still to be announced, and we wish ‘The Miss Fits’ the best of luck in their next competition.


Also on Wednesday evening, our Primary Viva Choir performed beautifully two songs in the Redlands Eisteddfod and we congratulate the students on their third place award.

Congratulations to the following students on their recent success:

  • Year Seven student, Amaarah Eichmann recently successfully auditioned for the Young Ensemble Choir at the Griffith Conservatorium and has been accepted into the programme.
  • Year Ten student, Ellie Casey successfully auditioned for her selection to become a member of the Australian International Dance Organisation (IDO) Australia Tap Team who will perform and compete in state, national and international competitions.

Congratulations also to the following students who recently completed their Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) exams.


Cooper Welch - Year Four - Double Bass - Preliminary

Siena Neaum - Year Four - Double Bass - Grade 1

Daniel Clitheroe - Year Five - Violin - Preliminary

Wondae Kim - Year Five - Violin - Preliminary

Louise Lowe - Year Five - Violin - Preliminary

Ella Moodie - Year Five - Viola - Preliminary

Jake Yi - Year Five - Viola - Preliminary

Disini Jayasooriya - Year Five - Violin - Grade 1

Tarini Wickremasinghe - Year Five - Violin - Grade 1

Yueru Chen - Year Five - Violin - Grade 3

Harrison Brain - Year Six - Double Bass - Preliminary

Isobel Wright - Year Six - Double Bass - Grade 2

Lydia Bell - Year Ten - Double Bass - Grade 3

Upcoming Dates

Thursday 9 August - Quota Beenleigh Logan Eisteddfod – Fusion Dance

Friday 10 August - Quota Beenleigh Logan Eisteddfod – Force Dance

Friday 10 August - Gold Coast Eisteddfod - Concert Choir & Chamber Choir

Friday 10 to Sunday 12 August - Brisbane Youth Music Festival

Tuesday 14 August - Gold Coast Eisteddfod – Chamber Orchestra & Sinfonia

Friday 17 August - Gold Coast Eisteddfod – Eclipse

Mon 20 and Tues 21 August - Strings Recitals

Friday 7 September - Cabaret Evening

Co-curricular Sport

From the Director of Sports and Activities

TAS Games This Weekend Against St Paul’s

As St Paul’s is hosting a conference this weekend, parking at the front of St Paul’s will be reserved for the conference attendees only.


Please be advised that all parking for TAS Sport will only be via the Attunga Street entrance at the rear of the school this Saturday 4 August.

TAS Volleyball

The girls volleyball season is off to a great start, with five of our six teams winning last weekend, including a thrilling victory for the Year Sevens in their very first game.  Congratulations - this has set our teams up for a fantastic and positive season.

TAS Football

TAS Football started with a bang on Saturday 28 July. Cec Munns Sports Centre hosted 12 JTAS and TAS games across the morning. The Year Seven team had their first taste of senior TAS football coming away with a 6 – 1 win. The Year Eight and Year Nine teams followed suit with 17-0 and 9-0 results respectively.  The Year Ten team fought hard, but unfortunately went down 3-8.  The Open teams demonstrated precision football, controlling their games with the Second XI winning 7-0 and the First XI winning 7-1.

Special mention must go to Year Nine student, Duru Jun.  Duru scored five of the First XI’s seven goals.


We look forward to travelling to St Paul’s on Saturday.


A few weeks ago, several of our Primary club basketballers had the exciting opportunity to provide the quarter and half-time entertainment during the Queensland Basketball League games between Logan and Townsville at Cornubia Park Sports Centre. 

At half time, the students participated in a friendly but competitive and high quality game against each other, as well as some lively novelty games and races which provided lots of laughs for the spectators

Members of the JPC Friends of Basketball committee and some parent volunteer coaches enjoyed the elite senior games from a corporate box provided by Logan Basketball in recognition of their wonderful volunteer work and an acknowledgement of JPC’s affiliation with their association. 


It was a great night of fun and competition, a thoroughly enjoyable experience for our students, and a fantastic opportunity to showcase the skill and spirit of JPC Basketball.


Our first weekend of games was against a very strong St Columban’s College, which saw our boys basketball teams win three out of six matches. The Year Tens, Seconds and Firsts had great wins while the Year Sevens, Year Eights and Year Nines showed fantastic spirit with very close results.

TAS Touch Football

Last week we played our first game against St Columban’s - traditionally a powerhouse in girls touch football, and we felt their strength.  Unfortunately in this round, our teams were defeated, however the spirit, tenacity and resolve of our girls far exceeded what we lacked in ability and our goal is to meet them again in the grand final, where we will play for an improved result.  With this objective in place and the continued support from our parents, we hope to achieve our goal.

I would like to commend our Year Nine team who played with only five players and no substitutes, leaving them at times with only four on field.  Despite being down in numbers they managed to score two tries against a well drilled team. This type of courage and determination exemplifies the JPC spirit and shows we can accomplish anything. 


Go Eagles!


Mrs Karen Graham

Director of Sports and Activities

John Paul International Life

From the Director of John Paul International

In Father’s footsteps

Chie Ishikawa is the daughter of JPIC alumnus, Yohei Ishikawa and she is following in her father’s footsteps.   


Chie has come into JPIC Level Three as a bright and enthusiastic student. Every morning, she warmly greets her teacher with, “Good Morning, Ma’am”.  Likewise, her father Yohei was a bright, enthusiastic and popular student at the College. 


Chie has come to Australia for the opportunity to study hard and improve her English, just as her father did.  She is well and truly on track to achieve her personal and academic goals during her time at JPIC.  And just like her father, Chie was taught a lesson by HPE teacher Barry Tickner.  We are pleased Chie and her father have had this shared experience.  We are also pleased to be a part of the education of the Ishikawa family across generations and look forward to the next generation of Ishikawas learning at JPIC.


Seibu Gakuen Bunri High School anniversary

This year marks the 20th anniversary of welcoming students and staff to our campus from Bunri High School in Sayama City, Japan.


The relationship between Bunri High School and John Paul College has been a strong and long-standing one that we value highly.  Each year, our students, staff and homestay families look forward to welcoming Bunri back to Brisbane.

Graduation was a time to celebrate the twenty-year relationship between the two schools. The Bunri students presented farewell songs to homestay families and teachers, and received their certificates.  There was also a plaque commemorating the occasion.  Everyone then shared supper and their experience together.


It was a great opportunity for us to show our appreciation and to celebrate the special relationship that both our schools have enjoyed.

Level Five Mathematics Integration

This term our Level Five students have been integrating for mathematics with the Year Ten students as they all begin their new ATAR courses. Two students are studying General Mathematics and fifteen students are studying Mathematical Methods.

The students have been busy buying their new textbooks and graphic calculators, getting to know the mainstream routines and teachers, and have been working hard in their study of mathematics! Their JPIC mathematics teacher, Mrs Simpson, attends some classes with them to support the students with both new vocabulary and new mathematics concepts. The students also have access to both JPC and JPIC mathematics before school tutorials to assist in their learning.

Our Boarding Life

From the Director of Boarding

Over the weekend boarders who were not involved in TAS sport spectated Year Eight and Open B Girls touch football. The eagerness of our boarders to get up early on a cold Saturday morning, and spend over an hour (without their technology) engaged in supporting their fellow boarders was so pleasing to see, and exemplifies the family atmosphere that is abundant within Fenton Village.

Semester Two Boarder Committee

Our Boarder Committee was announced at the boarders’ meeting on Sunday evening. Congratulations to the following students who have been chosen by their peers to represent the student body for the remainder of 2018.


Year Twelve - Kitty Chiraphatmongkol and Emmanuel Tiong

Year Eleven - Justine Omeenyo and Casper Gregson

Year Ten - Yael Adar and Cody Hewlett

Year Nine - Lily Cubby and Arthur Tighe

Year Eight - Amber Hemmings  


Committee members play an integral part in the planning and organisation of major boarding events. As well as providing leadership opportunities, committee members are able to put forward new ideas and initiatives that can be implemented to further enrich the JPC Boarding experience for all students. Examples of student initiatives from previous years include the introduction of Villa Captains, and the end-of-year boarders yarning circle. Both of these initiatives are now firmly entrenched into the JPC Boarding programme.

Christmas in July Dinner

The Christmas in July dinner was a successful event. Thank you to all of the boarders who volunteered their time to setup the dining hall, and contributed to the planning of the menu for the evening. Boarders were also grateful to share the occasion with our JPC Principal, Mrs Karen Spiller.


Community News

Come and Try Baseball


Come and Try Teeball


Dates to Remember


4 August - JTAS Term 3 Round 2

4 August - TAS Trimester 3 Round 3 - JPC vs St Pauls, St Pauls

4 August - Boarders' Social Evening

6 August - Friends of Performing Arts Meeting, Performing Arts Meeting Room

7 August - Staff and large group academic / co-curricular photos, Main Administration Car Park

7 August - Year Seven-Twelve Parents/Teacher/Student Reviews, Coleman Centre

7 August - John Paul College Parents and Friends Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

8 August - Logan District Athletics Carnival, QTAC

8 August - Year Eleven Jasper Jones Excursion, Playhouse QPAC

9 August - Open Day

9 August - Friends of Netball Meeting

10 August - Primary Parade, ARC

10 August - Primary School Disco, Coleman Centre

10 August - JTAS Term 3 Round 3

10 August - TAS Trimester 3 Round 4 - JPC vs Ormiston College, Ormiston College

13 August - Logan Ekka Show Public Holiday

14-15 August - JPC EKKA  Pupil Free Days

14 August - 13-15 Years Girls Regional Cricket, Moreton Bay College

16 August - Year Four Incursion - BYO Creativity STEM

16 August - Year Two towards Zero Waste Education Centre excursion

17 August - Prep to Year Two Sports Day, Jukambi Oval

17 August - Principal's Assembly, Coleman Centre

17 August - Logan District Athletics Carnival 13-19 Years, QSAC

18 August - JTAS Term 3 Round 4

18 August - TAS Trimester 3 Round 5 - JPC vs Canterbury, John Paul College

19 August - Cheer Practice, Coleman Centre

19 August - Combined Chamber Orchestra Performance (JPC and Tagiev) Years Six-Twelve), Stephen Bean Theatre

20 August - 10-12 years Girls Regional Cricket, Macgregor

20 August - String Recital (Years Three-Twelve), Stephen Bean Theatre

20 August - Friends of Football Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

21 August - Ballet Exams, Astaire

21 August - String Recital (Years Three-Twelve), Stephen Bean Theatre

22 August - Prep Parade, ARC

22 August - Year One Back in Time Day, Prep Playground Sail Area and Classrooms

22 August - JPIC Assembly, Gorman Lecture Theatre

22 August - IB Starlight Booknight, Noelene Munns Learning Centre

23 August - Primary Schools Volleyball Cup, Craigslea State High School

24 August - Book Character Parade, ARC/Gilmore Lawns

24 August - Social Justice Service, Gorman Centre

25 August - OptiMIND Tournament, Bradley and Gorman Buildings, Coleman Centre and Gorman Lecture Theatre

25 August - JTAS Term 3 Round 5

25 August - TAS Trimester 3 Round 6, JPC vs St John's, St John's Anglican College

26 August - Year Six into Year Seven Parent Information Evening

28 August - Kindy A and C Fathers Day Celebrations, Kindergarten Building

29 August - Primary School Father's Day Stall, ARC

29 August - Kindy B and E Father's Day Celebrations, Kindergarten Building

29 August - Subject Selection Evening, Gorman Centre

30 August - Interhouse Singing Competition rehearsal

30 August - Primary School Student Led Conferences, Primary Precinct

30 August - Kindy D and Pre K Father's Day Celebrations, Kindergarten Building

31 August - Foundation Day Assembly (Years Seven-Twelve), Coleman Centre

31 August - Circuit Debating, Gorman Centre


1 September - JTAS Term 3 Round 6

1 September - TAS Trimester 3 Round 7, JPC vs WMAC, John Paul College

2 September - Friends of Netball Colour Explosion Fun Run, Cec Munns Sports Centre

3 September - Friends of Performing Arts Meeting, Performing Arts Meeting Room

4 September - QCS, Coleman Centre and Gorman Lecture Theatre

4 September - Primary School Student Led Conferences, Primary Precinct

4 - 5 September - Friends of Cricket Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

6 - 7 September -  PYP Exhibition, Wesley Building

6 -7 September - 10-19 years Regional Athletics Carnival, QSAC

6 September - Friends of Netball Meeting, Gorman Lecture Theatre

7 September - Prep Outdoor Classroom Day, Campus Grounds

7 September - Cabaret Night

8 September - JTAS Term 3 Round 7

8 September - TAS Trimester 3 Round 8, JPC vs Ormiston, John Paul College

10 - 11 September - 10-19 years Boys Regional Cricket, Thornlands

10 -14 September - Year Eleven and Twelve Exams, TBA

11 September - Year Eight Retreat

11 and 13 September - Early Learning Centre photos, ELC

11 September - John Paul College Parents and Friends Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

12 September - National Australia Day Council (NADC) Forum, Stephen Bean Theatre

13 September - JPIC Exit Testing, Gorman Lecture Theatre

13 September - RU OK Fun Run, Stephen Bowers Oval

14 September - JTAS Athletics Carnival

15 September - TAS Trimester 3 Finals

17 September - Year Four St Helena Island Excursion, St Helena Island

17 September - Prep to Year Two Term 3 Service, ARC

17 September - Boarding End of Term Outing

17 September - Friends of Football Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

17 September - Performance Evening, Coleman Centre

18 September - JPIC Carnival, Stephen Bowers Oval

18 September - TAS Athletics Carnival, QSAC

19 September - Year Eleven Retreat

19 September - Middle School Design Day, Middle School Precinct

19 September - JPIOC Carnival, Coleman Courts and Mezzanine

19 September - Prep Parade

19 September - Years Three to Six Service, ARC

19 September - St Mark's Concert, St Marks Anglican Church Daisy Hill

20 September - IB Art Exhibition

20 - 23 September - Champion Basketball Schools Cup, Logan

21 September - Primary Parade, ARC

21 September - Assembly, Coleman Centre

21 September - Live at the Piazza

21 September - JPIC Term 3 Graduation, Gorman Lecture Theatre

21 September - TERM 3 CONCLUDES

22 September - Boarder Travel Day

24 September - 5 October - Outside School Hours Care Vacation Care Programme