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22 June 2018
Respect Excellence Creativity   issue Ten
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Principal's Page

Strategic Planning, 2019 - 2022

As mentioned in previous Newsletters, we have a tremendous opportunity to further set the direction of our College as we embark on developing our Strategic Plan as part of the Review process.

All schools need to develop, implement and use a Strategic Plan to further improve student outcomes.  We have been busy in recent times developing our Pre Review Self Evaluation Report and this report will be used by a Department of Education appointed Reviewer to help determine with the College what our Goals, Targets and Strategies should be for the next Strategic Planning period (2019 - 2011).

We begin the formal Review Process with our Reviewer next term and out of this process our Strategic Plan will be developed.  This is an exciting time for the College.

Professional Development Day, 18/6/18

Staff were engaged in a Professional Development Day earlier in the week (18/6) where the focus was on Respectful Relationships.  Respect is one of our key values and developing respectful relationships with all members of our College Community is incredibly important. The presentations and activities on the day were interesting and engaging for all staff involved.  

We also completed Mid Cycle Performance & Development Reviews with all of our staff and time was afforded for planning and assessment. We thank Peter Allen (Professional Practice Leader) for his organisation and leadership of what was a productive day for our staff.

Cyclical Assessment and Reporting - Cycle 3

Teaching staff are already assessing and preparing feedback for students and families as part of the next Reporting Cycle.  This feedback will be made available on 29th June via Compass.

New Caledonia Trip, 27/6 to 7/7/18

The New Caledonia Trip is fast approaching with students and staff completing last minute preparations before they leave on what will be tremendous experience for our students. The New Caledonia Trip supports our French Language Program at the College.  We thank all of those staff who helped  organise the Trip, and we also thank Judith Riddoch and Peter Allen who will be in attendance. I am sure the Trip will go very well and we wish all involved all the very best.

Maths Pathways at Year 7 and 8

The Maths Pathways Program is now into its third year of operation after first being trialed with Year 7 students in 2016. The Maths Pathways Program supports teaching and learning within the Mathematics Domain at the College.

We are currently reviewing our continued involvement with the Maths Pathways Program. Our Numeracy Specialist in Nicholas Arnold is conducting the review.  We will keep our College Community informed as to the outcome of our review.  If parents / guardians have any feedback concerning Maths Pathways, they are welcome to contact Nicholas via the General Office.

Working Bee, Sunday 24/6/18, 9:00am to 12 noon

Please be reminded that we have a Working Bee this Sunday (24/6) at 9:00am, with some gardening being the main focus of the day.

Please register your interest at the General Office and bring along some gardening equipment to help support our activities.

Headspace - 'Safe Minds at Home', Parent Information Session, 7th August, 6:30 - 8:00pm, at WHSC

We are fortunate to have the organisation Headspace provide their 'Safe Minds at Home' presentation at the College on Tuesday the 7th of August from 6:30 to 8:00pm.  This special event will be held in our College Library.  The presentation from Headspace will provide information to families on helping to identify mental health issues.   There is no cost to families.  Please register your interest to the General Office by Friday 27th July.

Value of the Week - Respect

Many of our Year 7 and 8 students represented the College in a range of sports last week as part of Interschool Competition.

Time and time again I receive feedback that our students are tremendous 'ambassadors' for our great school in that they are respectful and they compete with a strong sense of fair play, and their involvement in Interschool Sport last week was  no exception.  Well done to our Year 7 and 8 students.

Capital Works Program

The Gymnasium and Performing Arts Complex is starting to take shape with work on some internal walls, steel work and the concrete slab being a feature of recent activity on site.  Please view some of the photos below to get gauge of how things re coming along.


And finally.....

This will be the last Newsletter for the Term so some timely reminders:

- Last Day of Term - Friday 29th June with an early dismissal of 2:30pm on the day (please note that bus timetables will operate as normal)

- Feedback from Reporting Cycle Three  will be made available via Compass, Friday 29th June

I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing school holiday period.








Aaron Smith

College Principal


Assistant Principals' Report

School of Rock

With a quarter of the tickets already gone, we encourage Year 7 parents to book their child's place as soon as possible via Compass. Previous excursions to 'Matilda: The Musical' and 'Aladdin' were very successful with students (many of whom had never been to the theatre before) providing overwhelming praise for the events.

Respectful Relationships

During Monday's professional development day, staff participated in Respectful Relationships activities and training.



Respectful Relationships is a DET initiative that is being introduced to all government, Catholic and many independent schools. Following the pilot program whereby 19 schools evaluated the effectiveness of the program, last year,  WHSC became a partner school whereby we networked with a number of other other schools (including a pilot school) to learn about how to best implement this initiative within our school wide practice. The results from the initial pilot program indicated an improvement in classroom behaviour and an improvement in teacher-student relationships.

The Respectful Relationships initiative stems from the Royal Commission into Family Violence, which identified the critical role that schools have in creating a culture of respect for all members of the school community. The Respectful Relationships initiative supports school leaders, educators and school communities to promote and model respect, equality and to teach our children how to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence. This initiative recognises that schools are a workplace, a community hub and a place of learning.  The key message being that everyone in our school community deserves to be respected, valued and treated equally.

Taking a whole school approach is about embedding a culture of respect and equality across the entire school community, from our classrooms to staff rooms, sporting fields, parent groups and social events. This approach leads to positive impacts on our students' academic outcomes, their mental health, classroom behavior, and relationships between teachers and students. Respectful Relationships is not considered a standalone program, but is embedded across the curriculum and in all the work we do in terms of our daily interactions with each other.

The Respectful Relationship classroom resource kits have been sent to every Victorian Government and Catholic school. These activities provide students with the opportunity to practice deep thinking and reflection, which will support the learning of new skills that will support students' development of resilience, respect and confidence. I have attached an example of a class exercise from the years 7 and 8 resource book.  If you have any questions about this DET initiative, please contact Judy Anderson.




Semester Break

As we head into the final week of term, we wish all members of the college community, a safe and restful break, where everyone can take the opportunity to recharge their batteries and prepare themselves for the second half, of what I am sure will be another busy semester.


Mrs Judy Anderson & Mr Andrew Dixon   

Assistant Principals

What's on this week


  • Brainstorm Productions -The Hurting Game Year 9
  • Year 11 Formal


  • Year 10 Leadership Class Primary School Visit


  • New Caledonia Trip
  • Production Primary School Visit


  • New Caledonia Trip
  • Extended Home Group
  • Year 10 Leadership Class Primary School Visit
  • Nadrasca - Volunteering


  • New Caledonia Trip
  • End of Term 2


  • Term 3 Starts

Health & PE

Student recognition in Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education staff would like to congratulate and recognise the following students for their consistent effort and achievement in their Health and Physical Education classes this Semester. 



Year 10 Physical Education- Luke Greco Fitness.

Year 10 P.E students have been working hard over the last few weeks, participating in a number of fitness sessions run by personal trainer Luke Greco. The challenging and grueling sessions has seen students testing their limits in a number of fitness components including speed, muscular strength, muscular endurance and aerobic capacity. Students are also using the sessions to supplement their learning and understanding of fitness testing and training methods. 





Ms Chloe Parnaby

Health and P.E Domain Leader 

Performing Arts

Production Partnership with local Primary Schools

2018 will see a brand new partnership between our college and four of the local primary schools in the area! We are excited to be working with Waverley Meadows, Brandon Park, Mulgrave and Wheelers Hill Primary Schools as their students will be starring as Munchkins in the magical land of Oz! 

Our first choreography visit to Waverley Meadows Primary School was a great success, and the student cast members who visited the school along with staff, did a remarkable job supporting the younger children on the day. Enjoy a brief highlights video capturing the mania of the day! 


Classroom Music

The Performing Arts are embedded into the curriculum in both Year 7 and 8, as students complete a semester of Music and Drama in their first years of secondary college. Important skills such as team-work, creative problem-solving, self discipline, analysis skills and critical thinking are all integral to the performing arts. Below is a clip of some of the activities we ask students to complete. This was a short exercise completed with Year 7 music class, that challenged students to work quickly, think creatively and demonstrate excellence.


Production Rehearsal Update

The Designers, Cast members and staff have been working tirelessly all term to make WHSC's production of The Wizard of Oz a grand spectacular. With Production Camp taking place early Term 3, we are looking forward to sharing a fantastic show with the wider community! Tickets will be on sale soon. Stay tuned for booking information - this is a show you won't want to miss!


Genelle Lentini

Performing Arts Leader




As Year 10 students come closer to the day when they need to make decisions about their VCE study program they may be feeling a little overwhelmed….but there is no need to be.

There are several study options available to students but they must not panic if they get it wrong as these decisions are not binding or fatal! However, it doesn’t hurt to do some investigation and planning so that students give themselves the best opportunity to be happy with their choices in the long run. All year 10 students were taken through a program called ‘I Plan’ on Wednesday 20th June which provided them with information and tools that will assist them with making informed career decisions beyond year 10.

When choosing a VCE study program, students need to think about what they like, what they’re good at and what field of study and/or work they are interested in pursuing. Although it’s important to consider what prerequisite subjects are needed to enter into higher education studies, it’s even more important that students choose subjects that they are good at and enjoy. Choosing subjects that students don’t like in the hope of gaining a higher ATAR or it being scaled more favourably will not guarantee them a better VCE result….in fact it may very well have the opposite effect.

Student’s VCE course planning is supported by WHSC through various course counselling sessions with careers advisers, senior school leaders and year level coordinators during Semester 2. However, from experience, the guidance given by parents/guardians is invaluable. Research has shown that ‘parents’ are one of the main influences in a teenager’s life which is why parents are so important. We have encouraged students to start having career conversations at home so that their transition from their current year level to the next is made as easy as possible.

We wish all year 10 students a positive experience with their decision making and as a school we look forward to supporting their aspirations.


Voula Jakubicki

Careers Coordinator


Childhood Bullying Hurts Parents too, Poll Finds.

Australian parents are crying out for more help to address and prevent childhood bullying as research shows one in five report one or more of their children was bullied in the last school term. Almost every parent (89%) of a child who was bullied said the experience had affected the whole family. One in six parents had felt physically sick, and one in five felt depressed or anxious. Almost half (48%) worried about the longterm effects of bullying on their child, while many were angry (44%) and frustrated at being unable to help (44%). One in three (32%) felt guilty for not being able to stop the bullying while one in four felt helpless (28%). The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) National Child Health Poll on childhood bullying found while most parents have a good understanding of what bullying is, and the serious potential effects on children, half of all parents still said they needed more information on how to protect their child, including on cyberbullying. Poll Director, paediatrician Dr Anthea Rhodes, said: “Bullying is a health problem and a community problem – it is serious and common and it can harmful the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people.’’ “The best way to address and prevent bullying is for children, parents and schools to work together in a whole-of community approach.”



1. Talk with your child regularly and listen to what they have to say

2. Reassure your child that it’s not their fault and bullying is never OK

3. Contact your child’s school for support

4. It’s best not to approach the bully or their parents yourself

5. Seek help from a counsellor, psychologist or GP if needed


1. Block or defriend the offender

2. Discuss the situation with a school staff member

3. Collect evidence with screen shots

4. Report inappropriate behaviour to the app or social media site

5. Report inappropriate behaviour to the eSafety Commissioner


For more findings, or to sign-up to the quarterly newsletter, visit www.rchpoll.org.au


Peter Allen & Louise Ford

Student Wellbeing Middle & Senior School

Community News

Second-hand Uniform Shop Times

Term 2

  • Thursday 28th June 1:30pm- 3pm


Term 3

  • Monday 23rd July  1:30pm - 3pm
  • Thursday  9th August  1:30pm - 3pm
  • Monday 21st August  1:30pm - 3pm
  • Thursday 6th September  1:30pm - 3pm
  • Monday 18th September  1:30pm - 3pm

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