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22 June 2018
Issue Nineteen
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Diary Dates


Friday 22nd

Year 5/6 - SDSSA Soccer Round Robin

Wednesday 27th

8.00am - 10.00am - Concert Band Incursion

Buddies Day

Friday 29th

1.30pm - End of Term Assembly

2.30pm - Students dismissed


Monday 16th 

NO SCHOOL - Staff Professional Learning day

Tuesday 17th

School resumes for Term 3

Friday 20th

Moonhack - Worldwide Coding Event

Sunday 22nd

Bunnings sausage sizzle

Monday 23rd

Year 1 / 2 - Healesville Sanctuary excursion

7.30pm - PFA meeting

Tuesday 24th

Parent / Teacher interviews

Tuesday 31st

ICAS (English) - registered students only



Friday 3rd

PJ Day - come to school dressed in your PJs :)

Sunday 5th

Vision Portraits Family / Kids Photo Fundraiser 

Thursday 9th

2.00 - 3.00pm - Prep Transition Session 1 for 2019 Prep students

Friday 10th

Year 5 & 6 - SDSSA Winter Sport Round Robin

Monday 13th

7.30pm - PFA meeting 

Tuesday 14th

ICAS (Maths) - registered students only

Wednesday 15th

Whole School Science Day

Thursday 23rd

2.00 - 3.00pm - Prep Transition Session 2 for 2019 Prep students


Tuesday 4th

Whole School Dress Rehearsal for the School Production

Thursday 6th

2.00 - 3.00pm - Prep Transition Session 3 for 2019 Prep students

Friday 7th

Year 5 & 6 - SDSSA Basketball Round Robin

Monday 10th

7.30pm - PFA meeting

Thursday 13th

Whole School Production (evening)

Friday 21st

1.30pm - End of Term Assembly

2.30pm - Students dismissed


2018 Term Dates

Term 1 - 31 January to 29 March (Thursday)

Term 2 - 16 April to 29 June

Term 3 - 16 July to 21 September

Term 4 - 8 October to 21 December

Student Free Days for 2018

Friday 8th June - Staff Professional Learning - School Council Student Free Day - Assessment and Curriculum Development

Monday 16th July - Staff Professional Learning - School Council Student Free Day - Teaching ESL (EAL) Students in Mainstream Classrooms

Principal's Report

Principal's Report

Dear Parents, Students and Friends,


Term 3 Conclusion

A reminder that Term 3 concludes next Friday 29th June at 2.30pm.  A final Term Assembly will commence on Friday at 1.30pm. Students will be dismissed at 2.30pm from their classrooms.  Parents are most welcome and encouraged to attend assembly.  There will not be an Assembly on Monday 25th June, as all students will participate in the Cooperative Kids program at this time. 


2018 Student Free Day Reminder – ‘English as an Additional Language’ (EAL)

A reminder that the first day of Term 3, Monday 16th July is a student free day.  On this day, teachers will continue our whole school EAL professional learning focus through the completion of Module 3 of the ‘Teaching ESL Students in Mainstream Classrooms’ (TESMC) course. 


The TESMC course builds educator’s understanding of cultural and linguistic diversity and the experiences of EAL students.  There is a focus on the central role of language in learning and the explicit teaching practices that support the language learning needs of EAL students.  The course emphasizes the belief that explicit teaching about language is the most effective way to enable students to engage successfully with the curriculum.  Importantly, this critical component of teaching transcends EAL learners and is just as relevant and important for students who speak English as their first language.   

Our teachers are very excited about this opportunity, which continues to challenge our thinking and develop our whole school teaching practices.  Upon completion of the 9-module course, teachers are TESMC certified.


ICT Planning

On Wednesday, Mr Gill, Mrs Bennett, Mr Crozier and I attended an ICT planning workshop designed to support the development of the next phase of our ICT plan.  Importantly our ICT Plan must support the achievement of our school vision and be viable.  Our forward planning will include a focus on the following:

  • Student Outcomes – The use of ICT to enhance learning and engagement outcomes.
  • BYOD – A review of the current Year 5&6 program. 
  • Student Reporting - The use of ICT to enable parents to engage regularly with their child about their learning.
  • Intranet development.
  • Hardware – A review of the current devices and peripherals.
  • Infrastructure & Support – network development and scope / capacity of funded technical support.
  • Budget & Compliance – e.g. funding and privacy.

We look forward to providing updates as we develop our plan and seek input from students, staff and parents.


Eastern Metropolitan Region Primary Cross Championships

On Tuesday, Cherise.N and Anna.P represented Highvale Primary School at the Regional Cross Country event. We congratulate them for representing our school at this level.


School Disco

The annual School Disco last Friday evening was another huge success.  I managed to pop into the junior disco for a quick dance with our Prep, Year 1 and 2 students who were having a marvellous time.  Thank you especially to the PFA for their great organisation and running the evening.  Thank you also to our dedicated teachers who attended to dance the evening away with our students.


Reports Reminder

A reminder that Semester One student reports will be sent home electronically through GradeXpert after school today.  The reports are in the same format as Semester 2, 2017.  As per parent feedback in the 2017 survey, we will continue to refine the reporting process to make the process more regular and fluid with reduced text in the Semester 1 and 2 reports.  We will work towards this during Semester 2, 2018 and next year.  

A reminder that a ‘C’ indicates that your child is achieving at the expected level.  Parent Teacher Interviews will occur in early Term 3 on Tuesday 24th July.  Online bookings will be available soon. In the meantime, please liaise with your child’s teacher if you require any clarification prior to the end of Term 2.


2019 Preschool – Prep Transition Dates

Our ‘Step into Prep’ transition program for 2019 students will commence early next term.  All sessions are between 2.00pm until 3.00pm on the following dates:

  • Thursday August 9th - Story Time (English)
  • Thursday August 23rd - Story Time (English)
  • Thursday September 6th - Fun with Science, Technology & Engineering
  • Thursday October 11th - Performing Arts (Parent Information Session)
  • Thursday October 25th - STEAM (Visual Art)
  • Thursday November 8th Environmental Discovery (Science)
  • Thursday November 22nd - Physical Education (Parent Information Session)

The Prep Orientation morning will be on Tuesday December 11th.  Please note that parents attend the Parent Info Sessions with the principal whilst children are engaged in their activity with the teacher.

The time of this session is yet TBC but will be in the morning.


I look forward to seeing you around our school.

Steve Richardson




Engagement & Wellbeing

Engagement & Wellbeing



If you wander past our Sanctuary on your way into school, you may pass by our latest addition to the playground - the Bug Hotel. It has quickly become a popular place for many of our students as they place a wide range of items in each of the ‘rooms’ – including plants, rocks, sticks and other wonderful objects from around the school yard! This hotel gives bugs and insects a place to stay in the cold weather and gives our students the opportunity to observe them up close.  At the moment it’s a little bare but no doubt, within a few weeks, it will be a popular little place for all manners of weird and wild creatures!



Our focus for the rest of this term is: We are Honest and Show Integrity.


Students are currently working on: Individual Accountability. 



Last Wednesday I attended a professional learning session and there was one part of the presentation I found particularly interesting. They listed the 15 Jobs That Didn’t Exist 20 Years Ago and while some of them may seem a bit obscure, there are certainly a few that we all recognise.


  • Virtual assistant
  • SEO specialist
  • Social media manager
  • Uber driver
  • Wellbeing coach
  • Offshore wind farm engineer
  • Chief listening officer
  • App developer
  • Web analyst
  • Blogger
  • Genetic counsellor
  • Information security analyst
  • User experience designer
  • Sustainability director
  • Drone operator 



So how does this relate to our Cooperative Kids sessions? The objective of these sessions is to develop important collaborative skills. Students will learn to be held accountable, to work in groups, to communicate effectively and to give and receive feedback. These skills are explicitly taught to our students throughout the year. That way when they leave in Year 6, they will have a strong foundation to build on in high school before heading out into the workforce to meet whatever challenges their future holds.


Have a great  weekend!

Joshua Crozier

Assistant Principal

[email protected]

Assembly / Co-operative Learning

Assemblies will continue to be held on Monday afternoons commencing at 2.40pm (unless stated below). All parents are most welcome to attend assembly each week they are on and enjoy the variety of performances that will be delivered by our students.

Please note that there will be NO assembly in the weeks of Co-operative Kids sessions.


Term 2 Assembly Dates are as follows:


Friday 29th June - 1.30pm - Final Term Assembly - Yr 3 - Yr 6 Presentation



PBL Star

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) Stars

Congratulations to the following students:

Prep Arendshorst

Rishil - For your incredible explanation of how 'ck' comes after short vowel sounds. It shows a wonderful commitment towards your learning of letters and sounds!

Prep Cheong

Inzill - For showing commitment towards all your learning! It's fantastic to see you engaged with reading, writing and maths activities. You always try your best by using the strategies we have been learning in class. Well done, Inzill.

Prep McDermott

Jayden - For being a great friend and filling your classmates' buckets by saying kind words to them. Thanks for being so positive and thoughtful in the classroom Jayden. You're a superstar!

1/2 Bennett

Xavier - For your commitment to your Mathematics learning. You have shared some efficient strategies in our multiplication reflections. You are also able to explain what different maths words mean and give great examples. So impressive!

1 /2 St Clair

Ariyon - Congratulations Ariyon on displaying a wonderful attitude towards your writing task this week. You included some powerful words to engage the reader and built up tension in your narrative about zombies. Keep up the great effort Ariyon.

1/2 Kelaart

Isaac - For being a happy and friendly member of 1/2K this year. We will miss having you in our class when you go to your new school. Thank you for being such a wonderful student and friend. Good luck, Isaac!

1/2 Williamson

Isabella - For your consistent enthusiasm and commitment to your work. You always try your best and complete tasks to a high standard. Thanks Isabella!

3/4 Tate

Kiara - For a commitment towards your learning of times tables. You're our Multiverse champion Kiara! You have wonderful Math fluency skills. Congratulations!

3/4 Gill

Vibhu - For conducting excellent research to support your explanation text. Your flow chart, including cause and effect, was great to see. We are looking forward to seeing the final product. Well done!

3/4 Scully

Zhi Han - For always demonstrating a happy and helpful commitment to our classroom by always doing your personal best and being one of the first students to clean up and do those little things that are so important in a busy classroom. Thank you!

3/4 Drew

Carey - For demonstrating commitment to your writing by researching your topic thoroughly and using Tier 3 words to create an informative explanation text about the Water Cycle. Well done Carey!

5/6 Phan

Ryan - For demonstrating great persistence in all the work that he has done in the past week, particularly during our Location unit in Maths. Well done Ryan!

5/6 Simpson

Erin - For being a positive role model. You always show enthusiasm and commitment towards class tasks and ask questions when you require clarification or feedback. You are friendly and respectful of your class mates, and are a joy to have in 5/6S.

5/6 Veitch

Emiel - For being a positive role model and supporting his team mates in Soccer Rounders. You lead by example, encourage other players and also provide coaching tips when required! Great work Emiel!

Student News!

Moonhack is coming to Highvale!

Started by Code Club Australia, Moonhack is the Record Setter event that is achieved by kids all over the globe. In 2016, 10,207 Australian kids participated, with the idea being to inspire kids to participate widely in digital technologies, inspiring kids to believe in their ability to aim for the moon. In 2017 Code Club aimed higher than the year before, and reached 28,575 kids!

This year kids from every village, every city and school or home around the world, will get the chance to collaborate and code to beat the record once again! Celebrate inclusion in STEAM, diversity in technology and the opportunity to achieve big things through education when we work together.

Moonhack is an opportunity for kids to learn code no matter where you are. Moonhack is also for advanced coder kids to flex some coding muscle and work together on a global level to achieve something through education together.

Coding is an important skill for all kids to learn, and we want to be sure everyone can gain the skill, confidence and opportunity to shame their world. Let's go to the moon together!

On the 20th July 2018, our school has registered to be part of this record breaking attempt! Students will spend some part of the day coding a project that represents an aspect of space! In preparation, we are encouraging all families to explore apps and websites such as Snap, Scratch and even Python to have a go at coding together during the holidays! Projects will be shared on the day as well as built upon at school.

For more information please visit https://www.moonhack.com/

Happy space and coding travels everyone!

School Photo update

SchoolPix are experiencing a few delays with jobs going through the printers and have advised that we will most likely see our photos in the first week of Term 3.

Sorry for the delay!

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop Opening Hours - Term 2

The uniform shop will be open on the following mornings from 8.45am until 9.30am

Monday 25 June

Uniform Shop Opening Hours - Term 3

The uniform shop will be open on the following mornings from 8.45am until 9.30am

Tuesday 17th July (Student free day on Monday 16th July)

Monday 30th July

Monday 13th August

Monday 27th August

Monday 10th September

Uniform Shop Order Form

Please click on the link below to access a copy of our uniform shop order form. These can be filled out and handed in to the office at any time. The uniform shop volunteers will fill the orders at their earliest convenience and uniforms will be sent home with your child.


What's On ...
Special Lunch Days / Events 
& Fundraising programs

Upcoming PFA Events

Term 2

Wednesday 20th June - Bakers Delight Lunch 

Wednesday 27th June - Sushi Lunch

Friday 29th June - Scout Raffle closes

Friday 29th June - Cookie Dough fundraiser closes


Term 3

Wednesday 18th July - Subway Lunch

Sunday 22nd July - Bunnings BBQ - Helpers Required

​Monday 23rd July - PFA meeting

Wednesday 25th July - Bakers Delight Lunch

Wednesday 1st August - Loud Lunchtime

Wednesday 1st August - First Aid Fundraiser starts

Friday 3rd August - PJ Day

Sunday 5th August - Vision Portraits Family Photo Day

Wednesday 8th August - Subway Lunch

Monday 13th August - PFA meeting

Wednesday 15th August - Bakers Delight Lunch

Wednesdays 22nd August - Sushi Lunch

Wednesday 29th August - Subway Lunch

Friday 31st August - Father's Day Breakfast & Raffle

Wednesday 5th September - Bakers Delight Lunch

Monday 10th September - PFA meeting

Wednesday 12th September - Sushi Lunch

Wednesday 19th September - Subway Lunch


Fundraising Events

There are some great fundraising ideas listed below to help you get involved and support Highvale Primary School. We appreciate your assistance in making these a success.

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Don't forget to return your Scout Monster Raffle tickets by next Friday 29th June. The tickets sell for $2 each and Highvale Primary School will receive $1.50 for every ticket sold.  This money will be used to purchase a new defibrillator for the school.
The top two prizes are: 

Kia Sportage SUV valued at $32,990 (including on-road costs)

A family holiday to the Gold Coast including five nights’ accommodation and flight vouchers for four people valued at $2,955

One booklet will be issued per family, but if you prefer not to participate, simply return it to the school (in the envelope provided) as quickly as possible. These tickets can then be made available to other families.  All tickets must be accounted for (sold or unsold), so please take care not to lose them!!


Calling All Mums & Dads, Highvale Primary School have been fortunate to secure a date to host a BBQ at:



on Sunday 22nd July 2018

YOUR HELP IS REQUIRED for 1 or 2 hours you can cook, serve or take payments from customers. 

If you are able to help out on the day please go to: www.schoolinterviews.com.au

Enter code: gyqdq

Highvale Primary School receives 100% of the sales proceeds so this is an excellent fundraising opportunity.

Thank you for supporting our Fundraising efforts!



Everyone should have received their Billy G's gourmet dough fundraiser forms by now.  Please return brochure and money to the office by Wednesday 27th June, or alternatively pay by QKR.

Orders will be delivered by the start of Term 3.

Billy G’s is an Australian family owned and operated business. There are ten (10) delicious flavours including a new Gingerbread and Shortbread Biscuit dough, a cheese flavoured Doggie Dough that your favourite furry animals will go bonkers over and a Gluten Free Choc Chunk. There are FREE PRIZES detailed in the order form. The more tubs you sell, the better the prize!

  • The cookie dough is packed in a reusable 1kg tub which makes 40 x 25g cookies. 35c-40c per            cookie.
  • You can REFREEZE the cookie dough and thaw it out as you require for baking.
  • You can keep the thawed cookie dough in your refrigerator for up to 4 weeks.


Help Highvale Primary School raise funds this year and book your $30 family photo shoot for Sunday 5th August.  Include your whole family in the session or just the kids. 

Your $30 photoshoot takes place at Highvale Primary School and includes two 10" x 13" photos (same image) with two frames.

Book online now using this link: https://highvale.eventbrite.com.au.   Limited places available.


Hello World Travel, Forest Hill

For every holiday that you, your Grandparents or even your friends book through our store, we will give a percentage back to your school as fundraising to say thank you for booking through us. Drop into Hello World Travel which is located at Shop 104, Forest Hill Chase Shopping Centre, 270 Canterbury Road, Forest Hill. You can phone us on 9887 2444 or email us at [email protected]

Don't forget to mention your school when booking!


Also, don't forget to support our regular fundraising programs (as listed below) by mentioning Highvale Primary School at the point of sale and our school will receive cash donations. Tell your friends and family so they can make easy cash for the school as well!


Bakers Delight, The Glen

10% of your total sales will be donated back to the school



Air Stream Cafe, Century City Walk, The Glen

You will receive a 5% discount on your bill plus 5% will be donated to the school when you present your fundraiser card (available at the office) 

Education Experience

www. edex.com.au

Highvale Primary School will receive 20% of the total sales.

Robotech / Weather Station

Just letting everyone know that the Robotics students, together with their teachers have rebranded Robotics to now be called ROBOTECH! They have a logo and all! See attachment below.

The reason for this change is because they are stepping outside of just EV3 robotics and now also tapping into coding and design and tech areas such as the 3D printer, Snap and the Weather Station.

Don't forget to log into the website below to get weather updates from the Highvale Weather Station:



Stay tuned for regular updates from our STEM captains :)


Next week's school banking will be done on Tuesday. Please make sure you send your bank books on the day :)

You can visit the following webpage to get more information about school banking and register your child: https://www.commbank.com.au/personal/kids/school-banking.html



Before & After School Care

Academy for Kids School Care

For all enquiries regarding Before and After School Care, please contact Vivien on 0405 323 357 or via email at [email protected]

Enrolment forms are available from the After School staff in the MPC building during after school care hours or from the school office.

School Holiday Program

The school holiday program for July is attached below. Please contact Vivien on 0405 323 357 or via email at [email protected] to make a booking.


Extra Curricular Activites / Advertisements

Activities held at Highvale Primary School


After School / School holiday activities held off campus


Deelicious Dishes for sale on Qkr!

Spice blend / meal solutions are now available to purchase on Qkr! as per the information below



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