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05 April 2019
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Principal's Page

The Fortnight In Review

It has certainly been a busy final fortnight leading into the term break. A range of activities have taken place across many areas.

At a glance we have had a number of teams participate in year 7 and 8 sports, with the following teams making it through to Regional finals:

* Year 7 Girls Volley Ball coached by Michelle Galli

* Year 8 Boys Volley Ball coached by Ryan Joyce

* Year 8 Boys Cricket coached by Max Ellis

Well done to everyone who participated and to the staff who coached the teams. Congratulations to  the above teams on making it through to the Regional Finals.

Last week we were privileged to see the Unit 1 and Unit 3 students present their VCE Theatre Studies performances. We recognise each and every students effort and hard work in making these productions an outstanding success. Congratulations to Genelle Lentini and her team for their work in supporting our students to shine!

We have also seen several excursions take place over the recent weeks:

* Year 9 Humanities went to Port Phillip Bay

* Unit 3 Legal Studies went to Supreme Court and Magistrates Court

* Year 10 Legal and Economics went to Dandenong Magistrates Court

On Tuesday March the 26, the Middle School Team hosted a year 7 afternoon tea for year 7's and their families. Thank you to all the staff and families that attended on the evening and to Ben Shepherd for organising the afternoon. 

Open Night 2019

This week on Wednesday 3rd April, the college held its annual open night where perspective students and their parents were able to find out more about our great school. The evening commenced with the Principals address, or in this case, the Acting Principal's address, in our fabulous gymnasium. Parents and perspective students were then guided around the many displays hosted by each domain area. The night was well attended and would not have been possible without the outstanding organisation efforts of Elisa Baldwin and Gemma McMahon. A sincere thank you to each and every staff member who either attended the evening or who helped prepare for the evening and last but not least, a very big heartfelt thanks to our student volunteers who supported our staff during the evening. Thus event really reflected a team effort and once again was testament to the wonderful, supportive community that is Wheelers Hill Secondary College.

Staff Movements

I would like to share the following staff movements with the wider community:

*Judy Baxt will be leaving our college for the rest of the year to take up a position at Bayside College

*Peter Allen will be away from the college during term 2 as he will be taking up an Acting Assistant Principal role at Carwatha College.

* Andrew Dixon will be away from the college during term 2 as he has been seconded to DET  to work in the Literacy and Numeracy Strategy Unit. Claire Hanley will pick up the role of Assistant Principal during term 2 and will oversee the Middle School, while Judy Anderson will oversee the work of the Senior School during term 2.

We wish all our outgoing staff all the very best in their future pursuits. Please rest assured that any teaching loads affected by these departures are currently being addressed to ensure that consistency and high standards of teaching and support continue for our students.

Building Works Update

This week saw the completion of the VCE centre. Efforts are now underway to fit the spaces out and ensure the classrooms are fit for purpose. We anticipate that classes should be able to return to this space by week 2 of term 2.

End of Term Message

Every year it continues to astound me how busy each term is and how in the blink of an eye we are suddenly concluding yet another school term. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of the college community for their work this term and on behalf of the Principal Team, wish everyone a safe and restful break. Aaron will be back on deck in term 2 upon his return from his long service leave.










Judy Anderson

Acting Principal  

Assistant Principal's Page

Parent/Teacher /Student Conferences - Wednesday 1st May

Parents and students are advised that Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences will be held on Wednesday May 1st  from 1 to 8 pm in the College E Block.

Research shows that active parental involvement and interest in schooling is tremendously important in improving educational outcomes for your child. Our experience is that the most productive discussion takes place in partnership with parent, teacher and student.  We urge all parents to take the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress.
It is the expectation that all students and their parents will make appointments with their teachers and attend the conferences.

It will be possible to make bookings for the Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences through your Compass Parent Portal from 12 pm Tuesday 23rd April.  The Compass link is available via the college website or by clicking on this link: http://whsc.vic.jdlf.com.au/Login.aspx  

Cycle #1 Reports

Cycle #1 Reports are now available through the Compass Portal.
If you have any questions regarding the report process, please contact the College Office on 9561 5811.

If you have any questions specific to a subject, please don't hesitate to directly contact the subject teacher  via the College Office or by email.


QuickSmart is an evidence-based program demonstrated to address the needs of middle school students with poor basic skills in literacy and numeracy. Consistent weaknesses in basic skills, especially for educationally disadvantaged students, generally go unchanged and contribute to a widening performance gap with peers, as well as to ongoing disadvantage post schooling.


QuickSmart is an individually focused intervention designed to improve understanding and recall of basic academic facts and skills over a 30-week program during the crucial middle school years. Results from QuickSmart show that participants consistently achieve skill development equivalent to that normally achieved over 2-3 years of schooling for a peer, as well as increased self-confidence and self-esteem.


The Quicksmart program, which has been implemented at WHSC for the past several years, has been recognised by the Australian Research Council as achieving top scores in the impact it has on student outcomes across Australia.


If you have any queries regarding the Quicksmart Program at Wheelers Hill, please contact Ms. Claire Hanley (Literacy Learning Specialist) and/or Ms. Michelle Galli (Numeracy Learning Specialist) via the College Office or by email.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Every year the Year 7s are given the opportunity to see a stage musical. In previous years the students have seen 'School of Rock', 'Aladdin' and 'Matilda'. This year we are pleased to offer students tickets to see 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.

Details of the excursion (to be held on Wednesday 6th November) can be found on Compass.


I will be working in the Department of Education in the Literacy and Numeracy Strategy Unit for Term 2. Ms. Claire Hanley will be the Assistant Principal in my absence. I wish everyone the best for the remainder of the semester.


Andrew Dixon 

Assistant Principal 

What's Coming Up Next


  • Last Day of Term 1



  • Good Friday- Public Holiday


  • Easter Monday - Public Holiday


  • Term 2 Starts
  • Verbal Combat - Yr7
  • Commedia Performance -Yr9


  • State Swimming Carnival


  • Anzac Day -Public Holiday


  • Interviewing Business Owners
  • EMR/State Diving


  • Anzac Assembly 
  • Elevate - Yr 9 
  • Geography Survey - 7A


  • Parent/student/Teacher Conferences


  • Geography Survey - 7C


  • Women of Troy Play Performance - Yr 12
  • Geography Survey - 7B & 7D


                      Don't get triggered, life's LIT!             

Spill the tea, sis.




The end of term has finally arrived. We made it. We survived.


It was a BIG term with a lot of tea spilling everywhere. Overall, we all had a GG.


So, what did I just say? I know what you are thinking, this new teacher who has come to our school is a little strange; a little left of centre. First of all, she seems to be physically unstable as she spills tea constantly. Secondly, she uses incoherent acronyms.


Tis all okay. Don’t get triggered.


Remember my purpose in this newsletter is to tell you all about the new vernacular that the students are using. My purpose is to close the gap and make sure we connect with the youth of today. In the same way adults connect every morning at work, around the water cooler, discussing the latest MAFs episode (let’s be honest we ALL do it!)


Here we go. Here are the definitions.


Spill the tea, sis: To shed light on a social situation and let it all out. An issue needs to be cleared up and you are more than happy to be open and upfront about all the details. You are going to spill the tea, sis!


GG: Good Game. There was a bit of confusion. The situation didn’t play out as well as you hoped. You tried your best at something, but results weren’t as pleasing. You know what? You gave it a shot. GG my friend. GG!


Try using these terms over the holidays with WHSC students. Let me know the reactions. I use them in class all the time and it is very successful. I have had 15 blank stares, 25 eye rolls, 12 head shakes, and 38 sniggers.




Claire Hanley

Literacy Learning Specialist



Numeracy in Theatre Studies

Recently I was invited into a Theatre studies class to see how they are using Numeracy as part of their studies.


Jack Thomson explained that when they do sound design, they use Audacity. Audacity is a program that you can use to help set up sound cues when you have to have absolute perfection with timing.

Thomas Bowley explained he uses numeracy in lighting, measurement of space, and measurement of time. When Tom draws a set design, he needs to use numeracy to make sure proportions are correct when drawing the floor plan.

Nyadeing Kier, Olivia Stones and Jade D’Angelo explained that they use Numeracy when designing costumes. They have a tight budget and need to make sure they measure the actors carefully using tape measures. They then need to make sure the costumes fit them correctly.


Isabelle Jones uses Numeracy for props, direction and comedic timing. She explains that props need to be in proportion to the rest of the set. Timing needs to be precise for entrance and exits. 

I thank the Year 12 Theatre Studies for allowing me in their class. Stay tuned to the next edition where I will visit a different Domain!


Michelle Galli

Numeracy Learning Specialist


College House Athletics Carnival

Final Results:

1st place               Napier                  1515 points

2nd place             Scott                     1488 points

3rd place              Derrimut             1446 points

4th place              Jells                      1362 points


Age Group Champions:

13 Yr      Isaya Schellebeck             Napier                                 

13 Yr      Jasmine Hamilton            Scott

14 Yr      Lachlan Johnston             Jells

14 Yr      Matilda Davies                    Derrimut

15 Yr      Cameron Coutts                 Scott     

15 Yr      Catherine Gualtieri           Derrimut

16 Yr      Ben Pepper                          Derrimut

16 Yr      Ashleigh Mangan               Napier

17 Yr      Jarrad Twigg                       Derrimut

17 Yr      Ashlea Foster                      Jells

=20 Yr    Kyle Gwynne                      Jells

=20Yr     Joshua Richardson         Derrimut

20 Yr      Kayla Clark                          Scott


Records Broken:

16 Yr      800m                     Ashleigh Mangan             Napier                   2.53.00

15 Yr      Long Jump         Catherine Gualtieri          Derrimut              4.60m



Ms Kerrie Lay & Sally Pryde

Sport Coordinators

Performing Arts

VCE Theatre Studies Productions

Two extraordinary nights took place this term, as VCE Theatre Studies students presented their class productions for the community in our theatrette! It's clear that the students passion and hard work paid off, as audience were moved and delighted by the performances presented to them. 

Congratulations to all involved!


Instrumental Music

It's not too late to sign up for Instrumental Music lessons starting Term 2! Download the form, sign and return to the front office ASAP to make sure you are enrolled to start your music education journey! 

Genelle Lentini

Performing Arts Leader

Middle School Report

Middle School News

As Term 1 finishes the Middle School Team would like to congratulate students for undertaking the core values of our school. We have seen Respect shown by many on activities within and outside the school, Creativity in classes and when asked to step up in extra curricular activities and Excellence in the level of work produced. We look forward to this continuing in the following Terms.

I wish everyone a safe and restful break, refreshed for Term 2.

Middle School Leaders

Thanks to our Middle School Leaders, Jasmine, Lachlan, Emily, Mitchell, Megan, Sean and Jordan who have constantly stepped up this term. From representing the school at events, to working behind the scenes to improve different aspects of the school that affect the students. Looking forward to their drive and motivation for next Term.

Year 7

Last week we had the opportunity for our Year 7 students and parents to have our annual afternoon tea. This is when the staff of Year 7 can talk to the parents about general matters, the students can show their parents their locker and how 'clean' they are keeping it and celebrate all the achievements from transitioning into Secondary School. 

I would also like to say thank-you to Samantha and Miguel, for speaking at the School's Open Night this week. They represented our school very well.

Year 8

The Year 8 Cohort, as with the year 7's took part in their first Inter-school sports for the Year. It was very pleasing to hear so many teams were able to go out and represent our school with some winning teams going to the next level. Thanks for the teachers and older students behind the scenes who had training sessions before the day and worked with all the students on the day to make it successful.


Thanks for the review of Flipside, an event throughout the Year from Blake from .

Our school incursion titled ‘Flipside’ gave Year 8 and 9 students the opportunity to observe a Brainstorm Productions drama show about cyberbullying. We watched this in the new drama theatre.

The purpose of ‘Flipside’ was to communicate messages to young adults about the dangers of cyberbullying. The performance also gave us advice about how we can help prevent the spread of cyberbullying.

The storyline was about a young teen who had been sent threating blackmail messages. He struggles to find out what he has done wrong and who had sent the messages. In the beginning he fails to see his involvement in the situation and why sharing a ‘mash up’ about someone is hurtful. To bring about justice, he and another character investigate and attempt to correct wrong doing.

I personally thought this was educational because it was performed for us to learn to be careful about what we share and create on the internet.


Year 9

Our Year 9 students this week had the opportunity to go on an excursion for Humanities and visit beaches looking at landforms, rock formations and ecology. The students had a very successful day completing their tasks and filling in the booklets.

Mrs Melissa Robinson

Middle School Leader


Mock Interview Program 2019

On Wednesday 3rd April year 10 students participated in the Mock Interview Program. This is an invaluable program that provides students with the opportunity to practice job application skills that they will need throughout their career journey. Students were asked to select a job they wanted to apply for from a list provided to them in their Futures class. They then prepared their cover letter and resume according to the job they selected. In addition, they received training on interview skills and how to answer ‘behavioral based questions.


Although there were some nervous students, overall it was fantastic seeing such mature and well prepared students coming in for their interviews and then leaving with a smile on their face. The program commenced at 9.15am and concluded at 11.30am with over 100 interviews taking place! The positive feedback provided by our interviewers on student’s performances was very encouraging. I congratulate all students for doing an amazing job and representing themselves in a professional and positive manner.


This program would not have been possible without the help of our volunteer interviewers who included – Helen Goltsios, Jenny Phillips, Sharon Morris, Leah Cunningham, Gosia Zastawnik, Sarah-Jane Gason, Tracey Teunissen, members from our local Rotary Club in Glen Waverley – Chris George, Michelle Oscar, Don Kerley and members from our local Lions Club of Wheelers Hill – Roger Budd, Denis Carruthers, Sam Koutsampasis, Aurore Pont. We thank them for their time and appreciate the support they provided our students.


I would also like to thank Khairi Razaai, the Futures Domain Leader and Diane Trevor our Teacher’s Administrative Assistance, for providing their support leading up to the program and during the day which helped ensure the smooth running of this event.


Voula Jakubicki

Careers Coordinator

Community News

2nd Hand Uniform Term 2

  • Thursday             2nd May
  • Monday               13th May
  • Thursday             30th May
  • Thursday             13th June
  • Monday               24th June

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