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14 October 2016
Issue Eleven
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Principal's News

From Mrs Stathatos

It is with a tinge of sadness and much joy that we say farewell to the class of 2016.

Celebrations to end the formal stage their schooling have begun sensibly as everyone keeps in mind the most important weeks ahead with the impending examinations.


There have been many stories and memories created by this wonderful group of students and on behalf of the whole college community, we wish them the very best in their revision sessions and their exams. We look forward to celebrating the end of their journey at the Valedictory dinner in November.


This is an opportunity to thank the Senior school team, teaching and support staff who have created a rich and rewarding learning environment for our students to thrive. We are confident that through their efforts our students are prepared to live in a world away from Ringwood Secondary College and show the necessary skills to tackle the obstacles and embrace the opportunities ahead. It is also appropriate to mention the parent community. Thank you for everything you have contributed over the past six years and especially this year to enhance your child’s learning. The parent, teacher, student relationship is particularly evident at Year 12 and it is with much gratitude that we acknowledge the support you have provided.

In my own Year 12 class, students engaged in a cathartic exercise with the release of bubbles high into the air signifying a letting go of all the anxieties that they may have about the English exam. It was delightful to watch students having fun and interacting with one another so positively.

I will be left with many such fond memories of the year.


There have been a number of highlights this fortnight in which the students and staff have revelled. These include the staff vs student football match and the Mental Health Well being Day. Both events were highly successful and were perfectly complemented by our beautiful spring weather. Next week we have our Art and Technology show and invite your attendance while our Band Tour group is preparing to tour once again. Parents will also find in this newsletter information about the iParent seminar in the library which is organised by our Wellbeing team and supported by the PCTA, scheduled for November 2nd.


Eleni Stathatos

Acting Principal

Assistant Principals

From Mr Barut

The class of 2016 were farewelled during the week at a whole school assembly. They will be warmly remembered for their kindness, their willingness to forge meaningful relationships with all those in the school community and their generosity of spirit.


The final breakfast on Friday morning brought everyone together for the last time before the exams and the students had a terrific day at Fun Fields.


Congratulations must go to all the Senior School co-ordinators, all the teaching staff, support staff, the canteen staff and all those involved in celebrating the Year 12’s last days of secondary schooling that concluded with respect, dignity and good humour.


Swot Vac now begins as the final preparations are made for the exams. Students are invited to use the study space in the senior school or the library during their study time. Teachers will be available for revision.


James Barut

Assistant Principal


Final Assembly Speech from our Head Prefects

by Rebecca Allsop and Caleb Lindner

Congratulations on finally making it to fourth term and almost to end of 2016. For most of you, there will have another few weeks of school, but for the class of 2016, tomorrow marks an end to lessons and a frightening beginning to our forever dreaded final exams.


Although the daunting thought of exams are suspended over our heads, we have still used this week as a great week of reflection, of the wonderful experiences we have gained from RSC. And ones we want you as younger year levels to take advantage of.


We enjoyed carnivals, city experience, duke of Ed, central, adventure park, sports days and general classes, in which all of these we have gained strong relationships with teachers, people in the wider community and especially students our year level, and we hope that these relationships that we have formed within the past 6 years, will be on going.


The variety of events that we have been exposed to have allowed every one of us to explore what we enjoy, where our passions lie and how we can further these aspirations to be apart of our everyday lives. We have learnt to be apart of something bigger than us, working as a cohort to achieve things that we could not do as an individual.

All these key skills we have learnt, are thanks to the values instilled in us at Ringwood secondary, the values of: Learning to be yourself, learning to do, learning to think and learning to live together. So Ringwood Secondary College, we thank you.


We want to thank the awesome teachers that we have had along the way. The teachers that put us in a seating plan because we talk too much, thanks for making us wait until recess and lunch to get the new goss. The teachers that tried to inspire us to write an essay on ‘somewhere around the corner’ with new ways of learning by bringing in props to hint to us what is really around the corner. And thanks for taking the time out of your days to reteach us things that we didn’t understand because we were either talking to much whilst you were teaching it, or because surds just don’t make sense.


Along with this we want to thank the wonderful coordinating team of Mr Phillips, the Assistant Principal’s, current and present, the coordinators we have had long the way, for your planning of events, school curriculum and the overall guidance you have given us.


The year levels we are leaving behind, we hope we have given you some kind of direction to follow in the future. From experience, Bec and I want to give you the advise of taking on every opportunity that is thrown your way, I know we have said it often, but the wide range of opportunities that are offered to you at Ringwood are infinite and outstanding. So we hope, you too, enjoy your years of schooling and make the same great memories that we have had.


To the year 12’s of 2016, WE MADE IT, congratulations!

As of tomorrow we will of finished our final classes, and we only have another few weeks until exams are over and we will have officially finished our schooling so well done!


But as Mr Phillips is not here to present the wonderful poems and quotes that have been prominent in his speeches this year, we would like to end our speech with one for the class of 2016. So here is a quote from Lao Txu


Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.

Don’t resist them.

That only creates sorrow.

Let reality be reality.

Let things flow naturally forward

In whatever way they like.


Thank you for your time Ringwood, it has been great and memorable.


Middle School

Welcome back to the start of a busy Term

As Assistant Principal working with Middle School this term, I’m looking forward to an exciting term with the Year 9 and 10 students as they work hard to complete their studies for the 2016 school year.      I would like to say a big thank you to the warm welcome I received from the Year 10 students at their assembly last week, and from the Year 9 students whose assembly   I attended this week.


Focus for the term

This term is a particularly busy term for Year 10 students who only have another 5 weeks until their end of year exams begin in Week 8. The students will sit their exams in a similar format to the Year 11 exams. This will give Year 10 students experience in completing examinations under strict VCAA exam conditions, under the watchful eye of external supervisors. Further detail, including the exam timetable and room allocations, will be forwarded to students by the Middle School Coordinators in the next few weeks.


It is important that students keep up to date with classwork and submit all required assessment tasks by the due date. This will help them develop the good study habits required to complete VCE subjects next year, or the discipline to balance school work, job placement and TAFE courses as part of a VET or VCAL program in 2017.  Transition classes for students entering Year 11 next year will take place during Week 9.


Year 9 students should also ensure they keep up to date with their schoolwork as Term 4 is a busy time for assessment. I would encourage parents to support their child by checking Compass on a regular basis and ensuring assessment tasks are being completed on time.  Year 9 students will have transition classes during Week 9 to prepare them for their Year 10 subjects.


Exciting times ahead

Students will have the opportunity to be rewarded for all of their hard work during the Queensland Trip for Year 10 students, and Bike Tour for Year 9 students, both being held during Week 10.


Year 9 City Experience

Feedback from our Year 9 students, parents, teachers and members of the general public about the City Experience held at the end of last term has been fantastic! This was a wonderful opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge of the city, develop greater independence, enjoy activities such as Eureka Tower, ACMI, Melbourne Museum, the Shrine of Remembrance, Street Art tours, and Etihad Stadium, and gain a better understanding of homelessness and poverty. Our Year 9 students were terrific ambassadors for the college. A huge thank you also to Ms Alyce Bailey and Ms Kim Watson for developing the program this year.


Body Positivity

At the Year 9 assembly this week, one of our Year 9 students, Phoebe Roach, 9A did an amazing job giving a presentation to the entire Year 9 cohort on the issue of body positivity. Her presentation was extremely well researched, Phoebe was knowledgeable on her topic, and she made great use of engaging video clips to get the message across to her audience that we should adopt more forgiving and affirming attitudes towards our bodies, with the goal of improving overall health and well-being.


I look forward to working with our Year 9 and 10 students, their parents, teachers and the Middle School Coordination team during the term.


Annette Niven

Acting Assistant Principal

Junior School

Welcome back to Term 4! It will prove to be a very busy and exciting time ahead as we farewell the Year 12’s today and welcome the prospective Year 7 students in November.


Art and Technology Show

Many junior school students art, design and technology work will be featured in the Art and Technology 2016 Show, so please come along to enjoy the refreshments, awards and the beautiful artwork and designs. The opening night is next Tuesday.


High School Musical

This year’s Junior Production will be High School Musical with performances held in December. Students are encouraged to become involved in many ways such as makeup, sets and so on.


Next year…

Looking forward to 2017. Transition visits to all feeder primary schools have begun and planning fully is underway for the year ahead. Intake testing sessions are now completed.


Upcoming events for Year 7 2017

  • Information evening-November 24th
  • Orientation Day-December 8th
  • Small Schools Afternoon-December 1st


Stranger Danger

Have you ever said to your children “Don’t talk to strangers”?

In this newsletter I have included an article that centres on ‘stranger danger’ and some strategies that you may like to use to guide your conversations with your children on this issue. It aims to give children important safety messages without dampening their confidence, not their trust, in human nature. The rule ‘never talk to strangers’ has many exceptions, so these are some new guidelines that you may find useful.


The article ‘The New Rule Every Parent Needs to Know’ by Catherine Gerhardt, a child safety expert with Kidproof, provides the latest advice about keeping kids safe. It is available on

I urge all students to take care when going to and from school, and to report anything suspicious

to parents, school and the police – call your local police station to report an incident (use 000 in an emergency) or 1800 333 000 to reach Crime Stoppers.


Here are some simple suggestions to help your child stay safe. Please ask your child to:

• Always travel in company

• Walk on the right hand side of the road so you face oncoming traffic

• Wherever possible, leave space between yourself and the roadway

• Stay in areas that are well lit

• Stay in view – avoid going into areas that are hidden from view (such as parkland bush or

   behind shopping centres) and plan trips to avoid such locations

• Be alert – earphones and headphones can reduce your awareness considerably

• If you have a mobile phone, have it turned on and ready to dial an emergency number   

• If a passing car stops nearby never get too close

• Do not hesitate to run from a situation in which you feel at risk

• Provide this advice to brothers and sisters, especially if they are younger

• Report suspicious behaviour to parents, school and the police, noting number plates of cars and/or clothing or distinguishing features of individuals.


Mrs Maria Allison

Assistant Principal

From the Office

2017 Transfers

Are you moving schools for 2017?

If you have plans to move schools for next year and wont be returning to Ringwood SC, can you please inform the College as soon as possible so we are able to prepare the appropriate paperwork to transfer your student.

Please call Karen Carden in the General Office on 9870 2002.

RSC Art and Technology Exhibition

Please join us for the annual Ringwood Secondary College Art and Technology Exhibition. Opening night is Tuesday 18th October at 7pm and it is a fantastic occasion where we celebrate the numerous creative and artistic talents of our students. Light refreshments will be served on the evening and entry to the opening night is by gold coin donation. We hope to see you there!


Facilities report

The main building works are moving along steadily. The Electrical works completed over the holidays were quite extensive including upgrades to the main supply, rebuilding of the electrical distribution room and laying major supply across the front of the school. This will future proof the College.

The steel structural work will commence in the next week and we hope to commence work on the library renovations,  November 23rd.

It was a real thrill to finally have a major solar instal completed at the school. The new 30 KW system, which sits on the Ringwood Trade building,  will generate approximately 5 % of the College consumption. Enjoy the photos. 


Recent works include:

  • Electrical works: Junior School: Future proofing
  • Instal of solar-30 KW system: RT roof
  • Oval tiers-commenced second tier-concrete sleepers
  • Painting of Hall Men’s toilet

Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager

Around the School

Middle School

Welcome Back!

We trust that all students enjoyed a restful holiday break and have returned to school ready to give their best in this final term of the year. Year 10s are reminded to consider the need to keep on top of their classwork as exams will once again be held in the last week of November. Year 9 students should also be sure to keep abreast of their school work as it is a particularly busy time for assessment, especially in C&C classes. Parents are encouraged to support their child by checking Compass often and ensuring that homework is being completed on a regular basis.


School Uniform

Please be reminded that with the start of this term comes the change from winter to summer uniform. Girls should be wearing either the College Dress or tailored charcoal shorts and a white shirt with college logo. Boys are expected to be wearing tailored charcoal shorts and a white shirt with the college logo. All students must be wearing white ankle socks and black, leather lace-up or buckled shoes that can be polished. 


It is so great to see so many of our students adhering to these guidelines and we appreciate your support in this matter. Please note that facial piercings are not allowed as part of the school uniform.



All student lockers have been relocated this year and this has created some challenges in terms of rubbish, especially in the Year 9 area. We would like to thank all students who have continued to support us in our endeavours to keep the school clean and tidy and who continually behave in a mature and responsible manner, particularly around the locker bays.


Subject selections

Subject preferences have been registered for all students moving from Year 8 into 9 and 9 into 10 and planning for next year’s classes is well under way. We anticipate that students will have their 2017 timetables by mid-November.


City Experience

During the second last week of Term 3 all Year 9 students headed into the city for a week of activities in the Melbourne CBD. During this time they enjoyed such activities as the Melbourne Star, Eureka Tower, the Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks, Big Issue, ACMI, The City is Our Home walk, the Shrine of Remembrance, a Street Art tour, Etihad Stadium, a pizza lunch at Lygon Street, Ice Skating at the O’Brien stadium and MCG Game on! Interactive. The program was designed to assist students in developing their independence and responsibility as they navigated their way around the city. We were so very impressed by the maturity and mindfulness of our students who were complimented for their respectful behaviour by a number of commuters and program coordinators. It was also very clear that the students themselves had a really great time.


Here’s what a few of them had to say about the experience:

I think City Experiences was a really valuable experience. It’s not everyday we get to go into the city and see what it is like during the week when everyone is working and going through the motions of their everyday life. I really enjoyed experiencing the city with all my friends; we got so much closer because we were spending every minute with each other. The two most memorable things about City Experience were Urban seed, because we got to see the darker parts of Melbourne and how it is dealt with and the Melbourne star with its the spectacular views of the city.

Jess Allsop


City Experience was a lot of fun this year. I learned how to get around in the city and also got to experience lots of really great places. My favourite experience was the Eureka Tower Skydeck. It was so high up and gave us a chance to see the entire city. I also really enjoyed hearing the story of people supported by The Big Issue magazine and now have a better understanding of homelessness and poverty. 

Lachlan Watson


InterGREAT Business Fair

The focus of interGREAT in Term 4 is the Future self. Students in InterGREAT recently heard from Andrew Philp, a parent of one our Year 9 students but also a representative from Opportunity International. Andrew spoke about his company’s aim to assist people in disadvantaged communities break the cycle of poverty by offering them a hand up, not a hand out. Opportunity International provides business loans to assist individuals to start a small business that will enable them to eventually support themselves and their families in the future. They provide support and training in the creation of a business model and once successful encourage recipients to pay the original loan back interest free. This is then loaned to another person so that the cycle can begin again.


We were so inspired by this concept that we have challenged students with the task of creating their own small business from a start up loan of $10. They have been asked to procure this loan from a member of the local community, preferably not a member of their family. Students must work in teams to develop a way to make a profit using this start up loan, which can then be donated to charity once their original loans are paid back. Products developed will be sold at a Business Fair at RSC during period 2 of interGREAT and at recess on Tuesday 18th October. Parents are encouraged to discuss this amazing opportunity with their child in the coming weeks.


Queensland Trip

It is now less than two months until the Year 10 students depart for their trip to Queensland. Please be sure to contact Michael Kent if you have any questions about the packing requirements, departure times and expectations. [email protected]


Central Australia Trip 2017

For many years Ringwood Secondary College has offered Year 11 students the chance to be part of a touring group to Central Australia. It has recently been decided to move this trip to Year 10 as of 2017. If your child is in Year 9 this year they may already have received some information about this tour for next year. Interested students can submit a deposit via Compass or get further information from Brendan Ricci at: [email protected]


Year 7 English

In the last lesson of Term 3, Miss Lundie’s 7E English class had an Ancient Egyptian feast which was made up of all the amazing delights from the novel we had been studying titled ‘Pharaoh’. There were cupcakes, donkey droppings, pomegranate juice, watermelon and much more! We all had a great time dressed up as our allocated characters and even listened to some very nice Egyptian music. We all played 'Pharaoh heads' and ‘mummy making’ by wrapping each other in toilet paper. The feast was amazing and everyone had a blast! It was a great way to celebrate finishing a wonderful novel that everyone enjoyed!

By Jayde Reynolds 7E

Year 7 Indonesian

The focus of Term 3 for Year 7s in Indonesian was classroom objects and schooling in Indonesia. Towards the end of the term, students participated in an integrated project with our sister school Sekolah Tunas Unggul in Bandung, West Java. The purpose of the project was for students to learn more about schooling in Australia and Indonesia. Students were each allocated a pen pal for the project from Indonesia, and communicated with them to discover more information to help them in class. The final component of the task was for students to reflect on their learning via a digital blog page. This was so that all students in both Australia and Indonesia could access one another’s reflections. The blog page can be accessed here:

All students enjoyed the project, and many students have made comment that they now have so many more followers on social media after communicating with our friends in Indonesia and maintain contact with them regularly.


Jessica Lundie

Indonesian Teacher

Humanities Tour

Japan/South Korea Humanities tour

Two staff and 16 Ringwood students went on an amazing tour of Japan and South Korea during the September school holidays.


We visited the historical city of Hiroshima, the ancient Imperial capital of Kyoto, the rural township of Takayama and the megacities of Tokyo and Seoul.


We experienced a traditional tea ceremony, a delicious sushi making class, the extremely fast bullet trains, a Japanese onsen spa and the most militarised place on earth in the North Korean-South Korean Demilitarised Zone.

After a fantastic trip, we are looking forward to the next Humanities tour going to New Zealand in 2018.

Benn Jamieson



Term 4


Ringwood Secondary College athletics team once again claimed victory at the Maroondah Division Athletics carnival, this year held at Knox Athletics track. Ringwood were named Division Athletics Champion for the 12th consecutive year with a total of 1500 points, 553 points clear of the nearest school, Norwood.


Multiple winners on the day were:

Soraya MacLean (4 wins); Ben Hickleton, Bianca Hansen, Ciara Lumsden, Stephen Dang (3 wins); Amber Shearn, Caitlin Dellow, Georgia Copeland, Harry Norman, Imogen Hansen, Isabella Reynolds-Wilson, Niamh Mebalds, Olivia Henry, Sam Nicholson, Sara Patrick, Taylor Mainard (2 wins).


Winners of one event were:
Aidan Thomson, Anne Hager, Blake Watson-Karpinski, Caitlin Robbins, Callum Pirera, Charlie Collins, Charlie Guillou, Courtney North, David Feeney, Isaac Parlas, Jackson Weatherill, Jasmin Hass, Jenna Edwards, Jessica Bone, Jordan Ross, Jordyn Sullivan, Julia Rooney-Watson, Julian Malander, Justin Pomponio, Keeley Sherar, Luke McGary, Meagan Crozier, Nikki Anderson, Nyawech Monyjiek, Pwa Ku Htoo, Rebecca Battersby, Riley Baldwin, Robbie Kataiwai, Sahaf Ali, Samantha Middlemast, Sinead Lumsden, Taylah De Montignie, Tess Patterson, Trey Braione


The following students were members of the 10 winning relay teams:

13 Boys: Charlie Collins, Tyson Petrie, Sahaf Ali, Lachlan Sanchez-Legg
13 Girls: Nikki Anderson, Julia Rooney-Watson, Soraya MacLean, Anne Hager

14 Boys: David Feeney, Jessel Sebastian, Will McHardy, Aidan Thomson
14 Girls: Isabella Reynolds-Wilson, Olivia Cassar, Jessi Ignatidis, Jessica Jamieson
15 Boys: Harry Norman, Robbie Kataiwai, Connor Carter, Damon Delaney

15 Girls: Rhian Lumsden, Amber Shearn, Charlie Guillou, Emma Allman
16 Boys: Blake Watson-Karpinski, Zan Sompel, Tiernan White, Jonathan Murphy

16 Girls: Ciara Lumsden, Tess Patterson, Rebecca Battersby, Niamh Mebalds
17 Girls: Kate O'Neill, Sam Middlemast, Jessica Bone, Courtney North
20 Boys: Jack Jones, Gai Wal Gai, James Sutton, Sean Gibbons

Five of our students were also crowned age group champions on the day. Congratulations to:
Niamh Mebalds (14F), Harry Norman (15M), Ciara Lumsden (16F), Stephen Dang (17M) and Meagan Crozier (20F)


Six Division records were also beaten by Ringwood students. Congratulations to:

Aidan Thomson – 14 Boys 100m Hurdles 15.90

Anne Hager – 13 Girls Long Jump 4.41 (beating a 10 year old record)

Soraya MacLean – 13 Girls Javelin 28.07

Bianca Hansen – 17 Girls Long Jump 5.37 (beating a 15 year old record)

- 17 Girls Discus 29.08


Congratulations once again to all students that competed and contributed to the teams success on the day.


2016 State Teams Short Course meet

Congratulations to Sophie Caldwell who was female captain of the Victorian state team, that competed at the recent short course championships in Canberra. Sophie won gold in the 800 metre freestyle and 400 metre Individual Medley and also collected bronze medals in the 400 metre freestyle and 200 metre Individual Medley. Great work Sophie!


Australian Under 17 Men’s Netball

For the second consecutive year, Joel Gosbell represented Australia in a tournament played in New Zealand during the September holidays, in what was a very competitive tournament. From this, the best players from both the Under 17 and Under 20 Australian teams were selected to play against a New Zealand Under 23 team. Joel was selected in these team and helped to contribute to a big win for Australia over New Zealand. Well done Joel!




Monday 24th – Year 7 Boys Tennis / Year 7 Boys Volleyball / Year 8 Boys Volleyball

Wednesday 26th – Intermediate Boys and Girls Table Tennis


Thursday 3rd – Year 8 Boys Baseball / Girls Softball

Friday 4th – Year 7 Girls Tennis

Monday 7th – Year 8 Boys Tennis

Friday 11th - Year 8 Girls Tennis


Kyle Simkin

Director of Sports


Wellbeing News

Maroondah City Council

  • Maroondah Festival Sunday 6th November, 10am - 4pm Croydon Town Park.

        Key features of this year are;
        - ANZ Main Arena
        - Eastland Kids Kingdom featuring free kids rides
        - Youth Space
        - Noel Jones Community Expo
        - Costco Tastes of Maroondah Stage
        - Matchworks Sounds of Maroondah Stage
        - Eco Village
        - Australian Laser Clinic Health and Wellbeing Expo
        - Chasing Green Workshop Marquee
        - Denso Rockabilly Area and Classic Car Display
        - Artisan Market

The Eastland Kids Kingdom and the Youth Space are the spaces most of the kids and young people will be interested in.

  • Maroondah Youth Services: November 4th - 'Metals Dawn' gig at EV's Youth Centre. More information to come.

MI Fellowship
Have an array of programs and events for people experiencing mental illness or their families and carers including young people:

  • Family Fun Day Sunday 27th November, 3-7pm at Lifeworks in Ringwood
  • Teen Group - monthly support group for young carers aged 13-18. Contact Catherine Vine 8873 2510


  • 'Parenting adolescents seminar': Wednesday 26th October 2016, 7pm - 8pm. No cost. Contact Amanda Jenkins – Youth and Family team EACH, 9871 2632. RSVP by 19th October, bookings essential.


  • Adolescent Youth Club: program for teens aged 13-15 or 16-18 who struggle with managing the social dynamic at home, school and friends. Outcomes include socialisation with other teens, and acquiring daily living skills including cooking and communication. Every Wednesday 5 - 6.30pm, Irabina multipurpose gym Bayswater site (193 Bayswater Road), $30 per session or $250 per term. To register contact [email protected] or 9720 1118. Program delivered by a Speech Pathologist and overseen by a Psychologist along with 2 other staff. For more info:

Ringwood Secondary College

  • Presenting a free i-parent Seminarcovering information on supporting parents to raise young people in the social media/internet age. Delivered by SEED Workshops. Wednesday 2nd November @7pm, Ringwood Secondary College School Library. RSVP by October 28th to Anna Benson: [email protected]

  Yarra Ranges Youth Services


The Youth Counselling Team provide free generalist counselling for young people aged 12 to 25 and their family’s who live, work or go to school in the Shire of Yarra Ranges. No Mental Health Care Plan is required and we provide a flexible service which can be accessed at various locations across the Yarra Ranges. Contact 9294 6716 for more information or to make a referral.

ASK – Autism Spectrum Kids,  for young people on the spectrum between the ages of 10 to 15.
The group will run for  8 weeks and covers topics of emotions, social skills, developing friendship skills, assertive communication and managing fear and anxiety.
The program will run every Tuesday afternoon from 4:30pm to 6pm commencing October the 12th.

The PATS program (Paying Attention to Self) is a Peer Support group for young people ages between 12 to 18 who have a parent with a mental illness. The group will run for 8 weeks and covers topics of  reducing stigma in relation to mental health, understanding your parents mental health issue, coping strategies and self care.
The program will run every Wednesday afternoon from 5pm to 6:30pm and transport (taxi) can be provided for young people to attend the group.

All groups are free and are  facilitated by trained counsellors.  To make a referral to either group please contact the Youth Counselling team on 92946716.


Parenting Seminar

Do you sometimes feel your child as you knew them has disappeared and some other child has moved in?

Come along to a parenting seminar where two counselors from EACH Social and Community Health will talk about their personal and professional experiences of living & working with teenagers. 


Grumpy Teens ?


Teen Social Group



Football Registrations

Kilsyth Junior Football club Registration day


Ringwood Training

Welding  Short Course


Warranwood Primary

20th  Year Celebrations 1996 - 2016


i Parent Seminar

You are invited to attend and will be provided with information and tools to assist raising young people in the social media/internet age.


Community Festival

We are holding Yarra’s 50th Community Festival this Saturday from 3pm, culminating with fireworks at 8.15pm.


RSC News
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