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03 March 2017
Issue Two
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From the Principal

Dear Parents, Staff, Students and Friends

This term is flying by with students and teachers joining together in a range of exciting teaching and learning initiatives.  I have been so impressed to see our students proudly wearing their school uniform and also being kind and friendly towards everyone they encounter.  Walking around the grounds and throughout classes reminds me how fortunate we are to be members of such a high performing school.  The school environment is always electric with students and teachers responding with enthusiasm to a range of learning challenges.  Our school is a special place of learning where students are provided with a learning environment of excellence that allows them to reach their full potential, provided they do their best always.   


The Department of Education and Training (DET) has classified schools as high performing when they have percentages of students in the top two bands in Numeracy and Reading in Year 9 that are higher than state levels and also when a school demonstrates a capacity to value add to student learning from Year 7 to Year 9, greater than the state.  On both counts we have achieved resounding success.  This clearly indicates that our teachers, students and parents form a strong team in being able to enhance student learning in the first three years of high school.  Consequently, I am thrilled to inform you that we have been classified as a high performing school by the DET.  Such a positive trend in the first three years of high school continues until VCE.  DET has provided us with data that indicates our VCE results are well above those of similar schools and have been for at least the last four years.  Also our student attendance is well above that occurring in similar schools.  This information gives us great cause for celebration. Please be reassured that we won’t rest on our laurels, but continue to strive as always to achieve ongoing school improvement.


I am pleased to welcome parent representatives who have been appointed to School Council for a two year term:

Parent Representatives: 

Ms Vera Roberts,  Mr Daryl Durack,  & Mr Bruce Howden.     


Unfortunately it has come to a time where we farewell three longstanding members of School Council.  I would like to acknowledge the outstanding contribution from Mr Alan Lachman who has been a member of  School Council as a parent and community representative for many years.  Alan has very kindly shared his business acumen, supporting Frankston High School in securing a number of mutually beneficial partnerships with local business sponsors.  The Marketing and Sponsorship Committee are motivated to continue on with the strong legacy Alan leaves us with.

Similarly, Ms Helen Hay has been a dedicated member of School Council, particularly with her active positive contribution to both our Education committee and Parent and Friends Association (PFA). Helen has been a terrific advocate for our great school. 

After retiring as a parent representative in 2015 I managed to talk Ms Belinda Butterfield into serving on School Council as a community representative.  However, now Belinda feels it is time to move on which is very understandable after years of giving so generously to our school.  Belinda has been a regular at working bees and PFA and an active member of our Grounds and Facilities Committee.

We are indebted to our parents for the great volunteer work they do in representing our school community on School Council.  School Council is our governing body which ensures that Frankston High School keeps moving onwards and upwards by leading Australia in providing excellence in teaching and learning for our students.


Climbing over rope obstacles and crawling through putrid muddy water underneath barbed wire were two hazards which staff and students faced on the Sports Leadership Camp.  100 students attended this camp and were challenged to develop their leadership qualities and skills.  I managed to avoid this activity in 2016 but was a member of the staff team this year.

I was surprised I lasted the distance even though felt like a lump of jelly at the end.  Students and staff had a great time whilst students were learning to acquire impressive leadership and team building skills.  I am looking forward to a great year of our sports leaders enthusing our students with a love of fitness and fun. Thanks to Ms Chloe Edwards and Ms Carly Douglas for organising such a great camp and to all those staff who attended.


Thanks to our team of enthusiastic Year 12 Coordinators: Mr Simon Cameron & Ms Nicole Filipou and teachers who contributed to a highly successful Year 12 Motivation Day. This is a significant event which undoubtedly helps students to reflect and plan what they want to achieve by the end of the year.  This day has inspired our students to achieve their full potential.  It is evident that our Year 12 students are focused on achieving their goals by being the best they can be, by the tone of the study centre, SRC and Science centres which are thriving with students collaborating on learning tasks or working independently to complete learning tasks and also already revising for SACs and ultimately the end of year exams.  Many are staying behind after classes until 6.00pm at night  to use our magnificent study centre to continue with their studies.

Well Done Class of 2017, you are off to a great start! 


We were most fortunate to have a beautiful, mild sunny day for our House Swimming Carnival.  It was terrific to see our students getting into the spirit of competition, dressing up in their house colours and competing in a range of events.  Also it was great to have a contingent of parents at the sports.  I was in awe of our VET Sport and Recreational students who demonstrated great leadership and work ethic in working with staff to organise and run the day.  Many thanks to Ms Chloe Edwards, Ms Carly Douglas & Mr Lachlan Avery for overseeing the organisation of this highly successful event. 


Recent research indicates that there is no significant difference in learning outcomes between students who attend private and government schools.  The difference in learning outcomes between students is determined by the quality of parenting and teaching.  Parents who communicate to their children how much they value their education together with world class teachers which Frankston High School is fortunate to have, will result in students with the best learning outcomes.  The great attendance of parents at our VCE information night together with their most informed caring questions tells me that together with our exceptional VCE teachers, our students will achieve their potential and beyond.



We are very proud of Gerard Felipe (Year 12) and Jackson Ramage (Year 11) who have been selected in a group of 120 top students from across Australia to participate in the 22nd National Schools Constitutional Convention, in Canberra from 15 - 17 March 2017.  In becoming national delegates, Gerand and Jackson were selected from around 4,000 students from government, independent and Catholic schools, most of whom took part in feeder conventions in their home state or territory.  Also accolades to Gerard for being elected as the VicSRC chairperson.  The VicSRC is a student leadership body which Gerard is leading that represents students from all Victorian government and private schools.  This team of young leaders regularly meet with the Education Minister : Hon James Merlino.  I am hoping Gerard can put in a good word for Frankston High School. 


Our Senior Stage Band certainly haven’t lost their touch over the holidays.  They were the star performers at Cruden Farm on Saturday 18 February.  A huge audience were in attendance to appreciate our talented young people (I also include our teachers in that statement!).   The combination of our magnificent band with the beauty of the Cruden Farm Gardens certainly made for a wonderful twilight event.  Many thanks to Mr Leon De Bruin and Mr Peter Sharp who gave up weekend time to ensure our students had this great opportunity. 


I look forward to catching up with many parents and students at Parent Teacher Student Conferences on Monday 27  March.  Look out for the information we will send to you,  as to how to book discussions online.  If you are unable to book online, please contact office staff and they will assist you once such bookings are available on our website.


You may be interested in following this link to a Herald Sun article that featured one of our lovely families who have chosen to rent in the zone because they regard our school as the school of choice on the Peninsula.


Mr John Albiston


Senior School News


Congratulations to Gerard Felipe (Year 12) and Jackson Ramage (Year 11) who have been selected to represent Victoria at the National Schools Constitution Convention in Canberra from 15 March to 17 March.  Gerard and Jackson will undertake a tour of Parliament House, have dinner at the High Court and participate in various forums and debates.  We wish Gerard and Jackson all the best.


A very successful Motivation Day was held on Friday 10 February at Monash University, Peninsula Campus.  The guest speaker was Tristan Miller.   Tristan discussed goal setting, role models, targets and perseverance.  He outlined challenges including losing his dream job at Google in the Global Financial Crisis of 2009 and how he overcame challenges and embraced opportunities.  Tristan explained how he turned his life into an amazing adventure by running 52 marathons in 52 weeks, in 42 countries, on all 7 continents.  Tristan was both inspirational  and entertaining.

Elevate Education presented two seminars:

  • Study Sensei  
  • Time Management 

These presentations were invaluable in terms of providing information to assist students to prepare for assessments and examinations throughout the year.   

We also heard from a panel of 2016 Year 12 students:  James Lilley, Wais Habib, Samantha Lawrence, Hannah Opaluch, Tanya Zmiric and Sarah Digolis.  These students spoke about successful strategies they used during Year 12 to maximize learning outcomes.  I was incredibly proud of the Year 12 students from 2016 and their tips for succeeding in Year 12.  They all made mention of the fantastic teachers and opportunities at this school, and they were genuine and sincere as they relayed their experiences with their teachers over their time at Frankston High School. 

Thank you to the main speakers on the day who provided invaluable advice to our students:  Mr John Albiston for his motivational speech to commence the day, and  Mrs Carolyn Walsh  for her presentation on careers .  

I would like to thank Mr Simon Cameron and  Ms Nicole Filippou  for organising this day and the Parents and Friends Association (PFA) who provided a delicious, healthy morning tea of fruit and fruit juice.

The organisation of the day and the presentations made by staff required a huge amount of time and effort, and I would like to thank all the staff involved.  I am sure the students found the day to be beneficial, a wealth of information was provided to assist students to reach their goals and maximise their learning opportunities. 


Thank you to all parents who attended the information night on Monday 13 February.  The feedback we received was very positive.  There is no doubt Years 11 and 12 are critical years and family support is vital.

Thank you to Mr Simon Cameron, Mrs Ellen D’Ambra, Mrs Carolyn Walsh, Ms Kirsten Bakker,  Ms Nicole Filippou,  Mr Con Neratzoglou and Mr John Albiston for their presentations and assistance on the night.


Thank you to Ms Lee Anne Smith who organised a very successful New Parents Evening (Years 8-12) on 16 February.  It was an excellent opportunity to meet with the new parents of the school and address any questions or enquiries they have.  If parents would like to discuss their child’s progress at school, they are most welcome to contact the relevant Year Level Coordinators.


It is important that parents do not drop students off both before and after school near the crossing.  This poses a very dangerous situation for both students and motorists. 

It is essential  that all students use the designated school crossings when travelling between campuses.


It is pleasing to see so many of our students using their time to an advantage in study periods. However, some students need to manage their time more effectively.  Our past students have spoken of the importance of utilising study periods to discuss work with friends, meet with teachers, complete homework and revise for assessment tasks.  All students are required to be in a designated study area during their study periods and to use this time productively.


Students who drive to school are reminded that they must complete a consent form (which is available from the Senior Office) and attach a photocopy of their driver’s licence.

Students are not permitted to park in the school grounds and hence, must ensure that they follow local parking restrictions on nearby roads.

Students should also be aware that they must not park on Foot Street.  Students are to park in the nearby side streets.


Ms Helen Wilson

Senior School Principal

Important Dates and Notices

Important Dates


Finance Office Hours

Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday

8.00am - 4.00pm



8.00am - 11.00am 

CLOSED 11.00am - 1.00pm

 1.00pm - 4.00pm

Uniform Shop Hours


Sarah Smith & Sara Dawson

Telephone 9784 9080




12.30pm - 1.30pm

3.00pm - 4.00pm

7.30pm to 8.30pm


10:00am - 12:00noon





Parent Student Teacher Conferences


This term Parent Student Teacher Conferences will take place on Monday 27 March.  Bookings for parents of Years 11 and 12 students will be open through Compass from Tuesday 21 March and for parents of Years 7-10 students on Wednesday 22 March.

As in previous years the conferences will be conducted on the 7-10 Campus with the main information table being outside the door of the Junior Resource Centre(JRC).  

Conferences will commence at 9.00am and will be completed by 7.40pm.

Teachers’ lunch and dinner breaks will be staggered so there will be a range of teachers available all day.  Students in Years 7-11 will not have normal classes but are expected to accompany their parents to the conferences. Students in Year 12 will not have Period 0 but are expected to attend classes as normal from Period 1.

Refreshments will be available for purchase from Little Olive Coffee Truck, SLC cake stall and the Baked Potato Bar at the 7-10 Campus Canteen (flyer below).


Work Experience


Homework Club


NAPLAN Testing

YEARS 7 AND 9 - 2017

The annual NAPLAN testing will take place for all students in Years 7 and 9 on:

Tuesday 9 May

Wednesday 10 May

Thursday 11 May


The tests are as follows:

Tuesday 9 May:

Language Conventions test,

Periods 1 and 2 (45 minutes)

Writing test,

Periods 3 and 4 (40 minutes)


Wednesday 10 May:


Periods 1 and 2 (65 minutes)


Thursday 11 May:

Numeracy – calculator,

Periods 1 and 2 (50 minutes) 

Students must provide a calculator for this test*  

*Calculators used for the Numeracy test must not be multi function or internet accessible devices.

Numeracy – non calculator,

Period 2 (10 minutes)

There has been a change in the format of the Numeracy testing.  There will be fewer questions and students will sit one Numeracy test session instead of two.


Parents may choose to exempt their child from the NAPLAN tests.  Please contact Ms Suzanne Caldwell via [email protected] if you wish to have your child exempted.  Parents need to sign an official exemption form.


Download An eBook Today!

We are excited to announce that students can now access over 1200 titles via our Wheelers eBook collection.  The collection ranges from Children’s to Adult fiction and contains all the popular titles and classics.  This is a great supplement to our existing print collection, as it allows students the choice of how they read.  Novels can be downloaded as a PDF or via the Wheelers app available via the Apple Store and Google Play.

Students can access the Wheelers eBook collection via the Resource Centres Portal page, or at  Login with your school username and password.  Loans are for 2 weeks and students can reserve popular titles.



Working Bee

We would love to have your company at our first working bee for 2017!

On Sunday 17 March, the Frankston High School Grounds Committee is holding a working bee from 8.00am until 12.00pm.  We will be concentrating our efforts on planting and mulching the gardens on both campuses.  We also would like to make some more seating for students to use around the oval so we would love to hear from any carpenters who could lend a hand with this particular project.  If this is you please contact Lee Anne Smith 0428 670 727 beforehand so that we can organise material.

The school has some gardening tools but it is always helpful if working bee members can also bring some of their own tools as well.  Wheel barrows, shovels, rakes, secateurs and hand tools would be particularly useful.

We always meet in the 7-10 Campus school car park and will have morning tea at 10.00am and a light Thank You Barbecue at 12.00pm.  Even if you are only able to come for part of the morning we would appreciate your time.

To register attendance please text:

Anne Thomson on 0409 835 541


School Pick Up/Drop Off

As you are all aware, we have limited parking in the Frankston High School grounds for parents picking up their children.

If you organise to meet your children in the drop off zone and they are not waiting for you when you arrive, please do not block the passage of cars trying to get through.  Please continue through the center of the drop off zone, turn left out of the school into Foot Street, proceed down to the roundabout at Baileyana Street and then do a loop back up Foot Street and around Towerhill Road roundabout.  If the entry to the drop off/pickup zone is full please do not block the roundabout at the corner of Towerhill Road and Foot Street. Continue straight on to the roundabout at Baileyana Street and then do a loop back up again.

GATE 3 is only for staff access and not for student drop off or pick up.  We thank you for your cooperation.

Community Sport/Events


Seeking Host Families

OSAKA Host Family Information

We have our annual visit from Osaka Seikei Girls School in Japan from Tuesday 21 March to Thursday 30 March 2017 (eight nights).


There will be approximately 30 female Japanese students aged 15-16 years and will be accompanied by their two teachers from Japan.  


The emphasis of the program is to experience our culture, our food and our language so interacting as much as possible with a host family in English and eating your food at meal times is recommended.


Please consider this rewarding experience!


SOWETO Student

For more than a decade our student leaders have been actively promoting the wonderful relationship we have with our sister school, Letsibogo Girls High School in Soweto, South Africa.  Each year Frankston High School sponsors a student from Letsibogo and provides her with the opportunity of experiencing life and learning in a privileged environment that offers opportunities they may otherwise never experience, which they utilise with success when they return to South Africa. The student is selected according to her potential to graduate from school and progress with further tertiary learning and a fulfilling career.

We are asking Frankston High School families to consider hosting our 2017 Letsibogo Girls High School student for a period of four weeks. Our Soweto student will be arriving soon and completing Year 11 at Frankston High School. Host families are needed from April 2017 onwards.  Daily needs such as clothing, toiletries, pre-pay mobile phone, public transport costs plus a $30 per week allowance are provided by the school.  However, we would be relying on the generosity of host families to provide accommodation and food.

Receipts from public transport, phone cards for overseas calls (available from a newsagency) mobile phone cards, etc will be reimbursed from the Finance Office on the 7-10 Campus.


Anne Thomson  on 0409 835 541 or  [email protected] 

Music Notes

Year 7 Students Only:
Training Concert Band Information and Recruitment Night.
Monday 6 March, 7.00pm

Year 7 students interested in joining our exciting band program and learning to play a musical instrument are invited to attend our Information and Recruitment Night which will be held in the Music Centre on Monday 6 March, commencing at 7.00pm.


Our Training Concert Band is for students who have had little or no musical experience and we are offering tuition on flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, french horn, euphonium and percussion.


On the night we will provide information on how our program works, and give a recommendation on which is the best choice of instrument for you to play.  We will also have a performance from our Junior Concert Band.  


Don’t forget that all students must be accompanied by a parent or adult representative.


Parking will be available on the 7-10 Campus basketball courts.

Junior Concert Band

The Junior Concert Band will be required to perform at the Information and Recruitment Night on Monday 6 March.  Students will need to be at the Music Centre by 6.45pm and will be finished by 7.30pm.

Out and About


Congratulations to our Senior Stage Band who gave a fabulous performance at Cruden Farm on Saturday 18 March.  Led by Mr Leon DeBruin, the band performed as part of McClelland Gallery’s Twilight Jazz fund raising event and entertained a crowd of several hundred people.

The band members were Matt Coulter, Leo Pregnell, Victoria Middlebrooke, Linus Maxwell-Gould, Melanie Tiong, Ivana Deam, Alex Pixton, Abbey Jones, Prosher Veresov, Liam Wilkinson, Fern Nicholls, Josh Burt, Jessie Grewal, Sina Mehdifar, Karu handayo, Devan Phillipson.



Congratulations to our new Clarinet Choir on their first performance for the year.  The group performed last Thursday afternoon for the Frankston Susono Friendship Society’s 35th anniversary of the establishment of their Japanese garden, which is located on the Senior Campus of Frankston High School.  Amelie Schumann, Sarah Fujii, Ryan Pfleger, Elly Morton and Nadja Xu provided the background music for the event and really added to the sense of occasion.


Peter Sharp,

Director of Instrumental Music

Out and About

The RMIT GPS Experience

Geography is a subject with many Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics components.  It is a field that is becoming increasingly relevant in our development of students' abilities to cope with the world, and one where there is likely to be a great deal of employment opportunities.

To foster an understanding of some developments our Year 12 Geography students were taken to RMIT where they were given a special training session in Geospatial Information Systems - specifically Global Positioning Systems.  RMIT lecturer Gita Pupedis kindly offered this opportunity to our students free of charge. 

Students were exposed to GPS devices, plotting waypoints using Google Earth (this also involved some Coding), were given an understanding of how GPS can be misrepresented using data and how it can be useful in helping to understand and interpret our world.  The information from the day will be very useful in helping Geography students to succeed with their studies.  The Franksotn High Sschool Geography Department would like to extend a thank you to RMIT, and particularly to Gita Pupedis, for offering this opportunity to us and for being so hospitable on the day.


Brendan McKinnon

Geography Teacher

Netball News

Frankston  High School 'Vipers'
First Game!

On 10 February we saw the commencement of the Frankston and District Netball Association, Years  7 & 8 Term 1 Netball Competition.  The Frankston High School team, also known as the ‘Vipers’, is this year competing in Section 1 of the competition.


In their first game our girls faced the power and might of Woodleigh College. 


Up against Woodleigh’s height advantage our girls knew that they required a quick start to put doubt in the minds of their taller opposition.  The intensive warm-up that Coach Chris Sutcliffe put his players through enabled the Vipers to physically dominate the first minutes of the game.  The girls then set about a well-structured, hard fought battle for dominance during the first quarter.  The Vipers through dogged defence; miraculous mid-field play and constant scoreboard pressure set the tone for the rest of the game.  The score at quarter time was Vipers 4 – Woodleigh 1.


The second quarter saw the rotation of Lucy Philpott to the offensive end of the court, a move that paid off for the remainder of the game.  Lucy’s conversion rate in front of goal during the second half ensured the Vipers dominance.  Lucy worked in tandem with Lottie Schinkfield, (the Vipers’ top goal scorer for the match).


Our defence revolved around Taonga Te Wiata, a player that could not be beaten on the night.  Mia Blood, who closed down her player and many opposition offensive plays throughout the game assisted Taonga brilliantly in her defensive role.


Our mid-field players led by Jade Keane were outstanding in ball retention and turnovers.  All around her supported Jade’s leadership, both on and off the court.  Grace Moore’s game was crucial in linking the defensive and offensive court on the night.  Hawa Brima set-up play coming out of defence by breaking loose and creating extra numbers in front of the ball.  The team was able to apply constant pressure throughout the game due to the versatility of Taleah O’Kell-Bleackley.


The Vipers ran away with the game during the second half.




A great first-up game from all players, congratulations on your excellent performance!


Jade Keane (Year 8)


Boys Cricket

Intermediate Boys Cricket Team – Northern Peninsula Champions 2017!

On Tuesday 28 February, a hot day to end the summer, the Intermediate Boys Cricket Team won the pennant as Northern Peninsula Champions after an undefeated day of excellent cricket.  Playing in unfamiliar conditions of eight overs per side and using hard plastic balls on a grass pitch with short boundaries, the team quickly adjusted and used excellent tactics to ensure a successful day.  The incentive was to play straight, with all runs scored straight worth double.


Round 1 vs Mt Erin Secondary College

Mt Erin batted first and were dismissed 8/64 with one ball remaining, with three excellent run outs from the Frankston High School (FHS) team a highlight.  Wickets were shared between Luke Kranzbuhler 1/6, Jonah Avery 1/5, Harry Thouas 1/12, Ned Godsell 1/5 and Matthew Van Wijk 1/4.

In reply, we passed the target in the fifth over before reaching 5/107 after the allotted 8 overs.  Matthew Van Wijk retired on 25 before returning to reach 33, Luke Kranzbuhler retired on 26 and Luke Long smashed 25 retired with scoring shots of only 12, 6, 6 and 1!


Round 2 vs Patterson River Secondary College

Frankston High School batted first and smashed our way to 4/148 with some big hitting indeed!  Five straight shots carried the boundary in the innings, earning double runs to turn 30 into 60. Luke Kranzbuhler retired on 25 after hitting 12 off the first ball of the match, Matthew Van Wijk retired on 28, Jonah Avery retired on 27, Josh Rice scored 21 and Nick Hammel was not out on 21.

Patterson River struggled after losing a wicket first ball to Luke Kranzbuhler, before losing regular wickets to finish 6/67 off 8 overs. Wickets were again evenly shared between Luke Kranzbuhler 1/4, Jai Block 1/6, Josh Rice 1/6, Nick Hammel 1/15, Jonah Avery 1/7 and Ned Godsell with a very economical last over of the match of 1/2.




Semi Final vs Patterson River Secondary College

With FHS finishing on top of the ladder and Patterson River in fourth spot, we had a rematch of Round 2 for the Semi Final, with our boys bowling first this time. Patterson River were restricted with excellent bowling to be only 5/22 off 6 overs, before late hitting took them to 8/53 – still a very achievable target for FHS. Wickets went to Josh Rice 2/5, Luke Long 1/3, Nick Hammel with an amazing 1/1 off the 5th over, Luke Kranzbuhler 1/8, Matthew Van Wijk 1/20 and Ned Godsell 2/11.

After a shaky start with the loss of two early wickets, the target was obtained in the fifth over.  Credit to Patterson River who lifted their game for this final, holding FHS to our lowest score of the day of 6/65.  Matthew Van Wijk continued his excellent day with 26 retired and Luke Kranzbuhler next best on 18.


Grand Final vs Elisabeth Murdoch College

After being asked to bat first in the final, FHS got away to its slowest start of the day to only be 3/38 after four overs.  However four big overs followed to finish of 15, 17, 13 and 21 took the total to a very competitive 4/114.  Matthew Van Wijk played a great captain’s knock of 21 to make it 108 runs for the day, before being run out in athletic fashion by a Delacombe Park Cricket Club teammate.  Luke Long turned the innings with an explosive 26 retired, before Harry Thouas finished the innings in style with 24 not out.
In what was a perfect bowling display for a Grand Final, EMC were dismissed for 8/26 in only 5.4 overs.  Luke Long continued the momentum from his batting display to snare 5/5 off two excellent overs. Luke Kranzbuhler took 1/6 at the start of the innings, with Aidan Fulcher finishing the match with 2/4 off the sixth and as it turned out, the last over.

A great day of cricket, made even better by the FHS Intermediate Girls team also winning their Grand Final on the adjacent ground.  Looking forward to the challenge of the next stage, to be held in Term 4.


Glenn Davey,


In The Spotlight



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