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09 March 2017
2017 Issue 3
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Principal's Address

One of the distinct privileges that I have in the role that I fulfil on behalf of the Association is to attend community events. Last week, it was great to be part of the energy that was the Primary Athletics Day. Despite the very warm weather, it was tremendous to see staff and parents rubbing shoulders in running this Athletics Day. Also, there are few things more enjoyable than being in the midst of the students when they are having so much fun at school. Thank you to all who were able to attend and assist. Your help is much appreciated.


On Thursday evening, we held our annual New Parents’ Dinner. This year, we had a progressive evening starting in the ELC, then moving to the Primary Gym for Dinner and finishing in the Secondary Science Building for dessert. As a College, we look to be authentic in our efforts to develop Christian schooling and have practice that mirrors our beliefs. To our way of thinking, this means that our Christian faith is to be evident across school practice rather than confined to one or two aspects of practice. Certainly, I find it very encouraging when I receive feedback from families that we are indeed doing this and I am very thankful for the comments on our College from our new families.


Please remember that next week, we have the first formal opportunity as a College to engage in Parent-Teacher or Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences. We’d love all parents to come along and discuss with us how we can assist you in the education of your children.


May you enjoy the long weekend.




Christopher Prior


Pray for Bayside

Please pray for our teachers as they prepare for Parent-Teacher and Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences next week.


Pray for our amazing Production team - performers and support people - as they begin rehearsals for Calamity Jane.


Pray that our students would learn about their gifts and how they can serve God and others with those gifts.


Pray that preparations for our 35th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service on 24 April would go smoothly, and that many former members of our community would come along.



From the Deputy's Desk

Recognising our gifts and respecting those in others

Romans 12: 4-6a: For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.


Across the College, teachers and students are exploring what it means to recognise our gifts, and to use them to bless the body of Christ and to bring glory to God.


Year 7B created a body and shared in assembly about how we are all part of the body of Christ, and how we can support and encourage one another in all parts of our lives.


In Primary assembly, Miss Wright passed out cards for students to write down their gifts to display in the G Block foyer.


Last week we welcomed new parents to the College at our New Parents' Dinner, and we had an opportunity to think about our gifts, and find others who had similar gifts.


It is a wonderful and blessed opportunity we have when we can use our gifts to bless others in our families, communities and wider life.




Walking or riding to school

Many students have the privilege of being able to ride, scoot, skate or walk to school, as they do not live too far away. If your child is one of them, please ensure that they are safe on the road and when entering the College. For riding, the law requires helmets are worn; however it is suggested that for safety, scooters and skaters also wear helmets and correct protective gear. When crossing Robinsons Road, there is a pedestrian crossing with lights, which is the only place that students may cross. This leads to the College pedestrian gate, which is the only place that students who walk, ride, skate or scoot may enter or exit. Only vehicles may use the main entrance and exit gates. Students must then walk their bikes or scooters within the College grounds and all bikes and scooters must be stored in the bike racks located near the basketball court. Students who do not adhere to these safety requirements may have their privilege removed and parents may be requested to bring them to and from the College. Please assist us in keeping your children safe, by ensuring they adhere to these requirements.


Parent Conferences (PTO)

Next Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 March are Parent-Teacher (Primary) and Parent-Student-Teacher (Secondary) Conferences. This is an important opportunity for you to touch base with the teachers of your children and share in their education as we partner with you. Interviews will be held in primary classrooms, G Block gym, music room, and B Block classrooms.

All families have been sent the PTO login details for making appointments. If you need assistance to navigate the site, please call Trish Longhurst or Hilary Mahoney at  the College office.

If you are unable to come on these dates, please arrange a time to catch up with your child/ren's teachers. This can be face-to-face, or even a quick chat over the phone. We value the opportunity to communicate with you and discuss ways to best support your children's education.


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

eSmart Schools

Late last year we received news that Bayside Christian College had met the criteria to achieve eSmart status. We are now officially an eSmart School!


Our eSmart sign arrived at the College and was unveiled at our whole school assembly last week. Primary IT Captain, Caleb, along with winners of our last year's eSmart Poster Competition, Mikayla and Emily, assisted to unveil the sign. 


As you drop off or collect your children from the College, look out for our new sign on the G Block building facing the car park.


We encourage you to check out some of the parent resources for online eSafety by taking a look at the parent section of the eSafety Commissioner's website. The link below includes valuable tips for staying safe online, and also advice about when it is appropriate to share children's photos online:


Janienne Woodbridge

Teacher Librarian/eLearning Manager


Primary News

From the Head of Primary

It has been so wonderful seeing our VCAL and VCE students working with our Primary children. The older students have been discussing and demonstrating how to serve others, and the bridging together  of our two sub-schools has been a privilege to be involved in.


A few weeks ago, the VCAL students visited Prep and Years 3/4. The older students read a rough draft of a narrative to the younger students that they had been writing, for the purpose of receiving feedback from their ‘audience’. The Primary children gave their individual feedback, which the VCAL students then applied to their writing. They then visited again to read aloud their final pieces of writing. It was lovely seeing the children listening to the final copy and being able to input into the older students’ work.

It was also wonderful seeing VCAL students helping out at our Primary Athletics. These students helped by demonstrating the instructions for events, recording results and encouraging the Primary children! Their attitude and behaviour certainly demonstrated to our younger students how to serve others in a Biblical way.


Joy Plummer

Head of Primary


Year 6 GRIP Leadership conference

"Leadership isn't all about using a position but rather about using strengths". This is one of the key points that Bayside's Primary School Leaders learned at the GRIP Student Leadership Conference on Friday 24 February.


Twelve Bayside Primary leaders travelled by train to the city to join over 2,000 other Primary School leaders from around Melbourne. It was a great day of learning, listening and 'loud noises' (fun, interaction and entertainment sessions).


The GRIP Leadership Conference showed us practical ways to grow as leaders at school and in life. We also learned how to develop our 'big ideas' to serve the College better.


We can't wait to share the skills we learned with the rest of the Primary School students, as we grow to become better leaders this year.


Cory Vass (Year 6)

Bayside District Swimming Competition

Before school on Friday 24 February, four students from our Primary School competed in the Bayside District Swimming Competition at Pines Forest Aquatic Centre. They swam with enthusiasm in the time trial events, with the fastest two students for each age group going through to the Peninsula Divisional Swimming Competition. Samuel Pinxt (backstroke), Oliver DeHaan (backstroke & breaststroke), Rhett Smales (breaststroke), and Caitlin Buchanan (freestyle) gave it their all! As a result, they have made it through to the next level. 


Zacc Klan

Primary PE teacher

Primary House Athletics

The last day of summer, 28 February was a spectacular day in the Primary School. It was Primary House Athletics Day! It was impressive to see a strong community spirit, with students encouraging one another and celebrating each other's achievements. The house chants were performed loudly and proudly and the heat outside certainly didn't dampen the heat between the houses. The water relays were enjoyed by all, and provided some relief from the hot sun.


I'd like to thank the parents, teachers and students who helped to make the day a great success. A special mention to Holmesglen TAFE students who helped run the event and did so with enthusiasm and smiles!


Zacc Klan

Primary PE teacher


ELC and their buddys

Our four year old ELC group has loved getting to know their Year 3/4H buddy class. The two classes joined together to learn about caring for God's creatures in the sea. The children created colourful fishes and sharks together. We have put up a display in G Block so that families may visit to see the ​collaboration between both groups. 


Alicia McCann

ELC Director


Years 7-10 News

Year 10 Basketball Rally Day

Thursday 23 February was a great day for the Year 10 girls Basketball Rally Day teams. It was really fun watching our Year 10s come together as a team and have heaps of fun. We all worked well together and enjoyed playing. We had a couple injured people but they're fine now. We had two teams, A and B. The A team came 2nd overall and the B team came 5th. It was a super fun day!

- Chantelle Harrison

On Thursday 23 February, a select team of the boys from Year 10 played a number of other schools in the Basketball Rally Day. Everyone on the team played super well, which resulted in us beating almost every team by 30 points. We ended up taking out the final and brought home the flag. None of this would have been possible without our crazy coach, ex-Bayside student - Ryan Wells.

- Lucas Holland



Dave Saves - 
a WHS speech

Dave Lomulder came to talk to our VCAL Work Related Skills class about WHS at Bayside Christian College. As the Property Manager of Bayside, he has to look at all safety aspects of the school. If there are any WHS hazards you need to report them to Dave via email. This will help speed up the process and get the problem solved faster. Dave said that little things are changing all the time in order to make this school safer. The main priority is that the whole school is safe. He also said that a lot of people leave WHS problems and don't get them fixed for a few months, and this can be a major issue as someone could get seriously hurt. This can also have serious legal impacts and sometimes result in jail.


Ken Berry

Years 9-10 Coordinator


Year 7 working hard

Our Year 7 Outdoor and Environmental Studies class are working on sustainability and are creating a sustainable vegetable garden here at the College. 


Inter-school Swimming

On Tuesday 28 February, Bayside attended the SEISS inter school swimming carnival at Monash Aquatic Centre in Glen Waverley. After a 40 minute bus ride full of excitement, our team were ready to swim their hearts out for the team. Everyone from Bayside made an amazing contribution to all the points we racked up. The team swam in their races plus filled in for people who were selected but couldn’t make the day.


There were a couple of people who did exceptionally well including Emma De Haan (4 x 1st, 1 x 3rd), Ezekiel Hanlon (3 x 1st), Ebony Knapp (2 x 1st, 2 x 2nd), Charlie Matheson (1x 1st, 2x 2nd, 1 x 3rd) and Jack McDonald (4 x 1st, 2 x 2nd). I'd like to congratulate everyone as this was the first time that everyone received two or more ribbons, and Lauren Dodge got an Inter-school record of 40.13 seconds in the 15 Girls Backstroke.


Everyone in the team gave 100%. At the start of the last race Bayside was 2 points in front. At the end of the race we were only 4 points behind and came second to MECS.


Unfortunately we didn’t take out the trophy this year but next year will be another opportunity to take out gold. Once again congratulations Team Bayside  - we did an amazing job!


Michael Pleiter

Secondary PE teacher

Year 9 Basketball

Girls are victorious again

On 2 March, eight girls from Year 9 were selected to play basketball against five other Christian schools at GSAC, Pakenham.  Our girls got off to a great start by winning the first game by 25 points and the next 3 games by 25 points or more. The whole day we were working well as a team, showing great sportsmanship and humility.  We qualified for finals undefeated, and won the final with a score of 36-10.  A special thanks to Sheila Waring for scoring and organising the subs.

- Lucy Wells (Team Captain)


Year 9 Boys win tough competition

The Year 9 boys Rally Day team came together as a group and made sure everyone got involved. We played very evenly as a  team. Thanks to our coach Mr Williamson for running the subs . We won every game and were arguably the favourites in the final against MECS after beating them in a close game earlier. It was a low scoring game with the final score being 19-16 Bayside's way. MECS was a tough team to beat - we had to changed our defence effectively to win, limiting their scoring. It was a great day and ran very smoothly, with everyone was able to have a shot.

- Noah Popplestone and Jack Moroney  


Lunch on Us

Congratulations to our Years 9 & 10 students who received awards at our assembly on Monday 6 March. They will all be invited to a special lunch in the last week of term to congratulate them for their outstanding attitude and work rate.  Great job Sam, Oscar, Lachlan, Kirk, Matthew, Eve, Courtney, Chloe and Bailey. 

Mr Berry

Years 9-10 Coordinator

Employers needed for our Year 10 Work Experience students

Our Year 10 students are busy finding placements for work experience during the week of June 5 to 9. If you know of a suitable local employer who might be willing to take one of our students please contact Mrs Claire Dawson in the Careers office:

[email protected]. A reminder to students and parents that placements and paperwork must be finalised by early May.


Claire Dawson

Careers & VET Coordinator

Years 11/12 Happenings...

All of our students are blessed with amazing gifts and abilities given to them by God. As a College, we love to walk alongside students and encourage them in developing these gifts. It is even more exciting when we see students step into the purposes that God has for them as they seek to serve and encourage others with their gifts.


I hope you enjoy reading the following stories from our Years 11/12 students about some of the things happening around Years 11/12 and the community they are connecting with at Bayside.


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11/12 Coordinator (VCE and VCAL)

This week's subject in focus

VCE Psychology

The Psychology Units 1&2 class have been learning about the functions and different parts of the brain. Part of this study of neuroanatomy involved a practical task of using our knowledge to dissect a sheep’s brain.  We were required to locate important structures, which provided an understanding on how structures are related to other brains. During the dissection, some of the differences in human brains were discovered, which gave our class a better understanding of the development of the human brain. This practical task  was definitely worthwhile as we could visually see the difference in size, colour, shape and structure.


- Sienna Spark (Year 11)


Community Service in Homeroom C

Once a week our homeroom  all come together and meet up at the Primary School where we encourage the kids who are arriving at school. We smile at them and give them high fives as a great way to start their day. We enjoy doing it because we feel like we are contributing to the Bayside community.

- Harry Tucker (Year 12)

Small Group Devotions

In homerooms, we are working through a devotional booklet called 'Love in Action' and getting to know the people in our group. We discuss the issues raised in the devotions, such as the 'me first' mindset, and we're starting on 'using our spiritual gifts to serve others'. We have great chats, encourage each other and pray together 


- Jacob Mahoney & Annabelle Hames (Year 11)

Working with Primary Students in Literacy

On Thursday 2 March, all the VCAL students read the children’s books that we wrote to Primary students. My book was called 'Mean Old Richard', which was a book to teach them to be nice to everyone and people will be nice to you. I got really good feedback from the kids and they thought that I’d done a really good job. Hopefully they learnt something.

- Matt Holt (Year 11)


On Thursday 2 March, VCAL students went to the Primary School area to read our books to either the Prep or Years 3/4 students. The feedback we received was different depending on the group of students we had. I had a small group of 3/4s and a lot of the feedback was positive. Some of the feedback was negative, and I took it on board to help me to add characters to my story.

- Tafadzwa Mupamhanga (Year 11)


Helping others discover their gifts

To be charitable in your daily life is important for developing character and learning to serve others. In our homegroup, we have decided to give to lower year levels through an exciting colouring competition, where the best art pieces of each junior year level receive prices.


In this colouring competition we have not only created a friendly competition for the junior school, but practiced our planning skills in the process. We have all students working on different tasks, applying their skills and gifts where applicable for a team effort.

- Joshua Beck (Year 12)


Bayside Community Market - 30 March

On Thursday 30 March, Bayside Christian College VCAL students will be running a community market. The market goes from 3:15pm to 4:30pm after school. The VCAL students will be selling the products they have made in their businesses, and donate the money to a charity of their choice. There will be food, music and some entertainment as well. Everyone is invited to our great afternoon. We would also love to hear from anyone who would like to have a stall at next Term's market.

- Tegan Brown (Year 12)

Boys Group

Last week at Boys Broup, we had a wide range of great boys attend from years 7-11. There was food, computer games, retro video games, ping pong, music and board games. We also got a chance to meet each other, and let them know that Lachie Vass and myself will be running the group this year, with extra assistance from Michael Ashcroft. This Tuesday we will be discussing and recognising our gifts that God has placed in our lives. We're Looking forward to seeing where Boys Group leads this year - every Tuesday @ lunch in room S6. 

  - Benjamin Cooper (Year 12)

Assembly and leadership

This week the Years 11/12  had the privilege of hearing Dave Goshnik speak about his work with the marginalised people of the community. It was fantastic to hear how Dave glorifies God in pursuing his passion for helping others. In other news we have started developing the leadership teams for individual year levels. We have four leaders each from Years 7 to 10 who form part of a team, along with prefects and house captains. We’re looking forward to seeing our community grow even closer as we collaborate to run assemblies and activities in various weeks throughout the year.

- John Mc Pherson (Year 12)

Human Powered Vehicle - Help needed

Trent and I are students trying to start up Bayside's human powered vehicle team (HPV) and compete in the RACV energy breakthrough competition later in the year, but we have a problem! We are in need of sponsors to fund our team and our cart. We also need people to help us build the vehicle. If you choose to sponsor us, we will advertise your business on our team vehicle.


If you have any questions or are interested in sponsoring our team please feel free to email me and the team at [email protected].

- Aaron Piening (Year 12)


Community service with ELC

Every week for my community activity, I go down to visit the ELC, usually on a Monday or Wednesday. During my visit, the ELC students are usually outside playing after they finish their snack inside. My job is to contribute to the fun by joining into their play. Whether inside or outside I find myself playing games, singing songs and joining in conversation with the students and their teachers. It is one of the most rewarding and cutest experiences I have done.

- Katie Wakely (Year 12)

Building houses in Numeracy

Our Year 12 Numeracy class are in the final stages of their 'House Design and Measurement Project'. So far they have designed their own houses, produced scaled plans, and researched and assembled a 'quotes and costs' spreadsheet.

The last part of the project is building a 3D model of a chosen section of their house.


Ellen Baker

Year 12 Numeracy Teacher



Literacy for Uganda

On the evening of Friday 5 May at 8:15pm, Miss Lorraine Hook is showing the movie 'Queen of Katwe' at Mornington Cinemas. The profits from the night go towards the 'Literacy for Uganda - teaching children to read' program. Lorraine would love to have the school community able to support this. It is a great movie, based on a true story and set very authentically in a slum in Kampala, exactly the sort of place where she has been working.

Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased from the cinema or by getting in touch with me via email: [email protected].

Canteen News

The students have been excited to have yummy treats at canteen this term! Large platters of fresh watermelon are placed out daily, and are gone in under 5 minutes!! (A reminder that fruit donations will be gratefully received).
Icypoles have also been popular in the recent hot weather - over 200 were sold in one lunch time last week- thank you to Mr Mason for stepping in and assisting!

We have had the pleasure of some Year 12 student leaders helping in canteen this term. These amazing students are blessing their peers by demonstrating one of our College values of 'service'. They volunteer their time, and serve with great attitudes. It's a blessing watching the younger students as their school captains and leaders chat with them and encourage them daily.

We now have fresh sushi in canteen from Wed- Fri each week ($6 for two hand rolls) - assorted flavours!

Please check the college website for our lunch order menu before placing orders, as it is updated regularly!


Please note the canteen will be open for RECESS ONLY next Thursday 16 March because the students finish early for Parent-Teacher Conferences - no lunch orders please!


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