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22 March 2019
Issue Four
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Important Dates 

Dates for your diary 


Saturday 23 March 

Working Bee (9am -12 noon)



Wednesday 3 April 

Parent/student /teacher conference

12 - 8pm


Tuesday 30 April  

KSC Open Day 



Tuesday 7 May 

House Athletics Carnival


Friday 10 May

Mother's Day Breakfast



Thursday 16 May 

Multicultural Night 


College Play

Thursday 23 May to  Saturday 25 May 



Wednesday 6 March - early finish from 12:30pm

Tuesday 11 June 

Friday 21 June 

Thursday 15 August



(no classes)

Wednesday 3 April 

Wednesday 18 September










Term 1

Tuesday 29 January to Friday 5 April  2:30pm finish 

Term 2

Tuesday 23 April to Friday 28 June  2:30pm finish 

Term 3

Monday 15 July  to Friday 20 September, 2:30pm finish 

Term 4

Monday 7 October to Friday 20 December, 3:15pm finish 







Principals' Report

Principal Team Report 

At Koonung we are committed to open and supportive communication with our young people. It is fitting that we continue our dialogue around our school values of respect, resilience, collaboration, creativity, excellence and endeavour. These discussions look at ways that we can work together to achieve great things whilst respecting differences in ideas, beliefs and customs.

 Like many, we have been shocked and saddened by the horrific acts of violence committed in Christchurch, New Zealand last Friday. We continue to take a strong stand against all forms of violence in our school and wider community.

As this tragedy has had widespread media coverage, we are sure many of our students have heard about it and possibly even saw disturbing footage online. The Department of Education and Training has put together some helpful guidelines for families who may want to speak to their young people more about this, particularly if they are distressed. Please follow this link for these guidelines: https://bit.ly/2CrRWly

We also have a great and supportive wellbeing team here at Koonung available to discuss this with students if they need some further support. If you notice your child is struggling or distressed and would benefit from further support, please let us know. We will continue to model our College values of respect and resilience in relation to any upsetting events that may arise.


On a more positive note, this week I had the privilege of attending meetings of two significant bodies who work tirelessly to support our College community. On Monday evening I participated in the PFA meeting. This was a vibrant meeting with parents of students from Years 7 to 12 in attendance. They were planning for the upcoming Mother’s Day breakfast which is a calendar highlight and it is clear it will be another great success. Their strong financial position was tabled and they have raised substantial funds for allocation to events and programs which supports our students. These funds have been collected as a result of a series of events and a great deal of hard work.  A number of learning projects and student clubs will benefit from an injection of funds which will provide equipment and materials. Allocations of funds have also been provided to improve the physical environment of the school for our staff and students. The domain areas and teachers who run the activities are extremely pleased and grateful for the support of this group. They do a wonderful job and we are very lucky to have such a dynamic and welcoming team. If you would like to be involved in the school, please do not hesitate to make contact.


College Council

On Tuesday evening the Annual Reporting Meeting of the College Council was conducted followed by the first meeting of the incoming council. This meeting was both a celebration of achievements, with the tabling of the 2018 Annual Report and an opportunity to formally thank the members who are leaving at the end of their tenure. Geoff Lamb, Cath Bennie and Kyle Joustra provided great expertise, passion, advocacy and commitment to the College Council. Thank you for your support and dedication, a great deal has been achieved under your direction and involvement. I would also like to acknowledge our 2018 School Captains, Jasmine Wolridge and Tom Shelley, as well as Chris Thompson, who have moved into their next educational settings. The students represented their peers with great maturity and it is so important to have the student perspective presented. I would like to warmly welcome our new parent members, Dr Lou Will and Dr James Chan. I am sure our student representatives Annaliese Hawkins, Seb Jose, Blair Tink and Eric Zou, will add great value to the committee. Again, thank you to all members of our Council who have volunteered to contribute to this important body.


Year 8 Team Building Day

On Friday 15 March a series of buses headed off to a great event with all Year 8 students aboard. They were going to the Melbourne Convention Centre to participate in Australia’s largest multi-sport festival, the Arnold Sports Festival. The students experienced an action packed day of sports and team building challenges, which were designed to build relationships and increase confidence. We were very fortunate that a parent member of our College community facilitated our involvement and the only costs associated with this event was the coach transport. Teachers and students alike   thoroughly enjoyed the experience and took part in a day of high energy. There was a rumour that Arnold Schwarzenegger would make an appearance, unfortunately he was busy at the Grand Prix and was not sighted. 


Student Events and Activities

House Cross Country was conducted on Wednesday 13  March. The Cross Country was compulsory for all students in Years 7-10   and timetabled classes were run for VCE classes. Some students in Year 11 and 12 elected to participate in the event. The Year 12 PE class were involved as officials and competed in the event also.  Again it was pleasing to have support from some of our past students who volunteered as officials. The House Athletics Carnival will be held on May 7.   I would like to thank Samantha Prosenak who has taken on the role of running each of our whole school carnivals. As you can imagine it is a logistical challenge to coordinate events of this scale and Sam has demonstrated that she is very organised and is doing a very good job.

Many students are currently participating in a range of sporting teams and representing the College with great enthusiasm and spirit. A number of teams have been successful at the District Level and will continue to participate in the next tier of competition.

Many students are actively involved in a great range of clubs and lunchtime activities. The wide variety of clubs provide supervised access to a large number of interest areas ranging from sport, fitness, visual and performing arts, discussion and issue based groups, subject based clubs, leadership committees and others.  I would like to encourage students to continue to be involved in as many opportunities as possible. The chance to work with others, develop teamwork and learn new skills is beneficial. The other great benefit of such activities is the opportunity to meet and interact with students across year levels with similar passions.

The rehearsals for the play “Something Wicked” are in full swing as are the rehearsals for the musical “Legally Blonde”. Our instrumental music ensembles are also rehearsing together and sounding fantastic. The performances of these groups are always highlights of the calendar and another great way for staff, students and ex-students to work together to produce something special. If you have an interest in the Performing Arts, jump aboard.


Matsudo Visit

We have welcomed visitors from Matsudo, Japan to our College. A group consisting of ten students and two staff members have visited Melbourne and participated in a range of activities with our students. These included a welcome afternoon tea, meeting assigned buddies from Koonung and experiencing a range of school and local activities. Students visited Healesville Sanctuary and enjoyed sightseeing around Melbourne. They also joined a range of classes at the College. Thank you to the student buddies and the Japanese Language teachers, Paul Dailey, Mia Poulton and Stephanie Van Ekeris, for their commitment to the program.


Marianne Lee  



College Notices 

Working Bee  



 A working bee will be held on Saturday 23 March from 9am to 12 noon. There will be a general cleanup of the College grounds and gardens as well some painting - please bring appropriate tools for these activities.

To confirm your attendance click on the trybooking link below:


We encourage you to attend, even if you only have an hour or two to spare. It is also a great way to meet other families.

Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences

Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences will be held on Wednesday 3 April. Interim Reports will be available for viewing on Wednesday 27 March at 4pm.

Online bookings for the Parent Teacher Student Conference will then be opened at 4pm on Thursday 28 March.

Staff with multiple classes will fill up quickly, please book early to avoid disappointment. A newsfeed will be sent next week providing details on how  to register your interview times.  


If you paid for a Fossicker last year and haven't received it, please ask your child to collect it from the general office. 

Matsudo Youth Delegation  

Matsudo students visit Koonung 

Koonung recently enjoyed a six day visit from our friends in Matsudo, Japan. Koonung and Matsudo have enjoyed a long association of reciprocal visits, now over 30 plus years. This visit included ten students from various schools around Matsudo who have achieved high levels of English proficiency. Two staff accompanied them, Mr Tatsuro Suzuki from Matsudo International Exchange Association (MIEA) and Ms Sakino Watanabe, from the Culture, Tourism and International Section.

After a welcome speech by our Principal Marianne Lee, Cr Tina Liu from Whitehorse City Council and Cr Tony De Fazio and Jenny Russell, the Koonung “buddies” were quick to engage the Matsudo students in developing friendships and swapping of contact details while enjoying a delicious afternoon tea.

Their second day at Koonung saw the group making an hour long presentation in English to the 7C and 7D classes. They thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and quiz culminating in students enjoying a taste of Japanese lollies. Our Year 11 and 12 students then joined the Matsudo students for interview sessions in a mix of Japanese and English. The Matsudo students were treated to some Aussie canteen food for recess before trying their own cooking skills, with appreciated assistance from Lesley Fulford, and made ANZAC biscuits. From the smiles and nods when tasting their creations, it was very successful. They spent the afternoon learning about Aboriginal culture with a session on “Dot painting” with the 7A students.

After a weekend with their hosts, Monday was an exciting visit to Healesville Sanctuary and yummy BBQ. Seeing Australian native fauna up close was a highlight for many students. The many unique animals was a revelation. The Birds of Prey was especially fascinating. Seeing these semi-wild birds perform was a thrill.

All too soon Tuesday and their departure was upon us. The morning was spent experiencing some normal classes with their buddies and some fun activities with the Year 7 and 8 classes. After lunch it was a sad farewell for the Matsudo and Koonung students.

Thank you to all the staff, especially the LOTE  and Food Technology teams, for their support in making this visit a success. A big thank you also to the buddies who gave up their time to ensure the Matsudo students were well looked after during their stay.

Paul Dailey

Languages Domain Leader



Middle Years 

Middle Years Update 


I encourage all families to have open conversations at home regarding their child’s school day. This will help build relationships within the household between parents and children and siblings. A great way to connect with your child about school work is to go through Compass together and discuss the lessons and any homework. Ask the questions, “How was your day today? What classes did you have? Tell me something that you learnt”. 

Creating this open dialogue creates a powerful dialogue and gives your child a chance for deeper reflection on their learning, and consolidates their learning by verbalising key elements of their lessons. There is always homework to be done! This could take many different forms: set homework from a teacher, unfinished work or arguably the most important, a reflection on the lesson’s learning intention and the pre-reading for the next lesson. One of Koonung’s key improvement goals this year, is to increase metacognition, with the result that all teachers at Koonung aim to have their lesson plans on Compass. This gives the students the pre-warning of what to expect and it can be used as a valuable resource when revising each lesson and to initiate a conversation at home. Koonung is proud of the Let’s Learn Instructional Model because research has showed that students learn better when they know what is coming and can clearly identify the purpose of each lesson.

 All students have access to a Koonung diary. This is a such a powerful tool for organisation. Students are encouraged to write in homework, due dates and reminders to study for upcoming tests. This is easily accessed by parents and conversations about schoolwork and family commitments can be discussed. These conversations help to keep the family in touch with each other, and assist the student to take ownership of their learning and study routines. 

Another helpful hint for organisation is to print out your child’s timetable and place it on the fridge at home or go through compass together every morning. Even a simple "I see you have PE tomorrow, have you packed your clothes?" is a great way to prompt and encourage organisation. Let’s all work together, as members of this learning community, to encourage student agency in their own learning.


Year 8 Team Building Day


The Year 8 cohort set off last Friday to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on a team building day. The students participated in the Arnold (Schwarzenegger) Sports Festival which is Australia’s largest multi-sports festival. The students participated in a range of different activities including: basketball, tennis, roller skating, dodgeball, wheel chair softball, fencing, chess, cup stacking,  Kyokushin, material arts and gymnastics. It was fascinating to see body builders, boxers and the like all competing in different competitions on the day. Unfortunately, Arnold himself was not in attendance but his passion for fitness and health was certainly on show. The growing obesity epidemic which has become part of the Australian landscape is a challenge that this Sports Festival is tackling head on through encouraging people to get active. I am sure that our students enjoyed the day and hopefully a passion for being active will grow from experiencing many new activities for the first time.




 On Friday the Year 8s went to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre for a team building day. On the day, my group started off with basketball and then went to tennis and fencing. I fought Xina, Francis and Harry H. I lost to all of them. After lunch we did gymnastics and roller skating. Out of the whole day, I really enjoyed roller skating and fencing because these were the two things that were new to me and I had never done before (especially roller skating). All in all, the day was an awesome experience to work with other people. Being able to work with people that I haven’t met or worked with before was a really good experience because it meant I could get to know a bit about them. We also saw all of the body builders at the convention and this was really cool because it meant that you were able to see how much effort people put into working out. This was a great experience and placed importance on getting active,  and to try and learn new things.

Mairna Ely 8G




Year 9 Parent Information Evening

It was a wonderful turn out of Year 9 parents and students, standing room only. All the important information for the current Year 9 cohort, the Year 10 subject selections and prerequisites and the transition into Year 10 was clearly presented and sent out via Compass. There were fantastic questions asked about subject selections, the Year 9 Live Life Program and the end of year Year 9 Camp. If anyone has further queries please contact Middle School  9890 9662 (option 1).


Parent Teacher Student Conferences

Parent Teacher Student Conferences will be held on Wednesday 3 April. I encourage all students to attend with their Parents/Careers. This is a great opportunity to meet the teachers, get feedback on the student learning and find out ways to improve. I look forward to seeing you there.


Extra-Curricular Excellence  

My name is Lucas and I am 12 years old. My passion is futsal. Futsal is a type of indoor soccer  with 5 players per side.  I train at the Melbourne Brazil Futsal Academy (MBFA) in Lower  Templestowe. I have been playing there for a year now and I am extremely proud of my  achievements, such as Under 11’s Player of the Year and my medals from competitions.  About a year ago I was invited to Spain to represent Australia in the Futsal World Cup in  Blanes, Spain. Whilst in Spain we played 7 countries including Japan, Germany and Brazil,  as well as others. In Spain I made many friends, most of them from Japan. Although we  could not communicate well, we used google translate and during recreation and lunch  we would try to meet up. Overall my team were placed 3rd in the silver division and we were all  awarded bronze medals. I am hoping to go again this year and to beat my efforts from  last year. I encourage everyone to give futsal a try, and if you believe you have the skill,  agility and teamwork you can apply for a tryout to compete in the World Futsal Cup  2019. 

Lucas Manariti 7C



Congratulations to Sophie Zarafa 8G who competed in the State Track and Field competition held at Casey Fields on the 16-17  March. Sophie came 3rd in the Long Jump with a personal best jump of 5.06m.

Sophie also competed in Triple Jump placing 5th, as well as coming 5th in  the 400m heats.

Sophie is a member of the Box Hill Athletics Club which trains twice a week, she has been competing in athletics for 7 years. Her favourite athlete is Sally Pearson. “I am looking forward to Koonung’s Athletics Day” Sophie said.




Students may begin wearing their winter uniform from the commencement of next term. Monday 6 May is the date that all students must    wear  winter  uniform.    Summer   uniform may be worn again in

Term 4.   


Upcoming Middle Years events

Parent Teacher Student Conference – Wednesday 3 April 

Year 7 Interschool Sports Day - Tuesday 26 March 

Year 8 International Sports Day - Tuesday 2 April 

Allira Howe

Director of Learning: Middle Years















Senior School 

Year 12 Literature excursion 

On 13 March, the Year 12 Literature class travelled to Siena College for a workshop on Tennessee Williams play, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" which we will be studying later in the year. The workshop was put on by Complete Works Theatre Company and was attended by students from Koonung as well as Literature students from Siena and Camberwell Girls Grammar.

"Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" is a classic piece of American drama set in the deep south which explores themes of greed, superficiality and repression, and is perhaps best known for the film adaptation featuring Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman.

The workshop featured dramatic readings by actors from the company as well as guided discussion around the language and concepts of the text. Koonung students made meaningful contributions to the conversation and were able to gain insight from the ideas put forward by the actors and students from other schools.

Paul Guardiani

English Domain Leader


House Cross Country 

Congratulations to all our students who participated in the House Cross Country event  on Thursday 19 April. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon  which set the tone for some strong competition, fast times and plenty of smiles and opportunities to enjoy the wonderful surroundings in our neighborhood.

After collating the results,  the final placings are:

4th Place       Roberts (363 points)
3rd Place       Streeton (372 points)
2nd Place      Conder (438 points)
1st Place       McCubbin (496 points)

Congratulations McCubbin House!

Angus McEvoy to represent Victoria in Indoor Cricket


 Congratulations to Angus McEvoy (10D) who has been selected to represent Victoria in the Victorian State Cricket team  in a national tournament  to be held in Melbourne in July. We wish Angus and his team all the best. Well done Angus!


Mural Artist returns

We are fortunate to have the skills and creativity of mural artist, Deborah Amon Cotter, returning  to KSC for Term 1.   Deborah will be working every Thursday with David Foote’s Year 9 Urban Art class. Students will work alongside Deborah to complete the last two panels of our four panel mosaic mural inspired by the fauna, flora and native birdlife of the Koonung Creek Trail.

Please feel free to come and visit Deborah at work on the mural during Thursday lunchtimes - please sign in at the general office.

Come and be inspired by this amazing piece of artwork which, when completed, will go on display at the front steps of the school.

Thank you to KSC for funding the completion of the remaining two panels, without your generosity and support of the Arts the completion of this mural will not be possible.

Helen Briffa

Arts Domain Leader

Year 12 Art Excursion 


Our Yr 12 Art class recently visited the exhibition at Tarrawarra Art Gallery entitled ‘About Love’.

The show highlighted the works of contemporary artist Patricia Piccinini and explored the link she has with the artwork of Joy Hester.

Hester was a huge influence on Piccinini and the show cleverly juxtaposed Piccinini's modern sculptural forms, with Hester's emotive and raw pen and ink works.

This experience should put our students in a strong position to refer directly and confidently to specific  artworks when responding to exam questions later in the year.

David Foote 

Art Teacher 

Lunchtime Activities 


Come and join us every Tuesday at lunchtime  for Arts Space.

It is a time where you can learn new skills, experiment with different materials and mediums and make new friendships.

Come and meet our 2019 Arts Captains, Erin and Marina.

Each week a different activity will be running which will be taken by one of the Visual Arts staff.

See weekly compass newsfeed to learn what is happening each Tuesday.  We look forward to seeing you there. 

Helen Briffa 

Arts Domain Leader



Student Leadership  

Student Representative Council Ambassadors 2019

Congratulations to all the SRC Ambassadors for Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11: Jeremiah Appleby, Jasmina Le, Mary Elyas, Manan Pokharel, Liam Wheeler, Chloe Peddler, Erin Lawson, Jenny Park, Hayley Mason, and Elisha Punay. This year the SRC Captains Arun Olifant and Hannah Triesman have this team of students to support events and feedback information to each year level. The SRC Ambassadors are the conduit for students to connect with the SRC and are each integral to student voice and agency at Koonung. All students at Koonung are welcome to attend SRC meetings every second Tuesday, but can also approach the ambassadors to provide ideas or ask questions.

Peter Hodkinson

Director of Learning - Engagement and Learning 

World's Greatest Shave 

On behalf of the SRC, we would like to thank everyone for their involvement in Koonung’s annual World’s Greatest Shave. By the time recess was over, almost all the brownies had been depleted at the bake sale. As the bell went for lunch, within the first few minutes, a long line of eager students formed in the amphitheater for the sausage sizzle. Students and teachers watched and applauded for the brave individuals who decided to shave – some people deciding to shave right on the day!


Together, we raised an amazing amount of $3,000. This all would not have been possible without the great involvement of everyone present, SRC members, teachers, and those who shaved.

A big thank you to Jamie Nastas who raised over $1,000 online, contributing greatly to the overall sum.


We are also grateful for the help of the members of the Box Hill Institute who conducted the shaving on the day. Thank you very much for taking time out of your day to come help!


Together, we raised a significant amount of money to be donated to the Leukemia Foundation, to help beat blood cancer.



Arun Olifent 12D

Wellbeing & Student Engagement

Understanding mental health

This week, the Wellbeing Team is encouraging parents/carers to visit a number of websites to upskill their knowledge and understanding of youth mental health.

It’s important that you get to know your young person as an individual with specific needs, but some of these general facts and information can shed light on how best to support your young person through any kind of difficulty they may face:


Orygen Youth Health



Beyond Blue – Personal Best



ReachOut – Online Behaviour and Social Media



We hope Term 1 is going really well for you all so far. 








The Wellbeing Team 





Library News

Book Club is underway and we had a great turn out for our first meeting. Students had the opportunity to look through tubs of new books - below is what they chose to add to our library's collection. Being part of Book Club has many benefits, choosing new books for the library is just one of them.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 27 March @ lunchtime in the library, all welcome.


Colouring Fun in the library

A big thank you to all those who coloured in Koi Fish last week in the library. (Not that you had a choice). The wall looks amazing and I will definitely be honing your creative talents throughout the year.



Staff and students can borrow eBooks, anytime and it is super easy to do. The ebooks can be accessed through the library catalogue. Remember, if you get stuck just ask the librarian, she knows everything !


Careers and Pathways

Careers News

  Year 11

As part of the Yr 11 Careers Program all Year 11 students will complete their Career Action Plan and meet with careers team to discuss their plans for post year 12.  This provides the students an opportunity to reflect on their aspirations and goals and to plan their pathways.


Career Sessions will be run on:

    • Wednesday 27 March Period 1
      • 11 A, B and C
    • Wednesday 24 April Period 1
      • 11 D, E and F


During Term 2, the students will meet with the Career Team to discuss their plans.


VCE and Career Expo

On Friday 3 May, all Year 11 students will attend the VCE and Career Expo.  At this Expo there will be exhibitors representing a wide range of areas including Universities, TAFE, Private RTO’s, Employment, Apprenticeships and Traineeships, GAP Year and Volunteering organisations, ect.


Throughout the day there will be 30 minute seminars on a range a different topics including preparing for work, VCE studies, industry specific.

Compass consent is required by 1 April.


Year 12

Please book in for a compulsory Careers Interview to discuss career pathways after Year 12. Make a booking on the Careers Interview Sheet outside of the Careers Office. Compulsory Careers Interviews will be scheduled on Compass if students have not already booked one.


Year 10

Work Experience for Year 10’s will be held from Monday 24 June to Friday 28 June, 2019. Students need to explore websites and talk to family and friends of family about opportunities to do work experience.

Students are required to have secured a placement and return their Work Experience Forms to Careers Office by 1 April, 2019. Students will look at work experience options during Pathways classes. Students are welcome to come to the Careers Office to discuss Work Experience options.


On Monday 1 April, all Yr 10 students will be participating in a Careers workshop, Shape your Destiny.

The program is run by Success Integrated who have been delivering careers and motivational workshops to students in Australia and NZ for over 15 years.  This workshop will support students in planning their pathways and setting gaols to achieve the aspired careers. 


Information sessions

Deakin Uni - Step on Campus

Melbourne Burwood Campus – Wednesday 10 and 17 April 2019
Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus – Thursday 11 and 18 April 2019
Geelong Waterfront Campus – Tuesday 16 April 2019
Warrnambool Campus – Tuesday 16 April 2019

Step on Campus gives students and their families an opportunity to take a personalised tour of Deakin University during the Term 1 school holidays. Participants will be offered a 45 minute tour with a current Deakin student to learn about Deakin’s study areas, campus life and how to make the best transition into university.

Find out more – https://www.deakin.edu.au/about-deakin/events/step-on-campus


Experience Clever | La Trobe

Experience Clever gives you the chance to not only see our campuses but experience them by taking part in fun and dynamic workshops led by real lecturers.

Open to future students and parents.

Melbourne (Autumn) – 12 April 2019

Upcoming events (more details released soon):

Albury-Wodonga – 31 May 2019

Bendigo – 3 July 2019

Melbourne (Winter) – 5 July 2019

Find out more – https://www.latrobe.edu.au/study/life/events/experience-clever


CQUni Online Chat Session

30 April | 3-6pm

Thinking about starting a TAFE or university qualification? If you’re considering CQUniversity, you probably have a few questions.

Get to know CQUniversity a little better at our Online Chat Session.

Whether it’s in relation to your course of interest, student support services, or anything else to do with studying with us, our staff will be on hand to provide you with the answers.

Book here


AIE Open Day – Melbourne

Saturday 18 May | 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Discover the courses designed to get you started in game development, 3D animation and visual effects at the AIE Open Day on Sat 18th May, 2019. Sydney, Melbourne Canberra and Adelaide campuses will be opening their doors to visitors eager to find out about upcoming full-time and part-time courses.

The day will include presentations on different areas of industry to get into as well as information about AIE full-time and part-time courses and entry requirements. Student work will be on display and our teachers will be available to speak with you one on one about our courses and how AIE can get you into a creative career.

Register – https://aie.edu.au/aie_event/open-day/


AIE Online Experience Day

Saturday 25 May

If you have ever wanted to study 3D animation, game design or VFX for film online with AIE then our Online Experience Day is an ideal opportunity to find out more!

Course overview sessions will be running on the range of online courses in 3D animation, game art, game programming and game design offered by AIE. You will get to participate in workshops, guest speaker talks and much more. Have a question? Don’t worry, pop by and one of our friendly staff from AIE online will be more than happy to assist.

With classes starting all the time, starting your career as a game developer or 3D animator has never been easier. Register now for this FREE event.

The Online Experience Day will start at 12:00 noon and finish at 4:00pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

Register here – https://aie.edu.au/aie_event/online-experience-day/


Get the inside story of what it’s really like to study at Monash. You’ll hear from a current student, a past student and an academic. It’s the best 90 minutes you could spend researching your course: finding out about double degrees and more.

Art, Design and Architecture






4 June



6 June



13 June








30 April

Media Communication, Journalism & PR


7 May

Arts,Global Studies, Arts/Master’s Double Degree


15 May



13 August


Monash Business School*




Monash Business School


27 March

Monash Business School


1 May

Monash Business School


26 June

*Note: Seminars will cover all Monash Business School courses, as well as attendance from double degree faculties for each relevant campus.








21 May



23 May

*Note: Can’t make the Clayton Seminar? You can watch the session via the livestream instead! You can also register and we’ll email you the link a few days before the event.








30 May



28 August


Information Technology




Information Technology and Computer Science


9 May

IT Double Degrees and Internships


15 May

Information Technology and Computer Science


29 August








30 April












Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences




MD & Biomedical Science


3 April

Public Health & Health Sciences


8 May

Biomedical Science, Radiography, Nutrition & Radiation Science


15 May

Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy & Paramedicine


23 May

Nursing and Midwifery


5 June



25 June


Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences




Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


7 May






Science course information & student experience


4 April

Research, Global Challenges & Applied Data Science


16 May

Science careers and industry engagement


11 July


DeakInspire 2019

Tuesday 2 July 2019 | 9am-3pm | Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus
Thursday 4 July 2019 | 9am-3pm | Melbourne Burwood Campus
DeakInspire will unleash ideas to transform your way of thinking. Aimed at Year 10, 11 and 12 students, it’s designed to empower you to reach your potential and inspire you with exciting ideas of how your future could look. Be there to hear inspirational stories and connect with meaningful experiences – be there to discover the future you.

DeakInspire is a free event! Lunch and entertainment will be provided.

Find out more – https://www.deakin.edu.au/about-deakin/events/deakinspire

Global Career Hotel Experience – See the Opportunity with The Hotel School

23 June | 9.30am - 3.30pm | Grand Hyatt Melbourne

Experience the opportunity with The Hotel School, Australia's leading university hotel school. Do you see yourself in Hotel Management or Tourism - a global growth sector and Australia's second largest industry? Would you like to go behind the scenes of a leading 5-star luxury hotel and find out what working in a 5-star hotel environment is like? The Hotel School, together with the Grand Hyatt Melbourne, is offering you a unique experience.

Register for Global Career Hotel Experience and get to see what it takes to manage the Grand Hyatt Melbourne.  

Who should attend?

Current Year 11 and 12 students who are interested in learning more about the hotel industry.

IMPORTANT: Parents do not need to pay. Parents are welcome to join us for the introductory and closing sessions.

Book here


TIS Student and Parent Info Evenings


City – Monday 17th June, Hosted by RMIT University, City Campus

Find out more - https://www.tis.org.au/info-evenings/


Box Hill Institute Info Session

CITY CAMPUS | Tue. 28 May | 4PM - 7PM 

BOX HILL CAMPUS | Thu. 30 May | 4PM - 7PM 


Find out more - https://www.boxhill.edu.au/bod-events/


JMC Open Day | Melbourne


Are you still undecided about how you want to spend the next one to two years of your study time? Do you want a preview of what your years after school might hold? Then this is your opportunity to get to know JMC Academy. On the day you can take a tour of our facilities, get your hands on some of our serious gear, grab a bit to eat and learn why JMC continues to lead the way in Creative Industries education.

You’ll also have a chance to chat with current students and heads of department about studying abroad, industry internships and scholarships. Don’t forget to listen to our student bands and stop by the studios to see and hear live film and audio productions in action! 

Register Now 

Find out more - https://www.jmcacademy.edu.au/events/open-days 


Workshops and Courses

AIE Industry Experience Day

11th April
13th July
25th September

AIE’s Industry Experience Days are a great opportunity for students in Years 10, 11 and 12 to learn about the local and international game development, 3D animation and visual effects industries. Students will get the opportunity to learn about the different pathways to get into the industry, what should be in a portfolio and will be able to get creative in practical workshops using industry-standard 3D animation and game development tools.

The sessions are run by industry professionals who have worked on some blockbuster games and films. Everything is provided for you to participate in the hands-on workshops and you will be using the same software that is used in the industry.

If you are thinking about a career in the games or film industry then we highly recommend registering for the free event.

Register here – https://aie.edu.au/aie_event/industry-experience-day/


Code Like a Girl: 3-Day Junior Coding Camp: Mischief and Magic

16 April – 18 April | Telstra Labs Melbourne

We’re conjuring up something magical for our autumn coding camps. Join your sisters in the CLG coven and put your wicked ways to good use.

Beyond the practical magic of coding, our camps will grow your technical confidence, introduce you to like-minded young women and reveal a whole new world of wonder.

Book here – www.eventbrite.com.au/e/code-like-a-girl-3-day-junior-coding-camp-mischief-and-magic-ages-12-16-melbourne-cbd-tickets-56233914151 


Code Masters | Uni of Melbourne

6 June 2019

Challenge your high school students to solve problems through computer programming and design through our CodeMasters and DesignMasters competitions. Held on-campus and online.


High school students from across Australia. Teachers are invited to enter teams of three in either the junior division (years 7–9) or senior division (years 10–12).

Find out more – https://eng.unimelb.edu.au/engage/schools/codemasters


Victorian Indigenous Engineering Winter School (VIEWS)

The Victorian Indigenous Engineering Winter School (VIEWS) is an exciting program for Year 11 and 12 Indigenous students that will expand your perspective on engineering. Over six days you will get an insight into what it’s like to study and work in engineering — and it may not be what you think.

You will have the opportunity to learn about the different pathways available to become an engineer and hear first-hand the inspirational stories of Indigenous engineers and engineering students. By the end of the week you will have an appreciation of what an engineer does and how they can impact society and improve the lives of people across the globe.

VIEWS is open to all Year 11 and 12 Indigenous students who are enrolled in Maths and Science subjects.

VIEWS will be taking place 6–13 July 2019.

There is no cost to attend the Victorian Indigenous Engineering Winter School. All expenses are covered including travel to and from Melbourne, meals and accommodation.

Applications for 2019 are not yet open.

Find out more – https://eng.unimelb.edu.au/engage/indigenous/views


Residential Indigenous Science Experience (RISE)

The University of Melbourne and GTAC are proud to present the seventh annual RISE program: a week long residential program to provide indigenous middle-years students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

This is a unique event for indigenous students in Year 9/10 with a fascination for Science. Join like-minded indigenous students from around Victoria and interact with your scientists to learn more about the principles and real-world applications of cutting-edge science.

The academic program offers presentations and hands-on practical workshops, exploring current themes in physics, chemistry, biology, maths and computer science. The participants will be supported throughout the week by live-in indigenous and scientist mentors.

In the laboratory workshops, you will be exploring contemporary science guided by some of Melbourne’s brightest young research scientists. We will also tour some outstanding, world-class science facilities to see applications in industry. Your mentors will arrange social opportunities to discover highlights of Melbourne and Indigenous culture.

This program is offered at no cost to participants

The program is tentatively scheduled to run from Monday 2nd to Saturday 7th December, 2019.

Expressions of interest will open later this year.

 Find out more – https://www.gtac.edu.au/rise/


Creative Direction & Styling Winter Workshop

1-5 July |  Melbourne

These workshops are the perfect opportunity and introduction to Photography, Creative Direction, and Styling and will equip students with image selection and retouching presentation techniques for the development of personal portfolios. 

The Five-day workshop incorporates:

  • Fundamental aspects of photography, using professional equipment such as lighting set up, layout and building image concepts.
  • Creative direction and styling through Fashion, Food, and Still life photoshoots. Learn how to produce and capture concepts from a creative industry perspective.
  • Sourcing of Images and materials to develop themed concepts, visualisation and communication of ideas.
  • Methods and creative processes for styling and how to execute imagery correctly on the right platform.
  • Post production styling for print and social media.


Scholarships & Competitions

Tuckwell Scholarship Program Closing Date

Applications for the Tuckwell Scholarship Program for study at the ANU in 2020 are now open, and close for Candidates at 3:00PM AEST Thursday 28 March, 2019. 

Applying for a Tuckwell Scholarship is a three-stage process which commences with an initial application from yourself and a recommendation from your school teacher. Shortlisted applicants will complete a more detailed application in stage two (including a recommendation from your school Principal) and final candidates will be interviewed during July for stage three. Read more here


Indigenous Student Success Program | Deakin Uni

Applications close Monday 25 March 2019 5pm. 

I-Aspire Do you need some additional educational costs support so you can focus on achieving academic success in your studies? Please consider applying for the I-Aspire Indigenous Higher Education Scholarship. $2000 one-off cash payment. 

I-Engage If you have additional education technology costs, please consider applying for the I-Engage Indigenous Digital Access Scholarship. $1000 JB Hi-Fi voucher OR laptop package. 

I-Succeed Focus on achieving academic success in your studies rather than your education costs by applying for the I-Succeed Indigenous Academic Performance Scholarship. For students enrolled in the second or subsequent year of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Deakin University. $2000 one-off cash payment.

To be eligible you must be:

  • an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person
  • enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Deakin University in Trimester 1 2019
  • enrolled full time in a Commonwealth supported place unless there are exceptional circumstances preventing full time study
  • in receipt of a Centrelink benefit or can demonstrate that you have a personal or family taxable income below $56,000, depending on independence status.
  • Consideration will be given to students experiencing financial disadvantage, and/or students from regional and remote areas.

Application tips Applying for a scholarship isn't just about meeting the eligibility criteria. It's a good idea to think about why you want a scholarship, it’s your opportunity to stand out from the crowd and be recognised for where you’ve come from and where you need to go. If you follow the steps and select the 'Indigenous Student Support Program' option, your application will automatically be considered for these three scholarships in the selection process.

This reduces the number of scholarships applications and increases your chances of receiving a scholarship.

You can apply for directly through our Course and Scholarship applicant portal - https://www.deakin.edu.au/courses/fees-scholarships/scholarships/find-a-scholarship/indigenous-student-success-program


John Bell Scholarship

Students from regional schools across Australia are eligible to audition for the John Bell Scholarship. A life-changing opportunity for budding performers, three students will be selected to spend one incredible week training with Bell Shakespeare.

Auditions take the form of 15-minute masterclasses with a Bell Shakespeare artist, workshopping text and receiving feedback on performance.

Three students will receive one week of training and ongoing mentorship from Bell Shakespeare. They will undertake acting masterclasses with Bell Shakespeare artists, observe rehearsals, see live theatre and perform their winning monologue for John Bell, Artistic Director Peter Evans and a Bell Shakespeare cast.

A national tour of auditions will take place in 2019. Students must rehearse a Shakespeare monologue of their own choosing, or select from the list available on our website. See below for audition dates and locations in 2019.

LIVE AUDITIONS: Touring across Australia in Terms 2–3.
VIDEO AUDITIONS: Open until October 2019.

Find out more – https://www.bellshakespeare.com.au/learning/scholarships/john-bell-scholarship/


2019 Medshop Student Scholarship Program

An initiative designed to support the students who will become the medical and healthcare professionals of the future.

Winning Recipients receives $3,500

1st Runner-up receives $1,500

2nd Runner-up received $500

Submit an essay (1,000 words or less) on “What inspires you about the medical or healthcare field that you have chosen to pursue a career in?”

Applications close 11.59pm 10 April 2019.

Applicants must be currently enrolled and studying full-time in a medical or healthcare related course at an Australian University or Registered Training Organisation eg. TAFE.

Submit your application here.


TAFE, VET and Apprenticeships

Digital Apprenticeship Program

The Digital Apprenticeship Program is for people looking for a career change or finishing year 12. You’ll get to work with digital technologies and solve problems for things that matter. No degree necessary.

You don’t need a degree or any prior study for the program. You just need to be interested in digital tech and solving problems. So if you’re looking for a career change or finishing year 12, this program is for you.

If you enjoy pulling apart or building PCs, setting up home networks, building apps, finding trends in data or simply problem solving and making things simple, then you should consider applying.

Apprenticeship locations for 2019 will be available in the following cities:

  • Canberra
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Adelaide
  • Perth

You may be eligible for relocation assistance if you need to move to another city for an apprenticeship.

Applications for the 2020 program are open from 20 May to 1 July 2019.

When applications are open, the application form will be available in the jobs section of our website.

Find out more – https://www.dta.gov.au/help-and-advice/learning-and-development/start-your-digital-career-government/digital-apprenticeship-program


Female sparkies overtake males in apprenticeship intake

Women are taking over the levers of power – at least in one company, quite literally – with 21 of the 28 new electrical apprentices and trainees at Ausgrid being female.

NSW government figures show the gap between women’s and men’s apprenticeship and traineeship completions has narrowed significantly in 20 years.

Read the full article.


The Evergreen program

An entry-level program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples that combines work experience and formal training.

Providing an opportunity to start your career and develop your professional and technical skills in the public service, with a permanent job on completion of the program.

2019 Applications are open now and close 11pm 14 March, so hurry if you want to be eligible.

Apply now.


Visit Whitehouse Institute of Design

Our campus tours give you the opportunity to visit either our Sydney or Melbourne campuses, meet staff and students and gain in-depth information on our courses, teaching and student life. You will be able to ask questions about the course, see the studios and facilities and get a taste of the creative atmosphere at Whitehouse. Bookings are preferred.

Get in touch today by phoning 1300 551 433 or by completing the enquiry form on this page.

Carole Marcianti and Karen Riding 

The Careers Team 



Parents and Friends Association  

 PFA news

Hello everyone

 Our PFA  is a very active and vibrant part of the Koonung community.  It provides a great way to familiarise yourself with your child's school and meet other families. 


The PFA meet twice a term  in the Middle Years Centre. We encourage you to come along. Throughout the year we are involved in many events including: 

  • Year 7 welcome morning tea 
  • Mother's Day event
  • Parent social function 
  • Koonung Day
  • Father's day event 
  • World teacher's Day thank you morning tea
  • Annual PFA second-hand book sale

PFA meeting dates for 2019

Monday 11 February (AGM & General Meeting)

Monday 18 March

Monday 29 April

Monday 3 June 

Monday 5 August 

Monday 2 September

Monday 21 October

December Christmas Dinner TBA 




Upcoming events

 Mother's Day Breakfast



Your Committee for 2019:

  President -   Andrew Gifford

  Vice President - Danielle Croyden 

  Secretary - George Anastasiou

  Treasurer - Nicky Smith


PFA Contact Details

If you have any questions or would like to help out with PFA events or come to our meetings, please email pfa@Koonung.vic.edu.au - we would love to hear from you.



Community Notices 


Click on the flyers below to view the events: 

Umoja fundraiser - A Taste of Tanzania  

The fundraiser is aimed at purchasing the assets of Food Water Shelter in Arusha. (https://www.foodwatershelter.org.au). The project was begun by a group young Australians in 2003. There are 2 blocks of land – the walled school and an administration block 20 minutes away (by foot). FWS has agreed to sell all assets for $US17000. The assets are worth over $500,000. FWS is in disrepair and the organization is close to collapse. Darren Stratti, a Sydney builder and one of the founders, was murdered in Arusha in 2007. His partner and cofounder, Rebecka Delforce,  was traumatized by the event and returned to Australia immediately. She died from cancer 2 years ago. Their sad story was told by the ABC (Australia Story) in 2008 – The Still of the Night (https://vimeo.com/64359499) . I highly recommend watching this.


The plan is for Umoja Tanzania to purchase the assets of FWS and then raise a Rotary Global Grant to refurbish the buildings which are in a state of disrepair. Hopefully the 4 hectares of land that I and the Mont Albert community helped Umoja purchase 2 years ago and was earmarked for the development of the school will be kept as an investment. It is well located adjacent to a new highway that will link Arusha to its international airport and the value is expected to increase substantially in the short to medium term.


I shall be preparing the food for the evening, supported by a local Tanzanian woman. Lots of African music, a new video about Umoja, fun games, excellent food and a great cause. I have the support of Habib Chanzi, a local architect, who is involved with the Tanzanian Association of Victoria.

David Winter

Bread Street


KSC Mother's Day Breakfast 



Kevin Heinze Grow plant sale  



Eastern Raptors Rugby League 


School Information  

General Office

Office hours are:                        8:00am - 4:00pm

Telephone:                                                9890 9662


Parents should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.


Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email them directly.


ABSENCE LINE  9890 9887

All school absences require written or online approval from a parent/guardian of the student.  Student absence approvals can be entered electronically through our Compass Parent Portal, or, alternatively, a letter of approval must be provided to the school.  Absence approvals can be provided prior to the absence, during the absence or immediately after the absence. The school has a legal obligation to monitor and record student absences and attendance. Failure to provide approval for an absence may impact VISA conditions, VCE conditions and Centrelink payments.



8.50 – 9.20          Period 1

9.20 – 9.50          Period 2

9.55 – 10.25        Period 3

10.25 – 10.55     Period 4

10.55 – 11.20     Recess

11.20 – 11.50     Period 5

11.50 – 12.20     Period 6

12.20 – 12.50     Period 7

12.50 – 1.45        Lunch

1.45 – 2.15          Period 8

2.15 – 2.45          Period 9

2.45 – 3.15          Period 10

NB:  There is a 5 minute changeover in the morning:

Periods 2&3 from 9.50 – 9.55 (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri)

Periods 3&4 from 10.20-10.25 (Wednesday only)


If a Unit 3/4 teacher is absent periods 1-3 or 8-10 the class will be cancelled unless indicated on Compass. Students should check Compass in this case. 



The  College  employs a part-time nurse and has a range of level 2 qualified first aid staff to deal with injuries or illness that occur at school. In addition to this the wellbeing team consists of 2 counsellors and a visiting psychologist who are available to support the needs of our students. 



Early leavers require parental approval or acknowledgement. Approvals for early leavers from school can be completed either online (through the Compass Parent Portal) or by handing in a written letter of approval to your Sub School Office at the beginning of the day.

Immediately prior to leaving the school grounds, the student must sign out using the Compass Kiosk at the General Office.






Electronic rolls are kept in all classes. Students who arrive late to school are required to sign-in using the Compass Kiosk at the General Office and then immediately go to class. Students will be issued with a Late Pass. The Late Pass must be provided to the teacher when arriving in class.


All late arrivals require parental approval or acknowledgement. Approvals for late arrival to school can be completed either online (through the Compass Parent Portal) or by handing in a written letter of approval to your Sub School Office. SMS notifications may be sent to parents where a student arrives late to school.



The second hand uniform shop (situated near the Library at Koonung SC) will be open every Thursday from 1pm – 4pm.

Any enquiries please email secondhanduniforms@koonung.vic.edu.au



Please ensure all school clothes, books and personal property are clearly labelled with the student’s name. Many items are not returned to their rightful owners because they are not labelled correctly or clearly.


USBs should include a folder with the student’s name and form to assist in returning it to the correct person. If you have lost anything please check with your subschool office during recess, lunch or end of day.

Koonung Secondary College Newsletter