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11 September 2019
Issue Twenty-four
Our Vision
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Our Vision

Our Vision

To be an engaging and inclusive learning community where students are confident, creative, curious and lifelong learners.

Our Values

Respect        Teamwork       Resilience        Integrity


We respect ourselves by valuing who we are and doing our personal best.

We respect others by treating them fairly and in the way we would like to be treated.

We respect our community by being inclusive/friendly to others and taking care of our environment.


We make sure that we contribute.

We make sure that we encourage and give others the opportunity to contribute.

We work together to achieve the best we possibly can.


We accept feedback and use it for improvement.

We bounce back when things just don’t seem to be going right.

We make an effort to make things right again.


We are honest with each other.

We are accountable for the decisions we make.

We own up to our mistakes.

Principal's Report

School Maintenance and Building

We have been fortunate this year to receive a large amount of funds to support maintenance to our buildings and grounds.  


Earlier this year we were notified that we had received $35000 to spend on making the school grounds safe and aesthetically to improve their appearance with painting and floor polishing particularly in the multipurpose room.


This week we were notified that we had received $62441 for this year and next as part of the governments school maintenance blitz. The maintenance blitz is an investment by the government to ensure that schools can provide better classrooms and facilities for their community.  

We will also have our building off the prep room beginning next week. We can't wait to see this long awaited project begin. All of this investment in the school facilities can only help to make our school environment a safer and better place to learn.

Sarah and Clyde Davidson with Little Charlie - Born 8th August 2019


Visit the Synchotron

From researching human cells to famous paintings, fossils to advanced electronic devices, the work done at the Australian Synchrotron is helping to build a brighter future for all Australians. Shine a bright light on an object and you can see it more clearly. Shine intensely bright synchrotron light and you can see objects in astonishing detail, right down to the smallest atoms!

The light created at the Australian Synchrotron is about a million times brighter than the sun. This brilliant light can be used to assemble tiny machines that would fit into the eye of a needle, improve cancer detection, and develop new drugs to fight malaria.

On Sunday 20 October 2019, you will have a rare chance to go behind the scenes of this state-of-the-art facility and experience these scientific wonders first-hand. ANSTO would also like to provide students from Upper Ferntree Gully Primary school that attend the event with a free branded educational gift. Book your free tickets now at https://2019synchrotronopenday.eventbrite.com.au and make sure to mention the name of your school to be eligible for the gift. Please email events@ansto.gov.au if you have any questions.  


Have a great week everyone.


Upper Ferntree Gully Awards

Awards are usually handed out at assembly the following Monday after the newsletter is published.

Student of the week

F    Ash - for putting fantastic effort into his work and listening carefully to feedback.

1/2 N 

2/3 D  Isabel - for your amazing courage to have a go at different activities while on camp! Great work!

4/5 D  Cooper S - for giving everything a go on camp!

             Vyolette - For facing your fears and trying new things on camp!

5/6 B  Maddison -  for working hard and being kind to others.

Maths Awards

F    Tyler - for carefully sharing out objects into equal groups and working well with others!

1/2 N 

2/3 D  Izaih - for your great persistence when using multiplication to work out football scores. Well done!

5/6 B   Georgia - for working hard on multiplication.

Writing Awards

F   Fiah - for using great imagination in her writing!

1/2 N

2/3 D   Amalia - for your amazing attention to detail when you're writing and for going back and making                sure you have focused on your writing goal!

5/6 B  Noah - for planning a narrative using a story graph.

Japanese Award

 2/3 D    Avery - for always following the instructions the first time and being a successful learner of                              classroom words in Japanese. Fantastic effort!

Parent Page

The worst feeling for a child - Michael Grose

Humans are social by nature. We are happiest and most productive when we’re in groups. The family we are born into stays together rather than disbands as can happen in the animal world. This togetherness ensures a sense of belonging. Parental acceptance and forgiveness confirms that a child belongs unconditionally to their family providing a deep sense of security and safety.


As they grow older their social world expands to include broader family, friends and others within our community. The ties that bind are a little more tenuous at the outer edges of their social circle. Unlike in a family acceptance a child’s or teen’s acceptance by peers is conditional and, as such, friendships can quickly change. Differing interests, unresolved grievances and changing personalities can lead to peer relationship breakdowns, resulting in feelings of loss and sadness for a child.


The flip side of acceptance is loss, when valued relationships flounder. This is normal. It can be heartbreaking for a parent to watch their child or teen deal with the feelings of sadness, but that’s when parents need to be supportive and emotionally present.


Worse still for children and young people is when a relationship breakdown with friends leads to ostracism, or being left out of the usual group activities. Sadness due to friendship loss is a normal part of life. Feeling devastated by being left out of a group, is not acceptable, and shouldn’t be shrugged off as normal.


Ostracism hits at the very heart of being human – the need to belong. It hits at a young person’s sense of security and safety. Continued ostracism generally leads to feelings of helplessness in a child or young person, the worst possible emotion they can experience.


Teaching kids about relationships

Psychologist and author Collett Smart in her Teach girls to build each other up webinar maintains that parents should proactively teach kids about how relationships work. She was referring to parents of girls in particular, but boys too can benefit from learning about the nature of friendships. This relationship work can be both incidental and intentional. Smart maintains that we need to be continuously talking to kids about what makes a good friend; that not all friendships last; how they can break up kindly with friends and how they can assertively and respectfully stand up for themselves rather than be dominated by others.


Learning how to argue well

Smart maintains that learning how to argue is a normal part of healthy relationships. She says, “We haven’t taught girls how to be assertive. They learn to be assertive at home. Give girls opportunities to disagree with us as parents so that they can be brave enough for them to do so outside of home with their friends.” Parents need to give kids healthy ways to express their emotions and frustrations about friendships so that they can learn to resolve conflict without taunting, being abusive or giving someone the ‘permanent cold shoulder’.


Above all, we need to let kids know that ostracism of a former friend or of another child is not acceptable under any circumstances. The conversation that parents have with children about ostracism carries a great deal of weight and needs to happen from a very young age before these relationships patterns emerge and become entrenched in adolescence.


Dates to remember


Thursday 12th

Division Athletics - selected students only


Saturday 14th

PFA Trivia night


Tuesday 17th

Gr 6 Graduation meeting @ 3.45pm

in 5/6 room - All  Gr 6 parents welcome


Wednesday 18th

Footy Day - wear your favourite team colours


Friday 20th  

Last day of Term 3 - 2.30pm finish


Thursday 10th

Summer Sports Gr 3-6


Wednesday 23rd

School Council 7pm


Tuesday 29th

Stepping Up Program - Preps 2020 Optional Parent Session

9.15am - 11.00am


Wednesday 30th

PFA Meeting 7pm




Tuesday 5th

Cup Day Holiday


Tuesday 12th

Stepping Up Program - Preps 2020 Optional Parent Session

9.15am - 11.00am

Stepping Up To School Program - Parent Information Evening

Buddy BBQ 7pm


Friday 15th

Grade 2 Sleepover


Wednesday 27th

School Council 7pm



Wednesday 4th

PFA Meeting 7pm


Tuesday 10th

Half Day Step Up to School 9.15am - 1.00pm


Friday 20th

Last day of Term 4 - 1.30pm finish

 Term 3: 15 July to 20 September 2:30pm finish

Term 4:  7 October to 20 December 1:30pm finish



Term 1 - Staff return Tuesday 28 January

Grades 1-6 Thursday 30 January TBC

Foundation Friday 31 January TBC * No Wednesdays for first 4 weeks

End Term 1  Friday 27 March  2:30pm finish


Term 2 - Tuesday 14 April - Friday 26 June 13 2:30pm finish

* Easter -  Friday 10 - Monday 13 April

Term  3 - Monday 13 July - Friday 18 September 2:30pm finish

Term 4 - Monday 5 October - Friday 18 December 1:30pm finish

Out of School Hours Care

Program Times                  Full Fee 

Before School Care         $12  

6:45AM – 8:45AM

After School Care             $16                 

3:30PM – 6:15PM


If you need to cancel a booking, please remember to ring the office as soon as possible. If you are interested in our After or Before school care program please speak to the office.


Prompt payments would be appreciated.

Just a reminder that it is a legal requirement that you must sign your children in when dropping them off in the morning and when picking them up.  


Please try and finalise your payments for your accounts before the school holidays. This assists us in organising our budgets and finances into the next term.

        Notices and Reminders

Update details

If you have changed your address or any other personal details could you please change this on Compass or notify the office.  Please check out the following links for some help on Compass.

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