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18 December 2019
Issue Seven

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From the Principal Class

Congratulations and thank you

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of the College community for your ongoing support over the last 12 months.  There have been so many highlights this year across the college both in and out of the classroom. We have also seen the implementation of the Learning Enhancement Program (LEAP) at Year 12. This has seen some amazing curriculum development with great results for the students in the program in 2019. Many of these students have also incorporated enhancement studies whilst undertaking Year 12.  


VCE students received their results this week and there have been some outstanding results once again. I congratulate all on these results. A more detailed analysis of our VCE achievements will be published early next year. I am delighted at the  number of students obtaining a study score of 40 or above across a broad range of subjects in the college. A study score of 40 places a student in the top 8% of all students studying the subject across the state. Our scores of 40 or over have increased from 2018. Year 12 students will have their actual VCE Certificate mailed to them from the college by the end of next week.


I particularly wish to congratulate our College Dux for 2019, Carmen Lu for her great achievement. Congratulations to Madison Cheal of Year 11 who received a perfect study score of 50 in Business Management and a study score  of 46 in Legal Studies.  Our top 10 achievers will be presented with awards at the College Presentation Night on Wednesday December 18th 2019 at 7pm.  All VCE and VCAL students are reminded of course counselling this week for change of preferences. Details have also been provided to students about availability of support at time of distribution of VTAC placements as students require this as well.


I would like to thank all staff for their work this year as well as some specific thank you's to people involved in special events over the last week or so. I congratulate Jeena Jose and Prafulla Erra on their organisation of these events. I also want to acknowledge the teams of helpers who have organised and ran the second hand book sales organised by the Parents & Friends group. 


Our school magazine, which is a wonderful celebration of school events this year has already been distributed to all students who have purchased it. Spare copies are available at the general office. Congratulations to Alyshia Monaco for her work in putting the magazine together again this year. Student reports are also available on Compass by the end of this week.


Each year several of our Year 10 students are invited to apply for the Kwong Lee Dow Scholarship program based at the University of Melbourne. These scholarships provide the students with a range of benefits, especially in situations where the student ultimately goes on to study at the university. This year we have been fortunate to have two students appointed. Congratulations to Janice Tu and Amelia Mavrelis.


We have a number of students who have been rewarded for their hard work. Last month, I was informed the school received its highest number of Western Chances Scholarship offers in a given round. This is due to the hard work of the nominators. In addition to the below list, we also have a high number of students across the College who have their scholarships renewed each year. Below the entire list of students who have received new scholarships in 2020:

  • Alesia Li
  • Creon Chia
  • Daniel Currie
  • Ebonie Cardona
  • Elerie Mendez-Recinos
  • Jai El-Khoury
  • Janice TU
  • Kathleen Li
  • Maddisyn Smeaton
  • Mia Ziebell
  • Nadia Fong
  • Nakeisha Fong
  • Nicolla Vella
  • Sau (Sandy) Wu
  • Raquel Vella
  • Selin Capar
  • Vincent Tu
  • Vivienne Nguyen
  • Ghingmo Luk
  • Olivia Brne
  • Summer Markowicz
  • Taylor Zeballos

Congratulations to all the nominators who supported the above students gaining a scholarship.  Thank you to all other nominators this year who helped renew scholarships for students who have received a scholarship in previous years. These scholarships will go a long way to supporting these students next year.


The college has planned for the implementation of the new college uniform and  BYOD computing from the start of 2020 for all new students in Year 7 and for other new student enrolments entering at other year levels. Any parents with any query in relation to the implementation or the expectations on students from the start of next year in regards to uniform requirements and to the provision of a device is recommended to call the college. In 2020, all students will be involved in the BYOD program and all students will be expected to transition to the new uniform by the start of 2020.

The Victorian Government established the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) to provide payments for eligible students to attend camps, sports days and excursions. To find out more about CESF go to www.education.vic.gov.au/csef.


In 2020 every Year 7 government school student who received CSEF is eligible to apply for a uniform pack that is provided through State Schools' Relief. CSEF forms for 2020 are available at the General Office for completion. Please note that you must have a valid parent / guardian Concession Card (as at 28th January 2020) to be eligible to apply. A Centrepay option is also available for 2020 for all eligible parents and further information can be obtained from the general office. 


Please remember that different schools will have different start dates next year.  Our start date for all students will be Wednesday January 29th 2020 . The school office will be open from  Friday, January 24th 2020. I plan to send out a letter electronically to all parents  in the week before school commences reminding everyone of arrangements for 2020.


Finally, I wish all families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.  To those of you able to take a holiday break at this time of the year, I wish you a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.  


Danny Dedes


On behalf of the Principal Class

Theresa Burlak, Rick Hudson, Sasha Mildenhall and Louisa Norwood


Japan Study & Homestay Tour

Japan Study Tour

In November, 15 students from our school were lucky enough to spend 16 days travelling around Japan. The students, accompanied by three teachers, Mrs Shin, Mr Hudson and Ms Lee, travelled to Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Aichi and Hiroshima. We all had many new experiences, learnt a lot and were pushed out of our comfort zones. It was certainly an unforgettable experience and many of us hope to return again one day. This is what some of the study tour students had to say about trip highlights and the best part of the trip, which was of course our homestay experience.



Some highlights from the Japan Study Tour were going to cultural landmarks in Japan, such as Nijo Castle, Meiji Shrine and Kinkakuji. As a group we all love Japan and share an interest in its culture. Seeing landmarks we’d seen in pictures before, in real life for the first time was incredible. We were able to learn a lot about Japan’s history and immerse ourselves in their culture. The bullet train, vending machines and high end fashion was very intriguing and different from Australia.



Universal Studios was a very fun experience in which we bonded even more with the other Japan trip students. We have formed many strong bonds with other students that will not be forgotten. We were able to improve our Japanese skills, develop our own independence, and gained confidence. Although these were some of the highlights, we all believe that the homestay was the best.


Most of us will agree that homestay was the best part of the trip. It enabled us to experience Japanese culture in ways that would not be possible if we were to go as a normal holiday. We made life-long friends despite the language barrier and the short time spent with them. Everyone had a wonderful time, our families made us feel comfortable and like we were part of their family too. They made us feel like we became siblings and gave us a home away from home. We’ve made many joyful memories in Mito and we will never forget them.


San-San H, Lauri P and Margaux T– Year 9


Very soon we will be visited by our friends from Mito who will come and share in our hospitality. In the new year I will put a call out for host family expressions of interest – we would love you to host our dear friends from Mito, so when the time comes, please contact me.


Leah Shin

Japanese Homestay and Exchange Leader

Year 12 Graduation

Congratulations Year 12's

On Tuesday the 26th November, our Year 12 graduates of 2019 and their parents, friends and staff gathered for the Year 12 Graduation. This is the most important event on our school calendar as it marks one of the last formal occasions that our Year 12 students were together as a year group.



The school community takes this opportunity to congratulate our Year 12’s on not only this significant achievement, but on the successful completion of 13 years of schooling.



It was a very special evening for students, parents and staff. The event held at Planetshakers in South Melbourne was a formal occasion with prizes awarded to students for academic excellence from each of the Learning Areas and VCAL, Student Leadership Awards and Australian Defence Force and Caltex All Rounder award.  In addition, each Year 12 student received a College Graduation Certificate presented by the College Principal Mr Danny Dedes and the Homegroup Teachers.


The evening also showcased the wonderful musical performances from a number of a year 12 students including two group performances. An extraordinary array of talent! Congratulations to all of these students.


The evening provided many opportunities to reflect back on the last 6 years at the college with numerous slideshows pinpointing important stages in the journey through Taylors Lakes such as year 7, 8, 10 and 12 Camp, Swimming and Athletic Carnivals, excursions and the numerous festivities during the last year at the college.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the numerous individuals who worked tirelessly to ensure this event was a success. Furthermore, we congratulate our 2019 graduates on all their achievements as their formal school life has come to an end. We wish you all well and hope you achieve your dreams.


Congratulations Class of 2019!


Sasha Mildenhall, Antoniette Massarotto,

Joe Laganga & Robert Findlay

Senior Sub School Team


Dance Concert

The Dance Concert evening on Thursday 21st of November, featured both small and large group performances, from the dance students in Years 7-10. The students overcame nerves and performed with a high level of energy and confidence, to delight and entertain the packed audience of enthusiastic families and friends. I would like to congratulate each student for managing to balance between dance rehearsals with their studies, leading up to the concert, and the teachers for their support through this as well. 



For the first time ever, the dance program presented multiple ensemble performances in a concert! This was an achievement made possible by the hard working students who dedicate their after school time to weekly dance ensemble rehearsals. These students presented routines which have won awards throughout the year at inter-school competition, which was a great celebration of teamwork and student success.


The evening was hosted by Lauri Pavlovich from Year 9, who did an incredible job of informing the audience about each routine, and linking the performances together seamlessly. 



The choreography presented on the night was created and taught by myself, with help from the talented Melissa Tarquinio in selected Hip Hop routines. Mel is also to be thanked for her incredible assistance throughout the day, especially during the tech rehearsal during the afternoon, and her effortless management of the students backstage. Ric Di Clemente is to be thanked for his efforts on the night, organising the lighting and sound, as well as Stephanie Cutler for her help with videography. 


I would also like to personally thank Demi Mangione for all her help on the day, as well as Sian Clarke from Wallan Secondary College, for lending costumes. Costumes were also borrowed from Waterdale Theatre Company and Western Arts Theatre, so a big thankyou to all.


Finally, I would like to personally thank all of the families who continue to support the dance program at the college, as well as our new families who have just joined us this year! The students have achieved so much this year, and I am very excited to see what they will continue to achieve in the future! 



Hope to see you all again in 2020!


Louisa D'Ortenzio

Dance Teacher

Instrumental Music &
Dance Concert

A Showcase of Talent!

On the evenings of November 21 and 28, the cream of Taylors Lakes instrumental music and dance students showcased their talent at the End-of-Year Instrumental Music and Dance Concerts.  The events featured students performing in ensembles and bands, providing a platform for the immensely diverse range of instruments and dance styles offered in the program. 


The highlights of the events included a combined guitar, voice and violin ensemble performing theatre surrounding renditions of “Solsbury Hill” and “Corner of the Earth”, and the show stopping ‘Super’ dance ensemble featuring 30 dancers on stage at once!

The Instrumental Music and Dance Concerts are only one of the many Performing Arts events staged throughout the school calendar.  Next year will feature concerts and soirees staged over several nights in Terms 2, 3 and 4.

Instrumental Music and Dance is a large and continually growing program offered by Taylors Lakes Secondary College comprising of more than 200 enrolments.   Instrumental tuition is available for guitar, bass guitar, piano, voice, saxophone, clarinet, violin, and drums.

Dance classes are offered in the styles of classical, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop.  The program is currently accepting new enrolments for 2020, and it is filling up fast. 


For all enquiries, please contact the school’s Instrumental Music and Dance Leader.


Ric Di Clemente

Instrumental Music and Dance Leader

Year 7 Languages

Melbourne Zoo Experience

The Year 7 students studied the topic of 'Animals' in both Italian and Japanese Language classes in Term 4. On Thursday 14th November students attended The Melbourne Zoo to apply and strengthen their language skills in a real-world setting.


It was an exciting and immersive destination providing students with an enriching environment to improve their language learning. This experience outside their everyday activities enhanced curriculum outcomes. Students had an opportunity to explore the zoo with their teacher(s) and engage in work related to animals in their target language. 


Thank you to the following staff members who attended the excursion: Ms. Deluca, Ms. Filardo, Ms. Fasulo, Ms. Milin, Ms. Costanzo, Ms. Thomas, Mr. Wong, Mr. Michaels, Mr. Gibson-Suzuki, Ms. Norwood, Theresa Marneros, Jacqueline Tomasello and Betty Harper. A fun day practising students’ Japanese and Italian skills was had by all.

GRAZIE and ARIGATO to all involved!

Ms Kelsen

Italian Teacher 



Student Recounts of the Excursion

I had a lot of fun at the Melbourne zoo. Mi piacciono le scimmie e le giraffe. I loved the meerkats. We watched them get fed. I also enjoyed the butterfly enclosure. 

Olivia 7I


I really enjoyed my experience today! I liked how we spoke Italian and I also liked filling in the booklet. My favourite animals are le scimmie e le farfalle. Adoro le farfalle! Non mi piacciono i canguri. Odio gli uccelli! Che disastro!

Emily 7I


I had an amazing experience at the Melbourne Zoo today because I got to see all my favourite animals. I saw la farfalla, l’elefante, le giraffa e la scimmia. I also saw il koala e il kookaburra. Non mi piacciono the lizards. We also got to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Leonardo in Italian. 

Ella 7J 


I had so much fun today. All the animals were beautiful and cute but a few of my favourites were la giraffa, la foca and the meerkat. Le scimmie were hilarious and entertaining. I found out new information like if meerkats don’t want their baby, THEY EAT IT! I was terrified of lo struzzo but it was just stanco

Yasmine 7I 


The Year 7's went to the Melbourne Zoo to learn about how to describe animals and were given a booklet to complete throughout the day.  One of the activities I personally enjoyed was the butterfly house as we got to interact with many butterflies. We enjoyed all these activities and we hope to do something like this in the future.

Prana 7J



Science Forum

L'Oréal Girls in Science Forum

On Tuesday November 12th, thirteen girls from Taylors Lakes Secondary College who are passionate about Science joined over 400 other female students at The University of Melbourne for a girls in Science forum.


The event gave us a real insight on what a career in Science is really like. Our day started at the Glen Davie Theatre where we received a bag full of goodies! We were provided with information about various Science pathways available at the University, a test tube filled with mints plus lipstick looking crayons. Shortly after, the 2019 Australian and New Zealand L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellows were announced. These women were so inspiring to listen to, as they discussed their ground breaking fields of research and the work they are doing in changing people’s lives.


After these presentations, we were dismissed for lunch.  We received a lunch bag filled with a healthy burger, a piece of fruit, a muffin and water. We enjoyed our lunch in a Chemistry lecture theatre which was huge and very steep.


After lunch we were given a tour of the university which was fun and exciting before being taken to the Physics department.  This was our first stop for a challenging but engaging activity that was organized for us. Here we looked at the emission of photons from a range of elements. We used computer analysis and visual observations to compare spectrophotometry peaks. After the Physics workshop, we participated in a Math Escape Room activity. We all had to work collaboratively to solve the math problems. Some of the problems required a lot of thinking and strategy. Unfortunately, we got to the very last question as we ran out of time.


Overall, we had a great day filled with wonderful experiences, which has inspired us to continue our Science studies in VCE. We highly recommend it for #GirlsinScience#STEM for future years.



Lastly, thanks to Ms Lelekakis who took us out on the day and Ms Damon for organizing this event.


Thea F  10D and Sophia N   10G

Japanese Excursion

Melbourne Cat Cafe


On the 18th of November, the 7I and 7J Japanese class attended an excursion to the Melbourne Cat café. There we got to hang out with some adorable cats. Most of the cats were friendly however there were some fierce ones and some lazy ones. The cat café had a lot of toys that kept the cats entertained. We learnt about the backstory of how the cat café came to be and how it is a great way to evoke cat adoption.


One of our favourite experience was a ginger cat that sat on Maddi’s lap and nearly went to sleep.


After the cat café, we visited Daiso, a Japanese supermarket with various items, where we got to buy everyday items such as Japanese sweets and Japanese stationery. The day was wrapped up with a visit to Tokyo Japanese restaurant, where we got to try Japanese lunch box.


Prana P, Maddisyn S and Madisyn F    7J

School Sport

Another successful year...

In the spirit of our mixed orientated competitions (which now allows females to compete in what used to be known as all male competition), our mixed lawn bowls teams achieved great success and reached the knockout stages. This wonderful initiative has helped our students become even more accommodating and socially courteous within the Division.


Additionally, the introduction of our first ever U16s girls tag rugby team was a special milestone. Never before have we had such enthusiasm from students (most of whom werent particularly familiar with the sport) willing to participate. Our competition day had many rugby academy-based schools entered, but this did not trouble our students one bit. The girls finished first of their group and played their semi-final with heart.

Our Year 7 Boys Futsal team were up to their old tricks again making it a clean sweep for 2019. The boys performed to an extremely high standard amassing a total of 57 goals in their favour and only conceding 6 on their way to being crowned Keilor Division Champions. Every player played an enormous day rounding out a 7-3 victory over  Keilor Downs College in the Final.


Finally, we are super proud of our sporting teams, helpers and assistants of 2019. Their achievements and accomplishments have made the College proud. Witnessing the growth and developments these students have endured has been both humbling and inspiring.


Happy holidays everyone, see you in 2020.


Lajos  Kozak

School Sport Leader

Food Technology

Ice Cream Incursion

On Wednesday the 13th November, Steve from 196 Below came to our school.  His company was hired at White Night this year and has won many awards for his ice cream at the Royal Melbourne Show.

When he came to our school he showed us how he made his ice-cream with nitrogen.  First he put ingredients into a mixer and blended them together.  He poured it into a special tub.  Then her got some liquid nitrogen and mixed it in with the ice cream mixture.  Thirty seconds later, there was ice cream!  It was great to watch because there was steam everywhere. Afterwards he showed us some ice cream inspirations and then we got to make and eat our own creations.


We had such a great time and learnt a lot about the ice cream industry.


Lachie K and Lucius P

Design Technology-Fashion

Fabulous Fashion Moments

Take a peek at some of the fabulous student work completed in Design & Technology – Fashion during semester two.


The Year 7 students were required to design and make a ‘Kooky Creature’. They used a variety of embellishment techniques, including applique, stencil print, hand and machine embroidery and buttons. They were also required to adopt sustainable practice, and use scraps of fabric for the decoration.


The Year 9 fashion students had to design and make a bag, for a selected ‘fashion tribe’ and a specific end-user. They had a choice of adapting patterns and could choose from a Back Pack, Tote, Satchel and Hobo bag.  All the bags were lined, and had to include a zip, patch pocket or some other form of decoration.


The Year 10 fashion students created their own fashion brand, and had to design and make a streetwear item. Hoodies were the item of choice this year!


Well done to all our budding designers!


Ms Hobbs

Design and Technology – Fashion



Theatresports Program 2020

In 2019, the Theatresports Program was a blast, from all the games, the friendships made, the special prizes and pizza lunch and the Theatresports Challenge at the end.



Throughout the year we practised our acting skills, teamwork, and much more!


We got to act in front of an audience, and if you attend enough, you can go on an excursion to the David Williamson Theatre and act in front of hundreds of people live on stage at the Victorian Theatresports Schools Challenge. It allows you to be creative and courageous on stage and it’s a super fun team experience.


In 2020, the Theatresports Program will be running once again. It is your chance to act, play creative games and possibly attend the excursion to perform in front of a live audience at the ‘Challenge’. You will always remember this amazing experience.


We meet once a week in PA1, on a selected day at lunchtime and there you can find new friends, develop your performing arts skills, grow in confidence, collaborate in an interactive team and overall have fun together!



Check out Compass and the college newsletter for the starting date in 2020!


Anesa and Dylan (7C)


Livia Fasulo

Drama Teacher

Coming Events


9th Monday 

Year 10 into 11 Course Confirmation


10th Tuesday

Grade 6 Orientation Day

Year 7 (2020) Second Hand Book Sales (2pm)

and Years 8-10 between 3-4pm in L5

subject to availability of books


11th Wednesday - 12th Thursday

Year 7-9 Orientation Program


11th Wednesday

College Council 7pm


12th Thursday



13th Friday

Year 7 into 9 Course Confirmation.

Students only attend at their appointed times.


16th Monday - 20th Friday

Year 7-9 End of Year Activities


18th Wednesday

  • Second Hand Books not sold and money for books sold must be collected from L5 between 3 - 4pm

NOTE: Students and Parents should note that books WILL NOT be collected or sold at any other times outside of the dates above.

  • Presentation Night 7pm


20th Friday

Last day of school 

School Finishes at 12.30pm

Office Closes 1.00pm


These dates are correct at the time of publication and may change at a later date.

Term Dates 2020

Term 1:

Tuesday 28th January - Student Free Day

Staff Professional Development 


Wednesday 29th January - 1st day for all students


Last day of Term 1:   Friday 27th March

Term 2:

Monday 14th April to Friday 26th June
Term 3:

Monday 13th July to Friday 18th September
Term 4:

Monday 5th  October to Friday 18th December

General Information

Office Hours

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NOTE:  Payments close at 4pm

Closed during school holidays

Telephone: 9390 3130

Email: taylors.lakes.sc@edumail.vic.gov.au

Attendance Office

The Attendance Officer, Marie Taylor, has a direct line for parents to report student absences or to pick up students early from school. Please call before 1.30 if picking ups students early.

Telephone: 8390 9207

The College also has a press 1 option for attendance if you call on the college telephone number 9390 3130.

Students arriving late or leaving early must report to the Attendance Office.

Bell Times

Bell times for this year are listed below:


Warning bell for HG - 8.40am

Homegroup 8.50am

Period 1       9.00am

Period 2       9.49am

Recess       10.38am

Period 3      11.03am

Period 4      11.52am

Lunch          12.41pm

Period 5        1.26pm

Period 6        2.15pm

End of day    3.04pm

Sick Bay

The college's registered nurse, Carmel Gusman, is available at the school Monday - Thursday from 9.00am - 3.00pm.  The sickbay also has a relief first aide trained attendant on Fridays 9.00am - 3.00pm

All students not feeling well should report to the sickbay.  

Camps/Excursion Payments

All excursion/incursion permission slips are available on COMPASS. If payments are made on COMPASS a permission slip is not required. All excursion payments made at the office must be accompanied with a signed permission slip.




All excursion/incursion and camp payments can be made on COMPASS.  If you have lost your password or are having difficulties with COMPASS please contact the general office.

Lost Property

Please ensure students have their names on all clothing items and books.

Camps Sport & Excursion Fund (CSEF)

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides payments for eligible students to attend activities like:

  • school camps or trips
  • swimming and school-organised sport programs
  • outdoor education programs
  • excursions and incursions.

Applications for 2020 are now open and will close 26th June (end of term 2).

Uniform Shop 

Please note times for Wednesday afternoon uniform sales are 3:00pm - 5:00pm.

9.00am to 11.00 am Saturday Mornings.

The uniform shop is located in the back room of L4.


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