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07 November 2019
Issue Thirty-three

Developing Life Long Learners

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What's on in the next two weeks......
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Principal's News

School Musical

Congratulations to all of our students as we enjoyed our biennial musical last Thursday night at St Louis Hall. With approximately 500 members of our community in the audience, our students shone as they performed for us all, showcasing their skills and talents in the area of performing arts. As I said last week, it has been challenging in the lead up to this performance as we have not had a gathering space to practice as a whole school given the building works which are nearing completion. All credit to the leads for the extra work they put in learning lines and songs. Thanks to our wonderful staff who worked in the background to prepare the classes for their role in the performance. A huge thanks to Mr Drew Lane (writer, producer, choreographer) who worked with all of our staff and students and also to Mrs Rebecca Beckwith, our performing arts teacher who worked in tandem with Drew and our students. If you would like to purchase a DVD, orders are open until close of business tomorrow.  See link below for DVD order form.   We look forward to our next musical in 2021.



Mission Mass 

We were to walk down to St Louis and gather with their students for our annual Mission Mass. However due to the weather we stayed on site here at school and celebrated a liturgy in classes/levels. Hopefully the weather will be kinder to us in 2020.

Year 3 Reconciliation

After many weeks of preparation, on Thursday 14 November at 7:00pm - St Brigid's Church, our Year 3 students will celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Thank you to Mrs Jodie Marziano, our REL for all your organisation and thanks also to the 3/4 Teaching team for all your efforts in assisting families with preparations.

St Vincent de Paul - Christmas Food Drive

Each year St Brigid's help our local chapter of St Vincent de Paul with their local food drive.  This year supplies are again critically low as we move towards the Christmas period.  We are asking all families to bring in a donation of groceries, toiletries or Christmas items.  We would like all donations by Friday 22 November.  Please check the 'use by' date on all items donated:

Some suggested donations are:

Prep - Toiletries - shampoo, toilet paper, toothpaste, tooth brushes, nappies, deodorant 

Year 1/2 - breakfast items, cereal, jam, honey, coffee, tea, sugar

Year 3/4 - Rice, pasta, pasta sauce, noodles

Year 5/6 - Condiments & tinned goods - baked beans, tinned vegetables, sauce, soup

Or anything that you could use on a Christmas Table - Christmas pudding, mince pies, serviettes, bon bons


Foundation 2020 - Transition Day 1

We are looking forward to welcoming our 2020 Foundation Students to their first transition session on Thursday 14 November.  We will begin the day by meeting in the school Hall at 9:15am.  The session will conclude at 10:30am.  Parents are most welcome to stay during the transition session for a cup of tea and to meet the St Brigid's Leadership team.

Assembly - Friday 22 November - 11:30am

The Honourable Tim Richardson MP is visiting St Brigid's on Friday 22nd November to do a tour of  our building works.  Tim will also attend Assembly at 11:30am to present Premier’s Reading Challenge awards.  At this assembly we will also recognise students who have received:

  • Korean awards
  • Diary Cover Competition winners; and
  • ICAS Certificate Recipients

This assembly will proceed rain, hail or shine! Everyone is welcome.

Building Works

The building is now beginning to really take shape as all of the internal plastering is just on complete and the stair cases have been installed. The glazing almost complete with just a few window/s doors on the Albert St face to be installed. In the next day or so the painters arrive to start upstairs and the plastering completed downstairs. With joinery ready to be delivered and appliances awaiting installation, our building is almost a reality.

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop will be open this coming Tuesday - 12 November at 2:45pm until 3:15pm.  Our temporary Uniform Shop is located in Brigid Hall.  We ask that families enter via the doors next to Mrs. Young's 1/2 classroom.



Kind regards

Michael Russo



What's on in the next two weeks......

Dates to remember

Monday 11 November

Remembrance Day

9:00am-3:00pm - Year 5 Leadership 2020 Program at St Louis de Montforts

9:00am - 11:00am - Foundation 2020 Uniform Shop Bookings

Tuesday 12 November

8:15am - Running Club

9:00am - 11:00am - Foundation 2020 Uniform Shop Bookings

2:45pm -3:15pm - Uniform Shop Open

Thursday 14 November

9:15am -10.30am - Foundation 2020 Transition  Day 1

7:00pm-8:00pm - Year 3 Reconciliation - St Brigid's Church

Friday 15 November

School Sports - Ben Kavanagh Reserve

8:55am -10:30am - Junior School

11:30am - 1:30pm - Senior School

Monday 18 November

9:00am - 11:00am - Foundation 2020 Uniform Shop Bookings

9:30am - 10:30am - Year 1 - 6 2020 Transition Session 1

Tuesday 19 November

8:15am - Running Club

9:00am - 11:00am - Foundation 2020 Uniform Shop Bookings

Thursday 21 November

9:15am - 10:30am - Foundation 2020 Transition Day 2

6:00pm - St Brigid's Advisory Board AGM

Friday 22 November

St Vincent de Paul - Christmas Appeal Collection

11:30am - Assembly - All Welcome


ST BRIGID'S CALENDAR - for upcoming calendar dates please click here.


Dates for End of 2019

Friday 13 December

11:30am - End of Year School Mass at St Brigid's Church

2:30pm - End of Year & Farewell Assembly for Year 6

Tuesday 17 December

Grade 6 Graduation Day Out

7:00pm - Year 6 Graduation Mass - St Brigid's Church

Wednesday 18 December


1:00pm - Students Finish for 2019

Thursday 19 December

SCHOOL CLOSURE DAY - Staff Professional Development

Friday 20 December

SCHOOL CLOSURE DAY - Staff Professional Development

2020 School Dates

Tuesday 28 January


Staff Return - Professional Development Day

10:00am - 12:00pm - Uniform Shop Open

Wednesday 29 January

SCHOOL CLOSURE DAY - Staff Professional Development Day

Thursday 30 January

8:45am - 3:15pm -  Students return - beginning of Term 1

8:45am to 1:00pm  - Foundation Students begin

Friday 31 January

8:45am - 3-15pm - All students


Term Dates 2020

TERM 1 - Tuesday 28 January - Friday 27 March
Tuesday 28 January

SCHOOL CLOSURE DAY - Staff Return - Professional Development Day
Wednesday 29 January

SCHOOL CLOSURE DAY - Staff Return - Professional Development Day

Thursday 30 January

Students return
*Easter 10-13 April

TERM 2 - Tuesday 14 April - Friday 26 June

Tuesday 14 April

SCHOOL CLOSURE DAY - Staff Return - Professional Development Day

Wednesday 15 April

Students Return 

TERM 3 - Monday 13 July - Friday 18 September

Monday 13 July

SCHOOL CLOSURE DAY - Staff Return - Professional Development Day

Tuesday 14 July

Students Return 

TERM 4 - Monday 5 October - Friday 18 December

Staff Return - Monday 5 October

SCHOOL CLOSURE DAY - Staff Return - Professional Development Day

Tuesday 6 October

Students Return 

Last Day of Term 4 for Students - Wednesday 16 December


Wellbeing News


Transitions are defined quite simply as change.


They are a period where we must adapt to new circumstances, expectations, people, environments or routines. Whether big or small, transitions are a significant part in children's lives, as well as the learning community here at St Brigid’s.


In the coming weeks students at St Brigid’s will have several opportunities to spend time with different students and teachers in potentially less familiar classroom spaces as we begin the transition process for 2020.  


Research shows that transitions to a new learning environment is a time of potential challenge and stress for children and their families. For some, it brings excitement about making friends and learning new things, while for others the change can leave them feeling nervous and overwhelmed.

It’s normal for children and young people to have strong feelings about an upcoming transition, such as excitement about the prospect of going into a new class, as well as nervousness about what lies ahead. Many children and young people may also feel sad or angry about leaving their current learning environment and the positive relationships they’ve established with educators and each other. 


Common feelings children and young people have during transition can include:

  • excitement

  • sadness

  • anger

  • anticipation

  • fear or anxiety

Helping children to handle these feelings will help to reduce their stress and can provide them with positive coping strategies. Children often have difficulty explaining in words how they are feeling – instead they might show their feelings through their behaviour.


Some stress management ideas to help children during the transition period and beyond include helping them how to recognise, express and talk about their feelings and develop problem-solving skills. Other helpful thinking strategies – for example, “I can do this” or “I can be brave”.  Just remember transition is not something that just happens in a day- it is a process that takes time.  At school the staff will continue to support all students at this time directly and indirectly through planned and informal learning opportunities.


Click on the link to access a digital story that explores the feelings of fear, anticipation and anxiety when in a new setting as a positive opportunity to make new friends through the interaction of animals. You may find this a helpful resource to watch and discuss with your child together. The Wolf is Not Invited 

Just remember transition is not something that just happens in a day- it is a process that takes time. 



Mrs Wendt

Wellbeing Co-ordinator


Peanut Allergens

A timely reminder to Parents and Students at St Brigid's.  We have a number of children at school with life threatening nut allergies.  We ask that families please don't send food items to school that contain nuts.  


St Brigid's News & Events

Scienceworks STEM Day

On Tuesday 29th of October the Year 6 Technology Leaders made their way by train to Scienceworks to participate in a Virtual Reality (VR) Design Sprint. 


Our day began with a VR movie, Carriberrie, on the importance of the Indigenous culture within Australia and how they tell their history and stories through song and dance. We then participated in a discussion and design sprint on our culture. As a group we choose to focus on the Bayside culture and the importance of the beach in that culture. We sketched a beach scene with all the important elements needed to preserve this culture. We had boys jumping of the Mordialloc pier, cycling, dog walking, swimming and many more elements. 


Then the fun really began! We used CoSpaces and started to create our VR beach scene, where we coded the individual items to complete the actions needed. We coded the lady and the dog to run along the beach. Towards the end of our session we used a Google Cardboard and watched our scene in VR. We had a fantastic day and thanks to Mrs Ripp for organising it and taking us. 


Ethan, Michael, Josh, Dylan and Daniel.


3/4YH Mass with Mercy Nixon House

This week 3/4YH celebrated Mass with Mercy Nixon House residents and St Brigid's parishioners. It was a lovely mass, allowing us to continue to build the relationship between the St Brigid's and the community. After mass we had morning tea with the residents and parishioners.

My Magic Box by Ximeng L - 3/4LA

I will put in my box,

The warmth of spring and countless feelings,

The smell of luscious food about to be served,

A sip of the purest water from a secret spring.


I will put in my box,

Unbreakable friendships and the sweetness of lollies,

A beautiful Chinese flag and the sound of a song being played on a keyboard.


I will put in my box,

Beautiful, majestic crosses and the first word of a baby,

A summer night filled with fun.


My box is fashioned from ice, gold and silver,

With diamonds on the lid and secrets in the corners,

It’s hinges are made out of stars.


I shall go anywhere in my box,

Like Atlantis or an erupting volcano,

I will end up on a beach, the colour of the sun.


Caritas Mini Fete 

Well done to our students and families on raising $508.40 for the Caritas Mission from the proceeds of our Mini Fete on Friday 25 October.  This was a wonderful student lead initiative.


In Sympathy

Our prayerful sympathy is extended to Jessica McCardle, Levi (3/4KF) & Laylah (Prep ZP) on the passing of Granny Maree.




We have had a reported case of head lice.  This is not a serious concern, as your child may not be affected, however headlice are extremely contagious.  We ask that parents be vigilant in checking their children's hair for lice.    Thank you.


Community News & Events

Thank you Baker's Delight Mordialloc!!!

A huge thank you to our good friends at Baker's Delight - Mordialloc for giving Prep ZP a free loaf of bread every day for the month of November.  Families please note if you lose your card it cannot be replaced.


Electric Dreams


Camp Australia


Kilbreda Principal Talk & Tour






Junior Rockers


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St Brigids DVD sales order 2019.pdf
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