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27 November 2019
Issue Twenty
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Principal's Announcements

First Eucharist

Congratulations to the children who celebrated their First Communion on the weekend.  They all looked magnificent and did a wonderful job taking part in the mass. Thank you to Marg Lee and Maree Williams for organising the program and for preparing such beautiful masses over the weekend. First Eucharist is a very special time  for the children and their families.  

Festival of the Sacred

Congratulations to the Gr 5/6 students who took part in the Festival of the Sacred today.  They joined 400 students from the Goulburn Valley to perform a variety of songs and dances they have been practicing under the guidance of teachers from the Victorian Academy of performing Arts. Well done kids!

Look for St Mary's on the WIN News at 6pm tonight.

School Board

Our School Board met last night for our final meeting for the year.  We looked at the responses from our parent survey to identify areas of improvement for 2020.  This included more support for children struggling socially, bullying awareness, a gifted and talented program, improvements for Kinder transition and teacher parent communication.  Overall we were thrilled with the positive responses and satisfaction levels.  We also looked at plans for future capital works, which centres around the extension of our Gr 5/6 classrooms, a new art room and media room.  I am very grateful to the parents who play a part on the Board for giving up their time to contribute to the school.

High School Captains

Congratulations to ex St Mary's students who have recently been announced as Captains of their respective High Schools.  James Nethersole was named School Captain of Goulburn Valley Grammar and Isaac Dowling Vice Captain of Notre Dame College.  Harry Crilly and Tom McCarty were both awarded the position of House Captain at NDC.  What a wonderful reflection of St Mary's!

New Staff Members

We are excited to announce that Coby Turk and Hannah Chasemore will be joining our teaching staff next year.  Coby is an ex St Mary's student and Hannah is from Shepparton (St Brendan's & NDC).  They both have recently completed their Bachelor of Education at La Trobe Bendigo.  We are very excited to welcome Coby and Hannah to our staff for 2020.

Gr 1/2 Excursion

The Gr 1/2's had a brilliant day at the Strawberry Farm and Camel Farm today which was part of their unit of work  Paddock to Plate.  What a great day for an excursion!


Prep Information Night 

The 2020 Prep Information night is taking place tonight (Wednesday 27th Nov) beginning at 7pm.

End of Year Picnic and Christmas Concert

This will be taking place on the John Gray oval again this year and we are looking forward to another great night!  Families are welcome to bring along their own picnic chairs and food, however chicken burgers, hamburgers and drinks will also be available from the food van.

End of Year Events

Orientation Day Tuesday 10th December.

End of Year Mass Friday 13th Dec 9:30am Marian Centre.  

Gr 6 Celebration Night Monday 16th Dec 6:30pm 

End of Year Reports Released Tuesday 17th Dec

Gr 6 Fun Day Tuesday 17th Dec

End of Year Picnic and Christmas Concert Tuesday 17th Dec John Gray Oval (Mooroopna Sound Shell) 6pm.  

Final Day Students Wednesday 19th Dec 2:30pm dismissal (Buses at normal time)

School Resumes 2020 Thursday 30th January

Principals Award

Week 6 Jemma Lewis

Jemma is mature and has a diligent approach to her work which has enabled her to work to a high standard. She has incredible manners, is kind and unselfish. Jemma presents her works absolutely magnificently and always produces over and above the expected amount. She is the most attentive listener, and is very respectful.

Jemma works brilliantly with anyone and is able to support and encourage them.


Pupil Free Day Friday

Please note that next Friday 6th December is a pupil free day.  The teachers are planning for 2020.

Mr Butts' Jokes of the Week

Q: How did the dog stop the movie on his TV?

A:  He hit the paws button!

Q:  What is the longest word in the dictionary?

A: Smiles.  Because there is a mile between the s's!

Advice Portal



Our Family Advice Portal is aimed to assist families with common issues that effect children at home and at school.  It is important however to remember to contact your child's teacher or school leaders if you believe the problem is serious.  As a team we will work together to provide your child with the appropriate support needed for them to overcome challenges as they arise.

Attendance - Every Day Counts!

Going to school every day is the single most important part of your child's education.  This fact sheet explains why.



Autism effects a large number of children.  For information on the Autism Spectrum, this fact page from the Royal Children's Hospital will answer any questions you may have.  Autism Fact Page.

Autism Info


Have you got any questions about Bullying?  

The Bully No Way website has some excellent resources for both parents and children.


Please contact your child's teacher if you have any issues regarding Bullying.

Child Safety

Bravehearts visit our school each year to teach our children about personal safety and protection from sexual assault.  This video explains the program including the key messages taught to the children.

The video below is from the Daniel Morcombe Foundation which is an excellent video for Gr 3-6 students.



Tips and advice on helping your child have safe and enjoyable experiences online.

Esafety Website

Family Diversity

Families can be very diverse.  This website has information to support and assist families of all shapes and sizes!

Family Diversity

Goal Setting Meetings (Parent Teacher Interviews)

Goal Setting meetings are a crucial component of supporting your child's education.  This website gives parents and carers information on how they can prepare for a productive meeting.

Goal Setting Meeting Advice

Grief and Trauma

Children can be effected by trauma in many ways, a death of a loved one or pet, sickness and marriage break ups.  If your child has suffered trauma these fact sheets may be of assistance:

Discussing Death with Children


The Royal Children's Hospital website is an excellent resource for parents who have questions regarding any child health issues.

RCH Fact Sheets


Please find attached research articles on why Primary School children don't have a lot of homework.


Literacy & Numeracy Tips

Research shows that families are the most significant influence on their children’s learning.  This article assists families to play a key role in helping children prepare for school, and then succeed when they reach school.



Want to check if a movie, TV Show, book or a computer game is suitable for your child?  Common Sense Media gives parents specific information on levels of swearing, violence and other content that may be inappropriate for your child.

Parent Help

Parentline is a Victorian Government phone service for parents and carers of children from birth to 18 years old. They offer confidential and anonymous counselling and support on parenting issues.

Parent Line Information

Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety often occurs to children at the start of the school day when they have difficulties leaving their parents.  This web page has some great advice for parents.  Separation Anxiety Tips for Parents.


Advice on how to ensure your child gets enough sleep.

Advice on Sleep

Speech Problems

Speech difficulties in children can range from speech impediments (articulation) to difficulties expressing themselves or understanding language.  This fact page from the Royal Children's Hospital may answer some of your questions.

Speech Problems

Separation and Divorce

Many families experience separation which can result in different emotional responses from children.  This fact sheet has a range of helpful tips when dealing with separation.  Separation Fact Sheet.

Catholic Identity

                                        Mercy Prayer

We pray for the Sisters of Mercy, who established our school and for the priests who have served at

St. Mary’s.  It is through their vision,  determination and strong faith that we enjoy the benefits of a 

                                                                   Catholic Education here in Mooroopna.

We are proud to be a Mercy School, where the values of love and justice are taught and lived every day.


 Sacrament of First Eucharist

Congratulations to the children who made their first Eucharist on the weekend of 23rd / 24th November.  They were all beautifully presented and participated in the special ceremonies conducted by Monsignor Peter.

Thank you to all the people who assisted to make the ceremony of First Eucharist so memorable for our students.


Making a Scene at Christmas 

"Making a Scene at Christmas' is a collection of over 500 nativity cribs and other items, some dating back to the lifetime of Jesus.  A large selection of the items will be on display at St.Mary's on Thursday 28th November.  Our students will also have the opportunity to be involved in a guided tour, workshop about Advent and the Christmas story and other related activities.

Family members and visitors are invited to see the exhibition at the following times:

Thursday - 3.30pm - 4.30pm   and 6pm- 7.30pm  in the Marian Centre

and after the weekend masses at St.Mary's.

                                       Don't miss the opportunity to view this wonderful display.

                           Celebrating our Founder's Day


An opportunity to reflect on our School’s history and to celebrate the legacy of

Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy.


Reflection and Liturgy at 9.00 am   in the Marian Centre

followed by tabloid sport activities in House teams.

Monday  2nd December – 9am – 11am

                 Children to wear sports uniform and the coloured t-shirt of their house team.

Parents and family members welcome to attend.

Important date for your calendar -  End of Year Mass  


Friday 13th December at 9.30am

Please join us for this very special celebration of the 2019 School Year.

We gather to remember and pray for all those who have contributed to making our school year such a success.

Caritas - Just Leadership Day     

On Tuesday 26th November, St. Mary's hosted the Caritas - Just Leadership Day for groups of Grade Five children from Goulburn Valley Schools.  This program has been running in Sandhurst since 2003 as part of the overall Social Justice plan in cooperation with Catholic Education Sandhurst.  

The purpose of the Just Leadership days is to encourage and enable students to be actively involved in challenging injustice and to develop the leadership qualities necessary to encourage others to do the same. The day is organised by Caritas Australia and presented by Kerry Stone.  The students focussed on identifying and displaying leadership qualities and some of the social justice issues facing our world - including climate change, being a voice for the oppressed, refugees and aiming to "be more" rather than "having more".  Congratulations to our students who were very much involved in discussions and speaking up in front of the large group of students who attended.


Sacramental Program - 2020

Please note that in 2020 the Sacrament of Reconciliation for students in Grade Three and above will take place in Term 1.

Confirmation for students in Grade Six  will take place in September and First Eucharist will take place in November.  To participate in the Sacramental program children need to first be baptised. 

Parents who need further information may contact Mrs Lee.

Assembly Prayer and Masses

Class Assembly Prayer



Friday 29th November - 1/2 CD

Thursday 5th December - 3/4 JG

Friday 13th December - No Assembly -  Whole School Mass followed by  presentations to leaving Staff, and families etc.



Class Masses - 10am in the Church


Friday 29th November - 3/4  AB & JG

Friday 6th December - No Mass - Pupil Free Day

Friday 13th December - Whole School Mass   -  Marian Centre at 9.30am


Upcoming Dates and Events

Term 4 Dates


Friday 6th December - Pupil Free Day (Planning Day for 2020)



Wednesday 27th November - Festival of the Sacred Concert

Monday 2nd December - Founder's Day Celebration 9-11am

Monday  9th  December - Gr3 - 6 Safety Swimming Day

Tuesday 10th December - Orientation Day

Friday 13th December - End of Year Mass

Monday 16th December - Gr 6 Celebration Night

Tuesday 17th December - School Carols & Picnic

Wed 18th December - Last Day Students 

Friday 20th December - Last Day Staff

2019 Term Dates

Term 4 -  Monday 7th October - Wednesday 18th December

2020 Term dates

Term 1 - Wednesday 29th January - Friday 27th March

Term 2 - Tuesday 14th April - Friday 26th June

Term 3 - Monday 13th July - Friday 18th September

Direct Debit Schedule


Fortnight     Friday 6th December

                          Friday 20th December

Monthly        Friday 29th November

                          Friday 20th December


Fortnight    Thursday 5th December

                         Thursday 19th December

Monthly       Thursday 28th November

                         Thursday 19th December


Bingo Roster

Saturday 30th November

Leisha Smith, Josie Cortese, Braydon Aitken, Geenah Loughran, Tina Kennedy, Kathryn Davkovski.


Saturday 7th December

Nerissa Russell, Vicki Emanuelli, Carly Martin, Rob O'Meara, Nicole O'Brien, Marie O'Meara.


Saturday 14th December

Bev Ryan, Kylie Glover, Owen Macreadie, Graeme Quinlan, Faye Flower, Christine Flower.


Saturday 21st December
Maree Williams, Lesley Bulmer, Mark Carnovale, Maree Mellino, Michelle Ballintine, Maria Tripoli, Emma Difede. 

Prayers and Thoughts

Keep In Your Prayers and Thoughts….

Roman and Shyanne Monshing on the loss of their baby cousin.

Orlayah Lines and her new baby brother Eli (Congratulations Jenni & Dion!)

Ruby Howell Saunders (1FD) who continues to recover from an illness.

Our friends and family who are unwell at the moment.

All our families and keep them safe and healthy.

Our teachers as they guide our children in the classroom.

“And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”            Matthew 21:22



Office Reminders

Office Transactions

Amber & Naomi will be out of the Office this Thursday and Friday, with Maree Williams in their place for those days. Financial transactions will need to wait until Monday for processing. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Spare Clothes

We would like to remind families to provide a spare pair of underwear, pants/shorts and socks for their students, in particular the Prep / 1 / 2 Area.

Our supplies have depleted and we are finding it difficult to clothe students who may require a change throughout the day.

Student Medical profile

We are transitioning from Care Monkey to PAM for student medical information and permission notes.  Students medical profile can now be updated in PAM after clicking the "red bell" in the top right hand corner of the home page. Care Monkey will still be used in conjunction with PAM, until the transition period concludes in a few months.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, however after  discussing the details with the School Board, we have decided this will be a better alternative moving forward.

We encourage any updates to emergency contact details to be made through the office. 

Working With Children Check

Parents or family members who wish to help out in the classrooms or on excursions are required to have an up to date Working With Children's Card. These can be applied for online and there is no cost if you are a volunteer.  A copy of this needs to be passed onto the office.

A reminder to notify the school office with any changes or updates to your Working With Children Check.


Can all families please ensure they provide up to date medical plans and necessary medications to the office.  If you have provided medication to the office in the past, please contact the office to ensure this medication is still valid and in date.

Parents are reminded that all non prescription medication to be administered at school/on camp or excursions, requires a pharmaceutical label detailing student name and dosage. A signed authority to administer medication form is also required, a copy of this is located on the School Information page.

Local Town Bus fares

The following fares will apply for students travelling on the Mooroopna Town School Buses. It would be appreciated if students can have the correct fare to present to driver when travelling.

Single Travel - $1.20

Daily - $2.40

Weekly - $11.20

If you require further information regarding fares or travel routes, please contact  

Jodi Jacobson 

Phone: 03 58203700

Fax:  03 58253494


School Information

Contact Details

St Mary’s School

121-143 McLennan Street

PO Box 259

Mooroopna 3629

Telephone :(03)5825 2858


General -

Newsletter -

Principal: Anthony Butts

Deputy Principal: Ann Margaret Carroll

Office Administrator : Amber Feehan

Administration Assistant: Naomi Egglestone

Canonical Administrator: Monsignor Peter Jeffery

St Mary’s Parish

Presbytery -

5825 2034 (Office & After Hours)

Parish Priest: Monsignor Peter Jeffery

Parish Secretary: Brenda Pye

Parish Email:

2 Toolamba Road, Mooroopna

P.O. Box 365 – Mooroopna –3629

Bus Company: Jacobsons - 5820 3700

Bus Co ordinator: 5825 2344

Out of Hours Care

Stepping Stones - 1300 665 699


Office Reminders

OFFICE HOURS - Monday to Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm

Newsletter Deadline - Tuesday 12pm (

Subway Orders - Return Thursday for Friday delivery.

School Banking - Tuesdays


School Fees

School fees are distributed via email.  Please notify the office with your email address if you have not been receiving your invoices. 

Unless prior arrangement or a Direct Debit has been made with the school, the $280 tuition levy per student that is listed in your fee statement, is required to be paid by 28th March.

Bank Details for Direct Deposit

Please use your child’s name/surname as a reference

St Mary’s General Account

BSB 083-543                 Acc No 457812500

Forms for direct debit are available from the school office.


Emergency Contact Details

Please ensure all your family contact details are up to date on CareMonkey, including Home phone, Mobile, residential & postal address & email address.

We also require your nominated emergency contact details to be current & up to date.

If your students Medical details have changed in any way, please ensure all relevant information is updated on Care Monkey.

NEW - Subway

Subway Mooroopna is under new ownership and will continue to offer School Lunch orders on Fridays. 

Orders are to be placed in the subway tub Thursdays, for delivery Friday.  Please note price increase and  include correct money and clearly mark which order and inclusions you require.


School App


Families will need to download our app from  either the App store or the Google Play Store and search St Mary’s Mooroopna.

All notifications previously sent via SMS, especially relating to excursions and bus times will now be sent through the APP. 

A feature of the App we encourage families to use, is the ability to send your student absence via the ’Absence’ tab. 

Please install our app as soon as practical and stay informed.


PAM - Parent Access Module

PAM is our online student reporting system that is aimed at giving parents regular reports across the school year.  The new format will not only keep parents up to date with children’s progression, but will also help improve communication between home and school which is crucial to student learning.   

Progression Points and collated personal comments similar to our previous report format will still be distributed at the end of each semester.  

PAM is accessible through the school website. 

All information stored on this program is totally private and will be accessed by school staff only.  Please contact the office if you are having difficulties accessing this system. 

Late arrival / Early collection

If you arrive at school after 8.50am or leave school before 3.20pm student/s must be signed in or out at the school office.

The school is to be notified of any student absences.  If you know your student will be absent please send an App note or contact the office.

Schools are now legislated to contact families regarding ’unexplained absences’, and parents will receive a text message for any ‘unexplained absence’ including late arrivals that are not signed in at the office.

Acknowledgement To Country

At St Mary’s Primary School Mooroopna we Acknowledge the Traditional people of this land. 

The Yorta Yorta Nation are the Traditional Custodians of this area and we remember their elders, past, present and future.

We remember that the Aboriginal people of Australia will always be the  traditional owners of the land on which we gather today.

We continue to grow through education and reconciliation to a better future for all Australians.


Simon Everywhere

NEW - HOW TO - Send an Absentee Note in PAM

Our current school App will be turned off at the end off this year and we advise each family to ensure they have access to the SIMON Everywhere APP.

Attached is information regarding submitting Absentee Notes in PAM.

SIMON Everywhere - download now from
Android users can find the Simon Everywhere app in the
PlayStore. Just search Simon Everywhere and look for the

NEW - How to - Read a Permission Note in PAM

As of 2020 we will be moving across to PAM for all permission notes, medical information and notifications.  Please ensure you have downloaded the 'Simon Everywhere' App to ensure you are kept up to date.

Login details for 'Simon everywhere' are the same as your PAM details. 

If you have any questions please contact the school office.

Term 4 Assembly Awards

November 22nd Week 7

Prep Cox - Nevaeh Collins  /  Aurora McIntyre

Prep Mulraney - Sophie Church  /  Parker Hyland

Year 1/2 Dowling / Griffin - Nikolai Maksacheff  / Jack Church / Sienna Tripoli

Year 1/2 Dyke - Claire Harrison / Zachary Vanderdonk

Year 1/2 Langley - Tyler Ashe / Zach Hardisty

Year 1/2 Wong - Paddy Macadam / Shaileigh Woodman

Year 3/4 Brown - Mitchell Tenace / Scarlett Quinlan

Year 3/4 Calder - Mitchell Armstrong / Tess Jakobs

Year 3/4 Drummond - Rhylee Marsters / Tayla Pearce

Year 3/4 Gibson - Layla Anstice / Jesse Peters / Bevan McKenzie

Year 5/6 Davkovski - Lincoln Neil / Will Sleeth

Year 5/6 Junor - Xavier Morgan / River Sloper

Year 5/6 Hicks - Max Elder / Kate Gent

Year 5/6 Woodward - Amani Issell / Harry Crosier

Principals Award - Emily Gordon

Office Award - Students who have attended the office / Alex Lastarria


PBIS Awards



Term 4 Week 7 Report

Our blitz for the last 2 weeks has been ‘respecting the office area’.  Amber and Naomi have been super impressed with how students are showing respect in the office area. The things they have noticed are that students are waiting for them to finish what they are doing.  Well done to all students who have made the effort to respect our office area.


Our new blitz will be ‘Entering and leaving the school safely’.  


We thought it was time for a reminder of how to be safe and responsible when entering and leaving the school grounds.  We want to make sure every person who comes to St Mary’s is safe. This can only happen when everyone is being responsible and following our school rules.


Some important rules to follow are:

  • Walking our bikes and scooters through the school, right through to the Parish House 

  • Looking both ways when crossing at the school crossing

  • Waiting on the footpath until the bus stops before getting on the bus.

  • When at the round about for pick up, waiting until the teacher opens the gate before getting in the car.


We will presenting the overall winner for our class tally next week.  The winners will be watching a movie with popcorn in the Marian Centre.  It is getting close!!



7th place

Grade 6


6th place

Grade 1


5th place

Grade 5



Grade 3


3rd place

Grade 2


2nd place

Grade 4


1st Place

Grade prep



Term 4 Week 7 - PBIS Student of the Week 

Our PBIS Student of the fortnight is from the  1/2  Area  .

Mrs Dowling and Mrs Griffin believe that you have shown great resilience this year.  You are able to bounce back when faced with a challenge. You have a Growth Mindset and you can work through classroom tasks and challenge yourself.  Nevaeh, you are also a wonderful friend and a kind person to be around.

Well done Nevaeh Forsyth on being this weeks PBIS Student!


News from around the school

UPDATED - Laptops For Sale 

We still have a number of Secondhand lap tops are available to purchase 

Reduced price of $400,

If you are interested please contact the school office.

Specifications listed below -

MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2015)

Storage 128 GB

Processor 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5

Memory 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Graphics Intel HD Graphics 6000 1536 MB


NEW - McKillop Arts on Show

Congratulations to Riley Moreno, Tyler Nolen, Matilda Chadwick and Katie Kenttala who had their artwork selected for the MacKillop Art Exhibition in Bendigo.  This is a great honour for our students.


Congratulations to Caden Ratcliffe who had his work ‘WIRED’ recognised with an award.

Well done Caden.


NEW - Art Room News

The 1/2 Area have been working hard on their 'Scarecrows in Garden' art pieces over the past few weeks. As you can see their hard work has paid off, they look fabulous.  Well done everyone, we are so lucky to have Mrs Wilson share her ideas and skills with us.



NEW - 1/2 Safeway Visit

Grade 1/2 recently went on an Excursion to Woolworths Supermarket in Mooroopna. On our return the students were able to recount things they learnt. The work sample  is by Lucas Tripoli 1/2MW.


UPDATED - Chatter Matters

Language genre/longer and more complex sentences

These activities will help the students to make the necessary adjustments to their language so they can communicate for a variety of purposes eg; to tell stories, recount events, persuade, give instructions and report information. Learning about the language and types of words we use in each of these different contexts supports not only the child’s oral language but written language development also.


Focus: Using a variety of language genres

9.Tell Me How

As much as it is important for your child to understand instructions and follow directions, your child will also need to use and understand how to give advice. Give your child a chance to share about something they are good at and give advice to others who might be trying that activity for the first time.

Give your child five minutes to explain how to do something that they know how to do. It may be something recreational like skateboarding or something professional like examining a specimen under a microscope or even something silly like how to become a superhero. Have a go at the activity they are explaining and then encourage your child to give you advice. What should you do? What should he not do?

Focus: Understanding and Using longer and more complex sentences

10. Questioning the text.

Here is a list of the best books for language and literacy development from the Speech Pathology Australia 2018 book of the year awards.

  • Rodney Loses It - by Michael Gerard Bauer
  • Danny Blue’s Really Excellent Dream - by Max Landrak
  • The Grand Genius Summer of Henry Hoobler - by Lisa Shanahan
  • Sorry Day - by Coral Vass

When asking your child questions encourage them to repeat part of the question to extend their responses

For example; What was your favourite part of the story? My favourite part of the story was when………

Why did you like that part? I liked that part because….

What would you do if you were that character? If I was that character I would…..

Communication Team

Thanks from the Communication Team

Today marks the last newsletter the 2019 Grade 6 Communication Team will contribute to. We would like to thank you all for reading our articles throughout the year! We have loved writing them for you. Communication Team – over and out!

5/6 Bizzare Bazaar

As part of 5/6 inquiry topic this Term (Bizarre Bazaar), students  have been busy researching an item that they have then planned to create using recyclable materials. 

Students started researching and brainstorming ideas for their products in class and will aim to sell these items at our Bazaar Showcase.  The money raised on the day will be donated to charity.

The students were encouraged to choose items that can be mainly created out of materials such as plastic bottles, milk cartons, tins/cans, offcuts of fabrics/wood, old clothing or any other materials that they have access to. The product also needed to be something that they can create multiple copies of, depending on the product and how long it would take to create.


The Bazaar Showcase will be held in the Marian Centre on Thursday 5th December 12:00 - 1:15.  The majority of the Items for sale will range from 20c to $2.00 with some items $4 - $5


The school will attend in classes and families are welcome to come along as well.


5/6 Bizarre Bazaar  - By Maggie, Narkita and Kayla

The past few weeks the 5/6 students have been working hard on handmade products for our Bizarre Bazaar. On the 5th of December in the Marian Centre from 12.15pm to 1.15pm, we will be holding a market type event where all members of the community are welcome to come and take part. On this day every student in the 5/6 area will have a stall and be selling their own handmade product. We have to use mostly recycled materials and sell them for nothing over $2. There are so many cool ideas going into it, it is blowing everyone away. The teachers are really pleased with how hard we all have been working and can't wait to see everyone's creations. See you there! 

Remembrance Day - Fire Carriers

On the eleventh of November, the Fire carriers all sauntered down to the Mooroopna Cenotaph for the annual Remembrance Day ceremony. Two of the members laid a wreath on behalf of the St Marys community. We picked who would lay the wreath by each choosing a number from one to a thousand. We had a look at the number plate of the next truck to come past and whichever two of our numbers were the closest would be the two to carry up the wreath. We were all being very respectful and then a sprinkler turned on and with all its might sprayed our school from behind, giving us a great shock. The rest of the ceremony was very splendid. Our St Mary’s priest Monsignor Peter was there. There were some amazing singers, soldiers and speakers.


T20 Blast Regional Finals

On Wednesday 20th of November some grade 5/6‘s went to Rochester to play in the T20 Blast Regional Finals. They played 3 games then 1 final. In the 1st game the boys went down by 33 runs. In the 2nd game they had a good come back and winning that game by more than 100 runs. But with the consequence of a player going down and sitting out the rest of the games, but they are ok now. In the 3rd game the boys bowled well and kept their opponents to a low score. When it came to the batting innings they were losing wickets galore and needed about 70 runs in the last 2 overs. They came close to the total and they lost by 5 runs. In the final the boys finished 4th so they were in the battle for 3rd. They ended up losing by about 10 runs and finished 4th overall out of 6. It was a great day and the boys had lots of fun.


By Will Emanuelli

Hot Weather - Take Care!

Summer is almost here, but with this comes responsibility.  Recently, a big mass of bushfires spread around parts of NSW and QLD. Lots of people have been feeling very dehydrated and hot. This reminds us of the importance of drinking enough water to stay hydrated and keep cool. Last Thursday, we experienced a heatwave with very hot and windy conditions. We need to remember to keep hydrated and stay inside over these periods. The recommended amount of water we should drink daily is 2 litres. This is very important especially during these times to drink the proper amount of water, staying inside and keeping cool. But drinking water isn’t the only thing you can do. You can also leave plenty of water for your pets, have a fire escape plan, check on your family and friends and stay indoors.  

By Charlotte and Lachlan 

St Vinnie's Giving Tree

All donations of new toys are welcome - please leave them at the Office. 

Parents & Friends 

Parents & Friends 2019 Committee

President—Kristie Scott, Treasurer - Michael DeMaria, Secretary - Lisa Macreadie, Public Relations Officer - Kim Smith, Communications - Tina Kennedy, School Rep - Ann Margaret Carroll, School Board Rep - Kylie Glover,  General Committee Members - Kylie Glover, Narelle Wood, Rebecca Smith, Peita Sleeth, Tina Kennedy .

2020 FETE

Expression of interest....
We are looking for a sub committee for the Fete to work along side our Parents & Friends to help plan & prepare for our School Fete scheduled for the 13th March 2020.

Extra hands makes lighter work. 
We want to make it bigger and better than previous years, but we need help to make this possible.  So if you are able to help in any way please complete the attached expression of interest form and return to the school office.
You will not be alone, full support and assistance will come from the parents and friends. 
Please complete and return the office if you are interested.


Dates to remember

Upcoming events that the P&F will be organising are - 

  • Bunnings BBQ - Sunday 1st December

Save The Date 

  • Friday 13th March - 2020 School Fete

4. SAVE THE DATE: 13th March 2020 SCHOOL FETE

End of Year Raffle Reminder

Please don't forget to send along a donated christmas hamper item for our end of year raffle.

Raffle tickets are due back by Friday 13th December. 

Ladies Night

Thank you to everyone who came along to support our Social event - 'Ladies Night' at Bill n Beats.  We had a fun night, with great food and fabulous company.

Thank you to Narelle Wood & Sharna Sibio for all their hard work in ensuring this event was a success.

We would also like to thank all the businesses who sponsored the evening and made generous donations for the raffles and lucky door prizes. Ciao Bella Beauty Lounge and owner Vanessa Lagozzino (Past Student), Blizzards Jewellers & Bowens Shepparton.

Thank you to Bill n Beats for the fabulous venue.

Bunnings BBQ

We will be running the BBQ at Bunnings Shepparton on Sunday 1st December

Bunnings BBQ's are enjoyed by customers every week. These are valuable fundraising opportunities for local community groups, and all of the funds raised go straight to the community group conducting the fundraiser, in this case St Mary's Primary school. Bunnings BBQ's are extremely popular and are typically booked out up to six months in advance, we have been fortunate to have 2 opportunities this year. 

Thank you to everyone who responded to our call out for help, Volunteers will be contacted in next couple weeks. If you are interested, some further volunteers would be great for the afternoon shifts.


This will be held on Friday 13th March 2020

 A HUGE THANK YOU to all the volunteers that have donated their time for the Fete community.

We had a very successful meeting last night and new ideas were suggested.

Our next meeting for the Fete is the 10th December 2019 at 7pm in the staff room to finalise things prior to the holidays.

Please contact Kim Smith 044957994 or Kristie Scott 0409725558 if you have any questions.
We are always open to new ideas or if you would like to be on the Fete committee please let us know.

Thank you

Kristie Scott

P&F President

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples. –

Mother Teresa


Community News

Activities in the Park


NEW - Christmas Fest

Christmas Fest, Saturday 30th November from 10 am to 2 pm.

@ the Canteen, 15 Young Street, Mooroopna.

The event is indoors.

Free entry, Making A Scene display of nativity scenes from around the world.

Christmas café with live Christmas music.

Free sausage sizzle.

Craft activities for adults and children,

Face painting and henna painting- both free

A display of Christmas wreaths.

Nativity scene photo both where you can dress up in costume and take your own Christmas photo.

Saver Plus


Mercy Access - Volunteers

Mercy Access provides assistance to Aboriginal children from Catholic schools and from all schools in a Homework Club.  We invite volunteers to assist in this In-School Program or/and Gowola Homework Club Program NOW. Hopefully, volunteers would have had previous experience, or an interest in the field of education. Indications of interest would be welcome immediately. For more information contact the Mercy Access Coordinator  Mobile: 0428 996 975

Email: (Subject: volunteering)


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