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31 October 2017
Issue Thirty-two
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Our Vision

Our Vision

To be an engaging and inclusive learning community where students are confident, creative, curious and lifelong learners.

Our Values

Respect        Teamwork       Resilience        Integrity


We respect ourselves by valuing who we are and doing our personal best.

We respect others by treating them fairly and in the way we would like to be treated.

We respect our community by being inclusive/friendly to others and taking care of our environment.


We make sure that we contribute.

We make sure that we encourage and give others the opportunity to contribute.

We work together to achieve the best we possibly can.


We accept feedback and use it for improvement.

We bounce back when things just don’t seem to be going right.

We make an effort to make things right again.


We are honest with each other.

We are accountable for the decisions we make.

We own up to our mistakes.

Principal's Report

Literacy Learning

Today Shem Nicol and I attended a day on a Literacy initiative from the department of education. We spent the day looking at our school achievement data and discussing strategies and resources that could assist us to help our students achieve.  Victoria is striving to become the Education State and has set aspirational targets for our Education system to work on and achieve. Literacy and Numeracy are both key parts of this. 

Education State targets are: Learning for life

More students achieving excellence in reading, maths, science and the arts.​​

By 2020: 

  • 25% more Year 5 students will reach the highest levels of achievement in reading and maths. 

By 2025​:

  • 25% more Year 9 students will reach the highest levels of achievement in reading and maths. 
  • 33% more 15 year olds will reach the highest levels of achievement in science. 
  • 25% more Year 10 students will reach the highest levels of achievement in critical and creative thinking skills. 

While these targets have been set as high school levels what we do in the classroom as primary school educators has a significant impact. At Upper Gully we pride ourselves on the fact that we have a consistent approach across the school for all subject areas. We develop our learning together and assess together. This means that we, as a team, know our students and not only what they need to learn but also how they learn. I am proud of the fact that our school achievement data is improving and our teachers have been positive towards the changes that we have been making to help our students learn.

Thank you Upper Ferntree Gully CFA

A huge thank you to the Upper Ferntree Gully CFA who came and burnt off all of our plant litter that we had accumulated. This will not only keep our school looking great for our fete but is also in line in cleaning up any tree or debris for the fire season.

Working Bee

We will be having a working bee on Saturday 11th November. I am aware this is Remembrance Day and some people may attend events on this day. The working be will be from 11:30 - 2:30pm. Any time you can spare for helping out would be greatly appreciated. We will have a BBQ lunch. Jobs that need doing will help us prepare for the fete and make the school look fantastic. 

Jobs include:

  • Retaining around the sandpit and junior playground - we will have the wood and bolts ready to go. Please bring any tools that you believe will assist with this. Does anyone have an auger that will come in handy?
  •  Water pressure cleaning of building - the more pressure cleaners the better!
  • Lots and lots of weeding!
  • Lots and lots of mulching!
  • Some wonderful person with an excavator would be really handy to fix up the parking area for the fete!
  • Painting steps and other areas.

Many hands make light work and a great looking school!

Bushfire at Risk

Upper Ferntree Gully has been placed on the Bushfire at Risk Register. Schools, kindergartens and child care facilities at the highest risk of fire danger are placed on the Department's Bushfire At-Risk Register. Inclusion on this register is a trigger for the school, kindergarten or child care facility to pre-emptively close on days declared Code Red in their Bureau of Meteorology district. We will be given notice of any of these closures and parents will be notified by SMS. Please ensure that your mobile details are up to date.


Time has flown as it does and we are almost there. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has been doing a fantastic job organising the fete. It is a big job and it is great how so many people have taken on roles and helped to distribute and share the load. It makes for a really successful committee. Thank you Michelle Victor, Jacinda Munro, Karen Coulson, Renee Radisich, Kate Koster, Cath Ennis-Matheson, Bec McLean, Caroline Murray, Brenda Levay, Meagan Tustin, Malcolm Pocock, Kim Davies and Kristen Elder. I am sure I may have missed someone and I hope not. Thank you to everyone who has been putting their name down to help out or donating goods. It looks to be a great day!

Have a great week.


Upper Ferntree Gully Awards

Student of the Week

FW -  Max - for demonstrating respect and being a great role model for others.  Fantastic job!
1P -  Avery - for demonstrating our school values at all times.
2D -  Charlotte - for always taking time to help others. Including the teachers.
3N - Georgia - for sharing ideas and understandings about using a positive mindset.
4/5D - Jessica - for your great contributions to class disscussions.
5/6C -  Eloise - for having a delightful attitude towards your learning.

Writer of the Week

FW - Kody - for excellent sounding out when writing a letter to a friend.  Keep up the great work!

1P - George - for doing your neatest handwriting for your tasks.

2D -  Cooper S - for trying hard to sound out and write down your words during writing activities. Well done!

3N -   Ava - for skip counting using multiples of 4 to solve multiplication facts.

4/5 D - Lily - for always working hard to create excellent writing pieces.

5/6C -   Ben - for the emotive language used in writing your graduation speech.

Mathematician of the week

FW -   Matthew - for his wonderful effort at comparing items that are heavy and light.  Great work!

1P -  Will Mu - for having confidence when dealing with mass.

2D -  Finn - for starting interesting and in-depth discussions with other students about mass, to help solve a problem. Great work!

3N -  Josh N - for listening to the sounds in words and identitying the word.

4/5D -  Myrah -  for your ability to perform vertical multiplication.

5/6C -    Sam - for your extensive understanding of fractions and decimals.

Out of School Hours Care

Our Prices

Program Times                  Full Fee 

Before School Care         $12  

6:45AM – 8:45AM


After School Care             $16                 

3:30PM – 6:15PM


Please remember that if your child/ren are dropped off BEFORE 8.30am they need to be signed in by  a parent or carer.


Please observe speed limits in the School grounds when dropping off and collecting your child/ren, this is to ensure everyones' safety. 


For staffing reasons please give us as much notice as possible when booking/cancelling sessions.

Dates to remember

Term 4



Tuesday 31st

Produce Day - Foundation



Thursday 2nd

Crazy Hair Day - Bring along a lucky jar


Tuesday 7th

CUP DAY HOLIDAY - no school


Wednesday 8th

Fete Meeting 7pm


Thursday 9th

Books on wheels


Friday 10th

School  Disco


Saturday 11th

Working Bee


Tuesday 14th

Stepping Up Program - Meet the Buddies

includes Buddy BBQ at 7pm

Prep Info Night


Sunday 19th

Spring Fete


Thursday 23rd

Gr. 6 Bunnings Project 9.30am

Wednesday 29th

School Council 7:30pm


Thursday 30th

Graduation Meeting - 3.30pm in Senior Bld



Tuesday 5th

PFA Annual AGM Meeting 7pm


Thursday 7th

School Council/PFA dinner


Tuesday 12th

Year 7 Orientation Day


Wednesday 13th

UFTG Preschool Christmas concert


Thursday 14th

Gr. 6 Bunnings Project

Christmas Carols


Tuesday 19th

Grade 6 Graduation

Reports published


Wednesday 20th

Grade 6 BIG DAY Out


Friday 22nd

Last Day of Term 4

1.30pm finish



Term Dates 2018

Term 1:  29 January (school teachers start) to 29 March (Thursday) *
Term 2:  16 April to 29 June
Term 3:  16 July to 21 September
Term 4:  8 October to 21 December

Parents Page

Readings for Parents

Each week we will publish readings for parents to support your child in their learning.



Ever wished you had your time over again?


Recently, I was speaking to Jeremy, a colleague, who wished he had his time as a parent over again.

He told me how his twenty-two year old son was drifting from job to job and course to course. This father told me that since leaving school at sixteen his son had changed jobs or courses at least twenty times.


This dad lamented that his son hadn’t even finished one course he’d started or stayed at a job long enough to receive a qualification or complete an apprenticeship.

As soon as a course or job got tough or a boss put some pressure on him to lift his game, his son would leave rather than put in the required effort.


Poor patterns start with poor habits

Jeremy believed that the seeds of his son’s inability to see things through were sown at a very young age. He blamed himself for letting his son give in too easily when things got tough.

In primary school when subjects became too hard, his son would make excuses and give in. His parents would often be at school pleading their son’s case for teachers to ease up. “He’s only a boy. Don’t push him too hard!” was the approach they’d take.


Jeremy’s son also chopped and changed at leisure and sporting activities, never seeing any activity through to completion. As soon as he met with difficult people, didn’t get his own way or the learning/competition became too hard he gave in and went on to try something else.

His dad allowed him to keep changing activities in the hope that he would find something he was good at. In doing so, he allowed his son to develop the habit of avoidance. Eventually, this habit after so many repetitions became a life pattern, which is difficult to break.


Now as an adult as soon as he meets with resistance or difficulty of any kind at work and in relationships his immediate response is to look for new opportunities, rather than work through the difficulties to achieve mastery. The pattern of avoidance has become so ingrained that his son simply cannot see anything difficult through. The tragedy of course, is that a worthwhile achievement of any kind, whether it’s getting a qualification, mastering a musical instrument or learning a new language, will always present significant challenges that need to be worked through. By continually giving in, this young man will never achieve anything of significance, unless he adopts a new pattern, which takes considerable commitment and work.


Help your kids develop positive life patterns

The habits that parents encourage in their kids will eventually become entrenched life patterns so it makes sense to encourage positive habits from the earliest possible age. Here are five positive habits to develop in kids that with practicerepetition and parental encouragement will become positive patterns or ways of behaving that generally stay for life:


1. Pattern of contribution: This patterns starts by parents developing the helping habit in their children. Expect your kids to help you and others without being paid. It’s the pattern that leaders in every field display.


2. Pattern of self-sufficiency: This pattern starts by parents encouraging kids to look after themselves; do simple life tasks and take increasing personal responsibility for their behaviour as they become older. Doing too much for kids puts the breaks on the self-sufficiency pattern.


3. Pattern of problem-solving: This wonderful pattern starts when parents give children ownership of their mistakes and challenges, allowing them to find their own solutions to problems. Rescuing and micro-managing children develops the pattern of dependence, which is an endemic among today’s twenty-somethings.


4. Pattern of help-seeking: Past generations are renowned for keeping adversity close to their chests rather than reaching out and seeking help and assistance from friends and family, or professional help, when needed. Encourage help-seeking behaviours in children and young people so that help-seeking becomes a normalised, accepted pattern when life gets tough.


5. Pattern of expressing gratitude: Ever noticed how some people seem to have so much in terms of wealth, possessions and talent yet they never seem happy with what they have, while others who may have very little in terms of material possessions are thankful for the little things that happen in life? This pattern of gratitude was more than likely established in childhood. It’s a wonderful resilience attribute that contributes so much to a person’s happiness and well-being.


It’s empowering as a parent to know that the habits we encourage in our kids usually become ingrained as patterns of behaviour that stay for life. It’s in this patterning that the true impact of parents and family-life can be found.


It's Fete Time - How can you help?

We are looking for donations of:

- Scratchie tickets or money for scratchie scarecrow

- Slabs of soft drink

- Bags of chocolates individually wrapped (freddos, kit kats etc)

If you know of any community groups that would like to share their group through a performance on stage please let us know at the office. We are looking for groups to perform on the day.


Will you be able to volunteer your time? Soon we will have a board in the foyer of the school please think about what you can help with. A little bit of time makes a difference!

Take a look at our great rides!
Buy tickets online!


Big and little kids are catered for.

Star Scream

The Star Scream is the latest in kids and adults carnival fun.  Holding 12 people at a time in a pendulum swinging tub!


Chair o plane

A high capacity ride that is great for the little kids, our chair o plane hire in Melbourne is a great option for fetes, festivals and parties. Being able to hold 20 children at one time, this combines the fun of a swing and a carousel in one package. 


Inflatable Slide

It's fun and exciting for both youngsters and teenagers. This new concept inflatable has striking graphics and high walls for added safety. Our slide can not be compared to other slides because of its unique sun and rain cover system.





Raffle tickets went home today

If you would like more please contact the office.

There is more fun and entertainment coming, check here for updates!

We have received some great donations for our prizes and competitions. If you know of anyone who will donate then please let us know. We are also looking for group or community performances for our stage. If your child is a part of an organisation that could perform at our fete please have them contact us.

        Notices and Reminders

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