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27 October 2017
Issue Sixteen
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Important Dates

Term 4 

Friday 27 October

Presentation Night tickets available


Wednesday 1 November

Year 12 VCE exams commence 

7pm, Parents & Friends' Association meeting


Monday 6 November

Staff Professional Development (Student Free Day) 


Tuesday 7 November

Melbourne Cup Public Holiday


Thursday 9 November

9am, College Tour


Friday 10 November

10.15am, College Assembly 


Monday 13 - Friday 17 November

Year 11 exams


Wednesday 15 - Friday 17 November

Year 10 exams


Thursday 16 - Friday 17 November

Year 9 exams


Tuesday 21 November 

8pm, Presentation Night, Robert Blackwood Hall


Monday 27 November

Headstart begins 


Wednesday 6 & Thursday 7 December

Report Verification - Early finish


Tuesday 12 December

Orientation Day for 2018 Year 7s


Friday 15 December

Last Day 2018 Year 8 to Year 10


Monday 18 - Thursday 21 December

Environment Week


Friday 22 December 

Last Day Term 4. 

Principal's Message

Dear Parents & Guardians


This is a week where we have acknowledged the special place that MGSC holds in the hearts of its students. We held the Final Year 12 Assembly on Tuesday where the Class of 2017 showcased their wit by performing for all year levels and played games with the staff.  In good humour, the staff answered some quirky questions, laughed along with the audience and celebrated with the Class of 2017.  It was a terrific celebration of their time at MGSC.

I am sure that every student in Year 12 recalled their first assembly when they entered the gymnasium for the first time and were greeted by the applause of over 1,000 students. It was a moving occasion then and it was equally moving on that day. This assembly marks the beginning and the end of so many experiences for our Year 12 students. 

The teachers from MGSC have been with the class of 2017 every step of the way on their journey and when we celebrated with the families on Tuesday evening at the Valedictory dinner that connection became even more evident. The students’ recognition of their teachers' efforts and guidance was rewarded with each class presenting their teacher with a card signed with gratitude and heartfelt thanks.  I know this meant so much to the teachers. 

As you all know, the school opened in 1955 but it was not until 1962 that the first matriculation class graduated from MGSC. The education of girls has come a long way. This is the 55th graduating class in the history of our College and they leave a piece of themselves with us as they move forward on their journey.

On Wednesday we hosted the reunion for the Class of 1997 and 2002. Carol Duggan, Assistant Principal, works alongside our Past Students' Association who host three events each year to enable the girls to return to MGSC to reconnect with students from their year level and recall memories.  They also have an opportunity to tour the school and they are always surprised to see the changes. I was so honoured to have been there as I was at the school for both of those years and I delighted in reminiscing along with them. Some of our staff from those years also dropped by – David Shillabeer, Michael Warden, Geoff Perks and Anne Gamble. The past students enjoy hearing about what their teachers have been doing as well.  These opportunities to connect remind us all of how important these secondary school years are to us all.  Thank you to Maureen from the Past Students' Association (Class of 1962) for preparing the food and beverages on the evening.

It is also important that I acknowledge our Year 12 leaders Rachel Butler, Tara Graves and Taylor Dawson who have been outstanding in their roles this year.  They are role models for all of the students at this fine College.

Our school motto sums up how our Graduating Class of 2017 have arrived at this day “Courage and Work”.  They have forged their way not through privilege but through determination, grit and self-belief. 

Congratulations to our Class of 2017 all and good luck with your exams.

I encourage all students past and present to follow the MGSC Past Students Facebook page so that you can keep informed of any events into the future:




Linda Brown


College Matters

School Council Report

Becoming a School Council member at Mentone Girls’ Secondary College has been both a rewarding and challenging experience.  I have served as a council member for five  years and have made many new friends whilst supporting the direction of the school as lead by our Principal team, working together and striving for the best possible outcomes for our students. In addition to my membership on School Council, I am also part of the sub-committees involving Finance and Facilities.

At the latest School Council meeting we discussed the need for a sign at the front of the school to inform the parents and community of curriculum highlights and upcoming events. A motion was passed to install a new digital sign to be erected on the corner of Balcombe and Charman Roads. The screen will scroll through photographs of student achievements and celebrate the success of our school with the wider community. 

Simultaneously, improvements have also taken place with the presentation of the environment in the adjoining area where the sign will be erected. This includes a new winding pathway to create a welcoming first impression into our school for visitors and families alike. The addition of our new sign within this space will be an asset and serve as a positive advertisement of the great things that are happening at Mentone Girls’ Secondary College. 


Darren Hawkless 

School Council Member

Exam timeline and orientation days

Below is a list of key dates for the exam period and orientation days leading up to Headstart. A more detailed exam timetable has been sent to the Year 9, 10 and 11 students on Compass. More details about the arrangements for orientation week (Monday  20 November to Friday  24 November ) will be provided soon.

  • Mon 13/11 to Fri 17/11       Unit 2 exams
  • Wed 15/11 to Fri 17/11       Year 10 exams
  • Thu 16/11 to Fri 17/11        Year 9 exams
  • Mon 20/11                               2018 Year 11 orientation
  • Wed 22/11                               2018 Year 10 and Year 12 orientation
  • Thu 23/11 – Fri 24/11         Exam feedback sessions
  • Fri 24/11                                  2018 Year 9 orientation

Presentation Evening 

The teachers have completed the process of selecting the students who will be receiving awards at Presentation Evening. The award recipients will soon be receiving a letter in the mail notifying them of this.  All families in our school community are invited to attend Presentation Evening on:

Tuesday 21 November at 8pm at Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University.

Tickets are free but must be booked online:

Parents and Friends' Association

Thank you to Elizabeth Semmel, Jo Baxas, Emma Walker and Rosa Ferrari for their assistance at the Art Show last week.

There is  a PFA meeting on Wednesday 1 November at 7pm in the staffroom.

Please note the earlier start time and the change from our usual day (Tuesday). We will be discussing ideas for the PFA in 2018. All parents welcome.

Second-hand Uniform Shop

The transition to school uniform with the new logo is now complete. This means that any items in the Second-hand Uniform Shop with the old logo can no longer be sold ie blazers and VCE jumpers. We will be contacting families who have these items in the shop and asking if they would like to collect them.

In addition the Second-hand Uniform Shop is seeking more items for sale, specifically summer dresses, the new PE uniform and blazers with the new logo.


Bronwyn Moline

Assistant Principal

Past Students' Association 

20 & 25 year Reunion

The classes of 1997 and 2002 enjoyed their combined reunions on Wednesday 25 October.

The attendees were amazed at the changes to be seen since they were students at MGSC. One past student stated "I wished the school was like this when I was here". We may have some next generation students enrolling,  given the praise given to our programs and opportunities!

Thank you to the following teachers for attending: Linda Brown (Principal and past teacher of some of the attendees),  Anne Gamble, David Shillabeer, Michael Warden and Geoff Perks. 

Thank you to our Past Students' Association members for their continued support and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, some of the Committee members will no longer be able to continue their contribution in 2018. We are looking to the next generation of students to become more actively involved.

Carol Duggan

Assistant Principal 

Annual General Meeting 

The AGM of the MGSC Past Students' Association will be held on 


Monday 27 November at 7pm

in the Staff Room. 

Refreshments will be served from 6.30pm 


All Past Students welcome! 

New Committee members very welcome!


Enquiries contact : Maureen 0403174976


College Assembly


The last formal College Assembly for the 2017 Year 12 class on Monday 23 October gave the school leaders a few moments to reflect and share on their six years  at Mentone  Girls' 


Rachel Butler - College Captain

When I was in Year 6, I was so excited to come to high school. I thought finally something that matters. High school, it’s really important.

But when I got there, the Year 8s were like “Year 7 doesn’t even matter, just learn your way around the school, wait till you get to Year 8. Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove, that’s what really matters”.  So I thought okay, Year 8. Finally, something that matters. But the Year 9s they said, “Nup, Year 8 doesn’t matter. You have to wait till you get to Year 9. City Project, that’s what really matters”. So I thought okay, I’ll wait till Year 9. So I got to Year 9, it was all same-same, and then I reached Year 10. But nup, Year 10, it doesn’t matter. Those Year 11s they lied to me, and then they said, “Nah wait till you’re in Year 11. VCE, that’s when everything really counts”. So I got to Year 11, and the Year 12s said “Nah you just have to pass all your subjects. Wait till you’re in Year 12. That’s when it all matters. Your ATAR defines you”. So I got to Year 12, ready for the big year, ready for it all to count. But then the teachers said, “Nah Year 12 it doesn’t even matter. There’s always another way into your course. There’s always a way to do what you want to do”. So I thought either there’s something really wrong with our education system or there’s another reason for opening up VCAA website in December to reveal your ATAR.

And that’s when it all hit me. School isn’t about one certain event or that the things you learn will be exactly what you need in the future, it’s about the collective.

It’s all the people you meet - all the friends that you will keep in your heart forever.  It’s learning how to manage having Food Tech and Sport on the same day and learning the meaning of stress over the years. In Year 7, it was trying to write your drama diary the night before it was due, in Year 9 it was cramming as much information onto your Maths cheat sheet for the exam. And Year 10 and 11, it was forming a second account, maybe even a third and for Ashleigh Burt it was a fourth. And in Year 12, it was stress eating so much that when term 4 started you couldn’t fit back into your summer dress. But through the stress of it all, we have to give a massive ‘bless up’ to our teachers. They have been through thick and thin with us. Putting up with us handing in our work late, for believing in us when we didn’t believe in ourselves and for talking in the quiet zone of the VCE Centre. They protect, they mark our SACS, but most importantly they’ve got our backs.

For the past 13 years of my life, school is all I’ve known. In 2005, we all started off as little preppies in oversized dresses and wide-brimmed hats. You couldn’t leave the eating area until you had finished your lunch. 13 years ago, I didn’t know what 1+1 was or how to spell my name. I now know how to spell my name but sadly my mathematical abilities have not changed. 

Each day of these years felt so important as it was happening, but as I look back, it just a big mush of happiness, sadness, stress and all different emotions. There are so many things that have happened. In 2005, YouTube was founded, Guitar Hero was released on PlayStation and Kanye released Gold Digger which is still a banger to this day. In 2006, High School Musical was released. That was 11 years ago. In 2007, we were in Grade 2, the final Harry Potter book was released and Apple Inc. announced the first generation iPhone. In 2010, Apple introduced the iPad into our lives.

I mean, all this technology is spiralling around us. We have so many different ways to communicate. Kids in primary school don’t even know what an iPod Nano is. They don’t understand the challenge of spinning that wheel until it landed on the exact song you wanted to play. They already have their own 6S. When I was in primary school, I prayed that I would get an iTunes voucher for my birthday so I could purchase the latest So Fresh album. We rely on social media and technology to communicate, Facebook is getting so crazy now it tells you what you did in the past. You know how you were just online shopping on and then an ad for that same dress you were looking up turns up on your feed? And it’s not just the past, it tells the future too. When it was SAC attack week, I was scrolling down Facebook instead of studying and Vic Uni came up on my feed. Co-incidence? I think not. It’s hard to think that the generation before us grew up without the internet, Siri or spicy memes for dark teens. How did they do their makeup without Michael Finch tutorials?

This school has provided me with so many opportunities and ways to build who I am. School matters, no matter what year you are in, whether you do General Maths, Maths Methods or Specialist Maths, because whatever you are doing at a certain point in time, it matters. Even if you look back at this past year and wonder why you stressed so much about a certain test or exam, you learn something from every experience.

We are all different.  We have all gone through our childhoods with different circumstances, different challenges and different obstacles. These things don’t  have to define you. Your ATAR doesn’t define you. You define you.

To the most amazing class of 2017, this is it. You have made it to the last day of your schooling. Yeah boi.

Tara Graves - Vice College Captain

By now, you all understand how much I love my Nan, how much I love to talk about her and how much her life reflects my own. She recently went through a change in her life, and though it was a small change, it can relate to all of us.

My family comes from England and when they moved here to this beautiful country, they found Edithvale beach and a small café. For 40 years, my Nan and my Grandfather visited this café every morning, had coffee, did the Sudoku and chatted about last night’s episode of Downtown Abbey. A month ago, that café shut down.

In a month, I will no longer have to wake up at seven in the morning, drag on my uniform that never suits the weather, brush my teeth and walk into these school gates to brave the day ahead. My last exam is in a month, our last day is today. I say it, but it does not seem real yet. How am I going to survive without Compass telling what is on for the day!

Like my Nan however, I must move on from the place I truly love, the place I’ve called home for the last 6 years and find somewhere new. But I can’t leave without saying goodbye. So, this is my love letter to Mentone Girls’ Secondary College.

To my dearest MGSC, it’s no secret that you and I were made for each other. All that I am and all that I’ll ever be is because of you.

The first time we met, the first time I stepped through the gate I knew you were something special. Your dingy asbestos-filled portable classrooms, the crowded hallways and the out of order toilets, oh how my heart swooned. I was out of area when I applied MGSC, but you gave this Aspendale girl a chance. You gave me my first friend dressed in grey owl jumper and accepted me for who I was, a headband lover in purple Converse sneakers. You make me feel safe MGSC, so warm and fuzzy inside.

Oh MGSC I’ll never forget all the memories we have shared together. Remember that time in the Year 11 methods exam when I interrupted the whole test with my gigantic sneeze. Ahh when haven’t I interrupted a class with my elephant sneeze? What about the time at city camp where 9D got lost going to the MCG? Good job we had our English teacher to lead the way. Good times. Ah, MGSC. I will always remember the rap about GHB we made in Health class, and the Malaria rap we made in Science, and the angle rap we made in Maths. Damn, you’d think this love letter was to Eminem, not a secondary school.

MGSC, you’ve given me so much, and all I did was take. This was a one-sided relationship that I knew wouldn’t last forever.

You gave me support. The teachers I had here were as inspiring as they come. Though my title as the teacher’s pet never wore off, MGSC you made sure my peers didn’t laugh at me, but with me. The effort and time you put into to me and all the students here, I cannot be thankful enough to the entire staff. You are our role models, our rocks when the world comes tumbling down. Thank you for always being there.

You gave me opportunity. Without you I wouldn’t have tried wearing Lycra leotards and dancing to the Ghostbusters theme song. I could not have dreamed of coaching softball and soccer teams, co-choreographing an entire musical, going to band camp, getting lost in the mountains of Japan, geeking out at nerd camp or even speaking in front of people. MGSC you helped me find my voice. MGSC you have helped define who I am as a person.

But the best thing you gave me MGSC was friendships. I cannot express in words how much I love the people here. You have all helped me achieve so much, in so many ways that I cannot begin to describe to you, in so many ways you haven’t even realised. Being my friend, my classmate, laughing with or at me and even those smiles as we passed each other in the hallway have gotten me through each day. All of you sitting here thanks for listening to me ramble on; it has been an absolute honour to be one of your captains.

I am so proud to be a Mentone Secondary girl. I am so proud to know each and every single one of you up on the stairs; you are all so talented and so gorgeous. Whether it’s creating a beautiful art piece, excelling in Methods, playing an instrument like a beast, parking your car in the 2 hour zone and not getting a ticket, each day you guys have wowed me. I don’t know how I will get though each day without you all; I don’t know what I’m going to do without you MGSC. But what I do know is that the passion you all have within you will take you far in life and though it saddens me to say that I won’t see some of you again after tomorrow, I have no doubt in the world that you all will only do great things. I am so proud of how far you have all come and am so excited to see where life takes you next.

I hope whoever you find to replace me loves you as much as I do MGSC. I hope they appreciate the opportunities you give, the memories you’ll make together, the support you offer and the lifelong friends that come out of it. An education is only a piece of this school, and it’s only now that I’m putting the puzzle together and seeing its complete picture.

MGSC I don’t know how I am going to live without you, but it’s my time to move on. This isn’t a goodbye; this isn’t the end and although we will be worlds apart, know that you, all of you, have a special place in my heart.

Because I couldn’t have imagined how good my life would be, from the moment I started at MGSC.


Tara Graves

Vice College Captain

Taylor Dawson - SRC President

What can I say; somehow Year 12s?  We’ve made it through six  years of high school. That’s 15 English books, 4540 classes and for my Japanese class four different teachers this year. Despite this, I couldn’t decide what to say today. How could I possibly sum up the past six years of sick memes into two minutes? I thought that this speech would be a great procrastination tool to avoid Maths. Turns out they were both too hard and ‘How I met your mother’ became the best option.

But at the end of the day, I had to start, just like I had to start high school back in 2012. Let me tell you, for me the first day wasn’t pretty. For starters, I knew no-one in my class, I was the only Aspi G kid to join a band form, and secondly, small socks were not at our disposal. Five minutes before leaving for my first day, I had a breakdown. The first of many. The ladies at Costume World fooled me into believing I had to wear knee length socks. My trouble was, I didn’t know how to wear them. Was it scrunched? Was it up to the knee? Was it folded? I simply did not know. It was such a change to roll your socks into little sausages around your ankle. I came to school that day with socks that looked like scrunchies around my ankles, and not only found others with socks like mine, but befriended Emerson Rawlings who didn’t know what the go was with the socks either.

Life went on after that. I transitioned from long socks to normal socks. Just like you move up from junior school to middle school, from middle school to VCE and how we Year 12s now have to move on to post high school life. This time in a month, it will be my first day of freedom, the first day I won’t have to study, and probably the first time I’ll be able to have a decent sleep this year. My recycling bin will be full of school essentials I no longer need and my time at MGSC will be but a memory.

To the SRC girls this year, you’ve been a pleasure to work with, and you’ve made this year so enjoyable. Ms Peach you’ve been the absolute best, and I don’t think there’s any other way to describe you other than ‘a legend’.

To every teacher, thank you for all your hard work. You’ve supported us and helped us grow in so many ways, I’ll always appreciate that.

I’ll treasure everything that’s happened throughout this time, the friends I have been able to make, spending four years in Tara’s class, the school productions I was involved in, every sport I joined just to get a day off school and the row of tables along the left wall in the VCE Centre. I’m thankful to everyone that has made these years what they have been. Year 12s, thanks for making this year one that I’ll never forget. I don’t think I could’ve survived only one microwave in the kitchen with anyone else. I know that you are all going to do amazing things and I can’t wait to hear where life takes you.

MGSC, it’s been an absolute pleasure to have spent my past six years with you. Thank you.  

Worldly Matters

International Student Program

The students of the ELC and their ELC Peer Support friends had an excursion to Sovereign Hill.  They learnt a lot about panning for gold. Unfortunately, no nuggets were discovered. Some found the mining tunnels a bit creepy while others thought that the horse and wagon experience was hilarious. It was interesting to note that many of the students had not realised that a Chinese community was establish in Ballarat more than 150 years ago. 

Thank you to Ms Zhang, Mariana Amaral and all the students for attending and sharing a great experience. 


Ekaterina Xanthopoulos

International Student Program and ELC Manager


Home Stay Families Needed

Our International Student Program is looking for families living in the local area -  Mentone, Beaumaris, Parkdale and Cheltenham - to host International Students. The students are from China, female and between 14 and 17 years of age.

The student's family pays a weekly fee to the host family to cover costs. If you and your family are interested in learning about another culture and enjoy sharing our Australian way of life with others consider being a host family. We are looking for placements now. 


To find out more, please contact the International Student Program Manager:

Ekaterina Xanthopoulos on  9581 5200 

 [email protected]   

World Challenge

It was great to see over 30 students participate in the Walk-a-thon on Wednesday and raise money for their expedition. A special mention for Sarah Jellef who raised over $600  - a new record!. Lexi from World Challenge will arrange a short meeting with the students later this term to discuss the expedition.

Hint #2: In rural areas in Nepal, it is expected that toilet paper will be placed in the provided bin and not in the toilet bowl.


Michael Warden

World Challenge Coordinator

Junior, Middle * Senior School Matters 

Junior School

Form groups for 2018

Year 7 and 8 girls have been asked to nominate five girls with whom they work well.  Student managers will use this information to assist the enormous task of putting together form groups for 2018. Staff will also be asked for input as to who works well together.

Year 7 girls needed to have completed their forms by Monday 23 October via Google form. Year 8 girls need to complete their forms by Friday 27 October.

Year 7 2018 Music Information Evening

A huge thank you to the Year 7 band forms and some extra volunteers for playing so beautifully at the Year 7 2018  Music Information evening last Thursday. The girls then showed the Grade 6 girls how to hold the different instruments and make good sounds with the instruments. 7B and 7F did a wonderful job with their explanations and their encouragement.


If your daughter is unable to wear her complete school uniform she needs to bring a note to the Junior School Office before school. If we have a replacement item, eg a jumper, we will lend it to her for the day.

Late to school

A reminder that if your daughter is late to school, she needs to sign in at the General Office. She will need to attend a detention at lunchtime at the Junior School Office if she doesn’t bring a note from a parent or the school doesn’t receive a phone call from a parent explaining the lateness.

Your daughter should check Compass as she will be reminded to attend detention on Compass.

Year 8 Bullying and Cybersafety session

On Friday Year 8 girls attended a session run by Moorabbin Police  on  bullying and cybersafety and how to stay safe. We hope they will be able to take notice of the messages given and apply them if necessary.


Junior School team

Middle School 

It’s been a busy start to Term 4 with students getting right back into the swing of their school program. There are only a few weeks till the end of year exams and students should begin to plan how they will prepare for these, including preparing a study timetable to allocate time where they can focus on their studies. Middle School exams provide students with an authentic examination experience before they reach their VCE studies. Students should consider how they are consolidating what they learn each week and across the year, reflect on their mid-year examination process and consider if they should alter their approach in any way – e.g. changing the way they organise their notes, completing more questions on each topic they study, communicating with their teachers for feedback and support.

2018 Courses

Students submitted preferences for their courses last term.  Thank you to families for supporting your child in this process. Courses will be presented to students in mid-November, just prior to the commencement of the 'Headstart' program in late November.


Students will be changing lockers in November as they move to the next year level. If a student requires a top locker because of a medical reason, they need to provide a letter from their doctor stating these reasons. This needs to be handed to the Middle School office by Friday 10 November.

Middle School BBQ

We will be celebrating the hard work of the students in the Middle School with a BBQ for both Year 9 and Year 10 students. The student managers and middle school leaders will be running this with a date to be announced.

Uniform reminder

October is a transition time for Summer and Winter uniform. Students may wear their full summer or full winter uniform till the end of October. Students are then required to be in full Summer uniform for the remainder of the year.


Middle School Team

Senior School

This week we farewelled the Year 12 students as they entered their study period for the final VCAA exams.

On Monday the students made a grand entrance into their last formal assembly reminiscent of their first College Assembly in 2012. While the Senior Team did their best to ensure they entered the gym with the same reserve as six years ago there was no hiding their excitement as they made their way to the tiered seating for the last, official time. The student leaders, Rachel Butler, Tara Graves and Taylor Dawson reminisced with the whole school about the last six years at MGSC.

On Tuesday the students came to school early dressed in costumes for a BBQ breakfast. The school community was entertained in the annual student run assembly when everyone had lots of good fun listening to the songs dedicated to the teachers and watching the teachers performing antics devised by the Year 12 VCE Committee.

On Tuesday evening parents, students and teachers came together at the 'Eden on the Park' for the Valedictory Dinner. This annual event is a highlight of the calendar for the Year 12 team. It is an evening where we express our gratitude to each other and while it is not strictly a farewell it marks the beginning of an ending of a huge part of the young people’s lives.

The Year 12 teachers will be available during the time tabled periods for their studies if they require any assistance.

The Senior Team wish all the students the very best for the coming weeks as they prepare for and sit the VCAA exams. We are most definitely supporting them in this period and they should not hesitate to contact or visit us.


STEAM Matters Art & Technology 

VCE Art & Design Awards 

The 2017 VCE Art and Design exhibition and awards night on Wednesday 18 October was a wonderful evening. It was a celebration of mind, spirit and emotion in it most true and honest form. The works clearly showing that creativity, as an essential human quality, is alive and thriving at Mentone Girls’ Secondary college. 

Congratulations to the Year 12 award recipients: 

Media: Kira Logan

Vis Com: Carmen Zhang

Visual Art: Olivia Hockey

Textiles: Manav Singh

Overall winner: Leah Smith

Our thanks to the event sponsors, Barry Plant Real Estate Mordialloc,  who are continuing a relationship established with R. Malcolm's Real Estate 20 years ago. 

Gemma Johnson

Visual Arts Domain Leader

Food Technology 

Year 7 Food Technology students recently completed a task to design and create a muffin tackling the growing problem of food waste. They were required to use ingredients that would normally be thrown away and create a delicious muffin. Well done to all students on their creative muffins.


Emily Price

Food Technology / Art

STEAM Matters - Science

2018 Brain Bee Challenge

Registrations are now open for the 2018 Brain Bee Challenge!

The Australian and New Zealand Brain Bee Challenge is an exciting competition for high school students in Year 10. The Brain is our final great frontier for exploration; the competition challenges students to learn about the brain and its functions, neuroscience research, and careers in neuroscience, while dispelling misconceptions about neurological and mental illnesses.

Round 1 of the competition will take place during Brain Awareness Week, 12-18 March 2018.

Questions will be taken from Neuroscience - Science of the Brain: An Introduction for Young Students which can be downloaded as a PDF.

If you are interested contact Mrs Rieniets for further details.


Louise Rieniets

Science Domain Leader 

The ConocoPhillips Science Experience

This offers three or four days of fun science activities for 2017 Year 9 and 10 students. Participants perform experiments in the laboratories, meet and hear senior lecturers in the lecture theatres, attend site visits and walk around and experience what it is like to be on the campus of a university or tertiary institution.

For more information about the program please visit:


Louise Rieniets

Science Domain Leader 

Ecosystems in a Bottle

In Year 7 Science this semester we learning about ecosystems and how to make one and look after one. We also learnt what an abiotic and biotic factor is. In my group my hypothesis was ‘When the soil pH is acidic the growth of the plant will be effected. During our observations we have noticed the experimental group plant is slowly dying. In the control group our plant has grown 2cm since our last observations and mustard seeds are beginning to germinate.


Inacia Ferreira 7G

STEAM Matters - Maths

Maths BBQ Friday 3 November

The Maths Domain leaders will be hosting a barbecue for students with discounts available if a maths question is correctly answered.  Come along and enjoy a sausage ($2), veggie burger ($3) and some fun! 

Gary Hughes                                                                           
Director of Mathematics & Numeracy

Maths makes a real difference

English and Humanities 



Alex Webb (Year 10), has been shortlisted (top ten) for the La Trobe University Young Writers' Awards which is one of the competitions promoted to the students. There is a dinner late in October which Mr Astorino her English teacher, has agreed to attend where they will announce the place-getters, and Alex will have to read an excerpt of her story. This is an amazing effort as there were hundreds of entries.

On Friday 13 October, the Year 12 cohort was lucky that Kay Perry spoke to them about exam preparation. She went through all the components of the course and fielded questions from the students. Those who attended found it very valuable and commented how it affirmed their knowledge and validated the instruction that they had received.  Unfortunately only 48% of the students took up this opportunity.


Anne Gamble 

English Domain Leader 


National History Challenge

The National History Challenge is an annual research-based competition that encourages students to use their research skills in the creation of an essay, museum exhibit, video or multimedia presentation. Each year, students from MGSC are guided through the competition to create entries that are judged at regional level. This year, eight students had their entries progress to state level, where they had a short interview with history professionals from across Victoria. Those students were:  Rebekah Bennett (Year 7), Grace Bailey (Year 7), Zoe Bunn (Year 8), Caitlin Tasci (Year 8), Samantha Hooper (Year 8), Nazanin Jalali (Year 9), Natalie Hooper (Year 10) and Jessi Hooper (Year 12)

Grace Bailey from Year 7 had her entry progress to the National judging, where her entry was awarded the Victorian Year 7 prize for 2017.

Congratulations to all students on their achievements.


Catherine Jones

English, English Language and Humanities


Athletics Carnival 

MGSC athletics team won three gold medals at the State Carnival on Monday 23 October.

Emily Ryan (Year 8) won the U14 javelin and shot put. Emily’s throw of 13.16 m in the shot put was  a State record and is the only one our school holds at State level.

Catriona McMaster finished in fifth in the triple jump with a 70cm PB, and Zoe Cunningham competed in five events finishing with one gold, two silvers and a bronze. Zoe joined Kisarna Berntsen, Teiki Waata and Milly Webster to win the U15 4 x 100m relay event in a time of 51.90. This U15 relay team is now back-to-back-to-back State champions. Catriona McMaster won a bronze medal anchoring the U14 4 x 100m relay team along with Daniella Currie, Hope Maillard and late call-up Aila Burke.

Congratulations to all the girls on their achievements at the State carnival. You can see the videos of the 4 x 100m events on


Anthony Bruhn 

Health & Physical Education Teacher

Aerobics Spring Challenge

On Sunday 22 October, the final Aerobics competition for 2017 was held . Four teams competed throughout the day and performed excellently. A special congratulations to the two Year 7 teams that came fourth and fifth, missing out of a third place by just 0.2 %. 

Congratulations to all aerobics students this year! 

Tryouts for the 2018 season will be held on Friday 3 November in the gym at 1.15.

See the screens for more details. 


Tess Molina

Head of Aerobics 


In our community

Be a Tiger in 2018 

St Bede's Mentone Football Club  is holding a come and try footy clinic on Sunday 19 November for woman players.  They are seeking players for Under 12 to Senior levels.  


Family Life needs Op Shop volunteers


Heartlinks Family Life Workshop

There is a Positive Parenting after Separation workshop on 17 November. 

Contact Family Life for more information about other parenting workshops. 


Nutrition Class

Melbourne Health Coach Maddie Race is running a low-cost Family Nutrition Class in Moorabbin.


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