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07 September 2017
2017 Issue 13
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Principal's Message

Thank you to all parents who were able to make it in to the College for our Parent-Teacher and Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences last week. As Principal, I want to affirm these opportunities for conversations.  It is really important that the Bayside Christian College teachers communicate well with parents. It is important that parents/guardians communicate well with staff. Both of these contribute to a strong partnership.


On Saturday, we held our 35th Anniversary Reunion. Thankfully, it was a little warmer than mid-week! I was ‘chuffed’ to see much of the pictorial history of the College on display.  It was also great to catch up with a few past staff members, students and parents. Quite coincidentally, I was looking at the staff photos and noticed someone whom I had previously worked with but had not seen for at least three years, only to bump into that same person on the way home from the event.  As I have noted previously, I marvel at the volunteering that contributes so much to our community. It is my prayer that the Lord will continue to raise people up to ensure that this community remains faithful to the Gospel for another 35 years.


There is much still to happen in these last few weeks of term. On Friday, I would be confident that Book Week comes to a special conclusion! On Monday, we are having a morning of prayer at the College. Parents are more than welcome to come into the Indonesian Room (F1) for a time of prayer anytime up until 1pm.  In addition, we do have another Community Market on the last Tuesday of Term 3.


As we near the end of Term 3, plans are well underway for 2018.  Currently, we are in the process of interviewing for a teacher of Agriculture to work in our new Trades Skills Centre. Pleasingly, I am delighted to announce that Mrs Glenys Bailey has been appointed to the role of Head of Primary for the next three years. This is fantastic. We have appreciated her leadership during this term and look forward to working with her and supporting her into the future. Over the next few newsletters, I will continue to inform you of staffing changes.


May we look to the Lord and follow His Word as we live our days in community.


Christopher Prior


Pray for Bayside

Please remember to join us on Monday 11 September in room F1 for a morning of prayer, 8:30am-1pm.


Please pray for our Years 5/6 students as they prepare to head to camp next week.


Pray for our Primary School as the students celebrate Book Week.


Please pray for Year 12 students in their final weeks of school.


Thank the Lord for 35 years of Bayside and the fantastic opportunity for our community to catch up at the Reunion Day on the weekend.

From the Deputy's Desk

Parent-Teacher Conferences

It was wonderful to connect with parents at the recent Parent-Teacher Conferences. If you were unable to make it, please feel free to contact the class teachers at any time to discuss how we can partner together in support of your child's education.


Safety Reminders

I am once again drawn to speaking of safety in the car park. Students are being reminded that they are not to play with or bounce balls while waiting for pick-up, or moving through the car park. For safety, balls must be held and carried near and through the car park.


Teaching and Learning and Developing Leaders Conferences

As I write this, I am with Karen Hooper, in Darwin at a Teaching and Learning conference. We are being challenged on how to captivate students as people of story, engaged in real work for a real purpose that meets a need and brings glory to God. We hope to bring some of this flavour into classrooms over time, and build on partnerships with home and the community in this process. Stay tuned for more developments in this space.


Also in Darwin, our Coordinators Joel Williamson, Sara Wright and Chris Elkington are working through what it means to lead, and how the biblical narrative must shape all of our lives and leading. We pray that their learning will shape their leading and the way in which they support children and teachers in achieving the purposes for which they have been called.


Both of these conferences remind us that our roles are to serve our community in accomplishing the shared vision and purposes of Bayside Christian College, as we partner with you to equip our children for effective, God glorifying lives. May we continue to build on this partnership.


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

The partnership between parents and teachers is really valued.  During Parent-Teacher Conferences, there were many opportunities for teachers to learn more about their students and for parents to hear about their children in all aspects of their school life. It is really important that these partnerships are strong as it helps the students to know that there is support and common expectations for them.

Last Friday in the Primary School, there was great excitement when students were able to go and make special purchases to spoil their dads, grandfathers and others on Father’s Day.  Once again, there was a wonderful variety of things for the students to choose from. These opportunities for students  couldn’t happen without the support and energy  of parents. Behind the scenes, there were parents who had sourced the goods and set up and ran the stall. Their efforts are really appreciated by the teachers and students (and I am sure all of the dad’s last Sunday).

Camp Manyung

On Monday 21 August, our Years 3/4 students set off for what looked like a wet three days at Camp Manyung. The weather held off and the students were able to enjoy three fun-filled and challenging days, with highlights such as the flying fox, giant swing, Amazing Race, tree rolling, low ropes and bike riding.


The Reading Hour

It was wonderful to see a turnout of around 120 people on a cold, wet Monday night for our annual Reading Hour. This event was a great way to launch Book Week at the College. The opportunity to share stories as a family was heart-warming. Mrs Coral Vass entertained us with a reading of her new book, 'A Perfectly Posh Pink afternoon tea' and delighted students who she 'dressed' for the occasion.

Thank you to those who contributed to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. A donation of $60 will be forwarded to them. We look forward to seeing you all in your pyjamas for next year's event!


Janienne Woodbridge & Jennie Champion

Teacher Librarians

Save your bottles

Years 5/6 are wanting to complete a science experiment using 1.25 or 2L soft drink bottles. So rather than putting your bottles in the recycling, please bring them to school and give to our Years 5/6 - all donations to G Block please.

Across the College

From the Head of Secondary

As a College, we are constantly seeking ways to improve the academic, social, physical and spiritual wellbeing of our precious students. There is much research and evidence that suggests many ways to best support our students. Some of these suggestions include: availability of resources, age of child, classroom behaviour techniques, effective class discussion, and the list goes on and on.


We are intentional as educators in working in partnership with parents in the purposeful education of each and every child who attends the College. We understand that God has a purpose for each and every life and that we work to help children grow to reach their full God-given potential.


John Hattie has completed much research in the effectiveness of specific areas of education. He suggests that some of the greatest impacts on student achievement can include student self-assessment and grading, classroom discussion, teacher clarity, effective feedback, and the fostering of teacher-student relationships.


Parent-Teacher Conferences, and increasingly learner-led conferences, are an opportunity for you to meet and get to know your child's teacher and foster a positive and respectful relationship with your child’s school. They are an opportunity to share information about your child’s progress, interests and needs, and discuss your child’s learning with their teacher. They provide valuable opportunities to help the teacher understand more about your child. By asking questions and finding out more about the information on your child’s report, you have an opportunity to become further involved in your child's learning and give support where needed.


We trust that our recent Parent-Teacher Conferences served this function and we would like to encourage you to engage in continued dialogue with your child’s teachers, as an authentic partnership will benefit the growth of your child in all areas.


Shirley Patterson

Head of Secondary

Reunion Day

Our Reunion Day on Saturday 2 September was a special time to come together as a community to thank God for his faithfulness to us throughout the last 35 years. 


Several hundred friends of Bayside past and present enjoyed the photo displays, food stalls, student performances and children’s entertainment. And, of course, because we were celebrating a special milestone, there was a large birthday cake to cut and eat!


It was wonderful to see so many former students come along to see how Bayside has changed. A special highlight of the day was the opportunity for our guests to tour our new Trades Skills Centre.

Please stay tuned for further details about the last of our 35th Anniversary events, our Celebration Assembly on Monday 13 November.

Literary Evening

The Year 11 Literature class hosted our first Literary Evening as part of our Secondary Book Week celebrations. It was a wonderful night where the students shared written stories, poems and short films. 

The students prepared well to create a culturally ambient atmosphere in the library for the event and excelled in their presentations. The night included presentations from students of other year levels also, who all did an amazing job. The event made for many proud moments for families as the students were able to display their God-given creativity through written word and film text.


Sam Waldron & Janienne Woodbridge

Veta Neo

A few weeks ago, some of our Year 9 Veta Neo students ran activities around the four key themes of their Veta Neo course they are undertaking in Bible Studies this year. 


These themes are: 

Mission - Sharing God's love with the World 

Action - Training our bodies as instruments for God's work 

Devotion - Use your gifts as a response of gratefulness to God

Encounter - Encountering God through creation. 


The activities gave younger students a real opportunity to experience God, to be grateful to God in practical ways, and to gain insight into how Veta Neo runs as a program. 

Fun was had by all that attended and it was excellent to see some of our Year 9 students stepping up and being great examples to their younger peers. 

Year 7/8 Netball Rally Day

On Monday 28 August, the Year 8 girls netball team had their Netball Rally Day. Our team played a total of four games and won them all, 

then we moved on to the grand final against MECS and were able to take home the flag! All the schools including Bayside had a really fun day competing against each other but most of all trying our best. God helped us to get through each game but still remain humble and respectful to the other school and umpires. 


Ruby & Eloise - Year 8


The Year 7 girls had Netball Rally Day on 28 August. We played three games in total against Mountain District Christian School, Mount Evelyn Christian School and Heritage College. This took us into the final, which was against Mount Evelyn, with whom we had drawn in our previous game. For the first two quarters of the final, we were behind by two points. In the third quarter, we lifted our defending, passing and shooting. We took a 16-8 lead and this remained as the final score. Overall we are proud of our achievement and can’t wait to defend our title next year. 


Harriet & Mary - Year 7

Years 7/8 AFL Rally Day

On Monday 28 August, Bayside's Years 7/8 boys ventured out to Greaves Reserve in Dandenong to complete against other schools in AFL. The weather was a little cold and rainy in some parts, but all in all a good day for footy.

We came away with our first three games as wins, before taking our first loss to MECS (Mount Everlyn Christian School). After the first four regular games, we had qualified to play against MECS again in the final. We fought hard, with good chemistry and teamwork, to come home with a four-goal victory. We would like to thank the umpires and teachers for organising and running the day for us. 


Aaron S & Xavier A

Year 7 VCD

Year 7 Visual Communication Design students were challenged to design a coat of arms to represent their family and values on a fictitious trip back in time to the Medieval Period. To see more work from other subjects from Primary to Secondary, please pencil in 2 November 2017 for the ARTS/DESIGN/TECHNOLOGY EXPO.


Year 9 OES

Our Year 9 students braved the elements to experience some outdoor cooking in Outdoor and Environmental studies. Despite the cold and the threat of rain, they look like they managed to produce something edible and enjoyed themselves as well.



Bell Shakespeare is an Australian theatre company specialising in the works of William Shakespeare, his contemporaries and other classics. Recently our Year 10 students embarked on an English excursion to see the Bell Shakespeare production of 'Macbeth' at the Melbourne Arts Centre. This was an amazing experience that really brought the play to life. 


Melbourne Writers Festival

This week, the Year 11 literature class, along with some Year 10 students that have an interest in reading and writing, got the opportunity to experience a writing expo by author Alice Pung. We started by exploring the Immigration Museum before listening to Alice speak, and then sharing our most awkward moments. Overall it was an innovative day.

Chloe Piening - Year 11

Budding Politians

On Wednesday 30 August, our Year 9 students were blessed to receive a visit from our local state MP, Neale Burgess. Mr Burgess shared with our Year 9 classes his journey into politics, including the intense sacrifices and hard work needed to attain and then maintain a position in parliament as a representative. The students had the opportunity to ask questions and Mr Burgess took a range of their queries. He later described these questions as "the most insightful and deep questions I have fielded from a group of students".


Years 11/12 Happenings

It was lovely to be able to meet with so many parents last week during Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences last week. It is always good to be able to reflect together on how students are working towards giving of their best in their learning.


I had the pleasure of accompanying some of our Year 11 students to a production of 'The Elephant man' recently. It was a poignant reminder of the way we can react to differences in others. Understanding that God has created us all and that we are all gifted by Him is important as we relate to each other. It is encouraging to so often see examples amongst our students of compassion and care for those who are facing challenges.


It has been fantastic this week to be a part of Book Week, and to see a range of students involved in the activities. This Tuesday was the first 'Literary Evening' for Bayside, and was beautifully run by the Year 11 Literature students and their teacher Mr Waldron.


As we approach the end of Term 3, I would like to remind everyone again about the following dates:


Thursday 7 September - VCAL Father's Evening

Monday 9 October - Year 11 Celebration Ball

Thursday 19 October - VCAL Showcase Evening


Year 12 Final Events

Monday 23 October, 9am - final school assembly

Monday 23 October, 6.30pm - Presentation Evening

Monday 24 October - last day Year 12

Wednesday 1 November - first day of exams

Monday 27 November - Valedictory


Please also remember that there will be exam revision sessions for all Unit 3-4 subjects over the holidays. The timetable for this has been emailed to all parents and students.


Lara Curtis-Morris

Year 11-12 Coordinator

Who Am I?

In the last two weeks of term, Home Group 11/12A will be running a "Who Am I?" competition for the students.  The teachers have provided baby photos of themselves that will be posted in the window of the A block staff room, and students can enter a guessing competition trying to identify the teachers.  Entry will be $1 and all funds raised will go to Tear Australia.  The big reveal will be at the Community Market in the last week of term.


Do you know who this is?

Ms Cloherty and Mr Williamson

11/12A Home Group Teachers

Subjects in Focus

VCE Chemistry - Collaboration & Skill Development

The practical component of the Chemistry course is always embraced by our VCE students. This term is no exception, as students hone their practical skills as they examine the nutrients present in a variety of foods, and derive a solubility curve for KNO3 (potassium nitrate). Students investigate and ponder the wonder of crystalline structure of CuSO4 crystals, and they take to the white board to collaborate and problem solve.


Sharyn Hadlow

Chemistry Teacher

Celebration Lunch

On 7 September, two of our Senior VCAL students, Kayla and Kimberley, prepared a lunch at the new Trades Skills Centre as a project for Personal Development Skills in VCAL. The purpose of the lunch wasto bring the Year 12s together for a lunch in celebration of their final year at the College and the opening of the Trades Skills Centre. As the Year 12 VCAL students have access to the new centre, they thought it would be an amazing idea to give the VCE students an opportunity to see how our school is expanding while also making it a memorable day. 

Father's Evening

Over the past two weeks, Year 12 VCAL students had their workplace simulation. During these weeks, we planned the Father's Evening we are holding to honour and show how much we love and appreciate our dads and father figures. We have all worked very hard to make this night a success and look forward to holding the event on Thursday night.


Ebony Knapp - Year 12

Work Simulation

The Year 12 VCAL students have been participating in a work simulation for the past two weeks. The simulation allowed the students to engage in a real office scenario in which the Year 12s took on different leadership roles and responsibilities. Over the duration of the two weeks, the students were required to independently run meetings, organise events, communicate with key people and work collaboratively among themselves in the 'office' space. The students faced many challenges throughout the two weeks, forcing them to draw on their problem-solving skills and abilities as individuals and as a group. The simulation provided many new experiences and lessons for the Year 12s, who gained some valuable skills as a result.

Year 12 VTAC Applications

Year 12 VCE students are reminded to make appointments with Mrs Dawson to discuss VTAC applications, course preferences and plans for 2018. Timely VTAC applications close on 28 September. After this time, the Application Fee increases from $35 to $103. (Please note: the fee does not have to be paid at the time of application). 


Year 12 VCE students who have made VTAC Applications will be advised of their ATAR on 15 December  Please book in a Change of Preference appointment with Mrs Dawson using the booking sheet on the Careers Office door (even if you don't expect to need assistance).

Words from Our Chaplain

How much screen time is too much when it comes to technology? How do I know if my family is spending too much time on our little devices?


Hello, my name is Kathy Scott and I am a self-confessed techno nerd! This confession, while made in jest, is probably a serious condition if I am not careful to keep my screen time in check. 


I must admit that I enjoy trying out new gadgets when they are discovered, the latest apps for my phone, and have even succumbed to having a smart watch to help me exercise (or remind me when I have been sitting for too long). 


However, even I must admit that I have spent too many wasted hours on technology when I could have been more productive. So too this generation of youngsters. It has been noted in the news of late that children nowadays are spending much less time playing outdoors than they used to and this sedentary lifestyle is having an ill affect on our health.


This thought brings me to an article Martine Oglethorpe has written for the Parenting Ideas website. She writes:


"These little devices that connect us, entertain us, provide us with information, show us where to go, keep us organised and allow us to indulge in retail therapy from almost anywhere, have become an integral part of our daily lives. Most of us won’t leave home for long periods of time without being tethered to a digital device. But when it comes to our children and their screen-time habits, we are often lamenting the role the devices play. These little screens that offer so much and answer so many of our needs also leave us wondering how much is too much for our kids, and how do we keep it under control?"


What a good question. To read the full article titled 'The Role of Parents and Screen Time’ follow this link.

Have a great week, 


Kathy Scott



Notice of Leaving College

Please note that a minimum of one full term’s notice in writing must be provided when withdrawing from the College. This includes when finishing at the end of a school year (with the exception of Year 12). If for any reason you believe your child(ren) may not be returning to Bayside Christian College in 2018, please ensure you give notice by no later than the last day of Term 3. Written notice should be addressed to the Principal and may be emailed to [email protected], handed to the Registrar at the College office, or sent to her email [email protected].

School Banking

Hello to all Bayside Bankers! The Commonwealth Bank has some awesome prizes that you could win just for doing your regular banking. This means your savings will continue to grow, you will still be able to have the normal rewards you receive after you have collected 10 tokens from 10 weeks of banking and.....there's more!


Anyone who makes three or more deposits between 14 August and 10 November 2017 will go into the draw to win Sphero Racing Robots, Garmin Kids activity trackers or 3doodler 3D pen sets.


The fun continues with another competition starting 16 October when the bank is launching the Future Savers Game. By doing three deposits, playing the game at, and completing the online entry form, you could win Nintendo Switch Neon Console packs.


Also don't forget the Disneyland competition that is running right now - make ten deposits to be in the draw. And remember your banking each Tuesday morning!

Bayside Christian College 2018 Production

Check out the attachments for details of our 2018 College Production.

Resilient Kids


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