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07 August 2017
Issue Eleven
College Principal's Report
Junior Campus Principal's Report
Senior Campus  Principal's Report
Music Performance Evening
School Uniform Reminder
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College Principal's Report

Mr David Mowbray
College Principal

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend our 27th Wakakirri performance on Monday evening at the Junior Campus. The Harmony themed performance was well attended by parents, families and friends of the school and they observed a very slick execution of the current sustainability issues around the impact of urban development and the resultant changes to our well-being…very thought provoking.


The value of these experiences for the students, staff and school is immense, and very much undervalued or unrecognised by people. I would like to point out why and how the Wakakirri performance and other such programs make a huge deal of impact on people, and specifically, on our students. A big thank you goes out to all the staff, parent helpers, and volunteers and sponsors who contributed to the 2017 program.


Wakakirri, our sports program, CLiC, student-led assemblies and work placements are important examples of ways in which the school can boost curriculum enrichment, teach character and skills, and broaden horizons…and create opportunities for development of:

  • Aspiration: determination, motivation, drive, ambition, goal-setting.
  • Positivity: confidence, optimism, team-work, resilience, open-mindedness.
  • Responsibility: courage, compassion, community spirit, tolerance, respect.
  • Achievement: creativity, focus, perseverance, conscientiousness, curiosity.

The investment in character education and in enrichment opportunities for young people can make a difference. It is often that one experience that might give a student the goal, the dream, the aspiration to make them really want to aim for improved results in all areas of their life.

It is, most likely, the leadership roles available in the range of curriculum enrichment experiences that make these offerings successful. The young leaders get an opportunity to mould a range of students in age, year levels and abilities into strong cohesive teams that come together as one to create the performance or outcome desired. They do it…they make it happen, not so much the staff. What a great opportunity for these students through a range of experiences provided outside of the traditional lessons and classroom settings.


Information Evening

The VCE / VCAL / VET information evening was  held last Thursday night for all current, and potential, Year 9 and 10 students and their families.

The school strongly encouraged all parents and students in these year levels to attend so that you have a very strong understanding of the wide range of choices, options and pathways that your child can use to achieve a successful education journey at TC.

This information will be a great guide to your child’s course counselling on which subjects they will / can select later in the month.


Parent Opinion Survey 2017


Our school is conducting a survey to find out what parents think of our school. The Parent Opinion Survey is an annual survey offered by the Department of Education and Training that is conducted amongst a sample of randomly selected parents at each school.

It is designed to assist our school in gaining an understanding of parents’ perception of school climate, student engagement and relationships with our parent community. Our school will use the survey results to help inform and direct future school planning and improvement strategies.

The survey will be conducted online by ORIMA Research Pty Ltd and only takes 15 minutes to complete. The survey can be accessed via desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile at any convenient time within the fieldwork period from Monday 7th August to Sunday 27th August.

All responses to the survey are anonymous.

The survey results will be reported back to our school at the end of September. The school will inform the school community through the College Connection. Last year we used the survey results as part of our annual self-evaluation and preparation for the key school review process and that led into planning for our 2017 High Performing Plan and the extended strategic plan reaching into 2020. One key is to develop better communication and engagement with the wider community and we have established a dedicated team to ensure the work gets done.

For further information, please speak to you child’s teacher or visit:


Junior Campus Principal's Report

Mrs Sue Coffey
Junior Campus

Lots of colds and flu about at school at the moment. We have had a lot of children absent and a lot of teachers as well. Hopefully we are getting through the worst of it and the weather begins to pick up soon.




The Wakakirri team are off to Frankston on Thursday, we wish them well. All the hard work, all the practice time and costume making will be on show this week and l am quietly confident that they will do well. Mrs Callander is an amazing writer and director and our students are very lucky to have such an experienced teacher. We should be very proud to have her on our staff.


Course Information

Thanks to all the Year 9 students and parents who attended the course information session at the Senior Campus last week. Communication is the key to making the right choices, students need to be asking questions and parents need to understand the impact of choices made at school during this time. All year 9’s interested in an early-start VCE subject are required to attend an interview with the senior campus teachers. If you have not booked one of these then please contact the senior campus to arrange.


In Uniform, In Class, On time, On Task

This term l have the pleasure of teaching a year 8 maths class. I am really enjoying this class and feel that my 72 minute classes just vanishes. I am sure every other teacher feels the same way. We aim to teach our students as much as we can in the time we get to see them. Students need to be in class on time and ready to do the learning. There is nothing more disappointing than walking away from your class and feeling that you didn’t get enough learning done in a particular class. We know that there isn’t enough time in the year to teach everything required in the curriculum so we do our best to teach the most important skills and knowledge and hopefully we enable our students to transfer their learning to other situations. This is even harder if students are missing from class or if they come to class unprepared to learn. Students need to be responsible for their equipment, they need to have books, computers, pens, pencils, and rulers. Please help your child to be organised and encourage them to learn something new every day. The school year is too short to be messing around.


Senior Campus  Principal's Report

Ms Nicole Pryor
Senior Campus Principal

On Thursday 3rd August we had our Course Information Evening for our year 9-11 students. It was a fantastic turnout and there was a great vibrancy during the exhibition of subject areas. There is still more to our process this year to assist your child with their pathways program.

Year 9 students- Advisory classes will discuss options and course counselling interview on the 24th August 2pm-6pm at the senior campus.

Year 10 students- TLC classes to discuss options, Subject taster day on Friday 11th August and course counselling Interviews on the 24th 2pm-6pm

Year 11 students- TLC classes to discuss options and all students can make an appointment with careers for extra support.

These are still important opportunities for students and parents to ask questions and think about the next couple of years. All course selections must be completed by Friday 1st September.


Chemistry Lecture

Chemistry students recently went to the Hartung Youth lecture which aims to inspire students in year 9 -12 . Students heard from Sir Martyn Poliakoff a British chemist working on gaining insights into fundamental chemistry and on developing environmentally acceptable processes and materials. The core themes of his work are super-critical fluids, infrared spectroscopy and lasers. As well as carrying out research at the University of Nottingham, he is a popular lecturer, teaching a number of modules including green chemistry, where much of his research lies. He is also known for his leading role in ‘The Periodic Table of Videos’


Guest Author


Interested students were lucky enough to hear from Australian author Fleur Ferris. She is a successful teen fiction writer and spent time answering students’ questions about becoming a published author.


Outdoor Education


Bike trip

Outdoor Education students have been busy again bike riding this time along the rail trails as part of their program. This was in preparation for their 3 day challenge and was to test fitness and skills.


Snow trip

Students went to Mt.Baw Baw to study the  natural impacts of anthropogenic actions like climate change using alpine areas as a case study, as well as sustainable practice. I suspect they went to go skiing and snowboarding!  It was a fantastic 3 day camp with snow!






Magistrates Court excursion August 9

Wakakirri performance August 10

Light and matter excursion August 10

The Amazing Spaghetti machine August 11

Parent Teacher Student interviews are on Thursday 17th August between 1pm-8pm and we will all be at the Junior campus. You can book on COMPASS from next Friday.

Course Counselling Interviews for all year 9 and 10 students on Thursday 24th August between 2pm-6pm at the senior campus.



Music Performance Evening

Music Performance Evening Tuesday 22nd August

To family, guardians, friends current and former students and teachers, you are cordially invited to attend Traralgon College's Music Performance Soirée on the 22nd of August.

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 will be performing a selection of musical works that they have been preparing as part of their Music studies this term.

The evening will commence at 6pm with light refreshments, tea and coffee available.


School Uniform Reminder

College Uniform

Traralgon College is a uniform school, we wear our uniform with pride to identify us as part of the Traralgon College community.

A reminder to all parents/ guardians and students that as the weather is cooling down we should be wearing correct winter uniform. Students NOT in uniform are required to bring a note and are required to change. We are encouraging families to check they have the correct uniform items and restock ready for the summer period.


The College Uniform policy is set out by the College Council.  Staff, parents and students are responsible for ensuring the policy is adhered to. The Traralgon College uniform instils in students and the College Community a sense of pride and belonging.  It is designed to be comfortable and have enough variety to cater for individual student preference. 

It assists to minimise unhelpful fashion comparisons amongst students and foster an environment focused on learning rather than fashion choices.


Students are expected to be in full school uniform at all times and to keep their uniform in good condition.


Uniform Exchange Program


If students are unable to wear full uniform for a valid reason they are asked to:

  • Go to the student manager’s/sub-school office before Form Assembly/TLC.
  • Ask for the uniform item(s) you require, in your size.
  • Hand over your own clothes
  • Treat the school uniform items with respect throughout the day
  • At the end of the day (before you leave school) return the school uniform items and collect your own clothes/shoes.  We will keep your clothes until the uniform is returned.

We guarantee that the school uniform items are washed and dried before they are worn again by another student.


If students do not follow the process outlined above before TLC/Form Assembly and/or they are found to be out of uniform throughout the day, they will be given the usual consequence of a detention and still have to exchange non-uniform items.

Winter Uniform


  • Winter Skirt 
  • Navy tights
  • Navy Blue Slacks


  • Navy Logo Unisex pants/shorts and College monogrammed polo shirt 
  • White school shirt
  • Plain white or navy socks
  • Navy V Neck Woollen Jumper (monogrammed)
  • Navy blue/Sky blue polar fleece top


  • Fully enclosed shoes 
  • There must be a mechanism for securing the shoe to the foot eg. strap, buckle, laces.


  • Micofibre or weather proof jacket
  • It is to be worn over the regularly school day uniform when it is cold or wet or windy or any combination of these.

Sports Uniform

Junior Campus:

Compulsory for all students undertaking PE classes

  • Plain Black Basketball Shorts
  • House colour Polo Shirt
  • Sneakers of student choice.
  • Navy Bucket Hat or Cap.

To be carried to school and changed into for PE classes and subsequently changed out of after PE classes.

Senior Campus:

Change of Clothes

College & Community Updates

Contact and Information Details

You will have received an email or a form in the mail could you please check that all details are correct as it is vitally important that the school has up to date medical and contact details for all our students.


Rosedale Family Dental


St Michael's Basketball Club



Latrobe Performing Arts Centre




Latrobe Valley Flexible Learning Option


West Traralgon Scout Group


Junior Campus Canteen


Winter Food Truck Carnival


College Calendar


9 - Vic Parliament/Melbourne Magistrates Court

10 - Wakikirri Frankston Performance 

10 - Year 12 Physics Excursion - Australian Synchronoton

11 - The Amazing Spaghetti Machine 2017

11 - Year 9 Outdoor Education - Rock Climbing

14 -Year 7 and 8 Boys and Girls Inter-school basketball

15 -Unit 2 Psychology: Excursion to A Maze 'N Things at Phillip Island

16 - Netball Victoria - School Championships 

21 -  Year 10 Outdoor Education Mountain Bike Trip - Blores Hill

21 - Good Start Early Learning Centre -  Yr 11 HHD

21 - Gipplsand Interschool Basketball - Senior Boys

22 - Music Performance Evening

22 - Grey Street Primary School - Yr 11 HHD

23 - Melbourne Chinese Cultural Day

24 - Year 11 Physics Excursion

24-25 Year 8 Ballarat Camp

25 - Year 10 Federation University Trip

28 - Shrine of Rememeberance

31 - Julian McMahon


1 - Year 9 Outdoor Education Mountain Bike

6 - Year 10 Outdoor Education Canoe Skills Day

12 - Year 10 Outdoor Education Canoe - Lake Narracan

14-23 Year 10 Central Australia Camp

20 - Aladdin

22 - Last Day Term 3


9 - First Day Term 4

15 October -25 November Victorian Young Leaders to China Program 2017

17 - Year 10 Outdoor Education Canoe - Thomson River

23-28 Year 8 Sydney & Canberra Camp

27 - Year 10 Outdoor Education Junior Campus Navigation Session


1- Year 12 exams commence

7 - Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

13-16 Year 9 Melbounre Camp

15 -17 Year 10 Outdoor Education  3 day Challenge - Lake Tyers

22 November - 22 December World Challenge Expedition Cambodia

24 - Year 12 exams conclude

28 - Year 9 Formal


8 - Presentation Assembley 1.30pm-3.00pm

19 - Valedictory Dinner

22 - Last Day Term 4

College Connection