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05 November 2018
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From the Principal 

CESC is committed to the practices and values surrounding child safety. All procedures, measures and practices have been developed in accordance with Ministerial Order No 870 -Child Safe Standards- Managing the risk of child abuse in schools.


Dear Parents and members of the Cranbourne East SC Community,


Many thanks to our fantastic team of teachers and talented young artists from The Arts/Design Technology Department, who provided an outstanding display of high-quality work at the Open HeART exhibition on Wednesday night. The wide and varied talents of our students are showcased throughout the year at our School Production, Music Instrumental Night, Multi-cultural Assembly and lunchtime performances.  Each year these are brought together and celebrated at our annual Open HeART exhibition.   The diversity of talent on show is a real tribute to our dedicated team of Design Technology and The Arts teachers and something we are very fortunate to have and proud of at Cranbourne East Secondary College.


As this year draws to a close for our Year 12 students and Year 11 students, the pressure for Year 12 students continues to build.  I encourage those students to continue to study hard and to balance study with rest breaks in preparation for their final exams.  How much our students commit themselves to their studies over this time can make a significant difference to their final score and future learning pathway.  My message to our year 12 students is to hang in there: we really believe in you and please remember that your final score doesn’t define you, it is doing your best that counts.  Knowing how to do your best in life is the best predictor of success for the future, not your ATAR. I would also like to wish the Year 12 VCAL students all the best in their future pathway, knowing they leave us with the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in both work and life.


Become friends with us on the Cranbourne East SC Facebook page - College Page to find out more about all the great things happening at our school.




Mandee Strickland



General Information



The book lists for 2019 student requirements are now available on the Cranbourne East SC website – Textbooks and Stationery. Printed copies of the book lists are available at Reception if you are unable to access the online version.


To take advantage of the pre-packaged collection service, where your order is brought to the school for pick up, orders must be completed by Friday 7th December. Campion will hold the Collection Session for these orders at the College on Monday 21st January (2-6pm in the School Library).


If your son/daughter is in Year 9-12 in  2019 please do not place an order before Course Confirmation. This will ensure that the student purchases the resources for only the subjects they will be enrolled in. For students in Year 7 & 8 2019, orders can be made from today.




In Cranbourne East Secondary College, we believe that we uphold one of the best chess clubs in Victoria. Our beautiful supervisor, Miss Banaag, encourages us to practice whilst maintaining our genuine enjoyment of the game. Miss Banaag also organizes yearly competitions for us to compete against other students, who we may or may not have played against before. It is a great opportunity for students to get to socialise, experience competitive chess and gain confidence.


At chess club, there are occasional new faces that appear, new to the game and oblivious to the rules of chess. As students that play chess and know the core mechanics of the game, we help them to learn the concept of the game. It is usually the friends of the newcomer that teach the game; however, everyone is willing to help. Newcomers are conventionally taught by the means of a basic game of chess; as well as having the roles of the pieces and the objective kindly explained to them.


During the school year, chess club normally holds a chess tournament to determine the best chess player in the school. This normally lasts around a year, however sometimes longer. This commonly starts with all the participants pairing up with one another to play a game of chess, afterwards, the winner writes their name on a sheet of paper, informing Miss Banaag that they have won. Miss Banaag then randomly pairs us up with other students and place us all on a table to find the winner of another match until there is only one that remains.


At chess club, we have fun and enjoyment throughout our time there, therefore, we all encourage other students start coming to chess club.

Credits: Chloe Staaf 8B

2018-The Mathematics Maths Dash Champion
Wednesday 19th September

Maths Dash is a 100-question challenge involving multiplication facts or doubling and halving facts.  Students at Cranbourne East Secondary School participate in Maths Dash challenges regularly in their Years 7 to 10 Mathematics classes. 

Some VCE classes also participate.   At the end of Term 3, the Mathematics teachers were

asked to nominate their fastest ‘Maths Dash” students to compete for the 2018-Annual Maths Dash Champion of Cranbourne East Secondary School title.


The students met in the LRC for this competition.  Even a few teachers tried out!

They had a maximum of 6 minutes to complete as many of the 100 questions correctly as possible.

The winner was decided by looking at the number of correct answers and the time taken to complete them. This year’s winner completed the 100-question Maths Dash in 1:41seconds.

Congratulations to Emil Thomas of 8G, our 2018 Math’s Dash champion.


Student Success

Year 12 Valedictory

The Year 12 Valedictory Dinner 2018 was held on Thursday October 25th at Sandown Racecourse. The evening recognised and acknowledged the hard work of all our Year 12 students this year. Each student walked on stage to be presented with their graduation certificate and it was lovely to see how proud they all felt on this very special night. A number of awards were also presented on the night and we congratulate all our 2018 award winners on their achievement and success in 2018.


VCE Subject Awards

These awards recognise the excellent academic achievement of our year 12 students and is based on course work scores.

·    Mathematical Methods –  Binil MATHEWS

·    Physics –  Mehdi HAIDARI

·    Chemistry – Varun BHAVSAR

·    Biology -  Tyson WOODALL

·    Psychology –  Bryony HERBERT

·    Food Studies – Tahlia VISSCHER

·    Studio Arts – Celeste ARTUFEL

·    Systems Engineering – MacCauley DUPUY

·    Drama – Heather Thomas

·    Health and Human Development – Tyson WOODALL

·    Physical Education – Bethany Herbert

·    Business Management –  Esmeralda SABA

·    Legal Studies – Esmeralda SABA

·    Accounting – Cassandra SABA

·    English – Tyson WOODALL

·    English as an Additional Language –  Madhu GIRIDHAR


VCAL Subject Awards

The recipients of these awards, have consistently achieved excellence in the subject.

·      Numeracy – Casey-Ann VENTER

·      VCE Foundation Math - Dylan BRASHER-STONE

·      Literacy – Kristinean MARINER

·      Personal Development Skills – Emilee COLLARD

·      Work Related Skills – Victoria PORTELLI

·      VET Sport & Rec - Hayley PAAR

·      VET Kitchen Operations - Jessica HANCOCK

·      VET Business Enterprise - Pyarah LACHAT

·      VET Furnishing – Abbey McKill

·      VET Creative Industries - Ashlee FISHER


Values Awards

The Respect Award goes to the student who received the most respect values cards and who over the year has continuously demonstrated regard for everyone’s feelings, rights and needs.

The award goes to Jason Jacob.


The Growth Award goes to the student who received the most growth values cards. This student has continued to improve as an individual and as a learner.

The award goes to Ashlee Fisher.


The Responsibility Award goes to the student who received the most responsibility values cards. These students are always committed and show ownership over their actions and behaviours.

The award goes to Jessica Hancock and Cassy Saba.


The Achievement Award goes to the student who received the most achievement values cards and who always strives to reach her goals and personal best.

The award goes to Ezy Saba.


RSL Community Spirit Awards

The first award goes to a student who has been a member of Student Voice and a Class Captain for 6 years and has always participated 100% in all Student Voice events, including the presentations and assemblies. She puts her student voice obligations before other claims on her time. She has worked tirelessly on projects that support the College and other groups in the community and was the driving force behind the Pinchapoo project. She has done all of this with a positive attitude even while managing to stay 100% on top of her school work.

Congratulations Elli-Dion Martin.


The second awards goes to a student who has been a key contributor in community activities including talking on behalf of his peers on numerous occasions to introduce and welcome guest speakers. When out in the school he is a role model for the younger years, behaving with respect and maturity towards students and staff.


He has represented his class as the class captain, always happy to step up and take on additional responsibilities and tasks within the role.


Through his VCAL studies he has embarked on many visits to Hunters Green Retirement Village where he demonstrated his compassion and consideration for others, planning activities and engaging with the residents to help brighten their days.

Congratulations Blake Jackson.


Caltex Best All-Rounder

The Caltex Best All Rounder Award is one of Australia’s best-loved secondary education recognition programs. For over 30 years it has been presented to final-year students, acknowledging their all-round contributions to their schools and communities.  The recipients are judged on achievement in the following areas:

·       Academic achievement

·       A willingness to contribute to others and to helping others achieve

·       Exemplary conduct as a senior school role model and demonstration of exceptional leadership qualities.

·       It also rewards service to the college community in particular, participation in school and community activities. This category can, and does include participation and possible success in sport or the arts programs.


Our 2018 recipient has demonstrated all of these qualities.

This student’s work is always completed to an exceptionally high standard. She demonstrates a willingness to contribute to others and to helping others achieve. She is a polite and reliable student that when asked for assistance is always willing to help without complaint. She demonstrates exemplary conduct as a senior school role model and exhibits exceptional leadership qualities.

As a School Vice Captain she has been involved in many whole school activities including multicultural day, wear it purple day and regular student voice meetings. She has been a very noticeable presence around the school and has always conducted herself in a helpful and productive manner. She has epitomised what it means to be a senior student involving herself in many activities outside of the classroom including; her role as School Vice Captain, student voice and year on year has been heavily involved in the school production.


The 2018 Caltex Best All-Rounder is Ashlee Fisher.  Congratulations, Ash.


Student of the Year Awards

These two awards are presented to two students who have excelled in their academic endeavours this year.  The awards recognise not only their achievements but the dedication and commitment to the achievement of their goals.


VCE Student of the Year: Tyson Woodall

VCAL Student of the Year: Pyarah Lachat


Year 7/8 News 

Year 7/8 Assistant Principal News
Linda Buckeridge

What a busy term we have had so far!


With only 5 official weeks left of our current year 7 and 8 classes for 2018, the time is flying by! As you will all be aware, our Step Up program commences in Week 9 and will run for two weeks, enabling our students and their teachers to be prepared for the commencement of the official 2019 year.

There are lots of terrific opportunities ahead for our Year 7 and 8 students, including the Lyndon Williams Memorial Staff vs Student soccer match on Friday 16th November. We also have the Year 7 students attending a whole year level excursion to Healesville Sanctuary on 13th and 14th of November. Our fabulous Mandarin teachers are also organising a day to celebrate the Chinese culture by providing students with immersion activities throughout the day on Friday 16th November.  And of course, End of Year activities week in Week 11 of this term. So much to look forward to!!


However, one of the best experiences I have had so far at Cranbourne East SC has been attending the Year 8 camp last week. What an absolutely wonderful opportunity to get to know our students outside of the school boundaries and watch them conquer a variety of challenges and fears. They participated enthusiastically in the surf lessons and although at times found the coastal hike a challenge, should be very proud of themselves for making it through. Having to cook meals and take on leadership responsibilities was very much out of the comfort zones for some of our students, however it was pleasing to see these comfort zones slowly changing as they tackled new tasks and opportunities in a positive and successful way. I continued to chat with our students about how proud I was of each and every one of them and I cannot wait to see them apply some of their learning and persistence in their everyday tasks at school.


Please don’t forget to remember that summer uniform is in place which includes white socks. As the weather becomes warmer it may also be time to consider using sunscreen throughout the day to provide an extra layer of protection against the sun.


Lastly, a big thank you to our parent community who continue to support the school and our policies ensuring your child is provided with the best possible learning opportunities.



Year 7 News

At their final assembly, the Year 7 Captains presented a heartwarming speech to the year 12’s. The speech consisted of three main points which were congratulating them on success, thanking them for being our role models and wishing them good luck for the near future. The year 12’s weren’t informed about our farewell speech, so it’s safe to say that they were pleasantly surprised. We tried to make our speech as fun and lively as possible with jokes and one of our class captains managed to convert his mess up into a very well-done comedic act which got the year 12 students laughing. Towards the end of our farewell speech, we presented the year 12’s with lovely cupcakes bought in from the teachers and we were able to have conversations with the students individually. Previously the year 7’s had a career assembly guiding us to a better future which also linked into the year 12’s graduation and our fare well speech.  This was a great opportunity to see what the year sevens of the future could do for us when we are in year 12. 


Year 8 News

Hello fellow students

Today I wanted to share with everyone my experience at the year 8 Inverloch surf camp.

On the 24th of October on a sunny Wednesday morning myself and my fellow year 8 peers, plus several staff members met outside the gym before the start of the school day to prepare for Year 8 camp. Students were buzzing talking about the activities and who was in whose tent, and what sweet snacks they had packed in their bags. Parents were chatting away, some worried about first time campers, and others laying bets on who would dominate the surf.

After packing the bus with luggage and students we were off, arriving at Inverloch in what seemed no time.

Shortly after arriving, we were placed in to three groups, Flatheads, Sea Horses and the Stingrays. My group was asked to change into our wetsuits ASAP. For some it was the first time putting on a wet suit, they even had one to fit Mr. Hobba, and this proved to be a struggle for some.

After we were all done changing, we jumped on a bus and headed down to the beach where we were taught a basic beginners lesson on how to surf. The weather was amazing.

After spending approximately 1 hour on dry land, we hit the water and caught the white shallow waves. Some students were standing in no time. Then we had some free time to swim. It was an awesome experience that I’m sure everyone enjoyed.


Once our surf time was up we jumped back on the bus and headed back to the camp where we changed, set up our tents and had some down time. We also discussed our Leadership roles for the camp and assigned our group members a position each.

We then had some free time where you could play music, sport and rest if need be.

After playing a few games waiting for the other groups to get back, we all went for a short hike through the bushland investigating what the region looked like at low tide. Then it was back to camp where we cooked our first meals on the trangia’s. My group had pasta, sauce and veggies, another group had a BBQ. After the feed we were off to bed as everyone was knackered, not too tired to talk and talk and talk until everyone was asleep.

My role on the first day was CEO - this was a very difficult role due to me having to watch times and organize all the activities.

Other roles included CEO assistants, first aid handler, wellbeing manager, journalist and enviro officer just to list a few.

Year 7s if you consider going on this camp next year I advise you try to fit into a role that you know you are good at and will enjoy. Or if you want to work at getting better in a different role put your hand up for it.

These roles play a big part in the organization of the camp.

The place these roles could really be seen was on the second day of camp where everyone went on a massive hike and surfed freely.

Our group hiked for about 12km witnessing some of the most beautiful coastline views in the world. If you want to see some photos check out the monitor in the Year 8 staff window.

Then in the afternoon we headed back to the beach, and even though the Out Beyond instructors were watching in case of emergencies, and if help was required, we were given freedom to surf and put our practice to use.

On our last day we finished by helping the environment and removing foreign weed from the coastal foreshore with a conservation group.

The camp was great and I encourage you all to go if you get the chance. Not only was it a great opportunity to hang and socialize with old friends, but a chance to make new friends, a chance to experience leadership roles and try activities that you have never done before. If you are lucky you might also get to laugh at your favourite teachers falling off a surfboard too.



Chess Club


In Cranbourne East Secondary College, we believe that we uphold one of the best chess clubs in Victoria. Our beautiful supervisor, Miss Banaag, encourages us to practice whilst maintaining our genuine enjoyment of the game. Miss Banaag also organizes yearly competitions for us to compete against other students, who we may or may not have played against before. It is a great opportunity for students to get to socialise, experience competitive chess and gain confidence.


At chess club, there are occasional new faces that appear, new to the game and oblivious to the rules of chess. As students that play chess and know the core mechanics of the game, we help them to learn the concept of the game. It is usually the friends of the newcomer that teach the game; however, everyone is willing to help. Newcomers are conventionally taught by the means of a basic game of chess; as well as having the roles of the pieces and the objective kindly explained to them.


During the school year, chess club normally holds a chess tournament to determine the best chess player in the school. This normally lasts around a year, however sometimes longer. This commonly starts with all the participants pairing up with one another to play a game of chess, afterwards, the winner writes their name on a sheet of paper, informing Miss Banaag that they have won. Miss Banaag then randomly pairs us up with other students and place us all on a table to find the winner of another match until there is only one that remains.


At chess club, we have fun and enjoyment throughout our time there, therefore, we all encourage other students start coming to chess club.

Chloe in 8B


Indigenous Art Club


On Thursday 18th October, the Indigenous Art Club and 9D, with Miss Georgiou and Mr. Razaai,  went to the Royal botanical Gardens of Cranbourne and learnt about the local Aboriginal people, the Boon Wurrung country. Including the tools they used for music, collecting food, hunting and cooking. Students made ochre paint and told their story, tasted several edible plants and fruit, drank natural organic Lemon Myrtle tea and brushed their hair with Banksia plants. Overall students enjoyed their day, despite the rainy weather, and learnt a lot about the relationship between Aboriginal people and the environment.



Year 9/10


The 2018 China trip was certainly a once-in-lifetime trip. 17 CESC students and 3 staff were fortunate enough to be part of a thirteen day exciting adventure.

Phoenix, Kaylana, Paige, Roger, Miah, Jake, Riley, Brandon, Anparasan, Hayden, Emily, Alexandria, Mia, Viki, Courtney, Lana and Aurora accompanied by Mr Allender, Mrs Roe and me set off our 13 day experience in China on September 15th. From the start of our journey, these young people were brimming with enthusiasm and joy. There is no doubt about how happy and successful this trip has been. 13 days is a long time, but according to these students, it wasn’t long enough.

The students visited four of China’s vast and populous cities: Beijing, its capital, Xi’an, Suzhou and Shanghai, each with its own history and atmosphere.

After landed in Beijing, we spent our first three days exploring the amazing city. The highlights of Beijing were definitely the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace. The martial arts Kungfu show was absolutely fascinating. Our love for shopping was fulfilled with the Hongqiao Pearl Market as we became confident in our bargaining skills. Travelling to the Great Wall was an unimaginable and incredible experience that will stay with us forever.

We took an overnight train to Xi’an. The next day we had a relaxing morning started with a local classic breakfast-Roujiamo. We visited the Ancient City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Small Wild Goose Pagoda. The highlight in Xi’an was definitely the Terracotta Army, a super large collection of life-size terra cotta sculptures in battle formations, reproducing the mega imperial guard troops of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China. For dinner, we enjoyed a huge dumpling feast, eating 20 different types of dumplings while watching a traditional Chinese shadow puppet show.

After Xi’an, we went to Suzhou by a high- speed bullet train. We visited the Humble Administrator Garden and Suzhou Museum. Later on the day we had a boat tour on the Suzhou Ancient Grand Canal to see the old buildings and get a feel for the life of the locals. The small town, peaceful and historical, just likes a time machine to take you back to the old era when ancient people communicated mainly by shipping on the waterway.


After the local school visit in Suzhou, we caught a coach two-hour east to the city of Shanghai, a modern metropolis of 20 million people. Once we arrived, we got on the subway and went to Nanjing Road to see the Bund at night, the view along the river was amazing! Every building was lit up with all kinds of lights and there were many historical buildings on the other side of the road. The most exciting part of Shanghai is the Disneyland. As the sixth in the world and the first in mainland China, Shanghai Disneyland Park creates many records among the existing Disney parks. It was undeniably a great day! We loved it. On our last day, we visited the Oriental Pearl Tower. Looking down at Shanghai on a glass floor from 259 metres was a fantastic highlight of the trip.



Welcome to the final term of Year 9! Thus far, we’ve had a smooth start and we’re hoping it continues. Term 4 is traditionally a very busy term and this year is no exception. We’ve had some excursions already, with the main one being for City Experience. It was great to see our Year 9s, who are studying CHALLENGE as a part of the P2S Program, combining it with their City Experience. This saw students attend the Melbourne CBD independently and attend the indoor Rock Climbing Centre. Activities like this prove challenging and need a lot of will power and a growth mindset to have success. Fair to say, students and staff, were quite tired after their active day!

Excitedly, we have our Camp to Halls Gap coming up in Week Six (Wed 14th to Fri 16th Nov). Please complete all documents and pay any outstanding costs if you haven’t already. Students not attending camp are still expected at school, as there are classes running for these students. For students going on camp, we look forward to hearing all about it when you return.

Electives for Year 10 will be confirmed very soon. When this occurs, we will update families with a Course Confirmation date.

Reminders to students and families:

  • Notes for arriving late or absent. Parents/Guardians can log into Compass to approve. If you’ve misplaced your log in, please contact the school to arrange a replacement. Alternatively, please provide your child with a note, when they arrive to school, especially if they’re late, so it can be approved right away. We require your support with this, as each school is required to answer to the Department for student attendance.


  • Uniforms- in particular socks. White socks only. No other colours, logos or writing. Socks cannot be rolled down.  
  • No polish or fake nails.
  • No piercings in the face. If you have any, take them out before entry onto the school grounds.

Thank you to all the students who comply with our school uniform rules and expectations and thank you to the families who provide notes/approvals for attendance. It is greatly appreciated.

Thank you Year 9 students for your smooth start into Term 4!

Year 9 News

Term IV already?  There is so much happening in the Orange Building at the moment, it is hard to believe we are nearing the end of Year 9.  There is an amazing variety of interesting and exciting activities taking place this term.

As part of the P2S program, students are currently focussing on ‘CHALLENGE’.  Our final City Experience for the year will combine the skills learnt navigating the CBD with the challenge of an indoor rock climbing adventure.   The events will take place on Tuesday, October 30th (9F, 9G, 9H and 9I) and Wednesday, October 31st (9A, 9B, 9C, 9D). 

From the 14th to the 16th of November roughly 80 intrepid students will be heading off to Halls Gap for the Year 9 Adventure Gap. Challenge indeed! For those not making the trip, there will be a full program of class and activities running at school for all three days.  Parents are encouraged to ensure their students attend these days.

Year 9 Exams will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of November. Year 9 students will sit Exams for English, Science, Maths and Humanities. Regardless of the intended pathway for your child in 2019, parents are reminded that completion of the Exams is compulsory.  Students are reminded to take their preparation and execution of these Exam very seriously. Classroom teachers will be beginning work on this preparation over the next few weeks. 

As well as those year level activities we are incredibly proud of the large number of Year 9 students participating in engagement and extension activities, hoping to improve their self-confidence and learning abilities.  These programs include Peer Support Training, Aim High Program and Time to Shine.

A final reminder about Summer Uniform.  All students should now be in full summer uniform.  This includes white socks for both boys and girls.  We ask for the support and cooperation from families in ensuring their student has the correct and required uniform.  Please contact the Year Level Leaders or your child’s Home Group teacher if this is an issue.


Subjects in the Spotlight

Art and Ceramics

Our Art/Technology Electives this year have included Art and Ceramics.  My class has been working on a range of different artwork throughout the entire year.  WE have worked at developing our skills in research, planning and publishing artworks. The topic that we have focused on for the entire year has been indigenous Australian dreamtime, culture and symbolism.  Throughout the term we have defined and refined our skills and knowledge in sketching/drawing, painting with water colour and acrylic and sculpting clay.  To start off our year we composed lovely landscape canvasses. These landscapers had our own dreamtime journey in it without our own symbols in respect of the indigenous Australian symbolism. In Term 2 we took a step in the dark and drew some self-portraits. These portraits were covered in dot painting and surrounded with symbols that represent you as a person.

Still working with the topic of the indigenous, we moved into ceramics for term three.  In this project we had to research the first owners of the city of Casey and describe their normal day on walkabout around the area.  From there we needed to illustrate eight different pictures and the journey the local people had to take.  With our finished plans we transferred that on to clay.  Finally, in term 4 we are working in groups to put together a vessel that has all totemic qualities in it.  This totem needed to have the eagle (Bunjil) on it and a relevance of identify and symbolism for the entire group.  Overall, this year has been fun and educational, I have enjoyed the all lesson and can’t wait to continue doing art in the future.

Ronan E 9D


The Sports Pathway Program – 2018

In 2018 there are two Sports Pathway classes.  These classes are designed to enable us to get an understanding about what an athlete does and what they learn about themselves.  As someone who is interested in elite sport and is keen to make a living out of it, I am glad I chose this program.  I have been able to learn all different sporting components and heaps of strength and conditioning with a personal trainer that comes to school.  We have been out on many excursions and found out about the daily life of an elite athlete and trying to exercise like an athlete.  It is all about putting yourself to the test and I totally recommend it.

Tristan W – 9H


The Sports Pathway Program has been an amazing experience.  Being part of this elite sports program in our school we have been given the opportunity to experience so many new opportunities and meet some fantastic people. Another bonus is all the excursions we have been on.  These have included:  Melbourne Cable Park, Oliver's Hill Run and Beach Recovery, AMII Park Tour and Tan Track Run, even swimming and bowling at Casey Race. Anyone who chooses this for 2019 will definitely enjoy it (and you get days out of school😀)

Abbie R – 9I


City Experience – Term III – Mixed Adventures

On the 14th of September the year 9s went on City Experience where we separated into groups. There were options from: The Old Melbourne Gaol, Queen Victoria Market, Murder Mystery, MCG Tour, Gaming/Programming, Street Art. As for me, I went to Queen Victoria Market where we had at least 2 hours to spend in the market while we filled out our worksheet to learn about the Market as we went on. We also had free time as well after we completed the worksheet. The market was full of many things ranging from clothes, fresh foods, fast food, etc. There were many things to learn about the market as it had history to it. Afterwards, we made a quick visit to the Old Melbourne Gaol where we took photos outside the Gaol. We took a tour around most parts of Melbourne including Melbourne Central but after that we met up with the rest on the people at Parliament Station and then we took the 2:15 train back to Cranbourne. The day was very exhausting but we gained knowledge about various parts of Melbourne and understanding of the reasons why some of the places were created or what were they used for before. Overall, it was very interesting how other people who went to different places and shared their opinions about their understanding on their city experience. The day was enjoyable and we wish to attend to similar excursions in the future

Bhumika 9B


For City Experience, I went on a Murder Mystery Tour, which was touring the city and certain locations within the city. The people who were doing the tour were to arrive at Flinders Street Station at 9.30am, and were expected to travel there by themselves. When we arrived at the station, we met with a teacher and followed our teacher to where the tour began. Our tour guide was a talkative guy, who had interesting stories to tell us about the dark side of Melbourne. We walked to certain locations, such as the St Paul’s Cathedral, and were told menacing and shocking stories that took place at that certain spot. One story that is still vividly remembered in our heads is the cases of 6 different women who went missing in Melbourne.  They were all different age groups, ethnicity and social groups, with no evident connections to one another. Our tour guide also said that all of the witnesses who were there at the time of the kidnappings were killed, leaving the case with no witness or evidence. We heard even more alarming stories as we stopped at unusual areas; the side of a building, in an old library etc. Overall, the tour opened our eyes to the ‘underbelly’ of Melbourne, and how it has some dark secrets of its own. After the highly exhilarating tour, we parted with our tour guide and were in our own little groups to find some food in the city. After finding something to eat, the other City experience groups came together and met up at Parliament station where we were dismissed. We got the choice of staying in the city or catching the next train back to Cranbourne.

Angelena 9A



The ConocoPhillips science experience

On September 24th to 26th, three students in the Year 9 STEM Program: Amanda Sabangan, Raj Singh and Shainon Cunnen, were selected to participate in the ConocoPhillips Science Experience along with other students from several schools around Victoria. Held at the Berwick campus of Federation University, the three-day program involved hands-on activities about wildlife forensics, nursing, psychology, programming, and excursions that were occupied with a variety of challenges the students had to undergo.

On 24th of September, 3 of the year 9 stem students from 9B had a chance to go to a 3-day science experience which was located at the federation university. The first day the students arrived at Federation University and played a game just to get to get to know each other. Then the students went upstairs and had a mini-lesson about how the brain works and the different function of the brain. The students had a break after and were given an opportunity to look at how athletes are assessed and get feedback on their performance. After that, the students learnt how to make Gatorade and actually made their own Gatorade and compared it to a regular homemade drink. The students then had a little break where they got to eat their lunch and relax for a bit. Last period the students did robotics and learnt how robots are programmed. After that, the students programmed robots to go in a straight-line sensor an object picks it up and then continue and turn left and then drop it. The first day was a lot of fun and the students made a lot of friends some of which they are still in contact with. They learnt different things about brain function and it was really fascinating to see how robots work. It was making their own Gatorade was the best because they got to drink it.

The second day, Tuesday 25th of September, was a day spent outdoors on an excursion to the Cranbourne Botanical gardens and the Moonlit Sanctuary. We were required to learn how to navigate using GPS tracking units and use problem-solving skills to complete a navigational challenge. We then travelled to the Moonlit Sanctuary where we met a range of Australian native animals including kangaroos, wallabies, Tasmanian devils, orange-bellied parrots, koalas, and plenty more. We also had a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes at a wildlife park and gained a thorough understanding of the efforts required to protect the threatened or endangered species of some precious animals. Despite having to collect stinky koala scat for our DNA profiling activity, everyone had a great time throughout the day learning and befriending one another.

During the 3rd Day of the ConocoPhillips science experience on the 26th September of October, the year 9 STEM students investigated wild-life related studies involving the DNA separation of a Koala and the dissection of an owl’s gel electrophoresis diet. The DNA samples were found in the excretion of koala’s scat and were examined for their gender. When collected the samples of different Koala’s faeces and proceeded to Federation’s University where we underwent countless procedures like centrifuging the DNA to separate the different layers of the faeces, and collecting different substances and carefully depositing it into the DNA sample. Then after the PCR machine had compressed the DNA onto a thin glass pallet, we analysed the results and determined what genders our koalas were by looking whether the kola had an “XY” configuration which was a male or an “XX” which was a female. On the second part of the day, the students dissected an owl’s pellet which a regurgitation of what the owl has eaten. They examined the number of bones and what animal the bones it belonged to.

The ConocoPhillips science experience was a tremendous event that taught about wildlife sciences, biology and chemistry. The sports drink making, the amazing botanic garden race and the DNA separation was a fantastic encounter that extended the knowledge of the STEM students in many different ways. It is recommended that you try this experience at your local ConocoPhillips event!

                                                                                       -  Shainon Cunnen, Amanda Sabangan and Raj Singh(9B)





Year 10 News

We have commenced our final term for Year 10! Once again, it will be an action-packed term that will keep our students busy right up until their last day of the year. We have already had students participating in a range of fun learning opportunities over the last couple of weeks and there are plenty more to come. Students are also preparing for their end of year exams and are encouraged to commence their study as soon as possible so that they can achieve their best possible results as they finish their years in the Middle-School years at CESC.

Key dates for Term 4 include:

  • Monday 5th November – Curriculum Day
  • Tuesday 6th November – Melbourne Cup
  • Friday 16th November – Lyndon Williams Staff vs Students Soccer Match
  • Tuesday 20th – Friday 23rd November – Exam Week
  • Monday 26th – Friday 30th – Feedback Week
  • Thursday 29th November – Year 10 Celebration Day
  • Monday 3rd December – Step Up timetable commences
  • Friday 14th December – Final day for 10s into 11

Term 4 with our Branch Out programs


This year our 10A students have been undertaking a year long program called the ‘I Sea, I Care’ program, run by the Dolphin Research Institute (DRI) in Hastings. Term 4 has been a busy period for the class who have been involved in completing intertidal surveys at Flinders and presenting their project to the staff from the DRI.

On Monday 8th October, Sue Mason from the DRI came to visit 10A during their Science class to teach them how to develop a research question, develop their hypothesis from this and then run an intertidal survey based on their work. The following Monday the class were taken to the West Head lookout in Flinders to run their surveys and determine whether their predictions were accurate. The students enjoyed visiting the rockpools and observing the organisms that resided within the area.

Following on from the survey session, 10A presented their project to members of the DRI team on Wednesday 24th of October. They had developed a plan to educate their peers about the harm that single use plastic can have on the marine wildlife of Port Phillip Bay, as well as educate them about the organisms that reside there, including seals and dolphins! 10A will finish up their work with the DRI on Monday 26th November, where they will take a boat trip out from Sorrento to observe the dolphins that reside in the bay.

VINE Numeracy

Our 10B students have had a busy start to Term 4, working to complete their final tasks to receive their ‘S’ for their VCAL Foundation Numeracy class. Activities that they have participated in include their Scavenger Hunt around the Hunt Club and their Blindfolds Location task.

As part of their Outcome called Location, students had to work with a partner to develop a Scavenger Hunt that would lead their peers around a section of the Hunt Club, completing tasks along the way. Students had to provide their peers with 8 sets of directions that would lead them in a circuit back to the school. They then spent one session of a double lesson setting up for the Scavenger Hunt, which included leaving items around the Hunt Club to be later discovered by another group from the class. That afternoon, each group received a set of directions to decipher, which would hopefully lead them in the right direction! All of the students in the class worked extremely well to prepare the activity and, once out in the community, represented the school positively. Well done to 10B!


LEAF National Gallery of Victoria excursion

On the 19th of October the Year 10 LEAF class got the opportunity to visit the National Gallery of Victoria. They were involved in a creative writing workshop where they analysed and interpreted artwork. The art they looked at included Pablo Picasso’s ‘Weeping Woman’ and Mark Rothko’s ‘Untitled (Red)’. 10C’s guide, Liz, put together several activities which facilitated their creative thinking. They were encouraged to explore the depths of the artwork by listing their associations with the image and develop this into poetry. Overall, the LEAF class were thankful for the chance to engage with culture and art from new perspectives.

Veronica Guthrie

Year 10 Assistant Team Leader

Year 10 Science and Genetics


This term students are discovering what makes them tall, short, curly haired or straight haired or even why they have freckles. They are learning to answer questions like “Why is that I have my Uncle Bobs’ nose? Why do I look more like my cousin than my sister? In DNA and Genetics we delve into finding out what exactly is DNA and how our biological parents pass on genes that make us who we are. We also explore the realm of stem cells, cloning, vaccinations and GMOs.


The students get to produce their own “offspring” in the CAT when they make their own Vegie Babies and learn how it is random chance that creates a curly haired baby and that it is just one of many possible outcomes.


Here are the results of 10Is mating outcomes.

Lots of Boys in this class with Curly Hair also coming out the Dominant trait.



Indigenous Art Club

On Thursday 18th October, the Indigenous Art Club and 9D, with Miss Georgiou and Mr. Razaai,  went to the Royal botanical Gardens of Cranbourne and learnt about the local Aboriginal people, the Boon Wurrung country. Including the tools they used for music, collecting food, hunting and cooking. Students made ochre paint and told their story, tasted several edible plants and fruit, drank natural organic Lemon Myrtle tea and brushed their hair with Banksia plants. Overall students enjoyed their day, despite the rainy weather, and learnt a lot about the relationship between Aboriginal people and the environment



Year 11/12

Key Dates


31 October to 19 November: Year 12 VCAA Examinations

19 - 23: Year 11 Exams

26: Final Year 11 Assembly, Period 1

26: Year 11 Activity Day- Melbourne Cable Park, Periods 2-5

27 - 29: Year 11 Feedback Week


3 - 14: Year 11 into 12 Step up

14: Last Day of Term 4

Assistant Principal News

What a busy start to Term 4 we’ve had!

The first 2 weeks of term saw the Year 12 students complete their final classes of secondary schooling. This week we held various incursions, seminars and celebrations including a Treetops excursion, their final assembly and the Valedictory evening. I would like to thank Irene Greenwood, Michelle Patterson, Jess Latchford and Shivani Akhil for all of their hard work in planning such a fitting send off to the students.


With the upcoming exams approaching the next few weeks are important for all year 10 to 12 students to develop study skills and begin preparing for their end of semester exams. Some ways students can set themselves up for this time it to:

  • develop a study timetable
  • allocate a space which enables them to study without distractions
  • develop a study group
  • organise their notes into flowcharts & visual aids
  • ensure they are getting enough sleep and eating the right foods
  • try their best

I wish all Year 12 students every success and encourage them to take advantage of the supports, resources and additional classes held at school during the exam period. One final message to the class of 2018:

  • follow your passion - the effort and commitment you make are better placed onto something you love.
  • believe in yourself - know you can cope with change and whatever the future holds for you
  • rely on your peers for help – both from High School and the new colleagues you meet.

Good Luck!

Penni Roe

Assistant Principal Years 10-12

VCE News - Year 11

The Year 11 Drama students presented their final solo performances on Friday 12th at the College. Students portrayed skills in transformation of character, time, place and object, exploring playmaking techniques in the development of non-naturalistic themes. The students were confident and expressive and well done to all performers.


Presentation Ball

The Cranbourne East Secondary College Presentation Ball was an amazing experience for all involved. The build-up with all the dance-lessons, doing the partner profiles, the girls buying their dress and many of the guys getting haircuts was an exciting experience that many involved will not forget. The night of the Presentation Ball came along quickly, and it did not disappoint. The formal part of the night with the couples being presented to City of Casey Councillor Amanda Stapledon began early night, followed by the couples presenting the dance they had practiced for months. The rest of the night was dancing on the dance floor and having a good time with friends and family. The Presentation Ball is an experience I recommend to all future year 11’s to participate in.


Conor Pennington

Year 11 Drama

The Year 11 Drama students presented their final solo performances on Friday 12th at the College. Students portrayed skills in transformation of character, time, place and object, exploring playmaking techniques in the development of non-naturalistic themes. The students were confident and expressive and well done to all performers.

VCAL News - Year 11

VCAL students have been busy finishing off their Intermediate Outcomes to ensure they meet the requirements to get their Intermediate VCAL Certificate.


In the coming weeks students will focus on developing key skills required for their Senior VCAL in 2019. They will also participate in a number of events and programs aimed at developing employability skills as well as social and emotional skills. Please see schedule of these programs below.


Monday October 29th: Responsible Service of Alcohol Course

Thursday November 8th: Barista Course

Friday November 9th: Girls Wellbeing Program

Friday November 9th: Boys Wellbeing Program

Friday November 16th: Mock Interviews ( No VCAL classes running)

Monday November 26th: Final Yr. 11 Assembly Period 1

Monday November 26th: Final Yr. 11 Celebration Day Out: Melbourne Cable Park Period 2 - Period 5

Thursday November 29th: Yr. 11 VCAL Feedback Day

Friday November 30th: Start of Year 12

Monday December 3rd to Friday December 14th: Year 12 Step Up

Friday December 14th: Last day of school for 2018


Elise Corney                                                                                    Irene Greenwood

Year 11 Leader                                                                               VCAL Leader

VCE News - Year 12

Access Monash

A couple of weeks ago, Ms Corney and myself had the pleasure of attending the Graduation of the students who participated in the Access Monash Mentoring program, at Monash University. I would like to congratulate all students involved in the program, as well as Nancy Huez-O’Rourke, for all her efforts and support. Students who graduated: Heather Thomas and Mary Sagayno (pictured below).

Year 12 Final Week

The final week of Year 12 has come and gone and the students handled themselves very well. It was quite an emotional week for staff and students alike. On Monday the Year 7 students presented the Year 12's with cupcakes and heartfelt messages of good luck. Tuesday was a wonderful day flying high in the trees at Trees Adventure in Belgrave. Wednesday began with a cooked breakfast and ended in the final Year 12 assembly. The bonds that formed throughout the year were definitely evident when it came time to dismiss the students for the final time.


The final celebration of the week was the Year 12 Valedictory Dinner which took place at Sandown Racecourse on Thursday October 25th. Students were presented with their graduation certificates and pride filled the room as each child walked on stage to receive theirs. Awards on the night included VCE and VCAL subject awards, Values Awards, RSL Community Spirit Awards, Caltex All-Rounder and VCE and VCAL Student of the Year Awards. Congratulations to all the year 12 cohort on a very successful and enjoyable evening. All of our award winners can be seen on the ‘Student Success’ page of the Newsletter.


Once again we would like to congratulate everyone on a successful year and wish them all the best on their future endeavours.

Michelle Patterson                                                                      Irene Greenwood

Year 12 Leader                                                                               VCAL Leader

VCAL News - Year 12

Yr. 11 and Yr. 12 VCAL Colour Run Fundraiser

Well done to all the Yr. 11 and Yr. 12 VCAL students from VET Business and VET Sport & Rec classes who organised and ran the whole school ‘Colour Run’ which took place on the last day of Term 3. The event was enjoyed by all participants and we look forward to this becoming an annual event on the schools calendar. The funds raised will go to year level programs and events. The students raised an impressive $1441.


Careers & Pathways


Rewards worth having are earned with hard work and commitment.

Nothing worth having comes easily, nor is it free!


Farewell to the graduating Class of 2018 - May all your tomorrows be filled with success!


Remember to choose a job you love; that way you will never have to work a day in your life. (Anonymous)


Free TAFE for lots of jobs

From 1 January 2019, the Victorian Government will pay the tuition fees for eligible students studying one of 30 priority TAFE courses and 20 courses that provide pathways to apprenticeships in Victoria.


Careers educators are often the first people students look to for support when considering future education.


Free TAFE may be the perfect opportunity for students to explore the career they’re most interested in, without tuition fees.Teachers can also recommend Free TAFE courses when talking to students about their individual aspirations, providing them with more options to continue their education journey.


For more information, see


4 options for 2018 school leavers to think about

The Department of Human Services has published an article on their Media Hub around 4 options for 2018 school leavers to think about. It covers the 4 broad options school leavers can take and links them with services the Department can provide them.


Early Childhood Scholarships Program - recently launched

The Department of Education and Training opened applications for the Early Childhood Scholarships Program on 1 October 2018. Information about the Program and the online application form for Victorians wanting to study in 2019 is available here:

The Program is aimed at attracting new early childhood teachers to the field as well as supporting existing educators who wish to upskill to a teaching qualification. Successful applicants receive a significant amount of funding to support their study and career pathway into the early childhood workforce.


For further information, applicants can also email [email protected] or call

1300 651 662


endota Wellness College

endota Wellness College offers full and part-time, government-subsidised positions to eligible students.


Backed by endota’s strong reputation and industry connections, nationally accredited courses qualify highly sought after beauty and massage therapists. As a new member of CEAV, we look forward to welcoming your students.


Click here for more information or to register your interest


Volunteering as a gateway into the animal welfare industry


Five reasons why: Veterinary science


Should the ATAR for teachers be raised?


Should work-integrated learning become a compulsory part of university courses?

Pathways Programs to University in 2019 

There are many different ways to get to the same destination, and that applies to university too.  Sometimes students do not quite meet the entry criteria to go straight into a university course – maybe their ATAR was not high enough, or they did not attain the minimum study score in a prerequisite subject.  The encouraging thing is that many universities have recommended pathway courses to degrees they offer. 

Below are some of these pathway schemes:


ACU College to the Australian Catholic University

ACU College is a department of the Australian Catholic University that delivers TAFE-level courses.  These courses are complete qualifications but are also pathway programs into bachelor degrees at ACU.   While the pathways are not guarantees, students who do well in the ACU College courses are usually offered places in relevant bachelor programs. 


Some of the pathway courses ACU College offers domestic school leavers include:


Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing) – (Pathway to the Diploma of Nursing)

Diploma of Early Childhood & Education Care – (Pathway to Bachelor of Early Childhood Education)

Certificate IV in Educational Support – (Pathway to Bachelor of Education (Primary) or Bachelor of Early Childhood Education)

Certificate in Exercise Science – (Pathway to Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science or Bachelor of Physical Activity and Health Science)

Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled-Division 2 nursing) – (Pathway to Bachelor of Nursing)

Diploma of Leadership and Management – (Pathway to Bachelor of Business Administration or Bachelor of Commerce)


For more information on these courses, the cost and how to apply email [email protected] or call (03) 9953 3321, or browse ACU College


Box Hill Institute Pathways to ACU, Deakin, La Trobe, and Monash

Box Hill Institute places a strong emphasis on providing students with practical knowledge in their chosen area of study, preparing students for further study at Australian Catholic University (ACU), Deakin University, La Trobe University and Monash University. 

For a list of pathway courses from Box Hill Institute to ACU, visit Pathways from BHI to ACU     


For a list of pathway courses (some of which are guaranteed pathways) from Box Hill Institute to Deakin University, visit Pathways from BHI to Deakin University     


For a list of pathway courses from Box Hill Institute to La Trobe University, visit Pathways from BHI to La Trobe University   


For a list of pathway courses (some of which are guaranteed pathways) to Monash University from Box Hill Institute, visit Pathways from BHI to Monash University


Deakin College to Deakin University

Deakin College is a direct pathway to Deakin University, providing students with the experience that supports successful transition to further studies at the University.  Deakin College offers:

Diploma programs in Business, Commerce, Communication, Construction Management, Design, Engineering, Film, Television & Animation, Health Sciences, and Science lead into a number of second year Bachelor degrees at Deakin University.


Deakin College courses are conducted on three Deakin University campuses in Victoria: Melbourne Burwood Campus, Geelong Waterfront Campus and Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus.  Being located on campus enables students to access and enjoy all facilities and services, creating a smoother transition to their degree at Deakin. 


Find out more by browsing Deakin College


Deakin University to Deakin University

Deakin University offers a number of pathway courses for domestic students into its bachelor programs.  In other words, pathways through Deakin!  These include courses such as Associate Degree of Arts, Associate Degree of Education, or undertaking a single unit of study, which can be used as credit towards a degree. 


Find out more at Pathways through Deakin


Guaranteed Pathways from TAFE to Deakin University

The Deakin Pathways Program seeks to encourage increased participation in higher education, as well as providing a supported student transition to higher education through supported VET programs.  These pathways provide students with a seamless transition from TAFE Diplomas / Advanced Diplomas to Deakin University degrees. 

For further details in regards to the Deakin Pathways Program visit Deakin Pathways Program. Alternatively, email [email protected] for assistance or further advice.


Kangan Institute Pathways to University

Kangan Institute has partnered with leading universities in Australia to give students over 30 guaranteed pathway options to higher education.


Diploma programs including in accounting, business, early childhood education, logistics, management, nursing, beauty therapy, justice, and travel & tourism lead into Bachelor degrees, with 1 or more years’ credit) at a number of universities. 


Find out more at Kangan Pathways to University


La Trobe College to La Trobe University

La Trobe College is an alternative entry option to La Trobe University and provides a complete university experience within a personal and supportive environment and a fast-track pathway to an extensive range of degree options.


La Trobe College offers a range of Diploma courses, which are equivalent to La Trobe University's first year bachelor degree. Upon successful completion, students enter second year of their Bachelor Degree, choosing a degree from the university's five faculties. 

La Trobe College offers pathway courses into physiotherapy, speech pathology, OT.


Programs include:
Diploma of Bioscience

Diploma of Business

Diploma of Health Sciences

Diploma of Information Technology

Diploma of Media and Communications

Diploma of Engineering

Diploma of Psychology


Find out more at La Trobe College


Melbourne Polytechnic to Deakin and La Trobe

Melbourne Polytechnic offers a range of pathway courses to a number of degrees offered at Deakin University and/or La Trobe University.  Courses in Arts, Business, Civil Engineering, Information Technology, and Visual Arts are on offer. 


Find out more at Melbourne Polytechnic


Monash College to Monash University

A Monash College Diploma offers a direct pathway into second year at Monash University.


Six diplomas are on offer that can lead students to a number of Monash University degree course in arts, art, design and architecture, business, engineering, IT and science.   Students should note that entry requirements into Monash College and Monash University do apply. 


Find out more at Monash College


Monash University – Pathway Options

Diploma of Tertiary Studies (DoTs)

The Diploma of Tertiary Studies (DoTS) is designed as an alternative pathway to university study. The one-year full-time course is particularly suited to students requiring additional learning support in their first year of study.  The DoTS pathway equips students with the skills to write essays, undertake research, solve problems, think critically, develop projects, and communicate their ideas more effectively.  This pathway opportunity is offered at the Peninsula campus of Monash University.   


Providing a direct pathway to Monash University, successful completion of DoTS allows students to apply to progress to the second year of a number of Monash University degrees.  When applying for DoTS, students will have the flexibility to choose a stream that interests them from Business, Education or Nursing. It is this stream that forms the first year of their degree, and determines which Monash University degree they can pathway into.  Students with a minimum ATAR of 50 and who attain a study score of at least 30 in English (EAL) or at least 25 in English other than EAL, and a VTAC Personal Statement, are eligible to apply. 

Visit DoTS  to find out more.


Diploma of Higher Education – Science or Education (DoHE)

The Diploma of Higher Education (DoHE) is designed for students who want to study a Bachelor of education, or a course in science, inclusive of mathematics or related areas at Monash University, but did not get the ATAR they need, or they did not quite meet the entry requirements for entry, having perhaps missed a prerequisite, particularly mathematics.  On successful completion of this one-year, full-time course, students can apply to enter the second year of education, education/science, or several mathematics and science courses, and gain credit for the subjects they have already studied.  The Diploma of Higher Education – Science is offered at the Clayton campus.  Students with a minimum ATAR of 60 and who attain a study score of at least 30 in English (EAL) or at least 25 in English other than EAL, and a VTAC Personal Statement, are eligible to apply. 

Visit DoHE to find out more.


Pathway Diplomas and Associate Degrees to RMIT University

RMIT offers a diverse range of pathway programs to assist students in reaching their study and career destination.  The pathways at RMIT provide opportunities for students to transfer from one program to another, receive recognition for their existing skills and knowledge, and can be credited towards a degree. 

Visit Pathways to RMIT Degrees.


UniLink Diplomas: Pathway to a Degree at Swinburne University

UniLink diplomas are an option for students who miss direct entry to a degree or who would benefit from a more supportive style of learning.  They are equivalent to the first year of university and can provide a pathway to the second year of a related Swinburne University bachelor degree.  Students who successfully complete their diploma course are guaranteed a place in a range of business, information and communication technologies, and science degrees.  

UniLink diplomas are available in the areas of:

Students wishing to undertake a UniLink course can apply through VTAC and must attain an ATAR of approximately 50, and meet any prerequisites, to be eligible for consideration.  

For more information about the range of UniLink courses on offer, visit UniLink


Diploma in General Studies (DiGS) to the University of Melbourne

Completion of the one-year Diploma in General Studies (DiGS) gives domestic students a guaranteed entry into degree courses at the University of Melbourne.  The Diploma in General Studies program is a sampler of the Melbourne bachelor’s degrees, and provides students with the opportunity to study biomedicine, commerce, design, science or agriculture.  The Diploma in General Studies (DiGS) gives students a year of breathing space to decide what they really want to do next, and provides a structured stepping stone to a meaningful outcome – whether that is employment or further study at the University of Melbourne.  A minimum ATAR of 50, and English (20) or EAL (25) is required to be considered for the course, and the DiGS program is taught at the Dookie Campus. 


Find out more at Diploma in General Studies


Victoria University – Pathway Options

Victoria University offers a range of diplomas to degrees’ programs.  Pathways in arts, business, education, engineering and science, health and biomedicine, law and justice, and sport and exercise are available. 


Find out more at Diplomas to Degrees

Year 12 School Leavers Information

Study Assist

Students are encouraged to browse the following link as the website provides information to students about Australian Government assistance for financing of tertiary study.  There is very useful information on study loans, how one pays back those loans, scholarship opportunities, etc. 


Visit Study Assist


Tax File Number

Year 12 students are reminded yet again that they cannot enrol in a CSP (Commonwealth Supported Place) university course next year without a Tax File Number (TFN).  Students who do not have one are reminded to apply for a TFN online and have their identity verified through an interview at a participating Australia Post office. 

To apply and also to find out about participating Post Offices, visit TFN Application


Low Income Healthcare Card for Australian Students

Once you have finished school you are no longer a student and you may be eligible for a Low Income Health Care Card.


This card gives access to a range of concessions, not only on some health care items but also on a range of other goods and services if you are on a low income.  

In particular, some TAFE and other short courses offer discounts for cardholders.


You may also be eligible for public transport concessions (note that if you are studying interstate you are not eligible for public transport concessions in Victoria).


Eligibility for a Low Income Health Care Card is based on YOUR income over the previous 8 weeks.  As long as your income is less than $4,448 over that period (or $556 per week) you should qualify.  You will maintain the Low Income Health Care Card as long as your income does not exceed $5,560 (or $695 per week) in any 8 week period.


It is highly recommended that all graduating Year 12 students consider applying for this card once the exams are over.  Visit Low Income Healthcare Card and find out more.

Change of Preference 2018

Victoria University

VU will be offering a range of services and events during this year’s Change of Preference period

(14 - 19 December)

Change of Preference Expo:

Monday 17 December, 3:00pm - 6:00pm, Footscray Park


VU Hotline and Online Chat

Friday 14 December, 8:30am - 6:00pm

Saturday 15 – Sunday 16 December, 10:00am - 3:00pm

Monday 17 – Tuesday 18 December, 8:30am - 6:00pm

Wednesday 19 December, 8:30am - 12:00pm


1-to-1 Consultations, Footscray Park

Monday 17 – Tuesday 18 December, 9:00am - 8:00pm

Wednesday 19 December, 9:00am-12:00pm


For more information, access the online chat service and book a 1-to-1 consultation, visit

For the VU hotline, call 1300 VIC UNI


Deakin College

Information Sessions
Sunday 16 December 2018
11.00am - 2.00pm
Melbourne Burwood campus


Monday 17 December 2018
11.00am - 1.00pm
Geelong Waurn Ponds campus


Monday 17 December 2018
5.00pm - 7.00pm
Geelong Waterfront campus


Melbourne Polytechnic
Local Students Online Chat
Mon-Fri: 8am - 6pm
Sat: 9am - 4pm


03 9269 8400
Mon-Fri: 8am - 6pm
Sat: 9am - 4pm


Skills & Job Centre: Plenty Valley
Address: 415 McDonalds Rd, Mill Park VIC 3082
Phone: 9269 1200
Mon – Wed: 9am - 5:30pm
Thu – Fri: 9am - 9pm
Sat: 9am - 5pm
Sun: 10am - 5pm
- Face-to-face drop ins
- Call to book Education Careers Advisor
- Enquire online


Skills & Job Centre: Northland
Address: 2-50 Murray Road, Preston VIC 3072
Phone: 9269 1200
Mon – Wed: 9am-5:30pm
Thu – Fri: 9am- 9pm
Sat: 9am-5pm
Sun: 10am-5pm
- Face-to-face drop ins
- Call to book Education Careers Advisor
- Enquire online

ACU News

Faculty of Education and Arts

An admission pathway into teaching

The Bachelor of Educational Studies has been designed for students who are passionate about becoming teachers, but do not achieve the entry requirements.

Students who successfully complete their first year of study (subject to meeting certain progression and non-academic requirements) will be guaranteed entry into the second year of the Bachelor of Education (Primary) or the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary).

Learn more about the program.


Becoming a youth worker

Would you like to support disadvantaged young people? What makes ACU youth work courses special is that we focus on working with highly marginalised young people and offer specialty subjects in trauma-informed practice, building relationships, and working with highly vulnerable youth.

Find out more about our youth work courses.

Build a creative career in media production
 Have you ever seen a video or digital content creator, social media manager, communications advisor or radio and film/television producer and wondered how they landed the job?

ACU’s Bachelor of Media Production is an excellent pathway into these careers, and you’ll graduate work-ready. The practical focus of our degree means that you will begin producing media from your first week on campus, and have opportunities to develop and deliver digital video, radio, podcasts and online features.


The third year of the course is dedicated to offering students real industry-focused experiences.  Classes take place in the new media precinct, with its state-of-the-art computer lab, television and radio studios.  Here students will work alongside industry and the community to make and distribute a wide range of media content.  Students will work as part of a team to produce broadcast television productions and live-streamed community radio programs, as well produce and manage a dedicated online production channel.


Learn more about the Bachelor of Media Production.

Visual arts and design graduate exhibition

The Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design degree provides an exciting mix of studio based art, graphic design, art and design history and theory, and practical and profession experience with exhibitions in art galleries.

Our graduate exhibitions take place at our campus art galleries in November. The annual exhibition features the creative work of students in visual arts and design across a range of media including painting, drawing, printmaking, graphic design, photography and sculpture.

Learn more about our galleries.


Faculty of Health Sciences

ACU speech pathology student says communication access is vital for participation.


More than 140 speech pathology students celebrated Speech Pathology Week at the SLP2B Communication Access is Communication for All networking event, presented by the Student Portfolio of the Victorian Branch of Speech Pathology Australia. The event was held at the ACU Melbourne Campus on 22 August 2018. Attendees heard from a panel of practising speech pathologists with a range of professional experiences and specialisations. Consumers of speech pathology services also shared their stories, advice, and top tips for communication.


ACU third year Bachelor of Speech Pathology student Stephanie Verga was part of the event’s organising team. “It was an inspiring night as the attendees were given the opportunity to hear from influential professionals in the field and ask many burning questions. This year’s theme is important to me. Communication access is vital to enable everyone to participate fully in the social, educational, economic, and sporting aspects of their community,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie feels proud to be a part of the Bachelor of Speech Pathology at ACU and one day plans to advocate for her own clients by promoting the removal of barriers to effective communication. She believes that ACU has prepared her for advocating for people's communication rights by learning about the speech pathology profession’s ethical guidelines, and studying core ACU graduate attributes, such as human dignity and the common good.

Box Hill Institute

Launch of School Based Hospitality Program for 2019!

Student and Parent Information and Enrolment Evening
Date: Wednesday, 14 November 2018
Time: 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Student Enrolment Evening
Date: Wednesday, 21 November 2018
Time: 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Register Now


VETiS Student Information Evenings

All direct application students undertaking a VETiS subject for the first time in 2019 are invited to attend one of the following information evenings. These evenings will introduce you to your subject and teachers, and familiarise you with Box Hill Institute’s campus. 


Wednesday November 7

6:30pm – 7:30pm

Building 4
Elgar Road Campus

  • Automotive Vocational Preparation
  • Building and Construction (Carpentry)(Partial completion)
  • Electro-technology Studies (Pre-Vocational)
  • Engineering Studies
  • Furniture Making Pathways
  • Plumbing (Pre-apprenticeship)

Thursday November 8

6:30pm – 7:30pm

Building 4
Elgar Road Campus

  • Active Volunteering
  • Allied Health Assistance
  • Animal Studies
  • Community Services
  • Early Childhood Education & Care
  • Equine Studies
  • Health Services Assistance
  • Health Support Services
  • Horticulture
  • Laboratory Skills
  • Landscaping

Tuesday November 13

6:30pm – 7:30pm

Building 4
Elgar Road Campus

  • Applied Fashion Design & Technology
  • Beauty Services
  • Design Fundamentals
  • Floristry (Assistant)
  • Integrated Technologies – Cisco
  • Interior Decoration Retail Services
  • Live Production & Services
  • Make-Up
  • Micro Business Operations
  • Music Industry (Specialising in Hip Hop)
  • Music Industry (Specialising in Performance)
  • Music Industry (Specialising in Sound Production)
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Retail Cosmetics
  • Salon Assistant
  • Screen & Media
  • Sport & Recreation
  • Visual Arts

La Trobe University News

Change of Preference 2018

The busy change of preference period is fast approaching – so we’re getting ready to offer you and your students a range of ways to connect with us over the coming months.


We’re taking a personalised approach to change of preference this year – swapping our general event, with the opportunity to have one-on-one time with our course advisors.


Following the release of ATARs, our doors will be open across all campuses on Saturday 15 December for one-on-one time with our team. Students won’t need to book ahead – just simply arrive on-campus and wait to be assisted. Further details will be released as December approaches.


Other ways to receive support during change of preference period include:

Extended call centre hours:
Friday 14     7am – 7pm
Saturday 15     7am – 7pm
Sunday 16     10am – 3pm
Monday 17     7am – 7pm
Tuesday 18     9am – 5pm
Wednesday 19    9am – 5pm

Live Chat:
Live chat is also available via our website and will be extended during change of preference




Applications to VCE Plus will close on Friday 23 November.


VCE Plus offers students commencing Year 12 in 2019 the chance to undertake a pair of first year university subjects, alongside their normal studies. The subjects are approved by VCAA and count towards students’ VCE as their fifth or sixth subject.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Early offers into degrees with minimum ATAR requirements (conditions apply)
  • Flexible study arrangements to work with school hours
  • Access to La Trobe facilities and learning resources throughout Year 12
  • The opportunity to experience university subjects before submitting preferences
  • An exciting challenge and resume boost

We’ll be holding an information evening for interested students who’d like to know more about the program, or who require help with their application, on Tuesday 30 October. Students can register to attend the event at our Melbourne Campus here.


Students ready to apply now can fill out a submission form on our website.


For further information about the VCE Plus program contact us via the Future Students Centre

(1300 135 045) or by emailing [email protected].



We’re thrilled to announce that La Trobe has moved into the top 350 universities in the world, positioned at 341*.


Moving into the 301-350 rank band, our global positioning has increased by 51 ranks (from 392 to 341) and we’re now positioned equal third in Victoria.


La Trobe Vice-Chancellor Professor John Dewar said a key contributor to the rankings success was a marked improvement in research impact.


“With high impact research in diverse areas, from mobile cloud computing and global health studies to cell death and wheat genetics, our researchers are making new discoveries and pushing the boundaries of knowledge.”


You can find out more about our rankings and ratings on our website.



We’re offering a new pathway into a range of La Trobe degrees through our sports partners, Carlton Football Club.


The Diploma of Sports Coaching and Development is a one-year full-time program, made up of eight core subjects including a combination of sports and exercise science, sport coaching, talent identification, game development, sport management and marketing, human physiology and anatomy subjects.


The course is delivered at Ikon Park, the home of the Carlton Football Club (6 subjects) and the Melbourne Campus of La Trobe University at Bundoora (2 subjects) as part of the Carlton College of Sport.


On successful completion of the course, graduates are eligible for entry to the Bachelor of Sports Coaching and Development at La Trobe with advanced standing (credit) for the first year.


Graduates of the Diploma course may also be eligible for entry into other degrees at La Trobe, such as Sport and Exercise Science, and a number of Allied Health and Sport Management courses.


Applicants are required to apply for admission to the diploma directly via La Trobe.


The course is suited to students from various backgrounds, including eligible VCAL applicants, who are passionate about sport and working in the sports industry. Students who have already made a VTAC application to other courses may also be eligible to apply directly to study the diploma.


Visit the Carlton Football Club website for more information.



We’re still accepting applications from future students seeking to live on-campus in 2019. Accommodation is available at our Melbourne, Bendigo and Albury-Wodonga campuses. Students are encouraged to apply online before first-round offers are made.



We’ve created a new podcast series, showcasing Australia’s leading thinkers taking on some of the biggest challenges and issues of our time.


The series, entitled Clever Conversations, features a diverse collection of discussions and debates held as part of our respected Ideas & Society program and Bold Thinking Series over the last two years and include former Prime Ministers, human rights campaigners, a high court judge and other thought leaders from a range of places.


You can listen to the podcasts by visiting the University’s SoundCloud account on your web browser. Another option is to download the SoundCloud app onto your iPhone or android mobile device and search for La Trobe University.

University of Melbourne News

2019 ENTRY

In 2019 the Bachelor of Biomedicine will commence two new majors:


Psychology and Human Nutrition. The Bachelor of Science currently has a major in psychology and will commence a major in Human Nutrition.


The course content in the majors in either degree will be same.


More info:







Are your students excited about artificial intelligence, coding and robotics?


Melbourne Computing Summer Camp (MCSC) provides a fantastic opportunity for students commencing year 10 and 11 in 2019 to:


• explore the study and career possibilities of computing and how it’s transforming our world


• participate in hands-on workshops at the University of Melbourne and RMIT where they will learn about cybersecurity, gaming, virtual reality, AI and robotics


• experience life on campus, staying at Trinity College at the University of Melbourne


A free event presented by the University of Melbourne and RMIT, and supported by Google, the MCSC will be held from 20-23 January.


MCSC aims to support diversity within the IT sector and provide opportunities to underrepresented groups, and this will be considered in the selection process.



Commencing in 2019 The Tony and Maja Carp Scholarship provides full fee remission plus $30,000 to two students who are refugees or from a refugee background from Sudan or Somalia and who are enrolling into the Bachelor of Arts. The scholarship is for domestic or international students completing an Australian year 12 or IB in Australian in 2018 and have applied through VTAC for Bachelor of Arts to commence in 2019.


Eligible student should have an Access Melbourne application and must complete a separate Faculty of Arts application form due by 7 December 2018.





The Extension Program offers an academic challenge and a taste of university life to high achieving Victorian students by allowing them to undertake first-year university study during Year 12. Successfully completing the program offers the opportunity to gain an ATAR increment and credit towards Melbourne undergraduate degrees.


Subjects offered through the Extension Program build on VCE studies and extend study to first-year university level. Extension Program applicants can study one of 22 different humanities, languages, mathematics, science and commerce subjects.


There are no University of Melbourne tuition fees for Extension Program students in 2019, however some of our School Centres who deliver Extension Program subjects have an administration fee.



Applications are now open for Year 11 students in Victoria online.  Applications for 2019 entry will close on Tuesday 18 December 2018.


For more information email [email protected] or telephone 03 8344 5538



Year 9 & 10 students are invited to The ConocoPhillips Science Experience to bel held at the Parkville Campus.


The Faculty of Science and the Schools Science Foundation 3-day program aims to expose students to how engaging university science really is! The program is designed to provide students with an experience of university life with lectures, laboratory experiments and hands on interactive experiences, all conducted at the University of Melbourne’s world class facilities and supported by dedicated student mentors and guided by our top-ranking academics from our schools including BioSciences, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Physics, Engineering and the Life Sciences.


When: 14th-16th January 2019

Where: Parkville campus

Registration: closes 31 October 2018





Our annual Course Information Day will be held at Parkville campus on Monday 17 December 2018, which is the Monday after the release of VCE results in Victoria.


Online registration and a program of events and activities for Course Information Day will be on our Study website from November onwards:



VCA Short Courses

Visual Art Summer Schools

Suitable for 15 - 20 year olds, and with very limited places, our Visual Art week-long Summer Schools, specialising in Painting and Drawing are back for 2019 and now taking enrolments! 
Put your Summer to work for you and get a head start on your visual practice in 2019.


Visual Art Summer School 2019 - Drawing

Drawing Summer School is an intensive short course in contemporary visual art practice. Guided by a dedicated artist and industry professional, you will develop fundamental techniques and gain an insight into the specialised area of your choice. 

7 January –  11 January 2019

Book Now - Drawing


Visual Art Summer School 2019 - Painting

Painting Summer School will explore painting techniques and materials and develop your knowledge of colour theory. You will learn to use paint as a means to convey a creative visual idea, painting from life and personal interpretation.


7 January –  11 January 2019

Book Now - Painting


More Information:

Short Courses Website -

William Angliss News

VCAL Info Night

Thursday 25th November at 5:15pm


VCAL at Anglliss is an alternative learning stream for year 11 and 12 students, especially for those interested in pursuing further study or a career in foods, tourism, hospitality and events.


Our industry specific skills include:

Kitchen Operations

Students and parents/guardians are welcome to come along to our information night at the Melbourne CBD campus, to learn more about our VCAL programs.


Click here to attend our VCAL Information Night


Changes to Selection Requirements for Bachelor Degrees

The application process for our Bachelor Degree programs has changed slightly. We no longer require the Supplementary Form as a selection requirement for our courses. Applicants now only need to meet the ATAR requirements for most of our degrees.*


Bachelor degrees offered at Angliss:

Bachelor of Tourism
Bachelor of Tourism (Ecotourism)
Bachelor of Tourism (Marketing)
Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality
Bachelor of Resort and Hotel Management
Bachelor of Food Studies
Bachelor of Culinary Management
Bachelor of Event Management


* Note that the Bachelor of Food Studies still requires an interview, which we will arrange with the applicant.


Free TAFE at Angliss

William Angliss Institute is participating in the Victorian Government's Free TAFE for Priority Courses initiative, where the government will fund the tuition fees for selected courses for eligible students.

If someone is interested in enrolling into a Free Tafe course at Angliss, you are welcome to attend our Information Session on Thursday 18th October at our Melbourne CBD campus.


You will have the opportunity to learn about the courses available and the eligibility conditions.

Certificate III in Hospitality
Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
Certificate III in Tourism
Certificate II in Meat Processing
Certificate II in Retail Baking


Click here to attend our Free TAFE Info Session


Book an Individual Chat With a Course Adviser

Students are encouraged to book a one-on-one appointment with a course advisor to find out additional course information, pathway advice into our courses and receive a personalized campus tour. Appointments are highly recommended.


Click here to book a course chat with one of our team!


Safety Around Technology Use

In order to raise awareness around the safe use of technology in and out of school, a poster creation competition is currently being held to see which student can design the best poster, which promotes topics such as:

  • Anti-online bullying
  • Balancing usage of technology with other activities
  • Refraining from sexting
  • Creating strong passwords and protecting your own online security
  • Regularly backing-up important documents


Choosing a book to read

It's often difficult to choose a book to read when you scan the library shelves.  We've tried to assist students with this by putting Genre Stickers on the spines of fiction books.   These stickers cover the following range of genres:


Animals                                                                               Horror

Adventure                                                                          Humour

Biography                                                                          LGTBQI

Classics                                                                               Manga

Crime                                                                                   Mystery

Family & Relationships                                                Romance

Fantasy                                                                               Science Fiction

Graphic Novels                                                                Sport

Historical Fiction                                                            War



Lynn and Ann


School Clubs

Magic Club

Our students and staff of Magic Club would like to thank the following local trading card stores for their generous donation of Magic Cards for our students to continue learning the game:

  • Dungeon of Magic
  • Good Games Box Hill
  • Next Level Games Ringwood


With these new cards, students are now able to try out two new ways of playing the extremely versatile game starting with the format called ‘Draft’. In this format, students have to pick one card out of a hand of cards before passing the hand onto an adjacent student. Once all cards have been chosen, students then will have to make decks out of their chosen cards to battle opponents. The next newsletter will announce the winner of this ‘Draft’ format. The next newsletter issue will also have the students starting on the ‘Sealed’ format, which is similar to pre-release events run at local trading card stores.



Sports Stars Jennifer Macdonald


Jen was invited to try out for the Dandenong stingrays u/16 girls team.They chose 48 team members to form 2 teams and Jen made it into team 1.
She participated in 2 games in the Vic country region on the holidays and fortunately they won both games.
Subsequently she got invited to join the girls pathway to form a girls TAC cup team that will compete on Victorian level.This is a pre-VFLW team.Training and preseason for this starts in late October and goes all through to April,then culminates in games all over Victoria.

Student Voice



STUDENT VOICE LEADERS will be attending/organising:

*Hospitality Industry Excursion 1st November

*Remembrance Day Service at Springvale Cemetery 4th November

*Remembrance Day Whole School Assembly 9th November

*Lyndon Williams Memorial Soccer Match 16th November

*Movember Fundraising on Free Dress Day 23rd November

*Movember Staff Shave Off Fundraiser - end of November


Free youth boot camp


Carer Hub

A space for you to connect with other Carers, access Carer supports and look after your own wellbeing.The Hub is open to you if you:  Are supporting a person with a mental illness, autism or an intellectual disability. Please see the flyers for more info


City of Casey youth services term 4

City of Casey youth services has a range of activities on offer in term 4, please see the flyers for more info and contact details.


Employment Hub

Free 1 hour sessions to support gaining employment 

Discovery College 

Our courses are created by people with varied experiences in mental health, who share their knowledge of what works. Every course is developed and delivered equally by both people with lived experience of mental health issues and health experts, and participants also have their say about what they want to learn. People from all sorts of backgrounds take part, like young people, clinicians and learning specialists.


Free dance program 


Free Dj program 

A professional DJ is coming to our school ! want to learn how to mix music? or learn some new skills? 

starting 22nd October 


Fit Fridays 

A triathlon coach is offering free lunchtime sessions on Fridays. Come along and try out the activities on offer! This is open to all year levels and all abilities. 


Exam time 

Balancing study with having a life can be really tricky on its own - let alone having to deal with the stress, anxiety or even panic that exams can cause. But never fear, we’ve done the homework on VCE and exam stress and we’ve got you covered with everything from in-depth help on coping with anxiety, to tips on how to make your stress work for you (yes, this is a thing), to how to study effectively with the most genius tricks and hacks, some of which will make you LOL. 

Whether you’ve already sussed out a study timetable or you’re all a bit last-minute, here’s how to feel better and study smarter at exam time.

Free parent information night 


Positive mental health 


Support services 

Community Events & News

Trivia Night


All proceeds on the night are for Drought Aid in Victoria.  This is now a major concern with many farmers and their families experiencing extreme hardship as a result of this drought.

Please come along and support this worthwhile fundraiser.  Tickets are $20 pp or why not book a table of 10 for $150.


Chisholm workshops


Bunjil place 1st birthday 

Can you believe that it's almost been a year since our Opening Festival? Time really flies when you're having fun. We're dusting off the party gear and celebrating with a day of music, theatre, art, workshops and all-of-the food...soz no pin-the-tail here.

Parents building solutions 


NDIS support and information session 


Parenting support 


Cranbourne East Secondary College Newsletter
2018 Maths Dash Winner Emil Thomas Year 8 in 1:41 secs
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