07 September 2018
Week 3.8 - Issue 13
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Dear God,

May we meet mercy each day,
In light of our own heart, at the hands of our loved ones,
In the eyes of the stranger and the needy.
If by chance we do not at first meet it, then may we search our heart for it,
Listen patiently for word of it, and it will tap us on the shoulder,
A quiet surprise, a small gesture, the tender look,
Given and received in the encounters of our day.
We pray for the strength to be filled with
Mercy as we walk on this, our precious earth.
We ask all this through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.


St Norbert, pray for us.

From the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff and Friends of St Norbert College

At our recent College Assembly, we acknowledged the value of Adaptability and shared with those present how many of the items presented in the Assembly are reflective of so many of our College values but essentially the common link is the willingness of our students and staff to be other-centred. Presenters at the Assembly spoke of the upcoming Student Representative Council Elections, RU OK Day, our Climate Canons, the Kimberley Immersion, Art awards, the Hackathon and Book Week.


The Assembly was great recognition of the efforts of our students and staff to focus on improving the lives of others. I thank all of our students for the extra efforts they go to making our College community a better place and a better experience for us all.


These opportunities are there for all, so I challenge our students to look for and take up these opportunities – our College introduces and adapts programs to offer the best of opportunities, it is up to our students to be adaptable and ready to accept them. 


I would like to take this opportunity to remind our community of our College values and the great message we experience and can share in living them to the full:

  • Respect for each other and our environment
  • Our Norbertine ethos and Heritage – “Being prepared for all good works”
  • Our genuine spirit of Community
  • Friendship, showing a genuine care for others
  • Adaptability through a balanced and flexible approach to life.
  • Commitment – striving to do and be our best

Our Kimberley Immersion team depart Perth for eight days in Kununurra and surrounds on Saturday 15 September. I would like to wish our students, along with Mr Godfrey and Miss Kyd, all of God’s blessings as they head to the Kimberleys to serve those less fortunate than ourselves.


A date to place in your diaries for Term 4 is the College Presentation Night held at the Perth Concert Hall on Tuesday 30 October. This is a compulsory event in the College calendar, so please plan ahead. One of the awards presented on this evening is the Br Patrick Doolan O Praem Award. In honour of the memory of Br Patrick Doolan O Praem, who passed to eternal life in January 2006, a medal carrying his name is presented annually to a member of the College staff who has given outstanding service to the College. I invite parents and students to nominate a staff member whom they believe fits the “outstanding service” criteria. Written nominations should be lodged with Mrs Angela Hughes by Friday 19 October 2018.

"The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it."

(St Teresa of Calcutta)

Archbishop Timothy Costelloe - Pastoral Letter

Earlier this week, I received a copy of Archbishop Tim Costelloe’s pastoral letter for the Catholic community of the Archdiocese of Perth, including Catholic schools which I have been asked to forward to members of our community including our parents and carers. Archbishop Tim’s letter is attached here.

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and Catholic Religious Australia’s Response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse was released on Friday 31 August 2018, which can be accessed via this link:

God Bless,

Mr S Harvey (Principal)

Deputy Principals

Year 12

Important dates for Year 12 students and families:

  • Graduation RSVPs due: Monday 17 September
  • Closing date for TISC/University Applications: 28 September
  • College ATAR Exams: 1-9 October
  • ATAR students return to school: 10 October
  • ALL Year 12 students return: 12 October for House Assemblies and Graduation Rehearsals
  • ATAR Seminars: 15-18 October
  • Year 12 Breakfast, Final Assembly and Graduation Mass: 19 October
  • ATAR Exams: 29 October-15 November
  • WACE and ATAR results available: 17 December

Year 7 and New Students for 2019 Information Evening

A repeat of the Year 7 and New Students Information Evening for all St Joseph’s parents and students (and any other families who missed the presentation on 23 August) commencing in Year 7 2019 will be held on Wednesday 12 September. This is the afternoon of the Placement Test which will run from 4:00pm-5:00pm. Parents are welcome to visit the Creative Arts Exhibition in the Xanten Performing Arts Centre Foyer while waiting or to return at 5:00pm where a repeat of the information will be presented to students and parents in the Fr Peter O’Reilly Centre (not in the Xanten Theatre as previously advertised). The presentation will provide families with important information about the transition program to assist current Year 6 students as they head into Year 7 next year.  

Drop off and pick up

The safety of students is a priority at the College and some very dangerous practices have been occurring before and after school each day. Please do not drop your child off or wait for them for pick up in the administration carpark at the beginning and end of the school day. This carpark is only for Priory or school visitors. 

Lateness to School

Being punctual (on time) is a mark of respect and shows that you are reliable. It means you also value other people’s time. Stress can also be eliminated by removing the anxiety of being late! It is unfortunate that lately a number of students are arriving at school late with no valid reason. It is often just due to a lack of organisation, perhaps going to bed late and therefore not being able to wake up on time.


We expect students to arrive at school by 8.30am in order for them to have sufficient time to be organised and ready for Homeroom which begins at 8.45am.


We understand that there are genuine reasons why a student may be late to school (eg. appointments, car issues, traffic), so we ask parents/guardians to please contact the College as soon as possible to inform us and to ease our concerns when a child has not arrived.


Ms S Rainford (Deputy Principal - Years 8,10,12)

Dean of Studies

Achieving ‘flow’ (Psychology of Optimal Experience)​

In the previous newsletter, the concept of ‘flow’ (Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi) was introduced and the notion or idea of a performer, ‘being in the zone’. The application of ‘flow’ for learners is useful when preparing for examinations, tests, homework and study, creating a greater sense of self-control. An additional element to regularly achieve this requires effective feedback.


“The reason it is possible to achieve such complete involvement in a flow experience is that goals are usually clear, and feedback immediate,” (Csikszentmihalyi, 2008, p. 54).


And while feedback can be achieved very quickly in sport, the challenge is how to achieve this for longer-term academic success?


According to Csikszentmihalyi (2008, p. 55), “a person must develop a strong sense of what he/she intends to do”. A student cannot know what the test will exactly contain, and yet seeking feedback (from either self-testing in study or from the direct feedback provided by the teacher) will help them to reset their internal guidelines.


Thus, the learner will ask the questions that direct them constantly back to their goal: How well do I know the content? Am I on track? What are the criteria/marking key/syllabus points that will ensure that I reach my goal?


Ultimately, the feedback in itself becomes enjoyable because of what it represents, namely, achievement of the goal or progress towards it. As learners, we should regularly review the goals that have been set in order to maintain motivation and control, and ultimately, ‘flow’.


If the goals were set early in the year and have either been neglected or easily achieved, then motivation and perceived control can drop away. An effective and motivated learner should constantly ask questions about how well they have achieved the goal(s). Is it time to set a new and more challenging goal and create what Csikszentmihalyi describes as the, ‘flow channel’?


When we achieve an optimal balance between current (known) skills and ability and the complexity of the challenge, or more simply a balance between anxiety and boredom, we become more efficient with our use of time and our ultimate success.

Semester Two Examinations (Year 12) – Timetable amendments

Year 12 students enrolled in Mathematics Specialist and Japanese (Second Language) should note the following timetable adjustments:

  1. The Year 12 ATAR Mathematics Specialist has been re-scheduled to Friday 5th October at 8:50am.
  2. The Year 12 ATAR Japanese – Oral examination has been re-scheduled to Monday 8th October at 12:50pm.

ATAR Examination Preparation Seminars

The ATAR Preparation Seminars will commence on Monday 15th October for Year 12 ATAR students. Student are required to be in attendance at the College for each of their scheduled course seminars. The seminars will cover the following:

  • Exam review/corrections/remediation
  • Model answers
  • Exam format and the WACE Cover Pages
  • Hints, study skills and memory techniques
  • 2017 Examiners Report (subject-specific) and the 2017 Examination Paper.

(These may also be accessed at:

The seminars will be delivered by current teachers of the courses.


Mr R Dowling (Dean of Studies)

Pastoral Care

R U OK Day

Thursday 13 September 2018

(A conversation could change a life)


How you can help create a world where everyone is connected and asked the question when they need it most.

We live in a world where people are lonely – even though they seem to have countless friends.


We live in communities where too many people feel like they’re a burden on others – even though they seem to be incredibly successful.


We live in a society where people are fearful, reluctant and afraid to talk about the stuff that’s keeping them awake at night – even though there’s no shame in feeling down and blue.


It’s heart-breaking and it’s affecting people’s lives.


Yet you can play a part in changing this.


You can play a small but important part in keeping each other safe and strong by simply caring about one another and talking things through.


And not just talking about stuff that is really, truly bad - but talking about what makes you snort with laughter, cry and moan, freak out, stress or smile every day.


Because it’s these conversations that will help you weather the storms and patches of rain and fog throughout life.


As friends, we don’t need to fix someone’s problems.


Rather, we need to listen, not judge and try and see the world from their perspective. And to let them know they’re not alone but surrounded by people who care.


We can help each other through:

·    Grief

·    Relationship breakdowns

·    Financial difficulty

·    Major life changes


These moments shouldn’t just be the moments we feel overwhelmed. They can be the times our friends are there for us and don’t shy away from asking, “Are you OK?”


We dream of a world where everyone is connected and asked the question when they need it most. Help create this world by reaching out and having the courage to listen with an open mind and heart.


Find conversation tips and more here:


The Pastoral Care Team

Parent Committee

Celebrating Dad's Breakfast

In keeping with the St Norbert College Parent Committee’s (SNC PC) role in supporting parent and school community engagement, a Father’s Day Breakfast was held on the morning of Friday 24 August  in the O’Reilly Centre. Students were able to invite their Dad, Grandad or male role model to breakfast.  More than 130 students and dads enjoyed a catered breakfast that included bacon and egg rolls, beef sliders, hot pastries, sweet pastries, fruit and juices. Based on the number of attendees, this event proved to be slightly larger in scale compared to the Mother’s Day Breakfast that was held earlier in the year. Two coffee trucks were on hand to freshly brew tea and coffee (in all of their varieties) or hot chocolate. This event not only proved to be a great opportunity for students to spend time with their dads but also served to bring members of our community together. Both of these breakfasts proved very successful and will be earmarked for inclusion in the list of SNC PC activities to be included in the 2019 calendar.

The SNC PC also recently organised for two speakers from SDERA (School Drug Education Road Aware, a Western Australian Government organisation) to give a presentation to parents in the Br Pat Centre on Drugs and Alcohol. The seminar was well attended with the speakers answering a broad range of questions from parents and guardians. Each parent/family in attendance received a complimentary information pack which contained an important range of resources for further information. One of the very interesting take home points was that while drugs and alcohol are still a significant problem in society, the national trend in young people (over the past few years) is an overall reduction in their use as well as an overall increase in the age that a young person first experiences contact with either alcohol or other drugs. This was the last parent seminar for 2018. If there is a topic of particular interest to parents that they would like to have presented at one of the seminars in 2019, please advise the committee by contacting Mrs Tracey Burgoyne at the College.


Thank you to all of the parents who have attended our meetings and/or who have assisted with organising the events that have been held.

Dr P Costantino (SNC PC Chair)

Student Ministry

Knitting Club

Knitting Club has resumed on Wednesdays at lunchtime. All students are invited to attend. Needles and wool are supplied. We always appreciate donations of wool, so if you have some at home that you no longer require we can put it to good use. Our Knitting Club knits basic squares that are then joined together to form blankets for Br Ollie’s Wheelchairs For Kids program. We also welcome parents and grandparents who would like to come in and knit with us, or knit at home and send in squares. If you are interested, please call Ms Kyd at the College for more details.


Ms M Kyd (Coordinator of Campus Ministry)

Fr Peter O'Reilly Scholarships

Fr Peter O’Reilly Scholarships – Open Now

At the Presentation Night of the Silver Jubilee Year (1990), it was announced that a Scholarship in the name of Fr Peter O’Reilly, O. Praem, would be offered to a Year 10 St Norbert College student who wished to proceed to Years 11 and 12. This Scholarship would be offered annually and would cover tuition fees for the two years of study in Senior School. The current value of the Scholarship is approximately $9,000. The Scholarship is a needs-based assistance scheme to help a student who might not otherwise be able to continue his/her studies in Years 11 and 12. Application forms are available on our website or from reception.


Applications close Friday 12 October 2018.


Mrs A Hughes (Principal’s Executive Assistant and Enrolment Officer)

Student Achievements

Tegan Reder​ (Year 9 - M1)

Swimming WA Short Course State Age Championships:

Congratulations to Tegan Reder who competed in the Swimming WA Short Course State Age Championships on August 25th and 26th. Tegan’s hot streak in the pool has continued with two gold medals, one bronze medal and four new Australian records!

Ethan Glassborow  (Year 9 - P2)

Best and Fairest

Congratulations to Ethan Glassborow who was acknowledged for a fantastic football season by receiving the Best and Fairest award in the Year 9 WAFC Central Conference Super 15s competition. Ethan is also currently training with the Perth Demons development squad after being scouted by the club. Well done, Ethan!

Thomas Rogers  (Year 7 - X5)

Chevron City 2 Surf for Activ:

On Sunday 26th August, Thomas Rogers participated in the 4km Wheelchair event and we were very excited to learn that Thomas won this event! Thomas will also be competing in a number of events at the ACC Athletics Carnival including shot put, 100m and 400m wheelchair. Congratulations Thomas and good luck for the ACC carnival!

2018 Australian Cross Country Championships

On Saturday 25th August three students represented WA at the 2018 Australian Cross Country Championships held on the Sunshine Coast. MJ Jansen van Rensburg finished 12th overall in the 8km (U/20) event, Jaco Jansen van Rensburg finished 65th overall in the 6km (U/18) event and Cooper Notley finished 43rd overall in the 3km (U/14) event. The course was extremely challenging, with race officials referring to the last 1km as “torture ridge”. Well done boys on representing the State!

Mr M Price (Head of Sport)

Humanities and Social Sciences

2018 Democracy Day

Every year on the September 15, the United Nations celebrates these ideas on the International Day of Democracy.


Democracy is a universal value based on the freely spoken and expressed will of people to determine their own political, economic, social and cultural systems in all aspects of their lives. Evolved over centuries, democracies share many common features but cannot be reduced to a single model.


In short, democracy pertains to the idea that everyone has the right to have their own beliefs, and to say and write what they think. Even though democracy is a value shared by many, most countries in the word are still non-democratic and within traditionally democratic nations, some basic rights are under threat of violation or manipulation. According to Freedom House (NGO) approximately 45 per cent of humans live in a free society. The United Nations also declared that democracy is under attack. While it remains an ideal that most countries are seeking to realise, in too many countries progress on democracy has stalled.


There have been direct physical attacks to key institutions of democracy, including parliament, as well as renewed efforts by many governments to constrain political opposition in parliaments and civil society. Parliamentarians themselves have been silenced through physical threats, violent acts, or legal gimmicks. Electoral outcomes and policy-making are increasingly influenced by private interests that do not reflect the will of the people. As governments grow unresponsive to the people, protest movements are on the rise. Free and independent media, as well as social media, are being undermined.


Against this backdrop, 10 years since the adoption by the UN General Assembly of the International Day of Democracy a discussion on the very definition of democracy is timely. What, ultimately, constitutes a democratic political system and political culture?


Quite often, the answer to this question is that there is no one-size-fits-all, suggesting that it is up to each country to define democracy according to its own political culture and other specificities. This may be one reason why the United Nations itself has yet to endorse an official definition of democracy, although elements of what is commonly understood as democracy can be found in a number of declarations and agreements, including, most recently, Goal 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Twenty years ago in September, the IPU, the world organisation of national parliaments, adopted the Universal Declaration on Democracy bringing together on a single page the key elements and principles of democracy. The Declaration was the subject of intense debate within the parliamentary community. Its significance in today’s context is that it seeks to do away with the relativism that pervades so much talk about democracy by establishing a conceptual standard for all countries to follow.


The Universal Declaration on Democracy makes it clear that while the practice of democracy may be negotiable in each country, for example, as in the choice of electoral system (proportional representation vs constituency system), different ways of election financing (exclusively public vs mixed public and private funding), different modalities of engaging with citizens and so forth, there is a bedrock set of principles and elements without which no country can claim the mantle of democracy.


Key Questions

  1. What is democracy according to you?
  2. Do we live in a democratic country? Why?
  3. What does this cartoon mean to you?

4.  Which of the following freedoms do you value the most: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, or Freedom of Movement?

5.  Try to complete the following activities. You are free to do them all, or to follow this structure:

       Year 9-10:    Activity 1                      Year 7-8:    Activities 2 and 3             Year 11-12:    Activity 4


Choose one of the two videos:


Dr A Runco (Head of Learning Area - Humanities and Social Sciences)

Junior School Humanities

Year 9 Fremantle Excursion

On Wednesday 22 August, the Year 9 HASS extension class went on an excursion to Fremantle. Once we arrived in Fremantle, we visited the WA Maritime Museum Welcome Walls. Many people were able to find the names of their relatives or relatives' friends on the walls, and it was exciting to see familiar surnames and figure out if they happened to be related to anyone we knew. 


Next, we visited the Roundhouse. Seeing old jail cells first put into use in 1831, just 18 months after settlement was interesting as it showed the heritage of the building and proved its significant role in the history of Perth.


After a lunch break on Fremantle’s 'Cappuccino Strip', we visited The University of Notre Dame for the Courage to Care presentation. It was separated into four parts consisting of a film, a survivor's testimony, an exhibition and a facilitated discussion. The objective was to show the importance of being an up-stander in the face of injustice. 


The film was based around the Holocaust and the bravery and courage shown by many people when faced with the horrific acts of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Brave people opened their homes to the Jews, and helped them despite being faced with the danger of being caught, or even killed. A survivor told his story and spoke of the kind acts of a family who helped keep him safe for years. He hid among the pigs in the pig sty, in bales of hay and even in an underground hole, which he referred to as feeling like a grave. He survived the ordeal and many years later the families reunited and he was able to share the story with the new generations of his family. 

The message of having the courage to care and being an up-stander not a bystander is extremely important. Certain people in the Holocaust displayed astounding acts of courage in the face of injustice, which further proves how important it is to stand up for what is right and just. While these people displayed extreme acts of courage, simply standing up for someone who is being bullied or helping someone cross the street is a step in the right direction. 


The Courage to Care presentation was very eye-opening and interesting to listen to. The main message of the presentation helped me understand that everybody needs help at some time including ourselves, and we need to have the courage and the strength to help without thinking too much about how it would affect us. The HASS excursion was a very eventful day, I made many memories with my peers and learned more about our world’s past and what it really means to be an up-stander not a bystander. It was an educational and fun day. 


By Arielle Chant and Gigi Armenti (Year 9)


Miss D Pisconeri (Humanities and Social Sciences Teacher -Geography)

Year 7 Humanities and Social Sciences (History)

This term our Year 7 students were given a History assignment and they completed an investigation on Ancient Chinese inventions. Knowledge, creativity and application are skills that our young SNC students implemented in order to complete such fantastic works!


Task: Historical Inquiry on Ancient Chinese Inventions


Dr A Runco (Head of Learning Area - Humanities and Social Sciences)


Pedal Prix

A group of Year 9 and Year 10 students represented St Norbert College in the recent Busselton round of the Human Powered Vehicle Super Series. The event is coordinated by the University of South Australia and is part of a national racing series in which teams race recumbent bicycles in a rally format.


The students overcame some challenging conditions on the day including a very hot bike and some fierce competitors on the track. They proudly represented the College and all of the students put in a solid performance.


I am happy to report that the St Norbert College ‘Supernovas’ team finished 6th out of 21 in our age category. This was a very good result considering several teams flew from the Eastern States to compete in the event.


A big thank you goes to Mr Mark Lawson for maintaining our vehicle and Mrs Donna Bunyan for assisting on the day.


Science Week

This year’s theme for Science Week was ‘game changers and change makers’ which reflects upon the innovators and advancements that have contributed to our technologically-driven society. Some activities that were offered to students during the week included a presentation by the College’s Psychology teacher, Miss Alysia Fogliani, on her university research in regeneration of nerve cells. Scitech presented ‘Beyond the Beaker’ to Year 7 students which highlighted the growing demand for science in society and industry. Some great prizes were also up for grabs in Homeroom quizzes including a family pass to Scitech which was won by Year 10 student Riley Moore. Hopefully the week inspired some future game changers of our own!


Mr R D'Almeida (Head of Learning Area - Science)

Academic Excellence

Tournament of Minds

Our team finally got to unleash ‘Dave’ during the long challenge of Tournament of Minds, after working tirelessly to make him. He is a thought-to-be extinct animal hybrid of an ant, leech, jellyfish, snail and scorpion. Dave, built entirely from recycled materials, can drink ‘blood’, move stealth-like due to his camouflage and make chime-like sounds to attract friends.

The judges were very impressed with Dave and how he worked, the students' edited video of Dave in the bush and that they had managed to not spend a cent of the $75 allocated budget to make him.


The students should be proud of their efforts in both the Long Challenge and the previously unseen Spontaneous Challenge. They worked as a cohesive team, communicating well and encouraging each other to do their best.


Well done on your fine effort - Isabella Hulm, Sophie Griffiths, Ayden Ratnasekera, Varun Shivnani, Mya Oppelaar, Alyssa Yang and Tony Ngo.


Thank you to a number of staff for your assistance in the lead-up to the challenge and to Miss Macoboy for coming to support our team on the day.


Our task as a team was to create a creature and incorporate three different animal phyla into it, while making the creature be able to move, eat and make noise, without spending a cent. ​I thought that this challenge was quite far-fetched and difficult when I first heard it, but it progressively got easier as I started to get to know my team more and more. The highlight of being in the TOM team was in fact how fun it was to participate and make this unusual creature. We did this challenge successfully and named our creature 'Dave'. Even though I was one of only two Year 7s on our team of seven students, I was still included in the making of Dave and writing the script for our performance. I had so much fun and I hope to participate again next year!

Sophie Griffiths (K5)


I enjoyed my Tournament of Minds experience as I got to explore and meet new people. I also created good friendships and learned a lot throughout the course. It helped me to gain a new perspective of myself. In summary, this competition provided a very valuable experience, as well as inspiration to step out of my comfort zone. 

Alyssa Yang (K4)

Australian Geography Competition

Year 8 and Year 9 HASS Extension students tested their geographical skills and knowledge against students from all around Australia in the 2018 Australian Geography Competition. We have now received the results. A number of students at our College should be commended for performing to a very high level in the competition.


Congratulations to Danika Hampson (Year 9) for gaining a High Distinction. Excellent effort!


Four Year 8 students received Distinctions. Congratulations to Jaslina Pereira, Guntaas Ranu, Ayden Ratnasekera and Abira Wolf. Well done!


Congratulations also to a number of students that gained Credits:

Year 8 - Amelie Boyle, Paige Hale, Bob Watson

Year 9 - Rachel Bruyns, Alina George, Connor Le Dain, Isioma Onyemgba, Mya Oppelaar, Matilda Seroney, Zeta Stevens.


UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge

The UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge competition presents an exciting and fun activity for pairs of students to play and learn about water at the same time. The students will be given the opportunity to play an online serious game called Aqua Republica, compete with participants around the world and at the same time have an engaging and meaningful discussion with their classmates and teachers on the topic of water and environment.

Four St Norbert College Year 7 HASS classes have participated in this competition so far this term. The students were enthusiastic, enjoying the different way of learning about water and sustainability.


The best placed St Norbert’s teams so far are:

Team 38 – 1284pts - Venzhel Mungrah; Matthew Sanchez

Team 58 – 1207pts - Kym Dela Cruz; Roohani Sharma

Team 28 – 1035pts - Amelie Anderson; Chanelle Min


Thank you to the HASS staff who used their class time to allow the students to play Aqua Republica.

Write4Fun Competition

Write4Fun encourages young student writers with Australia-wide competitions. They have many great prizes. A number of St Norbert College students have been busy putting their literary talents to the test to write poems or short stories to enter the competition. Our students' entries display fantastic imaginations and great creativity. We wish them good luck and hope for positive results.

Assessment of Languages Competence (ALC) - Japanese

This test is comprised of a suite of online tests designed to assess the language competence in learners of additional languages. Since its inception in 1990, the key aim of the program has been to celebrate and enhance the learning of languages in the Asia-Pacific region. The ALC Test includes listening to and reading comprehension tasks in a multiple-choice format designed to challenge and enable students to experience success.


Congratulations to the selected group of Year 10 to Year 12 students (Ethan Ricafranca, Amanda D’Cruz, Yen Ngo, Elsa Tan, Selina Tan, Shania Cura, Chelsea Dato, Dylan Wemyss and Maria Lunas) who recently sat the Assessment of Languages Competence (ALC) Test for Japanese. Each student was aiming to achieve one of three possible certificates of competence in Japanese. We now eagerly await the results.

Mrs L Cardenia (Academic Excellence Coordinator)

Numeracy Week

Photo: Jeann Valdez (Year 7)

Mathematics – Numeracy Week

We celebrated Numeracy Week between September 3rd and 6th. During homeroom, the students had a chance to solve critical thinking Mathematical problems. The top three places went to K6, X4 and T2 respectively. Congratulations!

During lunch, we had various competitions. On Monday, we held a times table Kahoot that involved Year 7s and 8s only. On Tuesday, we had a Pi writing competition where it was open to students of all year groups. Jeann Valdez (Year 7) from T2 won both competitions winning him a $20 Westfield voucher. He not only managed to get all Kahoot questions correct in the fastest time, he was able to write 150 decimal places of Pi within five minutes. Well done Jeann! An amazing effort for both competitions!


The most exciting competition was left till the last. The Pi(e) eating competition was open to only Years 11 and 12 students. It took place in the Year 12 quad with 10 hungry and eager participants. They had to finish eating two pies without using their hands. It was a close competition with Michael Hegney taking home the first place and John Fuentes coming in a close second.


It was a well-received week and the Mathematics Department wishes to thank everyone who made this a success. We look forward to seeing more participants next year and remember: “The study of Mathematics, like the Nile, begins in minuteness but ends in magnificence” (Charles Caleb Colton).


Ms M Lim and Mr L Nuske (Numeracy Week Coordinators)


Volleyball WA

On Friday 24 August, six year 12 students from St Norbert College participated in the Volleyball WA Schools Cup. The team consisted of the following students: Samuel Rowlands, Cyrus Tadena, Edwin Ceng, Allen Villanos, Ryan Tarmizi and Lennon Butler. There were four schools in the competition, those being Sevenoaks Senior School, Greenwood College, Esperance Anglican Community School and the mighty St Norbert College. The first game was a bye for SNC so we had the opportunity to check out the skills of the other three schools in the competition. Our initial assessment: THEY WERE GOOD…REALLY GOOD. We spent the first bye warming up on an adjacent court getting ready to play our first match against Greenwood. The results below speak for themselves.

One game and one win under our belts was a great way to start the day. Full of confidence the boys went onto play the second game against Esperance. Below are the results.

Esperance proved too good for the boys on this occasion but they fought mighty hard in the second set and were able to score 23 points to their 25 which gave us the knowledge that Esperance was not invincible.


During the warm-up for the third and final game of the day Edwin Ceng and Ryan Tarmizi had a collision which left Edwin with a sprained ankle. The boys had to play the final game against Sevenoaks College with five players to their six. Being one down and exhausted from hours of volleyball the boys were defeated in the third game. The results are below.

At the end of the first day the St Norbert College Canons finished third out of four teams. The good news was that all four teams would meet again on Saturday 25 August at 5pm to play in the finals.

Saturday 25 August – Finals

The finals structure was simple: four teams, one semi-final, 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd, with the winner of each game playing in the Grand Final.  Our first game was against Sevenoaks, who we had lost convincingly to the day before. To replace the injured Edwin Ceng the mighty Canons called upon Noel Mancuveni to take the position. Sam Rowlands (Captain) had informed Coach Nuske the day before that he would likely not make the first game due to Rowing that day.

During the warm-up and five minutes before the start of the semi-final, the referee informed the team that we would have to forfeit the first set due to the team only consisting of five players. It was a harsh blow to the team but we were willing to fight back from the forfeited set to play it out and win at all costs. Just as Ryan Tarmizi was about to serve the first serve of the game, Sam Rowlands ran onto the court, throwing a singlet on to complete the mighty Canons team and narrowly avoiding the loss of the first set.


With the scary combination of Cyrus Tadena setting for the spiker Lennon Butler and Sam Rowlands digging every challenging spike, our team played the best we ever have. The boys ended up winning the semi-final by a close margin that had all spectators on the edge of their seats. The bamboozling serves of Allen Villanos combined with the all-round capabilities of Ryan Tarmizi and the athleticism of Noel Mancuveni was going to make for a mighty match for the Esperance team we were about to face in the Grand Final. Results of the semi-finals below.

The Grand Final

The boys were up against the undefeated Esperance team who were polished, skilful, organised and down-right intimidating. The Canons were ready for the challenge!


The first set was neck-and-neck with both coaches calling multiple time outs to stop a run of points from both sides. Our number one spiker Lennon Butler was beginning to learn the art of spiking from the side of the court and won the first set for us with an intimidating spike from a beautiful set by Cyrus TadenaRyan Tarmizi had proved volleyball was in his genetics once again with his flawless digging capabilities. Allen Villanos yet again had opponents confused and stumped by his stealthy serves.


As captain, Sam Rowlands led by example and passionately encouraged the team every point by giving positive feedback and high fives all round. Noel Mancuveni had many chances to serve in the first set but with only one of the serves going over the net, he was reminded to “hit the ball” during the break between sets.


Score after first set:

SNC    Esperance

25        23


The second set was just as close as the first with scores level for most of the set. Lennon Butler continued to dominate with his spikes, although the Esperance team had learned to place three blockers against 'Spiker Butler' and often stop his attack. The Canons lost the second set with a serve from Lennon Butler that just missed the back line of the court.


Score after second set:

SNC     Esperance

25         23

23         25


With the first third set of the whole competition, the Esperance team looked nervous. They had shown that they were capable of being beaten and had found a way to hold 'Spiker Butler' back. It was now time for the Canons to come up with a plan to avoid the 'Esperance block'.


Rules for the third set: first to 15 and win by at least two points.


In the third set, Cyrus Tadena rose to the challenge and had the Esperance team stumped with his overhead 'false sets' that led to a point for the Canons every time. Lennon Butler also had the Esperance team guessing when he stopped spiking but instead lightly tapped the ball over the fingers of the blockers, again winning points. Noel Mancuveni had now perfected his lightly hit serves that rolled over the net to win point after point. Allen Villanos and Ryan Tarmizi were flawless in their skills and Sam Rowlands seemed to be everywhere and anywhere. Despite that, the Esperance team had managed to win just as many points to make it 14-14. With the prospective win only two points away both teams were full of adrenalin.


It was up to Noel Mancuveni and his serve to lead the way for the Canons, and that he did by winning the next point to make SNC 15 and Esperance 14.


With another Mancuveni serve the Esperance team dug, set and spiked the ball back over to our side. It was no match for the prowess of Sam Rowlands who dug the ball to Cyrus Tadena who then set it to no other than 'Spiker Butler'. Lennon spiked the ball over to the Esperance team who managed to somehow dig it up on their side of the court. Lennon’s spike was so fierce that the Esperance dig went 15 metres outside of the court leaving the Esperance team running to save it and set it back inside the court. It was not to be for the Esperance team as despite their best efforts they failed to return it granting the Canons a Grand Final victory!


Final Scores:

SNC     Esperance

25         23

23         25

16         14


The Canons team not only played an amazing game to win the final but were gracious in their win and demonstrated true sportsmanship. Both teams shook hands and took photos together and thanked each other for the outstanding and entertaining game of volleyball. Special mention to Sam Rowlands who was not only the captain but awarded MVP for the final.



Mr L Nuske (Coach)

College Sports and Co-Curricular Photo Day

College Sports and Co-Curricular Photo Day

College Sports and co-curricular photographs will take place on Wednesday 12 September 2018

(Term 3, Week 9).


These photographs are taken for official school records and used in publications such as the College yearbook.


Uniform requirements for the day are as follows:

  • Sports groups - FULL TRACKSUIT with COLLEGE SPORTS SHIRT and correct SPORT SHOES.
  • Junior and Senior Dance Clubs - Full College Dance uniform with tan jazz shoes.
  • Hip Hop Crew - Full College Dance uniform with black Hip Hop shoes.
  • Non-sports groups - students are required to wear their FULL WINTER uniform (white College socks for girls).

It is important that all students are in attendance for their group photos so please keep this day free from appointments. Students who are in any sports group photos may attend school in full College Sports uniform.


Your ongoing support in maintaining your child’s uniform and personal presentation standards is always appreciated. Please be aware these photos are used for official purposes including the yearbook. As such, if your child does not meet College standards they are at risk of not taking part, hence their photo will not appear in this publication.


Please contact me at the College if you have any queries regarding this matter on 9350 5433 or via email at [email protected] 

Mr R Godfrey (College Photograph Coordinator)

Creative Arts

Creative Arts Exhibition

The night of nights is almost here! Come along to the College next Tuesday evening, September 11, from 6:00-7:30 pm, for the opening night of the Creative Arts Exhibition. Featuring creative works from over 300 students, showcasing their talents in Visual Art, Design, Textiles, Engineering, Wood, Foods, Metals, Robotics, and Children Family and Community, it is a wonderful celebration of our students and their achievements. Some major prizes will be awarded on the night, and this is the only opportunity you will have to vote for your favourite piece in the People’s Choice Award.


Some refreshments will be provided on the night. There will also be a coffee and gelato van parked by the entrance!


We look forward to seeing you all there next Tuesday evening.


Mrs S Mark (Head of Learning Area - Technologies)

The Arts

Catholic Performing Arts Festival


Week 6 was a short but very busy week in the College’s Dance Department. With extra morning, afternoon and lunchtime rehearsals occurring in the lead-up to the Catholic Performing Arts Festival performance, the Xanten Performing Arts Centre was a flurry of students, music, dance and costumes. On Thursday 23 August, 61 students involved in the Canons Hip Hop Crew, the Senior Dance Team and the Junior Dance Team ventured off to the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre during the day for a technical rehearsal and then in the evening for the performance. All students performed with enthusiasm and gusto despite some butterflies. I am very proud of the students’ efforts and achievements as they represented the College with great pride. All teams received positive feedback and good scores on their reports, they should be very proud of themselves. I would like to thank Year 12 students: Desiree Lines, Trinity Ryan and Jan Busoy for leading and choreographing for the Canons Hip Hop Crew this year and in presenting an outstanding dance work that was definitely a crowd-pleaser. I congratulate the Canons Hip Hop Crew in being awarded an Outstanding Award in the Dance section of the Festival.

Thank you to all teachers and parents who assisted after school with make-up and hair preparations and to Chadwick Beins and Katherine Freind, for your support and assistance on the evening. Most importantly thank you to the parents and guardians for your support and dedication, without which entering such dance festivals would not be possible. If you were able to attend the performance I hope you thoroughly enjoyed watching our students and your children smile, perform and show-off their incredible abilities on stage as much as I did!


Thank you for your ongoing support.

Miss L Alban (Dance Teacher)



The final music ensemble performances for this year’s Catholic Performing Arts Festival took place at Trinity College on Monday 27th August. The College Senior Vocal Ensemble performed two songs, the sacred choral motet Locus Iste and an arrangement of the famous tune What a Wonderful World. Later in the night, the College Choir performed Three Native American Chants and Siyahamba conducted by our Choral Director, Ms Elysia Murphy. Both ensembles were awarded a Certificate of Merit for the Secondary Choral Singing section of the Festival.


Over the last two weeks, we have also had a number of solo performances and congratulations go to the following students who represented the College in the festival:

  • Andrew Cruz (Bass Guitar)
  • Caris O’Hara (Electric Guitar)
  • Ethan Glassborow (Electric Guitar)
  • Ava Glassborow (Electric Guitar)
  • Sharie Fernandez (Piano)
  • Rebecca Attwood (Piano)
  • Elijah Edmonds (Piano)
  • Marty Cocking (Piano)
  • Frances Macapili (Piano)
  • Jade Woo (Piano)
  • Ethan Ricafranca (Piano)

In addition to this, the following students have received an Outstanding Award for their exceptional performances in the Instrumental Solo/Duet section of the Festival.

  • Samuel Eaton (Electric Guitar)
  • Caris O’Hara (Acoustic/Classical Guitar)
  • Deji Yin (Saxophone)
  • Thomas Rogers (Saxophone)

Congratulations again to all students for your hard work throughout the Festival!

St John of God Health Care Performing Arts Scholarship

The St John of God Health Care Performing Arts Scholarship is open to students in Years 6-12 across all Catholic schools in Western Australia who have a passion and demonstrated commitment to performing arts, but due to economic hardship or personal circumstances may be restricted in their ongoing participation.


We are delighted to announce that Courtney McCrostie (Year 10) has been awarded this prestigious scholarship for 2018 and will be given $1500 towards pursuing her talent in whatever means she wishes. She will be representing St Norbert College at the Final Concert for the Festival on Monday 10 September. Congratulations Courtney!


Mr C Beins (Head of Learning Area – The Arts)

Semester Two Accounts

Semester Two Accounts

Thank you to all the families that have either paid their accounts or contacted Mrs Joleen Scott to setup a payment plan.


If you require assistance with your school fees, now is the time to contact the Finance Officer, Mrs Joleen Scott on 9350 5433 or [email protected] to setup a payment plan or discuss your options.


Mr J O’Sullivan (Business Manager)


Uniform Shop



Mondays        8.30am – 11.30am

Thursdays      1.00pm – 4.00pm


October school holiday opening:

Thursday 4 October 1.00pm – 6.00pm


The Uniform Shop is looking for volunteers to help out in the busy times during school terms and the school holidays. If you think this is you, please call the Uniform Shop on a Monday morning or Thursday afternoon.

Mrs R Kelly (Uniform Shop)

'In the Middle of Everything'

Copies of this outstanding publication, which chronicles the first 50 years of St Norbert College, are available for purchase for just $20. The 152-page, full colour book tells the story of people, young and old, who have been fully committed to the aspiration of being 'prepared for all good works' from the school's origins until the present day. 

To purchase a copy of the book, please contact Mrs Angela Hughes at the College on (08) 9350 5433.

National Excellence in Teaching

Do you know an excellent educator? Why not nominate them for the National Excellence  in Teaching Awards.

What does being a
Catholic Christian
really mean?


Mathematics Tutoring


Multicultural Female Only Volleyball


Class of 1988 and 1998 reunions

Class of 1988 – Saturday October 27, 2018

Class of 1998 – Saturday October 13, 2018

Both reunions will be held at The Merrywell, Burswood Casino, from 7pm onwards. No tickets or bookings required. Please spread the word! Enquiries to [email protected]


  • Tuesday 11 September - Creative Arts Evening, Xanten Performing Arts Centre, 6.00pm - 9.30pm
  • Friday 21 September - End of Term 3
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